Question from MrSideswiper

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat Sakura in baseball?

For you people who are good at baseball I need help.I can't defeat Sakura in baseball,she keeps throwing balls that I can't hit and the umpire calls it a strike.Can anyone please help me. :(

Accepted Answer

From: MarioBro8170 4 years ago

Do your best in the batting part. The key is in pitching. Her team always swings for the ball. On your wii remote press the right or left aroow 2 times than throw a splitter ( A+B ). Since you threw a bad pitch there is no way she can hit good. So if she swings its either a foul ball or a strike. This Should work. I beat her 16-5.

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Different types of throwing require specific timing, work on that, and when its ur turn to throw, remember u can press left/right to aim the ball towards those directions, causing ur opponent to get confused sometimes.

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Time your swing and throw better.Oh and don't forget to practice!

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You play baseball

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