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Wii Sports: Wii had fun, will you?1001Human10/10
It is what it is; extremely simplistic, life of the party.alphablitz7/10
Yes it's free, but it failed to showcase the Wii's power!BIOJECT5/10
Donít expect too much from this glorified tech demoBloodGod656/10
Wii Sports is the epitome of Sports TitlesBoon_McNougat9/10
Wii for me, Sports for free!CageNightwind7/10
100% good 0% badcj619910/10
5 Games in 1...sounds good to me!ConMan098/10
Perfect for a pack-in gamed3ad7189/10
Play like the pros! That is, on the Wii of course.DarkMirrorLink8/10
A Taste of What's Yet to Come...Hopefully...Frassle7/10
Great fun for all ages!gdogg200410/10
Wii Sports isn't a creative name, but a creative gameheywallace477/10
Best Free game ever.iammaxhailme9/10
I could've sworn I lost some weight.. and gained some muscle (Boxing!)joeyissoweird10/10
Wii Sports, 5 games, a review for eachmcwizardx9/10
Since you get a free copy, it's obviously worth the time...MechaGanon7/10
Bowling is greatest, but so are the rest I guessMicroProject7/10
This game turned me from a Wii-hater into a believer of this little system that could.Misfit1199/10
A perfect game to illustrate the capabilities of the Wii, good and badmrduckyrisin8/10
Why is my sister suddenly better then me?neonblue210/10
somewhere between a tech demo and a gameneonreaper6/10
Wii Sports is Wiitastic!ResidentEvil4218/10
It came with the Wii. And who would not want it?Retroreviewer Productions8/10
An Amazing and Entertaining GameRockyStarPro10/10
Wii Sports, a sports game fit for a King (Or at the very least a Lord)Snuffy_Mccrack9/10
A Great, Fun multiplayer game to start your collectionSSBbrawler118/10
Excersise and video games contradict each other. Well, now they're combined in one!Teh_Bleepster9/10
A great example that shows just what the Wiimote can do.thebestporter9/10
Finally I'll get some exercise through video games...thecheese1037/10
Your daily 20 minutes of exercise...theEqualizer8/10
The best tech demo you'll ever play.VyseGuy9998/10

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