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What is the passcode for the stash of rubees?

Chapter 2-3, Mimikins, 1,000,000 rubees, Merlee's Mansion, Working for energy.

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recruit13 answered:

If you get 100 rubees, you can pay the one guy who asks for 100. He will give you the VIP passcode. Work there until 10,000 rubees. This may take about 7-10 minutes. Go pay the 10,000 rubee guy who is hidden in the room to the left of the VIP room. Write down the number he gives you and reach the door.
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Shradow115 answered:

The passcode for the VIP hamster ball room is 5963, and the passcode for the rubee stash is either 41262186 or 42162186, I don't quite remember.
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regdod answered:

The VIP room passcode is 5963, while the rubee vault code is 41262816.
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