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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
(aka Fire Emblem 10: Akatsuki no Megami)
Game Script FAQ - Version 0.95 (c) DarkenedSakura

|Table of Contents                                                            |
|1. Version History
|2. Introduction
|3. Animations and Base Conversations
|4. Contact Info
|Part I: Silver-Haired Maiden..............................................[*1]
|Prologue 1-0: Under Gray Skies.........................................[*1.00]
|Chapter 1-1: Maiden of Miracles........................................[*1.01]
|Chapter 1-2: The Dispossessed..........................................[*1.02]
|Chapter 1-3: A Faint Light.............................................[*1.03]
|Chapter 1-4: A Distant Voice...........................................[*1.04]
|Chapter 1-5: The Lost Heir.............................................[*1.05]
|Chapter 1-6: Raise the Standard........................................[*1.06]
|Chapter 1-7: A Gathering Hope..........................................[*1.07]
|Chapter 1-8: Glory Unwanted............................................[*1.08]
|Chapter 1-9: One Survives..............................................[*1.09]
|Part I Endgame: Daein, Arise!..........................................[*1.10]
|Part II: Of Countries and Kings...........................................[*2]
|Prologue 2-0: On Drifting Clouds.......................................[*2.00]
|Chapter 2-1: Winds of Rebellion........................................[*2.01]
|Chapter 2-2: Tides of Intrigue.........................................[*2.02]
|Chapter 2-3: Geoffrey's Charge.........................................[*2.03]
|Part II Endgame: Elincia's Gambit......................................[*2.04]
|Part III: Intersecting Vows...............................................[*3]
|Prologue 3-0: The Great Advance........................................[*3.00]
|Chapter 3-1: Laguz and Beorc...........................................[*3.01]
|Chapter 3-2: Stormclouds...............................................[*3.02]
|Chapter 3-3: River Crossing............................................[*3.03]
|Chapter 3-4: The General's Hand........................................[*3.04]
|Chapter 3-5: Retreat!..................................................[*3.05]
|Chapter 3-6: A Reason to Fight.........................................[*3.06]
|Chapter 3-7: Rivals Collide............................................[*3.07]
|Chapter 3-8: Incandescent Glow.........................................[*3.08]
|Chapter 3-9: Marauders.................................................[*3.09]
|Chapter 3-10: The Heart of Crimea......................................[*3.10]
|Chapter 3-11: Just Cause...............................................[*3.11]
|Chapter 3-12: The Price................................................[*3.12]
|Chapter 3-13: Blood Contract...........................................[*3.13]
|              (A.1).................................................[*3.13-A1]
|              (A.2).................................................[*3.13-A2]
|              (B)....................................................[*3.13-B]
|Part III Endgame: From Pain, Awakening.................................[*3.14]
|              (A)....................................................[*3.14-A]
|              (B)....................................................[*3.14-B]
|Part IV: Gods and Men.....................................................[*4]
|Prologue 4-0: Chaos Named..............................................[*4.00]
|Chapter 4-1: Road to the Empire........................................[*4.01]
|Chapter 4-2: Silent World..............................................[*4.02]
|              (A)....................................................[*4.02-A]
|              (B)....................................................[*4.02-B]
|Chapter 4-3: Distortions...............................................[*4.03]
|Chapter 4-4: Revelations...............................................[*4.04]
|Chapter 4-5: Unforgivable Sin..........................................[*4.05]
|              (A)....................................................[*4.05-A]
|              (B)....................................................[*4.05-B]
|Part IV Endgame: Rebirth (1)...........................................[*4.11]
|              (A)....................................................[*4.11-A]
|              (B)....................................................[*4.11-B]
|Part IV Endgame: Rebirth (2)...........................................[*4.12]
|              (C)....................................................[*4.12-C]
|Part IV Endgame: Rebirth (3)...........................................[*4.13]
|Part IV Endgame: Rebirth (4)...........................................[*4.14]
|              (C)....................................................[*4.14-C]
|Part IV Endgame: Rebirth (5)...........................................[*4.15]
|              (C)....................................................[*4.15-C]
|Staff Credits.............................................................[*6]

|1. Version History                                                           |

0.10 - July 21, 2008
  - Transcribed and formatted up to Chapter 1-3. Hacked out the introduction/
    contents/necessary and perfunctory blah blah blah bits.
0.62 - July 26, 2008
  - Transcribed and formatted up to halfway through Chapter 3-4, along with the
    first animation sequence and several base conversations.
0.70 - August 2, 2008
  - Transcribed and formatted up to Chapter 3-12, as well as two more animation
    sequences and a couple of base conversations. Corrected several typos,
    double-spaced everything to make it easier on the eyes, and added some
    things I missed the first time around as I had to start over due to
    a...mishap, sob, etc. The next update will thus take more time than I'd
    previously anticipated, sorry.
0.85 - August 13, 2008
  - Transcribed and formatted up to halfway through Chapter 4-3 as well as a
    couple of base conversations, and added snippets I missed in previous
0.95 - August 27, 2008
  - Transcribed and formatted up to the epilogue, along with several base
    conversations. The rest of the animations, base conversations, and
    storyline from the (A) and non-(C) path will hopefully finish this up
    one of these days.

|2. Introduction                                                              |

Hello, and thanks for reading this guide! I'm DS, or DarkenedSakura, and a huge
lurker at gamefaqs whom you probably have never seen before. While I'm usually
the one who uses the guide rather than the one who writes it - this is my first
FAQ, actually - I'd noticed that after all this time, there still wasn't a game
script for FE10 out. So, I felt like filling in that hole, especially since I
love FE9-10 to pieces.

- This script was taken from the normal difficulty level playthrough of the
  American release, and from a second playthrough file. In other words, there
  may be spoilers here even for people who have only played through the game
  once, though I'll try to indicate where the script changes and alternates. 
- Bits of in-battle dialogue may be missing, as I might not have fulfilled the
  requirements for certain text, etc - sorry in advance.
- Actually, in all likelihood, I will not have every possible boss conversation
  or character ending up here. If you want more complete versions of those, a
  good place to check is
- Info conversations, at least the ones that complement the main plot well,
  will be included.
- And just in case you missed it, SPOILERS will obviously be in every corner.

- One final note. The second playthrough gives an option not to kill a certain
  character, which does change the storyline and dialogue somewhat. Since I'm
  going on that path and this happens at the end of Part III, I won't have the
  alternate script for Part IV for a while. In addition, there's a second
  recruitable character as well, though this only occurs in the final
  But hey, the second playthrough supplementary story stuff is great, so.

(A) indicates the path where you choose to kill the character in Chapter 3-13.
  - (A.1) indicates doing so via the first option, the character's request.
  - (A.2) indicates doing so via choosing someone else.
(B) indicates the path where you choose not to kill the character.
(C) indicates alternate storyline from recruiting one extra character during
    Endgame-4, which includes Ike's memory sequence.

Brackets [] indicate actions or non-given headers.
Parentheses () indicate headers, usually for locations, or use of the old
Asterisks (*) indicate the number of stars a base conversation has; (*)
    supplements the storyline, (**) is info that can help in the next battle,
    and (***) gets you an item, gold, or a new character.
If you're looking for a certain part, ctrl+f the search tags listed for each
    specific section.

|3. Animations and Base Conversations                                         |

I'll be including as many of these as possible, but the game script is first
priority. Animations and base conversations, especially those that supplement
the plot more, are second, and get sporadically added. Therefore, here's a list
of what's actually up right now.

- The Escape
- Execution
- The Crossing
- all memory sequences, including Ike's memory sequence and any extra second
  playthrough Endgame: Rebirth sequences

Base Conversations:
- Chapter 1-6; Outside the Village
- Chapter 1-6; Kurth
- Chapter 1-7; Pelleas
- Chapter 1-8; Sothe
- Chapter 3-2; The Three Brothers
- Chapter 3-9; Villagers
- Prologue 4-0; Rulers
- Chapter 4-3; Naesala
- Chapter 4-5; Pelleas
- Part IV Endgame (1); Stefan
- Part IV Endgame (1); Dragons
- Part IV Endgame (4); Ancient History
- Part IV Endgame (5); Soren

|4. Contact info                                                              |

Feel free to contact me at sakuramaster @ with a relevant subject
line if you have any questions (not accepting alternate scripts at this time,
however), etc. Any other inquiries such as gameplay questions, character
recommendations, etc, I will probably point you to the other guides available
in response.

So far, only has the right to use this walkthrough. If you'd like
to host or use this guide, feel free to email me.
[Note: I've decided to get back to such requests once version 1.0 is up. You
can still ask, but my response will simply be delayed. Sorry for the trouble.]

And just to be safe: all trademarks and copyrights contained in this document
are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.


|Part I: Silver-Haired Maiden                                             [*1]|

Prologue 1-0: Under Gray Skies                                          [*1.00]

[animation – The Escape]

[Nighttime; a full moon. Soldiers carrying torches run back and forth along
    old, damaged buildings.]

Begnion Soldier: Find anything?

Begnion Soldier: Not yet, sir, no.

Begnion Soldier: Someone's gotta be here. Keep looking.

Begnion Soldier: Sir!

[He walks away. A young girl, Micaiah, hides behind one of the walls next to a
    large gap in the brick, clutching her hand to her chest and trying not to
    make a sound. She gives a small gasp, attracting the attention of several
    soldiers who walk towards her.]

Begnion Soldier: We're wasting our time. There's no one here.

Begnion Soldier: I know I heard something...

Micaiah: [talks to Yune, who she is grasping in her hand] Hush, Yune! Please,
    don't cry. If they hear you, you'll give us away.

[Yune tweets; Micaiah gasps]

Begnion Soldier: Who's there?

[Yune flies out. The soldiers look into the crack.]

Begnion Soldier: Is it the Dawn Brigade?

Begnion Soldier: No. It was just a bird.

[Micaiah gives an inaudible sigh of relief. The two soldiers standing on either
    side of the cracked wall she's hiding behind look at each other with small
    nods and walk away in opposite directions away from the crack. However,
    after a moment, a soldier grabs her arm. She cries out in surprise and
    drops her light tome; the soldier twists her arms behind her back]

Begnion Soldier: Ha ha ha! Thought we didn't see you?

[More soldiers enter. They hold torches up to her in order to see her better in
    the light. One grabs her chin; she winces and faintly struggles.]

Begnion Soldier: Look... Silver hair...

Begnion Soldier: If it's the fortune-teller, we'll be heroes! Without her, the
    Dawn Brigade is nothing.

[he pushes her head aside; she still struggles]

Begnion Soldier: Oh, the general's going to love this. Bind her.

Begnion Soldier: Sir.

[they start to tie her wrists]

Begnion Soldier: Listen up, lass. If you don't want to get hurt, don't

[Micaiah looks up as Yune chirps and flies high up in the sky; a sound of metal
    weaponry as a soldier collapses. Micaiah picks up her light tome amidst the

Begnion Soldier: She's not alone!

[Sothe appears, who quickly kicks down and knocks out several soldiers, dodging
    and back flipping to avoid their blows. Sothe and Micaiah stand back to
    back. A soldier blows on a horn; more soldiers flood in.]

Sothe: Micaiah.

Micaiah: Sothe...

Begnion Soldier: Got you now!

[Micaiah opens the light tome and starts to chant, raising her hand]

Micaiah: Ekarif Magae Teiodasto Ieraka!

[A strong light emanates from her hand, blinding the soldiers]

Begnion Soldier: My eyes!

Sothe: Good job, Micaiah. Let's go.

Micaiah: Right. Yune!

[Yune chirps and flies after them; Sothe and Micaiah run off into the night.]


(Nevassa, the Daein Capital - A few days later...)

Edward: Something must have happened to him.

Micaiah: Don't worry. He'll be here.

Edward: Hey, I have an idea... Micaiah, why don't you use your farsight to see 
    when Leonardo will arrive?

Micaiah: Edward, you know that's not how it works. I foresee some things, but I
    don't get to choose what I see.

Edward: I was just teasing! Still, Leonardo's never late. Something must have—-

???: H-help! Someone, please help us!

Lady: Bandits! Bandits are attacking the town! Run away! Who knows what the 
    brutes will do if they catch you!

Micaiah: Where is the Imperial Occupation Army this time? How can they keep the
    peace when they're nowhere to be found?

Lady: Who, the Begnion soldiers?! Hah! They don't care a lick about us! We lost
    the war, and they won. We're nothing to them.

Lady: They're only interested in chasing down the Dawn Brigade. They let the 
    real scoundrels run wild and brutalize us.

Micaiah: They're worse than useless! We'll be glad to help you. Just find 
    someplace to hide, and leave those bandits to us.

Edward: And don't worry about us. We happen to be members of that same Dawn 
    Brigade that the Begnion troops are so interested in!

Boy: What! Really?! You guys are in the Dawn Brigade?! Wow, my friends and I 
    talk about you all the time!

Lady: You? But you're just children! Oh, how Daein has fallen... Children, 
    forced to fight and steal for the good of the poor.

Lady: But we can't fight the rogues, so we'll take you up on your offer. Please
    be careful. They're slice clean through you if they can.


Pugo: Listen up, you louts! This town is nothin' but idiot kids and drooling 
    graybeards. Steal everything you can!

[enemies scatter]

Micaiah: Yune, it's dangerous here. Go find someplace safe for now.

[Yune flies away]

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Ruffian: Heh heh heh! A pretty little girl like you'll fetch a pretty penny for
    me! Now be a good girl and come to papa.

Micaiah: (old tongue)

Ruffian: What did you say? That better not have been an insult, you... Huh!?

[ruffian dies]

Micaiah: No matter the manner of man, the goddess judges with an even hand.

-----------------------------------------------------------{Leonardo appears}--

Leonardo: Micaiah!

Micaiah: Leonardo! How did you find us?

Leonardo: A little bird told me. Yours, in fact.

[Yune chirps]

Leonardo: What were you two thinking, taking on these bandits alone? That's 
    beyond reckless.

Micaiah: I'm sorry, Leonardo. We couldn't just leave the helpless villagers to
    these monsters. Please, help us fight them.

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Pugo: Who do you brats think you are, the Dawn Brigade?


[attacking with Micaiah]

Pugo: You give proper thieves a bad name. Hah! You like charity? Come closer! 
    I'll show you some charity!

Micaiah: These people work hard to feed their families mere scraps. Then you 
    come along and steal what little they've earned.

Pugo: Shut up, kid! I work hard, too! You want honest? Once I've sold you, I'll
    have earned an honest penny!


Pugo: Aghhh! What just happened?!

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Edward: Fantastic! We won! It's just like you said, Micaiah. They were no match
   for us!

Micaiah: Yune, come here.

[Yune flies over, chirps]

???: You did it!

[group turns towards townspeople]

Lady: Thank you so much! We owe you our lives.

???: You there! What are you doing? Stop immediately!

[three soldiers standing on a balcony look down]

Edward: Well, well, well. Look who decided to show up... Begnion soldiers. They
    certainly took their time, didn't they?

Leonardo: We mustn't be caught. Micaiah! Edward! Make a break for it. Run!

Micaiah: [turns] I'm sorry. We have to leave.

Lady: I know. Thank you again for all you've done. Now, go! Run!

Boy: Hey, lady! My name's Nico! When I grow up, I want to be just like you guys!
   Come back sometime!

[Micaiah's group runs away]

Begnion: Hold it! Stop right there!

???: Who are you bellowing at, soldier?

Begnion: General Jarod?! Wh-when did you arrive?

Jarod: Answer my question, maggot. I want to know who you were yelling at and
    why you did nothing but yell at them.

Begnion: S-sorry, sir. We suspect they were from the Dawn Brigade, a band of 
    thieves that targets goods levied from the town. People say they give what 
    they've stolen back to the villagers and strut around acting like heroes.

Begnion: They're said to have a witch among them, a girl called the Silver-
    Haired Maiden. They say she can heal wounds instantly by laying her hands 
    on any injury. Townspeople treat her like a savior.

Jarod: And? What have you been doing about this band of fools?

Begnion: Sir. A few days ago we stormed their hideout. We found a girl much 
    like the Silver-Haired Maiden... We ran the dogs from their den, but they 
    were cunning and cautious, and...we lost them.

Jarod: I see. I'm beginning to understand.

Begnion: How do you mean, sir?

Jarod: I'm beginning to understand exactly how incompetent you all are!

[he kills the soldier with his lance]

Begnion: Urk!

Jarod: Make the villagers talk. I want to know who these bandits are and where 
    they're hiding.

Begnion: Y-yes, sir! Understood, sir!

[two soldiers run away]

Alder: I don't care who they are. The more kick they have in them, the more 
    fun for us, don't you think, sir?

Jarod: Precisely. Overseeing this dusty old town is wearing thin. A little 
    fresh game is just what I need.


(Tellius – The year 648 – Early summer)

The northeastern nation of Daein lost a bloody war with neighboring Crimea 
three years ago. Crimea, however, abdicated its right to rule Daein and 
passed sovereignty of its former enemy to the powerful Begnion Empire. 
Daein's future is now subject to the whims of the empire.

Begnion's occupations forces have gathered all of Daein's men of fighting age 
and put them to work in labor camps. Their work is brutal and void of purpose, 
designed to break both body and spirit. The remaining population faces poverty 
and starvation as the fields lie fallow. A band of young heroes has escaped the
Begnion army to form a group called the Dawn Brigade. Fighting for a free
Daein, they alone have stood against Begnion's forces. They alone have 
shouldered the hopes of their nation. 

Among the company is a young girl named Micaiah, who is said to possess 
mystical powers. The people of Daein have come to know her as the "Silver-
Haired Maiden." They have come to think of her as the savior for whom they had
been waiting.

Begnion's forces have tried time and time again to capture and silence the Dawn
Brigade. However, Micaiah's ability to sense impending danger has thus far 
allowed the Dawn Brigade to evade the empire's grasp.

Chapter 1-1: Maiden of Miracles                                         [*1.01]

(Dawn Brigade Camp)

Micaiah: How should we explain yesterday to Sothe and Nolan?

Leonardo: It's like you said. We didn't have a choice. We had to save Nico and 
    the townsfolk. But I admit, getting spotted by those Begnion soldiers was 
    unfortunate. Still, I'd do it all over again. The worst part is they know 
    we're near. They could find this hideout as easily as they found our last 

Edward: I just don't get it. This is our country... Why do we have to live in 
    hiding, like prisoners in our own land?

Leonardo: Come on, you know why. We lost the war...and Crimea won. It's not 
    "our" country anymore. End of story.

Edward: Except that Crimea walked away after winning, leaving those heartless 
    Begnion dogs to rule our country for the last three years! The occupying 
    soldiers march around like they own the place, doing whatever they want, 
    and no one dares to stop them!

???: To be fair, Crimea didn't have the resources to rule another country.

[Sothe and Nolan appear]

Micaiah: Sothe! And Nolan, too! Welcome back. I'm glad you made it in one 

Leonardo: At last, the Dawn Brigade is all present. But you are unusually late.
   Were you delayed?

Sothe: I think our fame's catching up with us. Begnion patrols are everywhere.
   It took us a while to avoid them.

Nolan: I've never seen so much Begnion activity in this area before. Is
    there...something we should know?

[Micaiah leaves]

Leonardo: Um, well, actually, the truth is...


Nolan: Ah, that's what did it. You had a run-in with bandits?

Micaiah: And Begnion soldiers spotted us as we made our escape. I'm sorry. We 
    only wanted to help. We were careless.

Sothe: We'll worry about that later. More importantly, Micaiah, were you seen 
    healing anyone with Sacrifice?

Micaiah: I'm afraid so.

Sothe: You can't allow anyone to know what you can do. Healing without any 
    tomes or staves is a rare gift—-almost unheard of. If anyone saw you
    doing it, you'd be given away immediately, and I don't know if I could
    keep you safe.

Micaiah: I know, Sothe.

Sothe: I know you know, but you keep doing it! This place isn't safe anymore. 
    We should leave at once.

Nolan: Correct. Ah, but it would have been nice to eat just one meal in 


(An Alley in Nevassa)

[the group meets at an intersection]

Edward: This way's no good either. Begnion soldiers have every alleyway 
    blocked. A kitten couldn't sneak past them.

Nolan: It looks like this really is the least guarded path, then. Even so, it's
    swarming with soldiers.

Micaiah: There are more coming up behind us! We'll be trapped if we don't move

Nolan: We can't wait for Sothe.

Micaiah: The stairs by the church lead to the marketplace. We can break through

Nolan: I'll go first and secure the way. Micaiah and Leonardo, cover my back! 
    Remember to keep your distance from the enemy. Team up and bring them down
    one by one!

Micaiah: We'll be careful.

Leonardo: Leave it to us.

Nolan: Edward, you bring up the rear. Your skills have improved, but you're 
    still new to fighting. Don't rush the enemy. Just focus on surviving their 
    attacks. Got it?

Edward: Yeah, yeah, I got it.

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Mercenary: Captain Isaiya! Just as you said. A group that appears to be the 
    Dawn Brigade is storming the alley!

Isaiya: How generous of them. I'll wipe them out and advertise my exploits to 
    our commanders back home.

-------------------------------------------------------------{visitng houses}--

Grandmother: You there! You must be... Ah, you needn't say a word. I see the
    goodwill in your eyes. Take this and go, quickly. You've done so much for
    Daein's poor. It's time we did something in return.

[You got a Vulnerary]


Man: Those beasts! They do whatever they want in our country. They're even
    sending our clergy to their awful camps! But I'm helpless. I don't have
    your strength or courage. This axe... You should have it.

[You got a Hand Axe]

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Isaiya: What fast little mice you are! How long do you plan on scurrying around
    in back alleys?


[attacking with Micaiah]

Micaiah: Step aside!

Isaiya: The girl we've been looking for! The lucky little escapee. Too bad for 
    you, sweetie. Your luck ends today!


Isaiya: What?! This can't be! I'm in my prime... easily...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Sothe: Everybody...this way!

[Micaiah's group flees]

Begnion: They're running to the center of town! After them!


[the group arrives at a town square]

Nolan: Good work! I see the market. If we can blend into the crowd, they'll 
    lose us, and we'll be free and clear.

[Micaiah's group heads into the market]

Nico: Hey, lady!

Micaiah: Nico!

Lady: They're after you again, aren't they?

Nico: Are you and your friends all right?

Begnion: Moldy onions! Where'd they go?! [soldiers enter the market]

Grandfather: Leave the soldiers to us. Go on, now. Get yourselves to safety.

Lady: Quickly—-don't dawdle. You must escape. You're our only hope.

Micaiah: Thank you so much! [her group flees]

Begnion: Wait! There they go! Catch them!

[the soldiers are met by the crowd]

Begnion: What are you stopping for?

Begnion: W-well, they...

Lady: You won't get past us! We stand by the Dawn Brigade.

Nico: That's right! Goddess protect the Dawn Brigade!


[Sothe and Micaiah run down an alley, but Micaiah stops]

Micaiah: Wait! Something terrible is about to happen!

Sothe: What is it?

Micaiah: [closes her eyes] ...No! We have to go back. [turns around and runs


Begnion: What?! You're letting this rabble stop you? Ready your bows! Nobody 
    defies the will of Begnion.

[archers fire into the crowd, hit Nico]

Grandmother: No! How could you shoot a child? You vicious savages!

Lady: Someone! Someone, help him, quickly! Please...this child is dying!

Begnion: [walks up] Pay heed! This is what happens when you meddle in Begnion 
    affairs of state. Remember it well!

Man: I didn't realize that the Begnion Empire's affairs of state included 
    murdering children in the street!

Begnion: Don't point your fingers at us. We're just doing our job. If you're 
    upset, blame the Dawn Brigade! They made this happen!

[Micaiah runs up]

Begnion: It's the girl we're looking for! Call for reinforcements! Surround and
    arrest every last one of them...

Micaiah: [drops to her knees]

Begnion: What's happening?! What does she think she's doing?! Hey, you, step 
    away from that child!

[a blue glow emanates from her]


[cutscene - Micaiah healing Nico with a blue glow from her hands]


Grandfather:'s a miracle. We've seen a miracle today!

Man: That was Sacrifice...

Lady: That girl! She must be the Silver-Haired Maiden. Only she possesses 

Sothe: [runs up, carries Micaiah out]

Begnion: Stop right there! After them! We can't let them get away!

[the townspeople mill in front of the soldiers]

Man: We still stand by the Dawn Brigade.

Begnion: What is wrong with you people?! Did you hear me?! Clear a path, or 
    you'll end up like that kid!

Jarod: [runs up] You sniveling idiots! Why are you just standing there?! Give 
    chase. Now!

[the soldiers clear a path]

Begnion: Yes, sir! We would like to, sir, but...the townspeople are blocking 
   our way.

Jarod: Oh...I see. The townspeople are blocking your way. You dullards! 

[he stabs and kills all of the townsmen with one blow]

Jarod: Clean out those dirty ears and listen to me! You are soldiers, and I am
    your commander! You will follow my orders promptly and without hesitation.
    Understand, you useless vermin? Now, move!

[the soldiers leave]

Jarod: Unbelievable! If it's not one thing, it's another. Why am I always stuck
    leading the buffoons?


Micaiah: ...Mmm...

Sothe: Are you awake now? Thank goodness. Do you see? This is why I told you 
    not to use Sacrifice...

Edward: We sure showed them in Nevassa, huh? I guess we can't go back there...
    not for a while anyway.

Micaiah: I'm so fond of Nevassa. It's where we all met. It feels like my only 
    real home. We will return...someday.

Sothe: We will, Micaiah. I know you, and you have a way of getting what you 

Micaiah: Because you're always there to help me get it, Sothe.

Chapter 1-2: The Dispossessed                                           [*1.02]

(Old Road)

Nolan: Just a quick half-mark, and we'll be in Kisca. I'd like to stock up 
    there, but...

Sothe: Begnion will be on the lookout for us. Let's steer clear of towns for 
    now, unless we want more trouble.

Edward: Don't tell me... This means another night sleeping on the cold ground 
    with nothing but bugs to keep us warm!

Micaiah: Oh, Edward, it's not that bad!  The forest is so beautiful and serene.
    I'd almost rather be out here. Right, Yune?

???: [a girl runs up to them] Um...excuse me. Are you people heading to town by
    any chance? Our abbot is ill. He needs medicine, but Begnion soldiers are 
    hoarding our provisions in the manor house.

Micaiah: The Dawn Brigade, at your service! I'm sure we can help you and your


(Lord Kisea's Manor)

Micaiah: Sothe, do you know the layout of the manor?

Sothe: I was here years ago. As I remember, there's a large armory tucked deep
    inside the building. And if I understand correctly, Begnion soldiers guard
    valuables they've stolen-—from rare objects to necessary supplies—-in that 

Micaiah: Then the medicine will be there, too.

Laura: Are you sure you don't mind?

Micaiah: Of course not! Danger is part of our work. Leave everything to us!

Sothe: Your abbot will have his medicine.

Laura: Oh, thank you so much! Good luck!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Zaitan: Intruders, you say?! What with a full battalion stationed here? The 
    gall! And the intrigue! Now, listen up, my men, catch 'em midstream and 
    filet 'em like fish!


Sothe: [unlocks back door] That takes care of the locks. Now, I just have to 
    figure out how to get everybody safely up here. [disappears from where he 

--------------------------------------------------------------{Sothe appears}--

Begnion: Hey, you! How did you get in here?!

Sothe: We are the Dawn Brigade. We go where we please. We're here to reclaim 
    what you've stolen from the people of Daein.


Begnion: Sir! There are burglars on the loose! Several young men and women have
    broken into the manor house!

Jarod: Did you say women? What... What color is their hair?

Begnion: There are two girls. One has bizarre silver-colored hair, and the

Jarod: The Silver-Haired Maiden! Hm, very well. I want all soldiers on hand. 
    Capture the girl...alive. Do what you will with the others, but bring me 
    that girl! Understand!?

Begnion: Sir, yes sir!

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Zaitan: Don't move a finger, thief, or I'll skewer you with my lance and serve
    you for lunch!


[attacking with Micaiah]

Zaitan: The Silver-Haired Maiden! I've got you! Lucky for you, Jarod wants you
    alive—-but there's no escaping now!

Micaiah: I'm afraid I have to disappoint you.

Zaitan: Oh, how pompous! Try to "disappoint" me, and I'll break both your arms!


Zaitan: With this many, we...can't...hold them back...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Laura: At last... Glory be! The abbot will have his medicine. Wait for me here.
    I'll return soon.


Sothe: Well done, everybody! Are we all present and accounted for?

Micaiah: Wait! Laura's missing! She was just with me.

Sothe: Let's split up and search for her. Micaiah, you come with me.

Micaiah: ...Hm, the forest is huge. We can cover more ground if we search 

Sothe: But...

Micaiah: Let's rendezvous at Kunu Swamp in three marks' time.


[Micaiah runs alone]

Micaiah: Somebody's near by...

???: You sensed me, did you?

[Jarod appears]

Micaiah: Where is Laura?

Jarod: And you saw through my ruse. You're as clever as they say, my dear. You
    even came alone. How brave of you. Was that to give your friends a chance
    to escape? What a thoughtful little thing you are.

Laura: Mi-Micaiah! Don't come any closer!

Micaiah: Laura! Let her go! She isn't one of us...

Jarod: Now, you know I can't do that. She's a valuable hostage, just like you!

Micaiah: No! Yune, fly away!

Jarod: Argh, dratted bird! Yes, get that mangy flying bag of bones out of here
    before I squash it like a fly! Tch. How annoying. Enough of this! Back to
    the castle. As long as we have these two, the others don't matter.

Alder: Sir. All hands, withdraw!

Micaiah: I've got a bad feeling about this...

Chapter 1-3: A Faint Light                                              [*1.03]

(Glaive Prison)

Micaiah: I hope the others escaped...

Laura: I'm sure they are safe and secure, just as I'm sure the abbot got his
    medicine. I believe in them.

Aimee: Pardon... Excuse me. Not to pry, but did you know you're bleeding?
    You've got some blood on your sleeve there.

Micaiah: Hm? Oh, you're right! I've been so distracted, I didn't even notice...

Aimee: Unfortunately, there are no vulneraries to heal you in this rat hole...
    Here, try wrapping this cloth around your wound.

Micaiah: Thank you very much. I don't believe we've met. I'm Micaiah.

Aimee: I'm Aimee. I've been a lucky guest in this dungeon for quite some time.
    On behalf of myself and my snoozing friend over there, Ilyana, it's very 
    nice to meet you, Micaiah.

Ilyana: ...Mm...

Micaiah: Why are you two in here?

Aimee: I wish I knew! I belong to a merchant caravan that was passing through 
    en route to the next market day. When we arrived here, we were brought to
    this charming prison against our will. Now, we await "the general's

Laura: I see. Well, that doesn't sound good. How unfortunate.

???: Um...

Aimee: So you can talk. You've been so quiet over there, I assumed you didn't
    speak our language.

???: ...if you wish, you may use this salve on your wound. It's an infusion 
   of olivi grass.

Aimee: Olivi grass? Hm, I've never heard of it. Are you sure it's safe?

???: It's unquestionably safe...and effective.

Micaiah: Thank you most kindly. I'll try it.

Aimee: Well, aren't you the trusting one? Are you honestly comfortable applying
    a strange medicine to your wound?

Micaiah: I am. I know it will work. Thank you for sharing your medicine.

???: You're welcome!

Micaiah: I hear something!


[Sothe lands in front of the door]

Sothe: Here you are.

Micaiah: Sothe!

[chirping noise]

Micaiah: Yune! I'm so glad you're both all right!

Sothe: Sorry it took so long to get here. Hello.

Aimee: Well, hello! I remember you. You've certainly grown up to be easy on the
    eyes! I believe I'm a little smitten.

Micaiah: You two know each other?

Sothe: Somewhat. We crossed paths during the war. Let's get out of here before
    the guards come. I'll open the door, then we'll find a way out.


???: I would like to get out of here, too. Like Aimee, I have no idea why I've
    been imprisoned. May I join you?

Micaiah: By all means!

???: I thank you much. My name is Kurth.

Micaiah: Well then, Kurth, after you.


[the door opens; Sothe first emerges and the rest of Micaiah's group appears]

Nolan: Sothe, this way!

Micaiah: Nolan! Edward! Leonardo! It's so good to see you all.

Sothe: How did you manage to sneak in this far without my help?

Nolan: Oddly, one of the soldiers let us in the back way.

Micaiah: A Begnion soldier?

Edward: Yes, he said, "If you're here to save Laura, follow me."

Laura: How strange. Why would a Begnion soldier mention me?

Mercenary: The prisoners are escaping!

Micaiah: Surprise, surprise! They found us!

Sothe: Micaiah, this is for you.

Micaiah: My tome! How did you get it?

Sothe: I didn't know if it was yours, but I figured you could use it. So at the
    armory, I "borrowed" it too.

Micaiah: Well done, Sothe. Now I can pull my weight and fight.

Sothe: And a staff for you, Sister.

Leonardo: Thank you very much.

Ilyana: Um... I... I can fight too. Could you...lend me that tome?

Sothe: What, you mean this one? Ilyana, I didn't know you used light magic,

Micaiah: Sothe, that's a tome of lightning magic.

Sothe: It is?

Micaiah: I give up. You just grabbed at random, didn't you?

Sothe: You know I can't read the old language. The letters all look the same to
    me! Here. If this one will work, take it. Just like old times, right,

Ilyana: Thank you... And yes, Sothe... I don't want to fight...but I'm glad
    I'll get to fight alongside you again...

Micaiah: Ilyana? If you're not up to it, don't feel pressured to fight. We can
    handle the soldiers. You look a little woozy. Are you sure you're going to
    be all right?

Aimee: She's fine, Micaiah. She's always like that.

Micaiah: But...

Ilyana: I can fight... I'm...very angry... The food here... It was terrible, 
    and...they gave us hardly any... I...will have vengeance.

Micaiah: This girl takes her food pretty seriously. Interesting.

Sothe: I see Ilyana is as hungry as ever.

Aimee: Don't worry about us. We'll carefully tiptoe around you all. The boy and
    I can't fight, so we'll stay out of harm's way. Good luck, everyone!

Kurth: I am sorry to impose upon you. Please be careful.

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

----------------------------------------------------------{talk; Aran, Laura}--

Laura: Aran? I can't believe it! It IS you!

Aran: Laura!

Laura: I knew it! But, Aran, why? Why would any true Daein join sides with

Aran: A true Daein? I'm not sure I still am one... Not since a family of
    merchants from Begnion took me in... But I could never do anything to hurt
    you. You've always been like a little sister to me. Get out of here, Laura
    ...while you still have a chance! I'll turn a blind eye.

Laura: But what about Micaiah and Sothe? They've risked their lives fighting
    for the abbot--and for me. I couldn't possibly abandon them now, not even
    if it meant saving myself.

Aran: Oh, bother...

Laura: What's wrong?

Aran: I can't keep lying to myself any longer. I know what Begnion is doing in
    Daein is despicable, and I can't support it.

Laura: Then...

Aran: Then...from now on, I'm fighting for what's right...just like the abbot
    taught us. Come on. Let's get you--and everyone else--out of here!

Laura: Wonderful! Thank you, Aran. I knew it. You haven't changed a bit. You're
    as considerate as ever. Your family would have been so proud!

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Burton: Ehhhh! You won't get away! I'll slice through you like a hot knife
    through cold butter!


[attacking with Micaiah]

Burton: You! Crawl quietly back to your cell, and I'll spare you. More than
    that, however, I cannot promise.

Micaiah: Don't be so sure. This isn't our first fight, and it won't be our

Burton: A brave, yet foolish, sentiment. Before the might of the empire, you
    lowlifes are just cracked dirt beneath my boots!!


Burton: Even if you run... There is no place...for you go...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Aimee: Thank you so much...all of you! Because of your bravery, I can finally
    rejoin my merchant caravan. Still, coming back to Nevassa, I'm stunned at
    the terrible state of things. Who would have thought that Begnion would
    rule with such an iron fist? They run your nation with boundless cruelty,
    looting the towns and sending your able-bodied men to camps. It breaks my

Jorge: They make me miss Ashnard, Daein's late "Mad King." And I never thought
    I'd say that! At least he never tried to destroy Crimea as a country!

Micaiah: What do you mean by that?

Daniel: People make a country. One person--even a noble king--does not a
    country make. And a strong country only exists when its people are strong.
    As Begnion crushes the citizenry, it slowly destroys Daein.

Jorge: The dastards are treating Daein like a nation of slaves! If this
    persists, Daein's strength will be sapped, and the nation itself will cease
    to be.

Micaiah: Then, what should we do? What can we do to save our country?

Jorge: There is a rumor. If it's true, there might be hope...

Muston: Look here, Jorge! Don't go spouting off rumors.

Micaiah: No, I want to know! If there is a shred of hope for us, tell me.

Jorge: Well, the rumor is that King Ashnard left an orphan behind.

Micaiah: Really? Is that true?!

Sothe: King Ashnard had a child? Why have I never heard of this?

Daniel: It's just a rumor--nothing more. But if it's true, it would be a strike
    of great fortune for Daein.

Jorge: In the last war, Crimea used a scion of the royal family to unify its
    people and rally a liberation army. So could Daein.

Aimee: And drive out the loathsome Begnion!

Micaiah: So where is this orphan?

Jorge: According to rumor, he's in the east, near the Desert of Death, trying
    to raise an army to lay claim to the throne. Shall we go there?

Sothe: Micaiah, what do you think?

Micaiah: ...In the important encounter awaits us. It shall be one
    that changes the shape of our future.

Sothe: Well, that's it then. We must go to the desert to meet our destiny.

Chapter 1-4: A Distant Voice                                            [*1.04]

[a view of ruins amidst the desert sands]

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


Sothe: What's going on, Micaiah?

Micaiah: I'm not sure. I sense...something. There's a presence here that calls
    out to me.

Sothe: All right, Micaiah, you and I should look into this. Everyone else,
    check the surroundings.

Nolan: Got it. Everybody, be on your guard.

Sothe: Amazing... I can't believe these ruins are still standing.

Micaiah: They do seem to be very old, indeed. I wonder who built them...

Sothe: Judging by the size, it must have been the laguz.

Micaiah: What makes you say that?

Sothe: What do you think it would be like, to change into a bird or a dragon,
    as the laguz can? Being part beast is one thing, but being able to
    transform into that beast, with more strength than we could ever imagine...
    I mean, they could build a place like this before breakfast.

Micaiah: I suppose that's true... But what surprises me most is not that these
    could be laguz ruins, but you, Sothe. You've changed, haven't you?

Sothe: Me? How so?

Micaiah: I remember a time when you used to refer to them laguz as
    "sub-humans." Such an ugly word. Now look at you.

Sothe: Well, come on. Beorc are called the "Children of Wisdom"--and the laguz
    the "Children of Strength"--for a reason. But I know now that just because
    our two races differ, that doesn't mean one is better than the other. The
    age-old beorc bias against laguz is based on sheer ignorance. When I met
    Ike during the war three years ago...and fought beneath him...he made me
    realize this.

Micaiah: Honestly. Here I thought you were saying something enlightened, and
    you're just talking about him again?

Sothe: What do you mean, "again"?

Micaiah: Sothe, sometimes, every other thing you say is like an ode to Ike. I
    know you fought beside him. I know you owe him your life. And I know you
    want to be just like him... But to the people of Daein, he's the man who
    crushed us three years ago. Some would even call him our archenemy. If we
    hadn't lost the war to that man, Daein wouldn't be in the mess it's in now.
    You know that.

Sothe: Pish! I know that. Everyone knows that.

[Yune chirps]

Micaiah: Yune? What is it? Where are you going?


[in a new room whose floor is covered in gold and treasures]

Micaiah: Incredible!

Sothe: [runs up to her] Mounds of treasure! Maybe it was the gold calling you,

???: Grrruah! What is this?! Looks like a tasty snack turned up while we were

[two tiger laguz appear]

Pain: Mwah-ha-ha! Our first prey in a long time. Leave them to me, my

Sothe: Not good. Laguz bandits! Micaiah, give the signal.

Micaiah: Consider it done!

[a bright light shines; when it fades out, the rest of Micaiah's group appears
    in battle formation]

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Pain: Mwah-ha-ha! Come here so I can taste you!


[attacking with Micaiah]

Pain: Mwah-ha-ha! Beorc are good eats!

Micaiah: Listen up! We did not intentionally intrude on your territory.

Pain: Mwah-ha-ha! I'll listen...while I'm gnawing on your bones!


Pain: Mwah...ha...ha-- Gnk! How did this happen?


Agony: Grrruah! Puny little humans, come and fight!


[attacking with Micaiah]

Agony: Oooohhhh...a beorc mage. Shiny, sparkly magic makes me soooo scared.

Micaiah: We do not want your treasures, and we mean no ill will. Step back, and
    we will not harm you.

Agony: If the fire don't roar like a furnace, it don't scare me! Mwah-ha-ha!
    I'm gonna rip your throat out!


Agony: Grrrua...gack! What happened to me...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Micaiah: Yune? Yune, where are you? You can come out now!

Sothe: You and that bird. It's...a little strange.

Micaiah: You're just jealous. Wait, I hear something.

Sothe: I can't hear anything.

Micaiah: Someone's singing. It's coming from over there.

Sothe: Micaiah, wait!


[Sothe and Micaiah run down a corridor]


[cutscene - Rafiel and two wolf laguz sit together peacefully]


Micaiah: You! Hello! Who are you?

[the wolf laguz spring up and transform out of wolf-form]

Rafiel: I am Rafiel. A voice guided me here. Was it yours?

Micaiah: No. But I heard a voice that guided me here as well. Someone or
    something may want us both here.

Sothe: You're laguz, aren't you? One of the heron clan, and two of the beast
    tribe. Right?

Rafiel: That is correct, beorc youth.

Sothe: Your white wings reveal you're of the heron royal family. Are you
    related to Prince Reyson by any chance?

Rafiel: Reyson? My younger brother? You know of him?

Sothe: You could say that. We served in the same company for a while.

Rafiel: What? You are suggesting that my brother is still alive?

Sothe: Yes. He is still alive. And as far as I know, your father the king and
    the princess Leanne are as well. Unless something's happened, all three of
    them live in the royal palace of Gallia, country of the beast tribe.

Rafiel: Unbelievable! My father and sweet Leanne... They're still with me! Oh,
    goddess! I'm...not alone. Not anymore... ...Ah...

Nailah: Rafiel...

Volug: ...

Micaiah: Hello. And you are?

Nailah: I am Nailah, Queen of Hatari, and this is Volug, my loyal servant. Our
    kingdom lies far east of here.

Sothe: There's a country on the other side of the desert?

Nailah: As I said. We have just traveled from there. Until we met Rafiel, we
    didn't know there were countries on this side of the desert. After all, no
    one had ever crossed the Desert of Death and lived to tell of it. Without
    Rafiel's guidance, we would never have survived the crossing.

Rafiel: My people, the heron clan of Serenes, were blamed for the murder of
    Begnion's empress. Begnion mobs rose up in rage and massacred them. I had
    thought the whole of my clan, my entire race, had been wiped out. I
    wandered the desert in despair. If not for the queen, I would have died. In
    Hatari, I vowed to dedicate my life to her. And yet every night for these
    past three years, a voice has called out to me. Day by day, it has grown
    stronger... Until the voice led me to you all. Your news brings such joy!
    Father...Reyson...Leanne... My beloved family... My thanks to thee, O
    goddess... Ah...

Nailah: Rafiel... You talk too much. Control yourself. You, beorc... What's the
    best route to Gallia?

Sothe: For a group of laguz, traveling through the Daein countryside would be
    suicide. It will take you longer, but we could take you as far as Crimea.

Nailah: We would be grateful. By all means, let's travel together. But why go
    to Crimea? Why not travel directly to Gallia?

Sothe: Entering Gallia by yourselves would be nearly impossible. The man you
    need to get you into Gallia actually resides in Crimea. That man, Ike, is
    in contact with King Caineghis and his advisors. There's no doubt in my
    mind that he's the man you need.

Micaiah: Right. Lord Ike, "hero" of the Crimean Liberation, leader of the
    Greil Mercenaries, and father of Sothe's children...


The history of Tellius is a history of warfare, or so the troubadours sing. It
is a history of unending conflict between the beorc and the laguz, a history
penned in blood and scarred by mistrust. The beorc fight with the weapons of
man--the sword, the axe, the lance, and the magic arts, while the laguz, able
to transform into beast, bird, and dragon, are weapons unto themselves. Both
were created equally by the goddess, but neither race has ever accepted the

The heron prince Rafiel, the wolf queen of Hatari, Nailah, and her vassal,
Volug. Is the Dawn Brigade's meeting with these three chance...or a sign of
things to come? Micaiah can only wonder.

Chapter 1-5: The Lost Heir                                              [*1.05]

(Desert of Death Outskirts - Obsolete Lodgings)

Micaiah: We have to go back to the desert. We still have something we need to

Sothe: It'd be great if it were to find Ashnard's son. I'm burning up out here.

Micaiah: I'm not sure what it is. I see a lot of images, stacked on top of each
    other. It's hard to see what they all are. There's danger, battles, and
    terrible sadness, but also...hope. Whatever our destiny is, I know we'll
    find it in the desert. Let's go.

Sothe: I understand, Micaiah. I'll tell everyone to make ready.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


(Desert of Death)

Sothe: We've already been north, where we met Prince Rafiel and his party. That
    leaves east or south... Which way?

Micaiah: What is it, Volug? Is something wrong? Volug says he senses beorc to
    the south. A lot of beorc.

Sothe: That settles it then. We'll head south.


Tauroneo: Hmph!

[he stabs and kills the soldier standing before him]

Zihark: Impressive as ever, General Tauroneo. However, we can't hold out
    forever. We are seriously outnumbered. It's time we put these vermin in
    their place. Are you ready, Jill?

Jill: Just give the word!

Zihark: All right then, let's get 'em!


Sothe: Who could the Begnion soldiers be attacking out here in the middle of

Micaiah: Whoever it is, we have to help them!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Sothe: wait a moment. Those people fighting the Begnion soldiers... It couldn't
    be... That white armor... Only certain generals were allowed to wear it. I
    may very well know that soldier.
Micaiah: Really? Well then, all the more reason to help them. Let's hurry!

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Wystan: You're a tenacious bunch, I'll grant you. Daein isn't known for winning
    its wars... So why do you keep trying?


[attacking with Micaiah]

Wystan: Come to help the helpless? A dainty little flower like you is hardly
    worth the effort! Well, do your worst.

Micaiah: What is Begnion doing out here in the desert? Is there something or
    someone in these ruins that you're interested in?

Wystan: That's none of your business, little girl. We'll slash our way in no
    matter what anybody else wants!


Wystan: Absurd... One must failure...against the tattered
    remnants...of a conquered...coun...try...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Sothe: General Tauroneo! Zihark and Jill, too. I haven't seen you since the war
    ended three years ago. Who would've thought we'd meet again in such a
    desolate place?

Tauroneo: Sothe, you've grown. I hardly recognized you.

Sothe: We have a lot of catching up to do, but for now, I'll just make
    introductions. This is Micaiah...

[a man comes out of the desert ruins]

Izuka: And who have we here? Hmmm?

Sothe: Step back. Who are you?

Tauroneo: Lord Izuka, there's no need for concern. This young man is Sothe. We
    know him well. Sothe, may I introduce Lord Izuka. He is advisor and close
    confidant to Prince Pelleas, Ashnard's son.

Sothe: Micaiah! Did you hear that? The prince IS here. Still, I can't believe
    we ran into you three--of all people--guarding the prince. What a lucky
    coincidence. General Tauroneo, we came here because we heard the prince was
    gathering forces in the desert. We want to help you in your efforts. Will
    you let us join you?

Tauroneo: Certainly. Daein needs all the courage we can muster. Let us join

Izuka: See here! What do you think you're doing?! You can't just ignore me and
    start making decisions! These people are suspicious, verrry suspicious.
    You're all Begnion spies, aren't you? Come now, tell the truth!

Sothe: We're the Dawn Brigade. We'd never work for those filthy curs!

Izuka: The Dawn Brigade! But how? Then, perhaps the girl... No! Could it be?
    Are you the Silver-Haired Maiden? Do you have the healing touch of
    Sacrifice? [moves up to Micaiah]

Micaiah: Excuse me!

Sothe: Take your hands off her! [steps between the two of them]

Izuka: What a coincidence! Or is it fate? Or maybe it's my unrivaled skill as a
    revolutionary organizer? With the Silver-Haired Maiden at our side, we'll
    surely win over the people of Daein! And then...yes! Incite scattered rebel
    movements, mm-hm, and then, further...the future of...change...

Sothe: Is he...touched in the head?

Izuka: Oh, my, but yes. I'll beckon, demand that the vicious
    scalawags...surrender! Perfect! I am a genius! Come, come, my dear maiden!
    You must meet the prince! [heads back inside]

Tauroneo: Goddess help me, that man could try the patience of a stone.

Sothe: Hmmm...


Izuka: Look here! Before you stands the one and only, the grand Prince Pelleas,
    true-blooded son of the king of Daein. And here we have the consort and
    queen of our late King Ashnard, Lady Almedha. And look at you! You're
    standing? Did the desert dry out your brains? Kneel ye before these royal

Pelleas: It's all right, Izuka. Please, don't stand on ceremony. I didn't know
    I was a prince until very recently. So, really, I'm not used to any of

Micaiah: What do you mean?

Pelleas: Until a half year ago--that is, until Izuka found me--I was raised as
    a normal commoner. To be frank, it still doesn't feel real to me. That
    I...I myself could be the son of King Ashnard. It's a little overwhelming.

Almedha: Don't talk nonsense, darling. You are my own sweet, sweet son, Prince
    Pelleas, yes... I'll never let you be parted from me, no, never ever

Izuka: Ahem! Enough of the pleasantries, then. Shall we get down to business?
    Well then, Micaiah of the Dawn Brigade. I henceforth appoint thee to the
    post of Vice-General of the Daein Liberation Army!

Sothe: Excuse me?! What do you mean by that?

Micaiah: Wait a moment! I appreciate the offer, Izuka, but I'm afraid I cannot
    accept. I have no war experience and no knowledge of battle tactics. Daein
    needs a general with both.

Izuka: Are you not a member of the heroic Dawn Brigade, whose conquests precede
    them?! Do you not want to save the people of Daein?! Serve the prince, and
    you can step out of the shadows and face the empire boldly, without shame!
    Why hesitate?

Sothe: This is a thinly veiled scheme...and I see right through it. You just
    want Micaiah to serve as a figurehead for your revolution.

Izuka: Is that a problem?

Sothe: Yes, that's a problem! She's not some fancy stoneware for you to set on
    display. If you're going to do this...then I cannot sign on.

Micaiah: Exactly.

Pelleas: Micaiah, please, wait! That isn't what we meant. You're not the only
    one who knows nothing about battle. I don't either. But if I don't act, the
    devastation of Daein will grow ever worse. So, I have to be brave. Please,
    I'm asking you to do the same, Micaiah... For the sake of the future of
    Daein, will you join our cause?

Micaiah: ...Prince Pelleas...I will.

Sothe: Micaiah?!

Pelleas: Thank you.

Micaiah: And in return, will you ensure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Daein
    will be freed from the rule of the Begnion Empire?

Pelleas: I promise.

Micaiah: I trust in your word.


Sothe: I can't believe you!

Micaiah: Sothe, why are you so angry about this?

Sothe: You have to ask? You know we can't live in the public eye. Doing
    something that will deliberately make you stand out... I'm just saying, it
    isn't like you, Micaiah.

Micaiah: When we were separated during the war, you changed, Sothe. And I
    changed too. I want to protect Daein more than anything. Our people must be
    saved, and if I can help in that effort, I will.

Sothe: So much so that you'll risk your life and sacrifice who you are?

Micaiah: Yes. But that isn't all. Prince Pelleas cherishes the same wish that I
    do. I can feel it. Deep in his heart, he wants to save Daein. If we work
    together, I know that we can do it.

Sothe: And you don't hear that voice we spoke of? The voice that warns you of
    impending danger?

Micaiah: It's all right, Sothe. The visions I see spreading out before us...
   most of them shine with hope.

Sothe: All right. I trust you. More importantly, I believe in you. I won't
    resist anymore. But let me just say one thing.

Micaiah: What?

Sothe: I will protect you.

Micaiah: I know that! Why do you think you need to say it?

Sothe: I just wanted to make sure you knew. [leaves]

Micaiah: ...Thank you, Sothe.


Three years past, Daein mustered all of its formidable military might and cut a
bloody swath through neighboring Crimea in a sudden invasion. Daein was
defeated, however, and the dreams of its ruler, Mad King Ashnard, died with

Ashnard's son, Pelleas, possesses a gentle sincerity that is a bright
counterpoint to his late father's violence and duplicity. Ill-suited though he
seems for these troubled times, his presence is a welcome sight of Micaiah's
eyes. Pelleas, declared rightful heir to the throne, finds his name becoming a
rallying cry for Daein. At his side is the only person he believes can lead his
Liberation Army...the Silver-Haired Maiden.

Chapter 1-6: Raise the Standard                                         [*1.06]

(Free state of Marado, inside the Kingdom of Daein)

Begnion: Assembling is forbidden! All violators will be punished immediately!

Man: Assembling? We were just talking around the well...

Begnion: Silence! No excuses!

[he stabs and kills him]

Man: Gyaaahhh!


Fiona: Can I really have just seen that?

Jarod: Lady Fiona. The self-proclaimed "Liberation Army" is on the march.
    Marado's army has been ordered to deploy with us.

Fiona: Understood, General. We will prepare immediately. But I need to address
    your soldiers' conduct--

Jarod: A new war is afoot. You never answered Ashnard's call to arms in the
    last one. You have a reputation for ruling wisely. Don't endanger your
    people by hurling ugly accusations at my soldiers. I trust I needn't worry
    that you'll fail to answer the empire's call.

Fiona: I will not lie to you. My people are proud citizens of Daein, and some
    agree with these so-called liberators. However, I will not lead my people
    into danger over ridiculous rumors of some unknown orphan prince.

Jarod: I'm glad to hear it.

[Fiona rides away]

Jarod: I need a volunteer. Follow that woman's every move. I trust her no
    farther than I can throw her.


(Daein Liberation Camp)

[Sothe and Micaiah walk into a tent]

Izuka: Well, well! The rumors that my...operatives started have spread like
    wildfire through all of Daein! "Late King Ashnard's orphan surfaces!"
    "Silver-Haired Maiden at Prince Pelleas's side!" Now that we have the
    people's attention...we snag their hearts! We'll just extol the savior, fan
    the rebellion, go to battle...and conquer the enemy in a blaze of glory!

Sothe: Do we have sufficient forces to arouse said rebellion and achieve

Izuka: You let me worry about that. This highly sophisticated strategizing is
    beyond your young minds! Worry not, my prince. After painstaking
    investigation, I have determined the exact locations to target! Gather
    'round, all of you! Hear my plan for our next strike.


Izuka: If the Liberation Army attacks any of these places, we are assured of an
    absolute victory.

Pelleas: Masterful as always, Izuka. It's good to know I can count on you.

Izuka: First, we'll target Talrega. It borders the frontier, Begnion's hold is
    shaky...and resentment runs high.

Micaiah: No. Talrega is no good.

Izuka: Wha-what was that!? On what grounds are my decisions being questioned by
    this...this child?!

Micaiah: The timing is wrong. Because of the rains, we won't be able to advance
    well, let alone fight.

Jill: It's true. I'm from Talrega, and I remember well the landslides and
    floods that come every spring. The mountain road leading to that particular
    work camp is notoriously dangerous.

Izuka: Wha-what?! Impossible! strategy is flawless, perfect even. Hmph,
    I never...

Sothe: Micaiah, where do you think we should attack?

Micaiah: ... Terin... We'll have better luck in Terin.

Tauroneo: Terin, too, lies in the mountains, but in the arid northern region,
    where the weather is predictable.

Pelleas: Micaiah, you're amazing! I count my blessings to have you as
    vice-general. You give me hope.

Jill: Lady Micaiah, few outsiders know of the landslides in Talrega. Have you
    been there before?

Sothe: Micaiah is a powerful seer. We in the Dawn Brigade owe our lives and
    our freedom to her abilities.

Izuka: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggghhhk!

Pelleas: Goodness, Izuka, what is it?

Izuka: She can foresee battle outcomes!? Magnificent! Why didn't anybody tell
    me of this? This only makes the maiden that much more appealing. And let us
    just be honest here, my foresight in decreeing her vice-general was
    wondrous--nay, genius!

Sothe: ...

Izuka: Excellent. Well then, yes. All bow to the maiden's vision. Let's leave
    the camp and make for Terin!

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--

[Chapter 1-6; Outside the Village] (***)

???: Yes, that's what I heard! What with that light...and that silver...

[a woman appears]

Lass: Could she... Could she be the Silver-Haired Maiden?

Micaiah: Hm?

Lass: Oh, it is! It is you!

Grandmother: Oh... Oh, my...

Lass: You're fighting with King Ashnard's son to free Daein, aren't you? Oh,
    we've heard so much about you!

Grandmother: Oh...what a blessing! What a blessing!

Lass: We're all waiting! We're waiting for the day you free us from those
    filthy Begnion pigs!

Grandmother: Please...take...this.

Lass: It's not much, but people from all over the village pitched in.

Micaiah: Oh, no, I couldn't possibly...

Sothe: Thank you. We appreciate your kindness.

Grandmother: ...

Lass: We're all counting on you! Please, free us! [they leave]

Micaiah: ...

Sothe: Looks like Izuka's propaganda is working fast.

Micaiah: Mm.

Sothe: You didn't want me to take the money, did you?

Micaiah: It's not that. It's just... Oh, never mind.

Sothe: Oh, come on. What did I do this time? You're not going to say? Great. In
    that case, let's get out of here and go find the others.

[You got 1000 gold]


[Chapter 1-6; Kurth] (***)

Kurth: So, you're staying, then?

Almedha: I appreciate your concern. However, I--

Kurth: You can't leave Prince Pelleas's side. Is that not so?

Almedha: That's right.

Kurth: Then take this, at least.
Almedha: A sending stone?

Kurth: Do you remember how to use one?

Almedha: Of course I remember how to use one. But it's such a precious gift...
    Are you sure about this? Thank you, Kurth.

???: Kurth! Where are you?

Almedha: I must go now.

Kurth: Please, remain safe.

Almedha: You as well. [leaves]

Kurth: ...

Micaiah: Kurth?

Kurth: Micaiah. How nice to see you.

Micaiah: Kurth, I'm leaving for Terin. I know this is sudden. To tell the
    truth, I'm surprised too.

Kurth: I see. You are off to perform your first duties as a general of this
    "Liberation Army".

Micaiah: Yes.

Kurth: I abhor violence. I do not think you should fight.

Micaiah: Kurth, I'm not fighting because I enj--

Kurth: I know. I know you wish there were another way. And I understand that
    you feel this is what you must do to save your country.

Micaiah: ...

Kurth: Here, take this.

Micaiah: What is it?

Kurth: May it serve to protect you. Micaiah, I must leave you now. I am going
    home to my own country.

Micaiah: What? So suddenly?

Kurth: I'm sorry, Micaiah. Being so close to battle frightens me, to tell the
    truth. Thank you for rescuing me. And thank you for the short time we spent
    together. I enjoyed it immensely.

Micaiah: Will I ever see you again?

Kurth: Who knows? Why don't we... Yes. Let us leave it up to the goddess.

Micaiah: I suppose we must.

[You got a Renewal]



Begnion: A small troop approaches from the east! It appears to be the Daein
    Liberation Army!

Laverton: ...Blissfully ignorant of the trap that awaits them. I pity them,
    really. Have the first platoon assume their battle positions!

[the soldiers run away; Fiona runs up]

Fiona: Shall we deploy too?

Laverton: Kind of you to offer, Lady Fiona. But the first platoon will suffice
    here. This is really none of Marado's business.

Fiona: I see. In that case, we'll use this opportunity to observe the empire's
    army at work.

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Laverton: Hornet hairs! At this rate they'll breach our lines before we can
    stop them. I have no choice. You! Bring out the prisoners!

[several villagers appear]

Boy: I'm sc-scared! Please don't hurt me.

Fiona: Lord Laverton, exactly what are you planning to do?!

Laverton: This so-called "Liberation Army" is forcing me to sacrifice this boy!

Boy: Help!

Micaiah: No!

Sothe: Micaiah!

Laverton: Fight, and these people will be executed right now! Surrender, and
    they will be spared.

Micaiah: ...Everyone, throw down your weapons.

Sothe: You have a feeling, don't you? Got it. We'll follow your instinct.

Laverton: Ha ha ha ha ha... A wise choice, girl! Well, no more need for these
    prisoners, is there? Kill them all!

Fiona: No!

[Fiona's group seize the prisoners and rescue them]

Laverton: What do you think you're doing?

Fiona: I'll have nothing to do with you and your monstrous tactics!

Laverton: So, you betray us after all. Marado has never been known for holding
    its faith. You'll die like the rest!

Sothe: A troop of Daein cavalry just mutinied. Is this what you sensed?

Micaiah: Yes. Now we must reinforce them and help save the hostages!

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Laverton: Y-you pretentious little fools. I'll show you how insignificant you


[attacking with Micaiah]

Micaiah: Making hostages of the helpless. Is that how knights of the great
    Begnion Empire operate?

Laverton: Shut up, shut up, shut up!


Laverton: Gu...uarrgh...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Micaiah: Dear boy, I'm sorry you had to suffer on our account.

Boy: I wasn't scared! I knew the Dawn Brigade would save us. Thank you!


Fiona: Thank you for rescuing my people.

Tauroneo: Your people? So you must be--

Fiona: Yes. I am Lanvega's daughter, Fiona. After my father died, I assumed the
    governance of Marado.

Micaiah: General Lanvega? From the song? "Bryce, Tauroneo, Gawain, and
    Lanvega... Four Riders of Daein, one country, one king, While they bear our
    banner, A free Daein shall sing." You're THAT General Lanvega's daughter?

Tauroneo: Indeed... Lanvega, of the Four Riders. He was a good friend, and a
    mighty swordsman as well. And stubborn as a mule. Your father was a
    powerful warrior of unquestionable integrity. A great man.

Fiona: Yes. And that's why he renounced his rank and title as Rider and
    withdrew from court life, rather than serve King Ashnard. You've heard the
    rumors, no doubt, that Ashnard murdered his own father? My father could not
    serve such a man... And so, to protect Marado from a madman, we did not
    send men to fight for Daein in the war. I doubt you could ever forgive

Micaiah: No, quite the opposite. You are these people's steward, and you chose
    the course that would protect them. But now, Begnion is willing to
    sacrifice innocent children to maintain their grip over our country. We
    cannot allow that. That is why we are asking you to lend your strength to
    the Liberation Army. Together, we can reclaim our country.

Fiona: And now, you ask us to bear part of the burden of restoring our
    motherland? If you would have my lance, then... I, Fiona, Steward of
    Marado, do gladly swear allegiance to your Liberation Army. I and my men
    bind ourselves to your fate. Use my army as best you see fit.


(Daein Keep)

Jarod: And now, Marado betrays us as well? You are aware that riots broke out
    in three other regions yesterday, are you not? ...All quelled immediately,
    of course, but the unrest grows.

Numida: Who cares what the commoners do or think? Does the shepherd fuss when
    his sheep butt their heads against the fence post?

Jarod: Nevertheless, as the insurgence grows, news of it will inevitably reach

Numida: Yes... I see what you mean. That would be...less than desirable.


[cutscene - image of Sephiran]


Jarod: The Imperial Prime Minister Sephiran casts a grim eye on dishonesty. If
    he finds out what has been going on in Daein under our rule...

Numida: That would not be good. Sephiran's persistent as a mosquito and quick
    to judge. Though you and I know I have been nothing but fair and just in my
    rule's best to avoid an inquiry.

Jarod: Which leaves us but one recourse... Crush the rebel faction before it
    grows larger. Exterminate them. Then the commoners, bereft of all hope,
    will turn their sheep eyes back to us and beg to rejoin the flock.

Numida: I see. Well, I leave the matter in your hands. What funding you need is

Jarod: I'm glad we agree on this. Well then, pardon me, sir, while I tend to
    our little lambs on the loose.


The Liberation Army's sweeping victory seems to signal a turn in the war for
Daein. However, General Jarod uses his superior numbers to harry the group and
threaten their fragile momentum. Begnion has fortified its army with weapons
and supplies bought with funds stolen from Daein. Begnion has also purchased
the swords of a vast number of mercenaries from these same stolen funds.

The Liberation Army does not want for willing fighters of its own. However,
most are old men and inexperienced boys whose passion far outstrips their
skill. The Liberation Army has no choice: it must bolster its ranks if it is to
meet Begnion on equal terms. Its only hope lies locked in Begnion's prison
camps, where Daein's former soldiers await their rescue.

Chapter 1-7: A Gathering Hope                                           [*1.07]

Izuka: Ahem! As general staff officer of Daein's Liberation Army, allow me to
    outline my latest strategy.

Micaiah: Excuse me, but shouldn't Prince Pelleas be here?

Izuka: There's no need to distract the prince with the war's petty details. He
    won't be coming to any more meetings. From now on, consider my words the
    prince's own.

Micaiah: I'm not sure that's--

Izuka: Enough idle chatter. Come have a glance, my pretties.


Izuka: Our next target shall be Umono. Among all the work camps, it is one of
    the largest.

Tauroneo: Conditions within the prison camp are harsh. If we are to save the
    prisoners, every moment matters.

Sothe: One of the largest work camps... Can our forces handle that?

Izuka: ...Suck a trivial concern, and one my profound genius has already
    addressed! Behold this lake next to the camp that provides fresh water to
    all there. Into this lake, we shall dump a deadly toxin of my own
    devising! Then we'll sit the enemy slowly dies.

Micaiah: What are you saying?! Poison is inexcusably vile! I will agree to no
    such plan.

Izuka: Wha-wha-what was that?! You! You! How dare you question my plan,
    conceived in a state of exalted meditation!

Micaiah: No matter how misguided the enemy may be, we must fight with
    compassion and consideration for the innocent.

Sothe: She's right. Poison doesn't discriminate. Prisoners would die too. And
    any nearby villages would be affected. And then what would happen? People
    would doubt us, question our cause, maybe even side against us. And it
    would cast a stain on Prince Pelleas's name, don't you think?

Izuka: Errrrrgh... Fine then! Do as you like! And when you find yourselves
    utterly defeated, you can come crawling back to me! [leaves]

Tauroneo: My apologies to both of you. When Lord Izuka gets excited, he can
    lose all sight of reason.

Micaiah: I apologize too, General Tauroneo. He stormed out because I--

Tauroneo: You needn't apologize. ?You are in the right. I would never condone
    the use of poison. However, this does mean we must devise another plan if
    we are to have any hope of victory.

Micaiah: Yes, you're right. In that case, what do you think of this strategy?

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--

[Chapter 1-7; Pelleas] (***)

Pelleas: Sorry to call you here like this. Forgive me.

Micaiah: It's quite all right.

Pelleas: Can I pour you some tea? Or is there something else you would prefer?

Micaiah: I'm fine, thank you. What did you want to speak with me about?

Pelleas: I know you are angry with me. Please, forgive me.

Micaiah: Can you tell me why you stopped showing up at our meetings?

Pelleas: It was at Izuka's request.

Micaiah: You are the leader of this army! You cannot simply leave all the
    decisions to someone else!

Pelleas: ...I'm sorry. I'll ask Izuka before the next meeting. I need his
    permission to attend.

Micaiah: Why? You're the prince. Why should you need any man's permission, much
    less your own advisor's?

Pelleas: Yes, I am the prince, but...I owe much to Izuka. He taught me
    everything I needed to know to become a proper member of the royal family.
    He contacted Tauroneo and the other senators from Daein for help. Without
    his power and influence, I would never have mustered an army--or met my own

Micaiah: I see. You were alone...

Pelleas: Pardon?

Micaiah: And then Izuka reunited you with your mother, gave you a place to
    stay, and provided you with a reason to live. And you feel you owe him a
    debt of gratitude for ending your loneliness. That is why you try to do as
    you are told--as Izuka wishes.

Pelleas: Micaiah, you're--

Micaiah: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-- That was inappropriate.

Pelleas: You're amazing!

Micaiah: Amazing?

Pelleas: You really can read minds! I'm simply amazed! You saw right through

Micaiah: ...

Pelleas: Sorry, I got too excited. Look at me, I'm sweating.

Micaiah: Prince Pelleas!

Pelleas: What is it? Why are you looking at me like that?

Micaiah: That mark...

Pelleas: Oh...that.

Micaiah: What is it?

Pelleas: It's called the Spirit's Protection. The source of all magic in this
    world is tied to the power of the spirits. When you make a pact with such a
    spirit, its power manifests on your body like this.

Micaiah: I...see.

Pelleas: What am I saying? You already know all of this, of course. You have
    the Spirit's Protection, too.

Micaiah: What?

Pelleas: I saw you washing your hands the other day. When I walked up to you to
    say hello, Is aw the mark on your right hand.

Micaiah: You saw...

Pelleas: I thought of confiding in you right away, but my mother called for me.
    I didn't get a chance to tell you until now.

Micaiah: Do you think this mark is really the Spirit's Protection?

Pelleas: Oh! You didn't enter into the pact yourself?

Micaiah: No.

Pelleas: I see. So, it must have been the spirit who wished to make a pact with

Micaiah: Pardon?

Pelleas: It's a very rare phenomenon among newborns. Usually it happens to
    infants who have an exceptional talent for magic. You truly are amazing,

Micaiah: I don't know about that...

Pelleas: Let's keep this among ourselves... We don't want people to confuse us
    with the Branded.

Micaiah: What are the "Branded"?

Pelleas: I'm pretty sure it refers to beorc who have laguz blood in their
    veins. I know, it's hard to imagine someone with the blood of a sub-human
    running through their veins. Anyway, I've been terribly mistreated by
    people who thought I was one of the Branded.

Micaiah: ...

Pelleas: Micaiah?

Micaiah: Oh...sorry. I think I understand more about you now, and about the
    marks we share...

Pelleas: I'm glad I was able to tell you. I'm surprised you didn't know. Come
    talk to me again sometime.

Micaiah: Certainly.

Pelleas: Oh, I almost forgot. Here. I wanted to give you this.

Micaiah: What is it?

Pelleas: It's this splendid sword I recently acquired. It gives its wielder the
    upper hand in battle. Keep it or give it to whomever you like.

Micaiah: Shouldn't you give it to the soldier you deem most worthy?

Pelleas: No, I wouldn't want the soldiers thinking I'm giving anyone special
    treatment. It would be inappropriate. That's what Izuka says, anyway. So I
    think you should do it.

Micaiah: I understand. You must have so much on your mind.

Pelleas: Indeed. I long for the hold days when I was poor, but had few worries.

Micaiah: Prince Pelleas...

Pelleas: But I'll keep fighting. I won't stop until Daein is free once more.

Micaiah: Hear, hear!

[You got a Brave Sword]


(Umono Prison Camp)

Djur: What?! An enemy attack?

Begnion: Yes, sir! The Liberation Army has mounted an assault on the gate! We
    require reinforcements!

Djur: Hmph. They seek to free their men? My elite guard shall stay here with
    me. Take the rest to squash these "rebels"!

Begnion: But, sir, if your guard remains here, we'll have barely enough men

Djur: Who do you think you're talking to, soldier? With my guard and me at the
    ready, this camp need fear no attack. Understood? Now go! You have your

[the soldier leaves]


Sothe: Looks like Tauroneo has them distracted. They've left only a small
    force here to defend the camp itself.

Micaiah: Perfect. That should make it easier for us to eliminate their
    defenses, seize the camp, and free the prisoners.

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Tormod: What do you think, Muarim? Is that the building Sothe's in?

Muarim: Most likely, little one.

Vika: So, are we gonna help them, or should we just stand here all day and
    twiddle our thumbs?

Tormod: What do you think? We're helping, of course! Keep up, Muarim! Come on,

Vika: Hey, boss! Wait a second! I'll be... He's already out of sight. How does
    he do that on those skinny beorc legs?

Muarim: Who do you think taught him how to run? We'd better go after him.

-------------------------------------------------------------{Tormod appears}--

???: Sooooo--ooothe!

Sothe: Huh?! What...

Micaiah: Eh?

Tormod: Have no fear...Tormod is here! I'm coming to your rescue!

Sothe: Tormod?! You crazy fool...

Zihark: Time for the trusty hero to save the day, I see. Still quite the
    showman, eh, Tormod?

Jill: It's more like a reunion every moment. Now if Haar were just here...

Tormod: All right! Let's go wild!

[Muarim and Vika transform]

Begnion: Ah...eyahhhhhhh! Sub-human! It's a sub-human!

Begnion: Calm down! Just use fire magic for the beasts and wind for the birds!
    That'll do the trick. That child hasn't transformed yet! Nab him before he

Tormod: Fool! Transforming ain't what I do. But I can do this...

[he kills the soldier with fire magic]

Begnion: He-he's a mage! Fall back! Don't get too close to him!

Micaiah: Who in the world are they?

Sothe: People I used to know. I'll introduce you later, but for now, let's

    concentrate on the fight.

--------------------------------------------------------{talk; Sothe, Tormod}--

Sothe: Hey, Tormod!

Tormod: You! What in blazes did you do?! You scurvy traitor!

Sothe: What are you talking about?

Tormod: You grew! Too tall!

Sothe: And to think, I expected you to make sense. I have more important things
    to tend to.

Tormod: Hey, it's important to me!

Sothe: What I'd really like to hear about is that issue I asked you to look
    into... How did it go?

Tormod: I have news to report. But! There's no time to chat in the thick of a
    fight. I'll tell you later!

Sothe: Hey! Drat!

--------------------------------------------------------{talk; Sothe, Muarim}--

Sothe: Ah, hello. It's been a while.

Muarim: Little Sothe... You've grown up.

Sothe: Why does everybody keep saying that?

Muarim: Hmm?

Sothe: You know, "little"?

Muarim: Oh, sorry. I guess I have to respect your manly pride now.

Sothe: Yes, please. Or something like that.

Muarim: "Sir Sothe." Will that do?

Sothe: Sothe will do. Just Sothe.

Muarim: I'm afraid I could never speak so familiarly with my little one's good
    friend. So, with your permission... Sir Sothe.

Sothe: No! That doesn't... Ohhh, never mind!

---------------------------------------------------------{talk; Jill, Muarim}--

Jill: Muarim, do you remember me?

Muarim: Indeed I do, Jill.

Jill: I'm glad. So why are you in Daein?

Muarim: You'll have to ask the little one. I merely trail around after him.

Jill: I see. I will ask him. Thank you for helping us today.

Muarim: It is an honor.

---------------------------------------------------------{talk; Jill, Tormod}--

Jill: Tormod!

