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How do I get past (llevel 1-3) ?

Im at the end of the level & it says you have to hit the block from underneath. Ive tried but as im new to the game i think im doing it wrong ?.Can you help me as i would like to get to the next stage thanks.?

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YellowKoopa answered:

At the end of level 1-3 you'll be in an area with lots of yellow platforms and three doors. The middle one leads back to where you fought O'Chunks, so forget about that. The left-hand one leads to a pillar; go up to it and press 'up' and you'll see a description which has been cut short, with some arrows pointing to the left. Those arrows point towards the left-hand side of the pillar; flip to 3-D and go up to the pillar's left-hand side (which you'll see also has writing on it) and press 'up'. You'll get a button combination to press while standing atop a blue pillar. Now, head back through to where you started and go to the right-hand door this time. Stand on the blue pillar and enter the button combination that your were given. You should see the end-of level star appear. Try it a couple of times if it doesn't work - you need to press the buttons at the exact same moment.
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Elementalninjam answered:

Hit the block from underneath? Sorry, that's not very descriptive. Have you tried jumping into the block?

And if this is the level I'm thinking of, then there might be a button combination you have to enter(something+1, if I remember correctly). There is a sign somewhere in the level that gives it to you.

Sorry, that's all I have to give you.
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Ultimate_Somnia answered:

I'm not sure exactly what you are talking about? Do you mean where you have to press 1 and - ?

Well this guide tells how to get through 1-3 completely:
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poliku6767 answered:

You have to press one & - at the same time its rather simple
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Thunderbird8 answered:

As an addendum to YellowKoopa's answer, you can start by holding minus or 1 and then press the other button. You will notice that the button you press does NOT activate its normal function while you are standing on the blue platform. (If it does, you aren't at the right place)
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NerdlyNerd answered:

There is a blue platform past a whole heap of pillars. You'll know which one because you won't be able to go any further except up a few steps. Once you are standing on top of the platform, press the "1" button and the "-" button at the same time. If you do this right you will hear a sound and then the screen will scroll to the dead end. The screen will jumble and then unscramble itself to reveal the Star Block to end the chapter.
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