Question from TransAmRaiser

How do I fight Matt?

I have 2k+ points and i havent fought Matt yet. WTF?


PokeGamer1942 answered:

oh...... there is no other way 2 say this beat the **** out of all the cpus
create a new mii and use it for boxing
A cheat code mIghT worK
a million dif. ways find 1 that works 4 u.
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wiiplayer3000 answered:

You have probably beat Matt and not noticed it. You should fight him at 1500, see. Use this code to find out if you have beat Matt. Hold 1 when the black screen comes up. If you have silver gloves you have beat Matt.
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boydude77 answered:

There is a very easy way to do this, simply dodge over and over and over again, then sometimes when Matt punches, it will go very slow, then simply punch then punch again, he will then be ready to fight again, simply repeat as often as necessary.
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