Question from Irule813

Asked: 5 years ago

Can i play online on wii sports with friends on adress book?

I wanted to play with a friend and compete online with him and others.

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From: darthcobain17 4 years ago

Wii Sports is not online compatible. It would make sense that it would be though! Since it comes with the system (so everybody has it) it would be a good way to showcase the Wii's online functionality. If you're looking for games that are online compatible you have to look for a little blue circle on the front of the packaging that says something along the lines of "Nintendo Wi-Fi compatible" or something. If a game doesn't have that, it doesn't have an online feature.

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No, sorry, you can't.

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Yeah darthcobain17 is right it does make sense that it would be wi-fi compatable, but unfortanitley it

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's not. Im sorry about that. Continued from the answer above.:)

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No.But it should because if your wii does have internet than the chance of seeing someone elses mii are pretty high.But it also makes sense why it does'nt.

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You can easily check to see if a game has Wi-Fi; simply check the top left corner of the screen for a small blue circle that says nintendo Wi-Fi connection, in this case there is no Wi-Fi

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