Tormod: If it isn't Jill!

Jill: Thanks for fighting beside us. It's a big help.

Tormod: Ah, it's nothing!

Jill: How did you happen to...

Tormod: An enemy! Excellent! Leave him to me! [exits]

Jill: There he goes... At least some things never change.

-------------------------------------------------------{talk; Zihark, Tormod}--

Zihark: Hey there, Tormod. You're looking well.

Tormod: So you're here too, eh, Zihark?

Zihark: Polished your mage skills over the last few years, I see.

Tormod: But of course! I'll toast anyone who dares oppose me!

Zihark: Really? Well then, why don't you take on the rest of the guards while I
    sit back and take a break? [leaves]

Tormod: You know what I mean! Get back here and fight like you mean it! Zihark!

-------------------------------------------------------{talk; Zihark, Muarim}--

Zihark: Muarim!

Muarim: Zihark, has it been three years?

Zihark: First Crimea, now Daein. Never a dull day! Still, it's good to fight
    with you again.

Muarim: You can say that again.

Zihark: OK. It's good to fight with you again.

Muarim: Beorc humor is so...odd. But you know I feel the same.

------------------------------------------------------------{prisoner rescue}--

Ex-Daein: Y-you really came to save us? Thank you. Oh, thank you. You have no
    idea how scared I've been. I'm so glad I didn't give up. We knew the Maiden
    of Miracles would free us.


Ex-Daein: Thank you! I'm saved! I couldn't have held on any longer... I'm going
    to make a run for it. I refuse to die in this pit of despair. I choose to
    live and return to my family!


Ex-Daein: This isn't a dream? I can really leave this miserable cage? Oh, thank
    you. Thank you! You've saved my life!


Ex-Daein: You're the Liberation Army. I've heard about you... I'll never forget
    my debt to you. If I survive and make it home, I vow to devote the rest of
    my life to your cause. I'll fight for Daein honor, like you do.

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Djur: Errrrrgh...! Blundering through like a bull in a china shop... Come
    closer, so I can shatter your ambition like glass! I will beat into your
    very bones just who rules this land!


[attacking with Micaiah]
Micaiah: We are the Daein Liberation Army! We demand you free the hostages...
    or face the consequences!

Djur: Of all the ridiculous... All of you pigs from Daein will be our slaves
    'til you die! It's your destiny. What need have swine for freedom? Swine
    are happier being kept...and consumed.

Micaiah: If that's how you really feel, then....


Djur: They were...worthless, trivial... Only...scum of Daein... How? How...
    could that filth have...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Izuka: S-see here! Sothe! Who were those three, and where did they come from?
    Will they join my Liberation Army?

Sothe: They are my personal acquaintances from Begnion. And yeah, they can
    handle themselves in a fight. But if any more laguz join us, there will be
    problems. We've managed to hide Volug and his true nature, but...with more
    laguz, it will surely get out.

Izuka: Any such backlash can be extinguished with proper punishment. But
    laguz... They're powerful! (And expendable...) Just what we need. By all
    means, invite them to join!

Sothe: They're good friends. I'm sure they'll agree to help if I ask (you
    mumbling creep). But... Isn't it the prince--and not you--who should make
    those decisions?

Izuka: Question me not, young Sothe. My words are the prince's words. You need
    to understand that. Isn't that right, my prince?

Pelleas: Ah, ah, yes, that's right. You should do as Izuka wishes.

Sothe: I...see.

Izuka: I'm glad you see. Now, quickly, quickly...go talk to your friends. And
    see to it you don't foul up.


Sothe: How did you get here so soon? More importantly, how did the
    investigation go?

Tormod: It went great! In fact, we finished up so quickly that we flew here to
    back you up in case you needed help.

Micaiah: Um...

Tormod: Oh, sorry I haven't introduced myself yet. You're Micaiah, I take it?
    I'm Tormod! Three years back, Sothe and I were in the Crimean Army...sorta.
    We fought side by side as mercenaries under Ike.

Micaiah: Of course...General Ike...again.

Tormod: I beg your pardon?

Micaiah: Nothing. Don't mind me. So, anyway, what is this investigation Sothe
    requested of you?

Sothe: I began to doubt that the apostle--Begnion's empress--actually knew what
    was happening in Daein. At only thirteen, the apostle may be young, but
    she's proud and upstanding. She'd never let these kinds of things happen to
    Daein. So, I asked Tormod to fill her in on what was really happening here.

Tormod: This is what we learned... The apostle had noticed something shady
    about Daein. She was investigating on her own. She traced the ones pulling
    the strings to a certain faction of senators. Now, she's snapping mad, but
    without proof, she can't publicly move against them.

Sothe: The apostle is the highest power in Daein... Even so, she and the senate
    are rarely on good terms with each other.

Tormod: Sothe, she promised she'd help us however she can. She said to do
    whatever is necessary... And that inspired me to find you sooner than

Sothe: I see. So... I can depend on having you three around, for at least a
    little while?

Tormod: Yeah! Your old pal here is gonna take care of everything. Just try
    getting rid of me!

Sothe: I can only try!

Tormod: What do you mean by that?! Ah, you're as blockheaded as ever.


Micaiah: That Sothe... He looks happy, for some reason.

Muarim: Because he's reunited with my little one?

Micaiah: That must be it... Oh, Sothe, ever since he was small, he's tried to
    act more grown up than the grown-ups... I've taken care of him so long, and
    still I've never seen him smile so easily before.

Muarim: Hm... Watch what you say. Comments like that... They reveal that your
    appearance belies your true age.

Micaiah: What are you--

Muarim: Among the laguz, there are those who detest and revile half-breeds such
    as yourself. They call you "parentless," and deny you any laguz heritage,
    honor, or dignity. Take due care.

Micaiah: Oh... Oh no...


Laguz warriors led by Tormod join the escaped prisoners, and Daein's army grows
ever larger. Its victories at Talrega and other locations have strengthened its
position. The army rides across the land, liberating prisoners from Begnion
encampments. The Daein ranks swell with the influx of veteran soldiers, and the
men begin to dream of the day when they may retake the capital.

Like a fever, conflict grips the nation. The night will be long before this
fever breaks. All eyes turn towards Daein's capital as the liberation begins
what all believe will be a long and bloody march.

Chapter 1-8: Glory Unwanted                                             [*1.08]

(Daein Keep)

Jarod: You summoned me, Your Grace?

Numida: Jarod, there is trouble. The apostle has formed an inspection team.
    She's dispatching it to Daein.

Jarod: Oh-ho...

Numida: I've arranged to meet with the senate's vice-minister, Duke Gaddos. If
    we ask him the favor... I imagine he could discreetly sweep their findings
    under the rug. But in the meantime, you MUST obliterate the insurgents!
    Once that is done, we'll devise excuses.

Jarod: Understood, sir.


Alder: What's the plan? Will the senators be able to cover up this mess?

Jarod: If the inspection team and the rebel army ever cross paths...even the
    senate won't be able to hide the truth. We'll lure the rebels to Shifu
    Swamp. We'll plant tales of a mass execution there, and they'll be sure to
    come. Then, we'll trap the malcontents and wipe them from the face of the


[Micaiah heals a soldier with a glow from her hands]

Daein: It's amazing... My wound is healed. I give you thanks. I never thought
    I'd see the Silver-Haired Maiden work miracles before my very eyes.

[a woman enters the tent]

Prisoner: Silver-Haired Maiden! Help them! You must help them!

Micaiah: Help who? What's going on? Calm down and tell me.

Prisoner: They're killing our men! I beg you, please, save them!


Pelleas: Prisoners from Joad Work Camp are being collected in Shifu Swamp and

Tauroneo: Not only Joad. There's reportedly a plan to exterminate all prisoners
    in every camp and let the swamp conceal the remains.

Izuka: I've heard nothing of such a plan! It's a false rumor! Or an enemy trap!

Micaiah: It may indeed be a trap. But if we don't investigate, we risk a mass

Izuka: And what if it is a trap and they vanquish the Liberation Army? The
    dream of restoring Daein to glory will die instantly! For the good of
    Daein's future, we must ignore this threat.

Micaiah: ...I understand. And that's why I won't take any troops. Only
    myself...and my old friends will go.

Pelleas: Mi-Micaiah!

Micaiah: If you refuse them your permission, I will go alone. [leaves]

Izuka: Stop right there, little lady!! I will not authorize this action without
    the prince's full approval!

Pelleas: Izuka... Let her do as she wishes. Please. She hasn't disappointed us

Izuka: My prince... Hrrgh! Fine. But I can't help but feel as if these children
    are running your army.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--

[Chapter 1-8; Sothe] (*)

Sothe: We're just about ready. Let's talk to Tormod, and--

Micaiah: ...

Sothe: Micaiah?

Micaiah: Oh, sorry.

Sothe: Hey, remember our promise from three years ago? There are no secrets
    between us.

Micaiah: Sothe, Muarim knows that I'm older than I look.

Sothe: I see. Well, don't worry too much about it. You can trust him.

Micaiah: Yes, I'm sure of that. Muarim seems very trustworthy. But, what about
    everyone else? What would they think if they knew all of my abilities came
    from the mixed blood running through my veins? Blood they consider cursed!

Sothe: Micaiah, stop...

Micaiah: Right now, when they look at me, they have love and affection in their
    eyes, but would they look at me the same way if they knew? I don't want to
    find out, Sothe. I don't think I could bear the truth.

Sothe: You know, we can stop.

Micaiah: What do you mean?

Sothe: Look, this was an impossible situation to begin with. You've always led
    such a secluded life... Ever since you were thrust into this position, I
    worried that the pressure might get to you.

Micaiah: You're right. I knew it would turn out like this. Despite that, I
    accepted the job. I can't stop now.

Sothe: But, Micaiah...

Micaiah: Listen, Sothe. I realized something after Daein lost the war.

Sothe: What's that?

Micaiah: I realized how much I loved my country.

Sothe: And?

Micaiah: During the war, I spent a lot of time with the people of Daein while I
    was waiting for you to return. After we lost the war, all our cities and
    towns had been reduced to ruins. We had to help each other to cope. We
    supported and comforted each other. That's how we survived.

Sothe: You never mentioned this before.

Micaiah: I've been secluded so long, I had no idea people were so strong...and
    kind. No one knew who I was, but they helped me because I was from Daein.
    They were so...loving. They were my friends.

Sothe: And now you won't leave them.

Micaiah: I was touched by their kindness. Now, I'm scared to lose it. Very

Sothe: Micaiah...

Micaiah: I suppose this isn't the time to worry about such things. If my power
    is needed to liberate Daein, I will stand my ground and fight.

Sothe: Well, not to spoil your resolve... But if things get too hot, I'm just
    going to grab you and run.

Micaiah: Sothe...

Sothe: Friends and Daein are important, but not as important as you are to me.
    Remember that.

Micaiah: ...All right. Thank you, Sothe.


Radmin: Good. You may begin!

Bandit: Here, have a little swim!

[prisoners are shoved into the swamp]

Youth: Aaaaaaaahhh! No! Nooo! Help, someone!

Micaiah: Stop! [kills bandit with light]

[Sothe kills another]

Begnion: You're that...bleeding-heart filth!

Micaiah: We are the Daein Liberation Army! Everyone, hold tight! You'll be safe

Youth: Look at her hair... Could it be the Silver-Haired Maiden? Our country's
    savior, come to rescue us?

Youth: The Savior of Daein!

Radmin: Whether they suspected a trap or not, they're here. Brazen fools! All
    hands, take battle positions!

[soldiers appear]

Radmin: Silver-haired wench! I'm going to drown you and all of Daein's hopes in
    these filthy waters! You've no escape!

Micaiah:'s a trap after all.

Sothe: Don't get too smug, you cruel cowards! We have a little something up our
    sleeves too. Tormod! Here's your chance!

[Tormod, Vika, and Muarim appear, who transform and kill the bandits them]

Micaiah: Lady Nailah! Volug!

[Nailah and Volug appear and kill the bandits around them]

Begnion: Su-sub-humans! They're everywhere! How?

Micaiah: Rafiel, even you came to help?

[Rafiel uses chant, Nailah and Volug strike again]

Micaiah: What happened just now? What was that strange song?

Sothe: That was Vigor, a heron galdr that can reenergize our allies in a fight.
    Don't be distracted, Micaiah! Let's set our formation while we can.

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

------------------------------------------------------{talk; Micaiah, Nailah}--

Micaiah: Queen Nailah, are you sure it's all right involving not only you, but
    Rafiel, as well?

Nailah: Rafiel can't fly, so sometimes he has trouble keeping up. But even so,
    the effects of his galdr make him a valuable asset in battle. All I ask is
    that you keep him near me, so I can keep him safe.

Micaiah: I understand. I will.

------------------------------------------------------{talk; Micaiah, Rafiel}--

Micaiah: Rafiel...why did you come? I thought herons abhorred fighting...

Rafiel: Wherever the queen goes, I follow. I practice seid magic... Even if I
    cannot fight, I can lend strength to my friends and companions.

Micaiah: Yes, I heard you singing to Queen Nailah and Volug earlier. We are
    blessed to have you at our side.

Rafiel: And if I sing to you, I can restore your spirits as well, so that you
    might attack your foes swiftly.

Micaiah: So you will help us?

Rafiel: Helping you would give me great joy.

Micaiah: You have my thanks.

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Radmin: Silver-Haired Maiden, or whoever you really are! I knew you'd come! I
    knew how your reputation would suffer if you abandoned these prisoners
    here. You had no choice but to come.

Micaiah: How many innocent, defenseless people have you ordered killed...just
    to lure me here?

Radmin: Look who's passing judgment! Maiden of Miracles, Savior of Daein...
    You've spun quite a pack of lies to inspire your conquered people. But that
    ends here, wench! Let's show them how insignificant you really are!


Radmin: That wench...her powers...much...too dangerous... She mustn't be

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Micaiah: We're nearly back to camp. I wonder if the prince will overlook the
    fact that I insisted on this mission?

Sothe: I'm sure he'll be happy when he sees the prisoners are safe.

Micaiah: you hear a noise coming from the canyon? Is it...people

[Sothe and Micaiah run to the edge of the cliff to see a crowd of people]

Daein: Look! Look up there! The Maiden has returned! And the prisoners are with

Daein: She won another victory! She escaped their trap and destroyed the

Daein: Radiant with divine protection, she truly has the goddess's blessing!
    The Silver-Haired Maiden! Our priestess!

Daein: Priestess...of Dawn! Hooray, Lady Micaiah!

[the soldiers raise their lances to her]

Micaiah: What could they be celebrating?

[Nailah and Rafiel walk up]

Nailah: It seems the soldiers are celebrating your liberation of the prisoners.
    You should wave to them. People like their heroes to seem approachable. It
    would make them happy.

Micaiah: I'm no hero... But I see what you mean. [turns, looks at Sothe and
    after some back and forth hesitation, waves]

Daein: What a glorious sight she is!

Daein: Lady Micaiah! Lady Micaiah, the Priestess of Dawn!

[Micaiah continues to wave at the soldiers]


[Micaiah stands alone, Sothe walks up to her]

Sothe: Here you are. I've been looking for you.

Micaiah: Sothe, after all those soldiers cheering... I feel like I'm doing real
    good here...

Sothe: ...Micaiah?

Tormod: Sothe! Please, come quick! There's something wrong with Muarim!


Muarim: Ghh...grraaahrrrr...

Tormod: Muarim, get ahold of yourself! Look at me!

[a transformation glow emanates from Muarim]

Muarim: ...Gh...

Tormod: This happens over and over... Muarim suddenly transforms, and...he
    growls like he's losing his mind. And if I...if I grab him and yell his
    name again and again, he returns to himself, but...then it just starts
    over. And...and...when he's growling, his eyes, they look... It's as if, as
    if one of "them" is looking at me...

Micaiah: "Them"? One of "them"? One of who?

Sothe: You can't mean... No!

Tormod: H-help him, please. I don't know what to do. The time between
    transformations is getting shorter and shorter...

Muarim: Agh... My body can't... ...No, no, no... Little one...get away...

Tormod: No, I won't let you! I'll die before I let you go feral! Muarim! Look
    at me!

[the galdr of rebirth is heard]

Sothe: That song...

[Rafiel appears; there is a loud pulsing sound and a blue sparkling glow around
    Muarim, which goes red once before disappearing]

Micaiah: Rafiel...

[Muarim collapses]

Muarim: Gh...

Tormod: Wha--! Muarim! Muarim!

Rafiel: ...The galdr of rebirth restores twisted bodies and souls to their
    proper states. He will be all right now.

Tormod: Th...thank you... Without would be...terrible...


Micaiah: What was that song? It was different than when he sang before...

Sothe: It was the galdr of rebirth. I heard it once before, in the war. But...
    Micaiah, what's wrong?

Micaiah: I feel...odd. Maybe it was the song... I'm shaking, for some reason...
    But I'm truly glad that Muarim will be all right...


Pelleas: Feral Ones?

Sothe: In the Mad King's War... Daein's military developed living weapons. They
    were called "Feral Ones"...laguz that had been warped and twisted by
    terrible experiments.

Izuka: "Terrible," you say?! Do you mean to refute the highly effective results
    of my brilliant research?!

Micaiah: Then it was you! You secretly gave Muarim the drug to turn him into a
    Feral One!

Izuka: And what's wrong with that? Maintaining constant battle strength in
    beast state... How splendid!

Tormod: How dare you! Transforming laguz into Feral Ones dramatically shortens
    their life spans. It destroys their sense of self, and they do nothing but
    fight until they die! And you! You gave Muarim that drug!

Izuka: Pawns need no sense of self! It's only natural to sacrifice soldiers for
    victory in war!

Micaiah: You twisted maniac! You are the lowest--

Pelleas: Everybody! Wait, please! Izuka clearly did a terrible thing to that
    sub-hum--that laguz, I apologize. Tormod... I'm truly sorry. He will not
    use the drug again. So, please... Try to forgive him...

Micaiah: Prince Pelleas...

Izuka: My prince! We must not have royalty bowing and scraping before swine

Tormod: ...That's enough! [runs out of the tent]

Sothe: Tormod!

Micaiah: Let him go...


(Sienne, the Begnion capital)

Sanaki: I see... Is that true?

Lekain: Yes, Apostle. Our occupation forces have engaged in appalling and
    inhumane excesses in Daein. These excesses were perpetrated entirely
    outside the knowledge of the occupational governor, Duke Numida.

Numida: I come to you penitent... Failing my duties as governor, I, Numida,
    share a measure of guilt for this disaster. I am prepared to take the
    appropriate punishment, Apostle Sanaki. However, I feel that freeing the
    people of Daein from the clutches of our oppression is our most urgent

Sanaki: Urgent, you say? Then we must make haste. We will forthwith convene an
    inspection team and request a meeting with the army led by the late King
    Ashnard's orphan. We will assure them of Begnion's intentions. Then, we
    will immediately address the occupation force's tyranny.

Lekain: Excellent! In that case, please deign to allow me, your humble servant
    Lekain, to lead the inspection team. The soldiers who have stained the
    empire's name will be toppled where they stand! I promise, they shall not
    live to return here.

Sanaki: That is unacceptable. I will decide the soldiers' punishment only after
    hearing their side. And I have chosen to appoint Sephiran, Duke Persis, to
    lead the investigation team. Is that acceptable, Sephiran?

Sephiran: I hear and I obey, my empress.

Lekain: What?! But, but, Apostle Sanaki...

Sanaki: This is a dire situation. Accordingly, I judge the prime minister, Duke
    Persis, to be more suited to the role than you, Vice-Minister Lekain. That
    is all. [leaves, along with Sephiran]

Lekain: Hrrgh...

Numida: L-Lord Lekain...! What shall I do?!

Lekain: Duke Numida, my friend... I'm afraid you must sacrifice every last
    Begnion in the Imperial Occupation Army.

Numida: What? Th-that's ridiculous! But...grrgh! Blast that spoiled brat and
    her cunning little schemes... You'll regret this, Apostle Sanaki!


Micaiah and her small band of fighters knowingly walk into a trap to save
condemned Daein prisoners. Even without the benefit of Izuka's vast information
network, news of Micaiah's heroism in Shifu Swamp spreads like wildfire across

The once-hopeless citizens of Daein dub her the Priestess of Dawn and find
their spirits restored. In their troubled hearts, they see in her nothing less
than the promise of salvation. Throughout Daein, the people rise as one against
the brutality of their oppressors. Begnion's occupying forces cannot deal with
open war on so many fronts.

General Jarod redeploys his men to key locations to better defend the capital
city. Jarod's forces still outnumber those of the Daein liberators, and he has
hardened his defenses in hopes of holding off Micaiah's army.

The liberation forces fight with a fury not to be denied, however, and the
occupation army begins to lose its will to fight. Breaking through enemy lines
again and again, Micaiah's forces gain vital ground and momentum.

Despite the anger Micaiah feels toward Izuka for his treatment of their laguz
allies, she continues to lead the army in its lightning-quick advance. Nevassa
is now mere days away.

Chapter 1-9: One Survives                                               [*1.09]

(Liberation Camp)

Tormod: Listen and be amazed! BIG news afoot! The apostle is sending an
    inspection team to investigate the occupation army's abuses!

Micaiah: Really?

Tormod: She sent me a message that preparations are finally complete. But gets better. She also issued an imperial edict to the occupation
    forces telling them to cease all military action immediately!

Micaiah: Does that mean the fighting is over? That we've won?

Sothe: Indeed. It's hard to believe it's over. It almost seems too easy.

Tormod: And best of all, Duke Persis is leading the inspection team! We'll be
    home free the moment they arrive. Our worries are over.

Sothe: Duke Persis...Lord Sephiran? So Apostle Sanaki's dispatching one of the
    empire's greatest men to handle this.

Micaiah: What kind of man is he?

Tormod: He is amazing...the best person ever! He's incredibly influential and
    high up, but he never stood on ceremony with us. Well, go on, you guys!
    Don't just stand there. You have to spread the news!

Sothe: We have to spread the news? Aren't you going with us?

Tormod: Umm...nah. It's mostly your doing. We'll hold back...let you take the

Micaiah: It's Izuka, isn't it? You don't want to come because he'll be with the

Tormod: Well, yeah, basically.

Micaiah: All right...but wait here! We'll come right back once we've announced
    the good news.


(Daein Keep)

Begnion: ...In light of which, Her Imperial Highness, Empress Sanaki, has
    conveyed to you this edict. Occupation forces are to hereby lay down all
    arms, convene in Daein Keep, and await the inspection team.

Jarod: Hmmm...

Begnion: Duke Numida maintains that your forces performed alleged abuses flagrant violation of his orders. The apostle, in her
    mercy, will hear your testimony. Do not abuse her magnanimous spirit...and
    lose your small advantage.


Jarod: Hah! What a magnificently ruthless maneuver. I didn't know Numida had it
    in him. Disowning the entire occupation army...and framing me for their
    actions. Brilliant.

Alder: So then...the game is over. Might we at least drag Duke Numida down with

Jarod: Not a chance. We are proof that Duke Numida--and therefore the entire
    senate--is corrupt. No doubt they'll work together to silence us. Besides,
    there's more tantalizing prey than those tottering relics. If I'm to fall,
    so too should the one who upended our plans and drove us to this dead
    end... That girl.

Alder: Oh... I like that. Our final mission.

Jarod: You create a diversion with the troops tonight, after dark. And I will
    seek our target...the girl's silver-maned head.


(Liberation Camp)

Izuka: A-hhrrmm! Silence! Prince Pelleas would now like to favor you with a
    word. You may begin, my prince.

Daein: Am I dreaming? Everything looks so delicious! What should I eat

Pelleas: Everyone, you've done a fine job. Once the inspection team arrives,
    Daein will be free once again! In anticipation of our emancipation, I
    invite you to eat and drink to your hearts' content.

[the soldiers cheer]

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


Micaiah: ...Whew... Yune! What is it? You didn't need to slip away from the
    banquet, too.


Micaiah: Silly you! You're kind of a mysterious bird, you know that? How is it
    you can fly around even at night? [chirping]

Micaiah: Oh, Yune...for some reason...I feel so tired lately. ...But it won't
    be long... I'll go back home to Nevassa...and Daein...


Jarod: So, you escaped the idiot's ball to be alone? How trusting of you,
    Silver-Haired Maiden... No--I'm sorry--"Priestess of Dawn." If you really
    can work miracles, you'd best work one up for yourself now.

Micaiah: Hm? What? Oh! Begnion soldiers!


Micaiah: General Jarod?! Why are you here?

Jarod: I'm doomed, thanks to you. But if I have to go down, I'm taking someone
    with me... The vice-general to the Daein Liberation Army, the revered
    "Priestess of Dawn."

Micaiah: Even if you kill me, the kingdom of Daein will be reborn. As long as
    the prince survives, the people will fight.

Jarod: Hah! The prince! He's a sham, a travesty, a clod of mud no amount of
    polishing could shine. The real jewel--whose radiance attracts the people
    like moths to flame--is you, Priestess. And so I shall steal you and
    extinguish Daein's light of hope! Know despair, Priestess of Dawn!
    [he moves up towards her]

Micaiah: Ah!

[the Black Knight teleports in]

Jarod: Guhahh!

Micaiah: Who are you?

Black Knight: Be at ease, Maiden. I shall not let him harm you. I was once one
    of the Four Riders, serving the army of old Daein. If you recall the name
    of the Black Knight, you will withdraw from this place at once.

Jarod: Riiiight! That's precious. You're the legendary Black Knight? Maybe you
    haven't heard...he died in the war. But let's put your claim to the test,
    if only to indulge my own amusement.

Black Knight: Then have at me...and learn your folly.

Jarod: In due time. But before I bother, why don't you have a go-round with my
    restless minions? Douse the torches!

[the torches all go out]

Black Knight: Maiden. I shall be your shield. Remain by my side.

Micaiah: I will. I know I can trust you.

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

------------------------------------------------{talk; Micaiah, Black Knight}--

Micaiah: Sir Knight, how did you know I was in danger?

Black Knight: That is not important right now. Are you injured?

Micaiah: No, I'm all right.

Black Knight: Maiden, stay by me. I will not let them harm you.

Micaiah: I know you won't. Thank you.

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

[attacking with the Black Knight]

Jarod: I see you're pretty impressed with yourself!

Black Knight: Did you think the likes of you could be a worthy opponent for me?
    Know your place.


[attacking with Micaiah]

Micaiah: General Jarod! Your occupation army has caused untold suffering to the
    people of Daein... The time has come! You must atone for your deeds!

Jarod: As if I should care one whit about the wretched worms I trample!

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Black Knight: Make your peace. This blow will be your end.

Jarod: Heh... How kind of you...


[the sound of a weapon strike; Alder appears]

Alder: Gugrh...

Jarod: Alder?! You... Why are you here?

Alder: I'd rather fight beside my general than create a distraction with the
    other soldiers.

Jarod: You idiot! Who asked you to join me?

Alder: General Jarod... You are a terror to work under. Even so...I've always
    sensed a kindred spirit in you. I will follow you and fight for
    the very gates of the abyss... [dies]

Jarod: He was a good soldier... What now? Why don't you kill me?

Black Knight: My sword is not made for killing those who will not raise their

Jarod: You've got to be kidding me!

Micaiah: Stop! Stop it, both of you! A man has died protecting you. Don't
    waste his sacrifice!

Jarod: This is not the end! [leaves]

Micaiah: No. It's not.

Black Knight: You would simply let him go?

Micaiah: He is not ours to judge. He belongs to the apostle now. I suppose he
    must bury his fallen friend and pray before facing her.


Micaiah: You have my thanks for saving me.

Black Knight: There is no need for thanks.

Sothe: Micaiah, are you safe?!

Sothe: You! Micaiah, run!

Micaiah: Sothe! It's OK. This knight just saved my life!

Sothe: What?! Micaiah, do you know who this is?

Micaiah: Everybody knows who he is, Sothe! He is the Black Knight. One of the
    Four Riders under King Ashnard, and the strongest swordsman--

Sothe: Exactly! The scum that General Ike defeated in Nados Castle in Crimea,
    three years ago. So how can he be here now...alive?

Black Knight: You are correct, Sothe. Ike did defeat me in that battle, in a
    fashion. But as you can see, I managed to escape.

Sothe: What do you want?

Black Knight: For Daein to raise its banner as a kingdom once again. I came
    here to protect those who are necessary for that dream.

Micaiah: Sothe, General Jarod was here a moment ago. If the Black Knight hadn't
    stepped in, Jarod would have killed me.

Sothe: What?! But...I don't see his corpse here. And that means...he's still
    alive, isn't he?

Micaiah: Yes. There was another soldier who sacrificed his life protecting
    Jarod. I presume Jarod's burying him now. Oh! Oh, no...

Sothe: What is it?!

Micaiah: I see a dark cloud... It's dimming the light of hope... By letting
    Jarod go, I may have allowed something terrible to happen...

Sothe: You aren't sure?

Micaiah: Sothe, I hadn't told you, but I haven't been feeling well lately. My
    mind feels...foggy. Things I could always see clearly are now dim and
    vague. I may have committed us to an irreversible fate.

Black Knight: I shall aid you. No matter what Jarod may plot, I will prevent

Sothe: Micaiah and I don't want your help!

Micaiah: Sothe, stop that! In King Ashnard's War, you severed below General
    Ike, and you and the Black Knight were enemies. But now, you are comrades
    with the same goal--Daein's restoration. Listen to me. The Black Knight was
    Daein's strongest general. We need him.

Black Knight: And I am willing to serve.

Micaiah: Sir Knight... That you should come to us now, is surely the will of
    the goddess. I thank you for your aid just now, and ask you to lend us your
    strength a while longer.

Black Knight: May my sword serve you well, Maiden of Dawn.

Sothe: I don't like this...


A figure from Daein's past appears unexpectedly in the night. A figure thought
to have perished in the Mad King's War, the blood-stained right hand of the
king himself, the mysterious Black Knight.

The Black Knight protects Micaiah against Jarod's cowardly surprise attack.
However, Micaiah suspects that Jarod has one last move to make. Deprived of his
chance to capture Micaiah, Jarod abandons all notions of retreat or
negotiation. Instead, he makes plans for revenge. He murders an emissary from
his homeland of Begnion and reclaims control of Daein Keep.

From within the keep, he launches a savage barrage of catapult fire, all but
destroying the castle town. The momentary peace that arrived with the Begnion
emissary shatters along with Nevassa's walls, and the people of the city see
their kin and their capital crushed under a rain of stone. This treachery
proves too much for them, and their grief explodes into rage.

Micaiah and company have pitched camp on a nearby hillside. When this merciless
attack begins, its brutality leaves them lost for words.

Part I Endgame: Daein, Arise!                                           [*1.10]

(Nevassa, the Daein capital)

Daein: Begnion is attacking Nevassa!

Daein: No! My parents live there! They're far too old and frail to defend

Daein: My wife and kids are there, too! It's that heartless murderer, Jarod...
    He just wants us to suffer to the bitter end.


Micaiah: Prince Pelleas! We have to do something. We must liberate Nevassa and
    save the people form this brutal attack!

Izuka: Is there no end to your lunacy?! The apostle's envoy is nearly here! Why
    be rash when victory is so close!

Sothe: People are dying, and Nevassa has already suffered more than enough. Do
    you really expect us not to lift a finger to help?

Micaiah: If you will not help, we will go by ourselves. Again. [feigns to

Izuka: Wait! Where are you going?! You can't take the laguz and rush off on
    some harebrained mission again!

Micaiah: Can't I?

Izuka: Of course not, you idiot girl. You've already been far too impulsive,
    acting without the prince's consent. And do you think I do not see what has
    happened? Your name has been raised to lavish heights among the Daein
    people--your name, and yours alone! Why, even our own soldiers heap their
    praise on you like sugar on berries, sparing not a thought for their

Micaiah: Oh...


[flashback sequence]

Jarod: Hah! The prince! He's a sham, a travesty, a clod of mud no amount of
    polishing could shine. The real jewel--whose radiance attracts the people
    like moths to flame--is you, Priestess. And so I shall steal you and
    extinguish Daein's light of hope!!


Izuka: And then, even once their rightful king is crowned, the people will
    still await the approval of their precious Priestess of Dawn. Why, if we
    are not careful, some calculating wretches might decide they would rather
    see a priestess on the throne instead of a king! And once again, this
    country will be torn apart, all because of your glory-hounding disregard
    for our prince's command!

Pelleas: Please, Izuka...

Izuka: Come to think of it...perhaps our "Priestess" here has been planning
    this all along! Pretending to help the prince...when in truth she seeks to
    wear the crown herself!

Sothe: Stop your tongue, worm, or my knife will stop it for you. The only one
    who seems too hungry for power here is you--

???: That's enough!!


Pelleas: Izuka, Micaiah does not deserve any such attack on her character. She
    is pure and noble, and I... I am inadequate.

Izuka: Have her actions poisoned your mind too, my prince?!

Pelleas: Since we met, Micaiah has led every battle, even joining the soldiers
    on the battlefield. Not so with me. I...cannot defend my people. How could
    our people not rally around her? They see her fighting, throwing her lot in
    with their own. They respect her. That said, things cannot remain as they
    are. Izuka is right to worry about my standing. I need to earn my people's
    respect. Therefore... Therefore, I must take action.


[Pelleas stands before the crowd of soldiers]

Pelleas: Um... Soldiers of the Liberation Army! Heed my-- No, no... Hear my
    words! I am Pelleas, true prince of Daein.

Daein: Yes, we know who you are, milord! We ought to by now!

Pelleas: And so, uh... So... ...

Daein: ...Is he...all right?

Micaiah: [steps up] Prince...

[the Black Knight steps forward]

Micaiah: Sir Knight?

[the Black Knight stabs his sword into the ground; all soldiers stand to

Pelleas: ...And so... ...And so, beloved friends and comrades dear. With thanks
    to you, our capital lies close! And if we do not act, if we turn back, the
    war still ends with us the victors proud, and Daein's rule still falls back
    to our hands. And if we choose to fight and free this town, we may enrage
    the empire once again. Thus Daein's fortune turns to sorrow swift. But
    while I speak, Nevassa's hardship grows! Our brothers suffer, our sisters
    die, and... I shall not... I... I cannot ignore this tragedy. No man can,
    and certainly no prince... I cannot look away when my people suffer. And so
    I ask... I ask you all. Please, will you join me?!

[slowly, tentatively, soldiers move forward]

Daein: Long live the prince!

Daein: Long live Prince Pelleas!

Daein: Long live Daein! It's time to save our country!


Pelleas: Ah...

[Black Knight walks away, Sothe moves up to Micaiah]


Micaiah: Very well, my prince. We are at your service.

Pelleas: My army is arrayed and waiting. Be well. overly heroic risks,

Micaiah: Company, at attention! Our objective is to save the town and take the
    keep! Now, move out!

[Sothe and Micaiah run out the gates, with the soldiers following]

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


(Daein Keep)

Begnion: The rebels are on the move!

Jarod: Mm. And a good thing too. What is more honorable than a death fraught
    with purpose?


Micaiah: I wonder where Jarod is?

Jarod: Listen up, all of you. This is our last chance to die as we've lived. As
    proud soldiers of the empire. If we survive this fight, imprisonment and a
    hushed-up execution await us. If we run from this fight, dishonor and
    pursuit will dog our miserable days. So I say, let's give those Daein curs
    a fight to remember, and let the glory of our deaths light our way! We've
    lived as proud soldiers of the empire! Let us die as proud soldiers of the
    empire! Now GO!

Micaiah: That shout...that's Jarod! For Daein's sake, this time I swear I will
    put an end to him.

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

------------------------------------------------{talk; Black Knight, Micaiah}--

Black Knight: Maiden, take no risks upon yourself. You are the heart of this
    army, the soul that inspires us. We must not lose you. Leave this battle to
    me, and stay back.

Micaiah: Thank you for your concern, Sir Knight. But I am going to fight. You
    and everyone else are putting your lives on the line. I will not shirk my

Black Knight: You...are her.

Micaiah: What?

Black Knight: ...Nothing.

Micaiah: ...

------------------------------------------------{talk; Micaiah, Black Knight}--

Micaiah: Pardon, Sir Knight. I wanted to thank you. Thank you for fighting
    beside us.

Black Knight: No thanks are needed. I do nothing more than fulfill my duty.

Micaiah: When our fighting is done...will you remain in Daein?

Black Knight: ...

Micaiah: Never mind. It's none of my business. It's only... If you were here
    with us, we could take heart in--

Black Knight: I may...take leave of Daein.

Micaiah: Oh! But why?

Black Knight: More than this, I cannot say. Forgive me.

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Jarod: So, you have the audacity to approach me at last. Don't expect an easy
    fight. Before I die, I will see each of you dead before me.


[attacking with Muarim or Vika]

Jarod: So, sub-human, the slave turns on the master? I'll teach you to know
    your betters!


[attacking with Nailah or Volug]

Jarod: You're one, aren't you? One of those odd sub-humans that witch
    brought... You'll make a nice rug!


[attacking with the Black Knight]

Jarod: Well well well. Look what we have here. The loathsome phantom of old
    Daein... Why in blazes are you here? What inspired you to slooooowly clank
    your way up out of your grave?

Black Knight: My purpose is not for you to know.

Jarod: Oh. I feel so rejected. Must I crack that helm open and ask your ugly,
    naked face directly!? I have to take vengeance for Alder's death, after

Black Knight: This is how you meet your death? Sad. Come at me, then, and
    join your friend.


[attacking with Sothe]

Jarod: That face...I remember you. The kid who's always with that little wench.

Sothe: Sothe, of the Dawn Brigade.

Jarod: The Dawn Brigade, hm? Oh, how I despise your ilk. The thought of
    draining the life from your body... It makes me tingle all over.

Sothe: Ditto.


[attacking with Micaiah]

Jarod: So it's you...little girl.

Micaiah: General Jarod, the battle is over. Surely you can see it. You never
    believed Daein could do it, did you? But here you stand, broken, defeated
    by my countrymen and friends.

Jarod: Have I really, I wonder? Didn't I tell you? With you dead, there is no
    "Liberation Army." This is my golden opportunity... One blow is all it
    takes to turn defeat to victory. Such a lovely thought.

Micaiah: I will not lose to you. More importantly, the people of Daein will not
    lose to you!


Jarod: Gh-ghuahh... I am...sorry for nothing. I regret...nothing. Because I did
    it my way... You win, Priestess. You must be delighted. Enjoy it while you
    can... Because...sooner or

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Micaiah: We won! We've taken back our country! Daein is under our control once


Pelleas: Thank you, Micaiah... Thanks to you, the kingdom of Daein lives again.

Micaiah: I didn't do it alone. We did it--everyone fighting together.

Pelleas: Well, you didn't hurt the effort! I'd hazard a guess that Daein's
    reconstruction would have only been a dream without you. I regret I have no
    other way to show my gratitude, but... I want to officially name you
    Supreme Commander of the armies of Daein.

Micaiah: ...I see. And I accept. It is with great honor that I assume this
    office. This battle may be over, but the fight to return Daein to its
    former glory will take time and effort. If my support can be of service,
    then I am honored to assist.

Pelleas: I'm glad. Well then, I'll perform the simple ceremony... Will you
    kneel? In the name of the king of Daein, I dub thee, Micaiah, Supreme
    Commander of Daein and grant thee the authority and responsibility
    pertaining thereto.


[Micaiah promotes into a Light Sage]


Micaiah: ...It feels...odd.

Pelleas: You wear it well. Won't you join me, as I champion Daein to a great
    new era? I'm counting on you.

Micaiah: I will.


[outside an old building, as children run through the streets]

[Sothe and Micaiah stand at the bottom of a flight of stairs; Pelleas slowly
    walks out from a large gate with Tauroneo behind him, then up the stairs to
    Izuka and Almedha]

[the soldiers cheer, Sothe and Micaiah turn to each other]


[nighttime, at camp]

Micaiah: Are you really leaving already? least for the feast tonight.
    You've done so much, you deserve some celebration! Nothing I can say will
    convince you to break bread with Lord Izuka?

Tormod: Well, there is that. But honestly... If we stick around too long, the
    soldiers are gonna start giving us dirty looks. It's kind of awkward.

Micaiah: What do you mean?

Tormod: Most Daeins still loathe laguz. Getting rid of that hatred... Let's
    just say you have your work cut out for you. Look, we don't want to ruin
    everyone's party. It's been great, but we'll just quietly slip away.

Micaiah: That's terrible! I can't believe I never noticed. Tormod, I'm so

Tormod: Ah! Don't cry! I hate it when girls cry!

[Micaiah leaves]

Sothe: Um...take care of yourselves. It's, you know, good...that you came to
    help us. Thanks.

Tormod: Whoa! You're thanking me? Better get ahold of yourself, Sothe. You're
    gonna make ME get all weepy.

Sothe: You little...


Micaiah: Muarim, before you go... I just want to thank you. Thank you for not
    telling anyone about my brand.

Muarim: No thanks are needed. It's rude of me to ask, but do you know anything
    about the circumstances of your birth?

Micaiah: No. I know nothing of my parents. But just before she died, the old
    woman who raised me told me what the brand was and what it meant.


[cutscene - Micaiah's brand]


Micaiah: This is proof that the blood of both beorc and laguz course through
    me. And so, I am anathema to both. She told me never to let anyone see it,
    and to be always on my guard.

Muarim: Wise advice...

Micaiah: I've avoided people most of my life to conceal my brand...and my
    powers. But there's no way to hide how very slowly I age. I just keep
    moving through Daein. The same holds true now... I won't be able to stay
    in this army long.


Muarim: Even so... As long as little Sothe is by your side, I think that you
    can overcome any difficulty.

Micaiah: Yes... Just as you have Tormod.

Muarim: Yes.

Vika: Muarim, Boss, I know you don't want to go, but at this rate, we'll be
    standing here all night.

[Micaiah walks up to Volug]

Micaiah: Vika! My thanks go to you too. Sothe and I will visit you in the

Vika: I'll be there...but I won't be waiting. Waiting for people who never
    come is...hard.

Micaiah: Vika, I said I'll come, and I will.

Vika: ...OK, then.

[Nailah and Rafiel walk up]

Nailah: Micaiah, Sothe, we're going with them.

Sothe: What? Aren't you going to Gallia?

Tormod: Yeah. We're taking them. C'mon, neither of you can leave Daein for a
    little while, right? Don't worry, we can handle it.

Nailah: Once the battle ended, it seemed time to move on. I'm sorry to change
    our plans, but this is better for all of us.

Micaiah: That's awful... I can't believe you're all leaving us at once.

Rafiel: Micaiah... Fate brought us together, you and I, guided by the same
    voice. Our paths are fated to cross again someday... I am sure of it.

[Micaiah hugs Rafiel]

Micaiah: I'm embarrassed... I didn't cry... It's been so nice meeting
    you all...


[cutscene - the departing party under the moonlight]


Tormod: 'Til next time! 'Cause I know we'll meet again!


Micaiah: What was that sound?

[Volug runs up to them]

Micaiah: Volug! Lady Nailah... Did she send you back to guard me, Volug?

[Volug howls]

Sothe: Ridiculous... As if you didn't already have that annoying bird...

[Yune chirps]

Sothe: Ouch! Ow! Ow ow ow! I take it back!

Micaiah: Sothe, we freed our country from tyranny together. But it's not over
    yet. We'll have to work hard for a long time to return Daein to its former
    grandeur. I know it won't be easy, but if I have you two with me, I know we
    can do it.


Part I

[animation - preview of part II]


|Part II: Of Countries and Kings                                          [*2]|

Daein has been reborn. Word of King Pelleas's coronation reaches neighboring
Crimea within days. Crimea itself has spent the past three years rebuilding
from the damage it suffered during the Mad King's War. News that Ashnard's son
now sits on Daein's throne sends waves of unease and worry rippling across the

Alas, this is not the only thing disturbing the people of Crimea during this
time. There is an ever-widening gap emerging between Crimea's noble class and
the nation's young ruler, Queen Elincia.

Crimea lost its king during the Daein invasion, and Elincia is still an
inexperienced ruler. What's more, her very existence was a secret from the
public, and so she came unexpectedly to her succession. Many of Crimea's noble
houses raised their voices in protest against her rule. Elincia's desire for a
long-lasting peace has driven her to strengthen Crimea's ties with the laguz
nation of Gallia, and to renounce Crimea's claim to rule over a defeated Daein.
Her political moderation is seen as a sign of weakness among her critics.

Ike, the young hero who led Crimea to victory in the Mad King's War, was
granted a peerage for his heroism and bravery. The elevation of a common
mercenary to the nobility, however, widened the rift between the aristocracy
and the queen yet further. Perhaps to avoid becoming mired in these power
struggles, Ike renounced his peerage and took his leave of the court.

Yet Ike's actions did little to placate the nobility. They continue to
criticize the queen's every decision, and lay squarely at her feet the blame
for all of Crimea's woes.

Prologue 2-0: On Drifting Clouds                                        [*2.00]

Aristocrat: So, you have acknowledged Pelleas as the newly crowned king of
    Daein? Your Majesty, this is beyond the pale!

Elincia: I have not forgotten our war with Daein. Three years is not so long as
    that. But do not forget... If we allow hatred to rule our hearts, we become
    prisoners of our past. A lasting peace serves both nations.

Aristocrat: Bravo, Your Majesty, well spoken indeed. Your words paint a picture
    of idealism rarely seen here at court. However, and I beg your forgiveness,
    it is quite apparent your grasp of politics remains childishly naïve.

Aristocrat: Abandoning rule over Daein, then reconciling with our most hated
    enemy... This will not do. The people will soon take their discontent to
    the streets.

Aristocrat: What's more, why choose Bastian, the count of Fayre, as your envoy?
    His skills in court are vital to Crimea. To send away such a key figure...
    Tell me, Your Highness, how exactly do you plan to rule without him?

Lucia: The count of Fayre himself gladly volunteered as a delegate. Her
    Majesty's decision was only--

Aristocrat: Lady Lucia, still your tongue! You are not Her Majesty. Do not
    presume to speak for her.

Aristocrat: Yes, Lady Lucia! Please refrain from speaking if you have not been
    directly addressed. Your familiarity with the queen does not grant you a
    seat in the royal assembly. Although you may have been raised as a sister
    to Her Majesty the queen, kindly remember your place!

Lucia: ...You have my apologies.

Aristocrat: And you, General Geoffrey. Does your loyalty to Her Majesty stem
    only from your unchecked emotions? Those with a taste for gossip are
    talking. I wonder, have you heard what the help is saying about you?

Geoffrey: What?! I...

Lucia: Geoffrey!

Geoffrey: Rrgh!

Aristocrat: At any rate, growing discontent has brought the royal family of
    Crimea to a crossroads of sorts. Your Highness... This is all on you.

Aristocrat: Indeed. Your Majesty... Whatever do you intend to do?


(Melior, the Crimean Capital)

???: Queen Elincia!

Elincia: Marcia! How are you today? And what are you doing here?

Marcia: Lucia told me about those no-goodnik nobles and their chest-beating
    contest, so I thought you could use some cheering up. You weren't in your
    chambers or the garden, so I guessed you would be out here.

Elincia: Forgive me. I needed some...time to think. I'm sorry to trouble you.

Marcia: Not at all! After everything you've done for me, it's the least I could
    do. It was nice of you to hire me as a Royal Knight, but hiring my
    sponge-brained, spine-deprived brother might qualify you for sainthood!

Elincia: Even so, I'm afraid I may also have caused you a great number of

Marcia: Huh? Oh! The grief I'm getting from the nobles? It's nothing I can't
    handle. If you think your country has stuffed-shirt windbags for
    aristocracy, you should see Begnion's! When I was a Pegasus knight there,
    they had a new shenanigan every week! After that, the Crimean crybabies are
    no big deal.

Elincia: No, it's my fault, and I'm sorry. I'm so new at all this, even you are
    affected by my blunders. Sometimes, I think... Maybe I just don't have what
    it takes to be a queen.

Marcia: That's so not true! Queen Elincia, anyone can strut around in a queen
    hat and say she's a ruler, but you always out your people first! Look, it's
    not that you're doing a bad job, it's just everyone's on edge lately, with
    Daein getting a new king and all. People are worried that Daein'll start
    another war like the one three years ago, and they're taking it out on you.
    Just don't let those peacock-wearing nobles bug you, and remember that you
    don't have to go it alone. You've got friends everywhere.

Elincia: Thank you, Marcia. Your kind words have lifted my spirits.

[Marcia leaves]

Elincia: That's right... I'm not alone. I must be strong, for the sake of our
    people. As the protector of our homeland!


[up in the clouds]

Marcia: Huh? Queen Elincia... What the heck is going on over there?

Elincia: Hmm?

[Nealuchi and Leanne are surrounded by wyvern knights]

Nealuchi: H-hey! How dare you harass us! Begone, insolent fools! Begone, I say!

Leanne: (old tongue)

Nealuchi: Fear not, my lady. This senile old bird will gladly trade his life
    for your protection.

Begnion: They say nothing is as beautiful as the herons of Serenes...
    Especially a royal princess! You'll fetch a pretty penny from some lord or
    other... And our pockets are a little light. Whaddya say, Captain?

Zeffren: Yes, naturally. She should prove to make a fine gift. Seize them...and
    mind the raven's talons!

Nealuchi: This is unbelievable! Stand back, you unrepentant dogs! Nealuchi does
    not give in easily! [transforms]

Zeffren: Men, silence that cawing raven. Who would pay for an old crow like
    that, anyway? Leave him.

???: Stop right there!

[Elincia and Marcia fly up]

Zeffren: Tch... Company. How droll.

Marcia: Hey, Begnion dracoknights! Are you lost, or have you just been letting
    those scaly fleabags do your navigating? What're you doing in Crimea's sky?

Zeffren: ...We've merely strayed a bit in our duties patrolling the border. Do
    you have a problem with that?

Marcia: You and your flying snakes are in violation of Crimea's sovereignty!
    Besides, do you have any idea who you're dealing with here, reptile breath?

Elincia: Marcia, stop. We cannot afford to start antagonizing the Begnion army.
    I am the queen of Crimea...

Marcia: But, Your Majesty! We can't just let these wyvern monkeys run rampant--

Elincia: And we're not going to. As long as they don't realize I'm the queen,
    we should be fine.

[Elincia flies up]

Elincia: Begnion dracoknights... You will only be warned once. Leave this area
    immediately! I serve the queen of Crimea. Trespassers on Crimean territory
    will be dealt with. No exceptions.

Zeffren: The queen, she says! The very queen that relied on us, the Begnion
    Empire, to free her nation. Imperial dracoknights are not frightened by
    soldiers so weak as Crimean pegasus knights. Listen up! Leave those two
    alone. It's the Serenes maiden we want. Do not allow her to escape!

Elincia: ...Looks like we'll not talk any sense into them. I suppose we have no
    choice. Sir Nealuchi! We're here to help you!

Nealuchi: I'll be! It's Her Majesty, Queen Elincia! Fate has smiled upon us! I
    hate to be a bother, considering it has been so long, but... Your
    assistance is most appreciated.

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

---------------------------------------------------------------{Haar appears}--

Haar: Yaaawn... Boy, I'm bushed. Hey, partner, you tired? How's a nap sound?
    You want to rest your wings a bit?

[wyvern growl]

Haar: ...Huh? We're running late? But I'm sleepy... What did you call me? That
    wasn't very nice. Overgrown lizard...

[wyvern growl]

Haar: Please tell me that's not what I think it is. Oh, this is perfect.
    Begnion dracoknights? Just my stinkin' luck.

---------------------------------------------------------{talk; Marcia, Haar}--

Marcia: Hey... Look who's here! It's Haar!

Haar: ...Hello, Marcia. I see you're still flying about on that apple-eating

Marcia: And you're still asleep at the reins of that foul-smelling... Oh,
    crackers! I don't have time for your nonsense! Open that one good eye of
    yours and take a look around, will you? Those Begnion dracoknights have
    invaded Crimean skies! You've got to help us save the laguz they're trying
    to kidnap. Well, c'mon, Haar!

Haar: Me? Why? I owe the queen a favor or two, but I'm not one of her soldiers.

Marcia: You... You cad! Does having fought together in the Mad King's War mean
    nothing to you?

Haar: Well, no, but... Look, I've got a delivery to make, and this cargo's
    really heavy. Sorry, Marcia. Maybe next time.

Marcia: NEXT TIME? You lizard-loving jerk! Would you really abandon us? What
    kind of man are you?

Haar: The kind who lives to sleep another day. Well, good luck to you. See you

Marcia: Stop! You have to stay and help! Uhm... OK, Haar, hear me out. You were
    an imperial dracoknight once, right? It's your job to fix this! They're
    your old comrades--you have to keep them in line!

Haar: Huh? You're not making a lick of sense, girl.

Marcia: Why do I have to make sense? If Jill were in trouble, I bet you'd help
    her! Please, please, please! C'mon, Haar! You have to help us. You have to!

Haar: ...Is it really all that bad?

Marcia: Yes! They're a tough bunch! And I'm all alone... I don't think I can
    manage to protect Queen Elincia. Please say you'll help... If only for the
    safety of the queen...

Haar: ...Oh, fine. I really don't have time for this... But I guess I can lend
    a hand.

Marcia: Thank you so much! I take back all the mean things I was thinking about
    you earlier. [leaves]

Haar: That girl's nothing but trouble. Well, if we're going to do this, let's
    get it over with. Up and at 'em, partner!

--------------------------------------------------------{talk; Elincia, Haar}--

Haar: It's been a while, Queen Elincia.

Elincia: Sir Haar? You are Sir Haar of Daein, correct? What are you doing here?

Haar: That's a question for Marcia, Your Majesty. I was passing through on a
    delivery run, when she hailed me and pestered me into helping you.

Elincia: What can I say? I'm terribly sorry. I know this is none of your
    affair, but...

Haar: You know, I always thought you were too humble for royalty. I'm surprised
    your underlings don't run roughshod all over you.

Elincia: I...I'm sorry.

Haar: Hey, it's no skin off my nose. Besides, anyone who's got the guts to pick
    a fight with the empire's OK in my book.

Elincia: Sir Haar, I--

Haar: Yeah, I got it. You can't let these scum know you're actually the queen.
    International relations and all that other political stuff, right? I tell
    you what. I'll keep your secret and treat you like a regular soldier. That
    means I'm not going to be watching your back, though, so you're going to
    have to take care of yourself.

Elincia: I understand. Thank you.

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Zeffren: Now, begone with you! The skies and the heron are ours! I can't wait
    to see your corpse smashed across Crimea's landscape!


[attacking with Haar]

Haar: Well... If it isn't Zeffren. What brings the dracoknights into Crimean

Zeffren: Haar?!

Haar: Why couldn't you just stay on patrol? Saw a pretty little heron and just
    had to have her, is that it? I never could decide if you were more greedy
    or more corrupt. Stupid was never in question, though.

Zeffren: Who do you think you are?! You're a traitor, just like Shiharam! The
    dracoknights spit on your name!

Haar: ...Do they now? Well, here's your chance to try the real thing.


[attacking with Elincia]

Zeffren: You... You Crimeans seriously believe you can withstand the might of

Elincia: Crimea takes this sort of encroachment seriously. We will not overlook
    invaders in our domain. Release your weapons, and apologize for your
    discourtesy... Only then will we lower our own.

Zeffren: You have quite a mouth on you... I won't be addressed in that tone by
    anyone. It's time to end this farce.


Zeffren: Ugh... Aaaaaaaagghh!

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Marcia: Yeah, you run, dragonbackers! And don't ever come back to Crimea!


Elincia: Princess Leanne, it's a pleasure to see you again. I'm sorry you had
    to go through all that. Are you hurt?

Leanne: (old tongue)

Nealuchi: Lady Leanne is very grateful for your help with those ruffians and is
    quite delighted to see you again, Your Majesty. Frankly, I don't think
    these old bones would have been up to the task of protecting the princess
    without your help.

Elincia: The most important thing is that you're both safe, Sir Nealuchi.
    But... What brings you here? As far as I knew, the both of you were
    residing in Gallia...

Leanne: (old tongue)

Nealuchi: It is imperative that my lady sees General Ike as soon as possible. We
    were traveling to the royal palace in Melior for that very purpose.

Elincia: That's unfortunate. Ike left Melior more than half a year ago. After
    that, rumor has it that he reorganized the Greil Mercenaries... Now, no one
    seems to know where they are.

Nealuchi: What?! This is most unexpected. What are we supposed to do now?

Elincia: Sir Ike isn't here, but... Since you've traveled all this way to
    Crimea, would you like to visit the royal court? I would be happy to
    investigate the whereabouts of the Greil Mercenaries during your stay.

Nealuchi: Well... We don't want to be a bother, but it would be very kind of

Elincia: To be honest, there are matters about which I must speak with Sir
    Ike myself. And regardless, we're always delighted to have such splendid
    guests as yourselves. I must tell you, however--and I am ashamed to say
    it--there is unrest among certain circles here in Crimea. I hope nothing
    will happen to disturb your visit with us.

Nealuchi: say?

Elincia: Yes. I trust, however, my protection will be enough to keep you from
    harm's way.


Queen Elincia encounters and defeats a wing of Begnion dracoknights trespassing
in Crimean skies. After rescuing Chamberlain Nealuchi and Princess Leanne, she
invites them to be her guests at the royal court. While Elincia's show of
loyalty to her laguz allies causes an uproar among the nobles at court, they
are aware that the heron princess is under the mutual protection of the mighty
laguz hawk king and raven king. Because of this, there is no public show of

However, dissatisfaction with Elincia's rule now spreads from a single faction
to a larger group. Crimea's unity is slowly rotting from within. This discord
begins to be felt even in country hamlets like the farming village of Ohma.

Chapter 2-1: Winds of Rebellion                                         [*2.01]

(Ohma, Crimea)

[an old man walks up]

Brom: Mornin', Jacob!

Jacob: Look atcha, always sowin' yer seeds! It's lookin' like it'll be a fine
    crop this year--a real dandy!

Brom: Heck, I just work the fields. It's the rich soil beneath m' boots and the
    fine sun over m' head what does the hard stuff.

Nephenee: Brom!

Brom: Well, if it isn't Nephenee. What's the story with the armor? Haven't ya
    heard the war's over?

Nephenee: You'll be needin' armor too. A revolution's brewin'. Better suit
    up--and make it snappy! [leaves]

Brom: Revolution?!

Jacob: ...Oh yeah. Nobody tells us ol' geezers much, but I hear talk about some
    young hotheads over yonder. They're jawin' about bein' fed up with the
    queen, and how they want change...

Brom: I don't get it! Her Majesty is a fine, fine lady... ...even if she is a
    tad young to be passin' laws instead of havin' fun. I guess I'll go have a
    look for m'self.


[an armored man stands in a village square before a crowd of young village men]

Yeardley: ...We are the victors. It was Crimean blood and sweat that defeated
    Ashnard! And what do we have to show for it? We do not rule Crimea. Our
    towns have been destroyed. We need coin to ease our suffering. Who's to

Youth: The queen!

Yeardley: We've been violated! Daein robbed us of families, friends, and homes!
    We cannot reconcile with monsters! And now, our hated enemy is rebuilding
    to threaten us again. Will we stand by and accept this?

Youth: No! We will not!

Yeardley: To arms, I say! We are not afraid! We shall fight for the prosperity
    of our fatherland, as did Ike the patriot!


[Nephenee stands behind them, listening]

Nephenee: Hmm...

[Brom walks up]

Brom: Oomph, hoaa... Lemmee tell ya... It's been a while. This armor feels like
    a ton of bricks.

Nephenee: Brom... Didn't you say somethin' about usin' axes these days...not

Brom: Uh, yeah... I suppose I did. What, ya went and brought armor AND weapons?

Nephenee: Here, you take this axe... And hold on to it good, ya hear? All
    right... Let's go!

Brom: Hey now... What's going on?

[Nephenee runs into the square, followed by Brom]

Youth: Hey, look, it's Nephenee. She even brought her own weapon. So you're
    gonna join the revolution?

Youth: Together, we can make a difference. Together, we have the power to
    dethrone the queen!

Nephenee: ...What're y'all thinking?! You don't know the first thing about
    Queen Elincia!

Brom: Maybe this is all some big mistake? Our queen is a splendid gal. Ain't
    nobody out there with a kinder heart. We should know as well as anyone...
    Heck, we fought beside her.

Yeardley: ...You fought with the queen, eh? Hmph... I see. Brothers! Do not be
    deceived! These two are the queen's agents, and are undoubtedly spying on

Brom: Listen, fella, you're talkin' nonsense. Queen Elincia wouldn't dream of
    usin' spies like that!

Yeardley: Do not be deceived, my people! If they go to the Royal Knights...
    ...they will return bearing torches, burning homes, and taking prisoners!
    We must silence these spies!

Brom: Listen up, you blockheads... I guess you forgot 'bout the war. After
    fighting for years, we finally have peace...and now you want to fight

Nephenee: Ain't no good, Brom. These folk got their blood a-pumpin'. Ain't got
    a lik'a sense left in 'em.

Brom: Horsefeathers. Reckon you're right. Listen up, Nephenee, let's try not
    to kill too many of these dang fools.

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

-------------------------------------------------------------{visitng houses}--

Man: There was a stranger in here earlier. He left this axe--probably meant to
    use it on the queen. You know, I came to this village for some peace and
    quiet! Isn't there something you can do? Heck with it! Just take this
    thing. I'm fed up with war!

[You got a Steel Axe]


Lass: What? People are fighting outside? That doesn't make any sense... If
    anyone were to get hurt... We've got to do something. Ohhhh, I hope Sis is
    all right...

[You got an Ashera Icon]


Boy: You ever heard of Miss Calill? She teaches magic. You know what? I told
    her she was pretty, and she gave me one of these! People who can't use
    magic can use this, and then...well...they'll be able to use magic...or
    something like that. Here, you take this one!

[You got a Spectre Card]


What? People are fighting outside? That doesn't make any sense... If anyone
    were to get hurt... Wait, you should take this. It's a kind of medicine we
    make. Ohhhh, I hope Sis is all right...

[You got a Concoction]


Lady: There was a bizarre man who just came through here. He was talking about
    a revolution and stuff. Left this. I'm tellin' ya, I've had a bellyful of
    this war business. I don't want this anywhere near me. Toss it... Sell
    it... I don't care what you do with it. Just get it out of my house. It's
    all yours.

[You got a Javelin]

------------------------------------------------------------{Heather appears}--

Heather: Sounds like the whole village is in an uproar. More men fussing over
    nothing, I'm sure. Bigger fools were never made. Lucky me! Time to find one
    ripe for the picking, get his goods, and be on my way. Be home soon, Mom!

----------------------------------------------------{talk; Nephenee, Heather}--

Nephenee: ...Uh, hello?

Heather: Argh, whaaat?! Do you need something?

Nephenee: Hey, y'all best... Er... You should be careful hanging around here
    like that. I reckon you should clear out of here while you're still in one

Heather: Aww, that's so sweet of you! What's your name?

Nephenee: Nephenee...

Heather: Nephenee... What a cute name. I'm Heather. Pleased to meet you.

Nephenee: Pleasure's all mine. So it's Heather, huh? You gonna get outta here,

Heather: Well... It looks to me like you have an uphill battle to fight. I bet
    I can help you out.

Nephenee: But you...

Heather: Don't worry about it. I'm the type that likes to help nice country
    girls like you.

Nephenee: me?

Heather: That's right. Don't worry about it. Tee hee... This is turning out to
    be a great day.

Nephenee: Uhhh... Yeah...

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

[attacking with Heather]

Yeardley: Be gone with you, thief! We won't have filth like you stand in the
    way of our supremacy!

Heather: So! You're the ones sent by Ludveck of Felirae?! You've been stirring
    up these little revolts all over the place.

Yeardley: What?! How did you know?!

Heather: I see things here and there. But half of it was just a guess!
    ...Judging by your reaction, though, it seems I was right.

Yeardley: You...little...

Heather: Tsk... Don't get so steamed up, Mr. Fancypants! You just look silly.
    Nothing personal... I just don't like men like you!


[attacking with Brom]

Brom: Hey, you! Who put ya up to this? Politics ain't my strong suit, so ya can
    spare me the details, but I know you're up ta no good, and someone's behind

Yeardley: Hah! Clamor all you like, but it won't change a thing. Revolution is
    taking root across Crimea. Our plan is flawless. We're getting rid of
    that...girl! We shall have a new ruler in Melior... Soon... Lord Ludveck,
    duke of Felirae, will wear the crown.

Brom: Ludveck? From Felirae?

Yeardley: That is correct. And you shall perish with that name fresh on your
    lips, you blundering cow!


[attacking with Nephenee]

Yeardley: Ah, survivors of the war. You would be better off dead and forgotten.
    You can't stop the duke!

Nephenee: Duke?

Yeardley: Yes. Our master, Lord Ludveck, duke of Felirae, will rule over
    Crimea. When our plan is complete, the queen will be erased from history.
    Now then! I believe it's time for you to die...

Nephenee: Right...


Yeardley: No! My duty is incomplete... Lord Ludveck... Please forgive me!

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Youth: You bumpkins! Just stay out of it!

[they attack Brom and Nephenee]

Youth: It hurts! It hurts so bad! Look, my leg! It... My leg!

Youth: M-murderer! You're a murderer!

Nephenee: But I...

Brom: Yeah. That's right. Nephenee and me... We been to war. When y'all were
    hidin' in cellars and attics, we were toe-to-toe with Daein. And look at us

Youth: St-stop it... Please! I...was wrong! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!

Brom: You got your head on straight now? You youngsters get so riled up...
    "Let me at 'em!" and "Bring 'em on!" Hmph! You know spit about war!
    Nephenee... Let's gear up and head out to the royal palace. Her Majesty's
    gotta know Ludveck's stirrin' up all kinds of nonsense. And my girl, Meg...
    She's off on her own... Knowing Meg, though, she'll be fine. All righty
    then. Let's get movin'.

Nephenee: Sounds like a plan.


Jacob: You two're really leaving, then?

Brom: We put the people of this village in danger. We can't stay here now,
    knowin' that. We'll hafta set things straight. I hate to leave, but...

Grandmother: Why did it have to come to this? I always thought our Queen
    Elincia was about as good as they come, lowering taxes and looking after

Nephenee: The young folk don't care 'bout that stuff. They only care about
    what's getting' their dander up. Then they ignore everything else. I reckon
    that's why we gotta do what we gotta do. If we don't step up, the whole
    country'll be goin 'on the compost heap.

Brom: That's why we've got to get to Queen Elincia right away. It's all gonna
    be just fine. If I know Her Majesty, she'll take care of this uprising in
    no time. Then we can return to our farms and grow some mighty good eats.
    All of ya just hold tight, now.


In a rural Crimean town, a band of rebels sow the seeds of discontent. They are
stopped by Brom and Nephenee, two former Crimean soldiers. However, more
uprisings are sure to follow.

Brom and Nephenee decide to travel to Melior, the capital of Crimea, and inform
Queen Elincia as to the gravity of the situation.

Chapter 2-2: Tides of Intrigue                                          [*2.02]

(Castle Crimea)

Elincia: I see... So, that's what's going on. Thank you for bringing it to my
    attention. I'm very sorry your village was affected by this. You have my
    sincere apologies.

Brom: Oh, no, Your Majesty. We don't need no apology. We're just happy we could

Geoffrey: Lucia... Brom's story confirms what we've suspected all along.

Lucia: Yes, as we thought. Duke Ludveck of Felirae is firing up a rebellion. We
    should have seen it coming. To be honest, Queen Elincia, there have been a
    number of indications that something like this was under way. We'd hoped to
    uncover something more tangible than hushed rumors... I should have told
    you sooner.

Elincia: No... I bear some responsibility as well. The discontent among the due to my lack of experience as a ruler. Now that a rebellion
    is gaining momentum, innocent blood will surely be spilled...


[cutscene - a bustling marketplace]


Elincia: I have always held the well-being of the Crimean people as my highest
    priority... I've done my utmost in Crimea's name. ...And all I've ever
    desired is a country where war and hunger are unknown.


Brom: Beggin' your pardon, Queen Elincia.

Elincia: ...Yes, Brom?

Brom: Your Majesty is doin' a bang-up job of it. This country's a safe place to
    live, and that's more than most can say! Once you get the hang of things,
    I'm sure you'll be the name future kings and queens try to live up to. We
    know you can do it!

Nephenee: And it ain't like ALL the young bucks out there got bees in their
    bonnets! There's a whole mess o' folk doin' their darnedest to make this a
    fine country. They wanna make you proud, Your Majesty.

Elincia: I... Thank you.

Geoffrey: All nations experience unrest when the reins of leadership change
    hands. It's true the world over. But for Ludveck to start beating the drums
    of war as if this were unheard of... What utter nonsense! We must not allow
    it! Your Majesty, would you be so kind as to appoint me to the task of his
    capture? I myself will march into Felirae and seize Ludveck and his rebels.

Lucia: No, Geoffrey. We can't do that. Unfortunately, we don't have enough
    evidence to arrest him.

Geoffrey: But...

Lucia: Don't worry, Brother. If we have no evidence, then I suppose we'll have
    to dig some up. Your Majesty, I'd like to take on that job.

Elincia: Lucia, I appreciate your dedication. You have my permission to

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


(Castle Felirae)

Ludveck: Well, well... My dear Lady Lucia. Quite a way from home, aren't we?

Lucia: Please do excuse the sudden visit, Your Grace. Princess Leanne, Lady
    Lethe... This is Lord Ludveck, duke of Felirae. I was thinking that our
    laguz guests might enjoy the fine fruits this region is known for. We've
    traveled quite a long way... I hope it won't be too much trouble.

Ludveck: Don't be ridiculous! I could be nothing but delighted by a visit from
    you, Lady Lucia. Although I must admit... I would be all the more pleased
    if you had come such a long way just to see me.

Lucia: [takes a step back] ...You are too kind, Lord Ludveck.

Ludveck: Please, feel free to take your ease. You are welcome to stay in
    Felirae as long as you desire.


(That Night)

[in a storage cave]

Lucia: ...This is it! This document is an order written by Ludveck himself,
    marked with his signal. If we show this to the royal assembly, we'll surely
    have the backing to indict him. Thank you so much...both of you. We have to
    quell this uprising before things get out of hand.

Mordecai: If there is no war, we are happy. But if there is war, it is good we

Lethe: Ludveck is poor prey. He hides behind a shield of words, not realizing
    that words can be seen through.

Lucia: Yes, and that's quite fortunate for us. But we still have to get out of
    here without being detected.

???: (old tongue)

???: M-my lady! You mustn't raise your voice...

Lucia: Who's there?! Show yourself!

???: ...

[Leanne and Nealuchi appear]

Lucia: Princess Leanne! Sir Nealuchi! I thought you had returned to the royal
    palace... What in the world are you doing here?!

Nealuchi: Oh ho ho... Forgive us... We just couldn't help but be concerned for

Leanne: (old tongue)

Lucia: Well, what can I say? This just means we'll have to be even more careful
    to get out of here safely.

Mordecai: ...Someone is coming.

Lucia: Guards? This cave has only one exit... I guess that means we do this the
    hard way. We've obtained enough evidence to indict Ludveck, so there's no
    point in sticking around. Let's go!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Maraj: As I expected. The queen's house pets are playful little pups indeed.
    The only thing your sniffing about will get you, however, is an abruptly
    shortened life span!


[attacking with laguz]

Maraj: To associate with beasts like you... One has to wonder where the queen
    acquired such a lack of taste.


[attacking with Lucia]

Maraj: Well, look what we have here... Lady Lucia and her pack of curs. How
    interesting. What cause could you have for roaming the grounds at night,

Lucia: Cause? Why, we've merely lost our way.

Maraj: Is that so? In that case, I will gladly escort you back to the castle.

Lucia: That's quite all right. We should be going home. But please do give Lord
    Ludveck a message... Tell him that his revolt will never succeed!

Maraj: ...Tsk tsk. I did try to warn Lord Ludveck, but it seems that he is
    quite fond of you. If he knew of your little discovery... I'm certain he
    would have no qualms about eliminating you.


Maraj: My death...means nothing... Our perfect... There is...
    nothing...nothing the queen...can do...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Lucia: This way!


(Castle Crimea)

Lucia: As we suspected, Lord Ludveck is intent on rebellion. His followers are
    spread across the land, inciting insurrection. We have the documents to
    prove it.

Geoffrey: Queen Elincia, I stand ready to defend the realm! I will lead the
    Royal Knights into Felirae, and we will seize the duke!

Elincia: I am hesitant to resort to the sword without at least attempting
    diplomacy. At all costs, I must stop the people of Crimea from fighting one

Crimea: Your Majesty! News from the countryside! Duke Ludveck has assembled an
    army and announced his intentions against you! The rebellion in Felirae is
    growing quickly!

Elincia: I see...

Lucia: He must have realized that his operations were no longer a secret. Your
    Majesty, we have no time to waste. We must stand against this, for the
    future of Crimea!

Elincia: ...I understand. Geoffrey, leader of the Royal Knights... I hereby
    authorize the use of military force against the rebel army!

Geoffrey: Yes, Your Majesty. At once! [leaves]

Lucia: I will begin marshalling forces. This rebellion must be stopped...before
    nobles in surrounding areas catch wind of it. [leaves]

Elincia: ...Am I doing the right thing? Oh, Father... Uncle Renning...


Elincia: Welcome back, Marcia. Did you learn of Sir Ike's whereabouts?

Marcia: No... I'm sorry. I've got nothing but sore feet and a tired pegasus.
    I've talked to a few local villagers who say the Greil Mercenaries have
    been working low-paying odd jobs here and there. Nobody seems to know where
    they are now, but everyone agrees that this is the first time they've been
    gone for so long.

Leanne: (old tongue)

Elincia: Princess Leanne, please try to keep your spirits high. I assure you,
    we will continue to investigate Sir Ike's whereabouts.


Elincia: Oh! Princess Leanne! You spoke?!

Nealuchi: Quite a shock, yes? My lady has been studying your language, which we
    often call "modern speech."

Elincia: That's wonderful! It's hard enough visiting a strange land, let alone
    learning the languages.

Leanne: (old tongue) Me...not pr-problem. Queen Elincia has

Elincia: Ah... I'd forgotten. The heron tribe can peer into the heart. I can't
    hide the pain I'm feeling... At least not from you, Princess Leanne.

Leanne: Queen... El...Elincia.

Elincia: ...Why does this happen?! My people fight, brother against brother...
    And no matter what I do, I can't stop it! I'm a miserable failure. I just
    want to crawl into a cave somewhere. How can anyone believe in me now?


[cutscene - Elincia crying against Leanne]


Elincia: I never asked for any of this... I never wanted to be queen!

Leanne: (old tongue) [sings]

Elincia: ...Sniff... I can't... I can't do it anymore...


Insurrection erupts across Crimea. The wounds Crimea suffered during the
conflict with Daein have finally begun to heal, and it should be rejoicing in
its hard-won peace. How is it that the fires of rebellion have been lit?

