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How do I beat Sakura in baseball?

For you people who are good at baseball I need help.I can't defeat Sakura in baseball,she keeps throwing balls that I can't hit and the umpire calls it a strike.Can anyone please help me. :(

Accepted Answer

MarioBro8170 answered:

Do your best in the batting part. The key is in pitching. Her team always swings for the ball. On your wii remote press the right or left aroow 2 times than throw a splitter ( A+B ). Since you threw a bad pitch there is no way she can hit good. So if she swings its either a foul ball or a strike. This Should work. I beat her 16-5.
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RuLaTroNZxX answered:

Different types of throwing require specific timing, work on that, and when its ur turn to throw, remember u can press left/right to aim the ball towards those directions, causing ur opponent to get confused sometimes.
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nicole122 answered:

Time your swing and throw better.Oh and don't forget to practice!
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starfoxdragon answered:

You play baseball
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