Elebit FAQ by Teh_Pwnz000r

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Elebit Guide
By Teh_Pwnz000r

-Normal Elebits-
1. Green Elebit
2. Power Elebit
3. High Power Elebit
4. Red Elebit
5. Yellow Elebit (S)
6. Shell-Head Elebit (S)
7. Orange Elebit
8. Blue Elebit
9. Yellow Elebit (L)
10. Shell-Head Elebit (L)
11. Gray Elebit
12. Pink Elebit
13. Black Elebit
14. Boss Black Elebit

-Boss Elebits-
15. Sea Elebit
16. Sky Elebit
17. Land Elebit
18. Zero Elebit (1st)
19. Zero Elebit (2nd)

20. Zero Elebit (3rd)
21. Small Sea Elebit (lvl 7)
22. Small Sky Elebit (lvl 17)
23. Boss Orange Elebit (lvl 17)
24. Boss Elebit (lvl 29)
25. Boss Yellow Elebit (lvl 29)
26. Toy Artillery
27. Toy Tank
28. Scary Red Plush Doll
29. Energy Form Elebit
30. Zero Elebit Energy Form

-----Normal Elebits-----

1. Green Elebit
Normal-15 Alert-12 Panic-10
First Appears: Mission 1
Elebit Room Description: The oldest type of domesticated Elebit. Easygoing;
likes songs and cookies. Most common Elebit. Although subtle, Dr. Ed found that
they have an expression for each emotion.
Notes: The Green Elebit looks more blue than green.

2. Power Elebit
First Appears: Mission 1
Elebit Room Description: A Green Elebit in power generation mode turns yellow.
Elebits have three forms: normal (material), pure energy, and this form, which
is known as the Power Elebit.
Notes: It comes out of all electrical appliances in story mode (with the
acception of about three), and levels up your capture gun. It does hide, but
not often.

3. High Power Elebit
First Appears: Mission 1
Elebit Room Description: Some Green Elebits have extremely high power
generation, and when they enter power generation mode, they become this deep
pink High Power Elebit, indistinguishable in material form.
Notes: It comes out of most appliances in story mode. It does not give you
watts but levels up your capture gun, about 2 or 3 times as much as a normal
Power Elebit. It hides rarely.

4. Red Elebit
Normal-30 Alert-25 Panic-20
First Appears: Mission 1
Elebit Room Description: A coward and cry-baby of an Elebit. Quick to flee;
hides under things when startled, or cries if this is not possible. Sometimes
other Elebits gather to comfort a crying Red Elebit.
Notes: A lot of times it will cry even with objects to hide under.

5. Yellow Elebit (S)
Normal-225 Alert-188 Panic-150
First Appears: Mission 18
Elebit Room Description: Generally warm-natured and innocent, Yellow Elebits
are rather weak alone, but are capable of combining with others into one big
Elebit. Loves cookies and other sweet things.
Notes: The Yellow Elebit only merges when it is angry, so the best way to make
it angry is to squish it. It will not merge with sleeping Elebits, and it will
merge with 1 to 5 other Elebits, randomly leaving some out. It can merge from
really far away too so be careful!
You can tell when it is merging because it will glow. It will only merge with
Green, Red, Blue, Orange and Gray Elebits, and it will not merge with other
Yellow Elebits.

6. Shell-Head Elebit (S)
Appears: Mission 23
Elebit Room Description: Yellow Elebits drawn into a Land Elebit, then pushed
into a tree ornament as pure energy. The shell on their head is made of
ornament fragments, but they seem to like it.
Notes: These Elebits are incapable of merging. They can create a ball of energy
that look like the ones made by gray Elebits and the Land Elebit over their
head and fire it at you. You can prevent them from appearing by smashing the

7. Orange Elebit
Normal-75 Alert-62 Panic-50
First Appears: Mission 8
Elebit Room Description: Spreads its long ears and flies. Mellow and calm on
the ground, but suddenly wild and mischievous in the air. Dr. Ed found that
orange Elebits actually control gravity to fly.
Notes: If you see this thing in a place without a roof, shoot it fast. It can
fly so high that you wont be able to see it.

8. Blue Elebit
Normal-150 Alert-125 Panic-100
First Appears: Mission 4
Elebit Room Description: A fast-running Elebit that uses a smoke screen to flee
instantly, leaving an image behind. Impetuous and mischief-loving, Blue Elebits
love it when humans seek them.