Bastian, Queen Elincia's most trusted advisor, widely acknowledged for his
political savvy, is on a mission to Daein, and the Greil Mercenaries, the
original authors of Crimea's recovery, are nowhere to be found.

Queen Elincia, close to despair, has nonetheless ordered the Crimean Royal
Knights to restore order in Felirae. Her only wish is to win the coming battle,
so that she may stave off a civil war.

Chapter 2-3: Geoffrey's Charge                                          [*2.03]

(The Gates of Castle Crimea)

Lucia: Good luck! I'll be sure to keep the palace safe. I'm sorry we couldn't
    allocate more troops for you. You'll be OK, though, right?

Geoffrey: Of course. We might even have too many. Actually, I'm more worried
    about the queen's safety. Make sure the guards stay sharp.

Lucia: Count on it. I'll maintain a tight watch on the area, and there is the
    backup plan, just in case.

Geoffrey: Good... Hearing you reiterate that makes me feel better, I have to

Lucia: Remember, this isn't for glory. You'll be confronting our own people.
    Just do your job and come straight back.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


(Felirae Camp)

Crimean Rebel: The Royal Knights have left the capital! We estimate roughly
    4,000 soldiers are marching on Felirae.

Ludveck: That means about 2,000 are left in the capital... That's more than I'd
    expected. ...Hmm, I suppose it can't be helped. The column headed toward
    Felirae is primarily cavalry, is it not?

Crimean Rebel: Yes, sir. Exactly as you surmise, sir.

Ludveck: In that case, the forces at the capital will be led by the queen's
    confidante, Lady Lucia. This is most perfect. The soldiers remaining at
    Castle Felirae have been given detailed instructions...false instructions,
    I might add. ...The dear pawns. They are so very heroic, and so very


(Castle Felirae)

Kieran: General, all troops are in position! We stand ready for the assault!

Geoffrey: Thank you, Kieran. The majority of the castle vanguard appears to be
    common soldiers. And there's still no sign of Ludveck or any of his

Kieran: Correct, sir. And the rest are a bunch of amateurs! You should see them
    flop around on their horses like rag dolls. They won't last long against
    the finely tuned skills of our Crimean Royal Knights.

Geoffrey: Don't get overconfident, now... Most of their forces are likely
    inside, waiting for us to exhaust ourselves out here.

Kieran: Yes, good point, sir!

Geoffrey: And the main gate... Have you seen it? Breaking through that is not
    going to be easy. We must be patient.

Kieran: Yes, sir.

Geoffrey: And remember, we're not facing enemy soldiers. Yes, they're foolish
    enough to be lured into joining Ludveck...but they are fellow Crimean
    citizens. Her Majesty would prefer to capture these rebels alive and try to
    talk some sense into them.

Kieran: I'm...amazed, sir. Her Majesty's kindness is touching! I'll convey that
    to all our men. [wheels around in a small circle]

Geoffrey: Listen up! We're to sweep aside the rebels and punch through the
    fortress gate! Her Majesty wants as many lives to be spared as possible!
    Set lances! All forces, charge!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

[upon breaking down the gate]

Tashoria: Not one step backward! Be strong! The duke will soon arrive with
    reinforcements. Stand strong a little longer... Stand firm for the

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Tashoria: W-we have to hold out! The duke is on his way! We'll be heroes!
    Adored, and showered with riches!


[attacking with Geoffrey]

Geoffrey: Rebel forces! I am Geoffrey, commander of the Royal Knights of
    Crimea! Lay down your weapons and submit to the rule of law! Further
    resistance is futile! Her Majesty the queen promises leniency and means you
    no harm! Listen to me! You must yield!

Tashoria: Tch... What nonsense is this? Do you take us for idiots!? Our
    reinforcements will arrive shortly, and your fate will be sealed! Death to
    the tyrant and her lapdogs!

Geoffrey: Grr... The queen lives to serve you! Why can't you see that?!


Tashoria: Duke... Duke Ludveck... Where are...our reinforcements...?

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Crimea: Sir, the rebels have been routed! Some managed to escape, but most have
    surrendered their weapons. [leaves]

Kieran: [turns to Geoffrey] General Geoffrey! No sign of the Felirae regulars,
    is there?

Geoffrey: ...No. This was clearly a ruse. Duke Felirae's main force is most
    likely en route to the capital.

Kieran: But how?! Quickly! Rally the troops! We must return to Melior at once!

Geoffrey: Don't panic! They want us to act rashly. Settle down. ...We have
    contingencies in place. Light the flares to notify the capital. Move, man!

[Kieran leaves]

Geoffrey: Scout commander!

[he rides up]

Geoffrey: It's very likely we'll be ambushed on the way back to the capital.
     Don't let anything escape your notice! We may need an alternate route back
    to the capital... Send some men out to investigate the old highway.

[the scout leaves]

Geoffrey: Those of you who remain, disarm the prisoners and tend the wounded! 
    Let's move, everyone!


[a castle room]

Haar: ...Well, look at that. Someone's launched a flare... And from Felirae, of
    all places.

Lucia: The emergency signal from Geoffrey! As I suspected... The rebels were
     just a decoy. Sir Haar, thank you for your assistance.

Haar: Hey, wait... Are you telling me that you knew about this all along?

Lucia: We knew the duke was up to no good. But if we had known about the
    decoys, we wouldn't have sent the Royal Knights to Castle Felirae. I
    suppose I'm just surprised that Lord Ludveck, the supposed epitome of
    nobility, would so willingly sacrifice his followers.

Haar: You play a pretty deep game, woman.

Lucia: We all do, wouldn't you say? Her Majesty is at Fort Alpea. We're due to
    hear from her at any moment. I'll go check on that.

Haar: Sharp as a tack, aren't we? I think I'll excuse myself, then...

Lucia: Actually, there's one more thing... I want you to wait here a little
    longer. If all goes as planned, I'll be back shortly with your payment.
    Then you may do as you wish.

Haar: And if all doesn't go as planned?

Lucia: Then set out for Fort Alpea and alert the queen. I'll also send a
    messenger to Geoffrey. Thank you. [leaves]

Haar: Very well, time for a nap...


[nighttime; Lucia sneakily moves about in a street before discreetly entering a

???: ...

Lucia: ...Well? Any news from Queen Elincia?

[the man falls]

Lucia: What?! How?!

[Ludveck appears]

Lucia: You...

Ludveck: Yes, me. I was very hurt by how cruelly you manipulated me, my lady.
    And I am not easily wounded.

Lucia: Lord Ludveck... How did you...

Ludveck: My lady, I am certain to know of any and all facts that concern your
    activities. My dear, lovely Lucia. Oh yes, it was quite some time ago that
    I was informed of both this place and your network of shadowy assistants.

Lucia: Ah.

Ludveck: I would like to know one more thing... Something only you are aware
    of. ...Where the queen is currently hiding.

Lucia: Good luck finding that out.

Ludveck: Perhaps it's a little place called...Alpea? All that foolishness...
    the ruses, the informers, the secret flight from the palace... Ha ha
    ha... All that effort, wasted.

Lucia: ...Is that so?

Ludveck: Hm? I can see that my lady still retains secrets. Would it trouble you
    so much to tell them to me?

Lucia: To you, Lord Ludveck? I am afraid there is nothing to tell.

Ludveck: Lady Lucia... I'm done with these games. You'll tell me whatever I
    wish to know... But I believe I already know your secret.

Lucia: We shall see.


Having anticipated Queen Elincia's attack, the majority of Duke Ludveck's
forces left Felirae. The troops stationed at Castle Felirae were merely the
bait with which to lure Geoffrey and his troops away from Melior.

In Geoffrey's absence, Ludveck's objective is nothing less than to take the
royal palace...and Queen Elincia with it. Lucia, foreseeing a possible attack
on the capital, arranged for Queen Elincia and Princess Leanne to be secretly
moved to Fort Alpea.

Yet Lucia herself is unable to evade Duke Ludveck's agents. She is captured in
the dead of night while attempting to contact an informant.

Queen Elincia receives the sad news the next morning.

Part II Endgame: Elincia's Gambit                                       [*2.04]

(Fort Alpea)

Haar: So... We're guessing that flare sent up from Geoffrey's troops means
    Ludveck plans to come for Your Majesty. He's probably marching his troops
    toward this fortress as we speak. Since it's come to this, I'd like to
    stick around and help. Let me know if you need me.

Elincia: ...I see. Thank you ever so much. Sir Haar... I have one more
    question. What about Lucia? Have you heard from her? Is she safe?

Haar: We found a man's body in the village safehouse. We believe he was her
    messenger. We also found this...

Elincia: No! This is... This is Lucia's hair! But... How?

Haar: Well, we assume that Ludveck infiltrated her network of spies and
    captured her. This is his way of letting us know. It also means she's still
    alive, which means we still can save her. Queen Elincia, it's up to you to
    determine the best course of action.

Elincia: Y-yes, I... I know... Royal guards! Arm yourselves, and prepare to
    meet the rebel forces in battle. I will be commanding you personally.

Crimea: Your Majesty! are the queen! It's much too dangerous! Please,
    assign a subordinate to this duty!

Elincia: I will not. It is my indecision that has allowed the rebellion to come
    this far. I refuse to run from this problem any longer.


[cutscene - Elincia holding the severed bundle of Lucia's hair]


Elincia: Lucia... Lucia, I'm sorry. Somehow, I promise you... I will save you!


Elincia: Princess Leanne, Sir Nealuchi... This fortress will soon be under

Nealuchi: Wh-whaaat?!

Elincia: Somehow the enemy has found out that I am hiding here. My two fine
    friends... You must escape.

Leanne: I...sing...and h-help...Queen Elincia!

Elincia: No! Under no circumstances! I won't allow any such thing!

Leanne: help...Q-Queen...Elincia.

Nealuchi: Now, now. When my lady makes up her mind, nothing in Tellius can sway
    her. And me? I'm sure you wouldn't mind having these old bones on the

Elincia: Sir Nealuchi... Honestly, I couldn't... Sigh...

Nealuchi: Wait until you see me... Even at my age, I'll be one step ahead of
    those freshly hatched whippersnappers. [they leave]

Elincia: ...Very well. I must prepare as well. I had hoped this day would never
    come... Amiti, the treasured blade of House Crimea, will awake from its
    long slumber.

[You got the Amiti]

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


Elincia: ...The battle will begin soon. I want both of you to promise me that
    you will fall back if in danger. Understood?

Nealuchi: Fall back, Your Majesty? No one can hold a candle to the speed at
    which the raven tribe retreats.

Elincia: Ha ha... That's a relief.


Crimean Rebel: Reporting, sir! Fort Alpea's gate is sealed, and they are
    readying their defenses.

Ludveck: I see... Lady Lucia must have arranged some way to warn the queen. But
    alas, even if they were to have all the energy and luck in the world, the
    Royal Knights wouldn't arrive for two days. In any case, there's no way we
    can lose, considering that we have a card which has yet to be put into the


Crimea: Y-Your Majesty, dire news! The rear gate is open, and the rebel army is
    storming in!

Elincia: What?! how could this happen?!

Lethe: I think you'll understand once you question this man.

Elincia: You guard the inner garden, correct?

Crimea: You scum! You helped the rebel army, didn't you?!

Servant: Yes. Yes, I did. I did it because it was the best thing for the future
    of this country. Those Daein murderers killed my entire family, and now the
    queen bows down and wags her tail at them! It's a disgrace!

Crimea: Silence! You're the traitor here! Prepare to die.

Elincia: Wait! Killing this man will do nothing to help our situation. We have
    to halt Ludveck and his men. They're already inside!

Lethe: I'm going out there, too.

Mordecai: Mordecai will fight for you, Queen Elincia.

Brom: You can count on me, Your Majesty.

Nephenee: Queen Elincia, Crimea needs you more than anything, and I reckon you
    could use my help.

Heather: My homeland, being ruled by a snobby stiff like Ludveck? Please. I
    don't think so!

Crimea: Your Majesty! We would give our lives for our queen! Allow us to fight!

Elincia: Thank you, everyone. I am indeed the queen of Crimea, and a queen does
    not hide. Our enemies are fellow citizens of Crimea. But we can no longer
    sit idle as they destroy the harmony of our nation.


Ludveck: Could our situation be any better? Just look at these fragile
    defenses... As fragile as the queen's reign!

Ludveck: ...Oh? The queen's taken command? I expected her to abandon her
    people, turn tail, and run for the hills. How preciously naïve. We shall
    have to teach her that being overly optimistic can be fatal.

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

-------------------------------------------------------------{Marcia arrives}--

[a pegasus knight flies into the fort]

???: Queen Elincia! I made it!

Elincia: Marcia!

Marcia: Thanks to General Geoffrey, we spotted an ambush on the main road and
    snuck by on the old highway instead! The Royal Knights will be here soon. I
    flew ahead to tell you...and to serve you some traitor pie on my lance!

Elincia: ...Thank you. I'm impressed you made it back so quickly.

Marcia: My pleasure, Your Majesty! Now, which monkeys do you want filleted
    before the Royal Knights get here?

--------------------------------------{Geoffrey and the Royal Knights arrive}--

[a legion of Royal Knights enter the fort]

Geoffrey: Your Majesty! We'll countercharge their flank! The Royal Knights will
    succeed again! Indomitable knights of Crimea, this is the hour you have
    trained for! Hold the line, and run them down!

Elincia: Geoffrey! Geoffrey, oh, Geoffrey!

Geoffrey: Find Ludveck, duke of Felirae! Seize him immediately! He must not

Ludveck: What a bother! They arrived far faster than I had expected. But I will
    prevail. I won't lose to that worthless queen.

----------------------------------------------------{talk; Elincia, Geoffrey}--

Elincia: Geoffrey!

Geoffrey: Elincia! I'm relieved you're safe. Leave the rest of the battle to
    us. Find someplace safe.

Elincia: No, this is my fight. This is my problem, and it will be resolved
    under my power!

Geoffrey: Very well. If that's your decision, Your Majesty.

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Ludveck: The day is upon us... A day that will stand proudly in the history of
    Crimea. Today, a weak queen falls...and a new king prevails!


[attacking with Geoffrey]

Geoffrey: That's enough, Duke Ludveck! You have no chance of victory. The Royal
    Knights are here, and we have our queen to lead us.

Ludveck: Ho ho... It's the valiant Geoffrey. I assume, General, that you have
    yet to hear about Lady Lucia?

Geoffrey: Lucia? What's happened?

Ludveck: Well... I could tell you, but what would that gain me? Now, if you
    were to turn on the queen and grovel at my feet, I might consider telling

Geoffrey: How dare you, you rotten...


[attacking with Elincia]

Ludveck: Queen Elincia...

Elincia: Ludveck.

Ludveck: Looking quite gallant, aren't we? I thought you would surely be
    fleeing by now...or pleading for your life. I must commend you on your
    unexpected bravery.

Elincia: I am the ruler of Crimea. I will not abandon that role.

Ludveck: Oh, I see... Self-sacrifice, is it? How very honorable of you. By the
    way, Your Majesty, Lady Lucia is often in your company. Wherever could she
    have gone to?

Elincia: Where is she?! Tell me she's safe! Tell me--now!

Ludveck: Oh my, you look pale. You two grew up like sisters... You must be
    worried, then? Ha! Yet another facet of your weakness.


Ludveck: Elincia! I yield to you! Please... You may imprison me. Your Majesty,
    be merciful! Spare our lives. We surrender our weapons.

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Geoffrey: Queen Elincia! I'm so glad you're safe... Please forgive my
    tardiness. I've let you down. I'm sorry.

Elincia: Ridiculous! You did no such thing. Geoffrey... Thank you so much. So,
    what of the rebel army?

Geoffrey: Without Ludveck at the helm, they're a mess. They're all running
    about trying to escape. As commanded, we are not pursuing fleeing soldiers,
    and Lord Ludveck is locked up in the dungeon.

[Elincia leaves for a moment, but quickly returns]

Geoffrey: Queen Elincia?

Elincia: Lucia is being held captive! If we're to save her, we need to talk to


Crimea: Your Majesty! General! W-we've received a missive! It concerns Lady


[outside Fort Alpea; a hangman's platform and noose have been set up in the
    middle of a crowd of soldiers, with Crimean citizens watching behind them]

Crimean Rebel: Queen of Crimea, we demand that you release the duke of Felirae!
    Refuse, and Lady Lucia will die!

[Elincia watches from atop the fort's roof]

Elincia: No!

Geoffrey: ...Lucia.

Crimean Rebel: You have half a mark! If the duke is not released by then, the
    girl dies!

Lucia: Queen Elincia, don't listen to them! Don't worry about me!

[the rebel hits her]

Lucia: Guh!

Crimean Rebel: Quiet! You can die sooner, if you like!

Geoffrey: ...Your Majesty, you can't... You have to let me do something about

Elincia: ...

Geoffrey: Lucia would willingly die fighting for her country, I know... But you
    have to help her, Elincia. If you were in her position, she would surely do
    the same. Please, just give the word.


[in the dungeons; the sound of footsteps signaling Elincia's approach]

Ludveck: Hello, Your Majesty... By the look on your face, I can see my plan has
    been a success.

Elincia: ...What exactly is it that you want? To throw our country into chaos?

Ludveck: No. I want to protect it, Your Majesty.

Elincia: What?!

Ludveck: Queen Elincia, you're so naïve. Cold and callous decisions are
    sometimes required of a nation's ruler. ...I was testing you. We all wanted
    to know if our queen would have the power to stop a civil war. But, no, you
    were too hesitant and too concerned about harming the people... Now look
    what has happened. The rule of Crimea cannot be kept in your hands! Please,
    Your Majesty! You must abdicate and cede the crown to me! And considering
    Lady Lucia's life is on the line, you haven't much choice. Now, let's have
    you free me from this prison cell, and then we can discuss any further

Elincia: I don't think so.

Ludveck: What?! Are you truly willing to sacrifice Lady Lucia?!

Elincia: ...Lord Ludveck, all your dissatisfaction and misgivings about me are
    well founded. However, do you realize how many lives you've simply thrown
    away?! Strength without compassion does not a ruler make. You care nothing
    for the people, sir. You cloak your desire to rule with pretty speeches,
    but it is petty avarice nonetheless!

Ludveck: ...So this is how it shall be? Very well... But Lady Lucia cannot be
    spared without my order.

Elincia: Allowing you to plant the seeds of rebellion and play havoc with the
    lives of my people is a failure for which I must answer. But I will see
    Crimea through this trial. I will give my people the future they deserve,
    no matter the cost. [leaves]

Ludveck: ...Ha... Ha ha ha ha! Well played, Your Majesty! Indeed, I have
    failed. Yet I wonder... Are you capable of watching Lucia die? Or will you
    crawl back to me, your face awash with tears, begging for mercy? How I pray
    to see that face, Your Majesty!


Elincia: Rebel soldiers, hear me! Ludveck of Felirae, having conspired against
    the nation, will stand trial. As the queen and ruler of Crimea, I refuse to
    negotiate with those bent on destroying it.

Crimean Rebel: ...So you're going to let this girl die?!

Lucia: Hah!

Elincia: I will be strong, Lucia...

Crimean Rebel: Tch... Kick, scream, beg... Give us a show, wench!

Crimean Rebel: Your Highness! Your trusted friend will now die. Let this burn
    forever in your memory! [turns]

Lucia: People of Crimea... Behold a true queen! YOUR queen! Long live Queen

[two rebels walk forward towards the hangman's platform]


[animation - Execution]

[Fort Alpea. A crowd walks up to and surrounds the execution block while giving
    it a ring of space, raising their fists and muttering. Lucia stands with
    the noose around her neck and dirt and bruises on her face, wearing a
    strong expression.]

[In a tree in the distance, Shinon and Rolf sit; Rolf has his bow out and
    strung, and the babble of the crowd cannot be heard.]

Shinon: Come on. Do it. It's a clean shot.

[Rolf looks at the execution block and the soldiers. He gulps and pulls the
    arrow back, and the view zooms in on Lucia and the rope.]

Shinon: [looks at Rolf after a few moments, with some irritation] What's the

Rolf: I'm nervous. What if I hit her?

Shinon: [hangs his head in a sigh] It's too late for nerves, Rolf. If you're
    not up to it, just leave it to the master, eh? [he grabs his bow] Watch and
    learn. One clean motion, no hesitation.

[Shinon strings his bow and fires. The arrow flies across and cleanly cuts the
    rope. As Lucia's body falls to the ground in slow motion, Ike runs through
    the soldiers and catches her just before she hits the ground; he looks
    around. The crowd gasps. He throws Lucia over his shoulder, unsheathes his
    sword, and swings, knocking back a wave of soldiers. More soldiers run
    towards him and attempt to surround him.]

Crimean Rebel: The queen's men are attacking!

Crimean Rebel: Stop him!

[A tornado of wind falls from the sky takes out several soldiers. Soren is seen
    reading from a wind tome, with an 'aura' of wind surrounding him. A soldier
    notices him and raises his lance, only to be felled by a slash of Mia's
    sword. Some individuals in the background can be seen raising their fists.]

Mia: Soren, always lost in your books! What have I said about watching your

[Overhead view; soldiers can be seen running to and fro.]

Crimean Rebel: Form up! Surround them all! Don't let a single one escape!

[Titania is axing several soldiers with a shout, as Oscar rides by. Boyd jumps
    off the back of his brother's horse and swings his axe once with a battle
    cry, then above his head and around him in a whirlwind motion. Oscar
    continues to lance several soldiers. A soldier aiming for him looks up and
    falls down as a feathered shaft lands in his chest; Shinon and Rolf shoot
    arrows from the tree in rapid-fire succession. Ike and Gatrie fight
    back-to-back. Ike swings his sword rapidly; Gatrie forces down the lances
    of several soldiers with his own, only to look up and see people in the
    crowd shouting and throwing stones.]

[In the middle of that crowd, Mist holds Lucia, while Rhys kneels next to her.
    The people have given them space, and in the background, some of them can
    be seen looking down – perhaps in worry, perhaps in fascination, perhaps
    with distaste.]

Mist: Hold on, Lucia! Everything will be fine!

[Rhys closes his eyes, bows his head, and raises his staff.]

Mist: Can you hear me? Hold on!

[A blue glow emanates from its gem and illuminates Lucia's face.]

[The scene zooms out to the view of Fort Alpea once again as several cavalry
    can be seen galloping within the perimeter.]


Geoffrey: Queen Elincia! It's Sir Ike and the Greil Mercenaries! They came to
    our aid! Now we'll get Lucia back in one piece. We've nothing more to worry
    about. I'll deploy my knights at once!


Elincia: ...Hh... ... [falls to her knees]


Elincia: Sir Ike... If you hadn't come to help, I would have lost one of my
    dearest friends. Thank you... Thank you ever so much.

Ike: We were happy to do it. And Bastian pays well for mercenary work.

Elincia: Bastian?

Ike: Yes. The count of Fayre knew about Ludveck's plotting before he left for
    Daein. Bastian guessed that if he left the country, the rebels would feel
    confident enough to make their move. What else could you expect from
    Crimea's top tactician? Well...Crimea's most deceptive old dog, at any

Elincia: Yes, that's just like him...

Ike: Sorry that we had to stay hidden until the last minute. For a ruse like
    that to work, you have to deceive allies as well as enemies. I know you
    were acting in Crimea's best interests, but I'm sorry you had to let that
    happen to Lucia.

Lucia: No... It worked out fine in the end. Please put it out of your mind.

Elincia: Lucia, Geoffrey... I value your lives more than even my own. But it's
    my duty to protect this country, even if that means losing you. I've
    learned a lot from all of this. I hope to keep them out of harm's way, and
    I'll never make the same mistakes again.

Ike: Good to hear. So what are you going to do about all the escaped rebel

Elincia: The rebel army will be eradicated. We cannot allow them to sow the
    seeds of discontent among the people of Crimea.

Ike: That's the right choice. Would you consider contracting my mercenaries for
    the job?

Elincia: ...No, Sir Ike. I'll leave that up to the Royal Knights. I'm certain
    this task will create anger among the people, and the Royal Knights may be
    resented for their role in it... But my duty as queen demands that it be
    done. The people will have to learn to accept that.

Ike: I respect your devotion to duty. So, you don't need me then?

Elincia: That's right. I'm going to move on, together with my vassals and the
    people of this country.


Elincia: Sir Ike... Before you leave, there's something I'd like to talk to you

Ike: What is it?

Elincia: When you heard from Bastian... Did he say anything about Daein?

Ike: No, nothing.

Elincia: He informed me of a number of things. Apparently Daein's
    reconstruction is playing out much like Crimea's... He spoke of a new king
    raising the banner of war, and a charismatic young hero carrying it into
    battle. He compared King Pelleas to me, and a "Silver-Haired Maiden" to
    you... It's almost unnatural. He suspected that someone might be scheming,
    trying to manipulate Daein. Bastian seemed quite suspicious of it all.

Ike: So Bastian went to Daein to try and confirm his suspicions on that?

Elincia: Yes. There was also something about Daein's resurrection that we can't
    afford to overlook. ...The Black Knight.

Ike: What?!


[cutscene - the Black Knight]


Elincia: I'll never forget him... He was the one warrior who the late King
    Ashnard trusted. Encased in pitch-black armor, standing tall with a crimson
    cape... When the Liberation Army fought at the capital, he was there. He
    sided with the Silver-Haired Maiden.

Ike: The Black Knight... The man who killed my father... But I defeated him
    three years ago. I'm sure of it. At the very least, he couldn't have
    escaped when Nados Castle came crashing down on him.


[cutscene - Nados Castle's collapse]


Elincia: The day after you fought, Bastian ordered some men to search the
    remains of Nados Castle. There was no trace of the Black Knight. No
    armor... No sword... No corpse.


Elincia: If the Black Knight that was seen in Daein was indeed the same Black
    Knight... He might prove to be a threat to Crimea.

Ike: Hmm. If he's still alive... I have no doubt I'll see him again. Elincia,
    this is very important information to me. Thank you.

Elincia: Of course.


Part II

[animation - preview of part III]


|Part III: Intersecting Vows                                              [*3]|

Three years ago, Crimea freed itself from Daein tyranny. Its nobles used that
freedom to berate the queen and scrabble for power. Disgusted with their greed
and arrogance, Ike and the Greil Mercenaries left the court behind and returned
to work. Thanks to their efforts and to Queen Elincia's even-handed rule,
Crimea has avoided a bloody civil war.

Before departing the capital once again, Ike receives disquieting news from
Queen Elincia. The Black Knight, the man who murdered Ike's father, has once
again been seen in Daein. The queen's words hang heavy over Ike as he leads the
mercenary group back to their headquarters.


(Greil's Mercenaries Fort)

Mist: Wow, how long has it been since we were here? It sure feels great to be

Ike: Yeah, we've been away for too long... Dealing with Crimean nobles always
    seems to take longer than it should. At least now we can finally get some

Titania: Still, it was nice to be needed, don't you think? Especially for a
    band of mercenaries as poor as we are.

Mist: You know, Ike, if you hadn't renounced your lordship, we wouldn't have to
    run around like this to support ourselves.

Ike: Mist, I...

Mist: Oh, I know. I'm just teasing you, silly. Besides, I'd rather spend my
    time helping people. Who wants to live like some overstuffed noble, anyway?
    Definitely not me! We have Father's legacy to look after, as well: the
    Greil Mercenaries.

Soren: Ike, a visitor to see you.

Ike: A visitor? Who is it?

Ranulf: Long time no see, Ike. I've been looking all over Crimea for you.
    You're never home!

Ike: Ranulf! How are you, my old friend? How's everyone in Gallia? Is Caineghis

Ranulf: Everyone's doing great. We laguz don't take ill too easily, so it's
    hard not to be "well."

Ike: Seeing you again brings back memories. We couldn't have won the war if not
    for Gallia's aid...and yours especially.

Ranulf: Well, same goes for you. Who knows where Gallia would be if not for Ike
    and the Greil Mercenaries!

Ike: Speaking of old friends... I saw Princess Leanne in the Crimean royal
    court. Apparently, she'd been looking for me, too. She said, "Please save
    my brothers." Do you know what she's talking about?

Ranulf: So, she's heard. Let me get straight to the point, Ike. I have some bad
    news. War has come to us once again.

Ike: What?!

Ranulf: The Laguz Alliance, which is made up of Gallia, Phoenicis, and Kilvas,
    is setting out against Begnion. The situation has escalated very quickly.

Ike: "Escalated" seems a bit soft. I know there are problems between the laguz
    and Begnion, but I thought things were getting better.

Ranulf: Rafiel, the eldest son of the herons, brought back some disturbing news
    from Daein. He'd learned that Begnion senators ordered the herons'
    extermination. This spurred the laguz to strike against Begnion. That's why
    I came looking for you, Ike. We need your help.


Rafiel, eldest prince of the heron clan, returns in the company of the wolf
queen, Nailah, and the mage Tormod to tell a dire tale. The shocking story he
relates ignites a terrible fury in the hearts of the laguz. The assassination
of the previous Begnion apostle sparked the massacre of the heron clan, as well
as the burning of their home, the Serenes Forest.

That murder and the resulting catastrophes were long thought to be the work of
Daein's former ruler, the Mad King, Ashnard. Now, however, Prince Rafiel, a
survivor of the massacre, reveals that those directly responsible...were none
other than the senators of Begnion.

Upon hearing this tale, the hawk king, Tibarn, is consumed with an unspeakable
rage. He shares this information with the raven king, Naesala, and the beast
king, Caineghis, and they form a Laguz Alliance. Together with the heron royal
family, they send messengers to the leadership of Begnion, demanding an
explanation from the senators. Begnion rebuffs their requests, however, denying
any wrongdoing and refusing to investigate Rafiel's claims. As if to emphasize
their decision to silence the laguz inquiries, the empire goes so far as to
murder an alliance messenger. This callous act of arrogant defiance pushes the
alliance into declaring war upon the Begnion Empire.

Gallia's sub-commander, Ranulf, considers the merits of attempting to simply
overpower Begnion. He recognizes, however, that pitting brute force against
Begnion's magic and tactical prowess will result in massive alliance
casualties. He decides to enlist the strength and knowledge of his old wartime
ally, Ike, and the Greil Mercenaries.

Ike is an acquaintance of Begnion's apostle, however, and is at first reluctant
to become involved in the conflict. Yet, when he considers the senators'
cold-blooded murder of the alliance messenger, he can feel the anger that burns
in the laguz's hearts. Determined to force the senators to answer for their
crimes, he agrees to help the Laguz Alliance.

Prologue 3-0: The Great Advance                                         [*3.00]

(Laguz Alliance Camp)

Ranulf: Flaguerre is close now. It's a fortress city near the Begnion border.
    We'll storm the city at night and hit them fast enough that the troops
    inside the fortress won't have time to take their positions.

Skrimir: Yes! Finally, a chance to rend my foes! But I would rather have a
    head-on fight. Why do we wait until nightfall, like a pack of cowards?

Ranulf: ...

Ike: What's our role in this?

Ranulf: I want the Greil Mercenaries to act as a guerrilla force. Take out
    their fire mages and ballistae. They're really bad news for us laguz.

Skrimir: Bah, enough talking! To the battlefield, to taste my enemies' fear! No
    more waiting!

Ranulf: No, Skrimir. This isn't the kind of fight where a general takes the
    field. You should stay behi--

Skrimir: Are you insane?! Oh, I'll fight! A general of Gallia does not hide
    behind his men! Leave this "tactics" garbage to the beorc. We need only our
    claws and teeth! I call an end to this meeting! Time to kill! [leaves]

Ranulf: Wait! Skrimir! Blast.

Ike: Are you OK?

Ranulf: Yeah. That thickheaded fool... This'll be his first major battle.
    Hopefully, he won't get his teeth kicked out. How about you, Ike? Are you
    sure about this?

Ike: Sure about what?

Ranulf: Well, you know.. You're beorc. I'm laguz. You sure you want to take our

Ike: The Laguz Alliance is in the right, Ranulf. The senate is actively
    ignoring you, and worse, they're murdering your messengers. Why shouldn't
    we help you get the senate's attention? I'm sure my people understand.
    Besides, I would never abandon a friend in need.

Ranulf: Thanks, Ike.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


(Fort Flaguerre, Begnion)

Septimus: Oh, this is lunacy! Look how meager our force is, especially
    considering our proximity to Gallia!

Silvano: General Septimus, sir, we're only making the rounds this evening. We
    don't need a bigger force.

Septimus: No, you're wrong! Even now, those bloodthirsty beasts are stalking
    us. I just know it! Believe me!

Silvano: General, p-please calm yourself. You say this every evening, and yet
    we've never had any--

Begnion: E-enemy fire! We're under attack! It's those Gallian beasts! The
    sub-humans are attacking us!

Silvano: What?!

Septimus: See? See?! Now do you see, fool?! I was right! Hah, I told N-now what do we do?


Skrimir: Run down all who get in your way! Make your path of blood and bone!
    Advance! Advance! Advance!

[his army of laguz all transform]

Ike: Yeesh, glad he's on our side! I see the family resemblance. Keep up,
    everyone! Let's get to work!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Skrimir: Weaklings! Where is your general? Come out and fight, coward! I am
    Skrimir, general of Gallia!

Septimus: Oh no! They're drawing near! We're finished! We're doomed!

Silvano: P-please be quiet, General! You'll hurt the troops' morale! Wait,
    where are you going?!

Septimus: To safety! I must escape to Mugill. The beasts... The beasts wish
    to... CONSUME ME! [flees]

Silvano: General Septimus! Gutless coward! Are you scared of these worthless

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Silvano: Wait, there are beorc among them? Why would beorc fight alongside


Silvano: Sub-humans... You dare to fight Begnion? There's no hope for you now.
    This will be your end. words...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Ike: Are we done?

Ranulf: Yeah. The guards are dead, and the rest of the troops fled to the east.
    We're in good shape.

Skrimir: Bah! Is that it? I still crave blood! Find me more humans to kill!

Ike: The civilians have no quarrel with us, and the soldiers who surrendered
    have handed over their weapons.

Skrimir: Grrrrr. If this is all the fight Begnion can give, this war will be
    over too soon!

Ranulf: I wouldn't be so sure. We won this fight, yes, but the empire has a
    massive army. Don't forget that there was a time when Begnion ruled over

Skrimir: Hmph. You forget...that was before my time.

Ranulf: Did you listen to a word I just said?

[Skrimir walks down to the laguz fighters]

Skrimir: Soldiers of Gallia! The battle is over! We have won! No human can
    stand against the laguz! We are not done yet! We'll continue to fight,
    kill, and crush our enemies!

[the laguz roar]

Soren: My... What a stupid speech.

Titania: Don't say things like that. I hear that King Caineghis of Gallia was
    not so different when he was young. So try not to judge so quickly.

Ike: I don't know. That's really hard to imagine.

Ranulf: I'm sure that Skrimir will settle down, given time. Well, I hope so,

Skrimir: Victory awaits us in Mugill! We shall attack, conquer, and celebrate
    our victory!

[the laguz roar again]


Titania: Ike, I've been thinking. Is this war...something that we should really
    be fighting? After all, we know about Lehran's Medallion...


[cutscene - the glowing medallion]


Soren: "As long as the dark god sleeps within the medallion, the world shall
    not war." Is that what you mean?

Titania: That's right. Our ancestors made a vow, and it's our responsibility to
    prevent the horror they strove against.


Titania: "Chaos is born of strife." "If the land is covered in war, the dark
    god will break free of the medallion and destroy the world." This war could
    easily spread across Tellius, and the dark god could be awakened. We were
    very fortunate during the Mad King's War, but it was a close call. Can we
    count on being lucky again? Already, we're talking about a war between
    Begnion, the largest nation on Tellius, and three laguz countries. That's
    half the known world, and it's not over yet. Have they all forgotten about
    the possibility of the dark god's rebirth?


Ranulf: Hello, all. Sorry to interrupt. Lady Titania, Soren, you're both very
    perceptive. I'd expect nothing less from the deputy commander and the
    strategist of the Greil Mercenaries. You don't have to worry, though. The
    whole situation is under control.


[cutscene - the three herons]


Ranulf: The medallion is under the protection of the Serenes royal family. Even
    if the god escaped, the herons can control it with their galdrar.

Ike: Reyson, Leanne, and...Prince Rafiel, was it?

Soren: Ah. Ages ago, the heron leader Lehran sealed the dark god within the
    medallion. His descendants have therefore been taught how to subdue it with
    their seid magic.


Ranulf: So that's the story. We'll be relying heavily on the power of the Greil
    Mercenaries. I'm counting on you all.

Titania: Understood. We'll do our best to see this conflict finished as quickly
    as possible. Right, Ike?

Ike: Yes. Of course.


The Laguz Alliance sacks Flaguerre with ease and sets off immediately for
Mugill. The fortresses of Felirae and Mugill are both key to the defense of
western Begnion and have figured for many years in the military plans of
Gallia, Crimea, and Daein.

The fortress of Mugill is well defended by thick walls and countless blades.
However, the Laguz Alliance knows that, if they are to win this war, Mugill
must fall. Ike and his companions march on, though thoughts of the medallion
and the dark god entombed within fill their hearts with dread.

Chapter 3-1: Laguz and Beorc                                            [*3.01]

(Laguz Alliance Camp)

Ranulf: Now, our next target is Mugill. Its gate is already sealed, and it
    looks like they intend to keep it that way. This won't go as easily as our
    battle in Felirae.

Skrimir: Yaawwwwn... Beorc are all the same. We will run them down, just as

Ranulf: Skrimir, please... Listen. Just this once.

Ike: What do you think, Soren?

Soren: The Felirae survivors will have warned Mugill of our advance. That's so
    obvious, even you must have anticipated it. You don't have a plan?

Skrimir: Do not mock me, beorc boy. Why should I bother with plans? No soldier
    would cower behind stone walls after being challenged to a battle! We will
    issue a challenge, and they will meet it. We have no need for plans!

Soren: Do you realize how completely absurd you sound? The enemy did not build
    the fortress so they could stand outside of it. They will not come out of
    their own accord.

Skrimir: But-- Those beorc cowards! They will hide from us?! What do we do? I
    do not know how to fight cowards!

Ranulf: Don't you get it? That's what we're trying to decide! Think, Skrimir.
    Just try.

Skrimir: No! That's your job, Ranulf! You're my second in command. Think of a
    way for me to use my strength! Anything else is a waste of time. I'll be
    training outside. Tell me when you have a "plan." [leaves]

Ranulf: Wait, Skrimir!

Soren: ...This is ridiculous. I'm amazed that someone was desperate enough to
    make that fool a general.

Ranulf: I'm tempted to agree with you on that. But there's a reason he's here.


Ranulf: Never in its history has Gallia invaded another country. We don't have
    any experience or tactics to fall back on for this. On top of that, our
    general... well, you've seen it yourself. Skrimir... He doesn't pay
    attention to details, nor does he strategize. Sadly, it's not just Skrimir.
    Most laguz are the same. They're arrogant and stubborn. It doesn't even
    occur to them that they won't be able to power through the beorc forever.

Ike: Why isn't Caineghis leading the army?

Ranulf: It's not an option. We aren't mobile like the bird tribes. Once we
    leave our lands, it isn't easy for us to get back. We can't take our king
    away from his domain.

Ike: Well, what about Giffca, then? There have to be other capable generals in

Ranulf: Yeah, you'd think General Giffca would lead, but... Giffca has other
    duties to attend to, so really, that just leaves Skrimir.


Soren: I understand. Laguz choose their leaders based on strength. If Skrimir
    is to be the next king, this war is the best opportunity for him to learn
    about strategy.

Ranulf: Exactly. Since that's the case, we need all the help we can get.
    Please, lend us your wisdom. Without your help, this war's outcome is

Ike: You can count on us, Ranulf.

Titania: We've told you already. We're here to help.

Soren: ...

Titania: Soren, say something!

Ranulf: Well, well. Looks like your strategist isn't fond of laguz yet.

Titania: I'm sorry, Ranulf. he's gotten better, but...

Ike: Soren, Ranulf helped us out. On top of that, he's our client. It's our
    turn to return the favor, and our job to do it right. Got that?

Soren: ...Fine. But it'll cost you more.

Ranulf: Thanks, all of you. We appreciate the help.

Soren: Give me some time to myself. I'll come up with a plan to get us through
    this mess.

Ike: Great. We're counting on you, Soren.

Soren: I know. I'll do what I can.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--



Begnion: Tch! These sub-humans don't know how much trouble they're causing! We
    can't go anywhere!

Begnion: Tell me about it. Just yesterday, we could've gone out for drinks and
    had ourselves a merry old time.

Begnion: Fortunately, we have enough food. They'll give up if we hold out long

[three cloaked individuals - Mist, Rolf, and Soren - appear]

Mist: Um... Sorry we're late!

Begnion: Who are you? Why are you outside? The city is under lockdown! You need
    permission to leave your homes!

Mist: What? Well, that's weird. We were told to hand out food to all the

Begnion: Wh-what?

Mist: Well, I guess this isn't the place. Should we head back? We don't want
    the food to spoil...

Begnion: W-wait! Don't go! You don't have to head back. That food is for us.
    We're sure of it!

Mist: Oh, wonderful! Would you call everyone, then? I'll pass out the food and


Ike: Looks like the watchmen are all asleep. Great job, everyone.

Soren: The first step is done. Next, we clear out the remaining guards and open
    the main gate.

Ike: Ranulf and his troops are waiting outside for us. Let's go!


Begnion: Wh-who are you?!

Begnion: Sub-humans! What's going on?! What happened to the lookout?!

Rommit: Stand your ground! Our reinforcements will be here soon. Hold fast
    until they arrive!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

------------------------------------------------------------{visiting houses}--

Grandmother: The sub-humans are attacking us? Oh no! This can't be happening!
    You're a mercenary, right? Please, you have to save us! We'll pay, of

[You got a Blue Gem]


[visiting with Oscar]

Woman: AHHHH! A sub-human! You're a sub-human! [hides] P-please! You can have
    this. Please don't eat me!

Oscar: No, I'm beorc. Just like you. Besides, laguz don't eat people.

Woman: ...

Oscar: It's not a nice rumor to spread around. You should really try to be more

Woman: Are you...Oscar?

Oscar: Huh?

Woman: It's you! Oscar, I'm so glad to see you!

Oscar: Um, excuse me, I have to go... [leaves]

Woman: Don't go! Please! Wait! Oh...


[visiting with Boyd]

Woman: AHHHH! A sub-human! You're a sub-human! [hides] P-please! You can have
    this. Please don't eat me!

Boyd: Hey, wait a second. When did laguz ever eat beorc? Have you ever actually
    seen it happen?

Woman: ...

Boyd: Hmph. I doubt that any laguz would eat such a bigoted beorc, even if you
    asked for it. You make me sick.

Woman: Are you...Boyd?

Boyd: Huh?

Woman: It's you! Boyd, I'm so glad to see you!

Boyd: Uhhhh...

Woman: How you've grown... You look just like your father.

Boyd: No! You've got it all wrong! I don't know anyone by that name. I, um,
    have to go.

Woman: Don't go! Please! Wait! Oh...


[visiting with Rolf]

Woman: AHHHH! A sub-human! You're a sub-human! [hides] P-please! You can have
    this. Please don't eat me!

Rolf: But... I'm not a laguz.

Woman: ...

Rolf: You might not believe me, but laguz don't eat people. I just thought you
    should know.

Woman: ...I'm sorry. I was just so scared. I didn't mean any harm.

Rolf: Oh... Well, it's all right. As long as you understand now, OK?

Woman: I'm such a coward. I can't believe it...

Rolf: Wait...

Woman: What is it? Is there something on my face?

Rolf: I thought you looked like someone I knew,'s just my imagination.
    I better get going. Good-bye! [leaves]

Woman: Hey, wait!

Rolf: Yes?

Woman: Here. Take this.

Rolf: For me? Why?

Woman: I don't know... No reason, I suppose. I just thought you should have it.

Rolf: ...No thanks. [leaves]

Woman: What? Wait! Oh...


Woman: AHHHH! A sub-human! You're a sub-human! [hides] P-please! You can have
    this. Please don't eat me!

(any other character): ...

[You got a Seraph Robe]

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Rommit: We're under attack! By the goddess, they're fast! Where are our


[attacking with Ike]

Rommit: When did sub-humans learn to wield swords? Impossible! I can't believe
    my eyes.

Ike: You underestimate them.


Rommit: No... We've lost the gate!

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Ike: Are we clear? Good work, everyone. Open the gate!


Gallia: The gate is opening!

Skrimir: Ah, finally! Soldiers of Gallia! Follow me! As long as I lead you in
    battle, we will always win! Crush any who stand in your way! [leaves]

Ranulf: ...Phew. Great timing, Ike.


Ranulf: We won last night's battle thanks to you guys. I appreciate your help.

Ike: You should be thanking Soren. It was all his idea.

Ranulf: Yeah, I'll get right on that. ...Hey, I just remembered. Some of your
    old friends are here to see you.

Ike: Hm?

???: Hey! Over here! Long time no see, Commander Ike.

[Muston appears]

Ike: Muston! You came!

Muston: It's great to be doing business with the Greil Mercenaries again. And
    with you too, my feline friend.

Ranulf: Oh, you called them out here? I thought they just smelled a battle and
    sensed the profits!

Ike: Well, we can't fight naked, like you laguz can. I also asked Muston to
    call on some other friends to come join up as well. You'll be seeing an
    increase in your forces real soon here, Ranulf.

Ranulf: Thanks for everything, Ike. You've done so much for us already, and now
    you do all this...

Ike: Listen, when we fought Daein, Gallia came to Crimea's aid without any
    questions. Now we're returning the favor, that's all.

Ranulf: ...All right. In any case, you guys are a great help. Thank you so


The tactics used by the Gallian army prove effective, and like Felirae before
it, Mugill falls to claw and steel. Before Begnion can react, the laguz
overwhelm the remaining border defenses and cross into the Telgam region. With
both defense keeps overrun, Telgam falls like ripe fruit at the feet of the
Laguz Alliance. Inspired by their success, the alliance takes advantage of this
momentum to strike toward the very heart of the Begnion Empire.

Dukes Gaddos and Seliora are horrified by the speed of the laguz alliance.
Banding together with the landowning nobles of the northern territories, they
mass their armies in Seliora to oppose the Gallian assault. Using the Ribahn
River, a tributary of the might Miscale, as a defensive front, the Begnion
forces make their camps along its western bank in the Sestohl plains.

Chapter 3-2: Stormclouds                                                [*3.02]

(Laguz Alliance Camp)

Ranulf: Felirae, Mugill, and Telgam are ours. But this war has just started.
    The enemy's main force is in Sienne, the capital. The real fight starts

Skrimir: Ah, now we fight the big battle! My claws itch for beorc flesh. Hey,
    Ranulf! Are there strong enemies in the capital?

Ranulf: There will be plenty. Before we go, we must fight the northern nobles.
    Their collective army is massive.

Soren: By now, I imagine the Begnion Central Army is heading our way. They're
    going to be our real problem.

Titania: So, if we're too slow, we get caught in the middle.

Ike: I don't like the sound of this. Soren, do you have a deployment plan
    worked out?

Ranulf: Actually, why don't you all just relax? You might not believe it, but
    WE have a plan this time!


Titania: I see. An army of that size would require a massive amount of supplies
    to be able to sustain itself. So the bird tribes will hit the Central
    Army's supply unit and slow their advance.

Ranulf: Exactly. The empire fears the bird tribes. The Shipless Pirates,
    they're called. They specialize in surprise attacks and have been raiding
    Begnion merchant ships for years.

Ike: After they hit the supply unit, the bird tribes will head north. We'll
    meet up with them after we finish off the nobles' forces. Then when the
    Central Army arrives, we'll attack them together. Does that pretty much sum
    it up?

Soren: I'm surprised. As laguz strategies go, it's not bad at all. We might
    even win, provided everything goes as planned.


(Off the Begnion Coast)

Naesala: Tibarn! We can't see it yet, but Begnion is close. Shouldn't you let
    your men take a break?

Tibarn: Yeah... Let's land on one of those islands and get some rest.


Tibarn: You're full of surprises, Naesala. I never expected you to join the
    Laguz Alliance. I wish you could be this helpful all the time.

Naesala: Tibarn, just stop. I'm not interested in your friendship.

Tibarn: The hawk tribe and the raven tribe used to live together in Phoenicis.
    Our tribes were like brothers! Maybe if you fess up about some of your
    secrets, I might consider helping you out in the future.

Naesala: That doesn't really narrow it down, Tibarn. Which secrets are you
    talking about?

Tibarn: How about the secret of how you suddenly became first in line to
    succeed the throne of Kilvas?

Naesala: Oh, THAT secret. Sure, no problem.. I'll tell you if we live through
    this war. Sound all right to you?

Tibarn: Sounds fine to me. You know, this war is going to be vicious, but at
    least our tribes will grow close again.

Naesala: Do you actually trust me? You might live to regret it.

Tibarn: You're trying to protect Reyson, Leanne, Rafiel, and their father, King
    Lorazieh. Isn't that so? As long as they're on our side, you won't betray
    us. I think that's enough rest and small talk, though. Let's go! [leaves]

Naesala: ...

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--

[Chapter 3-2; The Three Brothers] (*)

Boyd: So I told him, you know? I thought it was important.

Oscar: Are you sure about this? You're always exaggerating stories to make them
    more impressive.

Boyd: No, I'm deadly serious! Trust me, you'd have done exactly the same thing
    if you were there!

???: Oh... I finally found you!

Woman: Oscar... Boyd... It's been such a long time.

Oscar: Eep!

Boyd: How did you find us?

???: She's in here!

Woman: Let go!

[a laguz soldier appears]

Gallia: What are you doing here, intruder? You're coming with me!

Woman: No, please! I'm not done yet!

Oscar: Sigh... Please let her go. She's a friend of ours.

Gallia: She is? You should have said something! [leaves]

Woman: ...Thank you, Oscar. Oh, that was scary!

Boyd: Why did you come here?

Woman: Please. You have to let me see him.

Oscar: I do?

Woman: He's here with you, right!? Let me see Rolf!

Boyd: Uh... Why should we?

Woman: What!?

Boyd: You abandoned him! You left me, Dad, and Rolf for some guy! What kind of
    mom does that, huh!?

Woman: I was different back then! I was so young... I didn't know how to raise
    two kids while looking after your bedridden father. Believe me, I tried! I
    tried... But it was too difficult.

Boyd: At least you and I aren't related. But, Rolf... That's different. He's
    your son! Yours! And you left him behind because it was "too hard"!?

Woman: I'm sorry... I've regretted my decision since the day I made it. I
    thought of you each and every day.

Boyd: My father died not too long after you left him. We'd have followed him,
    too, if my brother hadn't abandoned his knighthood in Crimea to take care
    of us!

Woman: I... I had no idea... Oh... I've made a terrible mistake! I'm so sorry.
    Forgive me.

Boyd: Leave. Now. You've got no right to see Rolf.

Woman: Boyd! Please, I'm begging you! I...I want Rolf to come back and live
    with me!

Boyd: Lady, you've got some serious nerve. He's our brother! You're not gonna
    take him away from us!

Oscar: ...Just...wait here. I'll go get Rolf.

Boyd: Oscar?!

Woman: Oscar! Thank you!

Oscar: Don't get the wrong idea. I haven't suddenly forgiven you.

Woman: Then why...?

Oscar: Because you are still Rolf's mother. Nothing in the world will change
    that. We'll leave it up to Rolf to decide. [leaves]

Boyd: Oscar...


Oscar: Are you sure? Are you sure you don't want to see her?

Rolf: Yeah. I don't even remember her face. She's just another stranger to me.

Oscar: Rolf...

Rolf: I have my family, Oscar. You, Boyd...everyone in the Greil Mercenaries. I
    don't need anyone else. Why should I let her try and change that?

Oscar: ...

Rolf: Don't look at me like that. Why do you look so sad? I'm not sad.

Oscar: Then I'll ask her to go home.

Rolf: Tell her never to come back. She's being a nuisance.

Oscar: ...Fine. [leaves]

Boyd: Rolf...

Rolf: I... I do love you, Boyd. We fight all the time, and we might not be
    related, but you're my real brother. Don't make me go away. You can't! I
    want to stay with you! I want to stay with my family!

Boyd: You little idiot. Of course you can stay! We raised you, remember? You're
    not some...thing, to give away to a crazy woman! You're one of us.

Rolf: ...Thanks.


(North Army Camp, Begnion)

Begnion: General Levail! How did it go?

Levail: It was no use. No one would even listen to me. It makes my heart heavy.
    The nobles are too busy competing with one another for rewards and status
    to realize the danger to their lands.

Begnion: Rewards? Are they crazy? The sub-humans are at their doors, and all
    they care about is some reward?!

Levail: They only listen to each other. No one wants to listen to me.

Begnion: General Levail, how are we going to survive this?


[Ranulf runs out]

Ranulf: Ike! Are you in position?

Ike: Yeah. Ready when you are.

Ranulf: We'll leave the troops on the left to you beorc. Sound good?

Ike: Fine by me. We'll teach these nobles a thing or two.

[Ranulf runs out again]

Ike: All right! Move out!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Istvan: What luck! Enemy comes in tiny numbers. Get up, comrades! We cannot let
    other army take reward! Crush enemy and gain glory for Lord Seliora!


Istvan: I am Istvan, general of Lord Seliora's royal army! You, leader of
    sub-human filth! State your name!

Ike: I'm Ike of the Greil Mercenaries.

Istvan: Greil Mercenaries? Hm. Never heard of them! You are just small-time
    bandits, yes? Argh! If we had left behind dead bodies of sub-humans, our
    reward would have been bigger! My lord is not being pleased with heads of

Ike: Oh, I wouldn't worry about our heads. You have no chance to win this
    fight. Leave while you can.


Istvan: W-wait...! This cannot be! Our...reward...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Ike: The enemy general is down! Let the fleeing soldiers go. Everyone, fall


Ranulf: Hey. You're done, too? That was fast.

Ike: Yeah, it was easy work. They retreated pretty quickly.

Soren: Their soldiers were well equipped and well trained, but their commanders
    were terrible.

Ranulf: That's lucky for us, I suppose. Things seem to be working out pretty
    well so far. Unless they bring in a real commander, it's only a matter of
    time before they wave a white flag.

Gallia: E-enemies to the south! It's the Central Army!

Ranulf: What?!


[hordes of Begnion soldiers stand before them]

Ike: Tibarn failed in stalling them... Does that mean he's...dead?

Soren: Doubtful. I don't think there was even a battle. The Central Army has
    arrived too quickly.

Ranulf: Grrrr... We only know one thing for sure. The enemy now has the

Titania: There are still enemies to the north. This is quickly turning into our
    worst-case scenario.

Ranulf: Skrimir, we must retreat. We're in serious trouble here.

Skrimir: Show my back to beorc? Never! We will fight on like the Gallians we

Ranulf: Skrimir, listen to me! We must retreat. This is the Central Army we're
    talking about!

Skrimir: Ah, finally! Finally, we get to fight the Begnion Central Army! I have
    been waiting for this!

Ranulf: I can see you won't change your mind, Skrimir. All right, if it has to
    come to this...

[Ranulf transforms]

Skrimir: Are you joking? You can't beat me, Ranulf. You know that.

Ranulf: I can't let you or our men die in vain. It's my job to keep you from
    doing anything that stupid. If I have to knock you out to keep you out of
    this battle, then that's what I'll do.

Skrimir: Fine. Try. [transforms]

Titania: Ike! Stop them!

Ike: No. They need to do this.


[A battle; Skrimir misses, Ranulf hits, but then Skrimir scores a critical.
    Ranulf falls back, sorely wounded, and Skrimir transforms back]

Skrimir: Do not worry about him. I might have broken some bones, but he will
    heal quickly.


Skrimir: My soldiers! We are leaving! Head back to base camp! [carries Ranulf
    on his back]

Ike: General Skrimir...

Skrimir: We will return and regroup. It pains me, but we must. Damn it,
    Ranulf... my leg.

Ike: But you're still willing to carry him?

Skrimir: If he doesn't rest and heal, all his little chores fall on me. I can't
    have that.


Begnion: Reporting, sir! The Laguz Alliance is retreating!

Zelgius: So, the enemy does not persist with the situation turns against them.
    I'm impressed. They're flexible and adapt quickly to a changing

Begnion: Shall we pursue them?

Zelgius: No, first we will join our allies to the north. I hear they've taken
    heavy losses.


Levail: General Zelgius. It's an honor to meet you.

Zelgius: General Levail of Duke Gaddos's northern force, is it? Are you in
    command here?

Levail: No, not I. Rather... The northern force lacks any order. We do not have
    a central commander to direct us in battle.

Zelgius: So, each force was fighting the enemy on its own?

Levail: Quite so. Taking orders from others is beneath the nobles, I suppose.

Zelgius: How pitiful.

Levail: A sad state of affairs, yes. But now that you are here, General, the
    situation will be rectified.

Zelgius: Yes, one can hope.

Levail: ...So, are the rumors true?


[cutscene - Sanaki, Sephiran, and the Begnion Senate]


Levail: I've heard that power in Begnion has been split between the apostle and
    the senators.

Zelgius: True, they do not agree on how to deal with the Laguz Alliance.


Zelgius: As long as there are enemies who threaten the empire, we shall fight.
    That is our duty, is it not?

Levail: ...Indeed.

Zelgius: Then do not trouble your mind with politics. Let the nobles worry
    about their games. We should focus on this war.


The apostle Sanaki, empress of the Begnion Empire, does not wish war with the
laguz and searches feverishly for a peaceful resolution. However, many imperial
senators see the war not only as a means to expand their own influence but also
as a convenient opportunity to exterminate the laguz once and for all. These
ambitious senators meet with Vice-Minister Lekain and vigorously advocate a
full-scale war.

Having seen their homeland invaded, Begnion citizens desiring peace are now few
and far between. Against the apostle's wishes, Begnion's army is now fully
committed to the war with the laguz.

Zelgius easily escapes the talons of the bird tribes meant to delay him and the
Central Army. He arrives at the Sestohl Plains to reinforce his weakened

The laguz forces are surprised by the sudden appearance of this new enemy and
seek counsel from Ranulf of Gallia. Ranulf orders a retreat with all speed,
thus avoiding a full-on engagement with the Central Army.

General Zelgius chooses not to pursue the fleeing Gallian army. Instead, he
orders his army to hold position on the eastern banks of the Ribahn. Divided
by the river, the two armies are deadlocked, able to do little more than glare
at one another in hatred.

Chapter 3-3: River Crossing                                             [*3.03]

(Laguz Alliance Camp)

Ranulf: This might be the end of our war. The Northern and Central Armies have
    merged. A force of that size is too powerful for us. If Tibarn and Naesala
    can't help us, it might be a good idea to go back to Gallia and regroup.
    Convincing Skrimir won't be easy, but I can't let our people get killed in
    a hopeless battle.

Ike: Understood. Ranulf, this is your war, so I'll follow your orders. I have
    to say, though, retreating won't be easy. According to Soren, the Central
    Army has mobilized and begun marching on our position during the last few

Ranulf: They finally brought in a competent commander, huh? Hmmm... Our path is
    blocked both ways. [turns] Hey!

Tibarn: Hello, boys. It's good to know you two still hang out together.

Ranulf: Tibarn! Glad to see you're safe! But, what happened?! Didn't the bird
    tribes hit the supply unit? The Begnion Central Army is here, and they're
    marching on us!

Tibarn: Talk later, eat now. Sorry, but I gotta put something in my stomach and
    get some rest...


Ike: How's Tibarn?

Ranulf: He's resting inside that tent over there. Ike, did you see them? Did
    you see his wings?

Ike: Yeah. They were covered in blood. He's not hurt, so it must be someone

Ranulf: I have this awful feeling... A feeling that something terrible has
    happened. I really hope I'm wrong...

[Reyson appears]

Reyson: Ike! Ranulf!

Ike: Reyson! You're here, too?

Janaff: Your Highness! Please wait!

Reyson: I have to check on him. I'm worried about Tibarn.

Ulki: We're worried too, but Reyson can't just let him be for a while.

Ike: Janaff, Ulki, what's going on? What happened to you out there?


Ranulf: Naesala and the ravens of Kilvas betrayed us? Again?

Janaff: I'm so mad I can barely see straight! The ravens were informants. They
    told Begnion our battle strategy.

Ulki: It was a trap. The supply unit we raided turned out to be the Central
    Army itself. The troops were under the command of Begnion's most famous
    general, Zelgius.

Ike: General Zelgius? This just got a lot worse...

Ranulf: You've heard of him?

Ike: I met him during the Mad King's War. He's powerful, experienced, and
    clever. One of the best generals of our time.

Janaff: Yeah. For a beorc, he was quite powerful all right. Tibarn, while
    shifted, mind you, attacked this Zelgius guy. Zelgius didn't even budge an
    inch. But all of a sudden he stopped fighting and said, "We've delayed you
    long enough. If you cherish the lives of your people, return home at once."

Ike: He said that?

Ulki: So the king made a decision. We flew night and day and reached Phoenicis, was too late. Save for the elderly, women, and children, they were

Reyson: I also heard what happened, and... I just couldn't believe it. Naesala
    has betrayed us once again. I cannot believe he'd play a role in wiping out

???: Hey, we're not wiped out yet.

Reyson: Huh?

[Tibarn enters the tent]

Reyson: Tibarn!

Tibarn: I'm alive and well. My people are few, but they still live. Phoenicis
    is still a country. Janaff. Ulki. You know what we must do.

Janaff: Of course!

Ulki: Yes. Begnion and Kilvas will burn for this.

[Tibarn walks to the head of the table]

Tibarn: ...So, that's the whole story. Sorry we were late, but now we're here
    to stay and see this war out. Don't tell me you kittens are going to run
    off with your tails between your legs. I won't accept that.

Ranulf: Of course not, King Tibarn! I'll get Skrimir right now. A slight delay,
    but now that we've merged with the hawk tribe, we have the strength to
    fight. [leaves]


Soren: Our goal is to cross the Ribahn. The core of our forces will ford the
    river and attack the Central Army head-on. Ranulf, you'll need to form a
    small unit of your best warriors and lead them behind enemy lines,
    undetected. Can you do it?

Ranulf: No sweat. We'll do some officer hunting and keep their leaders'
    attention on us.

Soren: Good. But a distraction alone will not get us across the river. They've
    got the terrain and Zelgius in their favor.

Skrimir: Bah! Use fewer words, tiny beorc! Tell us what we must do! Some of us
    have a battle to fight!

Soren: Don't interrupt me again, Skrimir. All these words may be the only thing
    that can possibly win this battle. As I was saying, while Ranulf and his
    men sow confusion in the rear ranks, a group of hawk laguz will carry the
    Greil Mercenaries south, around the battlefield. We'll cross the river and
    make our way to the supply train, which also serves as the senators' camp.

Tibarn: Ahhh, I see what you're doing. You're going to involve the senators and
    have them start messing things up.

Soren: Precisely. Zelgius is the military commander, but the senators have
    authority over him. If attacked, they will panic and request aid. He will
    be forced to return and rescue them. Zelgius is a soldier through and
    through. He will not disobey an order, no matter how foolish it might be.
    Once he leaves, their front line will crumble. That's when you advance.
    Tibarn and Skrimir will lead the charge. That's all. Is everyone clear on
    what they have to do?

Skrimir: Hmph. I still dislike beorc tactics. I'd rather face my enemy and give
    him my name before I snap his neck in my jaws. But in order to defeat
    cowards, we must use the weapons of cowards. Let's go.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


[overlooking a mossy hill]

Levail: General Zelgius! The men are in position.

Zelgius: Good work. Hm... It's becoming foggy.

Levail: It looks like the hawk tribe has joined with the main force, but I'm
    sure this fog will hinder them.

Zelgius: I wouldn't be too sure about that. The fog might actually be a boon to
    them. We'll wait and see what move they make.

Begnion: General! We hear splashing. The Laguz Alliance is on the move!


[animation - The Crossing]

[A misty mountainside overlooking a river. On one side of the river, Zelgius
    stands in front of his soldiers, looking up at the sky. Begnion soldiers
    move about. Meanwhile, the laguz army starts to wade across the water
    through the mist. Skrimir and Ranulf stand, talking.]

Ranulf: The van's marching. Halfway across the river already. There's no point
    in waiting. [he shifts restlessly with his hands on his hips] Oh, well.
    Enemy'll spot them soon.

Skrimir: Then it's time to fight. You should go.

Ranulf: Don't remind me. I hate flying. Anyway, give the word, will you? [runs

Skrimir: [looks behind him, to the sky] No need. Our friends heard every word.

[The camera pans to the cliffs. Tibarn gets up from his crouch.]

Tibarn: Ah. Finally it's time. I've had enough of sitting around. To wing,
    brothers! Keep up with me if you can!

[Tibarn waves his arm at his hawks, then jumps off the cliff, hurtling
    downwards. He soon transforms into hawk-form with a green misty glow and
    levels out of his dive, and the rest of the transformed hawk army can be
    seen in the sky.]

[The hawks divebomb a group of Begnion soldiers. The enormous laguz army run
    and meet the soldiers in battle; hawks and wyvern riders fly overhead.
    Zelgius walks through calmly, directing soldiers around him. A tiger laguz
    leaps at him; Zelgius calmly slashes him aside in a two-pan shot, almost
    nonchalantly. He then looks to the sky, distracted.]

Begnion: My lord?

Zelgius: [speaking in a detached tone] It's nothing. I'm needed elsewhere. Keep
    them engaged until I return.

Begnion: [bows] Yes, sir.

[Zelgius walks off. He looks up at the sky and hears a hawk's call, then sees
    several hawks carrying passengers by their talons. He looks back down and
    straight ahead with a cross between a smirk and a smile as Ranulf lands in
    front of him, along with several other laguz.]

Ranulf: Well, well... Sorry to drop in unannounced. We thought it best to hunt
    the strongest prey first.

Zelgius: [looks up and watches several other hawks fly in another direction;
    then, sounding impressed] Of course. Interesting maneuver.

Ranulf: Will you draw your blade?

Zelgius: I trust you know who you face. Zelgius, commander of this army. If you
    are not worthy of fighting me, then you are only wasting my time. [his
    expression changes from a smile to a stern look]

Ranulf: I'm Ranulf, right-hand to Gallia's future king. [begins to transform in
    a blue misty glow] Will that do?

Zelgius: We shall see. I shall accept your challenge.

[Zelgius holds up his blade; Ranulf has transformed into his blue cat-form. The
    camera pans out to show their two silhouettes against the misty mountain
    and the rising sun.]

Zelgius: At your ready.

[Ranulf leaps at Zelgius, who swings his blade; the frame freezes.]


Senator: What is all that noise? And at this hour!

Veyona: A battle has begun on the other side of the woods, near the river.

Senator: Then tell Zelgius to wipe out the sub-humans quickly and quiet down! I
    cannot sleep with all this racket. Don't you peasants know I need my beauty
    sleep?! I should have you all flogged, you inconsiderate fools! [re-enters
    his tent]

Veyona: Wretched snob...


[hawks fly at the edge of the camp, dropping off Ike, Titania, and Soren]

Ike: We're in. Soren, let's go over the plan one more time.

Soren: Our objective is to destroy the enemy supplies. The senators store their
    food and personal effects in crates. If we burn those crates, the senators
    will likely pull their troops back to protect their own hides.

Ike: So, while the laguz distract the enemy, we force the gate open, storm
    inside, and burn all the supplies.

Soren: Exactly.

Titania: We can also set their horses loose. That should add to the confusion.

Soren: Agreed. Also, please try not to hurt the senators themselves. Harming
    them might cause us trouble later on, especially once the fighting is over.

Ike: All right. We've got to finish before the fog burns off. Let's get this
    done. Attack!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Begnion: Enemies in the camp! We're under attack!

Veyona: How interesting! I never expected them to attack this particular camp.
    While the senators may deserve to get kicked around a little bit, I cannot
    let my general down. I shall protect this camp with all my power. [steps
    forward] Soldiers of Begnion! Wipe out the bandits! Kill every last one of

-------------------------------------------------------------{visiting tents}--

Begnion: You're with the Laguz Alliance? W-wait! Please! I don't want to die
    for those useless, decrepit old senators! I'm getting out of here. You can
    take whatever you want from this stash. Thanks!

[You got a Blossom]


Lass: What? Um...yes, I was ordered to keep the lord's valuables neat and tidy.
    But the lord, he ran away, and, well... What, this? He told me it was very
    precious. Here, you take it.

[You got a Master Crown]


Senator: Aaaaahhh! [hides] P-please! I beg of you! Spare me! Mercy!

[You got a Hammerne]

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Veyona: Protect the supplies, men! If anything is ruined, the senators will
    have our hides! We cannot let this camp fall into chaos! For the honor of
    General Zelgius, protect the stores!


Veyona: The laguz assault was a decoy, and your real objective was this camp?
    You're more clever than I expected. This isn't the strategy of laguz. It
    must have been planned by beorc.

Ike: Our objective is only to burn these supplies. Step aside, and I'll spare
    your life.

Veyona: You know I can't do that. Our masters may be fools, but we are their
    soldiers nonetheless. Our duty is to carry out orders from our masters.

Ike: I thought you'd say that. But I have a duty as well.


Veyona: Protect the supplies... Stay...calm...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Ike: The fog is about to clear. Our work is done. Let's pull back!


[Ranulf runs into a dead end cliff, with Begnion soldiers and Zelgius facing

[battle; Ranulf strikes several criticals against Zelgius, but does no damage;
    Zelgius swings at him with a hit and a miss]


Zelgius: I'm impressed that you've held out this long, but it's over now.
    Good-bye, Ranulf.

[Ranulf transforms back, slumps forward]

Zelgius: Pray to the goddess. You're finished.

Ranulf: Ahh... I tried...

Zelgius: Farewell. [raises blade]

[a hawk cry sounds]

Zelgius: What?!


[animation - Tibarn, transformed, flies down to strike Zelgius, who blocks with
    his sword as Tibarn's talons grab/strike it instead]


Tibarn: [has transformed back] Hey, there. Y'know, you look kinda familiar.

Zelgius: The king of Phoenicis! Why did you transform? Do you not wish to fight

Tibarn: Oh, I wish to fight you, all right. Unfortunately, I don't really have
    the time. So, I'll let you go this time.

Zelgius: What do you mean?


Begnion: General Zelgius! You must return at once! Our supply camp is in
    flames! We need you to take control of the situation!

Zelgius: What?!


Zelgius: I see. Now I understand.

Tibarn: You were kind enough to tell me of the attack on my country. I'm only
    returning the favor.

Zelgius: Understood. I accept the favor, then. [leaves]

Tibarn: I'll let you go this time. Next time we meet, keep your sword drawn and
    make sure you've said your prayers.


Ranulf: Ugh...

Tibarn: Hey, how are you doing? Thanks to Ike, the army is crossing the river
    as we speak. We should go join Skrimir. Can you move?

Ranulf: No...

Tibarn: Damn. Fine, I'll carry you. Don't get thrown off, kid. You better hang
    on tight!


The Laguz Alliance, bolstered by the hawk tribe and by Soren's tactical genius,
thunders across the Begnion-held river. Emboldened by their success, they move
east with amazing speed and capture the northern stronghold, Castle Seliora.
The Laguz Alliance has made a vital step in its march toward the Begnion
capital, Sienne.

Begnion has now lost a valuable defensive line in the Ribahn River, and the
Central Army has been forced to retreat east, taking refuge in Castle Gaddos.
The morale of the Begnion soldiers is kept high by their faith in General
Zelgius, while the Begnion nobles smolder with resentment at their defeat.

Chapter 3-4: The General's Hand                                         [*3.04]

(Castle Gaddos, Begnion)

Senator: General Zelgius! Why did you retreat so quickly?! Order an all-out

Zelgius: The Laguz Alliance is inching closer after successfully crossing the
    river. It would be unwise to attack them head-on at this time.

Senator: At this time? That is for me to decide! You are a fool, Zelgius! The
    senate wants all sub-humans roaming our lands to be exterminated at once! I
    forbid you to retreat from now on! Am I understood, Zelgius?

Levail: Pardon my impertinence, but that is madne--

Zelgius: I understand, my lord. I will do my best to end this fighting as soon
    as possible.

Levail: But, General Zelgius!


Levail: General Zelgius! Why didn't you say anything? The senator's orders are

Zelgius: Don't make me repeat myself. We soldiers are in no position to
    question the orders of our superiors.

Levail: But I thought... No, I was certain that you would steer the military in
    the right direction.

[Zelgius leaves]

Levail: General Zelgius! ...


(Laguz Alliance Camp)

Soren: [rushes into the tent] I'm late. My apologies.

Skrimir: Ah, here comes the great strategist! Don't be so shy. Come sit next to

Soren: Not if you begged me, Skrimir. [sits between Ike and Titania]

Titania: Soren! I'm so sorry. He's rude to everyone, but strangers especially.

Skrimir: You still don't trust me? Then I will take the first step. I admit
    that we won the last battle thanks to your cleverness. I underestimated the
    wisdom of the beorc. As a general of Gallia, you have my thanks.

Soren: ...You're welcome.

Skrimir: What do we do next? We hit Begnion hard in the last battle. Surely we
    will use this opportunity to wipe out the enemy entirely?

Soren: Actually, it would be unwise to launch a new offensive now. I recommend
    we negotiate a peace treaty with Begnion.

Skrimir: What?! You'd give up our best opportunity to crush Begnion for some
    peace treaty?!

Soren: For once, please try to think for a moment, Skrimir. Yes, we crossed the
    river, but we haven't so much as touched the Central Army. Not one scratch.
    Consequently, Begnion still has the advantage. It would be foolish to press
    the attack.

Skrimir: I must ask you to think harder! A peace treaty? Now? My soldiers will
    never accept this! We need another way!

Ike: What do you think, Ranulf? Do you feel the same way?

Ranulf: Well... It's not so much how I feel, but how we laguz are as a species.
    Once the fighting begins, laguz can't see anything except the enemy in
    front of them. In a long fight like this, it's even harder to keep
    ourselves in check.

Tibarn: The same goes for my tribe. If we were to stop fighting now, I'd have
    to go around knocking every one of my men unconscious.

Ranulf: But rushing headlong into the enemy and getting killed is not an
    option. Soren, can you think of something? ...Maybe it's too much to ask.

Soren: No, I can do it... ...Just let me think. [pause] ...All right, I have
    it. Gather around the map. I'll explain what we have to do.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


(North of Soze Pass, Begnion)

Lyre: Hey, Captain Ranulf! The hawk king's decoy attack got the Begnion forces
    to move out!

Ranulf: Good. Our unit will hit them from the north, Ike from the south, and
    Skrimir from the west. I'm impressed. If everything goes according to plan,
    Soren will have delivered another easy victory.

