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How do you play 1 on 1 in Tennis?

I've seen a video on YouTube where a person plays 1 on 1 in Tennis, I cant figure out how to do this, if I click on any players until it comes up with a "?" it just replaces it with a computer.

What do I do to play 1 on 1 or 2 on 1?

xXShadowVenoMXx provided additional details:

Heres the link of somebody playing 2 vs 1.

It seems possible to me.

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RobJ23 answered:

I'm pretty sure you can't. The video is probably a game that used a cheat device.
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EragonRox15 answered:

You probably know this by now, but you cant, it will always be 2 on 2
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Demise_X answered:

The simple answer is you cant have one on one on wii tennis. The video you watched was probably just a recording of someone using a cheat disk of some sort. Its 2 on 2 always. :)
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dzamper answered:

You can't. On video in link one of CPU players is stuck in the crowd... Just glitch. Not cheat, not secret code - just glitch.
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sharky42 answered:

You cant
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