9. Yellow Elebit (L)
First Appears: Mission 18
Elebit Room Description: Yellow Elebits draw in other Elebits to become the
largest of all Elebits. For some reason, they are naughty in this big state,
and like to throw things at people on purpose!
Notes: The Large Yellow Elebit will pick up objects lighter than 1 ton (with
some size restrictions, but it can still pick up pretty big stuff) and throw
them at you. Once it throws something, it will either clap or get mad,
depending on if it hits you. It randomly falls asleep while it is moving. You
need 2kg power in your capture gun to pick it up, and to separate the Elebits
you either need to slam it against the ground or hit it with an object. The
Elebits it merges with do not effect its health or power. Its funny watching
these guys in the Elebit Room!

10. Shell-Head Elebit (L)
Appears: Mission 23
Elebit Room Description: Multiple Yellow Elebits drawn into a Land Elebit and
pushed into a tree ornament, where they merge. Not aware of the fact that they
are wearing a shell of ornament fragments on their head.
Notes: Incapable of merging, can be defeated with 3 shots from the capture gun,
unlike normal Large Yellow Elebits. It will not split up into other Elebits
once defeated. It can also create a ball of energy over his head and shoot you.
You can kill it early by smashing the ornament its in.

11. Gray Elebit
Normal-300 Alert-250 Panic-200
First Appears: Mission 24
Elebit Room Description: This most powerful of the commonly seen Elebits was
only recently discovered, and so as of yet, no one really knows its true nature
or abilities. More stoic than other Elebits.
Notes: This Elebit can teleport and put a shield around itself, and it can
create a ball of energy above its head and fire at you, which makes it slightly
dangerous in groups. Usually will not fire at you if you are wearing camo or if
its not angry.

12. Pink Elebit
First Appears: Mission 1
Elebit Room Description: An extremely rare, legendary Elebit that was once
thought to grant good fortune when found. Always travels in packs of three:
extremely powerful and difficult to capture.
Notes: There are three Pink Elebits in every non-boss stage. The first hides
normally, the second always hides under an object (the first one can also be in
an object), and the third one appears in front of you once you have the other
two Pink Elebits and have met certain criteria. The criteria can be seen in the
Extras section under Elebit Notes once you have collected the level’s other two
Elebits. When you clear the mission, choose continue and look at the ground for
some sparks. The first Pink Elebit unlocks Score Attack Mode, the second one
unlocks Challenge Mode, and the third one unlocks Eternal mode. Pink Elebits
can teleport, and put a shield over themselves too. Objects containing Pink
Elebits shake constantly, but be careful because objects containing Black
Elebits also shake constantly. They cannot attack you, as the Elebit Room
Description suggests.

13. Black Elebit
First Appears: Mission 10
Elebit Room Description: These extremely friendly Elebits playfully bound up to
humans, but the sharp spines on their back make them unpopular just the same.
Suddenly appear when woken by noise around them.
Notes: They sometimes attack you randomly but you can prevent some of their
attacks by not shooting them. Objects containing Black or Pink Elebits shake

14. Boss Black Elebit
First Appears: Mission 10
Elebit Room Description: A larger subspecies of Black Elebits. Extremely quick
to anger; forgetful. Anger turns to playfulness when they spot someone. Once
hit with a Capture Beam, they run away angrily.
Notes: These Elebits appear in groups when you make a mess. There is some
randomness involved, and it would appear that the weight of a single large
object like a house can cause a “mess”. They attack you when you shoot them,
dealing 50% damage, and as far as I know do not hide under objects. They will
disappear, supposedly when you shoot them a lot, but it does not happen often.

-----Boss Elebits-----

15. Sea Elebit
Appears: Mission 7
Elebit Room Description: A mysterious and powerful outside force causes a Blue
Elebit to run amok, releasing special abilities. Along with their speed, they
can split into multiple Elebits and rampage.
Notes: While it is not split up, it puts a shield around itself. It can’t deal
any damage, so the only thing you have to do while fighting this thing is find
and shoot all the Small Sea Elebits. Elebit radar helps.

16. Sky Elebit
Appears: Mission 17
Elebit Room Description: An Orange Elebit with special abilities released due
to rampage. Stronger gravity manipulation and the ability to create tornados.
Revealed by joint research by Dr. Ed and Dr. Anna.
Notes: There are two parts to this battle: First, take the small sky Elebits
and bang them into the ground. If one of them gets larger, you have to shoot it
first and then grab it. They will spew out Boss Orange Elebits. After you get
the boss down to half health, it will create lame tornados. Take it and hit it
against the ground every time it does this.