Kyza: Captain! We appear to have a situation! General Skrimir's western forces
    are charging down the cliff!

Ranulf: What?! I told him to keep his men under control at all costs!

Kyza: Apparently, an enemy commander challenged General Skrimir to a duel. He
    accepted, of course. He always was an impatient one. The challenger was a
    large raven-haired beorc, clad in stunning crimson armor.

Ranulf: That must be Zelgius. No, no, no! Skrimir can't win. He'll get
    slaughtered! Send a message to Tibarn and Ike. Tell them I'm going to save
    Skrimir. We can't let him do this!


(South of Soze Pass, Begnion)

Titania: Ike! A company of enemy troops has appeared to the south of Skrimir's

Soren: General Zelgius seems to be in command.

Ike: Uh oh. That's not good.

Soren: If Skrimir's force collapses, we'll get penned in by Begnion. We must
    change our strategy. Ike, let's help with the rescue. You can't take
    everyone, though. Assemble a strike force to accompany you.

Ike: Got it. Titania, let Tibarn know what's going on.


(West of Soze Pass, Begnion)

[Ranulf, Lethe, Mordecai, Kyza, Lyre stand at the base of a cliff]

Ike: Where's Skrimir?

Ranulf: He charged up that cliff, chasing after Zelgius.

Ike: We have to get up there. The two of us might be able to save him from

Ranulf: Kyza, can you carve us a path to the top?

Kyza: Certainly, Captain. I'd be happy to. We'll neutralize anyone in your way.
    You can count on me, sir.

Ike: All right. Let's clear this pass. Time is a factor here, everyone, so
    let's make this quick!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Callum: None shall pass. General Zelgius forbids it!


[attacking with Ranulf]

Callum: So, sub-human. Are you worried about your general?

Ranulf: You bet I'm worried! Without us looking after him, who knows what kind
    of trouble that hothead might get himself into! You can see we're in a big
    hurry. Get out of my way, or I'll move you. Painfully.

Callum: Never! If you wish to reach the top, you must "move" me. Do your best,


[attacking with Ike]

Callum: You will not gain the peak, nor shall I yield my position. You will
    wait for the duel to finish.

Ike: Duel?

Callum: Correct. The general does not wish to be disturbed during his duel. I'm
    certain that it will be over very soon. You may then pass and fetch the
    carcass of your general.


Callum: You are too late... The general... He is strong...


[arriving first with Ranulf]

Ranulf: I have a bad feeling about this... Ike! Com on, there's no more time!


[arriving first with Ike]

Ike: Ranulf, this way! Hurry!

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Ranulf: [runs up] No!

[battle; Zelgius and Skrimir exchange blows. Zelgius scores a critical, Skrimir

Ranulf: Skrimir!

Ike: Stop, Ranulf! Don't get too close!

[Zelgius walks towards the edge of the cliff]

Zelgius: Heed my words, Laguz Alliance! I am Zelgius, general of the Begnion
    Central Army! Your general has fallen to my blade in single combat! My army
    does not wish to continue this senseless bloodshed. Leave this place
    immediately! Soldiers of Begnion! I forbid you to attack the fleeing laguz
    soldiers! This fight is finished!

Begnion: General Zelgius is amazing! He kept the damage on both sides to a

Begnion: Yeah, that's great, but... I wanted to fight! How am I going to get my
    kid a stuffed laguz now?

Gallia: No... General Skrimir was defeated?! By a beorc?!

Gallia: If General Skrimir is defeated, we must fight on in his name! We must
    get revenge! Don't be fooled by that human! Fight on, brothers!

Ranulf: Stop! We will fall back! Brothers, listen to me! I swear upon my life
    that I'll take Skrimir back with us! Fall back!

Zelgius: A wise choice.

[Levail runs up to him]

Zelgius: Levail. Go back to base camp. I have business to take care of.


[Zelgius, Ranulf, and Ike stand alone on the mountaintop, along with Skrimir]

Ranulf: What are you plotting? You could have crushed us.

Zelgius: True. That's exactly what the heads of the senate want. But the
    apostle feels differently. The apostle wishes to resolve this conflict
    peacefully. Begnion is not united on this idea, however. So, how about
    this? Arrange a peace proposal from your people. The apostle would accept

Ike: begin a peace talk under the current circumstances...

Zelgius: The most favorable opportunity for a peace talk would have been when
    you crossed the river. You missed that chance, and now look at where you

Ranulf: ...

Zelgius: Think it over. I'll give you three days. Request a peace talk within
    that time. If that isn't possible, negotiations are over. I sincerely hope
    that won't be the case. [starts to walk away] As for the heir of King
    Caineghis, he will be fine. Treat his wounds quickly.

Ike: You mean you didn't finish him off? Why not?

Zelgius: It does not matter who the enemy is. If there is a way to avoid
    taking a life, that is the path I will choose. Leave now. I swear upon my
    name that my men will not attack as you retreat. [leaves]


[a castle with ballistae on its rooftop - Seliora Castle]

Tibarn: ...Three days, huh? What will the beast tribe do, Ranulf? What will
    become of Gallia?

Ranulf: I'm sorry, Tibarn. Now that Skrimir has been incapacitated... Gallia
    can't go on any further.

Tibarn: Right... That's too bad. I guess the Laguz Alliance has to take a
    break, then.

Ike: What about you? Will Phoenicis agree to a peace talk?

Tibarn: I haven't decided. Our force lacks numbers and supplies. We can't
    possibly take them on, but... I imagine that a "peace talk" would be far
    from pleasant.

Ranulf: General Zelgius seems like a trustworthy beorc. I also know from the
    Mad King's War that even the apostle is not a bad person at heart. But in
    reality, the senate controls Begnion right now. They were the ones who
    killed our messenger.

Ike: I know that General Zelgius can't disobey orders from the senate. But what
    about the apostle? She's Begnion's supreme leader, right? Can't we just
    contact her directly?

Reyson: Trust me, we tried. All our efforts were in vain. It's not just the
    laguz, either. Tanith said that the apostle won't even meet with the Holy
    Guards these days.

Ranulf: Wait, she won't meet with Tanith? But Tanith has been at her side
    forever! There's something very wrong with all this...

Ike: What is happening in Begnion?

Tibarn: Well, we'll stick around and see what happens. The Laguz Alliance will
    disband temporarily. The problem is Gallia's retreat. You've got a lot of
    ground to cover before Begnion attacks in three days.

Ranulf: Agreed...


General Zelgius's plan succeeds in breaking the morale and momentum of the
laguz forces. Skrimir accepts a challenge to single combat with Zelgius and
barely escapes with his life. His defeat sends a wave of doubt and fear through
the Laguz Alliance.

Ranulf, knowing that the situation has turned against them, orders a full
retreat, and the beast tribes use the three days offered by Zelgius to recross
the Ribahn and begin the long march back to Gallia.

Chapter 3-5: Retreat!                                                   [*3.05]

(Castle Gaddos, Begnion)

Begnion: Hey, have you heard? The sub-humans are retreating!

Begnion: General Zelgius is amazing! As long as we have him, Begnion has
    nothing to fear.

Levail: Ahem! Gentlemen. This is no time for idle chatter. However...if you
    wish to praise General Zelgius, I suppose that is all right. He is the
    glory of our forces, after all.

Begnion: It's true! As long as he leads us, we won't be afraid of any dirty


Senator: Gah! That insufferable fool! I cannot believe he killed one sub-human
    and ended the battle! Who gave him an order like that?1 I don't care for
    such a petty victory!

Lombroso: I understand, my lord. I was hoping that this would be the end of the
    sub-humans, once and for all. However, can we really punish him for winning
    the battle?

Senator: No, you fool! That's what makes it even more bothersome! Zelgius and
    the apostle are both making mockeries of the senate! They're more of a
    threat to Begnion than those filthy sub-humans are!

Lombroso: My lord, please let me fix this painful situation. I shall take to
    the battlefield and earn us the result Begnion desires.

Senator: That does sound lovely, I admit. But hasn't General Zelgius ordered
    all forces to cease fire for three days?

Lombroso: Who is in charge here, my lord? Must you follow Zelgius's orders?

Senator: Hah, I see your point. I shall leave everything to you, then. Make
    Begnion proud, Lord Lombroso.


(Seliora Castle, Begnion)

[Ike and Reyson stand at the edge of the battlements]

Ike: Ranulf has started his retreat. Tibarn and his men are gathering
    information on Zelgius's forces. Before he left, Tibarn asked me to take
    you to Gallia, where you'll be safe. Are you ready to go?

Reyson: No. I won't leave, Ike. I won't leave this place.

Ike: Reyson, please...

Reyson: I've lived with the hawk tribe for twenty years. They are my family.
    I'll... I'll stay here and fight.

Ike: ...Well, since I can see I won't be changing your mind... You can join up
    with us. The Greil Mercenaries can stay here as long as we want. After all,
    we're not on anyone's payroll right now. We're free agents.

Reyson: Ike... Thank you.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


Titania: Ike, come out here! Hurry! It's the Begnion army!

Ike: What?!


[Ike and Titania rush outside; scores of Begnion soldiers surround the castle]

Ike: What are they doing here?1 It hasn't been three days yet!

Soren: It seems they couldn't care less. They are demanding the castle back. If
    we don't comply, they'll attack.

Reyson: They were probably waiting for both the Gallians and the hawk tribe to
    leave the castle.

Ike: Oh, they think they can take us now that we're all alone, huh? They
    obviously don't know who they're up against. Let's make them remember the
    name of the Greil Mercenaries! Everyone, get in position! Let's take them

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Lombroso: Fools! Can't you see that you're outnumbered?! You have sided with
    the laguz and betrayed the empire! The senate will be happy to see the
    likes of you dead and buried!

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Lombroso: The outcome of a battle depends solely on the number of troops in the
    field! Tactics and skill are nothing in the face of sheer numbers! Wait,
    are you laughing at me? Gah! Die, you insolent cur!


[attacking with Ike]

Lombroso: Hmph, pathetic. Your tiny band of outlaws doesn't stand a chance
    before our might. We have more troops on the way. The onslaught will not
    stop until every last one of you lies dead!

Ike: Are you really the best Begnion could send?

Lombroso: What?! How dare you take that tone with me!

Ike: Or did they send you at all? Does General Zelgius know about this little

Lombroso: I don't take orders from that sanctimonious has-been. Enough
    questions. Prepare to die!


Lombroso: Im-impossible! But now? We outnumbered them...


[if you defeated the boss instead of only surviving for ten turns]

Begnion: General Lombroso has fallen! R-retreat! Fall back to base camp!

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Ike: They're retreating. That was close.

[Tibarn, Janaff, and Ulki appear]

Janaff: Hey, hold on a minute! What's going on here? We hurry back, and you
    don't save us anyone to fight?!

Ike: Sorry about that. You're back sooner than I expected. How far out did you

Tibarn: We went to the enemy's headquarters, Castle Gaddos. As promised, the
    Begnion forces were waiting quietly in their castle. Apparently, some of
    their soldiers disobeyed orders, but we can trust Zelgius to keep the rest
    in line. I have other news, however. I ran into someone quite unexpected on
    the outskirts of enemy territory.

Ike: Who?

Tibarn: The commander of the Holy Guards.

Ike: General Sigrun?

Tibarn: Yeah. She was by herself. She seemed hesitant to get near Castle
    Gaddos. It was odd. I figured since she's a friend and loyal to the
    apostle, why not try to get some information from her? She wouldn't budge.
    Tough girl, that one. She wasn't at all surprised to see me. Then she said,
    in such a sad voice, "Please escape at once."

Ike: I wonder what she meant by that? It can't be a good sign. This whole mess
    is getting worse by the minute.


(Castle Gaddos, Begnion)

Begnion: General Zelgius. General Sigrun of the Holy Guards is here to see you.
    Should I let her through?

Zelgius: General Sigrun? Let her through. At once!

[soldier leaves, Sigrun enters]

Zelgius: Is something the matter, General? You do not look well. Should I send
    for something? Water, perhaps?

Sigrun: General Zelgius, I... I carry an order from the senate. The cease-fire
    has been repealed. You are ordered to destroy the Laguz Alliance, and their
    allies as well.

Zelgius: What?! The enemy has already lost the will to fight! The apostle and
    Lord Sephiran would never agree to such a terrible plan!

Sigrun: ...

Zelgius: General Sigrun?

Sigrun: Lord Sephiran of Persis has been stripped of his titles as prime
    minister and head of the senate. He is currently under arrest and is
    charged with..."committing high treason and fomenting rebellion."

Zelgius: No! Impossible! This is madness!

Sigrun: It doesn't end there. The apostle has gone into seclusion, with illness
    as the stated reason.

Zelgius: Damn it! They've been captured!

Sigrun: I've ordered my subordinates to find out where the apostle is, but I
    have yet to hear any word. General Zelgius, I beg of you, follow the
    senate's orders. Our friends' lives are at risk.

Zelgius: ...Curse those senators.


(Daein Keep)

Micaiah: You called for me, Your Majesty?

Pelleas: It is nice to see you, Micaiah. You remain Daein's goddess of victory.
    But I never see your face around here anymore. Are you busy in town?

Micaiah: Your Majesty. My room in the castle is much to lavish for my taste.
    I'd rather be in town helping with the reconstruction. It's good work, and
    it makes me happy to help our people.

Almedha: How precious. Still obsessed with garnering the adoration of peasants,
    are we? Aren't you past that yet, my dear?

Pelleas: Mother, please stop. Micaiah is my dear friend. She is the only person
    I have to turn to for a kind word now that Izuka and the Black Knight have
    both left Daein. They mysteriously disappeared on the day of my
    coronation... Do you think they'll ever return?

Almedha: I'm quire sure that they were both kidnapped by those who wish harm
    upon you, my beloved son! Those mongrels intend to throw the country into
    chaos by holding Daein's leaders hostage. But...Mother will always protect
    you, Pelleas. I will never leave you, not for one moment. When you seek
    kind words or good advice, you must come to me, and no one else.

Pelleas: I understand, Mother.

Almedha: The royal blood of Daein runs through your veins. Do not be afraid of
    your heritage. Reign over your people as a king. Whatever popularity that
    girl might garner from the peasants is of little consequence. She is your
    obedient subject, after all. Now, give her your orders.

Pelleas: Micaiah, Daein's Maiden of Dawn. Your king requires your service once
    more. Mobilize the Daein Royal Army immediately.

Micaiah: Another war? Against who?

Pelleas: We are answering the request from the Begnion Empire to wipe out the
    barbaric Laguz Alliance. Your targets are... Gallia's sub-humans!


During the war between the Laguz Alliance and Begnion, the three remaining
countries on Tellius--Daein, Crimea, and Goldoa--have thus far remained

In Daein, the war for independence is over, and Prince Pelleas has been
crowned king. Daein is now free from Begnion's rule and is once again
universally recognized as a sovereign nation. Micaiah decides to honor the
promise she had made and continue on as the general of Daein's armies until the
country stabilizes. Most of her companions remain by her side, helping to
restore their beloved country. It is their hope that Daein will recover soon,
both politically and socially. Focused as they are, they realize that they can
spare no time on outside concerns, including the current war in Begnion.

However, King Pelleas has a mysterious change of heart and orders Micaiah into
the war--on Begnion's side.

Chapter 3-6: A Reason to Fight                                          [*3.06]

(Inside Begnion's Border, West of the Ribahn River)

Sothe: Are you sure about this, Micaiah? This makes absolutely no sense.

Micaiah: The Daein Royal Army will answer Begnion's request and attack the
    Laguz Alliance at the Ribahn River. Those are our orders from King Pelleas.
    As his subjects, we will obey him.

Sothe: Without even asking why? Daein is finally on its own. Why are we even
    speaking to Begnion, let alone fighting for them?!

Micaiah: I don't know. I do know that King Pelleas wants what's best for
    Daein...just like us. He must know something we don't. I trust him. He's
    changed since the coronation, though. He doesn't smile or laugh anymore.
    Maybe it's because Izuka and the Black Knight vanished.

Sothe: Who cares about Pelleas smiling or laughing? We have no quarrels with
    the Laguz Alliance! Why are we targeting them?

Micaiah: Well, with a few exceptions, the soldiers are excited about hunting
    down the laguz... They've been promised a large bounty for each one they
    kill. It's certainly raised morale.

Sothe: Listen to yourself! Laguz hunting?! That's just great. We've gone from
    being freedom fighters to bigots in the blink of an eye. I can't believe
    you'd go along with such a murderous plan. How do you feel about this,
    Micaiah? Tell me the truth.

Micaiah: ...I don't want to fight.

Sothe: Then why ar--

Micaiah: What choice do I have?! I'm the general of this army. It doesn't
    matter how I feel. Besides, I can't let the king or the soldiers down. My
    duty ultimately lies with them... I'm sorry.

Sothe: Following Pelleas's orders is the same as approving of them.

Micaiah: Sothe, you don't have to do this. I heard that your friend Ike is
    fighting on the side of the Laguz Alliance. Go, fight with them. Or don't
    fight at all. But don't let me force you into anything.

Sothe: I'm not leaving your side. I swore I'd protect you, no matter what. I
    keep my promises. If I can't talk you out of this insanity, I'll fight
    Commander Ike and his men.

Micaiah: Sothe...

Sothe: But we'd better prepare ourselves. This fight will be harder than any
    we've had before.

Micaiah: Thank you. I know this isn't easy. But if one side must fall, I will
    do all I can to make sure it is not Daein. I have no other choice.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


(That Night, East of the Ribahn River)

Ranulf: We've just begun crossing the river. This fog worries me. I can't see
    the other side at all.

Skrimir: When we first crossed this river, it was in triumph, thanks to that
    tiny strategist...

Ranulf: C'mon, Skrimir... You're hurting morale.

Skrimir: I was defeated. By a beorc. How can I return to Gallia with this
    shame? If only I had died, I wouldn't have to suffer this humiliation!

Ranulf: Skrimir, stop. If you had died, Gallia would have lost a brave soldier.

Skrimir: Brave? I am a failure... Please. Leave me alone.

Ranulf: ...


Lyre: Hey, Kyza... Do you smell that?

Kyza: I can't smell anything. What is it?

Lyre: Hm. Maybe it's just my imagination.

Ranulf: Think hard. What kind of smell?

Lyre: Hello, Captain Ranulf! Um, well... Let's see. What IS that smell? Oh, I
    know! It smells like one of those torches that the beorc use!

Ranulf: What?!

Kyza: Are we being pursued? I don't smell any beorc.

Ranulf: That's because the wind is blowing from the other side. Oh no... I have
    a bad feeling about this. Call a halt on the river crossing! Kyza, Lyre! Go
    tell everyone else. I'll make a run for the lead force and let them know! I
    just hope it's not too late! [runs]

Lyre: No... No! The enemy is here? No way!

Kyza: Lyre, run to the left wing and inform them of the situation. [she runs
    before he finishes speaking] Lyre!


Micaiah: Not yet. Wait for them to get closer. Everyone, stay quiet...

[a tiger laguz appears]

Sothe: There's the lead force!

Micaiah: Everyone! Take your positions! Attack!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Lethe: Blast! We're being ambushed! Grr... Turn back! Brothers, turn back!

Gallia: Never!

Lethe: What did you just say?!

Gallia: We're the beast tribe! I'd rather die than be a coward!

Lethe: ...Fine. No pulling back. We stay here and fight to the last. All
    forces, attack!

[roars can be heard]


Ranulf: Lethe, you idiot! Why won't you fall back?!

Lethe: The soldiers think that if we retreat any longer, we'd be throwing away
    our pride.

Ranulf: You're following the lead of some blood-crazed soldiers? You're
    supposed to be in charge!

Lethe: I know that retreat is the sane course of action, Ranulf. But if we run
    now, we'd lose the values we hold dearest in our hearts!

Ranulf: ...Fine, Lethe. As long as it's your decision, not someone else's. I'll
    join the others in the back and watch over Skrimir. We're counting on you!


Lyre: Lethe! Are you out here? Where are you?

Lethe: Lyre! What are you doing here?!

Lyre: Lethe! Oh, Lethe! You're safe! I'm so glad you're all right!

Lethe: Why are you sneaking around?! Get back into position!

Lyre: What?! How dare you! I was just... Oh, forget it! I don't care what
    happens to you anyway! [leaves]

Lethe: I'm sorry, Lyre. It's much too dangerous here. Get back in position.

---------------------------------------------------{the Black Knight appears}--

Black Knight: ...

Micaiah: Sir Knight! You're safe! But where have you been?

Black Knight: My maiden. I shall not ask why you choose to engage in this

Micaiah: For that, you have my thanks.

Black Knight: I am here to protect you. There need be no other reason. Do not
    leave my side.

Micaiah: I understand. Then I shall not ask you why you have been absent. I
    want you to know, I'm happy to see you again. I am very glad you're safe.

Black Knight: ...

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

[attacking with Zihark]

Mordecai: Ah! Zee... Eehark! Hm... Sorry, Mordecai not say your name right. Not

Zihark: What am I doing here? This isn't right. Tell me this is all a bad

Mordecai: Oh, it's good to see... Zee-haark? Why are you sad?

Zihark: Mordecai... I'm so sorry...

[Zihark will not attack, though Mordecai will]


[attacking with Jill]

Mordecai: Ahh! Jill! It's been a long time! What? What's wrong? Why are you

Jill: I'm sorry, Mordecai. I won't take your life, but I must take you out of
    this battle. Forgive me.

Mordecai: What? Why? Mordecai does not understand this...


[attacking with Sothe]

Mordecai: Ahh! You! I remember you! Sothe! You're so big now!

Sothe: Mordecai... I have to fight you. Please fight back.

Mordecai: What?! Mordecai does not wish to...


Mordecai: Sorry, Lethe... I am hurt... I must go back and rest.


[attacking with Zihark]

Zihark: Lethe?

Lethe: Zihark! So, you also side with the enemy?

Zihark: Lethe, please surrender. Our commander doesn't want any more killing.

Lethe: Surrender? Even you could not convince me to surrender. You know that,

Zihark: Lethe, please!

Lethe: Enough! We are enemies. The only thing left for us is this fight!

Zihark: How did it come to this...

[Zihark will not attack, though Lethe will]


[attacking with Jill]

Lethe: How unfortunate. I remember when we first met, as enemies.

Jill: Yes. And then we became allies. And after that, friends. But now...

Lethe: Let us keep emotion out of this. This is war. We will fight.

Jill: My goddess... You can be so cruel...


[attacking with Sothe]

Lethe: You!

Sothe: Wait... Lethe, is that you?

Lethe: Sothe, right? You've grown to become a strong soldier.

Sothe: Please surrender, Lethe. You know the situation is hopeless. Continuing
    this will only mean that more of your soldiers will die.

Lethe: We will not surrender. This alliance stands for something more important
    than our lives!

Sothe: What are you talking about? Death is final, Lethe. Nothing matters if
    you're dead.

Lethe: Silence! We'll never be the slaves of beorc ever again!


Lethe: Grr... Their defenses are strong. We can't push through them. But we
    can't pull back! Retreat is not an option! I'll give my life to uphold the
    honor of the beast tribe!

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

[once the requisite number of kills has been reached]

Micaiah: This is pointless. The Gallian soldiers just keep coming, no matter
    how many we take down. If we keep this up, both sides will take horrible

Lethe: Grr, I can't find an opening! If only I could find one weak point, we
    could break through!

Ranulf: These guys are really clever. They must have a veteran commander to use
    a strategy like this.

Lethe: Ranulf! But, what about General Skrimir?! Isn't he supposed to be at the
    back of the army?

Ranulf: You know how he is. I've got six strong men trying to keep Skrimir from
    coming out here.

Lethe: All right, then. We'll show these beorc a real fight. We should regroup,

Ranulf: Wait. Look, over there.

Micaiah: All troops, lower your weapons! I'm going to propose a cease-fire to
    the Laguz Alliance.


Ranulf: I've seen that black armor before. You're with the Daein army! Why is
    Daein attacking us?!

Micaiah: Are you the general of this army? I am Micaiah, a general of the Daein
    Royal Army.

Lethe: Wait, you're the one in command?!

Micaiah: My king, Pelleas, has decided to answer Begnion's request for help in
    fighting the Laguz Alliance. You have no chance for victory. Further
    bloodshed is meaningless. Please surrender while you can.

Lethe: Do not insult us, tiny beorc! We'd rather die than surrender!

Micaiah: Behind you lies the Begnion army. In front of you is the Daein army.
    You've nowhere to run.

Ranulf: Well, I guess we'll just have to chase you down like cattle and press
    on. Sound good to you, Skrimir?

[a roar can be heard in reply]

Micaiah: What in the goddess's name was that?!

Sothe: Get back, Micaiah! That roar... That must be a lion! Lion laguz are
    stronger than the cat or tiger laguz we've been fighting.

Ranulf: Hey... Is that you, Sothe? You look so much older now. Beorc grow up so
    fast... Just like Ike. Remember him, Sothe?

Sothe: What? So Commander Ike really IS fighting with you?!

Ranulf: Let's just say you shouldn't assume that you can see all of our troops.
    Sothe, if you care for this girl at all, get her and her men out of here.
    That's my only warning to you.

Micaiah: Wait!

Sothe: Stop, Micaiah. If we chase them, they'll kill us for sure.

Micaiah: ...


Micaiah: General Tauroneo! What brings you out here? Has something happened to
    the king?

Tauroneo: No, I am here to deliver supplies. ...And to see how the battle

Sothe: You made up a clever excuse and convinced the king to let you come here?
    I'm impressed. Thanks for coming, General Tauroneo.

Tauroneo: Don't worry about it. I trust that the fight is going well against
    the Laguz Alliance?

Micaiah: Yes, but the enemy seems to have additional forces deployed in the
    area. I expect another battle to begin very soon, and I doubt it will be as
    easy as the last.

Tauroneo: So, we still remain on the brink of battle. I see.

Micaiah: I shall do my best to defeat the Laguz Alliance quickly. When this
    battle is over, please persuade the king to negotiate a peace treaty as
    soon as possible. Would you do this for me? Would you please talk to the
    king and help to stop this pointless war?

Tauroneo: I shall try...


The Daein army takes to the field and deals a heavy blow to the army of the
Laguz Alliance. This sudden aggression shocks the Alliance like a lightning
bolt on a clear day.

With their only avenue of retreat blocked, the forces of the Laguz Alliance
begin to despair. As the last shred of hope is fading, Skrimir appears before
his troops and rallies them on, bolstering their failing strength. Gallian
morale is further improved by the appearance of Tibarn and Ike's forces, who
aid the beast army with talon and steel.

Chapter 3-7: Rivals Collide                                             [*3.07]

(That Night, East of the Ribahn River)

Ike: The Daein army is working with Begnion? That's unexpected, to say the

Tibarn: Why would Daein join the war? I thought all their resources would be
    tied up in reconstruction.

Ranulf: Yeah, that bothers me too. There's something weird about all of this.
    Didn't Daein resent Begnion's occupation? Why would they be so quick to
    help out their former enemy?

Skrimir: Why does not matter. We are running out of time. We must deal with
    this quickly, if we are to get home.

Ike: General Skrimir! Have you recovered from your wounds already?

Skrimir: Yes. Do not underestimate the healing power of the beast tribe.

Tibarn: All right, everyone's here. Let's begin the meeting.


Ranulf: The immediate threat is the Daein army. They're dug in around the area
    that we'll have to use to cross the Ribahn. Maybe we can find another spot
    to cross?

Soren: No, we can't afford it. If we waste any more time, the Central Army will
    catch up to us. If that happens, we're dead.

Ike: Ranulf, tell me your impression of the Daein army. Anything special?

Ranulf: ...Well, there weren't very many of them, but their morale was really
    up there. Their commander seemed very clever, as well.

Soren: It must be the Maiden of Dawn.

Ike: (turns to him) Who?

Soren: She was the hero of the recent Daein uprising. Micaiah is her name, if I
    recall correctly. Supposedly she has performed miracles and turned many
    losing battles into victories. An interesting figure.

Ranulf: Miracles? I'm finding that a bit hard to swallow. Are you sure about

Soren: Who knows? Personally, I doubt it. All I know is that the Daein army
    believes in her miracles, which makes her dangerous.


[cutscene – Micaiah looking up at the sky holding her tome to her chest with
    Sothe in fighting stance behind her, in front of Daein Keep]


Soren: This Maiden of Dawn is supposed to be the savior of Daein, whose
    miraculous powers freed their people from tyranny. In other words, her
    followers are fanatics who see her as a goddess. She will make a formidable


Ranulf: If we attack them head-on, the fighting won't stop until one side is
    decimated. There's got to be a way to avoid that, right?

Titania: What about a decoy force, like we've used in the past?

Tibarn: The decoy only worked because the enemy didn't expect it. I wouldn't
    count on the same strategy working twice.

Soren: Not necessarily. The empire assumes superiority over all other
    countries. Begnion is only using the Daein army as a pawn to stop us, and
    likely won't care if it is destroyed in the process. As such, the Daein
    army is most likely uninformed about our past tactics.

Ranulf: You might have a point there. I went scouting after the fog cleared,
    and their forces looked really unprepared to fight us. They had no
    ballistae, and they hadn't fielded many fire mages. It felt like they
    didn't know a thing about fighting laguz.

Soren: Then we should definitely have a decoy force hit them head-on, while the
    bulk of the army crosses the river in the meantime.

Ike: I'll head up the decoy force, then. The armies of Gallia and Phoenicis can
    cross the river while we fight.

Ranulf: I'll go with you, Ike. Daein would get suspicious if they didn't see
    any laguz in the enemy force.

Tibarn: Sounds like a plan to me. Take some of my men as well, if you want. I
    don't want their talons getting dull.

Ranulf: The Laguz Alliance may have lost the war of might. But we haven't lost
    the war to save the lives of our brothers! This fight will be ours!

Skrimir: Yes! With the fangs and wings of the laguz and the knowledge of the
    beorc, we will return home!

Reyson: Daein cannot stop us now, just as they could not stop us during the Mad
    King's War. We can do this!

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


Sothe: The laguz failed to cross the river. This is their last chance to try.
    This time, they'll attack with beorc as well.

Micaiah: Sothe, you know what that means. If we end up fighting beorc...

Sothe: I know. We'll probably be fighting the Greil Mercenaries. I'm aware.
    It's not going to be pretty.

Micaiah: Sothe. Tell me more about Commander Ike.

Sothe: Why? You used to hate it when I said anything about him.

Micaiah: I want to know more about the man I'll be fighting against. What kind
    of a person is he?

Sothe: Well, let's see... He's generous. He doesn't care about petty things. He
    holds no prejudice against laguz, nor does he care about the opinions of
    the nobles. He's a master swordsman. He accomplishes everything he sets out
    to do. He's a true hero.

Micaiah: I see. He sounds...quite different from King Pelleas.

Sothe: Micaiah, they don't even compare. King Pelleas lacks any leadership or
    decision-making skills.

Micaiah: ...That may be, but I believe in King Pelleas. His heart is in the
    right place. I believe in his virtuous nature and his commitment to being a
    good king...

Sothe: Even though he would set you out on a war that doesn't involve Daein at
    all? A war of bigotry and hate, fighting on the same side as our real
    enemies? You're smarter than this, Micaiah.

Micaiah: Sothe, we've been through this. I know we're about to fight Ike and
    the Greil Mercenaries, but I...

[on the other side of the river]

Ike: It's time. Shall we?

Ranulf: Sigh... Those two are still here. So much for friendly advice, I guess.
    Now it's friends against friends... Things are getting crazy around here.

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Daein: The enemy is on the move. They're crossing the river! There are humans
    among the beasts!

Sothe: Here he comes.

Micaiah: Without the advantage of an ambush, this fight is sure to be tougher
    than our last one.

------------------------------------------------------------{talk; Ike, Ulki}--

Ike: Ulki! What are you doing here?

Ulki: Orders of the king. I am here to assist you.

Ike: Oh, I get it. You're here to guard Reyson.

Ulki: Shh! Ike, please! I cannot let the prince hear about this! Please pretend
    that I'm only here to assist you, I beg of you.

Ike: Sure, that's fine with me. Whatever your reasons, I appreciate the help.

Ulki: Don't mention it.

----------------------------------------------------------{talk; Ike, Janaff}--

Ike: Janaff? What are you doing here?

Janaff: Oh, hey, Ike. Don't mind me. I'm just, um, getting some air.

Ike: Hm. Right. And here I was, assuming you were here to guard Reyson.

Janaff: Shhh! Not so loud! You can't let the White Prince know why I'm here!

Ike: I know, I know. I'm just giving you a hard time.

Janaff: Then help me! Hey, how about this? I'll join the Greil Mercenaries!

Ike: Sounds great to me. Free labor is always welcome.

-----------------------------------------------{battle; Dawn Brigade members}--

Zihark: I'm sorry. I didn't want us to meet again like this. Forgive me.


[attacking with a laguz from FE9]

Zihark: I use my sword for Daein... But am I really fighting for Daein here?
    What am I doing...

[Zihark will not attack, though the laguz will]

-------------------------------------------------------{talk; Ilyana, Zihark}--

---------------------------------------------------------{talk; Brom, Zihark}--

-----------------------------------------------------{talk; Mordecai, Zihark}--

--------------------------------------------------------{talk; Lethe, Zihark}--

[attacking with Ike]

Zihark: Ike...

Ike: It's been a while, Zihark. So, you're with Daein?

Zihark: Yep. This is weird, Ike. I never thought we'd meet again as enemies...

Ike: It's the nature of being a mercenary. No hard feelings, Zihark. Any chance
    you could convince the Daein army to retreat?

Zihark: I wish. It's too complicated right now. Too many politicians playing

Ike: I see... I'm not much for politics. All I do is live by my principles, my
    sword, and my friends. What can I say? I won't change who I am, even if it
    means fighting you.

Zihark: That's fine by me. You're still the man I knew from the Mad King's War.
    It's about time I also threw away my doubts...


Zihark: The Greil Mercenaries... They really are here. There's no way we can
    win this. Sorry, guys. I'm turning back for now. I really suggest you all
    retreat as well.


Jill: My friends... It grieves me to meet again under these circumstances.

-----------------------------------------------------------{talk; Haar, Jill}--

[talking with Haar]

Jill: Sir Haar! Why are you fighting for these people?!

Haar: Hey, you stole my question! Why are you fighting in the Daein army?

Jill: There was a war to liberate Daein while you were gone. So I joined the
    army again.

Haar: Well, it looks like you did a good job. Daein has been liberated. So why
    are you still with the army?

Jill: I can't just leave! These people are my friends!

Haar: Oh, stop with the sentimental nonsense, Jill. In case you haven't
    noticed, you're fighting your friends, too.

Jill: What about you, then? How did you end up in this fight?

Haar: Well... Somehow, I got mixed up in putting down uprisings in Crimea. And
    then I ended up with the Laguz Alliance know, being old
    friends with Ike and all that.

Jill: What?! That is hardly a cause worth fighting for!! You're unbelievable!

Haar: All right, enough debating. What do you want to do now? Do you want to
    fight me?

Jill: Of course not! I could never...

Haar: Then join me.

Jill: Easy for you to say!

Haar: You're full of doubt. How do you live like that all the time? Is that how
    your father wanted you to live? Afraid to trust your own instincts?

Jill: But...

Haar: Daein has no business in this war. You know that, right?

Jill: But...what about my comrades? What about my friends?

Haar: Is dying how you show loyalty? If you're really their friend, then fight
    alongside us! Maybe that will get them to think about what they're doing.

Jill: Oh, Captain...

Haar: Come with me, Jill. We both know that we should follow our hearts, even
    if it makes us traitors. We know that better than anyone. For the sake of
    your father, live your life without shame.

Jill: Y-you're right, Captain Haar! I've been so foolish. Just as before. I
    would be proud to serve with you. And...Captain Haar? Thank you. Thank you
    so much...

[neither Jill nor Haar will directly attack one another]

-----------------------------------------------------------{talk; Mist, Jill}--

[talking with Mist - FE9 support and bond required]

[neither Jill nor Mist will directly attack one another]

----------------------------------------------------------{talk; Lethe, Jill}--

[talking with Lethe - FE9 support and bond required]


[attacking with Ike]

Ike: Jill? You're back with the Daein army?

Jill: I know I owe you all so much... And Mist would grieve if you fell. But I
    cannot retreat. I must stand my ground!

Ike: Fine. Do what you have to do. Since neither side can retreat, we will
    fight. And, Jill...I'm sorry it came to this.

Jill: ...I am too, Commander Ike. Are you ready?


Jill: They're so strong... Even stronger than three years ago. Lady Micaiah, I
    apologize. I must head back for now.


Fiona: Most impressive! I cannot fight with a wound like this. I'll be back


Meg: Oww! Sorry, y'all. I'm turnin' back for now.


Aran: Be careful! They're much stronger than any of the foes we've encountered!
    They defeated me, as well... I'm falling back temporarily.


Laura: Oh no, is this...blood? I'm sorry, Lady Micaiah. I must heal my wounds.


Edward: Ugh...! My ribs... Sorry, Micaiah. I've gotta fall back!


Leonardo: We're totally outclassed in this battle. This is insane. Micaiah, I'm
    sorry. I have to turn back for now...


Nolan: Blast! They're better than I expected! I'm sorry, Micaiah. I need to
    turn back for a while.


Black Knight: Stand aside. You are no match for me.


[attacking with Ranulf]

Ranulf: Oh, I thought I smelled you earlier. We just have to stop meeting like

Black Knight: ...

Ranulf: Back in Gallia, in Crimea... We just ran into each other recently, too.
    I don't know about the others, but I can tell who you are. You have one
    heck of a stench.

Black Knight: ...Enough talk. Prepare yourself.

Ranulf: Still won't own up, huh? Fine. If that's the case, I'll just tear your
    mask off and show everyone myself!


[attacking with Ike]

Ike: So, you are alive. Somehow, I knew it wasn't over yet.

Black Knight: Of course it wasn't over. You were a boy trying to live up to the
    memory of the greatest swordsman in history.

Ike: And yet, I was the one who walked out of the castle that day.

Black Knight: You have your father to thank for that. When you told me that he
    had crippled himself, I realized that I had never fought him at all, merely
    his shadow.

Ike: What are you getting at?

Black Knight: I saw immediately that you were not your father's equal, but that
    one day you might be. So I did the only thing I could to keep you alive...
    I let you win.

Ike: ...You did, didn't you? I've relived that fight so many times... How could
    I not have seen it before?

Black Knight: You were not yet capable of seeing it. But I had to let you live,
    so that you could continue to train and perhaps one day be worthy of
    Gawain's legacy. My armor's blessing is gone; let us see if that day is

Ike: I promise you that it will be. Begin.


Sothe: You should run. I'm not the weak child you remember.


[when Ike enters Sothe's attack range]

Sothe: Commander Ike!

Ike: Look at you, Sothe. You've grown a lot. I almost forgot... You're
    originally from Daein.

Sothe: I'm glad you remembered. I hope it helps explain why I'm here.

Ike: Did you find the person you were looking for?

Sothe: Yes. She commands this army.

Ike: The Maiden of Dawn?

Sothe: Please don't call her by that ridiculous name. Her name is Micaiah.

Ike: I see.

Sothe: Commander, I... I didn't want to see you like this.

Ike: But you don't intend to retreat, do you?

Sothe: That's right.

Ike: Sothe, before you challenge me, you better be ready never to see that girl
    again. Can you handle that?

Sothe: Wh-what?!

Ike: If you can't, stay away from me. You'll get no mercy, despite our past.
    I'm sorry, Sothe, but the choices we've both made have brought us to this.
    There's no turning back now. [leaves]

Sothe: I understand, Commander. And to answer your question... Yes, sir, I can
    handle that. Whenever you're ready, Commander.


[attacking with Ike]

Sothe: Commander, we can't retreat. We have to keep fighting, even if I have to
    fight you...

Ike: Sothe, you've already lost this fight.

Sothe: What do you mean by that?

Ike: you don't think you can win against me, so you won't. Going into a battle
    with that kind of doubt, you'll lose for sure. Just think of me as an enemy
    soldier to be cut down.


Sothe: Unh... Micaiah, I'm sorry.

Micaiah: Sothe? No! Sothe, please! Hold on, I'm coming over to you!

Sothe: Don't worry... I won't die so easily. I'll stay by your side.

Micaiah: Thank goodness you're all right! But, Sothe, go back and rest. You
    can't fight with a gaping wound like that... Promise me that you'll go back
    and get some rest.

Sothe: ...Fine.

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Micaiah: Just as you have a reason to fight, so do we.

------------------------------------------------------{talk; Reyson, Micaiah}--

[talking with Reyson]

Reyson: Micaiah, the Maiden of Dawn... Is that what they call you?

Micaiah: Who are you? Your wings look just like Rafiel's.

Reyson: I am Reyson. My brother told me about you. That is why I'm here. Please
    pull back your troops. Our enemy is not Daein. This is not your fight. Am I
    not correct?

Micaiah: I know how you feel... Though I owe a debt to Rafiel, I cannot do what
    you ask. It's not that I don't want to! I think this whole war is madness!
    But I must keep fighting.

Reyson: Why is that?

Micaiah: This fight is my king's will. I cannot stop fighting just because I
    don't agree with him. If we don't pull together under our new king, Daein
    will fall apart again, just as it did before its liberation. I believe in
    King Pelleas. I believe that our king will lead the people of Daein to

Reyson: ...I see. I understand your position. Please accept my apology for
    asking the impossible.

Micaiah: What? What do you mean?

Reyson: You are fighting to protect your beliefs. I understand that now. But
    remember that we also cannot, and will not, pull back. We both carry a
    heavy burden. That's why we're here.

Micaiah: Yes... 


[attacking with Soren]

Soren: ...Ah, that explains quite a bit about the stories that surround you.

Micaiah: Who are you? You're... You're just like me!

Soren: Yes, they call our kind the Branded. As the years pass, I understand
    better and better how others see us.

Micaiah: You are so...cold. It's like you're cloaked in frost. Is there even
    blood in your veins?

Soren: There is. Blood very similar to yours, in fact. Blood that teaches us
    what it means to be rejected and alone.

Micaiah: Your heart is frozen, but I feel a warm core trying to melt through
    that ice. I see... You have someone you cherish very much. Someone you rely

Soren: Do not presume to understand me, you ridiculous girl. You have no idea
    who I am and what I can do. None at all. Daein has no business in this war.
    I will defeat you swiftly and send you and your army back to Daein.

Micaiah: I finally meet my own kind, and he is an enemy... ...I will not
    retreat. I won't let you go any further!


[attacking with Ike]

Micaiah: You're...

Ike: Hello.

Micaiah: You must be Ike, of the Greil Mercenaries.

Ike: And you're the Maiden of Dawn, Micaiah?

Micaiah: I feel like I know you already. Maybe it's because Sothe has told me
    so much about you.

Ike: I hate to do this to Sothe, but if you stand before me as my enemy, you'll
    get no mercy from me.

Micaiah: ...Good. I prefer it that way. Prepare yourself!


Micaiah: My wounds... They're nothing! They're nothing compare to what my
    people have suffered! We won't lose! We'll never give up!

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

[after surviving the requisite number of turns]

Ulki: ...Janaff. The king is calling us.

Janaff: Hmm, right. Good! Looks like we did it! Ike! The main force has crossed
    the river. We did it!

Ike: Excellent. Everyone, push through! Let's meet up with the main force!


Daein: The beast soldiers are behind us! We're being attacked from behind!

Sothe: The Gallians?! How did they cross the river?!

Daein: It's not just the beasts! There are hundreds of hawks, as well!

Micaiah: Even the hawk tribe is here? The Begnion army never told us that they
    had moved out...

Sothe: ...They got us. Commander Ike's force was just a decoy.

Micaiah: Staying will only increase casualties. Let's retreat.

Daein: No, Maiden! We can still fight! Please give us your orders!

Micaiah: I have. We shall retreat! I will not let all of you die in vain!

Begnion: But...

Sothe: General's orders. We kept our losses to a minimum. That's enough for
    this battle.

Daein: Yes, sir! [leaves]

Sothe: Micaiah, I'm surprised. This is the first time you couldn't predict the
    enemy's movement.

Micaiah: ...You're right. [collapses]

[Yune chirps]

Sothe: Micaiah?! What's wrong?!

Micaiah: Sothe, don't... Just act...normal. watching...


(Daein Keep)

Pelleas: What? Micaiah failed to eradicate the Laguz Alliance?! No!

Lekain: Hmm, this looks bad, King Pelleas. Is this how the people of Daein
    repay Begnion for all the kindness it has offered them? I'm afraid Daein
    and the senate's friendly relationship stops here.

Pelleas: P-please, wait! Give me one more chance, I beg of you!

Lekain: Well, well... Since you begged, I suppose... I will consider it.

Pelleas: Please, just listen... Daein remains loyal to the senate. We will
    carry out any task give to us. Your whim is our command. Just, please give
    us another chance!

Lekain: Very well. We shall overlook your failure this one time. But only once.
    Farewell, young king of Daein.


[Lekain teleports out]


???: Pelleas...

[Almedha appears]

Pelleas: ...Mother!

Almedha: That man you were speaking with... He is a senator from Begnion,
    correct? Duke Lekain of Gaddos, I believe? He was here before as part of
    the empire's inspection team. He came in Duke Persis's stead.

Pelleas: Yes. You are quite right, Mother. That was Vice-Minister Lekain of
    Begnion. So you saw us together...

Almedha: Tell Mother what happened. You look absolutely terrified. Does that
    man have something on you? Is he trying to hurt you? It's all right to tell
    your mother th--

Pelleas: No. It's quite all right, Mother. We were talking about the future of
    our two countries, and how we our relationship.

Almedha: But--

Pelleas: Please go back to your room. I shall go rest as well. I find myself
    very tired of late. [leaves]

Almedha: Pelleas... Wait! Oh, my son...


The diversion created by the Greil Mercenaries allows the Laguz Alliance to
slip successfully past the Daein army's blockade.

Yet General Zelgius and his Central Army show no mercy and continue their
relentless pursuit of the Laguz Alliance. The weakened alliance is forced to a
hard choice: they must pass through the northern edge of the Serenes forest.
From there, they will try to make their way to a hidden road that will lead
them out of Begnion and back to Gallia.

Chapter 3-8: Incandescent Glow                                          [*3.08]

(Seliora Castle, Begnion)

Ike: How are we doing for time, Janaff?

Janaff: They're gaining on us. Their lead force is about...let's day

Ranulf: You've got to be kidding! How did they cover so much ground since

Ike: They're definitely moving faster than we expected. At this rate, they'll
    catch us soon. Any ideas?

Soren: ...With the enemy closing in so quickly, it would be unwise to use this
    secret passage. If Begnion found it, it would give them an open invitation
    to surge across Gallia. Your kind would not be pleased.

Ranulf: We can't expose our country to that danger. We have to think of
    something else.

Ike: Well, we can't start a fight in the Serenes Forest. Besides the terrain
    disadvantage, the forest isn't fully healed, and we can't risk burning it
    down again. Soren, any ideas?

Soren: Our options are profoundly limited, Ike. It appears our only other
    choice is those caves up ahead.

Ranulf: Caves? Oh...yeah, those are the Kauku Caves. We don't want to go there.
    It's a complex maze, full of lava and ash. Not exactly a place you'd want
    to rest. The legends say that, through the caves, there's one exit that
    leads to Gallia, and another exit that leads to Goldoa. Whatever the
    legends say, though, the fact is that it's suicide to go in there. We don't
    even have a map!

Ulki: However, the more you hens carry on, the closer the enemy advances on us.
    They're now less than a day away.

Soren: If the enemy catches up to us in this forest, we will certainly die. The
    caves are known to be dangerous, so Begnion may not pursue. Even the most
    formidable natural hazard isn't as deadly as an intelligent, living enemy.
    We must go to the caves. Now.

Ike: All right, Soren. I trust you. Let's move out for the caves.


Zelgius: Are you sure? We have visual confirmation of the Laguz Alliance
    heading into the Kauku Caves?

Levail: Yes, sir. The enemy must be desperate. Why else would they enter that
    forsaken death trap?

Zelgius: We cannot go there without preparation. It would be suicide. Let's not
    follow them to their deaths. ...That ends our pursuit, then. Tell the men
    that this mission is over.

???: I cannot allow you to do that, my dear General.

Levail: You're--!

[a senator appears]

Zelgius: Senator Valtome.

Valtome: Uwee hee hee. You're not even a tiny bit surprised, Lord Zelgius of
    Cador? What a frightful bore you are. I came here in secret just to
    surprise you.

Zelgius: Oh, I am surprised indeed. What would bring a senator of your station
    to a place like this? Do you bring new orders?

Valtome: Uwee hee hee. Oh, yes. I am here to deliver a decision handed down by
    the senate. In its wisdom, the senate has appointed me commander in chief
    of the Imperial Army. From this moment on, this army is mine.

Zelgius: ...I see. Then I am at your command. Your orders, Commander?

Valtome: Uwee hee hee. Oh, you are ever so serious! You haven't changed one
    bit, Zelgius. One of these days, I will catch you off guard. Well, I
    suppose that impassive face of yours is just part of your charm.

Zelgius: ...Senator Valtome. Your orders.

Valtome: Oh, yes, orders. Hmm, well, this battle is taking far too long for my
    taste. We will pull back and conquer Gallia by taking a different path.

Zelgius: I see. Then I shall inform my men.

Valtome: The northern force will stay here. Tell them to go inside the caves
    and search for bodies of dead sub-humans or something.

Zelgius: What?! Sending them into those caves is the same as sending them to
    the gallows. I implore you to reconsider, Commander.

Valtome: I gave my order, did I not? Get those men in those caves right this
    minute! And, Zelgius? Never question my orders again, or I'll have you
    killed. Is that clear? Besides, you should be happy. You're coming with me
    to finally wipe out those beasts. Come along now. [leaves]

Zelgius: ...


(Kauku Caves, Begnion)

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


(Inside the Kauku Caves)

Septimus: Why... Why do I always get stuck with these awful missions? I should
    have curried favor with General Zelgius! Then perhaps I wouldn't have had
    to step into these ghastly caves...

[some distance away]

Janaff: Hey, Ike! We have company.

Ike: Seems that way. What kind of numbers are we looking at? I can't see
    through all this smoke and heat.

Ranulf: It's just like Soren said: a token force.

Janaff: As far as I can tell, Zelgius isn't leading them. That helps things.

Ike: We have to keep the enemy away from Skrimir? And the others while they
    look for an exit. Let's proceed as planned. We have enough people here to
    deal with these clowns. Everyone ready?

Ranulf: We're set. Let's finish this and get out of here!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Septimus: They told me that the enemy would be burnt by the time I reached
    them. The only thing I'd have to do was carry their dead bodies back as
    proof... It's just my luck that the enemy is alive and well! Why does this
    always happen to me?


[attacking with Ranulf]
Septimus: AHHH! Th-they're here! Th-th-the sub-humans! The mongrels are here!
    They want to consume me!


[attacking with Ike]

Septimus: Wh-who are you?!

Ike: Ike of the Greil Mercenaries. You don't look too good. Maybe you should
    just leave...

Septimus: Wait a moment... HAH! Look, everyone! Look at this one! He's not a
    beast! Oh, thank the goddess! Victory is nigh!

Ike: So... Chasing us into these caves wasn't the plum assignment that all the
    best generals wanted, huh?

Septimus: How DARE you! Take my spear, knave!


Septimus: I-I knew it... I knew I would end up like this...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

[Ike and Ranulf kill several enemy soldiers; Skrimir runs up]

Skrimir: Ike, Ranulf! This way! I found a way out.

Ranulf: Excellent! Let's get out of here!

Ike: You don't have to tell me twice.


Skrimir: Yes! We did it! We made it through the caves!

Ike: Looks like we finally lost the Begnion army, as well. We can finally rest
    a bit.

Skrimir: I thought we were finished... I thought my rashness had killed us. But
    we've lived to see our land again!

Tibarn: Hey, Skrimir. Has all the heat gone to that shaggy head of yours? Look
    around. Is this Gallia?

Skrimir: ...What?! No! We can't be in--

Goldoa: You! By whose authority have you entered this land?!

Ranulf: Goldoa, the land of the dragons... By the goddess, did we mess up.

Skrimir: The dragons... It is said they are the most powerful of all the laguz
    tribes. I've always wanted to fight a dragon, but I never expected it would
    happen like this... When our king finds out about this, I will have much
    explaining to do.

Tibarn: You've got to get home first, Skrimir. I guess we have to pay that
    stubborn old lizard a visit, don't we?

Reyson: Let's go.


(Castle Goldoa)

[pan shot of a throne room with a single stone chair]

Tibarn: ...And there you have it. We never intended to violate Goldoa's
    borders. It was an accident.

Dheginsea: I see... I understand your predicament. However, your reasons
    neither justify nor change the fact that you trespassed on our territory. I
    order you to leave immediately. Go back the way you came, through the

Skrimir: You would have us go through Kauku Caves again?! Never!

Ranulf: Stop talking, Skrimir!

Skrimir: Many of my men are wounded! You're sending them to their deaths! I
    will not allow this!

Dheginsea: It is regrettable, yes. However, I cannot make exceptions. Your men
    will leave. Now.

Skrimir: How could a laguz be so cold to his brothers? We are your people as

Tibarn: This isn't news, Skrimir. Goldoa and its lizards have ignored the
    suffering of their laguz brothers for centuries. They even looked the other
    way while we birds and beasts were enslaved by beorc! Isn't that so, Dragon

Dheginsea: ...Our country is neutral. It has been since time out of mind and
    will continue to be so.

Ike: Then you might as well just kill us now. It'd be the same as sending us
    back to the Kauku Caves, and it saves us the walk.

Dheginsea: You are a beorc. I would not expect your short-lived kind to

Ike: I don't need to understand to see that it's a poor king who has so little
    regard for his fellow living creatures!

Dheginsea: Hmm...

[Ena and Nasir appear]

Ena: ...Your Majesty! Please hear our plea!

Dheginsea: What are you two doing here?

Ena: Please allow my grandfather and me to guide the Laguz Alliance to the
    borders of Gallia. I beg of you.

Nasir: Prince Reyson of the heron tribe stands among these men. The dragon
    tribe owes him safe passage. Please, Your Majesty! He saved the soul of
    your son! Would you condemn them to die, despite the good they've done?

Dheginsea: ...Hmph. Do as you like. This is the only exception I will ever
    make. [leaves]

Ena: Thank you, Your Majesty.


Nasir: Well, here you are. I think you know the way from here.

Ranulf: Thanks, Nasir. You really saved us back there.

Nasir: It's the least we could do. I will pray for your safety.

[Nasir and Ena turn around]

Ike: Hey, wait up, you two! [runs up] We haven't seen you in a long time. Don't
    you have some time to stay and talk with us for a little while?

Ena: A long time? What do you mean? We just saw you three years ago!

Ike: Oh, that's right... Three years isn't all that long for you dragons, is

Ena: Oh, I'm sorry. I suppose three years would feel slightly longer for beorc.

Nasir: Ike. I would love to stay and talk, but now is not the proper time. In
    truth, we are not even allowed to speak with you at all. Now, please go.

Ike: Why? Why do you isolate yourselves from everyone?

Nasir: ...I don't expect you to understand. But I want you to know that we obey
    our king's decision of our own free will. That's all I can say.

Ike: Nasir...

Nasir: You should go. Many of your wounded need immediate attention. Head back
    to Gallia at once, and tell the lion king what happened.

Ike: All right... I don't get it, but I'll go now. We'll see each other again?

Nasir: I certainly hope so. You are one of our dearest friends.

Ena: Take care, and be safe.

[Ike turns and walks back]


Goldoa, the land of dragons, lies secluded in the southwestern corner of
Tellius. No foreigner, laguz, or beorc, is permitted within its borders.

The alliance emerges from the lava tubes and into Goldoa by accident. The
dragon king, Dheginsea, is displeased by this trespass. However, Ike's former
companions Nasir and Ena appeal to Dheginsea to allow the passage of the Laguz
Alliance. Reyson's actions during the last war earn them the grudging respect
of King Dheginsea, who allows them safe passage.

Meanwhile, Begnion calls off its pursuit of the alliance and finds its passage
into Gallia blocked by the nation's great mountains and deep forests. The
Central Army's momentum breaks upon these obstacles like an ocean wave against
solid rock. Senator Valtome arrives to take command of the Central Army. He
orders Zelgius to march on to Gallia by way of Crimea. Observing diplomatic
protocol, Valtome petitions the queen for passage as well as supplies and
additional troops.

Queen Elincia, however, goes against the wishes of the Crimean nobles and
resolutely denies each of Valtome's requests. Her reply enrages Valtome, who
sees Crimea as little more than a vassal of the empire. Ignoring Zelgius's
counsel, Valtome orders his army to enter Crimea and take whatever they need
from the villages along the way.

Chapter 3-9: Marauders                                                  [*3.09]

(Castle Crimea)

Crimea: Your Majesty, the Begnion army has crossed the border. They are seizing
    food and supplies and calling it tribute to the empire. There are no
    casualties yet, but they are acting like bandits!

Elincia: I see... So, they simply ignored me.

Lucia: What shall I tell the troops, Your Majesty?

Elincia: ...Order the Royal Knights to mobilize. Ride out and advise Begnion to
    withdraw. If they do not comply... I approve the use of force to remove
    them from our lands.

Aristocrat: But...Your Majesty! This is the Begnion army we are talking about!
    It would be unwise to provoke them!

Elincia: I had hoped to avoid this situation... But the empire's attempts to
    strong-arm our people shall not go unanswered. Deploying the Royal Knights
    is the only way to protect our borders from incursion. However, I remain
    open to suggestions. Do you have an alternate plan of action, Lord Saron?

Aristocrat: N-no... Please forgive my impudence. Your Majesty is quite right.

Elincia: I am glad we are in agreement, Lord Saron.

[the lord leaves]

Lucia: This whole situation disturbs me greatly. I wonder... What is happening
    to the empire?

Elincia: I doubt that the apostle would allow this sort of thing to happen. We
    should prepare for the worst. I fear something horrible must be happening
    within Begnion.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


[Chapter 3-9; Villagers] (*)

Man: Hey, did you hear? The Imperial Army is requesting Crimea's assistance.

Youth 1: Yeah, I heard! I also heard that the messenger treated our queen with
    no respect at all! Who do they think they are!?

Lady: Shhh! Not so loud! Begnion is ruled by the apostle. They helped us when
    Daein invaded. It's only right that we pay back the favor by coming to
    their aid.

Man: But Begnion is fighting the beast tribes of Gallia. Why would we fight
    Gallia? The beast tribes helped us rebuild Crimea.

Youth 2: That's true, but come on! Think about it. Who would you rather side
    with? A land of beorc, or the land of sub...laguz? The answer's as plain as
    day. We side with the beorc.

Man: Hmm... You have a point.

Youth 1: I'd choose Gallia over Begnion.

Lady: Really?

Youth 2: But why?

Youth 1: The people of Gallia helped us rebuild the village, even though we're
    beorc. They even repaired the road to the farm that's up on the mountain.
    That wasn't an easy job, either.

Lady: Yes, I remember. What was his name... Mordecai? He was strong, yet very
    kind. He looked frightening at first, but the children in the village loved
    to play with him. He was a wonderful man.

Man: If the queen decides to answer Begnion's request for troops, we'd have to
    fight Gallia. How terrible would that be?

Youth 2: That's war, isn't it?

Man: Yes. I suppose it is, at that.

Lady: Hmm.

Youth 2: I wish we didn't have to fight anyone at all.


(Crimea, near the Begnion border)

Roark: Are you layabouts done collecting supplies? We don't have all day!

Begnion: No, sir. Progress is slow. These people just don't have much.
    Something about an uprising earlier...

Roark: Fools! I don't want excuses! Take anything you see, and if these
    bumpkins complain at all, cut them down! Because you can bet your armor
    that Senator Valtome will do the same to us if we're not done by the time
    he arrives!

[the soldier leaves; another one comes up]

Begnion: Reporting, sir! A Crimean army is approaching from the southwest! It
    seems to be the Royal Knights!

Roark: Wh-what?! Crimea is moving against us?! Those backwater fools! All
    right. Keep working. I'll take several men out to slow their approach!
    Colonial fools... I'll teach them what it means to defy the empire!


Kieran: General Geoffrey! We've confirmed the presence of the Begnion army in
    the village ahead of us!

Geoffrey: I would prefer to avoid a fight, but I suppose that decision is up to
    them. Let's hurry!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Roark: Crimean soldiers! How dare you turn your weapons against us! You will
    pay for this betrayal. Men, burn these shanties to the ground! Show these
    fools what we do to traitors!


Geoffrey: Monsters! They're setting the village on fire! Knights, evacuate the
    villagers and put out the fires immediately!

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Roark: Dog of Crimea! I'll crush you!


Geoffrey: I am Geoffrey, the commander of the Crimean Royal Knights. Do you
    command these men?

Roark: Knight of Crimea. You are clearly guilty of treason against the Begnion
    Empire! Do you understand what it means to send an army against us? You've
    just killed your people.

Geoffrey: You have been warned. Queen Elincia will not accept any further acts
    of violence or banditry within our borders! Withdraw your troops
    immediately, or I cannot guarantee your safe return! Decide quickly.

Roark: How dare you take that tone with me! I'll put you in your place!


Roark: The empire will not forget this... Once our main forces arrive, they
    will slaughter you like cattle!

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Geoffrey: Good, the enemy's retreating. Knights! Stay here and help to fix the
    damage done to this village.


Lucia: Good work, Geoffrey. You sent them running.

Geoffrey: Lucia! What are you doing here?

Lucia: I'm here to protect Her Majesty.

[Elincia appears]

Elincia: Superb work, Geoffrey. You have my thanks.

Geoffrey: Your Majesty... Forgive me. I could not avoid a confrontation with
    the Imperial Army.

Elincia: It wasn't your fault, Geoffrey. However...I'm afraid our situation
    continues to deteriorate. Lucia, I appoint you as envoy to negotiate a
    treaty with the commander of the Imperial Army. They might be willing to
    listen now.

Lucia: I shall leave immediately, Your Majesty.


(Days Later... Castle Crimea)

Elincia: Senator Valtome... I sincerely regret having to meet under these

Valtome: Oh, I completely agree, Your Majesty. I never dreamed we'd suffer so
    much mistreatment from our allies. So, you've decided that Crimea will side
    with Gallia, and honor the alliance with those filthy sub-humans over ours?

Elincia: As I've said before, Crimea remains neutral. Crimea will side neither
    with Begnion nor the Laguz Alliance. That is my final answer.

Valtome: Ah, then please enlighten me... Why prevent us from getting what we
    needed? Begnion is your suzerain. You should comply
    with our request for supplies. But instead, you launch an ambush and
    inflict horrible pain on us, your loving guardians. Now, Begnion is a
    patient parent, but I do hope you realize that your actions thus far have
    amounted to treason and sedition...

Elincia: You have violated our borders, stolen from my people, and inflicted
    harm upon them. I will not allow such actions within my lands, no matter
    who the aggressor may be!

Valtome: How quaint. Uwee hee hee... Your Majesty, do you know what the
    penalties are for the crimes you've committed? I can only assume you do
    not, or you would not so rashly endanger your life. But don't worry, Queen
    Elincia. Once Begnion has your crown--along with your head--removed for
    treason, I'm sure we will take VERY good care of your people.

Zelgius: Senator Valtome!

Valtome: I think, after the dust has settled, I'll place my portrait right over
    your throne-- ...Mmm-hmm. It was a pleasure chatting with Your Majesty. I
    am leaving now. She's all yours, General. [leaves]

Zelgius: Your Majesty... Please forgive my superior officer's insolence.

Elincia: Wait, I recognize you... You came to our aid some time ago, during the
    Mad King's War. General Zelgius, wasn't it?

Zelgius: Yes, Your Majesty. This is the second time I've had the honor of
    seeing you. I sincerely apologize for my army's actions during the resupply
    operation. Please, forgive us.

Elincia: The Begnion Empire and the apostle gave us much support in our
    reconstruction effort. Crimea will always appreciate Begnion's generosity.
    However... Crimea and Gallia are allies. As such, we cannot take a side in
    this quarrel. Please understand.

Zelgius: ...I understand, Your Majesty. Our forces will refrain from levying
    supplies while in Crimea.

Elincia: Oh... Thank you for your understanding.

Zelgius: However, I must ask you to agree on these two points. First, the
    Imperial Army shall be given leave to pass through Crimea toward Gallia.
    Second, we shall be allowed to engage the Gallian army in towns near the
    Crimea-Gallia border.

Elincia: Excuse me?! This peace talk is meaningless. You will still do battle
    and spill blood within our borders!

Zelgius: I'm afraid this is the best I can offer. It's sometimes necessary to
    cut your losses for the greater good. Please think on it. Tomorrow, my army
    will begin marching toward Gallia. If the Crimean army does not interfere,
    I will take it as a sign of agreement. Farewell, Your Majesty. [leaves]

Elincia: General Zelgius! Please wait!

[he returns]

Elincia: Does the apostle know anything about this war with the laguz?

Zelgius: ...

Elincia: It's just very hard for me to believe... Is this war truly the will of
    the apostle?

Zelgius: ...That is not for me to answer, Your Majesty.

Elincia: Then at least tell me this: is the apostle safe?

Zelgius: ...Excuse me, I must go. [leaves]

Elincia: General...


After Elincia's meeting with Valtome, the Crimean Royal Knights return to the
capital of Melior, leaving the border villages between Crimea and Gallia
completely undefended.

The Begnion Central Army crosses the border once more, but Crimea makes no move
to march against it. Valtome sees this inaction as a sign of Crimea's
capitulation to Begnion's demands. The Begnion forces occupy the Crimean
castles and forts on the border with Gallia and prepare to launch their attack.

The Laguz Alliance finally makes its way back to Gallia, but word of Begnion's
approach allows them no time for rest. The news that Gallia's ally, Crimea, has
allowed Begnion to travel through its lands comes as a great blow to the Laguz

Chapter 3-10: The Heart of Crimea                                       [*3.10]

(Castle Gallia)

Ranulf: According to our scouts, the enemy has split into two forces. One is
    east of the Ertz Mountains. The other is approaching from the north, by
    crossing through Crimea.

Tibarn: So, they plan on flanking Gallia from the north and east. If we don't
    stop them, this is gonna hurt.

Caineghis: Agreed. What is the Crimean army doing?

Ranulf: From what the scouts have said, nothing at all. I'm guessing they're
    waiting to see how everything pans out.

Skrimir: Crimea let Begnion pass without a fight?! What about their alliance
    with Gallia?

Ranulf: It's not that simple, Skrimir. Begnion is Crimea's suzerain state. It's
    difficult for Crimea to refuse Begnion's demands.

Skrimir: A suza-what? Someone explain to me what that means.

Ranulf: Hmm, how can I explain... All right, how's this? Begnion still holds
    political power over countries that won independence from them. Anything
    you want to add, Ike?

Ike: Don't look at me. I've always thought the whole idea was ridiculous.

Skrimir: Never mind what it means. Has Crimea broken its treaty with us?

Ranulf: such. I didn't say it was right, just that it was

Skrimir: It's not complicated at all! Crimea has betrayed Gallia! We cannot let
    this pass! How da--

???: Control yourself, Skrimir. You're acting like a fool.

[Caineghis appears once again]

Skrimir: M-my apologies, Your Majesty. It is just--

Caineghis: I doubt that Crimea has sided with Begnion. Queen Elincia is very
    clever, and I will not stop trusting her judgment just yet. She most likely
    allowed the Imperial Army to pass through her lands in order to avoid a

[Nailah and Rafiel appear]

Nailah: Who is this beorc queen who warrants so much trust? Please, enlighten

Caineghis: She is a delightful woman, both in manner and in reign. Her late
    father, King Ramon, and I forged an alliance between beorc and laguz. We
    sought to bring our peoples closer. She has taken her father's ideals as
    her own and strives to create a country where anyone, beorc or laguz, can
    live free and in peace.

Rafiel: How times have changed... I never could have dreamed of a time where
    such a beorc ruler would exist. I must admit, I still have doubts.

[Reyson and Leanne appear]

Reyson: I don't blame you, my brother. Change has been slow, but the circle of
    acceptance in Tellius has been widening. As you can see, both Leanne and I
    have many beorc friends. Queen Elincia of Crimea is one of them.

Skrimir: Both the king and Reyson speak well of this woman! Is she truly so

Ike: She truly is. But right now, that's beside the point. The most important
    thing is, Elincia will never betray her allies in Gallia.

Ranulf: I couldn't agree more. We can trust her.

Caineghis: All right. Let's assume for now that Crimea will not aid the empire
    in any military fashion during this conflict. Hawk King, let's hear your

Tibarn: Well, if Crimea won't make a move, then I see no reason to wait until
    the empire reaches Gallia. I'd prefer to take an army up north and end this
    mess for good.

Caineghis: Very well. Ike, do the Greil Mercenaries have anything to add?

Soren: ...I agree with Tibarn's idea. We should strike while their army is
    split in half. I'm pretty sure that General Zelgius will be there, though.
    We'd better be careful.

Caineghis: Very well. Hawk King, may I ask that your forces protect the
    eastern border? While they do that, I would like you to lead our strike
    force to the northern border. Take Ranulf with you, as well.

Skrimir: Send me too, Your Majesty! Please, let me reclaim my honor! I beg you.

Ranulf: I second that, Your Majesty. Skrimir is perfect for this mission.

Skrimir: Ranulf?

Caineghis: ...Very well. Will you look after him, Hawk King?

Tibarn: Sure, I can handle him. He's easier to keep under control than you are,
    Lion King.

Caineghis: Hmph. He's all yours, then. Now, everyone. Prepare to leave before
    daybreak. We are all depending on you.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


[The Greil Mercenaries and a force of laguz stand on a field, across from a
    Begnion force]

Gallia: Insects of Begnion! We'll show you the power of the beast tribe!

Phoenicis: Beorc scum! For the razing of our homes, we'll make you wish you'd
    never been born!

Begnion: Filthy sub-humans! This war ends now. Prepare yourselves!

[a small army can be seen standing on the overlooking hill]

Gallia: A beorc army is approaching from the hill to the left! That flag...
    It's the Crimean army!

Gallia: C-Crimea intends to side with the empire after all!

[Elincia flies down and stops right in between both sides]

Ike: Elincia? What are you doing...


[Elincia stands on the ground, her pegasus at her side]

Valtome: Uwee hee hee. Finally, they see the light and are coming to fight with
    us! Excellent. Took them long enough. I suppose when you have the brain of
    a gnat, these things take some time to sink in.

Elincia: [turns to the laguz] I am Queen Elincia of Crimea. I have a message
    for the commanders of both armies! I am here to declare the will of Crimea
    and its people! Crimea has been ruled under the ideals of peace and
    equality since the reign of my father, King Ramon. As such, I cannot and
    will not allow you to spill blood upon our land! Therefore...

[she turns to the Begnion army]

Elincia: I demand that both the Laguz Alliance and the Imperial Army leave
    Crimea at once!

Valtome: Withdraw our troops?! You foolish girl! We will not be ordered about
    by the proclamations of a peasant like you! Puppet rulers such as yourself
    should stay inside their pretty castles and play dress-up. Begnion's
    patience has worn out. After we finish slaughtering the sub-humans, we'll
    be coming for you in Melior.

Elincia: Commander of the Laguz Alliance. How do you respond?

Tibarn: ...You have some serious guts, jumping into the middle of a battlefield
    all by yourself. But your high-and-mighty beliefs don't change the fact
    that Begnion must answer for its crimes. Step aside.

Elincia: ...Very well. I've heard from both commanders. Then--

[she places her sword at her feet, disarming herself]

Elincia: This is Crimea's answer. We will not sway from our ideas. My
    countrymen stand united. We will not use force. But we are willing to do
    whatever it takes to end this here and now.

Valtome: What?! Have you lost your mind?

[Tibarn flies up to her]

Tibarn: Heh...

Elincia: ...

Tibarn: ...Ha... Hahahahaha! [turns back to the laguz army] Ike, I thought you
    were the craziest beorc I'd ever met, but you have some serious
    competition! Crimea's queen is one tough woman... Your Majesty, I like your
    style! Skrimir! I can't let such a pretty woman down. Let's get out of

Skrimir: Of course. The beast tribe will not use our claws against unarmed
    beorc. Soldiers, back to the forest!

[the laguz army leaves]

Elincia: Thank you, King Tibarn.

Tibarn: This is only temporary. The war between the Laguz Alliance and Begnion
    isn't finished yet.

Elincia: Yes, I understand that. Even so, I want you all to know where Crimea
    stands in this.

Tibarn: ...Hey, you and I should get together and chat sometime. I'll be seeing
    you again soon. [flies back]

Levail: General Zelgius! What are your orders? Shall we launch an attack?

Zelgius: No. We will withdraw.

Levail: Are you certain, General?

Zelgius: Could you cast aside your weapon while surrounded by armed soldiers?

Levail: I don't know, sir... No, probably not.

Zelgius: Queen Elincia has done something that even I would be hard pressed to
    do. For that, we must show our respect.

[the Begnion army walks away]

Valtome: Stop this instant! Wait! Where do you think you're going?! Attack
    those mangy beasts!

Zelgius: Please forgive my audacity. However, we are withdrawing. Every battle
    ebbs and flows. To go against these tides is unwise. Please understand,

Valtome: You self-righteous fool... You'll understand something else, once
    we're through with this battle.

[Zelgius starts walking away]

Mist: I don't want to go back yet... Do we have time to talk to Elincia?

Titania: It has been a long time since we last saw Queen Elincia. We should at
    least say hello.

Ranulf: Sure, sounds great to me. There's probably not much time for small
    talk, but we'll see.

Valtome: ...Soldiers! Kill the queen of Crimea! That girl is a traitor to

Ranulf: Whoa, this isn't good! The Imperial Army is on the move. They're after
    Queen Elincia!

Ike: So much for imperial honor. Greil Mercenaries! Looks like we have our old
    job back! Protect Queen Elincia!

[up on the hill]

Geoffrey: Tch! I knew it! Follow me, my knights! We shall protect Her Majesty!


Valtome: Kill every living thing that stands in our way! Show them that I--no,
    the senate--controls this pathetic land!

Sergei: Of course, Senator Valtome! I'd be happy to kill the wench.

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

---------------------------------------------------------{talk; Ike, Elincia}--

Ike: Elincia!

Elincia: Sir Ike!

Ike: I'm glad you're safe. That was one crazy move you pulled.

Elincia: It's what I had to do to stop the fighting. efforts have
    failed. I could not stop them.

Ike: But at least you made your point to the Laguz Alliance. I'm sure there are
    those in the Imperial Army who understand as well. You did the right thing.

Elincia: You're always so kind. Thank you, Sir Ike.


Levail: General Zelgius! Senator Valtome is about to run down the queen of

Zelgius: That useless parasite. Attacking an unarmed woman... This is beneath
    even him.

Levail: The Crimean army and a part of the Laguz Alliance have joined battle in
    order to rescue the queen. They are fighting Senator Valtome. Shall we
    assist the senator?

Zelgius: Prepare to leave. We are not fighting.

Levail: But, General... That would mean that we abandoned Duke Culbert's

Zelgius: I will take all responsibility for this. Make my command clear to all
    of the men. I will not accept more units joining this fight!


Begnion: Commander! Our force is taking heavy losses! Defeat is imminent. Even
    our strike force cannot keep the enemy at bay! Please, you must escape!

Valtome: I've been defeated? Me? By worthless rabble like this?! Ugh, blast 
    that Zelgius! How dare he not assist me! I'll have his pompous head for
    this! [walks away with the soldier]

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Sergei: Fools! How dare you fight my master? He is Senator Valtome, duke of
    Culbert! Die in his name!


[attacking with Ike]

Sergei: We are under the direct orders of Senator Valtome! His words carry the
    weight of the entire senate! Mercenaries! You know how war works. You know
    that Begnion can pay--

Ike: Save your breath. The Greil Mercenaries choose our employers. All the
    wealth in the senate couldn't buy us. Lay down your bow and surrender.

Sergei: What?! Wretched fool! You'll rot in the ground next to that treacherous


Sergei: S-Senator Valtome...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Ranulf: Phew... Begnion's finally given up! That took some doing.

Ike: Tell me about it. But we did get some good information out of all this.
    Now we know for certain that there are serious leadership problems in the
    Imperial Army. I'm glad General Zelgius was honorable enough to withdraw.
    If the full strength of the two armies had clashed, Elincia's effort
    would've been wasted.

[Geoffrey appears]

Geoffrey: Sir Ike! Sir Ranulf! Thank you for helping us save Queen Elincia.

Ike: Geoffrey. I'm really surprised you let Elincia do such a dangerous thing.
    You must be more relaxed these days.

Geoffrey: It wasn't easy for me, as you could guess. But I can never really say
    no to Queen Elincia. What choice did we have, anyway?

Ike: You didn't have any, and you all did what needed to be done. I'm really
    impressed. Crimea's become quite strong.

Geoffrey: Don't talk like such a stranger. The Greil Mercenaries are also from
    Crimea. You're part of that strength.

Ike: True. I'm very proud of my homeland.

Geoffrey: Let's go see Her Majesty. You do have time to speak with her, right?


[A Begnion army camp; troops encircle a small square in which Valtome and
    Zelgius stand]

Valtome: I shall now dispense punishment for disobeying my orders! General
    Zelgius! Do you have anything to say? I would hear your pleas now.

Zelgius: ...I am prepared to face the consequences of my actions.

Valtome: Quite an admirable sentiment, General. Although I imagine you should
    have thought about the consequences before you abandoned your allies! Now,
    on your knees. It's time for your execution. Good-bye, General Zelgius.

[Zelgius drops to his knees]

Levail: Wh-what?! Senator! I must ask you to reconsider! To execute a man of
    General Zelgius's caliber without a trial... It's madness! It's horrible!

Valtome: Levail, are you questioning a senator? A senator holds the right to
    punish a prisoner however he sees fit! Oh, I'll make sure to tell our
    people that the general was cut down in battle after felling hundreds of
    sub-humans. That way, the people will not trouble themselves over details
    that they couldn't possibly understand.

Levail: You would bury the truth?! Do you think the apostle is as easily fooled
    by your lies?!

Valtome: Oh, I sincerely doubt the apostle will ever get to hear them. ...All
    right, I've waited long enough. Your wait is over as well, Zelgius. Execute

[a lance general walks to Zelgius's side]

Valtome: Don't worry, Zelgius. I'll make sure that your lands are looked after.
    They'll be mine, of course. Uwee hee hee!

Zelgius: ...

[the lance armor raises his arm, but is struck by an arrow]

Valtome: What?!

???: Silence, Valtome! All soldiers loyal to Begnion are to stand down


[Tanith now stands in the square]

Tanith: Hello, Senator Valtome.

Valtome: You...! You're one of the Holy Guards!

Tanith: The apostle will be here shortly! Soldiers, sheathe your weapons and
    kneel before the apostle!

Valtome: What?! No... It's impossible!

[a legion of pegasus knights from the Holy Guard appear]

Begnion: Ah! It's her! There's no doubt about it!

Begnion: It's the apostle! The apostle is here!


Sanaki: ... My soldiers. I apologize for my sudden disappearance.


Sanaki: I am here today to explain things, and to bring you news from home that
    is of the utmost importance. My soldiers, listen to me carefully. I never
    wished for this war. It was started by those who wanted me dead. It was
    spurred on by their desire to rule Begnion for themselves. This war was the
    work of the senate and was organized by Vice-Minister Lekain of Gaddos!

Begnion: The senate wished harm upon the apostle?!

Begnion: No... Impossible! How can that be?

Valtome: ...Lies! She lies! Do not be tricked, proud soldiers of Begnion! She
    is not the true apostle!

Sigrun: Ah, I see. Then we are not the real Holy Guards? Is that what you are
    trying to say?

Valtome: N-no! This is a farce! You cannot trick us! You are using a fake
    apostle to disable the senate and take over Begnion! Men, we must act! That
    vile Sephiran is their leader! The fact that he's been put in chains is our

[Zelgius steps forward, grabs Valtome by the neck]

Valtome: Hurk!

Zelgius: ...I will not allow you to disgrace my master's good name. One more
    syllable and I shall snap your neck, Valtome.

[he drops him; Valtome falls in an undignified heap]

Valtome: Urk...! Ahh!

[Zelgius steps back, then goes on bended knee]

Zelgius: Apostle. Words cannot express how good it is to see you alive and
    well. We have been awaiting your return.

Sanaki: Thank you, General Zelgius. You and I have much to discuss.



Apostle Sanaki arrives without warning at the Central Army's main camp in
Crimea. With a strength born of conviction, she exposes the senators' vile plot
to undermine and usurp her.

Valtome counterattacks with a claim crafted by the senate--that the apostle is
a fraud who, along with her prime minister, Sephiran, is attempting to deceive
all of Begnion and lead them away from the goddess's graces. To the citizens of
Begnion, the senators are chosen by the goddess and are worthy of the same
respect given to the apostle. As for the apostle, her image is tarnished when
the senate imprisons Prime Minister Sephiran in her name.

An ever-growing number of Begnion's citizens are willing to believe the
senators' claim that the apostle is an agent of evil trying to deceive them. So
it is that the Central Army is divided. One camp believes in the apostle, and
the other supports the senate. This new turmoil fans the flames of chaos into a
mighty conflagration, burning across Tellius.

Chapter 3-11: Just Cause                                                [*3.11]

(Castle Crimea)

[at a round table]

Sanaki: Thank you for coming today, everyone. I am in your debt...all of you.
    The king of Gallia, Caineghis. The king of Phoenicis, Tibarn. The Serenes
    Royal Family, Rafiel and Reyson. And the queen of Crimea, Elincia, who
    worked tirelessly to arrange this meeting and generously extended her
    hospitality. She gave me hope when I was driven out of my country, and
    offered aid when all seemed lost. You have my sincere gratitude.

Sanaki: Before we begin, allow me to make a few things clear about the recent
    war between Begnion and the Laguz Alliance. When we received your letter
    stating that the senate had made scapegoats of the herons for the previous
    apostle's assassination, Prime Minister Sephiran and I decided to
    investigate the senate and prosecute them if needed. Then the senators made
    their move.

Caineghis: What did they do?

Sanaki: They imprisoned me in a room in the Mainal Cathedral. They then forged
    an arrest warrant for Sephiran and jailed him. ...I admit there had been
    major rifts between myself and the senators in the past. However, I had no
    idea that they would stoop to such deplorable acts. I should have known.
    This is all my fault.

Tibarn: We didn't think you were behind all this war-mongering. What you just
    told us confirms what we had guessed.

Sanaki: I have been forced to flee my country, but that doesn't change the fact
    that I am the empress of Begnion. I will not allow the senate to declare me
    false, nor will I stand by as they seize and ravage Begnion. I must return
    to my country, save my people, and take back my birthright. To accomplish
    all this, I would like to form an alliance with the laguz tribes. Help me
    save Begnion.

Caineghis: I will accept, if you agree to a few conditions. First, the
    immediate and total emancipation of any laguz remaining in slavery. Second,
    that new diplomatic relations between our peoples start with a clean slate;
    no bias against beorc or laguz shall be tolerated. Lastly, a full alliance
    between our countries, to further solidify this agreement. If you agree to
    these terms, I give my support. I hope that a long last the dream that both
    King Ramon and I held can come to fruition.

Elincia: I agree with King Caineghis completely. If these conditions are agreed
    to, Crimea would like to join this alliance as well.

Tibarn: Do you intend to return the Serenes Forest to the herons when you take
    back the throne?

Sanaki: Of course. The goddess loved the forest because the herons made their
    homes there. I will see to it that you can return home.

Reyson: My brother! We can finally go home! Our family can be together again,
    in our own homeland, for the first time in decades...

Tibarn: All right. I'm all for this. I didn't need much convincing, though. I
    just want to rip those idiots senators in half.

Elincia: Gallia, Phoenicis, Serenes, and Crimea shall hereby make a pledge.
    Apostle Sanaki, we will wholeheartedly support your effort tot return to
    the throne, so long as we stand united in our ideals. Please bring peace
    back to our lands.

Sanaki: Each of you has my deepest gratitude. I will accomplish that goal.


Ike: So, it sounds like everyone is on the same side now. That's the best news
    I've heard in a long time.

Sanaki: I feel the same, but it's too early to celebrate. I will not be happy
    until I take back my country. How we fare in the battles to come will be of
    the utmost importance.

Ike: The Greil Mercenaries would be glad to help. I know that we're a small
    unit, but we'll do our best to see the job done right.

Sanaki: I certainly hope you will. Especially since I've decided to make you
    the commander of our combined forces.

Ike: Wait, hold on there! What did you say?! Listen, Apostle Sanaki, I'm really
    flattered, but General Zelgius is much more qual--

Sanaki: Zelgius returned to the empire by himself to rescue Prime Minister
    Sephiran. Our army consists of the troops he left behind, as well as the
    armies of Crimea, Gallia, and Phoenicis. Ike, you're probably the only
    person on the face of Tellius who commands respect from all four countries
    represented here.

Ranulf: Ike, I know you're not happy about this, but you're the only person who
    can bridge the rift between the laguz and beorc.

Ike: No, I'm not happy about it. I thought my days of being a general ended
    three years ago. But I won't refuse. If you think I'm the only person who
    can pull this off, then I'll do my best not to let you down.

Sanaki: Thank you, Ike. Let us go meet with the armies and the soldiers you
    will be leading. They will want to meet their new commander.

[Sanaki and Ranulf leave]

Ike: Not again...

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


Sanaki: It is time to get moving. Do we have a target?

Ike: First, we'll head for Flaguerre, the fortress town between Crimea and
    Begnion. Since the Laguz Alliance has fought in Flaguerre already, we're
    familiar with the lay of the land.

Sanaki: Sounds like a good plan. Do you still resent your choice to command
    this army?

Ike: No offense, Apostle, but you didn't give me much of a choice in the first
    place. Besides, if I'm not fully committed, how can I expect these troops
    to be? Just remember: when this is all over, you'll be getting one heck of
    a bill.

Sanaki: Oh, I'm sure, and I know you'll be worth it. Speaking of which, I have
    something for you. Consider it a down payment.

Sigrun: I'm sure you remember this blade. It is the holy sword Ragnell. Please
    take it.

Ike: Are you sure about this? I returned it after the Mad King's War because
    you said it was one of Begnion's national treasures.

Sanaki: Indeed. This sword was used by Empress Altina, the first apostle of
    Begnion, back in the early days of the empire. It was one of the two
    swords the empress used to fight the dark god. I can think of no better
    person to give it to.

Ike: All right. I'd be happy to use it again. Thanks.

[You got the Ragnell]


[large armies from the Laguz Alliance, Begnion, and Crimea stand before their

Crimea: Excuse me! I bring urgent news to Queen Elincia and General Ike of the
    apostle's army!

Elincia: What happened?!

Crimea: We've received a report that the Daein army has appeared near the
    border between Daein and Crimea! The Daein army demands custody of the
    apostle on behalf of Begnion! They will use force if necessary.

Ike: Daein wants to get in our hair again? Perfect.

[Ike, Elincia, and Sanaki turn to each other]

Sanaki: ...I am puzzled by this. Why does Daein support the senate? Well, I
    suppose it doesn't matter. Ike, we must change our target.

Ike: Agreed. We have to get Daein out of our way before we do anything else.


[an overhead view of the dreaded bridge chapter]

Sanaki: So, Daein still refuses to negotiate?

Sigrun: Either they believe the senate's lies, or...the senate is pulling some
    strings behind the scenes.

Ike: Well, whatever the reason, we can't attack Begnion without taking care of
    this first.

Sanaki: I will not give up. I won't stop sending messengers until they respond.
    Ike, I leave you in charge here. [leaves via a member of the Holy Guard]

Ike: Let's keep our numbers small. We shouldn't provoke them any further.

Skrimir: I understand. Gallia will stay behind.

Ike: You'll have your turn soon, Skrimir. I promise. All right, let's go!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Goran: I cannot believe this! It's an army of sub-humans and beorc. It must be
    true that this apostle is a fake. The true apostle would never join forces
    with those filthy creatures!

Daein: The enemy has sent a messenger once again. Commander, this is the third
    time they've asked to negotiate.

Goran: Ignore the messengers! We must protect this bridge. That is the order
    from the Maiden of Dawn!


Tibarn: Hey, sorry to keep you waiting. I had a little thing back at camp that
    I had to deal with.

Ike: No problem, Tibarn. What kind of thing? Oh, and hey, where's Reyson?

Tibarn: He was exhausted, but he insisted on coming with me. I had to tie him
    down to a bed to keep him there.

Ike: Really?

Tibarn: Nah, I'm just kidding. He passed out earlier. So I have a different
    anchor slowing me down this time.

Leanne: (old tongue) [drops from Tibarn's back]

Ike: Leanne?

Leanne:, I will...fight. Yes?

Tibarn: She's Reyson's sister, for sure. The girl is as stubborn as he his!
    Listen up, young lady. You herons are supposed to be more like Rafiel.
    Quiet and graceful and all that.

Ike: Don't mind Tibarn, Leanne. We're honored to have you here.

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Goran: Followers of the false apostle! Bow down to the miracles of our savior!
    As long as the Maiden of Dawn watches over us, we cannot be defeated!


[attacking with Ike]

Goran: Your troops fought bravely. I commend your effort.

Ike: But your force has been obliterated. I order you to retreat. Continue this
    fight and you will die.

Goran: Fool, the battle is not over yet! The Maiden of Dawn has helped us
    overcome every adversity...


Goran: My death means nothing... The Maiden of Dawn...will bring

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Ike: The Daein army is much stronger than it was three years ago.

Sigrun: Yes, by far. Even after the situation turned against them, every
    soldier fought with valor. Quite impressive.

Tanith: They kept muttering about the power of their general, this "Maiden of
    Dawn." The soldiers seem obsessed with her.

Ike: This might sound strange, but think of it like this: they believe in her
    as much as you Holy Knights believe in the apostle.

Tanith: Hmph, I understand. They are formidable and deluded, then. I shall use


Sothe: Micaiah, it's over. The front line is broken. The apostle's army is
    crossing the bridge.

Micaiah: All right, then.. Order a retreat.

Inspector: Wh-what?! No! Are you a simpleton? Just destroy the bridge!

[Micaiah moves over to Sothe's side]

Micaiah: Inspector... With all due respect, Daein soldiers will also die if we
    destroy the bridge now.

Inspector: Those are called acceptable losses, my dear, and any losses suffered
    by your men are acceptable if it means stopping that army! As a
    representative of the senate, I will not allow you to retreat! Fight to the
    last man!

Micaiah: Inspector. While I respect your opinion... The final decision is up to
    me, as commander in chief of this army. Sothe, order the retreat. Get those
    men out of there before they're routed.

Inspector: Insolent little brat! How dare you disobey my orders!

Sothe: We could always leave you here while the rest of us retreat, Inspector.
    How's that sound?

Inspector: Y-you... I will report this incident to both your king and the
    senate! Start thinking of an excuse now, perhaps! [leaves]

Micaiah: Pompous fool...

Sothe: Well, I'll go order the retreat.

[Micaiah collapses, Yune chirps]

Sothe: Micaiah?!

Micaiah: I...I'm sorry, I...

Sothe: Don't move. I'll be right back! [runs off]

[Yune chirps]

Micaiah: What's happening? I was doing so well...for a while... I feel
    like...fog is clouding my mind... Am I...losing my powers?

[Yune chirps]

Micaiah: Funny... I always wished that I didn't have this farsight... It often
    feels like such a burden... But this clouded vision seems so strange. Now,
    I miss the clarity... Ironic, isn't it, Yune?


(Castle Gallia)

Rafiel: ...Hm?

Nailah: What's wrong, Rafiel?

Rafiel: I sensed something...strange. It just came out of the blue. It was some
    sort of voice...

[a door creaks; Reyson enters]

Reyson: My brother, did you call me?

Rafiel: I did not. You heard it too, Reyson?

Nailah: What's going on here? What was that voice?

Rafiel: I don't know, but it's calling for us. The voice was coming from the
    northeast... From the direction of Daein.

Reyson: I have a bad feeling about this. Let us head for Daein. Please prepare
    to leave immediately. I will speak with King Caineghis and get permission
    to leave. [leaves]

Nailah: I hope nothing has happened to your sister.

Rafiel: As do I... All I know is that I must go there. That much is certain.


Apostle Sanaki's army, with Ike at its head, wins a great victory over Daein at
Oribes Bridge. However, Apostle Sanaki elects not to pursue the retreating
Daein forces. Instead, she petitions King Pelleas for permission to pass
through Daein.

After waiting for several days, she receives no reply, and Sanaki reluctantly
orders a march. Avoiding the heart of Daein, the army skirts along the
mountains and makes its way south.

Chapter 3-12: The Price                                                 [*3.12]

[Micaiah is resting in bed while Sothe watches over her; Pelleas and Almedha
    enter the room]

Pelleas: Micaiah, what's going on? I heard that you took ill on the field. Are
    you all right? What happened?

Sothe: What do you think, genius? Micaiah fainted because you've been pushing
    her too hard! She's terrified that she won't live up to your expectations.

Pelleas: I didn't realize... I am so sorry, Micaiah.

Tauroneo: According to the doctor, she is suffering from severe exhaustion. She
    must stay in bed for a time.

Pelleas: Well, I'm glad that she is all right. Do you think it will take long
    for her to recover? We must stop the laguz, after all. Our task is not

Sothe: OK, that's it! Are you out of your mind? I'm getting Micaiah out of
    here. At this rate, if the laguz that we shouldn't be fighting don't kill
    her, you certainly will.

Pelleas: What?! B-but you can't leave!

Sothe: Oh yeah? I'd like to see you stop me. I held out until now, thinking it
    was best for Daein. I was wrong. We're through with you.

Pelleas: Please, Sothe! You must reconsider! Micaiah can't leave now.

Tauroneo: King Pelleas, I agree with Sothe. Let Lady Micaiah go. She has done

Pelleas: No, don't leave! Please! I'm begging you! I need Micaiah to stay!

[Pelleas falls to his knees]

Almedha: P-Pelleas?! What are you doing?!

Pelleas: Our army cannot function without Micaiah. I can't let that happen! The
    army must continue the fight!

Sothe: Listen, I don't know what deals you've made with the empire behind our
    backs, but I won't let you hurt her anymore.

Pelleas: If Micaiah leaves the army...she will die.

[Sothe runs up to Pelleas]

Sothe: So now the king shows his true colors... Pelleas, I don't care if you're
    the king. Threaten Micaiah again, and I'll kill you where you stand. Is
    that clear?

Pelleas: She won't be the only one to die. You. Me. Every single person in
    Daein. We'll all die. And it's all my fault.

Almedha: Pelleas, you didn't... You signed a blood pact, didn't you?

[Pelleas goes to the window]

Almedha: You signed a blood pact with the senate after you were crowned! That's
    why you've been so scared, so terrified as of late. Oh, my son... [walks up
    to him]

[Micaiah sits up in bed]

Micaiah: What is...a blood pact?

[Yune chirps; Sothe rushes to her side]

Sothe: Micaiah! You should try to--

Micaiah: Please tell me, Your Majesty. What is a blood pact?

[everyone turns to Pelleas]

Pelleas: I-I swear to you. I didn't know. I had no idea...


[flashback sequence; Pelleas stands in a hallway in the middle of the night
    with a Begnion messenger]

Pelleas: What could be so urgent that the empire's messenger would pay a visit
    at this hour? Has something happened?

Messenger: King Pelleas... Please prepare to receive Vice-Minister Lekain.

Pelleas: What?!

[Lekain teleports in with a warp circle around him like the one the Black
    Knight used to have when he teleported in the previous game]

Lekain: How do you do, King Pelleas?

Pelleas: H-how did you get here?!

Lekain: Our empire's magical research has made leaps and bounds. This rewarp
    staff is our latest invention. With this staff, one can get to any desired
    destination instantly. Isn't that just wonderful? Before this lovely little
    item, we used that ghastly warp powder. It worked well enough, but would
    completely exhaust whoever used it. What's the use of someone traveling
    anywhere they wish if they're too exhausted to do anything afterward? It'd
    take a very strong soldier to withstand the powder's side effects. The
    rewrap staff solves that problem.

Messenger: Vice-Minister...

Lekain: Ah, now I've said too much. I just can't help myself. I love innovation

Pelleas: Um... If I may, what is the purpose of your visit?

Lekain: Oh, yes. No time for idle chatter. We have a favor to ask of you, Your
    Majesty. As you are no doubt aware, the false apostle has raised an army of
    sub-humans to reclaim her throne. We require the use of the Daein army to
    wipe out this upstart "Laguz Alliance." Would you be so kind?

Pelleas: I... I'm afraid I cannot deploy my army on Begnion's behalf. My
    country cannot continue to rebuild while fighting a war. Please understand.

Lekain: Ah, so you reject our request? Then I've no choice but to watch you and
    your people perish slowly.

Pelleas: What?! You came here to make threats?

Lekain: The terms of our pact are quite clear in this document.


[cutscene – Lekain holds out a slip of paper that has an emblem at the top, a
    large chunk of script, and a red signature at the bottom]


Pelleas: That's the treaty I signed on the day of my coronation. I don't see
    how this pertains to--

Lekain: All will be made clear, young Pelleas. Yes, this is the same document.
    You, my naïve young king, signed it believing it was an oath of reparation
    from Begnion. Sadly for you, however...

Pelleas: What are you telling me?

Lekain: In truth, this wonderful scrap of parchment is a blood pact. Once you
    sign the paper in blood, you can never break the terms of the pact!

Pelleas: A blood pact? But Izuka said he saw no problems with the terms of the
    treaty... No! Izuka? No, how could he...

Lekain: That's right. Izuka is one of us. He found the perfect king who would
    execute the senate's will.

Pelleas: I can't believe it! I won't!


[cutscene – a man with grizzled, unkempt long dark hair and a shadowed face,
    with his palm to his forehead and a pained expression, sitting on a throne
    with a fur-collared robe]


Lekain: You'd better start believing it. You've at least heard stories of the
    forbidden "blood pact," haven't you? It's a marvelous tool used by the wise
    to control the foolish. A ruler agreeing to the pact is bound to
    it...absolutely. Once sworn, the pact will punish any transgression against
    its terms with the complete destruction of his country.

Pelleas: can't be serious. That's impossible!

Lekain: Calm yourself, young king, and listen. I'll tell you an interesting
    story. Long ago, a foolhardy king signed a blood pact with the empire to
    take back his lost kingdom. In exchange for his country, he vowed complete
    obedience. He soon broke the terms of the pact and began to disobey the
    empire. Presumably he didn't understand the power of the oath he'd sworn...
    Would you like to hear what happened after he defied the empire's will?

[the camera pans down; there is a gnarled path of twisted stone and tree trunks
    leading up to stone steps. A fallen person's shadow can be seen below the
    image of the man; more shadows appear on the path as Lekain continues his

Pelleas: ...What?

Lekain: It was quite tragic. One man died on the first day. He was only a
    peasant, so no one really noticed. Two more died on the second day. Three
    more on the third day. I think you can see where this is going. The wave of
    mysterious deaths spread across the kingdom like a contagion. After thirty
    days, the king finally realized that this was the curse of the blood pact,
    the price of infidelity. He apologized to the empire and pleaded with them
    to lift the curse. His plea was graciously accepted on the one hundredth
    day. By then, the king had lost half of his subordinates, as well as his
    lovely wife and child. That country remained under the control of the
    senate for a very long time.


Lekain: I hope I've made myself clear. No matter how you struggle, you have no
    choice but to follow the orders given to you by the empire. No matter how
    noble your motives, defiance against us will result in the death of your
    nation. This you must never forget. Ahhh, and one more thing... If you're
    considering seeking aid from outside of Daein, think again. We have spies
    and informants in every corner of Tellius. We will know immediately if you
    tell anyone.


Sothe: Let me get this straight. Everyone in Daein will die if you disobey the
Tauroneo: What a heavy burden... It cannot be!
Almedha: Show Mother the mark of your pact.


[cutscene – a swirled emblem on Pelleas's left wrist, the same emblem that was
    on the blood pact document]


Almedha: It's true... This is the mark of a blood pact. My son has been

Sothe: Oh, give it up! You expect us to buy that ghost story? It's just
    something to scare little kings into eating their vegetables! Before you go
    shining Begnion's boots, get some proof of the senate's claims!

Almedha: ...

Sothe: We've done enough here. Micaiah, let's go. We'll let them find out if
    that story is real or not.

Micaiah: It's all true, Sothe.

Sothe: What?

Micaiah: King Pelleas and Queen Almedha are telling us the truth. It's hard to
    believe, but I can see it... My power hasn't gone away. It was just
    weakened from exhaustion. This is all so horrible... Now Daein can never be
    free from the senate's leash.

Sothe: Even if it's true, Micaiah, that doesn't mean you have to go to war
    again. We could leave Daein...

Micaiah: But without me, who would hold our forces together? Leaving the army
    would be the same as abandoning the people of Daein. I won't do it.

Sothe: But...

Pelleas: I'm sorry, everyone.. I'm so sorry... I-I-I didn't know...

Tauroneo: King Pelleas... What then do you propose we do?

Pelleas: Why, obey the empire, of course. We have no other choice in the
    matter. As long as I follow the senate's orders, no one will die because of

Sothe: No, I can't accept that! We have finally wrested our country back from
    the occupation forces... I'd rather be dead than have to bend to the will
    of the empire. What are we, dogs?!

Tauroneo: And now that Begnion is ordering Daein troops into battle, we are
    treated as disposable pawns. Many Daein citizens will die of this pact,
    whether we obey it or not.

Pelleas: It would appear that I have been crowned king during the last days of
    Daein. Follow or fight...the result is the same. We will be destroyed.

Micaiah: With all due respect, Your Majesty, we can't give up!

Pelleas: What?

Micaiah: You heard me. The only way to really be doomed is to give up.

Pelleas: Micaiah, there's no way out of a blood pact. None! What do you suggest
    we do?

Micaiah: Look for a way out. I know Duke Lekain says the pact can't be broken,
    but of course he'd say that! King Pelleas, you have the resources of an
    entire country to draw on, and the best of reasons to do so. Check the
    royal library! Check the archives! Somewhere, I'm sure you'll

Pelleas: Micaiah, forgive me. I was so overwhelmed that I let myself give in to
    despair. But you're absolutely right. We can't give up just yet. We have
    people to save!

Tauroneo: Unfortunately, we don't have much time. Begnion will not put off
    triggering the blood pact until after we've found a way to break it.

Micaiah: We can make time. If we take on the empress and the laguz forces,
    it'll look as if we're obeying the senate. In the meantime, you can
    research the pact.

Pelleas: All right. I'll start immediately. Just give me as much time as you

Micaiah: Of course. We'll do our best to hold them back...whatever it takes.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


[Micaiah, Tauroneo, and Sothe stand near the edge of a cliff]

Sothe: It looks as if the apostle's forces are using this road to avoid a
    head-on confrontation. I guess we were right in assuming that they don't
    necessarily want to fight. Micaiah, are you still set on this?

Micaiah: Are the rocks ready?

Tauroneo: Yes. They're in position.

[a soldier runs up]

Daein: General Maiel's forces have encountered General Ike's laguz forces. The
    battle has begun! The decoy operation succeeded. The apostle and her Holy
    Guards are heading this way. [runs off]

Micaiah: [looks to the cliff] All forces, get in position! Our target is the
    apostle. We will attack her while General Ike is distracted. If we let her
    through, her army will cross into Begnion. That will surely anger the
    senate, and the senate will move to destroy Daein. We must fight with
    everything we have so that Daein may live on!

Sothe: But, Micaiah... Is this really necessary? Can't we avoid all of this
    fighting and somehow pretend to obey the senate?

Tauroneo: Micaiah, it was you more than anyone else who used to hate plans
    like this...

Micaiah: The apostle's army has incredible numbers. We wouldn't stand a chance
    taking them head-on. They would march right through us. We need to give
    Pelleas more time, but if we hold back, the senate will know we're up to
    something. For now...let's just try to draw this out a bit and stop the
    apostle's army.

Tauroneo: Lady Micaiah. Your strength moves me. I shall not falter.

Sothe: Micaiah... All right. Let's do it. Let's do it for our friends--and for
    our country.

[a soldier runs up]

Daein: We have visual confirmation on the Holy Guards! They're heading this

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Tanith: Blast! We're being ambushed! I should have known...

Sanaki: What is happening?!

Sigrun: We're under attack. We will engage them now. Please stay inside the
    carriage, Your Majesty.

Tanith: Someone, go tell General Ike!

[a pegasus knight flies away]

Sothe: We're in position at the top of the cliff, and the Holy Guards are at
    the bottom. Just as we planned.

Micaiah: All right. Thank you.

Sothe: There is no turning back now, Micaiah. You have to give the order.

Micaiah: Yes, I know. [closes her eyes]

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

[a Daein soldier runs up]

Daein: General Maiel has fallen to the claws of the sub-humans! General Ike and
    the Laguz Alliance are heading this way to rescue the apostle!

Micaiah: ...Prepare to move to the next phase. Archers, get ready! There's no
    more time for doubt.

[the soldier leaves; the squad of Holy Guards and Sanaki can be seen below the

Sanaki: What are they doing? What are they pouring down the cliff?

Sigrun: No! It's... It's oil! They're going to set us aflame! Apostle, onto my
    pegasus! We'll take to the sky!

Tanith: We will protect the apostle from the archers by becoming her shield!
    Holy Guards, form up!

[the Holy Guards start to fly up]

Sanaki: No! No, Sigrun! We cannot leave the others here! I will not allow it!

Tanith: Commander, we're ready!

[the Holy Guards fly up past the screen]

Micaiah: Don't let the apostle escape! Archers, mages! Bring down that pegasus!

[Tibarn flies up, grabbing Sothe and moving past the edge of the cliff]

Tibarn: Don't move. I see one arrow fly, and the boy gets a quick lesson in

Sothe: Tibarn! Urk!

Micaiah: Sothe! No, please! All units, cease fire! Now!

[all Daein soldiers stand to attention]


[Ike and Ranulf appear]

Tauroneo: General Ike has reached us... We've failed.

Ike: Micaiah of Daein, listen to me very, very carefully.

Micaiah: Tell him to let Sothe go!

Ike: Not a chance. I'm offering you a choice. Surrender now and go home to
    Daein, or fight us and die.

Micaiah: We can't. We won't retreat or negotiate. Regardless of what you
    believe, the only choice we have is to fight.

Ranulf: Micaiah, are you insane? Look around! Every single person in your army
    will die! Do you care that little about them?

???: Enough! Everyone stand down!

[Sanaki appears, on a pegasus knight's back]

Ike: Apostle...

Sanaki: I've seen enough bloodshed for one day! That's enough! Please, no

[the pegasus knight flies up past the screen]

Ike: We'll retreat for now. You'd better do the same, and I mean now. I'm not
    sure how long I can hold my men back.

Micaiah: But we can't!

Tibarn: Fine. His death is on your hands, then. Sorry, little Sothe, your
    friend just killed you. Say a quick good-bye.

Sothe: No, wait, Micai--!

[Tibarn drops him]

Micaiah: NOOO! SOTHE! [runs to the edge of the cliff]


[at the base of the cliff, Ulki catches Sothe and slowly lowers him to the

Micaiah: Oh, thank the goddess. Sothe...

Tibarn: Take this as a lesson, little beorc. Next time, there won't be anyone
    to catch you.

[Tauroneo steps forward, away from Ike and Ranulf]

Ike: General Tauroneo, I'll ask you one last time: talk some sense into that
    girl, all right? She's losing it.

Tauroneo: ...We won't pursue you this time. However, we cannot avoid this war.
    That is all I will say for now. And Ike...I'm sorry for this.

Ike: What is going on with you people...

[Ike and Ranulf walk away, as do the Laguz Alliance]


(Mountain Fortress, Daein)

Ike: What's the situation?

Soren: It's awful. The Begnion Central Army and the Crimean Royal Knights have
    almost been completely obliterated. On top of that, the oil that Daein used
    has injured the Holy Guards' pegasi and all but grounded them.

Ike: Yeah, I think awful fits. Thoughts, everyone?

Skrimir: Thoughts?! Daein must answer for this! We attack them immediately!

Ranulf: We can't. If we fought Daein now, we couldn't possibly take on the
    senate's armies. We have to get Daein to listen to us.

Sanaki: Confusion is exactly what Lekain wants. Daein is merely a pawn in his
    scheme. But there is one thing I do not understand. Why use such horrible
    tactics? Oil and fire? What is that girl Micaiah thinking?

???: Micaiah? The Imperial Army has Micaiah on their side?

[Rafiel appears]

Tibarn: Rafiel! When did you arrive?

Rafiel: Just now, with Reyson and Queen Nailah.

Nailah: Reyson went straight to his sister. He will be here with Leanne in a

Ike: Is it all right for the three of you to be here? What about the medallion?

Rafiel: The medallion is right here.


[cutscene – the glowing medallion]


Nailah: We're very near the point where galdrar won't be able to contain its
    power. If this war goes on much longer, the dark god will surely awaken.


(Daein Keep)

[cutscene – Almedha looking up at the full moon, then a zoom-in to the blue
    stone she holds in her hands]


Almedha: Please... Please save him. Please save my son. Come save my Pelleas, I
    beg of you...


[Pelleas in the library, in the middle of the night]
Pelleas: I've found it! This is it! A way to break the blood pact! Thank the
    goddess... I will be able to save my people after all.


[a panoramic view of a lake]

Ena: Prince Kurth? What are you doing out so late? Looking for something?

Kurthnaga: Oh, hello, Ena. No, I was just looking at the moon. Its reflection
    on the lake is quite lovely, isn't it?

Ena: Yes, quite.

[the scene shifts to show Kurthnaga holding the same kind of stone that Almedha
    held, behind his back]

Kurthnaga: ...


[some sort of dungeon]

Begnion: You! H-how did you get in?! How did you find us?! Help, he's here!
    [the sound of a blow] Aaaargh!

???: My apologies for the long wait.

???: Is the apostle safe?

???: She fled to Crimea, then exposed the senate's plots to the world.
    Currently, she leads the apostle's army through Daein and is preparing to
    storm the empire.

???: I see. Very well... It's time for us to make our move.


[cutscene – a white flash, then an image of Sephiran and Zelgius standing in
    front of the dungeon doors]


Zelgius: As you wish, my master.


Daein launches a surprise attack against the apostle's army, devastating her
forces. It is all Apostle Sanaki can do to allay her remaining troops' burning
desire for revenge. She knows that there is no hope of victory if her weakened
forces are divided. However, she cannot move forward while danger follows at
her back. This dilemma weighs heavily on the apostle's troops, crushing their

Meanwhile, the Daein forces pull back to the fastness of Nox Castle. Micaiah,
unable to explain her mission to her soldiers, keeps Daein's army together
through sheer force of will.

Chapter 3-13: Blood Contract                                            [*3.13]

(Castle Nox, Daein)

Tauroneo: A rebellion in the empire?! Is that true?

Sothe: Yes. The empire has been thrown into chaos since General Zelgius freed
    Prime Minister Sephiran. They've incited the peasants by asking, "Who
    should you believe in? The senate, or the apostle?"

Tauroneo: And the people have chosen the apostle, correct?

Sothe: Yes. They're rioting in the capital day and night, demanding answers.
    The senate is busy trying to quell the masses.

Tauroneo: This is great news! If we were to forge and alliance between Daein
    and the apostle's supporters in Begnion--

???: That is not a wise choice.

[Pelleas enters the room]

Pelleas: The curse on the blood pact will begin killing our people as soon as
    we do anything the senate doesn't care for. Defeating the senate doesn't
    guarantee the curse will be broken either. In fact, it may ensure it can
    never be broken. In which case, Daein's destruction will come more slowly,
    but it will come nonetheless.

Sothe: So, we can't attack the senate, and we can't ask for help. The only
    thing we can do is search for a way to get rid of the curse. This is
    driving me crazy...

Tauroneo: If we could only contact the apostle... But if the senate heard a
    word of it, they'd destroy us. Our hands are tied.

Pelleas: Luckily for us, that's not true. I have some good news, for a change.
    I found a way to break the blood pact. Where is Micaiah? Please bring her

Sothe: You discovered how to break the blood pact?! I'll get her right away.
    [runs out]


[in another room; Pelleas stands before Micaiah, Sothe, and Tauroneo]

Micaiah: You can't be serious, Your Majesty!

Pelleas: But, I am. Don't you see?! This is the way to save Daein! The
    information was in a book hidden away in a secret room. I think it is

Tauroneo: I must ask you to reconsider, my king. There has to be another way.
    There must be!

Pelleas: We can't afford to wait for another solution to present itself. We
    have to try.

Micaiah: ...I cannot go through with it.

Pelleas: Micaiah, the life of every single person in Daein depends on this! If
    it works, we can stop fighting this absurd war. It will be all right. I
    know this will work! Please do this for me, Micaiah.

Micaiah: I can't! I thought I made up my mind... I thought I'd do anything for
    Daein! But then I saw Sothe taken from me, and I saw him fall... I was
    powerless to do anything! I'd taken so many lives as a general, and yet,
    when I thought of Sothe dead...

Pelleas: Even if it hadn't been Sothe in front of you, you would have reacted
    the same way. That's the kind of person you are.

[Pelleas walks a few steps away]

Pelleas: Individual lives taken before your eyes weigh more heavily than the
    many lives taken during the chaos of war. If that life is someone dear, the
    burden is even worse. It's only human. Isn't that true?

Pelleas: Micaiah. It's your caring soul that I admire. That's why I want it to
    be you.

[he turns around, back to face them]

Pelleas: I want you to kill me.

Micaiah: No, I can't! I can't do it! Don't make me do this, please!

Pelleas: "The blood pact breaks when the pact-maker is killed by a third
    party." That is exactly how it's written. This is the only way to save

Micaiah: Please! Please don't ask me to do such a horrible thing.

Pelleas: This is my duty as king, Micaiah! If you won't do it, I must ask
    someone else!


(Three options:)

Obey his command
Pass the burden to another
Refuse his command


[Obey his command:]                                                  [*3.13-A1]

Micaiah: All right... I'll do it... I'll do it for you, and for Daein.

Pelleas: Thank you, Micaiah. [walks up to Micaiah]

Pelleas: General Tauroneo. Please look after the people of Daein.

Tauroneo: Yes...Your Majesty.

Pelleas: Sothe. I'm sorry for all that I put you and Micaiah through, including
    this. Please forgive me.

Sothe: Don't worry about that now, Pelleas.

Pelleas: Micaiah. Please give this ring to my mother. Tell her that I loved her

Micaiah: ...I will, Your Majesty.

Pelleas: Good-bye, my friends. [closes his eyes]

[the camera pans to the small porthole window in the room; everything goes

Micaiah: Your Majesty. Sniff...what have I done?


[Pelleas lies on a bed; Micaiah kneels in front of it]

Almedha: Pelleas! Is he here?!

[everyone turns to face her]

Almedha: NOOOOO! [she collapses next to the bed] Pelleas! My dear Pelleas! [she
    stands, faces Micaiah]

Almedha: Who did this?! Who killed my son?! Was it you?! I know who it was...
    YOU! You killed my Pelleas!

[she rushes forward, just as Sothe does]

Micaiah: ...

Sothe: It was the king's wish. He sacrified himself to make Daein free. He
    asked Micaiah to end his life.

Tauroneo: It was an honorable end for a king. Thanks to his noble sacrifice,
    Daein has been saved.

Almedha: Fools! Is that what you think?! Daein has not been saved!

Tauroneo: Wh-what do you mean, my queen?!

Almedha: Take a good look.


[cutscene – Pelleas's left arm against the white sheets, with the swirled
    emblem still emblazoned on his wrist]


Almedha: The mark is still on his wrist. My son's death was in vain!

Micaiah: No! It can't be! Sothe, tell me that it isn't true...

Almedha: Murderer! Give me back my son! You took my only son! Give him back!


[Pass the burden to another:]                                        [*3.13-A2]

Micaiah: I...I'm sorry. I can't do this...

Pelleas: I see... That is all right, Micaiah. I know it's a terrible thing to

[he turns to Tauroneo]

Pelleas: ...General Tauroneo. It is your duty.

Tauroneo: Your Majesty... Is this necessary?

Pelleas: This is your king's order, General. You must obey.

Tauroneo: Such will, at so young an age! ...As you wish, Your Majesty.

[Pelleas walks up; Tauroneo meets him]

Pelleas: General Tauroneo. Please look after the people of Daein.

Tauroneo: Yes...Your Majesty.

Pelleas: Sothe. I'm sorry for all that I put you and Micaiah through, including
    this. Please forgive me.

Sothe: Don't worry about that now, Pelleas.

Pelleas: Micaiah. Please give this ring to my mother. Tell her that I loved her

Micaiah: ...I will, Your Majesty.

Pelleas: Good-bye, my friends. [closes his eyes]

[the camera pans to the small porthole window in the room; everything goes

Tauroneo: ...

Micaiah: Your Majesty... Sniff... What have we done?


[Pelleas lies on a bed; Micaiah kneels in front of it]

Almedha: Pelleas! Is he here?!

[everyone turns to face her]

Almedha: NOOOOO! [she collapses next to the bed] Pelleas! My dear Pelleas!

Tauroneo: Queen Almedha...

[she gets up, turns to them]

Almedha: Who did this?! Who killed my son?! Was it you?! I know who it was...
    YOU! You killed my Pelleas!

[she rushes forward towards Micaiah, just as Sothe does]

Tauroneo: No, Queen Almedha. It was I. I killed the king.

Almedha: Traitor!

Sothe: It was the king's wish. He sacrificed himself to make Daein free. He
    asked Micaiah to end his life.

Tauroneo: It was an honorable end for a king. Thanks to his noble sacrifice,
    Daein has been saved.

Almedha: Fools! Is that what you think?! Daein has not been saved!

Tauroneo: Wh-what are you saying, my queen?!

Almedha: Take a good look.


[cutscene – Pelleas's left arm against the white sheets, with the swirled
    emblem still emblazoned on his wrist]


Almedha: The mark is still on his wrist. My son's death was in vain!

Micaiah: No! It can't be! Sothe, tell me that it isn't true...

Almedha: Murderer! Give me back my son! You took my only son! Give him back!
    Bring him back to me!


[Refuse his command:]                                                 [*3.13-B]

Micaiah: I...I'm sorry. I can't do this...

Pelleas: I see... That is all right, Micaiah. I know it's a terrible thing to
    ask. ...General Tauroneo. It is your duty.

Tauroneo: Your Majesty... Is this necessary?

Pelleas: This is your king's order, General. You must obey.

Tauroneo: Such will, at so young an age! ...As you wish, Your Majesty.

[Pelleas walks up and holds out a dagger, which Tauroneo takes]

Pelleas: General Tauroneo. Please look after the people of Daein.

Tauroneo: Yes...Your Majesty...

[Pelleas turns to Micaiah]

Pelleas: Sothe. I'm sorry for all that I put you and Micaiah through, including
    this. Please forgive me.

Sothe: Don't worry about that now, Pelleas.

Pelleas: Micaiah. Please give this ring to my mother. Tell her that I loved her

Micaiah: ...I will, Your Majesty.

Pelleas: Good-bye, my friends. [turns to Tauroneo]

Micaiah: NO! This is wrong! We can't give up, Your Majesty! [suddenly runs in
    between Tauroneo and Pelleas; the screen goes white]

Tauroneo: Eh?

Pelleas: Micaiah?!

[Micaiah slumps; Sothe catches her]

Tauroneo: Lady Micaiah...

Pelleas: What did you do?!

Micaiah: I...I'm all right. I...

Pelleas: Fetch a healer! Now!

Micaiah: No, I'm fine, really. I'm just confused... Is the goddess telling me
    that I'm not worthy to become a martyr for Daein?

Pelleas: Or maybe she is saying that you're just too important to lose... But
    this is my fault! It was all because I signed that blood pact! I can only
    amend my mistake by giving my life!

Micaiah: You must stop running, Your Majesty.

Pelleas: Wha--!

Micaiah: But what if your information is incorrect, Your Majesty? I couldn't
    live with myself if I'd let you give up your life in vain. There MUST be
    another way! We'll look for it together. There is... I... I can see...

Sothe: Micaiah! Hey, Micaiah! Wake up!

Tauroneo: I will call a healer right away! [walks away]

Pelleas: Micaiah... Thank you...

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


Tibarn: Welcome back. What's going on with Daein?

Janaff: They're hold up in this big castle to the east. I'd say ten thousand
   soldiers, give or take. They're looking pretty desperate.

Tibarn: To the east, eh? It's just like Soren said. Nox is the next


Ranulf: Ten thousand? They aren't really going to try to fight us with only ten
    thousand men, are they? It'd be suicide!

Sanaki: Daein should know about the rebellion in the empire by now. We should
    speak with them. They have nothing to gain by siding with the senate. Why
    continue the fighting?

Ike: We can't afford to lose any more troops or time here, either. We should be
    at the senate's doorstep by now.

Sanaki: Agreed. Sephiran has earned some time for us. We can't afford to lose
    that advantage. We must press on. Let us win this battle quickly and
    continue on our way!


Rafiel: General Ike. Please allow us to join you on the battlefield.

Ike: Shouldn't you be watching over the medallion with your brother and sister?
    Is it really a good idea for you to be away?

Rafiel: They can manage without me for a while. I am here because I must see
    Micaiah. I want to save her. I can reason with her. I know it.

Nailah: If we can talk to her face-to-face, maybe she will understand. It's
    also for our own peace of mind.

Ike: All right. Come with us. I'll tell my men to avoid firing at Micaiah.
    Sound good?

Rafiel: Thank you, Ike.


[in Castle Nox; a Daein soldier runs up]

The outer gate has been breached! The apostle's army is storming the castle!

Sothe: Here they come.

Micaiah: ...It all ends here.

[laguz enter the castle, followed by Ike, Soren, and Ranulf]

Ike: Let's finish this fight quickly! All units, attack!

Micaiah: We will not lose! We cannot lose! If we lose today, everything Pelleas
    has done will have been in vain! In the name of King Pelleas, fight for


[a soldier turns to Micaiah]

Daein: Maiden, please take this. You are the commander general of the Daein
    army. It is imperative that you lead our troops from this spot. However,
    with this tome, you can aid your allies from afar.

Micaiah: Thank you.

[You got a Purge]

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

[upon turn 10]

Ranulf: Ike, are you safe? Wait, that was a dumb question, wasn't it? I don't
    think any of us are safe at the moment.

Ike: Are you guys finished with the preparations?

Ranulf: Yeah. The rest of the force is on the way. They should arrive any

Ike: All right. Once we merge, we'll launch the attack.

[Nailah and Rafiel appear]

Nailah: Rafiel, are you ready? Let's go look for Micaiah. Do not leave my side;
    these beorc look edgy.

Rafiel: Yes, Queen Nailah. I'll be closer than your own shadow.

--------------------------------------------------------{talk; Sothe, Nailah}--

Sothe: Queen Nailah! Are you going to try to hurt Micaiah?

Nailah: No, silly boy. I'm here to talk to her. Since you know me, why don't
    you take me to her? I would prefer not to kill all your soldiers if I can
    help it.

Sothe: I'm sorry, but I can't do that. I can't let a laguz near Micaiah. Lots
    of people from Daein have issues with the laguz.

Nailah: We are not your enemy.

Sothe: I know that, but our troops wouldn't understand. I'm sorry, Queen

Nailah: ...Very well, then.

Sothe: I'm...I'm ashamed it has to be like this.

Nailah: Try not to worry. Just...survive, all right? Watch after Micaiah, as

Sothe: I will. We're fighting for our survival as it is. I don't plan to let
    anyone go.

--------------------------------------------------------{talk; Volug, Nailah}--

Volug: (old tongue)

Nailah: Let me hear it from you. Why is Daein involved in this war?

Volug: (old tongue)

Nailah: What about Micaiah? And Sothe?

Volug: (old tongue)

Nailah: I see. They are our friends. We cannot let them fall.

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Ike: Why would you seek me out? I won't have mercy on my enemies. That goes for
    former allies, too!


[attacking with Sothe]

Sothe: Commander Ike...

Ike: Are you prepared this time, Sothe? Are you really sure about this?

Sothe: Yes. Our battle has no justice. There is no victory in this war. Only
    pointless killing. But this is the path I've chosen.

Ike: Then stick to your chosen path. I'll strike you down with one blow. That's
    the least I can do for you.

Sothe: ...Thank you, Commander.


[attacking with Micaiah]

Ike: Micaiah, we have to talk. This is insane.

Micaiah: What's insane about a people fighting for their country?

Ike: There's got to be something we can do! Let us help, please!

Micaiah: Why would you want to help us, after everything we've done? No, after
    everything I've done...

Ike: We know you don't want this fight. Isn't there any way for us to avoid it?

Micaiah: ...No. No, I'm afraid there isn't.

Ike: Just talk to me! We can find a way!

Micaiah: You don't understand. We can't stop. I'm sorry, but I can't explain it
    more clearly than that.

Ike: Micaiah, I don't want you to die. I don't want all of your soldiers to
    die. You have to let me help you.

Micaiah: Ike... Now I see it. Now it makes sense.

Ike: What makes sense?

Micaiah: Sothe always spoke so highly of you. Now I know the reason. You truly
    are a good person. It's a shame...

Ike: Why is that a shame?

Micaiah: Because it makes what I have to do even harder. Please prepare
    yourself. Let's put an end to this.

Ike: As you wish. Good-bye, Micaiah.

Micaiah: (old tongue) ...strike my enemy!

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Daein: Maiden of Dawn! The enemy is approaching. Please, you must withdraw
    inside the castle! [leaves]

Micaiah: Our defenses have been broken... We did everything we could. It's only
    a matter of time now. [turns] Daein soldiers, pull back immediately! Take
    up positions inside the castle! We won't let them take us without a fight!


Daein: The inner gate has been breached! It's only a matter of time before they
    break through the inner walls. [leaves]

Sothe: That was fast. We didn't even get a chance to rest.

Micaiah: Isn't there anything else we can do? King Pelleas has worked so hard
    to find the answer... Was it for nothing? There must be something... A
    rumor, old folklore... Anything...

Sothe: Hold on. Didn't Lady Almedha seem to know something about the blood
    pact? Come to think of it, she recognized the mark of the pact on Pelleas's
    arm right away, like she'd seen one before.

Micaiah: You're right! [steps back] Why didn't I realize it sooner? Where is
    she? Where is Lady Almedha?!

Daein: General! It's no use! We can't hold them off any longer! Enemy troops
    have broken through and are headed this way! Escape while you can!

Micaiah: No! I must find Lady Almedha! Everything depends on it!


Ike: Break down that gate! If they won't come out, we'll just let ourselves in.
    All forces, advance!

Ranulf: Ike! We have a problem! A big problem. All this battlefield chaos is
    starting to really affect the laguz. They're on the verge of losing
    control. I can't stop them, Ike! If they find Micaiah, they're going to
    tear her apart. I guarantee it.

Ike: Blast! We need to get them under control. Where's Skrimir?


[a group of hawk laguz hover above the snowy battlements]

Janaff: Sheesh! What a relief to finally have the end of this thing in sight. I
    can't believe what a fight the Daein army put up, especially considering
    their numbers. Wait a minute... Hey, Ulki. What the heck is that on the

Ulki: It's flying toward us... The flapping sounds heavier than a wyvern...
    It sounds huge.

Tibarn: Oh, you've got to be kidding me... All units, get down! NOW!


[animation - A black dragon laguz appears, powering up a strong icy blue beam
    of energy in its jaws before firing it at the castle, destroying the tower;
    laguz and beorc alike scramble to evade the falling bricks and mortar]


[cutscene – the black dragon, Kurth, and Elincia and Ena riding a pegasus]


Ena: All of you are ordered to throw down your weapons and cease fighting! Do
    this for your own welfare.

Ike: Ena! Elincia! What's going on here?

Ranulf: It's a black dragon of Goldoa...

Ike: Tibarn, what's going on?

Tibarn: Why are you asking me? All I know is that I'm not ready to step up to a
    black dragon. Did you see that blast?

Ike: Point taken. All units, retreat! Platoon commanders, gather your men!


[Micaiah stands out on the battle's battlement; Sothe runs out]

Micaiah: What just happened? Why did the apostle's army leave? And what was
    that horrible sound?

???: Micaiah!

[they turn; Kurthnaga runs up to them]

Micaiah: Kurth! Where have you been? I haven't seen you since you left for
    home. How did you get here? Why would you even come to a horrible place
    like this?

Kurthnaga: I wanted to save you...and my sister, as well.

Micaiah: Your sister? She's here?

Kurthnaga: Never mind that now. I'm just glad you're safe. Are you hurt?

Micaiah: No, I don't think so. I'm just very confused right now.

[Yune chirps; on another battlement, Nailah is in transformed wolf form,
    facing off against a Daein soldier]

Daein: The sub-humans are here! Protect the maiden with your lives!

Micaiah: Stop! Stand down, all of you!

[Nailah howls, dodges all of the soldiers' attacks, and runs towards Micaiah;
    she drops off Rafiel and transforms back]

Micaiah: Queen Nailah... Rafiel... I... Th-thank you. Thank
    [she runs to Rafiel]

Rafiel: It's all right, Micaiah. It'll be all right...


(Apostle's Army Camp, Daein)

Ike: That black dragon is Prince Kurthnaga? Sheesh, I thought the lions got

Tibarn: Ah, it's the son, is it? I thought maybe the dragon king had shrunk a
    bit in his old age.

Skrimir: You all know the dragon prince of Goldoa?

Ranulf: Yeah. Goldoa hosted a meeting of laguz royalty three years ago. That's
    when Tibarn and I met him.

Ike: Elincia and I met him around the same time. I'd say he was a nice kid,
    except that he's older than all of us put together.

Ena: The prince hopes to avoid the complete destruction of Daein and its
    people. He wishes to stop the fighting. We would like to ask you to
    implement a cease-fire and hold a peace talk.

Sanaki: We have attempted to hold peace talks with Daein on multiple occasions!
    They refuse to listen to reason, and instead choose to fight. We have no
    more time to waste on people who choose war over peace at every turn!

Ena: Your people are waiting for you in Begnion. Is that what presses you?

Ike: It's not just that. All this strife and chaos has affected the medallion.
    It's shining brighter each day.

Elincia: No! that can't be!

Ena: The blue flame burns once more...


[cutscene – the glowing medallion]


Ena: The light that radiates from the medallion looks like blue fire. It's this
    flaming aura that earned the medallion its other name: the Fire Emblem.

Sanaki: The Fire Emblem...

Ena: The flames on the Fire Emblem indicate the awakening of the dark god. If
    the war is allowed to continue, nothing can stop the dark god's awakening.
    We must halt this fighting.


Sanaki: If there is a way to stop the fighting, we shall do everything in our
    power to aid in that effort. We have pursued peace since this began.

Ena: Then let us wait until Prince Kurthnaga returns. He is speaking with the
    leaders of Daein now.


Ike: Elincia, what are you doing here? Did Ena and Kurth ask you to bring them
    to this battle?

Elincia: No, that wasn't the case. Prince Kurthnaga and I ran into each other
    on our way here.

Lucia: We are actually in Daein to look for Count Bastian of Fayre.

Ike: Lucia! You're here, too?

Lucia: Of course. I cannot let Her Majesty out of my sight. You know that.

Elincia: Bastian... He'd been so good about sending me reports until recently.

Ike: He was searching for the Black Knight, right?


[cutscene – the Black Knight standing in front of Daein Keep, and Bastian in
    the foreground]


Elincia: After the Mad King's War, Begnion sent an envoy to investigate war
    crimes committed during Ashnard's reign. The Black Knight had already left
    Daein before the empire's observer arrived. Where he went remains a
    mystery. That was the last piece of information we received from Bastian.
    Then he sent word saying that something more important had come up with
    regards to Crimea. He's been missing ever since. I haven't heard a single
    word from him.


Ike: Bastian likes to keep his secrets. He's probably just laying low

Lucia: I'm not so sure. He must've found something important, some new piece of
    information that he had to pursue.

Elincia: I ordered Geoffrey to watch over Crimea, and came here to begin a
    search for Bastian.

Ike: It's too dangerous for you and Lucia to travel by yourselves. Why don't
    you com with us? Everyone would love having you two around.

Elincia: Than you, Ike. We'll gladly accept the offer.


Queen Elincia and the dragons of Goldoa persuade both armies to accept a
temporary truce. The blue light that burns within the medallion grows more
fierce with each passing day. To prevent the awakening of the evil trapped
within, the fighting must be stopped.

However, the apostle and her army refuse to abandon Sephiran's forces in
Begnion. Though they hoped that Daein would cease fighting, they knew battle
was inevitable. The bloodshed begins anew.

Part III Endgame: From Pain, Awakening                                  [*3.14]

Nailah: A blood pact? A piece of parchment forced you into this hopeless war?

Rafiel: How terrible... I'm sorry for what you've been put through, Micaiah.

Tauroneo: The uprising in the empire continues. The apostle's people await her
    return as they fight against the senate. Casualties mount each day... We
    know how urgently the apostle's army needs to reach the empire. However, if
    we let their army pass through Daein, the senate will surely invoke the
    blood pact and destroy us.

Rafiel: But why haven't you told the apostle's army all this? Surely an
    alliance between your army and theirs could overcome the senate!

Tauroneo: Attacking the senate is not an option for us. If it were, we would
    have marched against them when this all started. If we were to side with
    Ike, the senate would use the curse against us. The death of the senate
    will not stop the curse.

Sothe: No matter what happens, the end result remains the same: the
    obliteration of Daein.

Rafiel: What tragedy... Is there any hope for Daein at all?

Micaiah: There is... One person who holds a glimmer of hope for all of us.


[If Pelleas is alive]                                                 [*3.14-B]

Micaiah: Queen Almedha! Queen Almedha... What do you know about the blood pact?
    You know something, don't you? I saw the look on your face... You noticed
    something even before Pelleas told us about the pact. If there's something
    you know that we don't, please tell us!

Almedha: I... I know nothing...

Pelleas: Mother... Please tell the truth.

Almedha: ...

Pelleas: Mother, if you can't help us, then there's no hope for Daein. I guess
    we were right... We have no choice but to wager my life.

Almedha: Pe-Pelleas! Wait! Just wait! I'm going to tell you something... But
    you mustn't tell the others. In the Begnion era, year 626, a terrible
    plague swept through Daein, killing over a thousand people.

Pelleas: Yes, including nearly the entire royal family. Those who had ruled and
    those destined to do so--none were spared except Ashnard, who ascended the
    throne in the wake of it all. I've heard that tragic story for as long as I
    can remember.

Almedha: That was no disease. It was the curse of a blood pact.

Pelleas: What?!

Almedha: It was all plotted by my husband in a bid to claim the throne of
    Daein. Ashnard tricked his father into signing a blood pact with a
    traveling wise man. Ashnard convinced the king that he was signing a
    contract to procure the services of the wise man, which was true, in a
    fashion. With the pact signed, Ashnard had the wise man invoke the curse.
    My husband looked on in triumph as the royal family began to wither. The
    power of the curse killed every royal in line for the throne. It was
    brilliant. With no one to block his way to the throne, Ashnard executed his
    master stroke. He killed his father and took the crown from his head.
    What's important is that, after killing his father, Ashnard was not cursed

Micaiah: He broke the pact's curse?


[cutscene – a man with an enormous jagged, flat-ended sword with his back to
    the screen, standing before an old man with long white hair]


Almedha: In order to break the curse of the blood pact, two conditions must be
    met. The destruction of the document itself, and the death of the one bound
    to it. Either condition by itself is not enough. I watched it happen.
    Ashnard killed his father, then tore apart the pact. And before my eyes,
    the mark of the pact faded from the dead king's arm.


Pelleas: The destruction of the document, and the death of the one bound...

Micaiah: How could you, Almedha? How could you not tell us? You knew all

Almedha: Because I was terrified! I knew that once you found out the truth, you
    would butcher my dear son to save your doomed country! I would rather watch
    all of Daein perish than lose my Pelleas...

Pelleas: Mother... Thank you. Thank you for telling us. It makes my decision
    much easier. I will save Daein...

Almedha: No! I won't let you die! You are all I have left in this world,
    Pelleas! If you only knew how much I've sacrificed for you... I never
    should have said anything. I can't bear to lose you again, Pelleas...
    Please don't die.

Pelleas: I'm sorry, Mother. My mind is made up. This has to happen.

Almedha: Then I shall die as well! I will take my own life, if necessary!

Pelleas: Mother?!


Micaiah: ...Kurth?

Kurthnaga: Stop! Please, Sister. You must calm down.

Pelleas: Sister?

Almedha: Oh, Kurth... Don't you understand? I can't feel this way any longer!

Kurthnaga: I do understand, Almedha...more than you realize. Everyone, as
    you've heard, there are two conditions to breaking the blood pact: the
    destruction of the physical document and the death of the pact-maker.
    However, it takes two parties to make a pact.

Micaiah: Oh...I see.

Almedha: Yes! Ashnard once told me he'd considered killing the man who created
    his father's blood pact instead! I didn't know why until now... This means
    that we could kill the senator who signed the pact instead of Pelleas!

Micaiah: It's possible, but very difficult. We'll need not only to hunt down
    the senator, but find the document, with no idea where to start. Daein
    could be annihilated in the time it would take to look.

Almedha: Oh, Kurth! Please, please save my Pelleas! I need your help! Help me
    protect Daein until we get our chance to break the blood pact! I no longer
    have any power of my own. You're my only hope now, little brother. Please,

Kurthnaga: Of course, my dear sister. That is why I came when you called me. I
    shall protect Daein for you and for Pelleas. So please. Put your mind at

Almedha: Oh, Kurth, thank you! I'm so sorry for everything I put you and Father
    through... I'm so sorry...


(Apostle's Army Camp, Daein)

Ena: Sir Ike... I've just received a very disturbing message from Prince

Ike: Don't tell me... No luck, right?

Ena: It is far worse than that. Prince Kurthnaga has decided to fight for

Ike: What?! Why? He was supposed to stop them from fighting! And now he wants
    to fight us instead?! Oh, this is just perfect!

Ena: He has a good reason to side with them, but... I'm afraid I cannot tell
    you why.

Ike: Wonderful! So we still have to fight Daein, and they've added one of the
    supposedly neutral dragons of Goldoa to their army?

Ena: I'm sorry, Ike. I will try to reason with Prince Kurth again. It was the
    prince's wish to come here... King Dheginsea knows nothing of this visit.
    Be that as it may, for a prince of the dragon tribe to stand on a
    battlefield... It is unacceptable. I must talk him out of it.


[cutscene – a white stone with a crack down the middle]


Ike: I'm sorry, Ena. I know you're doing your best to... Wait, are you talking
    to him with that stone?

Ena: Yes. We dragons have the power to sense the presence of our allies. If
    that ally is someone we care for very much, then we can communicate
    telepathically. With the sending stone, we can use this telepathy across
    extreme distances.


Ena: I just hope he listens to me. We can't afford to fuel the flames of the
    Fire Emblem.

Ike: It's almost dawn. Do what you can to convince the prince to stay out of
    this. I would've preferred to avoid a fight, but once again Micaiah isn't
    giving us much of a choice.

Ena: I will do my best, Sir Ike.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


[a battlefield, on Daein's side; a soldier rides up to Sothe and Micaiah]

Daein: The apostle's army has left the castle!

Micaiah: All right. Order all units to stand by until they encounter the enemy

[the soldier rides off]

Micaiah: Everyone! There is still hope for Daein! We are the key to that hope!
    But first, we must win this battle!

[Volug runs up, as does Nailah; Nailah drops off Rafiel and transforms back]

Micaiah: Why are you still here? You must return to the apostle's army before
    the battle begins!

Nailah: That army has enough troops. I think you could use some help on your

Rafiel: Reyson and Leanne both fight for the people they love. I shall do the
    same, even if that means fighting against them. I shall fight for Daein on
    your behalf.

Micaiah: Thank you both. It means a lot to me. But are you sure? After all,
    this seems like a hopeless battle.

Nailah: It's too soon for you to give up hope. You have the dragon prince of
    Goldoa on your side. That counts for something.

Micaiah: Kurth is the prince of Goldoa? So, he is a laguz...

Nailah: Not just a laguz. He is a black dragon. The black dragons are the
    strongest of all the laguz tribes. We have a chance.

Micaiah: If Queen Almedha's brother is a black dragon...that means the queen
    herself must also be a laguz!

Sothe: Seems like a complicated mess to me. Just the same, he is a powerful

Micaiah: You're right. If we can stand our ground, there will be hope for
    another day. Each day that Daein survives is another day we'll have earned
    for it!

[all turn to the battlefield, as Skrimir's forces run onto it]

Skrimir: Onward, my brothers! Hold nothing back! We must end this battle
    quickly! [roars]

[on another end, the hawks appear]

Janaff: Whoa, that's a problem... Uh, guys? It looks like Prince Rafiel is
    fighting for the other side. What do we do now?

Ulki: It is his choice. We can't do anything about it.

[Tibarn flies up]

Tibarn: Well, his choice or not, it makes things a lot more complicated for us.

[Reyson flies up]

Reyson: He has sided with our enemies? Has he lost his mind? My dear, stupid

Janaff: Prince! What are you doing here? What about the medallion?1 Weren't you
    supposed to be--

Reyson: Leanne is watching over it now.

[other hawks appear]

Tibarn: Either we convince Rafiel to come back to our side, or we drag his
    unconscious backside over here. Got that?

Janaff: Yes, Your Majesty!

[on another side, Ike and Ena stand]

Ena: Prince Kurthnaga...

Ike: what will you do now, Ena? Are you going over to the other side, too?

Ena: King Dheginsea has expressly forbidden us from choosing sides. The dragon
    tribe must not fight. I shall attempt to stop the prince.

Ike: Do what you need to do. Just be careful out there, all right?

Ena: Yes, Sir Ike.

[Lucia and Elincia come up]

Ike: Elincia, please stay back. If a chance for a peace talk arises, I want you
    to mediate the whole show.

Elincia: I understand. Please be safe. [they leave]

Ike: OK, everyone, get moving! Let's get this mess over with.

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

-----------------------------------------------{battle; Dawn Brigade members}--

[some of the following talk options which lead to recruitment can only occur if
    the character was not recruited previously in Chapter 3-7]


Zihark: There's no time to dwell on our sorrow.


[attacking with laguz]

Zihark: I must not think... The enemy in front of me is the only thing I will
    focus on.


[attacking with Ike]

Zihark: Ike, I'm sorry, I... I must raise my sword against you.

Ike: Zihark, what's going on here? Why do you sound so desperate? This isn't
    like you at all!

Zihark: I'll take my secret to the grave. Besides, you know I don't like to
    complain. At your ready, Commander.

-------------------------------------------------------{talk; Ilyana, Zihark}--

---------------------------------------------------------{talk; Brom, Zihark}--

-----------------------------------------------------{talk; Mordecai, Zihark}--

--------------------------------------------------------{talk; Lethe, Zihark}--


Zihark: They're strong. We can't even slow them down. Sorry, I'm turning back.


Jill: I don't care who I have to fight! I'll fight until the end for the glory
    of Daein!

-----------------------------------------------------------{talk; Haar, Jill}--

[talking with Haar]

Jill: Sir Haar! Why are you fighting for these people?!

Haar: Hey, you stole my question! Why are you fighting in the Daein army?

Jill: There was a war to liberate Daein while you were gone. So I joined the
    army again.

Haar: Well, it looks like you did a good job. Daein has been liberated. So why
    are you still with the army?

Jill: I can't just leave! These people are my friends!

Haar: Oh, stop with the sentimental nonsense, Jill. In case you haven't
    noticed, you're fighting your friends, too.

Jill: What about you, then? How did you end up in this fight?

Haar: Well... Somehow, I got mixed up in putting down uprisings in Crimea. And
    then I ended up with the Laguz Alliance know, being old
    friends with Ike and all that.

Jill: What?! That is hardly a cause worth fighting for!! You're unbelievable!

Haar: All right, enough debating. What do you want to do now? Do you want to
    fight me?

Jill: Of course not! I could never...

Haar: Then join me.

Jill: Easy for you to say!

Haar: You're full of doubt. How do you live like that all the time? Is that how
    your father wanted you to live? Afraid to trust your own instincts?

Jill: But...

Haar: Daein has no business in this war. You know that, right?

Jill: But...what about my comrades? What about my friends?

Haar: Is dying how you show loyalty? If you're really their friend, then fight
    alongside us! Maybe that will get them to think about what they're doing.

Jill: Oh, Captain...

Haar: Come with me, Jill. We both know that we should follow our hearts, even
    if it makes us traitors. We know that better than anyone. For the sake of
    your father, live your life without shame.

Jill: Y-you're right, Captain Haar! I've been so foolish. Just as before. I
    would be proud to serve with you. And...Captain Haar? Thank you. Thank you
    so much...

[neither Jill nor Haar will directly attack one another]

-----------------------------------------------------------{talk; Mist, Jill}--

[talking with Mist - FE9 support and bond required]

[neither Jill nor Mist will directly attack one another]

----------------------------------------------------------{talk; Lethe, Jill}--

[talking with Lethe - FE9 support and bond required]


[attacking with Ike]

Ike: Jill...

Jill: General Ike!

Ike: I need to speak with you. Lower your axe, just for a moment.

Jill: No, I can't. Don't ask me about what's happening in Daein. We are your
    enemies. Please treat us as such. This battle must happen.

Ike: ...All right, have it your way.


Jill: The enemy is moving fast... We can't keep up with them. Lady Micaiah, I'm
    afraid I must pull back temporarily.


Fiona: What power! It's as if they have the might of the dark god on their
    side. I cannot continue this fight!


Meg: Oww! Hey, that smarts! Sorry, Micaiah, I'm going back for now.


Aran: I'm wounded. I must retreat for now. Tell the general...our front line of
    defense is collapsing.


Laura: Oh no... The enemies have come this far already? Sorry, Micaiah. I'll
    have to turn back for now.

Edward: I want to keep fighting, but my body is telling me otherwise! Sorry,
    Micaiah! I'm pulling back for now.


Leonardo: We can't hold them off... Sorry, Micaiah. I'm falling back for now.


Nolan: They've got superior numbers on their side. Sorry, Micaiah... I'm
    retreating for now.


Volug: (old tongue)


Rafiel: ...Uhh!

Nailah: Rafiel! You can't push yourself any further. Get away from here, now! I
    forbid you to die before I do!

Rafiel: ...As you wish, Nailah. Everyone... Please, forgive me.


Nailah: Being outnumbered isn't such a bad thing. At the very least, I'll get a
    good workout.


[attacking with Jill]

Jill: Queen Nailah! You're fighting for Daein now?

Nailah: To tell you the truth, I'm interested in fighting you, Jill. An armed
    beorc trained to fight form the back of a wyvern... Now, that's what I call
    a challenge!

Jill: Very well, Queen Nailah. I don't know why you've switched sides, but if
    it's a fight you want, you've found one!


Nailah: ...Maybe...I should not have been so cocky...

Rafiel: Queen...?!

Nailah: Stop squawking, Rafiel, I'll be all right. ...It makes me happy that
    you worry for me as you do. But I'll have to retreat for now.


Kurthnaga: Don't come near me! I can barely... I don't want to do this! Get


[attacking with Ike]

Ike: Prince Kurthnaga!

Kurthnaga: It's so hot... I'm burning up! My body, it's on fire!

Ike: Can you hear me? I guess not. Kurth, what's happening to you?

Kurthnaga: I don't want to fight... I... I don't want to take any more lives...


Kurthnaga: Ugh... Gh... Im-impossible! I wasn't... This can't... Guh...


Pelleas: If you thought to end this battle quickly by fighting me, you have
    made a grave mistake.

--------------------------------------------------------{talk; Jill, Pelleas}--

Jill: King Pelleas! Please wait. I must talk to you.

Pelleas: Jill. I'm afraid I have nothing to say to you. You abandoned your own

Jill: No, I... Yes, I suppose that's true. I just couldn't understand why we
    would bow to the empire, after fighting so hard to free ourselves from
    their grasp! Why are you fighting an army that isn't even an enemy of

Pelleas: You don't need to understand.

Jill: King Pelleas...

Pelleas: Jill, you do what you think is best for you. Go your own way. But
    don't return to Daein. Ever.

Jill: But I can't do that! In the end, I am a native of Daein. This is where
    the body of my father lies. This is my home. My only home... [leaves]

Pelleas: ...I'm sorry, Jill. But there's no need for you to fall prey to the
    curse as well.

[neither Jill nor Pelleas will directly attack one another]


[attacking with Soren]

Soren: The new king of Daein, Pelleas. How convenient. I can end this farce
    right now. Surrender or die.

Pelleas: Who are you? That mark on your forehead... Is it a mark of Spirit

Soren: No. It's something rather different.

Pelleas: But that shape... It looks so much like mine!

Soren: Is that so? You might be more powerful than you let on. Still, I doubt
    this changes anything. Prepare yourself, Pelleas.

Pelleas: But wait! There's so much that I want to ask you!


Pelleas: To die in this lonely place... It's my fate... But... For Micaiah... I
    must... I...must live...


Tauroneo: Ah, so we meet again. I won't have mercy on you!

-------------------------------------------------------{talk; Jill, Tauroneo}--

Jill: General Tauroneo!