17. Land Elebit
Appears: Mission 23
Elebit Room Description: A Yellow Elebit with special rampage abilities. Power
and size both expand: grows further by absorbing other yellow Elebits. Forgets
everything once back in normal form.
Notes: This boss is actually five Yellow Elebits. He has four attacks, he can
create a ball of energy or a ball of fire above his head and fire it at you,
and he can bounce all over the place or charge at you. As the battle starts, he
will bounce twice or charge at you. When he is done, pick him up and hit him
against the ground. You can make him small by dealing a lot of damage, but he
can suck up the other Shell-Head Elebits in the map to grow bigger again. When
he reaches half health, he will do 3 bounces instead of 2. Also, watch him in
the Elebit Room! He gets tossed around by Yellow Elebits and the Orange Elebits
do nose dives into him. Its pretty funny.

18. Zero Elebit (1st)
Appears: Mission 29
Elebit Room Description:  A Zero Elebit just born of lightning goes on a
rampage due to loneliness and fear, greatly affecting nearby Elebits. Sucks up
all types of Elebits and gains the ability to use their powers.
Notes: Its just gonna charge at you and you have to hit it with a plant or a
bench. When the “Boss Elebits” (scroll down for more information about them)
come out of it, shoot them, or it will suck them back up and get health back.
When you defeat it, it goes into energy form and takes over a robot thingy.
It can grow wings, run around fast, throw objects (not often), teleport (again,
not often), and shoot at you with balls of energy. The bosses attacks might be
affected by how you did in the game, because he changed his fighting pattern
when my rank changed, but i have no idea how this works.

19. Zero Elebit (2nd)
Appears: Mission 29
Elebit Room Description: A popular amusement park robot taken over by the
energy of a Zero Elebit. Since an Elebit in this form is not limited to any
shape, it can take various things over from the inside.
Notes: Grab the screws holding him together and twist them in one direction
like a doorknob. Make sure you aren’t twisting them in two directions or they
will go back in. You do not have to unscrew the ones on the shoulders, they do
stop his attacks, but that will leave him with his worst attack. He will bang
his fists, shoot you, and create a circle which you will be damaged with if you
are inside.


20. Zero Elebit (3rd)
Elebit Room Description: A special Elebit formed by a powerful lightning bolt.
This is the only Zero Elebit in the world, and it lives happily with Kai, who
refuses to let Ed or Anna research it.
Notes: You only ever see this thing in cutscenes and the Elebit room.

21. Small Sea Elebit
Appears: Mission 7
Notes: It can put a shield around itself, teleport, or just move really fast.
There are 3 different sizes. If you have trouble finding them look for them in
the ceiling. One shot will get rid of the shield but the Elebit will be harder
to find once its shield is gone. Elebit radar will help.

22. Small Sky Elebit
Appears: Mission 17
Notes: The Sky Elebit has two of these Mosquito-like Elebits who fly around it
and give it a shield. Bang them against the ground to take away health. They
will spit out 5 Boss Orange Elebits. When you have the Sky Elebit at half of
its health these guys will disappear.

23. Boss Orange Elebit
Appears: Mission 17
Notes: The Small Sky Elebits spit these things out. They will come in groups of
5 and fly really fast at you in an attempt to deal damage.

24. Boss Elebit
Appears: Mission 29
Notes: The Zero Elebit (1st) will barf up these larger Elebits when damaged.
You have to shoot them or the Zero Elebit will suck them up to get health back.
The Gray Boss Elebit has no powers.

Boss Yellow Elebit (L)
Appears: Mission 29
Notes: Just like a normal Boss Elebit but takes three shots or an object to

Toy Artillery
First Appears: Mission 8
Notes: This has to have an Elebit inside to fire. You can kick Elebits out by
hitting objects against it and make it unable to fire by throwing it. Comes in
3 different Elebit Vhcl object categories-Indoor, Outdoor, and Modded. When it
turns darker, all Elebits are out of it and it will not be entered again.
When an Elebit explodes, that means it is entering a toy artillery or tank.
Elebits come out in order of their watts total-from least to greatest.
The only way to unlock outdoor Elebit vehicles is to put them in a custom
stage, shoot them, and win.

Toy Tank
First Appears: Mission 8
Notes: This is like the Toy Artillery, except it moves and is heavier.

Scary Red Plush Doll
Appears: Mission 25
Notes: I swear this thing is alive! It moves sometimes and gives off a green
radar dot. It happens the most on the middle one in the shop window on mission

Energy Form Elebit
First Appears: Mission 1
Notes: The Energy Form of an Elebit that it changes into after it gets shot.
These things go right to your capture gun, but if they are moving while time
runs out you do not get points for them! If you shoot something and this does
not come out, you do not get watts for it and it does not count toward your
Elebit total, unless you are using a vaccum laser.

Zero Elebit Energy Form
Notes: The Zero Elebit changes into a ball of energy to take over the giant
robot thingy. This is a completely useless Elebit.