Tauroneo: Jill...I will tell you one thing. I do not blame you for leaving
    Daein. You must live by your own beliefs. That is what your father would
    have wanted.

Jill: But--

Tauroneo: I must live by my principles as well. You cannot convince me to
    betray my king and countrymen. I have done so once in the past, but that
    was long ago. Now, I intend to fight for my country to the end. [leaves]

Jill: I understand...General.

[neither Jill nor Tauroneo will directly attack one another]


Tauroneo: As I expected. They're too strong... We'll need more drastic
    methods... And this injury is too deep... I have to retreat.


[if Ena dies]

Ena: Urgh... The wound is deep... But I was so close! But I'm not dead...?
    Something deep inside.. .I' to survive... Strange... I don't know
    why, but I can't die here. Not now. But if I don't get out of the way...
    I'll just trip everyone up. I must retreat from this battle.


[upon reaching 10 kills]

Ranulf: Ugh... All this chaos... I can barely see straight...


[upon reaching 15 kills]

Sanaki: Still no word from the battle. What's going on out there? I should go
    to my people. They may need me.

???: Hey, just where do you think you're going? Do you think the
    high-and-mighty apostle should be traipsing around a battlefield, hmm?

Sanaki: Wha-- Oh, it's just you. Hmph. How dare you sneak up on me that way!

???: That beauty from the Holy Guards told me to keep an eye on you. So, do me
    a favor and sit still, will you?

Sanaki: But I can't see anything from here! I have to know how my people are
    faring down there! I...I can't bear doing nothing! Hmm... I have an idea.
    You! Carry me to a place where I can observe the battle! Don't give me that
    look! You're the one who agreed to guard me, so do your duty and obey your
    orders! Come on, let's get moving!

???: What a minute... Is that what passes for beorc logic these days? No wonder
    you've lost your throne. OW! Stop that!

Sanaki: Are you going to obey me, or shall I have you chased back home in a
    cloud of feathers?

[Naesala appears]

Naesala: By the goddess, what have I gotten myself into? As you wish, Empress.
    My back is yours.


[upon reaching 20 kills]

[cutscene – a raised stone platform with a blue glow from the medallion; Leanne
    has collapsed on the stone floor]


[upon reaching 25 kills]

Kurthnaga: My body feels like it's on fire... I can hardly breathe! So, this is
    what war feels like... No, please, don't come near me... I don't want to
    hurt anyone!


[upon reaching 30 kills]

Micaiah: ...What did you say? Did somebody call for me? Who just called out my

Sothe: Micaiah? Micaiah, what's wrong?

Micaiah: Wait. I'm coming! I'll be right there!

[Yune flies away; Micaiah walks off the battlefield, followed by Sothe]

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

[upon reaching 80 kills]

Boyd: Ike, get over here, quick! Mist collapsed!

Ike: Mist?! Mist! What's wrong?!

Mist: Ike... My head... It hurts so much... It's the medallion...

Ike: What do you mean?

Mist: The medallion is calling out to me... Please, Ike... Take me to the

Ike: Mist! Talk to me! Wake up, please!

Boyd: I'll clear you a path! Take Mist with you! Get her out of here, quick!

Mist: Boyd...

Boyd: Don't worry. I won't die here. You take care of yourself, all right? Hang
    in there, for me.

Mist: Boyd... I will. I promise.

Boyd: Look after her, all right, Ike? Make sure nothing happens to her.

Ike: I will. Thanks for this, Boyd.


[in a room which appears blue from the glow of the medallion on the stone

Ike: What's this light? Is it the medallion?

Nailah: She collapsed, too?

Tibarn: I get it now. Anyone who has the spirit of order within them is
    affected by this light.

Ike: Tibarn! Queen Nailah! What are you two doing here?

Tibarn: Reyson collapsed suddenly. I figured I'd take him to a safe place.

Nailah: Rafiel fell unconscious as well. I thought I'd let him rest with
    Leanne. But then I found that she had collapsed too.

Ike: And you think the medallion did this to them? Mist?

[Mist sings the galdr from the previous game, in a halting voice]

Mist: The seal...on the about to break... It can't be
    controlled anymore... My song won't work anymore... We're running...out of

Ike: What are you talking about?!

Mist: Call the apostle... She must sing the galdr of release... Hurry, before
    it's too late... Please, Ike... I can hear...a voice... It's inside my
    head... The voice is telling me...that we must not awaken the dark god
    through war...

Ike: A voice in your head? Mist, what is going--

[Mist collapses]

Ike: Hey! Mist! Wake up!

Tibarn: Ulki! Do you hear me? Bring the apostle here at once!

Ike: Are you sure about that? Mist is saying that she should sing the galdr of
    release. She's saying that we should wake up the dark god!

Tibarn: The seal will break anyway. If that's the case, then we should take a
    chance on your sister and do what she says.

Nailah: I agree with the hawk king. It's too late to calm the dark god back to
    sleep. It would take too long.

Ike: Do you think we'll be safe if the apostle wakes up the dark god? Didn't we
    fight a major war to prevent that from happening a few years ago?

Tibarn: I don't know. Are we safe now? But I did always wonder why Heron Queen
    Lillia passed down the galdr of release. She must have left it behind for a
    good reason. I'm willing to bet my life on it.

Nailah: It's the only choice for our survival. Besides, we won't know if it'll
    work until we try.

Ike: All right... Let's do it.


[Ike, Tibarn, and Nailah stand in front of the three herons and Mist, who have
    all collapsed; Ulki enters along with Janaff, shortly afterwards followed
    by Sanaki]

Ulki: I brought the apostle with me.

Janaff: ...And a little extra baggage.

[Naesala enters, runs up to the herons]

Naesala: Reyson! Leanne!

[Tibarn turns towards him]

Naesala: Now, now, Tibarn. I know you're angry, but we'll work it out when this
    is over.

Tibarn: Not a chance, Naesala. I hope you've said all your prayers and
    farewells. After I break every bone in your body, I'm going to rip your
    wings off and feed them to you before you get to die.

Sanaki: Hawk King Tibarn, I must ask you for your patience. This man serves
    under my command.

Tibarn: You think I care, child? This is a laguz matter. You should see
    yourself out of it very quickly.

Sanaki: I will explain later. Put aside your past quarrels for now. Not to
    repeat the king of Kilvas, but we have more pressing issues we must attend
    to. Oh, and Hawk King? Don't ever call me "child" again.

Tibarn: Hmph...fine. You get to live now, Naesala. Once this is done, though,
    you're a corpse.

Sanaki: So, what would you have me do? I will use all the power at my disposal
    to help in this.

Ike: Sing the galdr of release for us. The song that was passed down from the
    heron queen to my mother, then from my mother to Mist.

Sanaki: But if I sing that galdr before the medallion, it would awaken the dark

Ike: This is what my sister said: We must not awaken the dark god with the
    spirit of chaos. We must use the galdr of release instead. The seal will
    break if we just leave the medallion alone. Please, sing the song.

Sanaki: Better than releasing the dark god through war, is that it? Very well.
    I shall try.


[Sanaki stands before the medallion, and sings the same galdr in a flowing

Ike: What's going on? Nothing's happening.

Sanaki: It's not working! But why?

[Yune flies up]

Sanaki: A bird?

???: A melody alone won't work.

[Micaiah enters, followed by Sothe]

Sothe: Wait! This is right in the middle of enemy territory!

Ike: Sothe! Why are you here?

Sothe: Commander Ike! And the laguz kings... Even the apostle is here? I
    thought you'd all be on the battlefield, commanding the army! This just got
    really, really bad...

Ike: Mist and the herons collapsed because of that thing.

[Micaiah walks up to the medallion; Sothe quickly follows]

Micaiah: ...I can hear the voice. Finally, we get to meet. I have been guided
    by this voice for so long... I have finally found my purpose.

[Sothe steps towards her]

Micaiah: Galdrar consist of melody and lyrics. Without both in harmony, the
    songs have a mere fraction of the power.

Sanaki: Maiden of Daein, the only part I was taught was the melody. I do not
    know the lyrics.

Micaiah: The words. They are passed down through the ages like a bloodline.
    Though time may pass, their meaning is never lost. When I heard you sign
    the melody, the words came to me.

Sothe: Micaiah? I don't understand what you're going on about. There's no way
    you could--

Ike: Sothe, shut up and watch.

[Micaiah sings the same galdr, but with the lyrics as well, slowly and
    hauntingly; the room is awash in a white-blue glow. When she finishes the
    song, the glow disappears, as does the blue flame-like glow around the

Micaiah: When I heard the melody, the lyrics felt as if they poured out from
    deep within me. I know this song. I've known it since before I was born. I


[animation – a long-haired woman sleeping on a bed under a mist of veils -
    Ashera - opens her eyes]


[cutscene – Ashera stands under the veils; a man with his back to the screen
    kneels before her]


???: Good morning to you, my goddess.

???: What has happened? A thousand years have not passed. Why am I awoken

???: Indeed, my goddess. You have been asleep for 780 years. During that time,
    the world kept its promise to you for a mere two hundred years, at best. It
    was as you said. Neither the laguz nor beorc could resist the urge to
    fight. They are too weak. Though there are 220 years left until the
    thousandth year, there is no longer any need to wait.

???: Is that so? That is your analysis? Then I shall pass down my judgment. I
    will save them from themselves.


Mist: Ugh...

Ike: Mist! How do you feel?

Mist: Ike, you look so worried... What happened? Where am I, anyway? The last I
    remember, I was on the battlefield...

Ike: You don't remember?

Mist: I had a horrible headache, and my stomach really hurt... Then suddenly,
    it all went away.


Reyson: Unnh...!

Tibarn: Reyson?

Reyson: Tibarn... What is this place?

Naesala: Are you all right, Reyson?

Reyson: Naesala? Why are you here? You betrayed us again, you dastard!

Naesala: I had my reasons. I know you'll never forgive me, but I at least want
    you to hear me out. But it can wait. Tibarn and I will work out our
    problems first. You go ahead and sleep now, all right?

Reyson: Very well... I'm glad to hear that... [leaves]

Tibarn: Start talking, before I tear your arms off.

Naesala: Whatever my reasons, you won't forgive me. I know that. But I'm asking
    you to put your feelings aside for now. We're both worried about the
    herons, right?

Tibarn: You spineless piece of trash! You used that line on me before,
    remember?! And look what my forgiveness did to my people! You live now
    because I choose for you to live, Naesala. Once this mess gets sorted,
    though, I'll be wearing your beak as a trophy. Get out of my sight.

[Naesala leaves]

Nailah: Rafiel and Leanne are still out cold. Will they be all right?

???: There's no need to worry. They're just not used to the spirit of chaos
    being so near. They'll wake up soon.

[Micaiah and Sothe appear]

Sothe: Micaiah! What happened to the dark god? Is she awake?

???: I'm not Micaiah. She's sleeping right now.

Sothe: What?! What are you saying?! If you're not Micaiah, then where is she?!

???: I wonder where Ashera is? We must hurry and make our judgment. Wait...what
    are you doing?! No! You must consult with me first! No, don't do this!


[animation – Judgment]


Ike: Mist. Are you all right?

Mist: Yes, I'm fine. What happened, though? What was that light?

Ike: I don't know... But it's very quiet outside. Too quiet. I hope everyone's


Tibarn: So, can you tell what's going on out there?

Ulki: ...Impossible! I can't hear anything... Either that light took my
    hearing, or...there's nothing out there...

Tibarn: What do you mean?! There were thousands of troops...

Janaff: I'll go take a look! [leaves]


???: It's time. Everyone, let's go outside. [leaves]

Sothe: H-hey! Micaiah! Wait!


[animation – Alone]



Part III

[animation - preview of part IV]


|Part IV: Gods and Men                                                    [*4]|

[all of the playable and main characters stand outside in the snow]

Janaff: As far as I can see and Ulki can hear, it seems we're the only ones

Tibarn: Strange. I guess only the strongest of us didn't wind up as statues.

Ike: Anyone who was in the building with us was safe, too. But everyone else
    was petrified...

???: Wow! There are quite a few more of you flesh creatures left than I

[Micaiah appears]

???: That's good. Maybe that means we'll stand a chance against her.

Sothe: Micaiah? Are you feeling all right?

???: I'm not Micaiah! How many times do I have to tell you that?!

Ike: If you're not Micaiah, then who are you?

Yune: I'm Yune. Pleased to meet you!

Sothe: Yune?! What did you do to Micaiah?!

Yune: Micaiah is here with me now. She knows that you'll never save the
    petrified ones without me. So, she let me use her body to talk to you.

Tibarn: All right. Let me ask you this, Yune. If you don't have a body of your
    own, what the heck are you?

Yune: I've been asleep inside the medallion for a long, long time. Longer than
    any of you can imagine. But the galdr woke me up.

Ike: Lehran's Medallion? Are you the dark god who was sealed inside it?

Yune: Hmmm..."dark god." "Dark god"... No, I'm pretty sure I'm not one of
    those. I am neither holy nor base, neither angel nor devil. I am...freedom.
    Chaos. Transformation. Future. Mystery. I am Yune.

Ike: I don't care what you're called. Was it you who turned everyone into

Yune: No, that wasn't me. I haven't done much of anything. I just woke up, so I
    don't have that kind of power just yet. That was Ashera's doing. It was her
    judgment upon this world.

Sanaki: Nonsense! Holy Ashera would never harm us! She protects us at all
    times and guides us toward the right path.

Yune: You've got it all wrong, little meatling. Ashera is neither kind nor
    loving to the beings of this world. Neither is she holy nor base, angel nor
    devil. She is...restriction. Order. Stability. Past. Certainty. Restraint.
    She is Ashera.

Ike: I don't understand... Why would the goddess Ashera try to destroy us? If
    anyone's going to kill us all, shouldn't it be you, the dark god who was
    sealed inside the medallion?

Yune: You called me a dark god again! How would you like it if I called you a
    dark bag of organs? I don't want to talk to you anymore!

Ike: What?


Yune: Instead...I'll talk Yes! You're the one I'll talk to!

Mist: Me?

Yune: Ashera has always hated me, but I like her. You've got some of her in
    you. So, I'll talk to you.

Mist: Oh, OK... So... You're Yune?

Yune: That's right. I'm Yune. Ashera is order. I am chaos. We are sisters, but
    opposite in all things. We're linked to one another, though. When I sleep,
    Ashera sleeps. When I wake, Ashera wakes.

Mist: Oh, then you're...a...a goddess? I-I'm so sorry! Please forgive my
    insolence! I've been talking down to you like you're a little kid!

Yune: No, no, it's fine. Talk to me however you like. You don't have to stand
    on ceremony with me.

Mist: Well... All right. If you insist... So, you were sealed inside the
    medallion, but now you're inside Micaiah?

Yune: That's right.

Mist: ...And the goddess Ashera was the one who turned all the beorc and laguz
    into stone. Oh! Are you here to tell us how to save them? Wait, I get it!
    You were the one who spoke to me! You said, "Wake me with the galdr of
    release, not with the spirit of war."

Yune: Yes, I did! I'm so glad you understood! You're so very clever! Of course,
    I was hoping, by sending you that message, I would stop all of this from

Mist: What do you mean?


[cutscene – the veiled bed that Ashera slept in]


Yune: We're running out of time, so I'll explain quickly. Long, long ago, your
    ancestors made a promise to Ashera. They promised they would start no wars
    among all the nations for at least one thousand years. If this promise was
    broken, then Ashera would destroy the world and try again with a new one.
    Despite this promise, you bone-cages kept fighting each other. Eventually,
    war and conflict spread throughout the world. When Ashera woke up, she cast
    down her judgment upon those who failed to keep her promise.


Ike: I still don't understand. Why would it make a difference whether you were
    woken up by the galdr or by the spirit of chaos? How were you planning to
    stop Ashera from passing down her judgment?

Yune: I'm not talking to you!

Ike: Oh, by all that's-- Would you stop acting like a child?

Mist: Please forgive my brother, Yune. We want to save the people who were
    turned to stone. We need you to tell us how. It did matter that we woke you
    with the galdr of release, right?

Yune: First of all, you should understand that, because of our link, waking me
    is the same as waking Ashera. Now, if Ashera had been awakened by the
    spirit of chaos, none of us would be standing here right now. By the terms
    of the promise, she was just supposed to destroy the world. No hesitation,
    no discussion. But if she was awakened by the galdr of release, she was
    supposed to consult with me first. She wasn't supposed to pass down her
    judgment until she heard from me. Ashera went ahead and turned everyone
    into stone without asking me. That's so unfair! I'll show her, though. I'll
    turn them all back somehow! The problem is that I can't do this by myself.
    I need your help. Will you help me?

Mist: Of course we'll help! It's strange, but I trust you, Yune. And we all
    want to save the people who got turned to stone!

Ike: Yes. We'll do whatever it takes.

Skrimir: That's right! We will allow nothing to stand in our way! We will

Elincia: It's all so confusing... But we must do everything in our power to
    save the people.

Sanaki: ...To be honest, I've spent my life teaching that the goddess Ashera
    watches over and protects us. This is all a little hard to accept.

Yune: You don't have to believe me. You could just let her destroy the world...

Sanaki: No, I will do whatever it takes to save the people who were turned to
    stone. I will join the others in helping you.

Sothe: So what you're saying is that we all have to play nice and work
    together? Just forget about all that's happened?

Ike: Sothe, open your eyes and look around. There aren't that many people left
    to fix this mess. If you don't help, we can't do it. Besides, I would think
    saving the world is something we could all agree on.

Sothe: You're right, Commander. All of this is the result of our war. I guess
    there's not much reason for flag-waving on either side. First thing we have
    to do is...unpetrify everyone. And, well... I, uh... I'm actually kind of
    relived. At least I don't have to worry about fighting you anymore.

Ike: I wasn't looking forward to that matchup, either.

Yune: It's settled, then! How should we begin? I know! Let's divide the army
    into three teams. I'm pretty sure that Ashera is going to notice what we're
    up to...

Ike: Dividing us up is smart. It reduces the risk of everyone getting killed at

Yune: We have to hurry. I can feel Ashera's power building.

Ike: It's all over if we get turned to stone, too. All right, everyone, it's up
    to us!

Yune: What's your name?

Ike: I'm Ike.

Yune: All right, Ike. You won't call me a dark god ever again, will you?

Ike: Not if you don't like it. Can I call you Yune?

Yune: I would like that. I guess I forgive you, then. Oh, I know! As a sign of
    my forgiveness, I'll make sure that you can get to your destination safely.
    I can't do it for everyone because it's a bit exhausting for me, but...
    Hold still and close your eyes.

Ike: I'm ready.


[Ike promotes into a Vanguard]


Yune: How do you feel?

Ike: ...Strong. Like I can take on anyone.

Yune: Wow, you're very confident for a being that can die! Let's see... You go
    with this team.

Sothe: I'm going with you. I'm not leaving your--Micaiah's--side.

Yune: ...Fine. Micaiah says that's what she wants, too.

Sothe: Let me talk to her!

Yune: Not right now. You'll have plenty of time to talk on the road, all right?
    [turns around] Hey, you're with this team over here.

Sothe: ...Damn it.


[the three teams are chosen]


Yune: Each team will take a different route, but your destination is the same.
    It's the Tower of Guidance that stands in the middle of the land you named
    Begnion. Go there at once. ...I hope to see you all there. I'll be waiting.

Ike: Waiting? Aren't you coming with us?

Yune: I'll see you at the tower.

[a blue glow emanates from Micaiah; Yune flies away as a bird]

Ike: A bird?

Sothe: Yune! Then she must be--

[he runs up; catches Micaiah]

Sothe: Micaiah!


Sothe: Micaiah!

Micaiah: ...Oh. Hello, Sothe.

Sothe: You're back! I was so worried.

Ike: Hey, if that bird was Yune...where did she go?

Micaiah: I don't know where, exactly, but she said she must go look

Ike: Leaving us by ourselves? What's she thinking?

Tibarn: At least we know what we have to do. Let's move out for the tower.

Ena: May I have a moment before we leave? Prince Kurth has requested that I
    pass these out to the herons.


[cutscene – the white, cracked stone that Ena used – the sending stone]


Ike: Those are sending stones, right?

Ena: Correct. Fortunately for us, each heron has been assigned to a different


Ena: King Tibarn, would you give this one to Prince Reyson?

Tibarn: That's ideal. We can each communicate with the other teams using the
    stones. Good idea.

Ena: Queen Nailah, please give this one to Prince Rafiel.

Nailah: I will.

Ena: And the last one is for Princess Leanne.

Sothe: She's on my team. I'll give it to her.


Tibarn: All right, we're ready to go. See you at the tower!

Ike: Yeah, see you at the tower... Hopefully.


[the field is now empty; Ranulf stands alone]

Ranulf: Ike!

[Ike runs up]

Ranulf: Since we're on different teams, I need to tell you something before we
    go. Something important. It's General Zelgius. Next time you see him, Ike,
    use caution. He's your enemy.

Ike: What do you mean?

Ranulf: He's the one. He's the Black Knight.

Ike: What?!

Ranulf: Zelgius is the Black Knight. I became certain of it when we crossed the

Ike: It can't be...

Ranulf: I wasn't going to tell you until I had hard proof, but it looks like
    we're out of time. Sorry I didn't tell you before.

Ike: General Zelgius is the one who killed my father?

Ranulf: I doubt that Zelgius has been turned to stone. Be careful, Ike. You
    might run into him. ...Good luck to you. [leaves]


[cutscene – an image of Zelgius juxtaposed against one of the Black Knight]


Ike: Zelgius... The Black Knight...


Ashera, the Goddess of Order, has awakened. Her righteous fury has turned
nearly all of the warring soldiers to stone.

Yune, the Goddess of Chaos, has also awakened. Freed from Lehran's Medallion,
she counsels Ike and his companions to split into three groups and make for the
Tower of Guidance.

Micaiah is joined by her constant, companion, Sothe. General Skrimir also
accompanies her, along with Naesala and Princess Leanne. Apostle Sanaki rounds
out the group, traveling with her chief bodyguard, Sigrun, and others.

Micaiah's company decides on a southern route and sets out for Begnion. Save
for the sounds of the local wildlife, their path is eerily silent and empty.
It's as though they have stepped into a vast and desolate monument to the war.

Part IV Prologue: Chaos Named                                           [*4.00]

(Sienne, the Begnion Capital)

Lekain: Blessed servants of the goddess! I bring dire news. The dark god has
    awakened and made its wrath manifest in stone. All of us were turned to
    hard rock by its evil power, yet we stand here today, made flesh again by
    the power of the goddess! Why is that? It is because ware the chosen ones!
    Go forth, Disciples of Order! Deliver her divine judgment upon the dark god
    and those who worship it!


[Micaiah's group stands in a town square]

Sigrun: All right, everyone. Let's spend the night in this town. Please be sure
    to get some rest and prepare for tomorrow.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--

[Prologue 4-0; Rulers] (*)

Sanaki: Excuse me.

Naesala: Oh, it's you.

Sanaki: I saw you having an argument with General Skrimir.

Naesala: Oh, that? Yeah. That happens sometimes.

Sanaki: I know you had no choice but to betray the Laguz Alliance. If you wish,
    I can speak to him about it.

Naesala: No. Stay out of it. Whatever the circumstances, what I did was
    unacceptable. The pieces can fall where they may.

Sanaki: You'd carry the burden of your crime alone to protect your people?
    That's very selfless of you.

Naesala: Of course I'd take the blame! My first priority is my people. As long
    as they're safe, it doesn't matter one whit what the rest of the world
    thinks of me.

Sanaki: You indeed are a good king to your people. I have no doubts of that. I
    wonder, will the history say I was a good empress for Begnion?

Naesala: The people of Begnion rose up and overthrew the senate for you. Isn't
    that proof enough that you're a good empress?

Sanaki: That's only because they thought that I was the apostle. But now...

Naesala: You're worried over the galdr of release?

Sanaki: Yes. That song... It can only be sung by the direct descendents of
    Altina--the first settlers of Begnion. Why was that girl able to sing it?
    Moreover, why couldn't I?

Naesala: You know, you could just ask her directly.

Sanaki: I can't work up the courage. It doesn't matter who she is. All I know
    is that she possesses all the powers which I lack. I'm... I'm frightened of
    the truth.


Micaiah: Sothe! Wake everyone and have them gather at the square! Enemies are
    on the way!

Sothe: Wha--huh? All right, I'm on it. [leaves]


Sigrun: Lady Micaiah! Has the enemy arrived already?

Micaiah: Not yet. But they're coming. I'm sure of it.

Skrimir: I can't smell troops or weapons. How can you be certain?

Micaiah: I don't know who they are or their exact numbers, but the enemy army
    is massive!

Skrimir: Hmm...

Micaiah: l know it sounds strange, but I swear it's true! You must believe me!

Skrimir: No one doubts your gift, Micaiah. I will not ignore the words of one
    who has spoken with the voice of a goddess.

Micaiah: Oh...

Naesala: Micaiah, it looks like you were right. We have guests.


[an army clad in golden armor stands before them]

Skrimir: Leave them to me! The weak among you should hide, for the battle will
    be fierce!

Sigrun: Empress Sanaki. We should leave the fighting to General Skrimir. I will
    take you someplace safe.

Sanaki: No. I will stay and fight with the others.

Sigrun: With all due respect, Empress, I cannot allow it! What if you are

Sanaki: If Micaiah, an untrained girl from the streets of Daein, is fighting,
    then I shall stand my ground as well.

Sigrun: Empress...

Naesala: You can't win an argument with royalty. But don't worry about her.
    I'll look after the apostle.

Sigrun: That is a kind offer, but I must decline. It is the first and most
    sacred duty of the Holy Knights to protect the apostle.

Sanaki: It looks like the enemy is about to take this argument out of our
    hands. They're here.

Skrimir: Do you beorc ever stop talking? Take your positions! Now!


Yuma: Here are the minions of the dark god! Go forth, Disciples, and deliver
    the holy judgment of the goddess! Destroy them!

Sanaki: You! All of you. You are all Begnion citizens! I'm so relieved you are
    all safe.

Naesala: Sanaki, be careful! I don't know that they're going to be pleased to
    see you.

Sanaki: What do you--

Order: Minions of the dark god! We are the Disciples of Order, led by blessed
    Lord Lekain. We have been charged by the goddess Ashera to cleanse your
    taint from the world!

Order: Death to the tainted souls! Let none escape!

Sigrun: Empress Sanaki, please stay back. These traitors must have sided with
    the senate during the coup.

Order: Apostle Sanaki is a fraud! Any apostle who defies the edicts of the
    goddess is an enemy to the people!

Sanaki: What?! No, I--

Sigrun: Silence, betrayers of the empire! How dare you accuse the empress!
    Treason can only be punished by death!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Yuma: Die! Die!


[attacking with Sanaki]

Yuma: Death to the false apostle! Show her the punishment for her wicked,
    deceitful acts!

Sanaki: I...I have not deceived you! I am the true... I am the true apostle...


[attacking with Micaiah]

Yuma: You are the dark god made flesh! The source of all evil!

Micaiah: Don't speak that way about Yune! She is not a dark god!


Yuma: How...could this have happened? How could betrayers of the goddess's word
    defeat her appointed champions?

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Skrimir: Hmph. They were strong...for beorc. Has the senate held back its elite

Sigrun: No, I knew a few of them by face. Some of these soldiers were new
    recruits. I can't imagine how they could have fought against us so

???: Simple. They were protected by Ashera.

[Yune appears]

Yune: I sent a message to Micaiah about the impending attack, then returned
    here as fast as I could. Ashera freed the petrified soldiers who would
    pledge loyalty to her. By themselves, they weren't a threat to skin puppets
    as strong as you, so she blessed their armor and weapons. Now they are
    worthy to be her true disciples, and their power will be stronger as we get
    closer to her. The battle will only get more difficult from here.

Sigrun: Their weapons and armor are blessed by the goddess herself?

Naesala: Is that similar to the Black Knight's armor, or Ike's sword Ragnell?

Yune: It's the same idea, yes. The Disciples' blessings were much weaker,
    because there were a lot of them. Still, it makes them a lot more powerful
    than they originally were. I'd like to bless you all with protection, too,
    but I haven't been awake long enough to wield that kind of power. Sorry
    about that.

Skrimir: Ahhh...that was how they were able to stand against us.

Yune: Poor souls... When they were turned back from stone, they probably
    thought they were the chosen ones or something. No one is good enough for
    her, though. When she's done using them against us, they'll all be stone
    creatures again.

Sothe: Micaiah! There you are!

Yune: Oh, it's her shadow again! I should go. All right, everyone. I'll see you
    later. Good luck! [she closes her eyes]

Sothe: Micaiah?

Micaiah: Unh...! What?

Naesala: Hey, glad to have you back. We should tell the other teams what
    happened here.

Sothe: Hm?

[Naesala leaves]

Skrimir: I am going back to sleep. I dislike being awakened so early in the
    morning. Even if it is for battle. [leaves]


Sothe: Yune was here again? I don't like that she keeps taking over your body.
    She should stick to being that stupid bird.

Micaiah: Please don't say mean things about her. She's like an older sister to

Sothe: Your older sister is a dark god?

Micaiah: I finally understand now. Remember the voice that used to warn me
    about impending danger? That was Yune's voice. I finally realized it this
    morning. Even as she slept, she watched over us. Yune loves beorc and laguz
    with all her heart. I can feel it when she speaks through me.

Sothe: Then why do people call her the dark god?

Micaiah: I don't know... But she doesn't like that name. It hurts her when you
    call her that.

Sothe: Sorry... I won't call her that again.

Yune: You mean it? Then I forgive you!

Sothe: ...Hey! Is that you, Yune?

Yune: "Sorry... I won't call her that again." Why can't you be that nice with
    me? To be honest, it makes me a little jealous. But that's all right, I
    guess. I know that Micaiah needs you. That's why I can't let you die. Here,
    come closer to me.

Sothe: [moves up a step] Hey, what are you doing?

Yune: Don't be so jumpy. I'm giving you the power to protect Micaiah.


[Sothe promotes into a Whisper]


Sothe: Wow. Amazing... I feel incredible, like I could arm wrestle Skrimir.

Yune: Good... Always stay by Micaiah's side. [closes her eyes]

Sothe: Yune?

Micaiah: No, it's me again. Disappointed?

Sothe: Never. But I do wish she had at least let me thank her.

Micaiah: It just would have embarrassed her. You know, you two are very much
    alike. You're both very stubborn.

Sothe: ...

Micaiah: I'm just teasing you, Sothe. Anyway, did you hear what the enemy said
    before the battle?

Sothe: Yeah... They called out Lekain by name. No mistake about it. That means
    he's still alive, and probably not petrified, since they said he was their
    leader. I suppose we'll run across him once we get closer to the tower.
    That'll be our big chance.

Micaiah: Right. We must break the blood pact. No matter what it takes. Of
    course, our first goal is to save everyone from the goddess's judgment. But
    we have to break the pact while they're all stone. If we don't, we may save
    the world, but still lose Daein.


Sigrun: ...We seem to have missed our chance to speak with her. What a
    remarkable girl. Lady Micaiah can hear the voice of the goddess Yune and
    learn of impending danger. She is much like you, Empress Sanaki.

Sanaki: ...Let us head back.

Sigrun: Are you sure? You said before that it was imperative you speak with
    Lady Micaiah...

Sanaki: It's not important. Forget it.

Sigrun: Empress...


Ike's route leads his group to the west. He is accompanied by his old comrades,
deputy commander Titania and master tactician Soren. Also with him are Nailah,
Queen of Hatari, the heron prince Rafiel, Prince Kurthnaga of Goldoa, and his
loyal subject Ena. Having received a warning from Micaiah about the Disciples
of Order, Ike and company stay alert and wary as they cross into Seliora.

Chapter 4-1: Road to the Empire                                         [*4.01]

Ike: Amazing. We've been traveling for miles now, and there hasn't been a
    single moving person.

Nailah: And yet the other plants and animals seem completely unaffected. The
    only creatures turned to stone were laguz and beorc... A miracle of the
    goddess, indeed.

Rafiel: My sister just sent a warning about some "Disciples of Order." Ashera
    has freed them from stone to fight for her. She's also blessed their
    weapons and armor. They'll only get stronger as we approach the tower. They
    nearly beat Leanne's team.

Soren: Worse, they can attack at any moment and we'd have no idea who or where
    they are. I'll start working on contingency plans.

Ike: All right, we'll break here. Everyone, be sure to keep your weapons and
    supplies in reach tonight.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


[nighttime; a campsite]

Ike: Ena, how is Prince Kurthnaga feeling?

Ena: Not good. He keeps staring into space, he won't say anything, and he
    hasn't touched a bite of his food.

Ike: I'm sorry to hear that. I wanted to ask him some questions, but it can

[Soren appears]

Soren: Ike, we're under attack! They've already surrounded us!

Ike: What?! That's impossible!


Ena: How could they get this close without us seeing them?

Nailah: I don't know. There was no sign or scent of their approach... I wonder
    if they simply materialized?

Ike: Ena, stay here! Protect Kurthnaga's tent at all costs!

Ena: Understood.

Ike: Everyone, watch the perimeter! There are a lot of them, but just focus on
    one enemy at a time!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Catalena: Unclean souls, your executioner awaits! Repent, before your vile sins
    pour out of your black hearts and consume you!


[attacking with Ike]

Catalena: Pawns of your excretable goddess, die! You are a festering wound in
    the flesh of the world! Die, and let it heal!

Ike: I suppose talking it over is out of the question?


Catalena: Death? But my work is not yet...complete...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Ike: That looks like all of them. Fanatics that appear out of nowhere and
    attack from darkness... This'll be tough.


Ike: Ena, are you all right? Why didn't you transform?

Ena: I didn't want Prince Kurthnaga to be frightened, so I tried to hold them
    off in this shape. He hates blood...

Ike: This can't go on. I'm going to talk to him.


Ike: Hey, Prince Kurthnaga!

Kurthnaga: ...Eyuhhh...ugh... Stay away!

Ike: What's wrong? Don't you remember me?

Kurthnaga: ...Aughhh...that smell... The blood...on your sword...

Ike: What, this? No problem. I'll go drop it over there.

[the sound of dropping metal]

Ike: Hey, look... No sword. Are you OK now?

[Kurthnaga appears]

Kurthnaga: Y-yes.

Ike: Good. I wanted to talk to you a little. Do you remember who I am?

Kurthnaga: ...Yes. We met once... Three years ago in Goldoa.

Ike: That's right. You do remember. You helped us when our ship ran aground...
    And you gave us food and water.

Kurthnaga: Yes... You were the first beorc I had ever met.


Ike: I'm glad our paths have crossed again. We didn't have much time to talk
    back then... I didn't even get to introduce myself. I'm Ike, of the Greil
    Mercenaries. Thanks to you, we completed our voyage safely. I've been
    wanting to thank you for three years. So... Thank you.
Kurthnaga: No, it was nothing at all. Actually, it was quite an experience... I
    had only read of beorc in books, so meeting one was a rare privilege. I
    wasn't really myself, so I hope I didn't say or do anything rude. It's
    embarrassing when I think about it now. I'm sorry.

Ike: No, if anything, I was the rude one. I was just an ignorant hothead with
    no manners or gratitude at all. But you just laughed and forgave me. I'm
    really grateful for that.

Kurthnaga: I'm glad that I could be of some help. It seems like it's been a
    while since I've had that chance.


Ike: Prince Kurthnaga... There's something I have to ask you. Before Yune's
    awakening, why did you side with the Daein army to fight against us and the
    apostle's army? The dragon tribes are neutral, and known for their hatred
    of blood and war. As their prince, I can't see why you would do it.

Kurthnaga: I suppose I owe you an explanation for that. First of all, the
    dragon tribes had nothing to do with any of this. I... I disobeyed my
    father, and the laws of Goldoa. I joined the battle against all my
    training, of my own free will. Ena just saw me leaving, or I wouldn't have
    brought her into this. I just wanted... I just wanted to help my sister.

Ike: Sister? You have a sister in Daein?

Kurthnaga: Yes... A sister and a brother, actually.


[cutscene – a darkened image of Ashnard, and an image of Almedha]


Kurthnaga: My sister's name is Almedha. She was the wife of the late King

Ike: Mad King Ashnard was married to a princess of Goldoa?

Kurthnaga: Yes. And my brother... My brother's name was Rajaion.

Ike: Rajaion? Wasn't he the dragon that was warped and used by the Mad King?
    Wasn't Ena supposed to marry him?

Kurthnaga: Yes. That savage Ashnard held his own baby hostage...the baby born
    of my sister, Almedha. Then he took my brother, Rajaion...and warped him in
    order to use him as a mount like a common wyvern.

Ike: I'm sorry. I didn't know...

Kurthnaga: ...Ike, you were there at my brother's last hour. I'm sorry to ask
    you, but when my brother died... Did he die peacefully?

Ike: ...Yes, he did.

[the cutscene changes to Rajaion's death, with Ena at his side]

Ike: Before he died, Reyson was able to undo what Ashnard had done to his body.
    Rajaion passed on in Ena's arms, with a contented smile, as if he were
    sleeping peacefully.

Kurthnaga: Thank you... It's a tremendous relief to know that.


Kurthnaga: My sister was tangled in Ashnard's schemes, our brother was killed,
    and her son taken away... She was unable to return to Goldoa and unable to
    consult our father... My sister has suffered so much. I wanted to help her.

Ike: So that's why you came to Daein... I'm sure that was difficult for you to
    tell me. Thank you.

Kurthnaga: Actually, it makes me feel a little better just talking about it.

Ike: I won't repeat a word of anything you just told me. I swear on my father's


Ike: ...The dragon tribes, and the Black Knight... They both lead back to
    Daein. Something about that country always draws me back to it...


[if Pelleas is dead]                                                  [*4.02-A]

[if Pelleas is alive]                                                 [*4.02-B]

Tibarn's party takes a long, circuitous route leading them east around Lake
Semper. The Hawk King's company includes Queen Elincia of Crimea, her trusted
aide Lucia, the heron prince Reyson, the laguz warrior Ranulf, Daein's King
Pelleas, and the queen mother, Almedha. While they receive reports from the
other two groups about the Disciples of Order, they have encountered no
resistance, and have thus far traveled in peace.

Chapter 4-2: Silent World                                               [*4.02]

Ranulf: King Tibarn! Queen Elincia! We may need to halt for a bit.

Tibarn: Why? What's the problem?

Ranulf: We have some stragglers lagging behind.


Tibarn: You mean Almedha and Pelleas are slowing us down again. We have to
    reach the Tower of Guidance as soon as possible. We can't have them always
    hampering our progress.

Elincia: But we have no idea when the Disciples of Order might attack. We need
    to keep everyone together, for safety's sake.

Tibarn: Reyson! We'll rest here. You can land and give your wings a break.

Ranulf: Reyson, I remember when a trip like this would have exhausted you. I'm
    impressed at how well you're handling it.

Reyson: Yes, physically I'm quite healthy. But I can't say that I'm really
    happy about that...

Elincia: Why would that be?

Reyson: We of the heron clan can feel the energies of others. In times of war,
    negative energy is dominant, and we sicken. Now that all of the people have
    been turned to stone, the energy is gone and, physically, I feel much
    better. It's unsettling to feel healthy and know that the reason is such a
    sad one.


Elincia: It's a terrible irony... We finally have the peace we've been praying
    for, at the cost of all freedom, everywhere.

Reyson: Could this truly be the world that Goddess Ashera wants for us?

Ranulf: No, this is the world she had to give us after we ruined hers.

Tibarn: ...


Tibarn: Ah, welcome back. Any sign of the Disciples of Order?

Janaff: Unfortunately, no.

Tibarn: I don't like this. Why are they leaving us alone?

Ranulf: I'm not sure I see the problem, Tibarn. If they're going to let us
    stroll on through, I won't complain.

Tibarn: Not me. Right or wrong, I would prefer a stand-up fight. Right now,

Elincia: What are you saying, Tibarn? how could you wish that upon us? I don't
    understand you.

Tibarn: Right now, the world is calm, peaceful...almost eerily so. It almost
    feels...comfortable. If this goes on, we might relax, lose our edge. I'm
    worried that we'll get careless.

Elincia: Hmm...

Tibarn: Everyone, let's get one thing perfectly clear here...This isn't a
    natural peace. It's Ashera's work. Don't forget for an instant that the
    world isn't supposed to be like this. It should be noisy, vibrant, and

Elincia: You're right. A peace built on the sacrifice of so many lives is
    monstrous and unjust. It cannot be allowed to stand.

Ranulf: I didn't mean that I'm losing motivation to save the petrified people.
    It's just that, before we started talking about it, I was
    feeling...complacent. Is it just me?

Tibarn: The spirit of order is hanging heavy across the land. When we fight, we
    get a dose of chaos, which may help us get back in touch with our true
    selves. If our enemy has also figured that out, it might explain why
    they're staying away.


Almedha: Pelleas, dear, how are you feeling?

Pelleas: Mother, I'm fine. Please stop asking after my health.

Almedha: But you're so pale, darling. You were always such a sickly little
    boy... You should rest a while. We can't have you exhausting yourself.

Pelleas: No, Mother... If we stop walking now, we would slow the others.

Almedha: Never mind them, sweetheart, they can wait. You should take a nice
    rest under that tree. Son, remember that you are a scion of both Daein's
    and Goldoa's royal families! You are more important than any of these
    peasants! The others can certainly wait for you; don't spare a single
    thought for them.

Pelleas: L-let go of me! Leave me alone!

Almedha: Haah!

[Almedha falls]

Pelleas: Mother!

Almedha: Pelleas...

Pelleas: I'm sorry, Mother. I...

[Pelleas leaves]

Almedha: Pelleas, wait! Pelleas!

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


Janaff: We've spotted the enemy! They're over there, to the southwest!

Tibarn: How did they get so close without being noticed? Did we have men out of

Ulki: No, I just checked in. Enemy forces just suddenly appeared, with no sign
    or warning at all.

Tibarn: Guess that's one good thing about fighting a goddess... Things are sure
    to be exciting. Everyone, get in position!

[Janaff and Ulki fly away]

Reyson: ...An entire legion that can appear from nowhere? Who are these

Tibarn: To be honest, I don't care who they are. I just want to knock a little
    disorder back into the world.

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Valtome: My humblest apologies. I hope we didn't sneak up on you. I'm sure that
    cheeky little queenlet is still amongst you? I hope so. I'm going to make
    her pay for defying me! Uwee hee hee!


[Pelleas runs onto the battlefield]

Pelleas: I'm sorry to be late! What unit would you like me to support?

Tibarn: Oh, King Pelleas. ?You shouldn't...endanger yourself. Besides, I don't
    think we'll have too much trouble with these guys.

Pelleas: I appreciate your concern, but as the king of Daein, I fight for the
    people of all free countries. It is my duty.

Tibarn: Wait, where is your mother?

Pelleas: W-well...

Tibarn: Listen, I don't know what she's been telling you, but don't throw your
    life away. I appreciate that you want to help, but this battle is beyond
    you. Try to stay out of the way.

Pelleas: ...Y-yes, sir.

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Valtome: Uwee hee hee! Uwee hee hee! I have always known that only I, Valtome,
    possessed the grace and beauty to be chosen by the goddess! How wonderful
    to finally be recognized for my excellence! If only that insufferable
    Zelgius could see me now! I am divinity! Uwee hee hee!


[attacking with Pelleas]

Valtome: You are no soldier! Who are you, boy?

Pelleas: I... I am Pelleas, king of Daein.

Valtome: Oh, how precious! I was hoping that I'd meet the simpering moron who
    signed the blood pact with Lekain... Uwee hee hee!

Pelleas: Y-you will regret this!


[attacking with Elincia]

Valtome: Ah, there you are, Queen of Hayseeds! I look forward to scraping you
    off my immaculate nails! Uwee hee hee hee!

Elincia: Lord Valtome, I desire no battle with you. Withdraw your troops
    immediately. If you do so, no more lives will be lost.

Valtome: Uwee hee...uwee hee hee... Are you touched as well as homely? I offer
    YOU the chance to surrender! But you, Elincia, I will only forgive if you
    beg. And crawl. And lick the sole of my left boot.

Elincia: I'm sorry that you feel that way. If that's how it has to be, may the
    goddess have mercy on you, Valtome.


[attacking with Tibarn]

Valtome: Zelgius... Where is Zelgius?! Do you think you can hide him? That
    man...must be...uwee hee hee...punished!

Tibarn: Sorry to disappoint you, but Zelgius is my prey. There's no chance I'm
    passing him on to the likes of you.


Valtome: Ze...Zelgiussss...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Tibarn: Whew, that's just what I needed! Queen Elincia, are you hurt?

[Elincia appears]

Tibarn: Do you all feel as...alive as I do? This is proof that we need a little
    chaos. Everyone understand that now?

Elincia: Yes, but it doesn't make me fond of war. I know we can't stop, but...

Tibarn: I understand, Elincia. Your path is important, too. Leave the rough
    stuff to us. [leaves]

Elincia: King Tibarn... Thank you.


Tibarn: That was some good work you did back there.

Pelleas: Haaaa haaa haaa...

Tibarn: ...OK, just relax. Get it together...

Pelleas: Haaa...haa...

Tibarn: Hmm. I'll go get the others. You just sit down and catch your breath.

Pelleas: Haa huff... Ahem. [leaves]

Tibarn: Considering he's the only son of Ashnard the Mad King, scourge of
    Crimea and butcher of innocents, he is quite the mama's boy.


Almedha: ... Hm? [turns around] Pelleas?!

Elincia: Queen Almedha... You shouldn't be out here all by yourself. It's

Almedha: ...Queen Elincia.

Elincia: I was worried when I didn't see you at supper, so I came looking for

Almedha: Hmph. I didn't think anyone in this merry band cared about me. After
    all, my own son is trying to avoid me.

Elincia: Don't say that. A lot of things have just happened... I'm sure Pelleas
    is just confused. He'll come around.

Almedha: I hope you're right. Lady Elincia, can I ask you a question? What of
    your mother? Was she also turned to stone?

Elincia: No... My mother died three years ago. Both my mother and my father
    were killed by King Ashnard...

Almedha: By Ashnard? I-I'm sorry.

Elincia: Lady Almedha, you were King Ashnard's wife, correct?

Almedha: There was never a formal wedding ceremony, so I suppose some would
    call me a mistress... But I was the only one he could ever call his wife.
    And I'm the only one who can be called the mother of his child...

Elincia: King Pelleas.

Almedha: Yes, Pelleas. We were separated so long... Finally having him back is
    the greatest gift imaginable.

Elincia: ...Forgive me for asking, but why did King Ashnard suddenly decide to
    invade Crimea? I want to know why my parents died.

Almedha: Truthfully, I don't know.

Elincia: You were closer to him than anyone. Didn't he say anything? Did he
    never explain his reasons?

Almedha: The last time I saw Ashnard was long ago, more than twenty years. I'm
    afraid I don't know many state secrets from after that point.

Elincia: But, why...

Almedha: You look so surprised. We had a falling out and ended up living
    separately... It happens rather a lot, I'm afraid.

Elincia: No, it's just that... Well, you said that King Ashnard had no other
    wives or children... I just assumed that you had always been by his side.

Almedha: Ha ha... There was always gossip, of course, and I hated it. But I
    know with absolute certainty... Ashnard had relations with no other woman.
    And so I said as much.

Elincia: So he did love you, in his own way?

Almedha: Love? Love?! Ha ha... Seriously... Ha ha ha...ha ha haa!

Elincia: Wh-what's so funny?

Almedha: There was no love between Ashnard and me. There was a strong mutual
    attraction between us, eventually resulting in a child... But all I ever
    was to him was a source of power. Once I became pregnant, I was useless to
    him. Bereft of my strength, he found my presence nothing more than an
    irritating distraction. After Pelleas was born, Ashnard became obsessed
    with the boy... But, once he realized Pelleas had no special powers...
    Ashnard rejected him, and used him as bait in a cruel trap for my

Elincia: Lady Almedha?

Almedha: I... It's just that I...

Elincia: I'm sorry, it was not my place to ask.

Almedha: Where is he? Where is my Pelleas? He's the only thing that matters...
    I can't lose him...ever! Please, I beg of you. Bring me my Pelleas! Tell
    him his mother needs him... Hurry... Bring me my Pelleas!

Elincia: Of course. I-I'll bring him as soon as I can. [leaves]

Almedha: Oh, Rajaion... I'm so sorry. Please forgive me...


The journey to the Tower of Guidance becomes more difficult, as Ashera's
Disciples of Order hound the travelers' every step. Micaiah's ability to sense
danger proves invaluable, as it gives her allies advance warning of attacks by
the Disciples. Thus prepared for each battle, the group keeps casualties to a

As they travel south through Begnion, Micaiah and her company clash repeatedly
with the Disciples of Order. Eventually, they pass through the central
mountains and into the lonely wastelands of the vast Grann Desert. They are
sustained only by their faith that they will reunite with their companions at
the Tower of Guidance.

Chapter 4-3: Distortions                                                [*4.03]

(Sienne, the Begnion Capital)

Lekain: The dark god's tainted minions have defeated our forces at every turn.
    Now they have set foot on the holy ground of the empire itself! We have no
    choice but to lead the army ourselves and destroy them once and for all! We
    are the chosen ones! Our will is the will of the goddess! With us at its
    head, our army is invincible!

Hetzel: Y-yes. Quite. As you say, Vice-Minister.

Lekain: When I've beaten that brat, Sanaki, I'll make her kneel before me and
    plead for her life! Heh heh heh! [leaves]

Hetzel: The vice-minister says he hears the will of the goddess, yet I've heard
    nothing of the kind in my ears. Why would the goddess choose Lekain and me?
    We are the ones with the most to atone for...


(Grann Desert, Begnion)

Micaiah: Empress Sanaki.

Sanaki: The Silver-Haired Maiden...

Micaiah: Yes, it's me, Micaiah. Um... May I sit next to you?

Sanaki: What? Oh... Uh...

[Micaiah takes a step closer]

Sanaki: ...Of course you may.

Micaiah: Thank you. ...This is awkward. I'm sorry. I know that you are not very
    fond of me, but I wanted to talk to you.

Sanaki: It's not that. I like you just fine. It's just make me feel

Micaiah: It's because I can sing the galdr of release and hear Yune's voice,
    isn't it?

Sanaki: How...did you know?

Micaiah: I can sense the flow of people's thoughts. By seeing the movement of a
    person's mind, I can usually deduce what the person is thinking...

Sanaki: You can read minds?! What a boon that would be to running a country...
    If I could read people's minds, I could tell what the nobles and senators
    were thinking behind their smiles. I wonder why the goddess didn't bless me
    with such power?

Yune: Micaiah was born with her power. We didn't give it to her.

Sanaki: Ah! Is that you?! The dark g—No, I mean...the goddess of chaos, Yune?
    Let me ask you one thing, Yune. Why was Micaiah able to sing the galdr of
    release, but I wasn't?

Yune: I'm sorry, little empress, I don't know. But I knew that Micaiah could
    sing it. That's why I stayed close to her.

Sanaki: I don't understand. How can you be a goddess and not know? I thought
    gods were perfect beings who knew everything!

Yune: Gods? Perfect? Where did you get that idea? You haven't met a lot of
    gods, have you?

Sanaki: Well, no. But divinity created life from nothing! Surely only perfect
    beings could do that!

Yune: We did create life, and can do many things that you creatures of flesh
    can't. But that doesn't make us perfect. It just means we can make mistakes
    on a much grander scale...


[cutscene – an enormous wave sweeping over a building – the great flood]


Yune: We're not what you've been taught, and we're much closer to you
    skin-wearers than some will admit. But we do make mistakes... Sometimes we
    make terrible mistakes. Sometimes all it takes is one emotional outburst,
    and the entire world is drowning underwater!


[in the background, the sands stir heavily and darkly]

Sanaki: Ow! Where did this sandstorm come from? Yune! You need to calm down...

Yune: I wish we were perfect. Then there wouldn't be any wars, and no one would
    have to die because of our mistakes!

Sanaki: Y-yes! I understand, Yune! Now please calm down!

[a white flash of light, then the storm disappears]

Sanaki: Yune?

Micaiah: She's gone now. She got upset. She hasn't lost control of her emotions
    like that in a long time.

Sanaki: Micaiah. I'm supposed to be the voice of the goddess Ashera. Yet I've
    never once heard her speak. I wonder what she is like?

Micaiah: We may find out before this is over...

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--

[Chapter 4-3; Naesala] (***)

Micaiah: King Naesala. You are by yourself today?

Naesala: Yeah. How about you? Where's that stone-faced sidekick of yours?

Micaiah: He's just hesitant to show his emotions.

Naesala: I'm only joking. Don't get so defensive.

Micaiah: Then don't insult my family.

Naesala: Hmph. You say he's your brother, but there's as much resemblance
    between you two as between me and Skrimir.

Micaiah: We're not related, but we're very close. Perhaps like you and Princess

Naesala: What?! You didn't--

Micaiah: Yes, I can sense your emotions. I also know that you just closed up to
    keep me from looking in.

Naesala: You possess the same power as the herons? How stupid of me to let my
    guard down.

Micaiah: I'm sorry.

Naesala: What else did you sense?

Micaiah: Excuse me?

Naesala: Did you find out anything else about me?

Micaiah: No! I didn't try to read your mind intentionally. I just felt that
    your feelings for Princess Leanne were very warm, and that's all I saw.

Naesala: You're sure? Fine. You're a lot like me. I'll let you off the hook
    this time.

Micaiah: What do you mean by that?

Naesala: You'll see when the time comes. [leaves]

Micaiah: King Naesala...

[Naesala returns]

Naesala: I almost forgot. Here, this is for you.

Micaiah: This is a tome of light...

Naesala: We need you to stay alive, all right? See you later. [leaves]

Micaiah: Naesala...

[You got a Nosferatu]


Sothe: Yune "visited" again, huh? Did she have anything interesting to say?

Micaiah: Sort of. I think she might be responsible for the ancient flood that
    sank all of the other continents.

[Naesala flies up]

Naesala: Sorry to break up your alone time, you two, but we have Disciples of
    Order troubles again.

Sothe: Hey! That's--


Sanaki: I knew this would happen, eventually. [runs forward]

Sigrun: What is it, Empress Sanaki? Oh, I see.

[Lekain stands at the end of the battlefield, but suddenly warps in front of

Lekain: Ah, my dear Sanaki, the false apostle! What a pleasure to see you
    again, and this time, I've an army of the righteous behind me, ready to
    strike you down!

Sanaki: Vice-Minister Lekain. You are the foulest kind of traitor. I can never
    forgive you!

Lekain: Ha ha... How amusing. Forgiveness from a fraud is of no value to

[Sigrun moves forward]

Sigrun: Empress, please don't force me to listen to his blasphemies any longer!
    All me to silence him for you!

Sanaki: Hold, Sigrun. I want to understand. Lekain, on what grounds do you
    claim that I am not the true apostle?

Lekain: The apostle of Begnion shall be the firstborn daughter of each
    generation in the line of Altina, first empress. She will give voice to the
    goddess. She will pass judgment, give prophecy, and protect her people and
    their lands. Sanaki, you have never once heard the voice of the goddess,
    have you?

Sanaki: That is... That is only because... I have not come of age yet!

Lekain: Oh, what a hysterical coincidence! That's just what the senate has been
    telling the people for years now! "Apostle Sanaki is too young to hear the
    goddess. Give her more time." How funny that the lie you've been living is
    the same lie we've been telling.

Sanaki: But, how... Explain yourself, Lekain!

Lekain: Poor false apostle... No one ever told you about your older sister, did
    they? She was the true apostle.

Sanaki: I...had a sister?

Lekain: She died before you were born, assassinated along with Apostle Misaha
    by the heron clan. So the senate installed you, the second daughter, as the
    apostle instead.

Sanaki: You lie! You impugn both me and the noble herons!

[Sigrun moves forward again]

Lekain: Heh heh heh... I'm glad to have exposed your secret. Perhaps now you
    will be able to accept the truth.

Sigrun: Silence! The lying tongue of a treacherous senator proves nothing!

Lekain: You seek proof? Fine. We shall settle this in the ancient way: in a
    battle to the death. Whomsoever the goddess sees fit to win the day must be
    in the right!

[Lekain warps back to the end of the battlefield]

Micaiah: Lekain! We've finally found you! Now's our chance, Sothe! We must do
    whatever it takes to get the blood pact!

Sothe: Right. Let's go!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Numida: Vice-Minister Lekain, I take it we may begin? Champions of the goddess!
    Crush these heretics! Give them the reward for rebelling against our

-------------------------------------------------------------{Stefan appears}--

Stefan: Hello! How can I help?

Micaiah: What? Who--

Stefan: You and I were born under the same fate.

Micaiah: "Same fate"? Do you also carry the mark?

Stefan: Indeed. I don't know who you are fighting, or why. But attacking my kin
    in the desert is the same as attacking me. I will not let them leave this
    place alive.

Micaiah: My friend... May I ask your name?

Stefan: When you ask someone's name, isn't it proper to give your name first?

Micaiah: S-sorry. I'm Micaiah.

Stefan: And I am Stefan. Well met. Let's go.

---------------------------------------------------{the Black Knight appears}--

Micaiah: Ugh... They're so powerful... Are we...destined to perish here?

[the Black Knight teleports in]

Black Knight: My Maiden... Hold on a little longer. I am here.

---------------------------------------------{talk; Leanne, the Black Knight}--

Leanne: (old tongue)

Black Knight: You fear me? I do not blame you. I apologize for the
    circumstances of our last meeting. Be assured, Princess, I am not here to
    harm you. If you are frightened, I shall step away. [leaves]

Leanne: (old tongue)

----------------------------------------------{talk; Sothe, the Black Knight}--

Sothe: I knew it. I knew that even if the end of the world came, you'd be the
    last one left standing.

Black Knight: Your faith is touching.

Sothe: Well, you and the commander. Commander Ike will defeat you, you know.
    You can't run forever.

Black Knight: You are correct. We will soon meet again.

Sothe: Shouldn't you sound more worried about that? You sound as if you're
    looking forward to fighting Commander Ike again. Don't delude yourself.
    You can't beat him.

Black Knight: We shall see.

--------------------------------------------{talk; Micaiah, the Black Knight}--

Micaiah: Ah, Sir Knight! I am glad to see you're safe! I knew someone of your
    power wouldn't have turned to stone.

Black Knight: I am glad to see you're safe as well, Maiden.

Micaiah: Are you here to save us again?

Black Knight: Not "us."

Micaiah: What?

Black Knight: I am only here to save you. No one else.

Micaiah: But, why? Why just me?

Black Knight: We will talk more when the battle is over. I shouldn't have said
    anything yet. Forgive me.

Micaiah: Sir Knight...

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

[if allied units get too close to Lekain]

Lekain: Hmm, reinforcements? I suppose I must turn back for my own safety. It
    is vital that I not be harmed, for the good of the world to come! While it
    pains me to leave the field of battle, I mustn't put myself at risk.
    [teleports out]


[if allied units kill Lekain]

Lekain: Hmm, it's beginning to look dangerous here. I suppose I must turn back
    for my own safety. It is vital that I not be harmed, for the good of the
    world to come! While it pains me to leave the field of battle, I mustn't
    put myself at risk. [teleports out]


Numida: I don't understand. Why would they fight against the vice-minister,
    chosen of Ashera? Are they somehow...deficient? You will perish for your
    defiance of the empire, vermin!


[attacking with Nolan]
Nolan: No one escapes from their past, Numida. We all have to answer for our
    crimes one day. Today is that day for you.

Numida: Silence, cur!


[attacking with Edward]

Edward: This is for the free people of Daein! Haaaa!

Numida: Don't you idealistic twits ever give up?


[attacking with Skrimir]

Numida: Ahhhh! What a fearsome beast! Only the dark god could create such a

Skrimir: What's wrong, little beorc? Frightened? If you cannot look upon me,
    you cannot hope to defeat me!


[attacking with Naesala]

Naesala: Ah, Duke Numida. Unbelievable that a coward like you was changed back
    from stone. Particularly surprising, given some of your more...impious

Numida: I-I have no idea what you're talking about! I am a senator in good

Naesala: My country produces excellent spies, Your Grace. I know every atrocity
    you committed while in Daein. I actually hold quite a bit of incriminating
    evidence that would destroy you if it became public. It's a pity that all
    that work will be wasted, though, since this is the last day of your life.


[attacking with Tanith]
Tanith: I am Second Commander Tanith of the Holy Knights! Enemies of the
    apostle, beware!

Numida: How said that you still put stock in your laughable infant of a holy
    figure. Fool!


[attacking with Sigrun]

Numida: It's tragic, really, that the Holy Knights have wasted so much time and
    energy protecting a sham apostle! It's not too late, you know, to align
    yourself with the true chosen of the goddess.

Sigrun: The loyalty of the Holy Knights can only be commanded by one person,
    and that will never change. It is my duty and privilege to execute her
    orders and destroy the enemies of the apostle!


[attacking with Sanaki]

Numida: So, child, what the vice-minister said was true! Wicked infant! How
    dare you pretend to be divinely inspired while you heard absolutely nothing
    from the goddess!

Sanaki: I...


[attacking with Sothe]

Numida: Fool! Do you honestly believe that your dark god can triumph in the
    face of Ashera's divine majesty?

Sothe: She's not my dark god. To be honest, I don't care about the gods. They
    have nothing to do with me.

Numida: What?! Then who do you fight for?!

Sothe: I fight for my family, and I fight against tyranny. That is enough.


[attacking with Micaiah]

Micaiah: You!

Numida: Who are you, girl?

Micaiah: Duke Numida! I will never forget your oppression of the Daein people,
    or your cowardly flight from justice!

Numida: Ah, you're from Daein. You should know that I had nothing to do with
    that unpleasantness. That was all General Jarod's doing.

Micaiah: General Jarod was a scoundrel and a fiend, but at least he had a
    soldier's honesty in his villainy. You black-hearted senators nauseate me,
    weaving a dense tapestry of lies that you yourselves believe!


Numida: What... What's happening? Vice-Minister? I lost the battle...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Micaiah: Sir Knight! How good to see you! You always save me from danger.

Black Knight: Maiden. I have a favor to ask of you. Will you come with me? My
    master awaits you at the Tower of Guidance.

Micaiah: The Tower of Guidance? If I may ask...who is your master?

Black Knight: You will see when we get there. Please take my hand. We will be
    there in the blink of an eye.

Micaiah: ...I can't. I can't leave everyone behind. We have to get to the tower

Black Knight: Your allies will turn to stone with the light of judgment next
    shines. I do not wish for you to see it.

Micaiah: The light will strike again? When? Please tell me!

Black Knight: ...Maiden. I will come for you again. Make up your mind by then.

Micaiah: Wait...

Sothe: Don't tell me, he's gone again, right? I knew we couldn't count on him.

Micaiah: Um, Sothe...

Sothe: Lekain got away, didn't he?

Micaiah: Yes, he did. But we'll have another chance.

Sothe: I'm sure of it. I know he's going to attack us again. Don't know if
    that's good news or bad...

Micaiah: I know. We have to be ready.


Sanaki: Sigrun. Tanith. I need to talk to both of you.

Tanith: Empress. Why so serious? Whatever it is, you can be sure that Sigrun
    and I will help you with it.

Sigrun: Tanith, let her speak.

Sanaki: When the last apostle was assassinated, and I was not yet born, Begnion
    went a long time without central authority. The people were frightened,
    both of the murder and the power vacuum. Without the goddess's voice,
    Begnion was lost. Sephiran once told me that when the senate confirmed my
    appointment as the next apostle, it was as if a sign of relief sounded
    across the country.

Sigrun: It's true. I still remember your coronation, the first time I ever saw
    you, Empress Sanaki. With your tiny hand in Sephiran's, you stumbled as you
    walked... A little girl, barely visible in the grand hallway of the
    cathedral. It was a moving sight.

Tanith: I remember as well. The empress stepped on her cape and tripped a total
    of five times.

Sigrun: Tanith, that hardly seems appropriate.

Sanaki: I think the country's sigh of relief was unwarranted. I cannot hear the
    goddess's voice. I never could. This has perplexed me for years. At first I
    thought my youth was to blame, but this excuse grows thinner each year.
    There is no clear age at which previous apostles heard the goddess for the
    first time, but all of them had heard by now.

Sigrun: Empress, if this is about what Duke Gaddos said--

Sanaki: If I am not the true apostle, have I betrayed my people? Even
    unknowingly? You two are my most trusted friends. How would you feel about
    me if I were not the apostle? Be honest with me.

Sigrun: You would like an honest answer? Very well. It would change nothing.

Sanaki: What?

Sigrun: If you thought that our allegiance was to the office of the apostle,
    well, you were wrong. Even from a young age, you have been working with
    Lord Sephiran to fight the senate on behalf of the people.

Tanith: Our loyalty lies with you, Empress Sanaki. You will always be our
    empress. Please do not forget that.

Sanaki: ...I am...blessed. Not by the voice of the goddess, but by loyalty like

Sigrun: Be strong, Empress Sanaki. Even if you are not an apostle, you are
    still the one, true empress of Begnion.


Prince Kurthnaga tells of the connection between Daein and the dragon tribes.
Ranulf reveals the identity of the Black Knight. These revelations send Ike's
mind spinning in a whirlpool of confusion and doubt.

Ike becomes convinced that the answers to all of his question lie within the
Tower of Guidance, and he is determined to reach the tower at any cost. His
group arrives in the duchy of Tanas, near the imperial capital. Caught in a
sudden downpour, they take shelter in the duke's deserted villa.

Chapter 4-4: Revelations                                                [*4.04]

(Tanas's Manse, Begnion)

Mist: This is great! I can't remember the last time we got to sleep indoors! We
    can be thankful for the rain, I guess.

Ike: Yeah, the decorations are a little...overdone, but the beds will be warm
    and dry. I'm glad I remembered this mansion was here.

Soren: Presumably we're the first people to set foot in here since Oliver was
    posthumously found guilty of trading in heron slaves. I understand the
    senate confiscated his lands and property immediately after the Mad King's
    War ended.

Titania: Well, someone must be living here; the place is spotless. By law,
    there shouldn't be anyone here. I wonder if someone is squatting.


Rafiel: ...

Nailah: Is something wrong, Rafiel?

Rafiel: I feel that we are being watched. I sense no malice...but there is
    definitely some sort of presence. Perhaps the master of the house?

Nailah: Hmm. I'll be we find out soon.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


Nailah: The Disciples of Order are here! They just appeared in the outer

Ike: All right, let's get everyone mobilized.

Rafiel: General! Come quickly! Our friends are in trouble!

Ike: Friends?


[Tormod, Muarim, and Vika, the latter two transformed, fight off several of the
    Disciples of Order; Muarim kills a soldier, while Tormod attacks one with
    fire magic]

Ike: Hey! Isn't that--

Mist: It's Tormod! We haven't seen him since the Mad King's War!

Order: Extinguish them!

Tormod: Funny you should phrase it that way, you soon-to-be cinder!

[the soldier takes a stab at Tormod; he dodges and uses his fire magic, but the
    soldier survives again]

Tormod: What the—That should have worked better. Who are these guys?

Ike: Tormod, your backup's here! Just hold your position!

Tormod: Much appreciated! Don't worry. We're not going anywhere! Wait a
    second...Ike? What happened to you, musclehead?

Muarim: It's definitely Sir Ike. But beorc growth always amazes me. It's like
    looking at a different person.

Tormod: Between him and Sothe, I'm starting to feel a little inadequate! Well,
    that settles it! I've still got a lot of growing to do, so I've got to
    survive! I can't die like this!

Ike: All right, let's help these guys out. Get ready for battle!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Hetzel: Oliver, Duke of Tanas, have a care. The last time you faced these
    enemies, you were defeated, humiliated, and your heron slave trade was
    exposed. By the good graces of your fellow senators, you were saved from
    death and hidden away here. Behind the backs of the apostle and the prime
    minister, we have kept you safe. Do not fail us.

Oliver: I understand, Senator Hetzel. Rest assured, the savages who dare set
    foot in my home a second time will be eradicated for the glory of the
    goddess! Ugly creatures deserve nothing but an ugly death. You will not
    regret the lovely mercy you've shown me!

[Hetzel teleports away]

----------------------------------------------------------{talk; Ike, Tormod}--

Ike: Tormod, it's been a while.

Tormod: Holy moly! You are absolutely huge! I feel puny next to you...

Ike: That's because you are puny. Magic clearly doesn't give you much muscle

Tormod: Oh...I suppose that's true. Still, it works pretty well for winning
    battles. [leaves]

Ike: Actually, Tormod...

Tormod: What?

Ike: Did you actually get smaller?

Tormod: Nah, you just can't see me properly because all of your blood gets
    pumped to your muscles, away from your brain! [leaves]

Ike: A little touchy, Tormod? ...Whatever. We have work to do.

----------------------------------------------------------{talk; Ike, Muarim}--

Ike: Muarim, we've got your back here. Are you ready for these guys?

Muarim: Absolutely, Sir Ike. I'm glad to have the chance to fight with you

Ike: The pleasure's mine, Muarim. You're a good man.

Muarim: Thank you.

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Oliver: I have seen death's vistas and returned an even wiser, more exquisite
    man! Take it in! Bask in the beauty!


[if Rafiel ends up in Oliver's attack range]

Oliver: are truly a banquet for the eyes as well as the...spirit. I
    am quite overcome!

Rafiel: Unhand me!

Oliver: But how is it that anyone could risk a precious treasure like you in
    battle? What if something marred you?

Rafiel: What are you talking about?

Oliver: Don't worry, pretty bird; I'll save you. You need someone who can give
    you loving protection. me.

Rafiel: ???

Oliver: I'll take you away from these savages! I would never let them lay a
    single finger on you, my precious! No, no... The jealous cretins mustn't
    ruffle a single feather... I'll have to kill them. Come now, come to daddy!

----------------------------------------------------------{talk; Ike, Oliver}--

[if Oliver has been recruited]

Ike: Hold on a second... Aren't these your men? Why are you fighting them?

Oliver: It's quite simple, really. A true guardian of beauty stands with those
    who are beautiful. If your exquisite heron prince will not stay here in my
    home, I must follow him. I have seen death; it holds no mystery for me.
    Only my pursuit matters. Rest at ease, friends.

Ike: Look... Would you mind rejoining the enemy?


[attacking with Vika]
Oliver: Ho ho, what have we here? A fine little raven indeed! Please... Let me
    see the length of those wings. I'll need to know, if I'm to take of them.

Vika: You Begnion nobles... Can't you ever just say what you're thinking?


[attacking with Muarim]

Oliver: Sub...sub...sub-human! Tiger! Tiger! Eyes burning bright! In my foyer
    late at night! Oh, my poetic soul! I'm much too delicate for this!

Muarim: Oh boy...


[attacking with Tormod]
Tormod: Hey, chunky! Apparently we didn't kill you enough last time! Time to
    try again!

Oliver: Yawp! Dear me! What a frightening young child.

Tormod: I am NOT a child!


[attacking with Volug]

Volug: Grrrrr!

Oliver: Ack! A sub-human! What a horrible monster, smacking his lips before
    dining on my delicate body! Someone, please help me! A man like me doesn't
    deserve this!


[attacking with Nailah]

Oliver: S-sub-human! A hideous sub-human is attacking me! Help! Someone help
    me! I'm much too lovely for this!

Nailah: What a strangely shaped creature... Is this some rare subspecies of


[attacking with Ike]

Ike: You! You're still alive?!

Oliver: The world simply could not bear to be without me. Your crude weapons
    have no force against true magnificence! Blessed with such beauty, I have
    no foes...only inferiors!

Ike: Glad to see you're still barely clinging to that last shred of sanity.
    Just give it up, already.


Oliver: Aagh... Still so many beautiful things...that...I...don't own.

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

Ike: Well, another storm weathered. It's late. Everyone try to get some sleep
    and be ready for tomorrow.

[Hetzel teleports in]

Hetzel: Wiped out... Not a man left standing. It must be the will of the

Rafiel: You! You are...

Hetzel: Rafiel? How-- You're still alive! I'm so glad you're safe...

[Hetzel walks forward, but Rafiel backs away and Ike and Nailah step in]

Rafiel: I have nothing to say to you.

Hetzel: So, you know, then. What we did was unforgivable... I was against it
    from the beginning... I argued with the others time and again! ...Ah,
    what's the use... It doesn't matter what I say now. Rafiel... Despite
    everything, I'm very happy to see that you're alive. But I beg of you...
    Stay away from the capital. You must not anger the goddess!

[Hetzel teleports out]

Ike: I've seen that man before. He's a pretty influential senator, isn't he?

Rafiel: His name is Hetzel, duke of Asmin... I owe my life to him.

[Nailah runs up to him]

Nailah: Ike, I'm sorry, but can we talk later? Rafiel needs to rest.

Ike: Yes, of course.


Ike: So... Why are you guys here, anyway?

Tormod: You won't believe me, but it came to me in a dream, Ike.

Ike: A dream?

Tormod: Yeah. Shortly after that light turned everyone to stone, I had a really
    strange dream. I don't remember it very well, but it was like there was a
    voice in my head, whispering encouragement. When I woke up, I knew what I
    had to do. I knew that everyone who hadn't been petrified was heading to
    the Tower of Guidance, and from there we'd all be saved.

Muarim: I had the same dream. I thought this must be a divine revelation, so we
    left the desert to make for the tower.

Ike: Sounds like more of Yune's handiwork.

Nailah: Agreed. This is her way of gathering able bodies. I suppose a goddess
    of chaos will do things her own way...

Tormod: Yune? Isn't that the dark goddess I keep hearing about? Should I even
    be listening to her?

Ike: I can't really put it into words, but I can feel it inside. Listening to
    her is the right thing to do. I guess it's a lot like the dream you

Nailah: We laguz are pretty intuitive. I feel it in my blood that Yune is the
    goddess of our ancestors.

Tormod: All right. That makes it a little easier to come to grips with.


Ike: Are you feeling any better?

Rafiel: Yes, much. Sorry if I worried you. That was quite a shock.

Ike: No problem... Can we talk about it? I'd like to know about you and that

Rafiel: Yes, Hetzel... It was some time ago now, a little while before the
    Serenes Massacre...


[during the story, images of the people in question appear]

Rafiel: I was alone outside of the forest. There, I was found and captured by
    beorc slave traders. The slavers sold me at auction, and the winner was
    Lord Hetzel. I didn't know until later, but the bidding for me among the
    senators was extremely competitive. Lord Hetzel actually spent much of his
    fortune on my purchase.


Rafiel: After he took me home, I fell deathly ill, mostly just from
    desperation. Lord Hetzel was deeply moved by my plight... He brought me to
    a temple and spent many days nursing me back to health. I have no doubt
    that he saved my life, but my wings never fully recovered. I haven't been
    able to fly since. Lord Hetzel felt terrible... Do you know what he told
    me? He said, "Once you fully recover, you can return to the forest."
    Members of the heron clan, we can look inside people's hearts. I knew the
    truth of what Lord Hetzel said... He was being absolutely honest. I knew I
    could trust him from that moment on.


[cutscene – the burning forest]


Rafiel: Then... The Serenes Massacre. I didn't need to be told. I would have
    felt the suffering of that many of my brethren from anywhere in the world.
    Lord Hetzel never said anything, but I knew that the senators had murdered
    the apostle and blamed my clan. Because of the monstrous ambition of a
    handful of evil men, my entire race was burned to ash.

Ike: Rafiel...

Rafiel: Late that night, I returned to the temple. Something happened to me
    there... Some sort of force took hold of me... The next thing I knew... I
    was lying in the sand. If Queen Nailah hadn't come, I would have died right
    there. I didn't even realize how far I was from my dear home.


Ike: So Duke Hetzel is both your savior and your enemy.

Rafiel: Hetzel was not directly involved, nor did he give orders to those who
    were. Something about him still troubles me, though... Whenever I think of
    him, I feel chaos boiling up from his heart. ...I sense it in myself, as
    well. I have the same feelings welling up in me. I suppose that's why I can
    accept it in him.

Ike: Your people, the remaining heron tribe... They've also changed. King
    Tibarn has said many times that Reyson and Leanne are far from typical

Rafiel: Yes, I was surprised when we met again. They're both so strong...and
    vitality seems to shine forth from within them.

Ike: It makes you wonder if chaos is really all bad, doesn't it?

Rafiel: I am starting to think that what the world needs is a balance between
    order and chaos. What do you think?

Ike: I don't know. I think there are some things we're not meant to understand.




Tibarn's group passes quickly through Salmo, drawing steadily closer to the
imperial capital. The hardships of the journey lead the group to overcome their
racial differences, and form bonds of friendship and trust.

However, Almedha, the queen mother of Daein, remains alone and aloof, lost in
thoughts of her own. Her son, Pelleas, also seems to guard some secret thought,
tucked deep within his heart.

Chapter 4-5: Unforgivable Sin                                           [*4.05]

Elincia: I hope Lady Almedha is all right. How is she doing?

Tibarn: Reyson's song seems to have calmed her for now.

Elincia: I see...

Tibarn: What about her son? How's he feeling?

Elincia: He is sleeping right now. He's quite exhausted, understandably. We've
    been fighting one battle after another.

Tibarn: Pelleas is so fragile compared to his mother. Actually, they don't seem
    anything alike. That Almedha is a formidable woman. At first I doubted her
    claim that she was the daughter of that useless old lizard. But even I had
    trouble holding her down. Me! She's no ordinary beorc woman, that's for

Elincia: I agree. Lady Almedha and Prince Kurthnaga share a striking
    resemblance, as well. Not just their faces, but their mannerisms, too.

Tibarn: Is that how beorc spot blood relations? We laguz use scent, mainly.
    Speaking of which, something has been bothering me about Almedha. She has
    no distinct scent. It's as if she is neither beorc nor laguz.

Elincia: She actually told me something that I wanted to ask you about. She
    said that she lost her power when she became pregnant with King Pelleas.

Tibarn: Hm. So the ancient songs are true...

Elincia: What songs would those be?

Tibarn: It is said that the goddesses forbid laguz and beorc to procreate. If a
    couple breaks the taboo, the punishment is dealt to the laguz parent. She
    or he loses the power of the laguz and becomes something that does not
    belong to either species. ...Did you hear something? Who goes there?

Elincia: King Tibarn?

???: If the songs are indeed true, then it is my duty to keep the honorable
    hawk king from being alone with my bewitching queen! Do you not agree,
    Your Majesty?

Elincia: Who--

[Bastian appears]

Bastian: My apologies for the lateness of the hour. Proper social graces are
    most difficult to observe in wartime.

Elincia: Bastian!

Bastian: I have been absent for a long time, Your Majesty. I apologize again
    from the deepest place in my heart.

Elincia: Oh, you are all right! How I worried for your safety!

Tibarn: Sorry to interrupt this tender reunion scene, but where on Tellius have
    you been, Lord Jester? What have you been doing up 'til now? Come on, I'm
    listening. Out with it!

Bastian: I suppose one as swift as our king of the skies is unlikely to count
    patience as one of his virtues. Fear not! I shall tell you everything. But
    first, I must ask you both to step away from other ears. And would it be
    possible to rouse the prince with the elegant white wings?

Tibarn: Are you asking me to get Reyson? Fine. But do me a favor and talk like
    a normal person, would you? [leaves]

Lucia: It is a terrible habit of yours, Bastian. I've never known anyone who
    talked so much, but said so little.

Bastian: Ah, my dear, beloved Lucia! It pains me to imagine your piteous tears
    during those cold, lonely nights without me! Be of good cheer, little one.
    This day, you may weep tears of joy in my loving embrace.

Lucia: Ever the optimist, eh, Bastian?


[Geoffrey appears, along with an unknown hooded man]

Elincia: Geoffrey? Is that you?

Geoffrey: It is.

Elincia: Geoffrey! You're safe, too!

Geoffrey: Queen Elincia... I swear that I shall never, ever leave your side

Elincia: Oh... I'm so glad...

Volke: ...Hello.

Geoffrey: I have told you not to sneak up on me, Volke. Your Majesty, this is
    Volke, a spy and..."fireman" in Count Bastian's employ. He was working for
    Ike during the Mad King's War, perhaps you remem--

Volke: Our captive has disappeared. He has been gone for approximately half an

Bastian: He escaped?! No! We must find him! Here is your next assignment. Find
    the escaped prisoner immediately!

Volke: Two thousand gold.

Bastian: That will be fine. Make it quick.

Volke: Understood. [leaves]


Bastian: This is very rude of me after I was the one who asked you here, but we
    have an emergency. Would you all gather here again once we capture the

Reyson: That's fine. I'm not very fond of the dark, anyway. We'll gather later.

Bastian: Geoffrey, give me a hand, would you? I would like to take him to the

Elincia: Lucia, do you know who that man in the black cape is?

Lucia: I was curious, too. It's no use asking, though. Neither Bastian nor my
    brother would say anything.

Elincia: Even Geoffrey? I didn't think he ever kept secrets...

Lucia: A mysterious escaped prisoner...a man shrouded in's a big
    night for secrets, isn't it?

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--

[Chapter 4-5; Pelleas] (***)

Pelleas: Sigh.

Tauroneo: There you are, Your Majesty.

Pelleas: ...General Tauroneo.

Tauroneo: Is something wrong?

Pelleas: Take a look at this.

Tauroneo: The mark of the blood pact... It has faded quite a bit, hasn't it?

Pelleas: What do you think this means?

Tauroneo: Hmm... I do not know. I must think on it.

Pelleas: Yes, we'll both have to. The lives of Daein's people depend on it.

Tauroneo: Do you believe that people can be saved from the state they are in?

Pelleas: Of course I do. To be honest, I'm a little bit thankful for the
    situation right now. Daein was headed for destruction because of what I'd
    done. But what the goddess did has changed the course of things. I can't
    fail this time. I have to save everyone.

Tauroneo: Ah, I see. I shall do everything I can to assist.

Pelleas: Thank you.

Tauroneo: Your Majesty, this is for you.

Pelleas: It's a dark tome! Thank you, General Tauroneo. Dark tomes are harder
    to come by than tomes of other elements. How did you find it?

Tauroneo: I did not find it. Your gratitude belongs to someone else.

Pelleas: What do you mean?

Tauroneo: Lady Almedha looked for it at every village and town we stopped in.
    She gave it to me out of concern that you might not take it from her.

Pelleas: I see.

Tauroneo: Your Majesty. If you'll excuse me. [leaves]

Pelleas: Mother...

[You got a Fenrir]


[Tibarn and Ranulf stand before Geoffrey]

Geoffrey: ...So, we have a bit of a predicament. I know it's none of your
    affair, but we would greatly benefit from laguz assistance in our hunt for
    last night's escapee.

Tibarn: No problem. I could use a little exercise before breakfast.

Geoffrey: Thank you, King Tibarn! Please, follow me.

Lucia: Why are the others up so early? What's going on?

Elincia: Is it the Disciples of Order? Are we under attack?

Geoffrey: No, Your Majesty... It's not the Disciples of Order. If you'll
    excuse me, I must go! [leaves]

Lucia: Wait, Geoffrey! ...Who does he think he is?

Elincia: Let's follow them.


Elincia: Bastian! What in the world is going on? I insist on a straight answer!

Geoffrey: Your Majesty! Sister! Why are you here?

Lucia: That's not important! Explain why there are Feral Ones here!

Bastian: See that odious man among them? He's controlling them. He is using
    fell magic to summon the poor laguz souls who were turned into Feral Ones!
    He is the man who escaped our custody last night. Volke found him just now.

Bastian: His name is Izuka. He designed the process that created the Feral

Tibarn: What?! He's the butcher who twisted the lives of my kinsmen? He won't
    die quickly. I'll make sure his screams are heard in Phoenicis,
    Gallia...even Goldoa.

[Izuka summons more]

Izuka: ...Dare not speak to me that way again... My work is humanity's greatest
    triumph... Depraved? Ha! ...Show them the meaning of genius! Come, my
    children, defend me! Come, my Feral Ones!

Elincia: We can't let a creature that twisted roam free. We must fight!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

-------------------------------------------------------{talk; Elincia, Volke}--

[if you do not have 3000 gold]

Elincia: Excuse me... Volke?

Volke: ...

Elincia: Um... Sir Fireman?

Volke: ...What is it?

Elincia: You seem to have some time on your hands... Would you mind helping us?

Volke: Three thousand.

Elincia: Three thousand?

Volke: ...That's what the job will cost you in gold.

Elincia: Ah, I see... Unfortunately, we would need time to prepare that much

Volke: Then negotiations are over. [leaves]

Elincia: H-hey!

[Volke will disappear from the field]


[if you do have 3000 gold]

Elincia: Excuse me... Volke?

Volke: ...

Elincia: Um... Sir Fireman?

Volke: ...What is it?

Elincia: You seem to have some time on your hands... Would you mind helping us?

Volke: Three thousand.

Elincia: Three thousand?

Volke: ...That's what the job will cost you in gold.

Elincia: Fine. I shall pay you that amount after the battle.

Volke: Agreed. I await your order.

Elincia: Thank you. And, if I may ask...

Volke: What?

Elincia: Why do you need so much money?

Volke: One hundred thousand.

Elincia: Excuse me?

Volke: That's what it will cost you for me to answer that question. Are you
    prepared to pay it?

Elincia: ...No.

Volke: Then let's get to work. What shall I do first?
-------------------------------------------------------{talk; Bastian, Volke}--

[if you do not have 3000 gold]
Bastian: Ah, my partner in crime. How shall I convince you to move those leaden
    feet of yours into action? How much "convincing" will it cost?

Volke: Three thousand.

Bastian: I thought I was the jester. Considering your usual schedule of
    services, three thousand is negligible!

Volke: I don't like that guy. Call it a personal discount. Do you want it or

Bastian: Of course I shall take your discount! Do as you wish when you see him.
    Hmm? Hold on...

Volke: What is it?

Bastian: It seems that I don't have three thousand on me. May I pay you later?

Volke: That's not like you, Count of Fayre. No money, no deal. [leaves]

Bastian: I suppose it was too much to hope for credit. How could I forget? It's
    so uncharacteristic of me!

[Volke will disappear from the field]


[if you do have 3000 gold]

Bastian: Ah, my partner in crime. How shall I convince you to move those leaden
    feet of yours into action? How much "convincing" will it cost?

Volke: Three thousand.

Bastian: I thought I was the jester. Considering your usual schedule of
    services, three thousand is negligible!

Volke: I don't like that guy. Call it a personal discount. Do you want it or

Bastian: Of course I shall take your discount! Do as you wish when you see him.
    Now get to work.

Volke: Understood. [leaves]

Bastian: I almost pity old Izuka...

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Izuka: Don't you see? If I am harmed, my knowledge will be lost! Can the human
    race survive such a tragedy? If you fools cannot see the larger picture,
    you will have to be destroyed! 


[attacking with Zihark]

Zihark: Izuka the Cruel... You are the author of this atrocity against nature?
    What gives you the right to perform your vile works on the laguz!

Izuka: The sub-humans are perfect subjects! What could be wrong with using

Zihark: ...She always told me not to let anger and hatred get the best of me,
    not to let them guide my blade... This will be my only exception.


[attacking with Ranulf]
Ranulf: I saw the results of your experiments at Gritnea Tower. The mutilated
    bodies...the rotting flesh... It was the most horrifying experience of my
    life. I wonder if my nightmares will pass when I kill you?

Izuka: How could you not see the importance of my beloved research? That was my
    life's work!

Ranulf: Then it is appropriate that you will pay for those terrible crimes with
    your life. My long-suffering kinsmen, watch as I destroy your tormentor!


[attacking with Volke]

Izuka: You! You're...

Volke: ...under a new contract. Good-bye, Izuka.

Izuka: Feral Ones! Kill him! Do it now!


[attacking with Bastian]

Izuka: Have a care, Crimean count! If my knowledge dies, so does your only hope
    of saving that man!

Bastian:'s true that your knowledge is a valuable asset.

Izuka: Ah, my noble count! You are most merciful!

Bastian: I have some knowledge of anatomy. Once you are dead, perhaps I will
    dissect your brain and see if I can identify the root of your intelligence.

Izuka: Y-you monster! What you suggest is unconscionable!

Bastian: Exactly, yet you had no hesitation before doing worse to the laguz. I
    will speed you now to the afterlife, where you may contemplate your life's
    egregious mistakes.


[attacking with Lucia]

Izuka: Don't you see? If I am harmed, my knowledge will be lost! Can the human
    race survive such a tragedy? If you fools cannot see the larger picture,
    you will have to be destroyed!

Lucia: I don't know what atrocities caused Bastian to hold you prisoner, but I
    know what you did to the laguz, and that's reason enough for me to kill

Izuka: Don't be too rash! If you kill me, Crimea will surely suffer!

Lucia: I will silence your lying tongue, degenerate!


[attacking with Geoffrey]

Izuka: They've broken through my Feral Ones! I must create more!

Geoffrey: After the war against the Mad King, I always regretted not capturing
    you. Prepare yourself for justice!


[attacking with Pelleas]

Pelleas: Izuka!

Izuka: Ah, my dear prince Pelleas! Excuse me, King Pelleas! I'd assumed that
    you had been turned to stone. How nice to see you again! But I am saddened
    to see that you would betray me and fight alongside these shortsighted
    fools! I found you and set you on the path to royalty! I served you well,
    did I not?

Pelleas: I know that you've been working for the senate, Izuka.

Izuka: So you found out. Very well. At least I don't need to pretend anymore.
    It isn't like you will spare my life, anyway.

Pelleas: With most of Daein turned to stone, the blood pact can no longer harm
    anyone. But that doesn't change the fact that you tricked me into risking
    the life of every citizen of my kingdom. Why would you betray me, Izuka?
    Were you ever loyal to Daein?

Izuka: Betrayal? What of your betrayal to me? I remember well how you valued
    one worthless laguz life over mine! It was your betrayal that forced me to
    abandon my work! You were supposed to be my puppet, a weakling boy-king
    that I could control, giving me free reign!

Pelleas: What? How could that be...

Izuka: Oh, princeling boy, how completely I've fooled you... You are not King
    Ashnard's son. All I did was look for a boy that could pass for the king's

Pelleas: But... Mother said... She said she was certain that I was her child!

Izuka: Ah yes, Lady Almedha, paragon of sanity! She is certainly fit to
    identify a boy she hasn't seen in fifteen years. She was so desperate to
    have her son again that she would have believed anything I told her.

Pelleas: No... No! Stop it! Stop talking!


[attacking with Elincia]

Izuka: Elincia, the Crimean queen! Are you here to seek revenge?

Elincia: Revenge? On whose account? What are you talking about? I am arresting
    a dangerous fugitive.


[attacking with Tibarn]

Izuka: Ah... You must be the hawk king! Understand that my work was never
    intended to harm the laguz, specifically!

Tibarn: No power on Tellius will protect you from me. With your death, I can
    finally lay my brothers' souls to rest.


Izuka: Aaaargh! But my still...incomplete...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

[if any Feral Ones remain standing at the end of the battle, they disappear
    upon Izuka's death]

Tibarn: Disgusting filth. I can't kill him enough times for what he's done!

Elincia: At least he is finally gone. No one else will suffer by his hands.

Reyson: I suppose that is all there is, then.


[the group stands in the middle of the swamp; Reyson walks out and starts to
    sing a galdr akin to a dirge, and everything glows white]

[when it is finished, Ranulf drops to his knees]

Ranulf: Laguz brothers and sisters, I hope your souls can find peace now.

???: Hey! Count Bastian!


Jorge: That man in the black cape you left with us is in bad shape! We can't
    even hold him down anymore!

Bastian: Oh no... Your Majesty, we must return immediately. I will explain


[the group runs back to camp and is met by Daniel]

Daniel: Oh, thank goodness you're here! I couldn't hold him down anymore.
    Please, follow me!


Man: Aaaaargh! Ahhh! Grrr... Graaaagh!

Bastian: Shhh! Calm down, sir. It's all right. You are a strong man. You will
    pull through! Please, you must calm yourself! Duke Renning!

[his cloak is removed and his face revealed]

Elincia: It cannot be! [she moves up to him] Uncle! Uncle Renning! You are
    alive! Oh, you are alive!

Renning: Ugh... Ahhhhhh! Grrr...rr...

Elincia: What's wrong, Uncle? Please speak to me! It's me, Elincia!

Bastian: It's no use, Your Majesty. Your noble uncle's mind has been the drug that creates Feral Ones.

Elincia: No! How did this happen? Uncle! Uncle! You must hold on! Uncle


[Renning lies on the ground in a tent, apparently asleep or knocked out; the
    rest of the group stands, except for Elincia, who kneels at his side]

Elincia: Forgive me. Please give me a moment to collect myself.

Tibarn: What happened back there? Who is that man?

Bastian: That is Duke Renning, the younger brother of Crimea's last king, and
    Queen Elincia's uncle. He was next in line to become the king of Crimea,
    but-- He was believed killed in the last attack by Daein, three years ago.

Tibarn: I see. And what's wrong with him now?

Lucia: Bastian. No more secrets. It's time for you to tell us everything you

Bastian: Duke Renning was apparently killed three years ago... but as you can
    see, he is still alive.


[cutscene – an image of Bertram, and an image of Lord Renning; eventually an
    image of Volke as well]


Bastian: Duke Renning was one of the strongest warriors in Crimea, and while
    Daein tried to kill him, he survived. When the Mad King heard of his skill,
    he had Renning kidnapped and gave him the drug that creates Feral Ones.
    This drug made Duke Renning even stronger, but shattered his mind. He
    became Bertram, one of Ashnard's infamous Four Riders. After Her Majesty
    and company defeated him, I had him taken back to my castle. I hoped to
    find a cure, but I didn't want to raise false hope, Your Majesty, so I kept
    the secret. However, his mind continued to deteriorate, and there were no
    signs of improvement. As a last resort, I hired Volke to investigate a way
    to cure him.


[cutscene – an image of Izuka in some sort of dungeon like Gritnea Tower]


Bastian: Volke quickly discovered that Duke Renning's transformation was
    engineered by a man called Izuka. This man had made himself an aide to the
    new king of Daein and was not difficult to locate. Feeling that Renning was
    running out of time, we kidnapped Izuka to learn more of the condition.


Bastian: Returning to Fayre Castle, we interrogated Izuka at length and
    discovered more about his experiments. Perhaps unsurprisingly, beorc are
    affected differently by the drug than laguz. Izuka then offered to create
    an antidote in exchange for his freedom.

Geoffrey: Did you agree to it?!

Bastian: We refused without a second thought. Such a monster cannot be allowed
    to roam free. Besides, we know a more certain way to cure Lord Renning.

Lucia: The galdr of rebirth!


Elincia: Prince Reyson, I beg of you. Please save my uncle!

Reyson: I can't guarantee anything, Elincia. But I will try.

Elincia: Oh, thank you, Prince Reyson! Thank you!

Reyson: Please give me a moment to myself. I must prepare.


Tibarn: Are you sure about this? I thought the galdr of rebirth was too
    powerful and complex for a single heron to perform.

Reyson: Usually, that's true. Right now, however, Ashera's awakening has
    infused the world with order; I've never felt stronger. What's more, Lord
    Renning's condition seems less severe than a true Feral One. I think I can
    do this.

Tibarn: Well, you're the expert. Just don't go taking unnecessary risks.

Reyson: I won't, Tibarn. You needn't worry so much. I've grown a lot.


[nighttime, outside in the camp; Renning has been laid in some sort of circle
    of runes on the ground. Reyson stands before him and sings the galdr of
    rebirth, and above the marked circle, gold runes hover in a ring while
    Renning spasms violently]

Renning: ...Grr...grrr... Aaarrrrgh! Grragh...

Elincia: Uncle! Hold on!

[the golden light fades]

Renning: ...Unnnhh...

[Reyson walks up to him]

Reyson: ...It worked. He's sleeping peacefully. When he wakes, he should be his
    old self.

Elincia: Oh! Thank you, Reyson. Thank you!


Ranulf: So, how's Prince Reyson?

Tibarn: He's asleep with a big, contented smile on his face. He'll be fine.

Ranulf: I suppose we should give thanks to Goddess Ashera. Her power gave
    strength to Prince Reyson and saved Duke Renning's life.

Tibarn: It's hard to think of her as the bad guy after seeing a thing like
    that. Goddess Ashera, huh? I can't die until I see what she looks like.


Ike and company manage to evade their persistent foes, finally arriving in
Sienne, the capital of Begnion.

The Tower of Guidance. According to the Creed of the Goddess, which has been
taught across the continent by Begnion, this is where the goddess Ashera will
appear during times of great crisis to lead the people to safety. As even the
smallest child in Begnion knows, the tower is sacred, and mere mortals may not

With the world edging toward catastrophe, the tower glows like a pillar of pure
light, as though to pierce through the very heavens.

Part IV Endgame: Rebirth (1)                                            [*4.11]

[cutscene – the shining, golden Tower of Guidance which stands against a blue
    sky just as vivid]


Ike: That must be...

Titania: ...the Tower of Guidance. It's so bright I can hardly bear to look at
    it! What's happening in there?

Soren: Let's hurry, Ike. I can't imagine that the glowing is a good omen. We're
    running out of time.


(The Outer Gates of Sienne)

Ike: The city gate is shut. I guess we'll have to force it to get to the

???: Ahh! You guys made it!

[Skrimir appears]

Ike: Skrimir! I didn't realize your group had already arrived.

Skrimir: Yes, we've been here for quite some time. I've been itching to go
    inside and see what the bad guys have waiting for us.

Sanaki: Skrimir listened to reason, however, and agreed to wait here with us.
    We know nothing about the numbers or strength of the enemy.

Micaiah: It seemed safest to wait here for the rest of you to show up. We
    pitched tents outside the gate.

Ike: Hello, Micaiah. Any word from Yune?

Micaiah: She came back to me a number of times during our trip. But nothing for
    the past few days...

Ike: I see... Do we know where Tibarn and Elincia's group is?

Skrimir: No word yet, no. Ike, it's a waste for us to just sit around waiting.
    Why don't you and I have a look inside?

[the gates swing open]

Skrimir: Wait! What's happening?

Naesala: Get ready for an attack, people!

[Caineghis, Giffca, and Tibarn and Elincia's group walk out]

Ike: Caineghis? What are you doing here?

[Ike and Skrimir walk up to them]

Caineghis: In an occurrence I'm told is increasingly common, we heard a voice
    in our dreams and followed it here.

Ike: And Lord Tibarn! I should have guessed your group would beat everyone

Tibarn: We joined up with King Caineghis and mopped up the Disciples of Order
    around the capital.

Elincia: The only people left within the city are the ones who have been

Yune: Good! I like air-breathers with initiative!

[everyone turns to Micaiah, now Yune]

Ike: Yune! Here to give us our next instructions?

Yune: Yes, good guess! Everyone, gather around. You'll all need to hear this.


Yune: Good job, everyone! All three teams got here, and a little faster than I
    thought you would. While you were traveling, I went around recruiting more
    help, including King Caineghis here. Unfortunately, it looks like Ashera
    had the same idea. By the time I made my way to Goldoa, there was no one

Kurthnaga: Wh-what do you mean? Where were they?

Tibarn: If you're saying what I think you're saying, then we could have a very
    big problem. Lots of very big problems.

Yune: I don't know for sure, Tibarn. There aren't a whole lot of dragons
    altogether, but... It looks like every one of them joined Ashera.

Kurthnaga: could this be?

Yune: I haven't seen them anywhere else on Tellius, so they must already be
    inside the tower. Let's camp for the night before walking into Ashera's
    own home.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--

[Part IV Endgame (1); Stefan] (*)

Stefan: ...What can I do for you, Goddess Yune?

Yune: You're very strange. What are you?

Stefan: That's a strange question, especially coming from you. Didn't you
    create all of us?

Yune: I didn't create anything. Not laguz nor beorc. But I know what they are,
    because I've watched them change and grow over time. You... You're not
    something I've seen before.

Stefan: I'm the same as the girl you dwell inside.

Yune: Ohhh... I thought Micaiah was the only one. She could hear my voice and
    sing the galdr of release. But I learned that others existed. There's that
    boy who's always with Ike. Or the little girl who stays by the queen of

Stefan: There are several in my village, as well. They are my comrades. We all
    live under the safe fate...and carry the same curse in our blood.

Yune: When you say these words, what do they mean? Why are you cursed?

Stefan: It means that we carry the blood of both beorc and laguz. Beorc call us
    Branded, and laguz call us Parentless.

Yune: Does that mean your parents are beorc and laguz?

Stefan: Not always. It means that laguz and beorc mixed blood somewhere along
    the line. Beorc and laguz rarely associate in that way. For them to
    conceive a child together is an even rarer event. What's strange is that
    the child bears no laguz characteristics. It's just a normal beorc infant.
    However, the laguz blood lies asleep, waiting, in the child's veins.

Yune: Oh...

Stefan: One day, the laguz blood shows itself, marking the child's body with a
    brand. How old is that girl, hmm? I don't think she's as young as she
    looks. The other curse is that we age differently from beorc. It depends on
    what laguz blood the child has, but it always slows how fast we age.

Yune: Micaiah says that's true. She's listening to every word you say. Please,

Stefan: The laguz blood gives the Branded unnatural powers. Beorc fear and
    distrust us because they can't understand those abilities. The laguz are
    even worse. They treat us like we're phantoms, refusing to acknowledge us,
    as if we don't exist.

Yune: I see...

Stefan: It's easy to hide among beorcs. You just cover the brand, avoid
    getting close to anyone, and never settle down. Pretending you're normal.
    The laguz are different. They can sense what we are... They have an
    instinct for it. Not all laguz know for sure, but the sharp ones figure it
    out instantly. Others just feel uneasy around us. Some never figure it out,
    but they're surrounded by ones who do. Either way, the laguz would never
    talk to us voluntarily. Why would you pay attention to someone who doesn't
    even exist?

Yune: Why? That doesn't make any sense. How did things get like that?

Stefan: I would like to know that as well. It's said that a union between
    laguz and beorc is a crime against the goddess. That's what we've always
    been told.

Yune: That's silly. I've never heard anything of the sort.

Stefan: ...Heh... Heheh... Hahahahaha...!

Yune: Why are you laughing?

Stefan: It's all been a lie! For hundreds of years, we've faced persecution,
    abuse, and isolation. And for what? A lie! What's not to laugh about, huh?
    Hahaha... [leaves]

Yune: What's happened? This is all wrong... How did history get so distorted?
    Was it at a particular place and time? I don't understand. I've been asleep
    for too long...


[Part IV Endgame (1); Dragons] (*)

Kurthnaga: Almedha! You're safe!

Almedha: Kurthnaga...

Kurthnaga: Al, what's wrong? You're so pale, and you've grown so thin...

Almedha: Oh, Pelleas... My little Pelleas... Why? Tell me why?

Kurthnaga: Almedha! Almedha, you have to pull yourself together!

???: Prince Kurth? Are you there?

Kurthnaga: I'm busy, Ena! Stay where you are.

Ena: Oh!

Almedha: ...Ena. It's been a long time. I felt your presence nearby, but you
    never came to see me...

Ena: Lady Almedha...

Almedha: I understand that you don't want to see me. I'm sure you hate me for
    what I've done. My brother Rajaion... Your betrothed... He died because of

Ena: Don't. It's not important. That's all in the past...

Almedha: ...What? How can you pretend like nothing happened!? You can't! I know
    you hate me! You have to hate me! Go ahead, blame me for what happened!
    Insult me! Do anything, but you have to hate me!

Ena: ...I don't hate you, Almedha. Rajaion made his decision. He gave his life
    to save you and his little nephew. Did you know that? He decided to
    sacrifice himself to protect you. I can't blame you for what Rajaion
    decided to do. That would mean insulting my beloved for his sacrifice...
    For his nobility.

Almedha: Sniff... Sniff... Sniff...

Ena: Prince Kurth, my grandfather is here to see you. The king knows nothing of
    this visit.

Kurthnaga: Nasir is here?

Nasir: Prince Kurthnaga. I am glad to see that you are safe. And Lady Almedha,
    as well. It has been a long time. We haven't seen each other in over ninety
    years, I believe.

Almedha: Nasir.... You returned to Goldoa?

Nasir: Yes.

Kurthnaga: Nasir, I need to know something. Why has Goldoa sided with Goddess
    Ashera!? What is Father thinking? The laguz and beorc have joined together
    to save the petrified. Why hasn't Goldoa joined the effort?

Nasir: As you wish. Lady Almedha... Are you aware of the fact that everything
    that's happening is due to your decision to leave Goldoa?

Almedha: ...What?

Kurthnaga: Explain, Nasir.

Nasir: King Dheginsea forbade the dragon tribe to use our transformation for
    the purpose of war. Almedha, you left because you did not agree with this
    policy, did you not?

Almedha: That's right.

Nasir: Shortly after you left Goldoa, you met Ashnard in Daein and were united
    with him. However, your union begat a chain of tragedies. Did you know that
    the red dragon platoon which went in search of you was captured and turned
    into Feral Ones by King Ashnard?

Almedha: I-I had no idea.

Nasir: Ashnard needed Goldoa to get involved in his war. That's why he did
    everything in his power to provoke King Dheginsea. Most of you have never
    fought in a war, but even more than other laguz, the dragon tribe loses
    control once they taste battle.

Kurthnaga: Oh...

Nasir: Near the end of the war, we found out that Prince Rajaion could not be
    saved. I thought the king would surely go on a rampage. At the time, we had
    no idea that Lady Almedha was still alive. The king thought he'd lost not
    only dragon soldiers but also his children.

Ena: ...

Nasir: If the war had ended any later... Had Ike not killed Ashnard... Goldoa
    would have joined the war. And we would have started killing. We would have
    destroyed the Daein army, it's coconspirators, everyone. We would not have
    stopped until the continent was ashes. Then the spirit of chaos would have
    spread across Tellius, awakening the goddess and destroying the dragon
    tribe. That was the danger we faced in the Mad King's War.

Kurthnaga: ...

Ena: But Ashnard was defeated. And Rajaion regained his sanity thanks to the
    songs of the heron clan.

Almedha: ...Sniff. Bwuah... Sniff...

Nasir: We escaped annihilation once. We took Prince Rajaion's body back to
    Goldoa. And the king did not shed a tear, nor fly into a rage. He endured
    his loss by himself. He endured for the sake of his last child, and for
    the sake of his people. Goldoa remained neutral.

Kurthnaga: Father...

Nasir: But now... All that effort has been wasted. The war between the Laguz
    Alliance and Begnion has spread through Daein and Crimea. And to top it all
    off, Goldoa can no longer stay neutral because of what Prince Kurthnaga has

Kurthnaga: You're saying this is my fault...!? That I've started a war that my
    father tried to avoid?

Almedha: No, Kurthnaga! This was my fault. You fought because of me.

Ena: This was not Prince Kurth's fault! Besides, the goddess Yune was not
    awakened by chaos sweeping across Tellius. She was awakened by the galdr of

Nasir: By a galdr!? Are you certain?

Ena: Yes. That was what Sir Ike said.

Nasir: That's...very strange. Nevertheless, the end result remains the same.
    Goddess Ashera has rendered her judgment. The laguz and beorc must follow
    her decision.

Ena: What...!? Nasir!

Nasir: I've come here as a favor to the king. Prince Kurthnaga, you have to
    return to us. At once.

Kurthnaga: If we just accept Ashera's judgment, we'll all be turned to stone!
    That's the end of history as we know it! Do you expect me to just lie down
    and accept that? How can I? What you're asking is insanity! I won't do it.

Nasir: And you, Ena?

Ena: I feel the same as Prince Kurth.

Nasir: Then I have nothing more to say to you. However, I hope to avoid
    fighting my own people if at all possible. [leaves]

Ena: Nasir...

Almedha: ...What will you do on the battlefield, Kurth? Will you face your
    father as an enemy?

Kurthnaga: ...I will do whatever I have to.


[a pan-shot of Sienne, including the Mainal Cathedral; bells can be heard
    ringing in the distance]

Yune: Oh, no!

Ike: Yune, what is it? What's happening?

[a bright light fills the screen, followed by scores of Disciples of Order
    soldiers appearing in front of the gate]

Caineghis: This isn't good...

Yune: These soldiers... We've killed them already. They've been reborn in
    flesh but not spirit.

Sanaki: Brought back from the dead...

Elincia: A miracle of the goddess...

Caineghis: A blasphemy, you mean! How could the goddess of order violate the
    most fundamental natural law?

Ike: Philosophy later, everyone! They're about to attack!


[the camera pans as various members of the group attack the Disciples of Order;
    Ike is at the end killing a soldier, while Yune kneels against the grass in
    front of a tent]

Ike: Are you all right? Those dead soldiers really got to you, didn't they?

Yune: ...We can't win. All we do is kill the flesh, but she brings the flesh
    back... We need more time... No, there is no more time! Everyone else will
    be turned to stone...and I will be lonely forever. There's nothing more
    that I can do! I've failed... I've failed.

Ike: Yune! Get a hold of yourself!

[Ike kneels before her and grabs her]

Yune: Ouch! My ears!

[Ike lets go, leans back]

Yune: Wh-what was that for? You big bully! Who do you think I am?!

Ike: Yune, the goddess of chaos... The warmhearted being whose courage and love
    gives us the will to go on.

Yune: Ike... Thank you.

[Ike stands up]

Ike: As things stand, we can't bring everyone into the tower. We'll need
    support here to hold this position. But at the very least, how many are we
    going to need inside?

Yune: They'll have much stronger forces inside the tower...not to mention
    Ashera herself. We'll send in our best 11. Oh, and we'll want the two
    dragons! ...And one from the heron tribe... And...uh...the empress. Plus,
    it wouldn't hurt to have Sothe.

Ike: Understood. If that's everyone, I'll gather them together.

[Ike runs past]

Yune: ...And once we get inside, you can leave most of the fighting to Micaiah.


[Micaiah promotes into a Light Priestess]


Yune: Something like this should work.


Ike: We're ready.


[the final team is chosen - note that the choice of characters affects what
    dialogue can occur in the Tower]


Yune: All right, everyone's almost ready. Who would you like to bring from the
    heron tribe?


(Three options:)




Ike: Rafiel... Would you join us?

Rafiel: Of course. I am honored.



Ike: Reyson... Would you join us?

Reyson: Gladly. I'll give you everything I've got.



Ike: Leanne... Would you join us?

Leanne: (old tongue) I...I fighting!


Yune: All right, Tower of Guidance, here we come!


[a panshot of just inside the gate; tall, ornately carved pillars line the
    hall, and the laid stone floor leads to a just as ornate set of double

Ike: It' quiet. Is the goddess here?

Yune: Uh-huh. She's at the top. Be careful, everyone. This tower is Ashera's
    home territory. She's certain to have her most powerful troops waiting for
    us up ahead. We must proceed with the utmost caution.

Yune: Hm?

[the camera pans upwards to the ceiling; the screen goes white]


[animation - memory sequence 1]

[a memory animation sequence of sorts, all of which are made distinct by how
    the images in them are enclosed in a dark frame; an image of Mainal
    Cathedral appears]

Female Voice: So, you were companion to the very first empress, Altina. I am
    honored that you have chosen to speak with me.

Male Voice: You would trust in the word of a stranger?

Female Voice: Yes. I can see inside you. I know you cannot speak lies.

Male Voice: Is it possible? Do you share some aspect of my power?

Female Voice: I do, as did my mother... Generation after generation, each
    apostle has been blessed to hear the voice of the goddess. We know of
    impending disasters, how crops will fare.... All revelations originally
    intended for you.

Male Voice: The children of my union with Altina... I had no idea...

Female Voice: Please look at this.

[an image of a hand with a Branded's mark – the same one on Micaiah's hand]

Male Voice: That mark...

Female Voice: All of the apostles have born this brand. It is our greatest
    secret. The senators must never know. Because of this brand, I thought
    that I had been born of some great sin. It plagued me always. Guilt tore at
    me every day as I hid my mark from my people, deceiving them constantly
    about my true nature.

Male Voice: Oh, can I apologize to you?

Female Voice: And yet, now that I've met you, I understand. There is no shame
    in my heritage. None at all. I will not live in hiding. I will reveal to
    the world that I am one of the Branded. They must see there is no shame in
    who I am.

Male Voice: No! You mustn't! You don't understand the danger you will be
    placing yourself in!

Female Voice: Oh, but I do. The senators will do their utmost to rally the
    people against me, as they did when I freed the laguz from slavery. But I
    will not be deterred. If I am to lead this nation, I cannot allow it to be
    corrupted by prejudice and hatred. I can put the life the goddess has given
    me to no greater good than this.

Male Voice: ...Such determination. Your eyes... They very much resemble

Female Voice: I will stand before my people and proudly proclaim the truth. And
    then I will guide them to a just and honest future. This is my promise to

[in the image, the man's hands, the right one of which bears a small, golden
    ring, are laid atop hers]

Male Voice: Thank you. Your strength of will, the truth that guides your
    life... You have shown me the way back to myself. I shall return to Goldoa
    and tell my friends of you and your actions. I will tell them that laguz
    and beorc may once again live together in peace. I will tell them that
    there is hope.

Female Voice: Thank you, father of my mothers. I strive to be worthy of the
    gift of live you have granted me.

[the screen goes white, before going back to the pan image of just inside the

Yune: ...What was that? Someone's... Was it someone's memory?

Ike: What is it?

Yune: Sorry? Oh, I... Don't worry. It was nothing. All right, then... Our path
    leads through that door there.

[Ike leaves]

Yune: ...


[the group climbs up a flight of stairs to encounter the Disciples of Order]

Lekain: Well, well... "Apostle" Sanaki. What a surprise seeing you here.
    Frankly, I'm amazed that you, of all people, would dare to set foot inside
    the most holy Tower of Guidance.

[Micaiah runs up]

Micaiah: Lekain... We've been looking for you for a long time. You bound Daein
    to your awful pact, hounded noble King Pelleas, and stole countless lives
    in your appalling war. You are...beyond redemption!

Lekain: Beyond redemption? My, that does sound awful. Whatever will you do with
    me? Oh, and let me remind you, the blood pact is still in effect. You would
    do well to remember that. I think you know what will happen to the people
    of Daein if you should dare oppose me.

Micaiah: Enough. We fear your threats no longer. No more will we bow to your
    every whim. Now that we've found you, we will exact justice upon you, then
    destroy the blood pact itself, ending its power over us!

Lekain: So you figured it out, did you? Heh, heh... It matters not. This
    changes nothing, do you hear me? Here is the scroll for which you've been
    searching so diligently. Right here in my hands.

Micaiah: Ah!

Lekain: And yet, none of you will ever lay one grimy little finger upon it. I
    have been blessed by the goddess herself. Her protection will not allow you
    fleas to even approach me!

[Sanaki steps forward, next to Micaiah]

Sanaki: Lekain! Cease this travesty of virtue at once!

Lekain: What have we here? Oh yes, the apostle. Excuse me, child, but I had
    completely forgotten you were here. Since you've deigned to grace us with
    your exalted presence, dear apostle, let me share a bedtime story with you.

[a cutscene image flashes up quickly – on the left, a crowd of people pushing
    against Begnion soldiers; on the right, the Mainal Cathedral]

Lekain: The year was 640, Begnion era... The empire had been without an apostle
    for 15 long years. The senators were being constantly harassed with
    complaints from the people. There had been nothing like it in history. The
    voices calling for young Sanaki to be crowned grew louder every day... You
    had just turned five years old when the senate welcomed you to the throne
    as the new apostle. Ah, but my young mistress Sanaki, what a difficult
    child you were. You threw tantrums, you screamed and cried constantly. Your
    conduct was hardly befitting an empress of Begnion! Everyone was at a
    loss... You wouldn't even stop mewling and crying during official
    proceedings. But then along came our youngest senator ever, Sephiran, Duke
    of Persis. When he took you in his arms, you immediately stopped crying.
    You even smiled. We had to take advantage of this obvious miracle. In an
    unprecedented move by the senators, we elevated Sephiran to prime minister,
    keeping him serving as close to you as possible. This plan, radical as it
    was, proved far more effective than we dared dream. A young, handsome prime
    minister and an adorable moppet of an apostle brought the people's support
    to incredible new heights. Apparently the common citizenry is gullible
    enough to blindly follow any leader who is sufficiently attractive.
    Enamored as they were, no one ever seemed to care whether or not you could
    hear the voice of the goddess. With the new apostle and prime minister, the
    political landscape became unrecognizable. Even in the face of overtly
    unreasonable legislation, the two of you would stand on the balcony... A
    smile and a wave later, the people would cheer and go on with their happy

Sanaki: ...

Lekain: It was too good to be true, however. Both of you were only meant to be
    puppets! Each year you interfered with our government more and more,
    imposing your soft-hearted ideals over our sovereign rights. Were such
    trivialities as laguz slavery and the Daein occupation worth making issues
    of? The pair of you were becoming an increasingly bothersome thorn in our
    side. And then this war against the laguz forces... You went so far as to
    expose our previous indiscretions and demand reparations for the
    sub-humans. This was unforgivable. Clearly you both had to be removed.
    Sephiran would be falsely accused and jailed, necessitating his removal
    from office. The apostle would suffer a sudden illness, and be excused from
    official proceedings. Or so we intended...

[the scene switches back to the battlefield]

Lekain: And somehow, despite the extraordinary plans of great me, here you are
    standing before my very eyes.

Sanaki: If Sephiran and I hadn't been freed... You were just waiting for your
    chance to kill us? Just as you killed my grandmother.

Lekain: Out of respect for the imminently deceased, I'll be completely honest.
    Yes, you assume correctly. Your assassination, and the plot to once again
    frame the Serenes herons for it, was entirely my idea.

Sanaki: Yes... I thought as much.

Lekain: Impressive, Sanaki. When you were first crowned, you would have cried
    your little eyes out. You've grown, slightly.

Sanaki: Lekain, Duke of Gaddos! Before the 37th empress of Begnion... Prepare
    to be judged!

[Lekain steps forward]

Lekain: An amusing game, child, truly. But you must know that there is nothing
    you can do against me! I am the greatest servant of the all-knowing,
    almighty Ashera. I am her chosen champion! And you, Sanaki, are a pathetic
    wretch, mewling behind her pack of Daein curs. Ashera's judgment is upon
    you! You will not live to be turned to stone... You will die here as flesh
    and blood!

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

[at the beginning of turn 3]

Lekain: Ta ha haaa! Bathe in my radiance!

[an enormous Silence sigil of light forms around Lekain, and all allied units
    on the map are Silenced]


Hetzel: There can be no forgiveness for my hand in these evil deeds. Salvation
    is denied me and my stained soul. My torment will be eternal.


[attacking with Jill]

Hetzel: I don't understand any of you. how can you oppose the goddess? It's
    only natural that people live to please the gods...the weak follow the

Jill: Strong, weak... It doesn't matter. I fight on the side of my conscience,
    and have yet to regret my battles.


[attacking with Haar]

Hetzel: Wait... I remember you... You were one of the dracoknights that fled
    to Daein, defying the senators... You opposed the almighty Begnion and the
    word of the goddess... Why? Why would you defy such power?

Haar: You could live another lifetime, and you'd still never understand.


[attacking with Sanaki]

Sanaki: Hetzel... I had thought that you alone might be above Lekain's foul
    conspiracy! It saddens me to see you at his side.

Hetzel: N-no, Apostle Sanaki! I--

Sanaki: I didn't ask for excuses! ?You fight alongside Lekain. That's more
    proof than I'll ever need.

Hetzel: ...You are right, I fight with him. I had no choice. But...please,
    understand that I've always done my best to honor and respect Your Majesty.

Sanaki: Then how do you explain my confinement in Mainal Cathedral?

Hetzel: I-I didn't do anything! It was all Lekain! I didn't know anything about
    it, and only heard later...

Sanaki: And when you did hear of it, why didn't you stop it?

Hetzel: I...couldn't. Actually, I could have, but I...didn't say anything. It
    was the same with Misaha, and the Serenes Massacre... I...

Sanaki: ...didn't say anything. In other words, you stood by as my grandmother
    and the Serenes people were killed!

Hetzel: P-please forgive me...


[attacking with Micaiah]

Hetzel: It is not too late, child, to surrender and accept Ashera's grace. You
    can win favor in her eyes by abandoning her enemies.

Micaiah: Surrender? I wouldn't' dare "accept the grace" of a goddess that turns
    her worshippers to stone!

Hetzel: Some things simply can't be helped. You and I are alive, and we should
    be thankful for that.

Micaiah: I have a feeling that we're not going to be able to come to terms on


[attacking with Ike]

Hetzel: Wait, please... I never wanted to fight... I'm here only because I was

Ike: Then surrender your weapon.

Hetzel: I-I cannot do that. I would fall into disgrace with Vice-Minister

Ike: ...


Hetzel: Save me! My goddess... Help...

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

[aside from attack conversations with specific characters, Lekain does not
    speak when attacked]


[attacking with Jill]

Lekain: Knight of Daein, I am Lekain of Gaddos. Your ruler, King Pelleas,

Jill: You can stop it right there! Daein will never bow down to you again!


[attacking with Haar]

Haar: Why is it that authority figures are always so unwilling to let go of
    their power? The world could flip upside down and you'd be trying to boss
    around gravity.

Lekain: You clearly know nothing of me, lout! To oppose me is to oppose the
    goddess Ashera herself!

Haar: That's strange... I always thought that role was filled by the apostle.
    But who can keep up these days? So you're defending the goddess...but will
    she do the same for you?


[if Reyson is attacked]

Lekain: You're quite tenacious for a heron. I thought your entire fragile race
    had been exterminated...

Reyson: Evil... You are pure evil. I hear it in your heart. How do you even

Lekain: How pathetic. Hated by a heron, the only sub-human so weak as to
    actually be incapable of violence. This must feel just like the massacre to
    you: completely helpless before your inevitable doom!


[attacking with Tibarn]

Tibarn: I'm glad I got to you first. See, I heard that the Serenes Massacre was
    all your doing... That puts you at the very top of the list of the enemies
    of the bird tribes.

Lekain: That may very well be, but I am under the divine protection of the
    goddess herself! A shabby sub-human pirate like yourself will find me
    quite invincible!

Tibarn: As much as I'd love to draw this little chat out, I don't think I can
    keep my talons out of your neck another instant.

Lekain: Why... Why are you laughing? Are you...enjoying yourself?

Tibarn: Some of us here are just overflowing with the chaos you're causing with
    this fight. That might be part of it... But, to be honest, there's a part
    of me that can hardly believe how much fun tearing your head off will be.


[attacking with Pelleas]

Pelleas: Vi-Vice-Minister Lekain...

Lekain: Hm? Ahhh, still alive, are we? I suppose that I can still find a use
    for you... I know! Go and attack the enemy general.

Pelleas: Um...

Lekain: Why are you not obeying, fool? That look on your face... You think
    you're going to save your people! That is precious! You can't possibly
    believe that one so flawed as yourself has a prayer against me?

Pelleas: I do, actually.

Lekain: Whaaat?! Did I hear you correctly?!

Pelleas: I said I believe. I believe in myself, and I believe in my companions.
    Even if I falter and fail... My friends will defeat you. This belief
    sustains me. I can fight you because I am no longer alone.

Lekain: Let us test your theory, then! Die, upstart!


[attacking with Sanaki]

Sanaki: Burn, traitor!

Lekain: Watch your tongue, girl!


[attacking with Sothe]

Sothe: ...

Lekain: Hm? Who are you? How did a shabby little burglar get in here?

Sothe: If that's how you want to see me, then so be it. But know that that's
    also how I see you. I don't think we even need to exchange names. I'll just
    kill you and leave it at that.


[attacking with Micaiah]

Lekain: Ah, the so-called Silver-Haired Maiden. Both dark goddess and Daein
    general... Your very existence is vile beyond belief.

Micaiah: Lekain, Duke of Gaddos... You crushed the people of Daein beneath your
    unjust rule and dragged us into a futile war. How do you live with the
    guilt of your sins?

Lekain: Sins? Do not presume to speak to me of sin, child of Daein. If only you
    had understood that I am on the side of the angels, you might be standing
    with me here today.

Micaiah: Your delusions can't change what I see in your twisted soul, demon!
    Now give me that scroll!

Lekain: Impudent brat!


[attacking with Ike]

Lekain: Tah ha ha! Laughable mercenaries! Sanaki could certainly have chosen
    better allies. If only she had sided with me, she wouldn't be damned now.
    Oh well...

Ike: Yeah, whoever chose you as an ally has had better days, too. So who is it?
    Who's pulling your strings?

Lekain: Pulling my strings? What are you saying? I alone have been chosen to
    protect her! I masterminded the plan to resurrect the goddess and become
    Ashera's chosen one! It is my right! Mine alone!

Ike: Really? I didn't see you around when the galdr of release was sung to the

Lekain: What medallion? What nonsense are you talking about?

Ike: Wow... You don't have any idea what's really going on, do you,
    "mastermind"? I'm just wasting my time.

Lekain: You... You! Urghh! I am Lekain, Duke of Gaddos! The one and only!


Lekain: This... This can't be... I was... I was...chosen...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

[if Pelleas is not in the group]                                      [*4.11-A]

[if Pelleas is in the group]                                          [*4.11-B]

Micaiah: King Pelleas! This is it. Lekain was carrying it. It's... It's...the
    blood pact!

Pelleas: At long last... We finally found it. All that misery Daein has
    suffered over this wretched parchment... But this is the last thing we
    need. Now we can free Daein of the senate's tyranny. Micaiah, savior of
    Daein... Would you do the honors and destroy that damned thing?

Micaiah: Of course...


[cutscene – Micaiah rips the parchment]


Micaiah: ...Whew...

[a white glow fills the screen, and the scene changes to a single scrap of the
    parchment remaining, hovering in between Micaiah's outstretched hands after
    being disintegrated by her light magic]


Micaiah: That's it.

Pelleas: Yes, and now no one has to die.

Micaiah: Thank goodness...

Pelleas: Micaiah...Sothe... You have my deepest gratitude.

Sothe: Hey! Look, there's another pact here. Lekain was carrying two of them.
    What's going on?

Sanaki: Oh... I'll hang on to this.

Micaiah: Empress Sanaki?

Sanaki: I promised to return this to its proper owner, Raven King Naesala.
    Because of this, he was forced to serve under Lekain, and he had to turn
    against his allies...

Pelleas: So, Kilvas, too?

Sanaki: Yes. Lekain's treachery ran deep. At least it's finally over. I'm happy
    for everyone.

Micaiah: As am I.

Pelleas: And yet, Daein and Kilvas's newfound freedom is wasted on the statues
    that call them home. We still must confront the goddess.

Sanaki: Well spoken. We can't stop until everyone is truly free. Come! The
    goddess awaits.


Sanaki: Lekain... To think that the warped dreams of one treacherous madman
    could corrupt an entire nation...

Ike: Apostle? Are you well?

Sanaki: So you still insist on calling me "apostle"? I think we're past that,

Ike: So what should I call you? Miss Sanaki?

Sanaki: How rude! You have no right to address me with such familiarity!
    Please call me "Empress."

Ike: Got it, Empress.

Sanaki: You don't have to say it like that. Loosen up a bit.

Ike: Oh, give me a break...

[Sanaki leaves, Yune appears]

Yune: You creatures are made of some tough meat. I don't think that girl even
    needs to hear the divine word, do you?

Ike: Yune, you're a bit of a mystery, yourself. It almost sounds like you're
    happy to se that people don't necessarily need you.

Yune: The one constant truth of people, Ike, is that nobody can stop them from
    changing. People sometimes do things that even the highest divinities
    couldn't imagine. That makes me sad. But that also makes me very happy.
    That's why I love people so much.

Ike: There are some changes that goddesses can't even predict or control. Maybe
    Ashera resented that.

Yune: I don't know... But I do know that Ashera loved people. I'm sure of it...

Part IV Endgame: Rebirth (2)                                            [*4.12]

[Yune and Ike lead the group as they ascend the next flight of stairs]

Ike: Are we going the right way?

Yune: Yes. Ashera is at the top. We're going up. This is definitely the right

Ike: I'm a little disoriented because this is much bigger than it looks from
    outside. It's not my imagination, is it?

Yune: To be honest, you probably shouldn't look around too carefully. True
    miracles can overwhelm and terrify mortal minds. If you dwell on what you
    see here, you might stop climbing.

Ike: Really?

[Yune turns around to face him again]

Yune: Yes, really! Well, for most people, anyway. You're all the exceptions.
    You are all focused on your one goal, and you can't die until you achieve
    it. That's what you think, right?

Ike: Yes.

Yune: Desire propels people forward. That's how it's been since the beginning
    of your kind. You hope, take, give, kill, struggle... Out of all those
    needs and desires, hate and strife are born. And that's all right. You
    should want. You should strive to fill that want. You should challenge your
    fates. When all else fails, you can still die fighting.

Ike: Your philosophy is pretty extreme, too. Ashera doesn't forgive people for
    their imperfections. But you embrace both the good and evil natures of
    people. You seem to enjoy our internal struggles.

Yune: A straight road is boring. Defeat and destruction are far more
    interesting than stasis.

[the group continues walking]

Ike: Huh. Is there a goddess who takes a middle-of-the-road approach?

Yune: Well, long ago... Wait. Stop, everyone! We need to talk. The next one who
    stands in our way is someone deeply tied to you.

Ike: ...Let's go.

[Ike alone walks forward, up the stairs and to a small platform]


[inside the next room, the Black Knight stands]

Black Knight: You've come. Welcome, son of Gawain. Welcome all, courageous

[a hoard of Disciples of Order flood out behind the group]

Ike: ...

[Ike runs up and attacks]


[animation – Ike vs. the Black Knight]

[Ike runs forward, jumps, and flips in the air, slashing downwards with his
    sword. The Black Knight counters horizontally with his, and Ike pushes off
    and flips backward, landing in a crouch and narrowing his eyes. The Black
    Knight runs up again and they parry as sparks fly from both of their
    blades; he takes another swing at Ike who counters, and the scene zooms out
    as their swords stay locked together.]


[both of them push the other away with a loud clashing sound]

Ike: I wonder how I didn't notice? Your composure, bearing, voice... It seems
    obvious in retrospect.

Black Knight: ...

Ike: I wish I'd had the chance to fight you...or see you fight, General. Then I
    would've known a lot sooner.

Black Knight: Unfortunately for both of us, that opportunity never came.

Ike: So, it really is you. The Black Knight... No, General Zelgius!

[the Black Knight stabs his sword into the ground and takes off his helmet]

Zelgius: Ike. I have long looked forward to the day we would fight again. Now
    that it is here, let us not delay any longer. Raise your sword and begin!

Ike: Let's finish this!

[Tibarn flies across the divide]

Tibarn: Stop right there. I've got a debt to settle with this scum.

Zelgius: True, your revenge against me remains incomplete. However, may I ask
    you to step aside for now? Though at different times, Ike and I both
    learned the way of the sword from the same master: one of Daein's famous
    Four Riders, General Gawain. He left Daein under an assumed name and formed
    a mercenary company.

[a flash of white light, followed by a sepia-toned image of Greil's fight
    against the Black Knight]

Zelgius: I was entranced by Greil's swordsmanship while he was in Daein. I
    studied under him, I fought next to him... I idolized him. When he left, I
    was crushed. I vowed to find him again, and challenge him to  duel. I had
    to know if I had surpassed him! Three years ago, I caught up to Greil. I
    challenged him to a duel, and was victorious. But, something was wrong...
    The fight had been too simple. I thought I'd never feel satisfaction again.
    Then, Ike told me why it had been so easy. Greil had severed all the
    tendons in his right hand, and swore never again to draw a blade. Can you
    imagine my joy at the news? I knew that a swordsman of his stature couldn't
    have been so easy to defeat!


Zelgius: My master's skills were passed down to his son, Ike. I will defeat him
    and finally surpass my master! I trust that you understand. Once our fight
    is finished, I will allow you to settle your quarrel, Hawk King.

Ike: Please, Tibarn.

Tibarn: ...Fine. If you're taking my place, you'd better win. Got that?

Ike: Of course. This is my chance to avenge my father's death. This time, he
    won't walk away.

[Tibarn flies back]

Zelgius: Let us begin.

[Zelgius stabs his sword into the ground, and bright vertical beams of blue
    light forms a divider between their half of the room and the group's]

Zelgius: I won't allow anyone to interfere with our fight.

Ike: Agreed. It's better this way. I can focus on you!

Zelgius: No draw. No escape. One wins. One loses. We shall end this. One of us
    will live...

[he points his sword at Ike]

Zelgius: And one of us will die.

Ike: I'm ready. Good-bye, General Zelgius.

[he points his sword at Zelgius as well; the two of them face each other as the
    battle begins]

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

Levail: Face me in an honorable duel, and know that I shall be the one to take
    your life.

-------------------------------------------------------{talk; Reyson, Levail}--

Reyson: Why do you avoid eye contact? Am I not a worthy enemy?

Levail: Attacking a defenseless man goes against the code of chivalry. Please
    stay back, man of Serenes.

Reyson: Do not insult me!

-------------------------------------------------------{talk; Sanaki, Levail}--

Sanaki: I know you... You were a general in the Gaddos army. Did Zelgius betray
    Sephiran and side with the senate?

Levail: No, no! I swear upon the general's good name that he would do no such
    thing! I was the one who abandoned the duke of Gaddos to follow General

Sanaki: What is going on here? I don't understand the relationship between the
    Black Knight and the senate, or who is friend or foe...

Levail: Of one thing I am certain, Empress Sanaki. We are not your enemy!
Sanaki: Then order your men to stand down! I must speak with Zelgius. Take down
    that barrier!

Levail: I cannot do that. General Zelgius was very clear: he wishes to fight
    that man. Alone. My orders are to eliminate any intruders inside the tower
    in the meantime. My deepest apologies, Empress. [leaves]

Sanaki: Wait! I won't allow it! Halt, Levail! Halt!

[Sanaki can attack Levail, but Levail will not attack Sanaki]

------------------------------------------------------{talk; Micaiah, Levail}--

Levail: You must be the Silver-Haired Maiden, Micaiah, correct?

Micaiah: Who are you?

Levail: Don't worry, I've no intention of harming you. Far from it, in fact.
    I'm under orders from General Zelgius to keep my men away from you. Please
    retreat. I don't want to disobey the general.

[Micaiah can attack Levail, but Levail will not attack Micaiah]


[attacking with Haar]

Levail: Captain Haar! You are still alive!

Haar: What happened that you didn't expect me to survive?

Levail: Um... Nothing, I suppose. It's just that it's been a while since you
    left Begnion.

Haar: Yeah. Twenty years ago, wasn't it?

Levail: I was still very young at the time. You had just been dubbed a knight.
    Oh, it brings back such memories... The bravery of the dracoknights,
    especially the Fizzart Platoon. It was legendary among the soldiers. But
    then you suddenly defected to Daein.

Haar: I got sick of taking orders from corrupt senators, so I ditched the
    country with General Shiharam.

Levail: I joined the army after I came of age. But it was different after you
    all left. It was as if you took its spirit with you. The only exception was
    General Zelgius, the general of Duke Persis's army.

Haar: I see. Is that why you're under his command?

Levail: Yes. He is the last true knight. I will die for him.

Haar: Yes, Levail. You will.

Levail: How I dreamed of fighting a proper foe! I am honored, Sir Haar! Have at


Levail: General...Zelgius... I'd fight for you...a while longer...

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

[attacking with Ike]

Zelgius: Let's see how you handle this!


Zelgius: Impressive! Most impressive!

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

[Zelgius is slumped against one of the stone walls, his sword in the ground;
    Ike stands before him]

Ike: Ugh! Hahh! [he kneels next to Zelgius]

Zelgius: You are stronger. Much stronger than before...

Ike: I have you to thank for that. I grew stronger through our previous fight.
    To be honest... I was overjoyed when I heard that the Black Knight was
    still alive. That surprised me... I felt neither sadness nor hate. Just
    joy. My hands were shaking with anticipation. I couldn't wait to fight my
    most formidable enemy again!

Ike: Your swordsmanship was fearsome. Fiercer and more powerful than any I've
    ever seen. After our duel three years ago, I trained hard, trying to
    remember all of your skills and techniques.

[the screen goes white, followed by an image of Greil with a sword in hand and
    his back to the screen]

Zelgius: General Gawain was invincible at the time he trained me. To surpass
    him was my ultimate goal as a swordsman.

Ike: Was I as skillful as you remember my father in his prime years? Did you
    see his shadow in my sword?

[the screen goes white, then back to the battlefield]

Zelgius: I certainly did, Ike. Thanks to you, I was able to fight my master at
    the height of his glory days.

Ike: Black Knight Zelgius. You were my father's killer. And my last teacher.

Zelgius: ...I spent most of my life shrouded in darkness... But my life had
    meaning. Now I'm certain of it...

[the camera zooms in]

Zelgius: ...phiran, I will wait for you in the afterlife...

[Zelgius's head slumps forward]

Ike: ...

[Yune moves towards Ike, who gets up from his kneeling position]

Ike: ...Let's move on. We don't have much time left.

[Ike walks away, but as he does, Ragnell and Alondite glow with blue light]

Yune: The swords are calling to each other...

[Ike walks back to Alondite]

Yune: The holy sword Alondite... It's the counterpart to your sword, Ragnell. I
    think it wants you to take it up.

Ike: Alondite... The sword that took my father's life.

[the camera zooms in on the sword]


[animation sequence – Ike's memory sequence]

[in sepia tones, an image from FE9 of the stone steps where Greil felled tens
    of men after having been driven mad by the medallion]

[one of the men looks like a younger Zelgius; the other looks like a young
    Sephiran, and has the same voice as the man in the previous memory sequence
    – however, none of the characters in this sequence are given names in the
    dialogue boxes]

(Zelgius) ???: What happened here?

(Sephiran) ???: We have arrived too late.

(Zelgius) ???: General Gawain!

[Zelgius runs up and kneels next to them; Greil is sprawled on the ground,
    Elena's body next to him; the medallion shines a bright, vivid blue]

(Zelgius) ???: General! Oh, thank the goddess... He's still alive. But...oh,
    no... what has he done? Elena... Did he kill her?

(Sephiran) ???: It must have been the medallion. He touched it, and the chaos
    bound within sent him into a rage beyond reason. Tragic...

[both men suddenly turn to the other end of the square; a young boy, presumably
    Ike, stands there, and a young girl with short chin-length hair, presumably
    Mist, runs after him]

(Mist) ???: Ike, wait for me!

[she turns and sees their parents lying in the square]

(Mist) ???: Ahh! Father! Mother!

[she walks up to them]

(Zelgius) ???: The general's children...

(Mist) ???: What's wrong with them? Are they asleep? ...Father? Mother?

(Sephiran) ???: They're very tired, child. Let's not disturb them.

(Mist) ???: We can't leave them sleeping here! It's cold out! We have to take
    them home! Ike, you have to help me!

(Ike) ???: ...

(Mist) ???: Ike?

(Zelgius) ???: I'll take them home. Will you show me the way?

(Mist) ???: Yeah! Come with me! [she runs out]


[Ike and Sephiran remain in the square along with Elena; Sephiran bends down
    next to her body, and light shines from his staff]

(Sephiran) ???: May your final slumber be a peaceful one. It appears the
    medallion was too much for Lord Ashnard. It would be unwise to allow him
    access to it again. [he kneels again]

[Mist and Zelgius return]

(Mist) ???: Ah! Hey!

[she walks up to Sephiran and Elena's body]

(Mist) ???: That's my mother's medallion! No one's supposed to see it! [she
    bends down to grab it]

(Sephiran) ???: No, child! You mustn't touch it!

[Mist has already reached out and touched it, and the blue flame-like glow
    burns brightly one last time before dying out; Mist stands]

(Mist) ???: We can't let it get lost. I'll keep it.

[Sephiran stands]

(Sephiran) ???: You... You are unchanged? [he says this with a note of wonder
    in his voice]

[Mist runs back to Zelgius]

(Mist) ???: You said you'd take my mother home, too.

(Zelgius) ???: [he stutters] Yes, of course.


[Ike and Sephiran stand in the street; the door of a house opens and Mist runs

(Mist) ???: Ike? What's wrong? Why are you just standing there? Are you hurt?

[Sephiran walks up]

(Sephiran) ???: You saw everything, didn't you? Poor child.

(Mist) ???: Ike?

[Sephiran's staff glows and a similar glow surrounds Ike; the screen whites
    out, followed quickly by the image of Elena grabbing the medallion from
    Greil as his sword protrudes through her back, and another whiteout
    before returning to the scene in the square]


[Ike collapses, Mist kneels next to him; Zelgius runs from the house]

(Mist) ???: Ike?! What's wrong?

(Ike) ???: AHHH!

[he lies still for a moment, before springing up and running to Mist]

(Mist) ???: Ouch! Ike, that hurts. Let go!

(Ike) ???: Nnng! Aaagh! Aaaanngghh!

[Ike cries into Mist's shoulder]

(Zelgius) ???: What happened?

(Sephiran) ???: Give me a moment.

[Sephiran's staff starts to glow again, and the glow appears around Ike as

(Ike) ???: [his eyes start to droop] ......

(Sephiran) ???: Sweet children... Sleep now. Rest.

(Zelgius) ???: What did you do to him?

(Sephiran) ???: Merely helped him to forget. I could not leave this memory to
    haunt him. It is too heavy a burden for one so young.

(Zelgius) ???: What will you do with the medallion?

(Sephiran) ???: The girl seems safe from its influence. We will leave it with
    her, for the time being.

(Zelgius) ???: Mm.


[the screen goes white again, and the scene goes back to the battlefield]

Ike: What... What was that?

Yune: You saw it too, didn't you, Ike? That memory... Could that have been--

Ike: I...I...was there... In My mother, she tried to stop my
    father, and...he killed her... I saw it all...

Yune: Is that what happened? I was contained inside at that time. I had no

Ike: Zelgius... ...

[he walks up and takes Alondite, stands before Zelgius for a moment, then walks
    past Yune]

Yune: Can you still fight?

[Ike stops]

Ike: Yes. I will keep fighting. I won't stop until I die.

[he walks away; after a moment, Yune begins to follow, then turns around to
    Zelgius again]

Yune: What's happening? Ah! What...?

[blue sparkles of light rise from Zelgius; the screen flashes white]


[animation – memory sequence 2]

[an image of inside an armory, with racks of lances and swords]

Male Voice 1: You bear the mark. So that's your secret, is it? The blood of the
    laguz runs through your veins.

Male Voice 2: Yes. There was someone on my father's side who...who was with a

[the image fades to darkness, soon replaced by one of the second man's back
    which bears a large brand on the upper left side]

Male Voice 2: My lord...the you know of a way to remove it? This
    cursed thing, I...I am an outcast from my family. I joined the military to
    escape the shame and hatred in their eyes... I live in fear of discovery.
    When I think that I might see that same shame and hatred in another's eyes,
    I... I come close to despair... I have lived my life alone, unable to trust
    or become close to anyone.

Male Voice 1: Such loneliness and isolation. You poor child... It pains me to
    tell you that I know of no way to remove your brand.

Male Voice 2: I...I understand... It was a foolish question. I apologize.

[the image fades out and changes to one of the man's front instead, ending just
    below his eyes]

Male Voice 2: Lord Sage, I-- I realized some years ago that I was aging more
    slowly than others do.

Male Voice 1: And you wish to conceal that fact, don't you? Is that why you
    rarely remove your armor, even when indoors?

Male Voice 2: Yes...but this ruse will not last indefinitely. In a few years, I
    will be forced to leave this army's service.

Male Voice 1: And once again, you will be alone.

Male Voice 2: I am accustomed to being alone. My only hesitation is that...I
    will miss studying the sword under my commander, General Gawain.

Male Voice 1: When the time comes for you to leave, will you come to me,

Male Voice 2: My lord?

Male Voice 1: We share a...similar condition. I see something familiar within
    you. I can...understand your pain and isolation.

Male Voice 2: But why me?

Male Voice 1: I have a task that I must accomplish. With you at my side, I
    would feel more confident of my success.

Male Voice 2: If I join you, will I be redeemed?

Male Voice 1: I cannot say. At the very least, however, you will no longer be
    alone. And neither will I.

Male Voice 2: That is enough, then. You have made my decision simple. When I
    leave here I will find you.

[the image pans up to reveal the man's face, though still somewhat cloaked in

Male Voice 2: I am a soldier in the Daein army. I serve under the command of
    General Gawain. My name is Zelgius. May I ask your name, my lord sage?

Male Voice 1: My name? Of course...


[the screen goes white, then back to the battlefield; the blue sparkles of
    light stop emanating from Zelgius]

Yune: Whose... Whose memory was that? It's just one of many... They're swirling
    everywhere... The tower resonates with their strength. But...who is it? Who
    do they belong to? ...There is such sadness... Zelgius met someone. One
    lonely soul calling out to another... But he's no longer with us. Zelgius
    is gone... And now the soul that remains is once more alone...

[You got the Alondite]

Part IV Endgame: Rebirth (3)                                            [*4.13]

[the group, lead by Ike, Sothe, and Yune, stand at the bottom of the next
    flight of stairs]

Yune: How dull. I don't sense any enemies nearby. I know! Would you all like me
    to tell you a story as we climb?

Ike: What kind of story?

Yune: One from long ago, long before the grandparents of anyone here were born.


[cutscene – a golden land; in front of a lake stands a woman and several
    animals or laguz]


Yune: In the very beginning of this world...there was only water, until one day
    a girl appeared. The girl was very clever, and she forged the first
    land...then she made trees and flowers, and then she created beings.

Tibarn: The story of the grand creation? Heard it. Wake me when it's over.

Ike: The girl was you, right, Yune? Or are you talking about Ashera?

Yune: Both, really...and neither, actually. At first, the girl was excited by
    her new world, and she thought of little else. Then she started feeling
    lonely. Everyone, every being she'd created, was different from her. Not a
    single person that could truly understand her. All alone, she grew sadder
    and sadder, crying for thousands of years. Then some creatures began to
    grow and change, becoming more clever and sophisticated. They tried to
    comfort the girl and eventually grew closer to her... That was the birth of
    the Zunanma. They were your ancestors...beorc, laguz, everyone.

Sanaki: In Begnion, we are taught that the Zunanma were human—Uhm, I
    mean...beorc ancestors... ...It makes me wonder what else in my country has
    been warped beyond recognition.

Yune: It's possible that the truth was simply misunderstood. Like the way
    everyone calls me a dark god...

Yune: But let me continue... The Zunanma worshipped the girl as their own
    goddess. They said her hair was as striking a color as dawn's first light,
    so they gave her a name... The Goddess of Dawn. She was a much-loved

Ike: The Goddess of Dawn...

Yune: The Zunanma continued to evolve and change, giving rise to a variety of
    races and tribes across the land. Naturally, each of the races thought
    their own was superior to the others, and conflict arose between them.


[cutscene – a shot from the battle between the Begnion army and the LAA]


Yune: The goddess tried to make peace among her people, but nothing could stop
    the warring Zunanma. Trying to separate the factions, the goddess gave them
    different names, laguz and beorc... But this only intensified their

Yune: And then...the great flood occurred.


[cutscene – the great flood]


Yune: The goddess was only trying to bring an end to the fighting. But her
    power was so great that all the continents were drowned in the flood, all
    except Tellius.

Ike: Are you sure about this story? It's very different from the histories that
    we've each been taught.

Elincia: Among beorc nations, we only know a vague fairy tale about the dark
    god stirring up a great disaster.


[the group continues to ascend the stairs]

Kurthnaga: Neither the laguz nor the beorc have an accurate description by the
    sound of it. I wonder where the story got twisted.

Yune: There is another standing in our way... I have a feeling he might be able
    to tell us.

[Kurthnaga drops to his knees]

Kurthnaga: ...Fa--...Father?

Ike: Huh?

Kurthnaga: My father... Just beyond these doors, my father is waiting.

[the camera zooms out for a shot of the doors]

Ike: Dheginsea, king of Goldoa... He's supposed to be one of the three who
    defeated the dark god...Yune.

Yune: He has been blessed by Ashera. Not only that, but it's a powerful,
    resilient blessing from long ago. He may be nearly impossible to defeat.
    ...Let's get everyone together. There's no better time than now.


[the group stands before Yune, in front of the doors]

Yune: I was hoping to avoid this until we reached Ashera... Actually, I hoped
    not to have to do it at all... But she's left me with no choice. I will
    give you the blessings of Yune, goddess of chaos and freedom. In their
    natural state, the attacks of mortal creatures have no effect on divine

[a cutscene image with a dragon laguz, green lion laguz, and a swordswoman
    with long, brown hair]

Yune: When Ashera set out to defeat me, she gathered her strongest warriors and
    bestowed on them some of her power. This is called the Goddess's
    Blessing... She empowered the dual swords of the beorc swordswoman, Altina.
    The laguz warrior, Soan, and Dheginsea, the leader of the dragon tribe,
    were also blessed.

Yune: I failed then... But this time will be different. I'll use Ashera's own
    tricks, and I won't be defeated. Everyone... Take some time now to ready
    yourselves. Beorc, be sure to equip your best weapons. I'll begin when
    everyone's ready.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--


[weapons are equipped]


Yune: I think we're all ready. I'll need the laguz to transform.

[all of them transform]

Yune: Let's begin.

[a strong blue light emanates from Yune and envelopes all of the party members
    before slowly misting and dissipating; the laguz de-transform]

Yune: OK, I'm all done now. Whew... I... That was really hard... I think I...
    I think I need to rest.

Sothe: Micaiah? Are you feeling all right? You don't look so good.

Micaiah: ...I'm fine. Thank you, Sothe.

Ike: What happened to Yune?

Micaiah: She's sleeping. She wants us to take it from here.

Ike: All right... If we're all set, let's move out.


Kurthnaga: Father!

[the battlefield is now visible; Dheginsea stands at the far end, with Nasir on
    his left and Gareth on his right]

Dheginsea: Kurthnaga. I wasn't expecting this... It's safe to assume then that
    you've come prepared to fight? Tibarn, the great hawk king... How many
    times have I said it now? How many times have I warned against starting
    another war?

Tibarn: Don't you dare preach to me, you dried-up old fool.

Dheginsea: We have betrayed our vow to our goddess. We should have learned, but
    the fighting never stopped. Now we must pay for our crimes. We must take
    responsibility, and accept Ashera's judgment.

[Micaiah walks forward]

Micaiah: No! You don't understand! It wasn't the war that awoke the goddess! It
    was my song... The galdr of release freed the goddess!

Dheginsea: ...You can't expect me to believe that. We will wait here patiently
    for the punishment we deserve. If you are unwilling to await judgment...

[a yellow flaming light envelops him]

Dheginsea: You will stand against... The greatest of all dragons!

[the light explodes in a ring and a bolt of lightning around Dheginsea and
    pools at his feet with surges of electricity, revealing an enormous dragon;
    a whirlwind of light surrounds him]

Kurthnaga: Father, no! Why must we fight? There must be a way to talk this

Ike: It's no use, Kurth. We have no choice but to fight. We must reach the
    goddess, and not even the king of dragons can stand in our way.

---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

[for the following lines, every three turns Dheginsea unleashes an area of
    effect attack with a strong purple light that engulfs the entire middle of
    the stage]


Dheginsea: Feel the power of Ashera's faithful!


Dheginsea: You have followed Yune's path here? That puts us irrevocably at
    odds. I'm sorry it had to be this way.


Dheginsea: You've declared war on a goddess... A foolish action with terrible

----------------------------------------------------------{talk; Ena, Gareth}--

Ena: Please let me pass, Gareth.

Gareth: I will not move. Such was the king's command.

Ena: Is there nothing I can do?

Gareth: No. I'm sorry to be so hardhead, Ena. But I must serve my king.

Ena: Maybe we're the hardheaded ones... Opposing our king and our goddess. But
    we've chosen our path...

Gareth: Lady Ena. Promise me you'll look after him. Keep the prince safe.

Ena: Of course. I promise... I will protect him at any cost!

----------------------------------------------------{talk; Kurthnaga, Gareth}--

Gareth: I was afraid it would come to this, squared off with the very prince
    I'm supposed to protect. What to do?

Kurthnaga: Gareth, let me pass! I need to reach my father!

Gareth: Without the king's word, I can't let that happen.

Kurthnaga: Do you mean to fight me?

Gareth: Of course not! You know I couldn't do that. All I will do is stand
    here, plant my feet, and wait.

Kurthnaga: Gareth!

Gareth: Prince Kurthnaga, it has been a privilege to serve you. I wish you all
    the best.


[if Gareth dies]

Gareth: My prince... I was supposed to protect you, but... I failed.

Kurthnaga: No, Gareth! It was I that turned my back on Goldoa. Gareth... I'm

-----------------------------------------------------------{talk; Ena, Nasir}--

Ena: I'm sorry to see that you stand with the king, Grandfather.

Nasir: I turned on him once, and I will never do it again. Will you follow your
    grandfather's example?

Ena: You know that I won't. I can't. I'm sorry...

Nasir: It's all right, my dear. You can side with the prince. Stand by your


[if Nasir dies]

Nasir: I have lived long enough... Ena, I wish you...the best...

Ena: Nasir... Nasir! Grandfather...

----------------------------------------------------{talk; Dheginsea; Reyson}--

Reyson: King Dheginsea, you are more powerful than any being alive... Use that
    power to help us save the people.

Dheginsea: You are not the first to make such a request. But my answer is the
    same now as it was before. I will not change my mind. I have no choice but
    to follow the will of our goddess.

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

Dheginsea: Fools! By denying your judgment, you merely rush to your death.


[attacking with Ena]

Ena: Your Majesty...

Dheginsea: Come now, Ena. Fight.

Ena: I'm sorry, I can't. I may have turned my back on my king and left my own
    country, but I still belong to the dragon tribe. I wouldn't dare attack my
    own king. I couldn't.

Dheginsea: Then as your king, I order you. I order you to fight for Kurthnaga's

Ena: My king!

Dheginsea: You and he need each other. You are different from other dragons.

Ena: ...Very well, Your Majesty.


[attacking with Kurthnaga]

Kurthnaga: Father! Please think about what you're doing.

Dheginsea: The time for words has passed. The only option remaining is to stop
    you with brute force.

Kurthnaga: Why? Father, why?

Dheginsea: That is enough! No more sniveling! You, Kurthnaga, were to rule the
    dragon tribe in years to come. Show me that you would have been capable!

Kurthnaga: But-- Yes, sir... I'll show you.


[attacking with Sanaki]

Dheginsea: In my eyes, the mightiest of you looks no different than an infant.
    Can you hope to stand a chance?

Sanaki: Of...of course. I am Sanaki, 37th empress of Begnion. It is my duty to
    save my people. Even the world's mightiest dragon will not dissuade me from
    that calling.

Dheginsea: All right, then, child. Fulfill your duty.


[attacking with Elincia]

Dheginsea: You, too, deign to oppose the goddess Ashera?

Elincia: I will do whatever is required to rescue those who were petrified. I
    beg of you, Dragon King, please reconsider what Prince Kurthnaga said to

Dheginsea: It is too late. People, in our weakness, betray the gods, and are
    meant to be punished for it.

Elincia: I cannot believe that. People are capable of both terrible and
    wonderful things. To describe them so simply and cynically does them a

Dheginsea: If I am defeated today, that may convince me that I am wrong.
    Come... I'm waiting.


[attacking with Tibarn]

Tibarn: I never would have believed that one day I'd be facing off against you.
    Life sure is funny, sometimes.

Dheginsea: Even you, Tibarn? Don't make me kill you. You haven't got a chance.

Tibarn: Don't be so sure about that. You just might be surprised. Besides,
    you've got a lot to answer for, Dheginsea. You'll finally pay the price for
    all those years of inaction and indifference as your kin were butchered and

Dheginsea: You shortsighted fool, you still don't understand... All right, I'm
    waiting. Show me what you've got.


[attacking with Sothe]

Dheginsea: Have at you, follower of Yune.

Sothe: I won't live as long as you have, and I'll never be as powerful. Things
    like saving the world and fighting goddesses are just beyond me. They're
    out of my reach. That's why I've always chosen to fight for the smaller
    things in life and the people close to me. If that means I have to fight
    you to protect them, then so be it.


[attacking with Micaiah]

Dheginsea:'re one of the parentless...

Micaiah: You know me?

Dheginsea: Yes. I knew the first of your kind. I have been alive for a very
    long time... Perhaps too long. But soon it will all be over.


[attacking with Ike]

Ike: Dheginsea, Dragon King. I can see you have no intention of letting us

Dheginsea: I follow my goddess's decrees. My will is unwavering.

Ike: I have no choice, then. Be on your guard.

Dheginsea: Very well, beorc general. Our blessings may be equal and opposite,
    but your strength is a mere fraction of mine. Show me your best!


Dheginsea: No... Unh... Has my body grown old? Or is heart...

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

[Dheginsea de-transforms, and falls to his knees]

Dheginsea: ...Well done. You...have beaten me.

[Kurthnaga and Ena run up]

Kurthnaga: Father!

[Dheginsea straightens]
Dheginsea: Don't lose your head now, boy. This wound... This is nothing. Your
    power... How could you defeat me? I was blessed by Ashera herself...

???: I gave them my blessings.

[Micaiah walks forward]

Dheginsea: Yune?! Is that you?

Yune: That war long ago... I'm so sorry. You were right to fight against me. I
    was young and immature. The great flood was a result of my unchecked

Dheginsea: You don't have to apologize, Yune. I always knew that you weren't
    actually evil... You were just too powerful.

Yune: So why did you choose Ashera again? I had hoped that this time you would
    join me to help protect the people.

Dheginsea: I'm sorry, Yune. But I've done worse to you...

Dheginsea: Long ago, we made a vow before the goddess Ashera herself... We
    vowed that we, the laguz and beorc, would never commit the same genocidal
    sins. We didn't keep our promise... And for that reason I was committed to
    accepting my just punishment.

Yune: Silly, stubborn, old scalebag... You just don't know when to quit... You
    need to lighten up a bit.

Dheginsea: To convince the laguz kings to follow my example, I rewrote history,
    hid my tracks, and declared you a dark god. All I ever wanted was to avoid
    conflict... Please, forgive me.

Yune: Don't worry about it, Dheginsea. I caused enough trouble for you, so I'll
    forgive you just this once.

Dheginsea: I'm pleased to hear that.

[he stands]

Dheginsea: Gareth! Gather our survivors. Kurthnaga is their commander from now

Gareth: Understood, sir!

Dheginsea: Nasir... You followed your sovereign very far for having once left
    your country in disgust. ...I give you my sincerest thanks.

Nasir: No, my lord... Unaware of my own king's true heart, I did what I thought
    had to be done... I apologize.

Dheginsea: Ena... I would like to tell you only that I wish you the greatest
    happiness in life.

Ena: Thank... Thank you, sire.

[Dheginsea turns to Kurthnaga]

Dheginsea: Now then, Kurthnaga... Get these men moving. I will remain here, for
    I cannot move.

Kurthnaga: Yes, Father. We will stop Ashera. Wait here for our return. We will
    be back.

Dheginsea: ...Yes, my son. I'll be waiting.


[animation – memory sequence 3]

[a black screen; the first voice is the reoccurring male voice, the second a
    deep, booming one]

Male Voice 1: We must save them. Even now, as we speak, countless laguz slaves
    endure Begnion chains. They suffer terribly.

Male Voice 2: We have done all that we will do.

[an image of a tan, stone building and railing, a balcony overlooking a bright
    blue pool of water amidst tan-colored ground, with a deep fissure separating
    miniature plateaus and half-hills]

Male Voice 1: Admonitions and censures change nothing! Now is the time for the
    dragon tribes to use their strength to save the oppressed laguz!

Male Voice 2: Goldoa does not interfere with the outside world. As king of
    dragons, I will not allow my people to fan the flames of war. Conflict on
    the scale you describe will wake the goddess and call down her judgment
    upon us all. This is the path to destruction. A thousand years... That is
    how long we swore to the goddess that there would be no war. Have you
    forgotten our covenant?

Male Voice 1: Of course not. Yet...there are laguz who are treated as less than
    livestock. I cannot believe that this is what the goddess wants.

Male Voice 2: Goldoa will not move. This decree stands from the time our
    nations were formed. The goddess has not yet slept one hundred and fifty
    years. Would you see the laguz and beorc destroyed? Would you see all of
    Tellius awash in blood? No, unless destruction comes to seek us at our
    door, Goldoa will not move, for the sake of future generations.

Male Voice 1: Tell me, do you care nothing for the laguz who suffer in the
    current generation? Do you think it would comfort them to know that you
    condone their misery?

Male Voice 2: All things require sacrifice.

Male Voice 1: ...

Male Voice 2: Where are you going?

[the image shifts upward, to show the misty hills in the distance and the pale
    blue sky]

Male Voice 1: To Begnion. I will find a solution without you.

Male Voice 2: You, who have lost your birthright? All you will accomplish is
    your own destruction. Hold...hold, I say!


[the screen goes white; when the battlefield is seen again, Dheginsea kneels

Dheginsea: My queen... Rajaion... I will soon join you.

[the camera pans upwards, away from Dheginsea and towards the top of the large
    double doors behind him]

Dheginsea: My lovely Almedha...


Yune: It's happening again... Whose memory is that?! Something feels
    so...familiar about it. Is that... Is that your memory?

Kurthnaga: Father! ......

Ena: Kurth... He's gone...

Kurthnaga: I know. This is simply another reason to move on... Entrusted by my
    father to care for our people, I will stand before Ashera. ...As the king
    of the dragon tribe!

[Received a Formshift]

Part IV Endgame: Rebirth (4)                                            [*4.14]

[animation – memory sequence 4]

[the male voice is the same reoccurring one; the first female voice is the one
    from a previous sequence, the second is a child's voice, and the third is
    another unknown woman's voice]

[an image of sweeping peaks of mountains behind smaller hills and a desolate
    landscape, all with a green-golden tint]

Male Voice 1: Oh goddess... Will you please stop? Is this not enough?
    Your...sister...regrets all she has done. If you look closely at any of
    Yune's actions, and their unintended consequences, you will see they were
    all born of fear. Fear that you would expunge her from yourself. If you
    would but allow her back within you, this would surely never happen again.

Female Voice 1: Yune is chaos. She is an imperfection in my being. It is
    because of her that I...I have done this thing that cannot be undone.

[the image changes to another scene from the fight between the Begnion army and
    the Laguz Alliance, with all of the beorc and laguz mere pinpricks in the

Female Voice 1: No matter how I admonished you, you would not stop fighting.
    There was nothing I could do. Every day my beloved children were killed,
    killed by others of my beloved children. With every death my rage and
    sorrow grew until I could control myself no longer. My emotions burst
    forth and I razed the land. Furious storms savaged the heavens, roiling
    waters rose in tremendous floods. Lives were lost beyond counting.

[the image changes back to the one of the hills]

Female Voice 1: I will purge chaos from within myself. Never again will I allow
    myself to commit such atrocities. I will become a goddess to properly guide
    and protect my people. I will become perfect.

Male Voice 1: nullify half of your being... We were terribly,
    monstrously wrong to suggest it. You shouldn't have to bear the weight of
    our foolish ideas.

Female Voice 2: I...I was just...lonely. My other half spent all her time
    worrying about the laguz and beorc. She said she was going to erase me. I
    was...only playing. I never meant to hurt so many.

Male Voice 1: I understand, Yune.

Female Voice 2: I won't do it again. I love all of you, too. You paid attention
    to me. I don't want to go away. It would be lonely, and I don't like being
    lonely. I want to stay here with all of you.

Female Voice 3: ...Goddess, I have a suggestion. If we here, of our own will,
    were to make a pledge to coexist, there would be no need to erase Yune,
    would there? In which case, we give you our solemn oath: never again will
    either the laguz or beorc seek the extermination of the other. Soan?
    Dheginsea? This is agreeable, is it not?

Female Voice 1: I do not accept your pledge.

Female Voice 3: Why? [she says this pointedly]

Female Voice 1: I cannot believe you. You are living creatures created in our
    image. You cannot seal away your instincts with reason. You are like us.
    You feel profound sorrow, anger, fear... A conflict will surely arise to
    overwhelm your reason and discipline. You will be unable to master your
    emotions. And I may once again make the mistakes that have led us here. The
    only way to prevent this is to expunge chaos completely. Yune must not
    exist. My decision has not changed.

Male Voice 1: In that case, Goddess... Would you consider an alternative to
    such drastic measures? We shall use the power of seid magic to seal Yune in
    this medallion. Someday...and it may be in the far, distant future...
    Someday we may be able to earn your trust, Goddess. In the hope of that day
    arriving, refrain from annihilating Yune, please.

[the image changes to the medallion in the palm of a hand]

Female Voice 1: In my eyes, imprisoning Yune and destroying her are the same
    thing. ...If the chaos and disaster that Yune begets can be averted, I have
    no objection. I do not know, however, if Yune will submit to such

Male Voice 1: Goddess Yune? Please hear me. I will never give up. Someday, I
    will see you restored to yourself. Please...

Female Voice 2: ...Mm...

Male Voice 1: Do not look so sad. I will always be with you. I will sing to
    you. You will not be lonely. I promise.


[an image of a tall set of doors; it switches to one of the group at the
    landing of another flight of stairs, led by Yune]

Yune: They're getting stronger and stronger... Whose memories are those? I know

[she turns back to the group]

Yune: Everyone, Ashera is nearby. Just beyond those doors... That's where we'll
    find her.

Ike: We made it. Finally...

Yune: You should know, Ashera may have changed since before her slumber. Order
    and chaos are meant to naturally balance each other out. If you take one
    away, balance is lost. I don't expect Ashera to have the merest shred of
    compassion. Talking to her will likely do no good.

Ike: We don't have much choice. If talking won't work, we'll have to use force.
    Otherwise, this has all been for nothing.

[the group walks up the stairs and across the floor, then stops]

Ike: How about you?

Yune: What do you mean?

Ike: Are you completely chaotic? Are you out of balance? As far as I can tell,
    you don't seem to lean too far in either direction.

Yune: Ashera and I see things a little differently... During my long sleep, I
    was wrapped in sweet, gentle music.

Ike: Heron galdrar?

Yune: Yes, but more important than the song itself, I was never alone. There
    was always someone, singing comfort to me. Ashera shouldn't have isolated
    herself. She became lonely and bitter, and lost touch with her people...

[Ike walks forward, to the door]

Ike: Hold on... This thing won't budge.

Yune: What's wrong with it?

???: Those doors cannot be opened.

[Sephiran walks forward; everyone turns to look at him]

Sephiran: They have been sealed with powerful magic.

Sanaki: Sephiran! You're all right... I'm so relieved to see you!

[she runs forward to him; he bends down on one knee]

Sephiran: I'm sorry to have been a cause for concern, Apostle. Forgive me.

Sanaki: Sephiran... There's something I need to tell you. I'm not a true
    apostle. I didn't mean to abuse your trust.

Sephiran: I've known that for some time, Sanaki. Don't forget that I was almost
    a father to you. It honestly doesn't make any difference to me whether or
    not you can hear the goddess.

Sanaki: Sephiran... Th-thank you...for having always been there for me.

[Ike walks forward]

Ike: Empress... Shouldn't you tell him about General Zelgius?

Sanaki: Yes...I suppose I should. Sephiran, Zelgius is dead... I know you put a
    lot of trust in him, but he was also closely allied with Daein. I'm sure
    you've heard of Daein's so-called Black Knight? Sephiran, the Black Knight
    was Zelgius.

Ike: ...But that's probably not news to you, is it? After all, it was you he
    was taking orders from.

[Sanaki turns to Ike]

Sanaki: Wha-?! Ike? What are you saying?!

Ike: A man like Zelgius could never serve conflicting interests... Never.
    Everything he did, he did for one master. Isn't that so, Sephiran?

[Sanaki turns to Sephiran]

Sanaki: I think I understand! You wanted to monitor events within Daein! You
    sent Zelgius as a spy.

Sephiran: Precisely. I felt it important to observe King Ashnard carefully...
    That was my goal.


[cutscene – the juxtaposed images of Zelgius and the Black Knight]


Sephiran: At the time, it was relatively easy to get an outsider close to the
    king. Ashnard was famous for employing powerful men with no regard for
    their background or social status.

Ike: Obviously, he would have needed no convincing once he saw the bladework of
    General Zelgius.


Ike: The Black Knight tried to take the medallion from my father, and killed
    him. Tell me, Sephiran, whose plan was that?! Ashnard's...or yours?!

[Sanaki turns to him]

Sanaki: Calm down, Ike! Sephiran? Would you please explain?

Sephiran: Sir Ike, I'm afraid your father's death was an unfortunate result of
    Zelgius's own personal agenda. I did not order Sir Gawain killed. However,
    I must admit that I did ask him to seize the medallion and hand it over to
    King Ashnard. The goddess was to be freed...and all living creatures

Sanaki: ...

Sanaki: Come again?!

Ike: You're insane!

Sephiran: I couldn't be more sane, Sir Ike. Attend and learn... My aim has
    always been to wake Ashera so that she might pass judgment on all the
    people of the world. What I needed was a war that would spread all across
    the continent. How could I achieve this? My attention turned to the young
    Daein prince... I could use the fiery Ashnard for my purposes. He was
    ambitious, a fierce warrior, and more than anything, he had an earnest
    desire to change the world. When I allowed him to know of the goddess
    sealed inside the medallion, he became determined to set her free. We could
    use heron galdrar or a massive, continent-spanning war to throw the world
    into chaos.

Sanaki: Lord Sephiran, what are you saying? Are you saying you wanted this? You
    can't be serious!

Sephiran: Sanaki, my long life has shown me the people of this world deserve
    only destruction. The selfishness, the brutality... The disregard for
    others, the endlessly quarreling laguz and beorc. We have been given many
    chances to correct our behavior and ourselves, and have squandered them
    all. The only remaining hope for a peaceful, orderly world is for Ashera to
    wipe us all out and begin again. To fulfill my ambition of destroying all
    beings, I had to use you... I had to betray you.

Sanaki: This is some kind of monstrous joke...

[Sanaki sinks to her knees]

Ike: So you've been pulling the strings all along?

Sephiran: Correct.

Ike: Beyond just Empress Sanaki, you were trusted by a lot of people. Sephiran,
    I need to understand... Did you really betray all of those people?

Sephiran: I did.

Ike: I don't get it... Why would you wake the goddess to pass judgment on us?
    Tell us why! How could you want that?!

Sephiran: It wouldn't make any difference if I told you. You would have to live
    a few centuries before you could understand.

Ike: Years ago, my father went into hiding with the medallion. At the time, he
    got help from both you and Zelgius. Does this have anything to do with

Sephiran: Hmm, you seem to have sparked a distant memory of mine.

Ike: Answer me. Why did you do this?

Sephiran: I'm sorry, I can't tell you. At least, not in any way you would

[Ike levels his blade and points Ragnell at Sephiran]

Ike: Then I'll have to make you talk!

[Sanaki quickly rises]

Sanaki: This can't be happening! I won't fight you Sephiran. I can't!

Sephiran: Poor Sanaki.... You'll have no choice but to fight. The doors leading
    to Ashera are sealed by my very own magic. Killing me is your only way

Sanaki: Sephiran!

Yune: So it was you? [she steps forward] All those memories penetrating my mind
    were yours... Since we entered this place, I've seen what you've been
    thinking, Lehran. Give it up.

Sephiran: Goddess Yune... Why do you insist on calling me that name? I
    discarded it so long ago, Yune. I've changed. Lehran is a thing of the
    past. All I want the end of all that is. Please don't stop me.

Yune: Lehran...

[the warp symbol appears under Sephiran, and he warps to the center of the

Sephiran: You're running out of time. At this rate, I wouldn't count on being
    able to face the goddess. I would hate to see you denied after coming all
    this way.

Sephiran: Well, now you know who brought you here and why... I suppose that
    just leaves our fight to the death to take care of.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--

[Part IV Endgame (4); Ancient History] (*)

Gareth: I am about to tell you a very old story--a story you should know, as
    the new king of Goldoa. This is one of the oldest and most heavily guarded
    secrets in all of Tellius. You'll find no trace of it in any histories or

Micaiah: If it's that important, maybe we should go somewhere else. Other
    people might hear us.

Gareth: Hmm. What do you think, Nasir?

Nasir: I called upon Lady Micaiah because I felt that she should know the story
    as well. No... I think now is the time to let everyone know. Would that be
    all right, Your Majesty?

Kurthnaga: There will be no secrets from now on. Tell us everything.

Gareth: As you wish, Your Majesty. In the dawn of this age, after the goddesses
    began their long slumber, the kingdom of Begnion was established. In those
    early days, laguz and beorc lived side by side in harmony and peace. Yes,
    that kingdom would become the Begnion Empire. The hero Altina was chosen to
    be the kingdom's first queen. Lehran supported her as an advisor...and as a

Micaiah: What!?

Nasir: Despite their differences, Lehran and Altina loved each other very

Kurthnaga: The people accepted a marriage between a laguz and a beorc?

Nasir: That was what King Dheginsea said. This was before the people thought of
    such differences. They saw only a queen and her husband.

Gareth: At this time, King Dheginsea also created his own kingdom far from
    other laguz tribes and beorc nations. He believed that the dragon tribe was
    too powerful to interact equally with other tribes and peoples. That
    kingdom became Goldoa.

Nasir: Begnion had been established for four years when King Dheginsea received
    news that Altina had become pregnant. The news brought great joy. You see,
    the news was also quite surprising. There had been other unions between
    beorc and laguz, but until Altina's pregnancy, no children had ever been
    conceived. Indeed, hers was the first child ever to be born of beorc and

Gareth: As close friends of both Altina and Lehran, both King Dheginsea and
    Soan rejoiced at the news. The child would be the first to carry the joined
    blood of both laguz and beorc. The king said that the baby would become a
    symbol of peace between the two peoples.

Nasir: But joy over the child's birth did not last. Soon after the child was
    born, Lehran lost all the powers of the laguz. He could not transform any
    longer, nor could he sing galdrar.

Gareth: It became apparent that the child of such a union neutralizes the laguz
    parent's powers. To make matters worse, the child bears only the
    characteristics of a beorc.

Nasir: Lehran felt he was no longer a true laguz, and felt he could no longer
    act as a bridge between the goddess and the people of Tellius. He lost
    hope, and also his least temporarily. He attempted suicide
    several times, which is an unthinkable taboo for anyone who has sworn to
    serve the goddess.

Gareth: King Dheginsea fell into despair. If people caught wind of this news,
    he believed it would create a deep rift between the two peoples. The king
    was especially concerned about the reaction from the laguz. They might
    interpret the birth as a herald of their eventual end. Some might even
    attempt to harm the child.

Kurthnaga: Lehran needed to hear the voice of the goddess then more than ever
    before... But he could no longer sing the galdr of release. Is that what

Nasir: Just so. Lehran was forced to make a very difficult decision to protect
    the peace between beorc and laguz. He decided to retreat into seclusion and
    consider the problem. Once he regained his sanity, he announced his

Gareth: Lehran was forced to ask the  unthinkable of his wife, his aides, and
    close friends: "For the sake of Begnion, you must tell the people that I
    died in an accident. Tell them the birth was merely a false rumor."

Nasir: Lehran left the medallion to his tribe, moving to Goldoa under King
    Dheginsea's protection. He simply disappeared from history after that.

Gareth: After Lehran had left and life returned to normal, Altina eventually
    welcomed a beorc husband. She raised the child she'd had with Lehran as
    though it were an ordinary beorc child, born of her new husband. Since
    then, marriages between laguz and beorc have been forbidden. It became
    known as a "crime against the goddess."

Nasir: Even so, the taboo was broken several times over the next few decades.
    Usually no child was conceived, but when there was, it was swiftly covered
    up. The parents soon learned what it meant to bear a child who possessed
    both laguz and beorc blood. After they learned of the consequences, none of
    these parents ever rejected the edict forbidding it.

Gareth: The child was to be raised by the beorc parent, and raised as a beorc
    child. That should have been enough to hide everything, end of story.

Nasir: It was several generations later that the certain descendants began to
    manifest physical marks which indicated their ancestors' sins. Fortunately,
    this mark looked very similar to the marks on those protected by spirits.
    They could pass as students of the dark arts for at least a few years.
    Unfortunately, the Branded lived much longer than beorc.

Gareth: Most Branded chose to hide, living outside of ordinary society, and
    they disappeared into the shadows of history. Rumors had already begun to
    spread across Begnion, however. The Branded were shunned and cast out
    wherever they lived. Where the laguz held power, they persecuted the
    Branded and executed them in honor killings.

Micaiah: That's horrible!

Gareth: It was King Dheginsea's opinion that these were crimes that he had to
    carry on his conscience. From the beginning, he realized that he and the
    others in power had made a mistake. They understood that they should have
    revealed everything about Altina and Lehran's child. The people should have
    been told the truth. But since they'd kept the truth from everyone, the
    Branded were marked as unclean, persecuted wherever they traveled.

Nasir: Here is the family tree for Lehran and Altina's bloodline. Only King
    Dheginsea knew the truth. Until now.

Kurthnaga: Father... You've had to endure this burden alone for so long.

Gareth: It was the same in Lady Almedha's case. When she lost her powers after
    giving birth to the Mad King's son, King Dheginsea had no choice but to
    hide the truth from everyone. So he chose to hide Almedha from everyone.
    Better to deny her existence than be forced to explain long-hidden secrets.

Nasir: In the process, he'd lost someone even more dear to him. Prince Rajaion.
    He deeply regretted his decision when he learned of the prince's death. The
    only choice left for King Dheginsea was to remain stubbornly neutral in all
    wars on the continent. He hoped--in vain--to keep the goddess from waking
    up before the thousand years had elapsed.

Kurthnaga: I'm such a fool... I had no idea what Father went through. All I did
    was deny what he fought for.

Micaiah: Kurth...

Gareth: Your Majesty. You are the king now. ?You know that it is a sin to fight
    against the goddess, and yet you've chosen to move forward.

Nasir: King Dheginsea left everything to you. You must succeed. Do not be
    afraid of what lies beyond. Forge ahead.

Kurthnaga: I understand. I shall be true to my convictions. I have no more


---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

[for the following lines, Sephiran attacks in one of several ways: with area of
    effect magic which forms a sigil beneath his feet before launching towards
    an allied unit, or long-range magic which forms a sigil beneath the
    specific allied unit that is targeted]


Sephiran: Mortals cannot stand against gods! Don't you see the futility of what
    you're doing?


Sephiran: The laguz and beorc have doomed each other with their mutual hatred.
    You have brought extinction on yourselves!

-----------------------------------------------------{talk; Reyson, Sephiran}--

Sephiran: Go back to your forest, heron. You are like me, an avatar of order.
    You understand what I must do. Bask in the light of Ashera's judgment. It
    holds no fear for you!

Reyson: I refuse to save only myself. Such an act would be an unforgivable
    betrayal. I will stand by my companions, and fight to the end.

Sephiran: Are you sure you're of the heron tribe? I've never met a heron like
    you... Your will is extraordinarily strong.

-----------------------------------------------------{talk; Sanaki, Sephiran}--

Sanaki: ...Sephiran... Everything you've ever told me, every time you gave your
    hand to me, every time you smiled... They were all lies? ...You're the most
    appalling fraud I've ever known!

Sephiran: No, Lady Sanaki... I've actually lied to you very little. What I have
    done is hold things back. I've also twisted the truth from time to time...
    But I have only told you one blatant falsehood. That one lie has weighed
    heavily on me. It makes me hate myself sometimes.

Sanaki: Sephiran...

Sephiran: I'll always care deeply for you, my little Lady Sanaki... You are my
    sun and my moon. I never wished to harm you. Please... You must

Sanaki: ...No! Sephiran, no!

[neither Sanaki nor Sephiran will attack one another]

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

[aside from attack conversations with specific characters, Sephiran does not
    speak when attacked]

[attacking with Jill]

Jill: It's your fault what happened in Daein! Every pointless death in this war
    is on your head! Sephiran, Duke of Persis... History will remember you as
    the worst kind of man.

Sephiran: Everything. It's all been my fault. You should know one more thing,
    however. I also had a hand in the death of your father.

Jill: ...Die, monster!


[attacking with Haar]

Haar: We never spent much time together when I was in Begnion... But,
    Sephiran... I think I know you pretty well.

Sephiran: I haven't forgotten you, Haar. Shiharam's hotshot young protege. You
    were both exemplary soldiers. Your defection from the Begnion dracoknights
    was a huge loss.

Haar: Hmmm... Sort of like the huge loss when the senators managed to defeat
    all those great changes you proposed?

Sephiran: ...

Haar: I suppose if any of those changes had happened, we wouldn't be here now.
    Am I wrong?

Sephiran: An interesting question... I'm honestly not sure, but that's all I
    can say about that.

Haar: Too bad. For you, and for me.


[attacking with Pelleas]

Sephiran: King Pelleas, correct? Aren't you brave, coming all this way!

Pelleas: If you're the one who's been pulling the strings behind all this,
    please tell me... Who... Who am I?

Sephiran: ...I don't know. All I know is that you are a powerful practitioner
    of magic... I know you were an orphan born and raised in Daein. But that is
    all Izuka ever told me.

Pelleas: So... I'm not Ashnard's true son?

Sephiran: No, you're not. Ashnard's son is of dragon tribe blood and is thus

Pelleas: I think I'm going to be ill...

Sephiran: Be assured that you were essential to Daein's reconstruction, which
    was a vital step towards waking the goddess. Fortunately, Izuka was able to
    use you to execute my plan.

Pelleas: You are going to pay! You are going to...BLAAARRRGH!


[attacking with Tibarn]

Sephiran: Hello, King Tibarn.. I thought I might see you. Only the strongest
    reach the top. It's only natural that you would be among them.

Tibarn: You know what? I don't believe you're the big, bad, evil guy you want
    us to think you are.

Sephiran: What could you be talking about?

Tibarn: Ah, I was right! I see it in your eyes. I've been around for a while,
    and learned a bit about spotting fakes. So now that your secret's out,
    maybe you'd like to open up and tell me: Who are you really?

Sephiran: ...


[attacking with Sothe]

Sothe: Here goes...

Sephiran: Hello, child... I'm a little surprised to see an ordinary boy like
    you, fighting for the world. This day is full of surprises!

Sothe: No one's more surprised than me. I can't read people's feelings like
    Micaiah... I'm not invincible in battle like Ike... Between all these
    laguz kings and great beorc heroes, I don't really belong here.

Sephiran: Then why are you here?

Sothe: Because there's one thing that I can't afford to lose. Micaiah. I've
    come all this way just to protect her... I won't lose her now.

Sephiran: The depth of your feelings... Might I ask your name?

Sothe: Sothe. Now if you want to stand in our way, I'm prepared to cut you


[attacking with Micaiah]

Micaiah: You... I've heard about you. Have we...met before?

Sephiran: The Silver-Haired Maiden. It's taken so long to finally meet you. If
    I had known you still lived, I... I... No, it's too late. This changes
    nothing. I cannot falter.

Micaiah: What is the matter with you?

Sephiran: I'm just overly sensitive. Don't feign concern over me.


[attacking with Ike]

Ike: I have to ask, Sephiran. What are you after? What's this all about?

Sephiran: Why do you wish to know? You would achieve nothing by learning my
    reasons. You would help no one. I lost faith in lesser beings, and desire
    an end to them. That's all.

Ike: So why did you save me on that day?

Sephiran: May I ask you a favor, Ike? Tell me how you feel about it now. Can
    you bear recalling those horrific memories?

Ike: Yes... I'm fine, now. But I suppose at the time I wouldn't have been able
    to take it.

Sephiran: All beings endure tragedies for as long as they continue to live. It
    has always been the case that suffering is unavoidable. And this grim
    reality plays out over and over, in every country, under every ruler... As
    long as there are beings who feel, they will feel pain.

Ike: So what? We should all just give in and die? Put it behind you. Deal with

Sephiran: Do not make light of this...

Ike: I'm not. Sephiran, I'm extremely grateful that you once helped me through
    a terrible time. But I have accepted that occasionally we all have to deal
    with hard times. I've had pain, I've had suffering, and I have gotten up
    and moved on. I don't try to forget what happened that day. I just accept
    it... And neither that or anything else will ever stop me.

Sephiran: You are a strong man, Ike, son of Gawain. But not everyone is as
    strong as you...


Sephiran: At last... I'm dying.

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

[a flash of white fills the screen]


[animation – memory sequence 5]

[some sort of Begnion villa or high-class residence; an unknown woman's voice,
    followed by an unknown man's, then the reoccurring male voice, Sephiran's]

Female Voice 1: What? It can't be true! Our apostle...

Male Voice 2: Can't believe it myself. But the senators made an announcement!
    It must be true!

Male Voice 1: Pardon me? Has something happened to the apostle?

Male Voice 2: Oh, my lord sage! The apostle! She's...she's dead.

Male Voice 1: What? How?

Female Voice 1: According to the senators' announcement, she was assassinated
    by the Serenes herons.

Male Voice 2: They look so gentle, like they couldn't harm a fly, but...
    They're nothing but beasts, no better than the other sub-humans!

Male Voice 1: Peace, friends! This is simply not possible. The heron tribe
    could never assassinate anyone, they...

Male Voice 2: She's dead, isn't she? Those damned sub-humans... Every last one
    of 'em's got to die! For the apostle!

Female Voice 1: That's the truth! They're nothing but monsters! Oh, I wish I
    could kill them myself!

Male Voice 2: You can! Grab a weapon! Grab a torch! Come on! We'll burn that
    forest to ash and wipe 'em all out.

Male Voice 1: ...No, you mustn't...

[the image fades away]

Male Voice 2: What's wrong, my lord sage? You don't look well. Are you feeling
    all right?

Male Voice 1: Ungh!

Female Voice 1: GWAAAAAHHHH! Wings! From the sage's back! Wings... He's one of
    them! He's a monster!

Male Voice 2: You're nothin' but a lying sub-human piece of filth! How dare you
    pretend to be one of us! Get him!

Male Voice 1: The medallion must be quelled. I cannot allow this madness to
    come to pass! Judgment...the goddess's judgment...

[a new image appears, scrolling down from a blackened sky to a burning forest,
    orange flames and smoke starkly contrasting with the darkened trees]

[another image; a lone heron stands on top of the roof of the temple in Serenes
    forest; orange from the flames tints the blue tones of the night]

Male Voice 1: NO! What have they done? The forest...the trees... The herons
    were innocent... Why?

[the image changes to the medallion on a stone tablet, with thin vertical beams
    of blue light rising from it]

Male Voice 1: The medallion... I must quell the chaotic energies! Must...calm

[there is a pause; the screen goes black]

Male Voice 1: Ungh! NO! Chaos...madness... So much...pain...

Male Voice 1: Why? Why was my family taken? Why? Why was my forest destroyed?
    The apostle did not deserve this fate... Killed by her innocence...her
    murderers free to seize power... This is monstrous! This world does need
    beorc. And the laguz...are deeply flawed. There is no need to wait for the
    covenant's thousand years. Awaken! Oh, Goddess. Awaken...and judge.


[a flash of white light]

Micaiah: ...Sephiran!

Sanaki: Sephiran! Hold on! Open your eyes!

[the battlefield is visible again, blurry before being focused; Sanaki and
    Micaiah are both kneeling on either side of Sephiran, and Ike stands behind

Micaiah: me. What should I do? ...What? Really? ...OK. I'll try.


Sanaki: Sephiran! You can hear me?! S-somebody help! He's wounded!

Yune: I'm sorry, Sanaki. The doors leading to Ashera won't open while he's
    alive. I can't save him.

Sephiran: That's correct. Thank you, Yune. I am sincerely grateful.

Yune: Death is all you've wanted since this started. Everything else has been
    little more than a terrible side effect. I'm sorry that this was your only
    goal, but I am happy to help you achieve it. Sephiran, I see now what you
    were going through. It must have been hard. I wish I could have helped you.

Sephiran: Please. Don't mourn for me. I'm not worth it.

Yune: I'm so sorry. I wanted to help you! I really did!

Sephiran: Forget about me. This path was my tragic mistake.

Sephiran: Lady... Sanaki... I want you to...have this. This is...the Rudol Gem.
    Wear memory of me. It will protect you. Please forgive me... I'm
    sorry I...lied to you.

Sanaki: Sephiran... Don't worry. We still have all the time we spent
    together... Nobody can take that away. Nobody.

[Sephiran's body starts to glow with a bright, whitish-blue light, as blue
    sparkles of light rise from him]

Sephiran: Thank you... My Lady Sanaki... I' leaving you now. waiting.

[the whole stage starts to glow blue]

Sanaki: Sephiran... No... Nooooooooo!

Yune: Now! Please, Micaiah!

Micaiah: Don't die... You can't die...

[there is a rumbling sound, and then the gates creak open, white light slowly
    shining through the widening opening]

Sanaki: ...He's...breathing? Sephiran is breathing!

Micaiah: Ahh... Just in time.

Sanaki: You saved him! Thank you! Micaiah, thank you!

Yune: Micaiah is completely spent. She's sorry, but she won't be able to fight
    in the next battle. But there's no time. Hurry!

Sanaki: Goddess Yune. Is there something you haven't told us about you and

Yune: He saved my life.

Sanaki: Y-your life? Sephiran saved the life of a goddess? Is there something
    you haven't told us about Sephiran, then?

Yune: He'll wake up in just a moment. Then you can ask him directly.

Sanaki: Oh. All right, I'll do that.

Ike: Why did you save him?

Yune: Should I not have?

Ike: I can think of a few reasons why you shouldn't have, yes!

[Ike walks around to kneel at Sephiran's head, his sword pointing towards him]

Ike: Hey! Get up. Now.

Yune: Take it easy on him! He's had a hard day!

Sephiran: ...unh... ...hhhuuunnn.... I... I'm alive?

Yune: Lehran!

Sephiran: Goddess Yune... Why? Why did you--

Yune: Because I want you to live! You've always taken care of me, and I
    couldn't bear it if it ended like this.

Sephiran: But...I've lost all my hope. All hope in the world and the people in
    it... I did what I did...for future generations, so they wouldn't have to
    live in this world. Please, Yune, let me die.

Yune: I won't, Lehran. I won't!

[Ike stands up]

Ike: Lehran? Now he's some kind of hero-saint?

Sephiran: ...

Ike: If death is what you really want, then I'm not going to let it happen on
    my watch. I don't care what you've gone through. I don't care how much
    you've suffered. What you've done is unforgivable.

Yune: Stop it, Ike!

Sephiran: ...

Ike: Ashera is waiting. It's time for the final confrontation with her. You can
    come... If you want to.

Sephiran: You... You're asking me to turn my back on goddess Ashera?

Ike: If you really want the total extinction of beorc and laguz alike, then you
    can just lie here like a lump. If not, this is your last chance to start
    rectifying your mistakes. Think hard on that.

[Ike walks away, towards the door; the camera pans away from it and back to

Yune: But...Ike!

Sephiran: ...

[Kurthnaga and Ena turn to each other, then walk towards the door as well;
    after a moment, Sanaki leaves, followed by Sothe and Yune; Yune turns back
    one last time]

Yune: I'll be waiting for you, Lehran.

Part IV Endgame: Rebirth (5)                                            [*4.15]

[animation – memory sequence 6]

[a black screen; the woman's voice – Ashera's – is speaking, followed by the
    reoccurring male voice - Lehran/Sephiran's]

Female Voice 1: Lehran... I will not...countenance this plan.

[an image of Ashera's veiled bed appears]

Male Voice 1: Hear me, Goddess Ashera... Yune's imprisonment within the
    medallion has begun to change you. Order and chaos, you are one being,
    comprising both parts. The one must naturally affect the other.

Female Voice 1: Even so, I will not return Yune to this body. She is unstable,
    and I must be perfect in order to protect this world. It is as I have said,
    Yune must be destroyed.

Male Voice 1: Ashera, you mustn't! You cannot survive without your opposite.
    Please, you must not do this. Your world still needs you.

Female Voice 1: Lehran, you have ever been a wise and kind-hearted child. In
    deference to you, I will place my faith in your kind once last time. For
    the next thousand years, I shall sleep as well. When I wake again, I hope
    it is to a world of peace and order, where all prosper as equals.

[a long pause]

Female Voice 1: If I do, then I will know that you have advised me well. I will
    reward your counsel. I will also allow Yune to return to me. I will once
    again be the goddess of creation, whole and complete. Ashunera, the Dawn
    Goddess... The name your ancestors gave me so long ago. I should like to
    hear it again.

[the image changes to that same hand holding the medallion, but against the
    shimmering veils and blue wall]

Female Voice 1: However, during this thousand years, if the chaos of war should
    arise and awaken Yune from her slumber in the medallion... I will know that
    you have strayed from your path, and I will punish your failure as I would
    reward your success. And then you will know my judgment. You will pay for
    your sins, each of you to the last.

[the image changes back to the one of the veiled bed]

Male Voice 1: In the names of our people, we vow to keep this covenant. There
    will be no great war between laguz and beorc for a thousand years. So
    pledge Altina of the beorc, Dheginsea of the dragon tribes, Soan of the
    beast tribes, and I, Lehran, of the bird tribes.

Female Voice 1: If you believe during this thousand years that you have
    created a world that has outgrown the atrocities of war... Or if you feel
    the world has fallen beyond hope of redemption, you may sing the galdr of
    release and awaken us both. Your heirs will possess that ability as well...
    Sing to awaken us, and tell us your tale. Tell us of the world your two
    kinds have built in our absence. We will listen, and will judge fairly and
    impartially. This is our covenant with you.

[the image fades away]


[on the battlefield, atop a glowing, four-cornered sigil with a circle at each
    corner and a diamond in between them, stands Ashera]

Ike: It's her...

Yune: Ashera.

[Yune moves forward]

Yune: Ashera! It's me...Yune. Can you hear me?

[Ashera has her eyes closed]

Ashera: ...

Yune: Please! Please listen to me! You don't need to pass any more judgment!
    You can return the people to normal!

[Ashera opens her eyes]

Ashera: I cannot. There are still people in my world who are made of fallible
    flesh. This imperfect world has passed beyond control. Now, I shall pass my
    final judgment.

Yune: Wait! You can't violate the terms of the covenant, Ashera! One thousand
    years still hasn't passed. We were woken by galdr, not by mankind's war.

Ashera: It doesn't matter.


[cutscene – the battle between Begnion and the Laguz Alliance]


Ashera: During my long sleep, beorc and laguz continued to fight. The children
    of flesh will never learn nor grow. Time will pass as always, but nothing
    can change the destiny of mankind.


Yune: You have to look deeper! The first judgment didn't turn everyone to
    stone, and I'll tell you why. Because these people are not "people" as we
    know them. Ashera, these people have become something new!


[cutscene – the image of creation, with the goddess standing before laguz and


Yune: People--the Zunanma--are the only living creatures of this world that we
    didn't create. Animals evolved to become Zunanma, who then became laguz and
    beorc. That evolution continues today!


[Yune takes several steps forward]

Yune: Ashera... I'll tell you a secret you didn't know. [she holds out her
    arms] Children can be born of both a beorc and laguz parent. They are still
    very few in number, but if allowed to flourish, mankind might become
    anything! If the two races continue to evolve, I'm sure something wonderful
    will emerge! You can't just bring that to a halt.

Ashera: Do not claim certainty of anything. The children of this world are born
    of chaos, and nothing could be more uncertain. The world does not require
    the evolution of man. My responsibility is to protect order, the balance of
    all life-forms. Beings that evolve without my guidance will only
    destabilize and threaten this world. Because of that--

Yune: You have to wipe out everything made of flesh? Is that what you're trying
    to say? ...Very well then.

Yune: You and I have nothing more to talk about. My only choice is to defeat

Ashera: Yune, do not be absurd... You cannot overthrow me, just as I cannot
    overthrow you.

Yune: Of course not. But they can. Everyone! The time has come! Defeat Ashera,
    or everyone you love will be a statue forever!

Ashera: These people, they carry your blessing, Yune... You mean to fight me?

Ike: Ashera, our goddess... This is the world--and we are the people--you
    created. You make it sound as if we're some sort of filthy creatures that
    just decided to settle down here and cause trouble.

Yune: Ike! Don't say it like that.


[cutscene – the battle between Begnion and the Laguz Alliance]


Ike: We're not perfect. Sometimes our brains tell us one thing, while our
    emotions tell us another. And war... The more we try to avoid it, the worse
    it is when it comes to us.


Ike: People are probably the dumbest creatures alive.

Yune: But... Somehow you're also the most endearing. It's your imperfections
    that make you so interesting... Imperfections very similar to ours.

Ike: We know that we've messed up. We'll do our best to avoid more war and to
    make peace our highest priority. Ashera, just give us one more chance. All
    we ask for is one more chance.

Ashera: You expect me to reverse my judgment? The goddess of order cannot be
    so...mercurial. My decision is final.

Ike: So that's how it's going to be, huh? Then we will fight... [he unsheathes
    his sword] and we will save our people. Make your peace with whatever the
    gods worship. Your end is near.

[the sigil that Ashera stands on begins to glow even brighter]

Ashera: My end [she raises her arms] is near? 

Ike: In every battle that mattered in my life, I've always been the one left
    standing, no matter how slim my chances. This battle means more than any of
    the others, because it's for the life of every person that I've ever cared
    about. I will win this fight.

---------------------------------------------------------{base conversations}--

[Part IV Endgame (5); Soren] (*)

Soren: Ike... Um... Were you joking when you said you couldn't remember how we

Ike: Well, sorta. It was a long time ago.

Soren: How could you forget?

Ike: Relax, Soren. I got to thinking, and I remembered. I remember what
    happened in Gallia on the day we first met.

Soren: Ike...

Ike: Mother had gone shopping with Mist that day. I was wandering around the
    village all alone. I walked to the edge of the forest, looking for a stick
    I could pretend was a sword. There was a raven-haired boy lying on the

Soren: I remember the huge oak tree by the clearing... I'd been sleeping in the
    hollow by the roots.

Ike: He looked like he was my age. He was as skinny as a twig, wearing rags and
    covered in dirt. He looked like he was near death. I took out my lunch and
    I handed it to him. He made a noise like a scared animal and shied away. He
    was suspicious of me at first, but eventually he took my sandwich and
    started to eat. It was like he'd never eaten before in his life. I didn't
    have anything else to feed him, so I told him to come to my house. But he
    kept shaking his head no.

Soren: I was afraid you were going to trick me. Afraid that you were going to
    chase me away after taunting me with food, just for a laugh...

Ike: I told the boy that I'd bring him some food the next day at the same time
    and place. He finally nodded when I said that. It made me happy. I felt
    like I was doing something right, helping this boy. Like I was the only one
    who'd do that.

Soren: ...I was happy, too. Not just because I wasn't hungry anymore. Because
    someone finally would talk to me. So I went back to the village again the
    next day. I was scared of the other villagers and their rocks and sticks,
    but I still went back.

Ike: That's right. That was Gallia back then. The beorc abused and tormented
    the Branded because the laguz shunned them. They wanted to avoid upsetting
    the laguz.

Soren: The villagers threw stones at me, called me an animal and a devil. But
    on the next day, the village was littered with corpses. Soldiers and
    peasants were in a panic.

Ike: It was my dad. He went crazy when the spirit of chaos in the medallion
    touched him.

Soren: I walked through the empty streets, checking bodies to see if you were
    dead. But I couldn't find you. I decided that you had to be alive. I took
    money and food from the village and headed for Crimea, a land of beorcs.

Ike: Soren...

Soren: On my way to Crimea, I kept seeing laguz from the beast tribe. They
    were terrifying, but after a while I realized something. They never
    attacked me. They all seemed to notice something about me, and then pretend
    they couldn't see me. That look was burned into my mind, and it was always
    the same. They'd scowl, then walk away like they'd never noticed me. In a
    way, that left me feeling older and more alone than if they'd attacked me.
    Hate... That I could understand. This was denial. They made me feel like I
    wasn't supposed to exist at all. That my simply being alive was an affront
    to the world. That was how the beasts treated me. And I hated them for it.
    It sat in my heart like a lead bar. Like a glacier.

Ike: ...

Soren: When I reached Crimea, I took refuge in a church along the way. They
    took my brand to be a sign that I had been trained in the arcane arts.
    They took good care of me, and taught me things. Once I had learned to
    speak and behave like other people, I wandered Crimea for several years.
    Then I finally found you.

Ike: But I'd...

Soren: Yes. You'd forgotten that day in Gallia. But I didn't care. My only wish
    was to see you again. I just wanted to see the only boy who had held out a
    warm hand when I had nothing.

Ike: Soren... Don't cry.

Soren: Don't cry? What? I'm not crying...

Ike: Soren, you're smart, but you're no good when it comes to your emotions.
    Come over here.

Soren: D-don't treat me like I'm a child! I'm not that--

Ike: Come on.

Soren: Shut up! Shut up...

Ike: Then I'll come over to you.

[he moves over]

Ike: It's all in the past, Soren...

Soren: ...Sniff... Sniff... Gwuh... Wahhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!


---------------------------------------------------------------{start battle}--

[Sephiran walks in from the side]

Lehran: Forgive me, goddess. I must end my service to you now. My dear goddess,
    Ashera. Please forgive me!

Ashera: Lehran...

Lehran: Everything I've done was a mistake. This is all a result of my
    weakness. The changes were unbearable to watch, too frightening to
    understand. It grew painful to accept change, and with that my heart filled
    with cowardice. I was overwhelmed by the pain, and could think of nothing
    but soothing it. As long as I suffered, I was blind to anything else, even
    to the beautiful things of the world. I can see it now... The people
    deserve compassion. They deserve to have their lives back!

Ashera: No. You were always too flexible, too inconstant. You cannot sway me
    any further.

Lehran: Ashera... My goddess... Please.

Ashera: Be silent now and watch as I erase these things that confuse your
    simple heart.

Lehran: ...


Yune: Everyone, listen carefully. In order to reach Ashera, we must first
    destroy the aura protecting her. Got it? Attack the aura.


[for the following line, Ashera attacks in one of several ways: with area of
    effect magical or physical attacks which forms a purple sigil under the
    entire stage, or long-distance magical or physical attacks which target an
    individual allied unit]

Ashera: You would face me in battle? I need no further evidence of your kind's
    imperfections. This will hardly be a battle at all. Simply an end. Perish,
    flawed one.


[upon destroying all of the Auroras]

Micaiah: The aura is gone.

Ike: Excellent. Now we can finish this.

Ashera: ...

----------------------------------------------------{talk; Kurthnaga, Lehran}--

Kurthnaga: You're Lehran...

Lehran: Prince Kurthnaga... How you've grown.

Kurthnaga: You know who I am?

Lehran: I resided in Goldoa for more than seven hundred years.

Kurthnaga: I... I had no idea.

Lehran: That's because I was kept in hiding. But I did meet you several times,
    when you were just an infant.

Kurthnaga: I remember a...a mysterious man with black wings. Was that you? I
    always thought it was a dream...

Lehran: ...

Kurthnaga: I was always so fascinated by that man and his songs... I remember
    him well, and fondly.

-------------------------------------------------------{talk; Sanaki, Lehran}--

Sanaki: You finally made it, Sephiran.

Lehran: Sanaki, I...

Sanaki: I was starting to wonder how I would punish you.

Lehran: I'm sorry?

Sanaki: You are my subordinate, after all. I have decided that leaving one's
    empress to die is punishable by drowning in a pool of rancid butter.

Lehran: Of course it is, my empress.

Sanaki: I hope you're a strong swimmer.

------------------------------------------------------{talk; Micaiah, Lehran}--

Micaiah: Um...

Lehran: Yes?

Micaiah: You're Lehran, aren't you?

Lehran: Yes.

Micaiah: You... Forgive me for asking, but... Aren't you my--

Lehran: Can we talk about this later?

Micaiah: What? Oh, I mean, of course... Sorry to bother you...

Lehran: Child, you couldn't possibly bother me. It's just, the talk you and I
    must have is going to take a long time. I don't think Ashera would wait for
    us to finish.

Micaiah: Oh... Very well.

Lehran: What is it?

Micaiah: Oh, nothing... Never mind. [leaves]

Lehran: Micaiah?

Micaiah: Y-yes?

Lehran: Looks like you could use some backup. I'm good with a staff, too, you

Micaiah: Th-thank you.

----------------------------------------------------------{talk; Ike, Lehran}--

Ike: Sephiran... I mean, Lehran...

Lehran: I can't apologize enough. I was so terribly mistaken, and now there's
    nothing I can do to help.

Ike: Don't worry.

Lehran: What?
Ike: Wanting to do something that matters is enough. Sometimes, how you feel is
    more important than how you act.

Lehran: Ike, I... There's no one that I think more highly of...

Ike: No time for compliments. We still have work to do here.

Lehran: Yes... Yes, we do.

[Ike leaves]

Lehran: Head up! Eyes forward! I will not back down! Altina... Give me

----------------------------------------------------------------{boss battle}--

[if Ashera is defeated by someone other than Ike]

Ashera: ...

Ike: It's over. It's all over...

Micaiah: We did it. Our fighting is finally done. Now the people...

Ike: Now the people should all turn back to normal.

Micaiah: Yes!

Ike: Let's get out of here. I'm sure the others are getting tired of waiting
    for us outside.

Yune: Wait!

Ike: Huh?!

[a blue sphere of light forms around Ashera, who fully revives]

Ashera: ...

Ike: What... What's going on? This is insane! We defeated her...

Ashera: You defeated nothing. This is nothing at all out of the ordinary.
    Mortals cannot defeat the divine. It is not possible.

Micaiah: But... We won... General Ike... We have to fight one more time! The
    people out there need our help!

Ashera: You can try as many times as you like. The result will always be the
    same. There is no way for you to win.

Micaiah: I can't believe that! General Ike, you can do it! Forge a new destiny
    for us! Ike, please... You've got to!

Ike: I don't need encouragement. I'd fight to the end no matter what. Ashera,
    you can't stop me. It doesn't matter if you're a goddess. It doesn't matter
    if I have no way to win. Fighting defines me, and I will not lose.

Ashera: When will you tiresome gnats surrender?


[upon attacking with Ike for the final blow]

[animation – Final Strike]


[the scene switches back to the battle between Ike and Ashera; Ike lands the
    final blow]

-----------------------------------------------------------------{end battle}--

[animation – God's End]


[animation – Life Returns]


|Epilogue                                                                 [*5]|

[the image of the large double doors leading to the Tower of Guidance]

Sothe: Well, I guess this is over. We'd better be on our way.

Ike: Are you going back to Daein?

Micaiah: Yes. Everyone's waiting for us.

Sothe: We'll have to start rebuilding all over again. Hopefully this will be
    the last time.

Ike: No. Don't say "hopefully." Make it the last time. If anyone can do it, you
    two can.

Sothe: I don't doubt it. But thanks for the vote of confidence.

Micaiah: Thank you, Ike. I won't ever forget you.


Priestess of Dawn, Micaiah
Crowned 15th queen of Daein at prior King Pelleas's entreaty, Micaiah ushered
    in a new ear of prosperity.

[if Sothe and Micaiah have an A support]
Zephyr, Sothe
Becoming Queen Micaiah's husband and her pillar of strength, Sothe worked
    tirelessly to assist the poor.

Blade of Justice, Edward
Edward lived as a common townsman, despite the queen's wishes. He would often
    visit the keep to bring good news.

Freedom's Arrow, Leonardo
Leonardo toiled at rebuilding the army. With his proven skills and good looks,
     he was beset by women across Tellius.

Wise Champion, Nolan
Nolan wandered the kingdoms, saving those in adversity. Stories of his altruism
    eventually became legends.

Carefree Saint, Laura
Laura returned to her home's church and became a mother to many orphans, all of
    whom loved her gentleness.

Wandering Sage, Ilyana
Ilyana returned to travel with the merchant caravan as she had before.
    Somewhere, right now, she is hungry.

Loyal Halberdier, Aran
Aran served for many years as lookout in his hometown. Everyone relied on him
    for his honest, if clumsy, work.

Steadfast Rider, Tauroneo
Tauroneo worked tirelessly for his country as linchpin of Daein's military and
    a pillar of statesmanship.

Blade of Unity, Zihark
Zihark traveled Tellius as a mercenary, resolving beorc-laguz disputes. Some
    say he eventually settled in Gallia.

[if Jill and Haar have an A support]
Mistress of Wyverns, Jill
Queen Micaiah ceded Talrega to Jill. Bearing her father's ideals, she and her
    husband made the land prosper.

Black Tempest, Haar
Though unparalleled in strength as a dracoknight, Haar never fought again.
    Rather, he carried cargo in Talrega.

Valiant Lady of Marado, Fiona
As Lady of Marado, Fiona watched over her beloved people and protected them
    until the autumn of her years.


[if Pelleas was not killed and the extra requirements for the conversation were

Pelleas: I'm sorry.

Almedha: But that's... I don't believe you! Because, see, my dear, you have the
    mark! Wait. Don't you have a mark?

Pelleas: No, Mother. Lady Almedha, is that the reason you thought me to be your

Almedha: I...

Pelleas: And that is the reason why Izuka chose me out of all the children at
    that orphanage.

Almedha: Stop! This is impossible! You are my son. I am your mother, and I say

Pelleas: Lady Almedha, your only memories of your son were of him as a baby.
    You yourself said so. In other words, he already had a mark, even as a

Almedha: Yes, that's so. What of it?

Pelleas: This mark--my mark, here--is called the "Spirits' Protection." When I
    was thirteen, I chose to make a pact with the spirits.

Almedha: What!?

Pelleas: When I learned that you were one of the dragon clan, I began to doubt.
    And slowly my doubt turned to certainty. I'm sorry, Lady Almedha. I'm
    sorry that, though it was never my intent, I ended up deceiving you. I'm
    sorry, but I am not your son.

Almedha: P-Pelleas...

Pelleas: But still... I was happy. It was fleeting, but... I knew the feeling
    of a mother's love. You have my thanks.

Almedha: I... Ah...sniff...


[if Pelleas was not killed]
Spirit-Charming Sage, Pelleas
After revealing his lack of royal blood, Pelleas gave up the throne but served
    at court, learning to speak easily to all.

Mistress of the Evil Eye, Nailah
Returning to Hatari with recent events graven in her heart, Nailah hoped to
    migrate her people across the desert.

Black Wolf of the Sands, Volug
Strangely, Volug was still in wolf form on the day he went home. Asked why, he
    said only, "It's more comfortable."

Earthbound Chorister, Rafiel
Rafiel performed a ceremony in Serenes Forest to wake his father, the king.
    Eventually he returned to Hatari.


Caineghis: Ah, Ike. Your work out there was superb.

Ike: Hey, you aren't quite over the hill yet yourself. You know, I always
    wanted to go one-on-one with you, just once.

Caineghis: Hah. I would have expected you'd had your fill of fighting.

Ike: I've had enough kill-or-be-killed to last me a lifetime. But something
    simpler, some way of testing our respective strengths...

Caineghis: You mean controlled matches, with all the little rules they have. In
    a peaceful world, we need such things. Especially we laguz. Without a fight
    now and then, we go a bit strange in the head.

Ike: That's the honest truth. I'd rather try to order a river to change course
    than stop a bunch of rampaging laguz!


Fearless Lion King, Caineghis
Upon returning to Gallia, King Caineghis lost no time in abdicating his throne.
    Countless songs still tell of his valor.

Lion King's Shadow, Giffca
Since their youth, Giffca had been ever at Caineghis's side as his loyal
    shadow. He died proud of how he spent his life.

Fang of Gallia, Skrimir
Skrimir, as the new lion king, patrolled Gallia's borders vigorously, and his
    large heart won the love of his people.

Friend of Nations, Ranulf
Ranulf was often run ragged by advising the new king. While he winced at his
    duties, Ranulf still indulged Skrimir.

Gallia's Valkyrie, Lethe
Lethe later became a captain in Gallia's home guard, and pounded battle skills
    and fighting pride into young warriors.

Kindhearted Warrior, Mordecai
After returning to the forest, Mordecai avoided battle and lived all his days
    in peaceful harmony with the trees.

Finder of Secrets, Lyre
Lyre lived free and wild in the forest. She often told her young comrades of
    the war and the heroes therein.

Dutiful Assistant, Kyza
Kyza remained a dutiful Gallian warrior. He showed exemplary diligence, never
    neglecting to train--even in peacetime.


???: Wait... Sister!

[Micaiah turns around, standing next to Sothe; Sanaki runs up]

Sanaki: You're my older sister, aren't you?

Micaiah: What do you mean?

Sanaki: It makes sense. All the pieces fit. The galdr of release... The goddess
    Yune's voice...

Micaiah: It's true. Inside the tower, I heard the voices of many hearts, and I
    knew. I am descended from Lehran and Altina. Misaha, the former apostle,
    was my grandmother.

Sanaki: Yes, I thought so. In that case, my sister, please consider staying in
    Begnion. With your power and charisma, you could do so much good here.

Micaiah: No, I'm afraid I can't.

Sanaki: Wh-Why not?

Micaiah: Daein is my home, and Daein needs me to help it heal and rebuild. Not

Sanaki: But Begnion--

Micaiah: Begnion has you, Empress. You will be a just ruler. Make your country
    proud to have you.

Sanaki: Will I...never see you again?

Micaiah: Hardly. I think that what our countries need now is a sense of family
    and friendship. I ask that you sign a treaty of alliance with Daein and
    announce that we are equals.

Sanaki: I will! Of course! Once things settle down in both of our countries,
    that will be the first thing I do...Sister!

Micaiah: Thank you, Empress Sanaki. ...My dear little sister.


Holy Empress, Sanaki
Sanaki elected to guide her people in a world without the goddess, and made
    treaties uniting the continent.

Sapphire of Begnion, Sigrun
Sigrun was loved by her subordinates in the Holy Guard for her kindness, and
    guarded Sanaki all her life

Empire's Bright Blade, Tanith
Tanith was feared by her subordinates in the Holy Guard for her strictness,
    and guarded Sanaki all her life.

Plucky Freedom Fighter, Tormod
As Begnion's laguz advisor, Tormod labored to help former slaves out of
    poverty. He was busy, but very happy.

Desert's Water, Muarim
As Begnion's first-ever laguz official, Muarim assisted Tormod and supported
    his efforts in every arena.

Liberation's Talon, Vika
Vika became a liaison to former slaves, traveling between the cathedral and
    laguz district--and was loved in both.

Collector of Beauty, Oliverz
Oliver followed his calling as a guardian of beauty by sponsoring many artists,
    especially those who depicted him.

Lion-Blooded, Stefan
Stefan gathered like-minded individuals to form a tiny, independent settlement
    which later became a great country.


Ike: Will you be heading back to Gallia first?

Tibarn: We'll stop by Gallia, then wing straight on to Serenes.

Ike: Serenes? Why there?

Reyson: The Empress Sanaki has kept her promise. Serenes will be formally ceded
    back to us. She said we may return immediately.

Ike: Ah, I see. That's good to hear.

Tibarn: Sometimes birds change their feathers. The hawks, the herons, even the
    ravens. We're thinking we'll all settle down together.

Reyson: All this time, we've sorted ourselves by our ways of thinking and
    seeing and living. If we can respect each other's opinions and we learn to
    compromise, we can learn to live together without strife.

Ike: I don't think it will be that easy, but it still ought to be simpler than
    getting beorc and laguz to treat each other decently. You set a good
    example, Reyson.

Tibarn: All the major issues look like they'll be handled soon. The only thing
    we can't agree on is hunting and eating meat.

Reyson: The forest creatures are off-limits! Needless displays of violence as
    well. You know we will not budge on that.

Tibarn: Tell me... Have you ever heard of a vegetarian hawk? Or a raptor that
    doesn't scream victoriously at the skies after a kill?

Ike: Meat, huh? That's a thorny problem...


Lord of the Air, Tibarn
Tibarn was chosen as the first king of the unified bird clans, and brought them
    great respect from the other nations.

Sky's Shadow, Naesala
Saved from the blood pact, Naesala left his people and their nation. He became
    a diplomat, finding atonement in work.

White Prince, Reyson
Reyson worked hard as a leader in the new laguz nation. His iron resolve under
    a pretty face was suited for politics.

Hawk King's Eyes, Janaff
As the new king's right arm, Janaff so eagerly trained his men that he often
    skipped meals, weekends, and sleep.

Hawk King's Ears, Ulki
Despite being the new king's left arm, Ulki still loved solitude, spending his
    free time in long-deserted locales.

Mesmerizing Chanteur, Leanne
Leanne and her father made the forest echo with songs to stir pride in all
    those toiling to build the new kingdom.

Wise Old Crow, Nealuchi
Despite his age, Nealuchi worked hard to restore the name of the raven clan.
    Every year he set a new record.

Man of Many Mysteries, Volke
After finishing his contract, Volke went back to the shadows he knew so well.
    He was a man of mystery to the end.

Young Dragon Prince, Kurthnaga
Kurthnaga spent his days arbitrating conflicts between nations, guarding the
    peace so many had died for.

Wish-Spinner, Ena
Ena returned home and gave birth to her lost fiance's child. Goldoa rejoiced
    at the first dragon birth in centuries.

Eternal Wanderer, Nasir
Nasir served the new dragon king by observing other nations in his travels,
    and often doted on his great-grandchild.

Crimson Bodyguard, Gareth
Gareth was named chamberlain to the king's new nephew, and taught him with
    both strictness and love.


Ike: Well, Your Majesty. Shall we be off?

Elincia: Yes, let us. To Crimea. To our homeland.


Devoted Queen, Elincia
Elincia governed Crimea with resolve and a deep love for her people. Her reign
    was remembered as a golden age.

Grim Cavalier, Renning
All Crimea rejoiced at Renning's return. He chose to forego the limelight,
    helping the queen to keep the peace.

Protector of the Realm, Geoffrey
As captain of the Royal Knights and a model of chivalry, Geoffrey served his
    queen and country all his days.

Tireless Advisor, Lucia
Where the queen went, Lucia followed. Their love was fabled to be stronger than
    even most blood sisters.

Crimea's Keystone, Bastian
Bastian's unparalleled diplomatic skills ensured that many treaties were
    signed, spreading peace across Tellius.

Veteran Knight, Kieran
Kieran served the royal family with nearly fanatical verve. His voice could be
    heard from anywhere in the castle.

Petulant Pegasus Knight, Marcia
Marcia showed her dedication as one of the Royal Knights, ever vigilant as she
    patrolled Crimea's skies.

Prince of Layabouts, Makalov
Makalov remained as a Royal Knight because the empire was "too strict."
    Miraculously, he was never fired.

Unassuming Knight, Astrid
As a Royal Knight renowned through the land, Astrid's beauty and prowess were
    known to allies and enemies alike.

Relentless Halberdier, Nepheneez
Nephenee lived with her family in Melior. Time and again she raised her lance
    in defense of the realm.

Rural Juggernaut, Brom
Returning to his family in Ohma, Brom farmed for the rest of his peaceful life.
    He never lifted a weapon again.

Wayfaring Country Girl, Meg
Meg had an ordinary marriage in her village and had an ordinary family. Her
    house was always full of laughter.

Alluring Rogue, Heather
Heather often returned home to care for her mother, swearing off her roguish
    ways. Yet somehow, she always had money.

Lucky Wayfarer, Danved
The war over, Danved hung up his lance and became a traveling performer. His
    act could make anyone laugh.

First-Rage Sage, Calill
Calill returned to running the store with her beloved Largo and daughter, Amy.
    Her bright smile cheered many hearts.

Scarlet-Haired Paladin, Titania
Titania remained second in command of the mercenaries. Once a year, she
    visited the graves of her fallen friends.

Deadly Adept, Shinon
Shinon lazes the days away in his old haunts. An expert at all he put his hand
    to, he chose none as his calling.

Perpetual Guardian, Gatrie
Gatrie became a famous mercenary and a household name. Fate led him to find
    many women but never true love.

Agile Horseman, Oscar
Oscar returned to the Royal Knights at Queen Elincia's request, but still took
    mercenary work on the side.

[if Boyd and Mist have an A support]
Mighty Soldier, Boyd
Boyd trained daily, so as not to lose his spot to "some stupid rookie." Mist
    humored her husband's insecurities.

Faithful Student, Rolf
Rolf remained with the mercenaries. He was always in demand as a tutor of
    unrivaled marksmanship.

Gentle Saint, Rhys
Rhys served as healer and opened a small chapel in a corner of their old keep.
    He taught school there.

Aspiring Lady of Blades, Mia
Mia set off in search of new opponents. She traveled the whole continent, but
    sometimes rested at Greil's Retreat.

[if Boyd and Mist have an A support]
Healing Breeze, Mist
Mist acted on her feelings for Boyd, marrying him. She cried during the vows,
    much to Boyd's chagrin.


Almedha: You are Ike, of the Greil Mercenaries?

Ike: And you're the dowager queen of Daein. I heard some of what you've gone
    through. I'm glad that you're safe.

Almedha: Ah, indeed.

Ike: In light of that... Can I do anything for you?

Almedha: I think not. I think I have seen enough.

Ike: As you wish. Well then, Lady Almedha, Prince Kurthnaga. Take care of

Kurthnaga: Yes. And you as well. I know we shall meet again!

[Ike leaves]

Kurthnaga: Are you satisfied, my sister? You wished so strongly to meet with
    General Ike.

Almedha: I only did so because Pelleas said... He said that it would be wise if
    I were to meet with him.

Kurthnaga: Did he say why?

Almedha: "That child," he said. It was the last gift he could give me. He
    wouldn't say anything more.

Kurthnaga: A gift? By meeting General Ike?

Almedha: What about that beorc could possibly be... Wait... Ah! Wait! Wait,
    stop a moment!

Kurthnaga: Sister!?

[Soren appears]

Soren: Yes? You needed something?

Almedha: You are... What is your name?

Soren: Soren.

Almedha: I-I see. That...that is a fine name.

Soren: Thank you...?

Almedha: You're welcome.

Soren: Is that all?

Almedha: Ah, yes, yes. Pardon me. Calling out to you like that... I was

Soren: Don't let it trouble you. If you'll excuse me. [leaves]

Almedha: I don't believe it.

Kurthnaga: That boy is the staff officer for the Greil Mercenaries. What made
    you call out to him like that?

Almedha: I...

Kurthnaga: Sister?

Almedha: Because I have lost the power of my birthright, I thought... Maybe I
    wouldn't be able to... That I might not be able to recognize my own child.
    But when her own true son stands before her, no mother could fail to know.
    Oh, my son, you've lived and grown strong.

Kurthnaga: You can't mean... Soren is your son?


[if Ike and Soren have an A support]
Silent Master of Winds, Soren
When peace had settled on the land, Soren packed lightly and set off with the
    only person he had ever trusted.

Once he saw stability returned, Ike left on a journey to lands still unknown.
    He was never seen again.

[if Lehran was recruited]
Light of Creation, Lehran
At Lorazieh's urging, Sephiran lay himself down within Serenes, and was healed
    by the songs of the herons.


[Lehran has his dark brown wings unfurled behind him]

Lehran: Welcome home.

???: Could it be that you were here all this time?

Lehran: Alas, no, I am sorry to say. But for several days, I've somehow felt as
    though you would soon return.

[Ashunera appears]

Ashunera: Well, I'm home. And I'm glad to see you again, Lehran.

Lehran: And I am glad to see you as well, Goddess Ashunera.

Ashunera: How long has it been? A hundred years? Five hundred?

Lehran: About twelve hundred years.

Ashunera: I see. For mortals, that is many, many lives.

Lehran: Yes. The peace we once had is on the verge of crumbling again.

Ashunera: That is unfortunate. The miasma of war is beginning to shroud the
    world. However, I shall not again be frightened. As one born of the hopes
    of man I shall protect this world.

Lehran: Yes.

Ashunera: Lehran. I've missed your songs. Would you sing for me now?

Lehran: I...I no longer...

Ashunera: Well, then I will sing. And you may sing with me. Is that all right?

Lehran: ...Yes.


In days long past, a young man strode the lands of Tellius.

He was simple yet true, his deeds brave and noble. He reunited two races long
at war, and healed the heart of a goddess long gone mad.

Ask any you meet be they young or old, beorc or laguz, of a hero named Ike and
you'll receive a warm smile and a tale or two of faith, courage, and honesty.