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Return Pipe?

Do you need the return pipe for a certain part in the game, or can you use it whenever?

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SMASHbrono21 answered:

You can use the Return Pipe almost any time that you want. The only reason you should use it though is to shorten time in various "quests" and to save yourself from dying. In some places it will even take you to Flopside *I think that happens when you are in Flipside, but Im not sure*.
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WiiKyle answered:

You can use it at almost any time you like. There are certain places where you can't use it but you can use it basically any time you wish.
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vidgamsrok1 answered:

It is free to use, if you need to use it during a level then use it. I normally use it after i put a pure heart into its pillar, an easy way to get back up into the tower near the doors.
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Thunderbird8 answered:

As others have said, the Return Pipe can be used almost anywhere. Good for getting out of an area without having to go all the way to the end (useful if you need to revisit chapters for any reason to collect stuff). Most of the time when you use the Return Pipe, you will end up in Flipside. HOWEVER, if you are anywhere in Chapter 8, you will end up in Flopside (the game will say so).

You cannot use the Return Pipe during bosses or minibosses, nor can you use it in any Pit of 100 Trials. It is also unusable when you are in Chapter 2-3 for the first time. You CAN use it in Chapter 6, however, if you do, you will have to restart from the beginning (and the first Sammer will taunt you for it).
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shadow_k1rby answered:

The Return Pipe can be used at anytime aside from these times. (correct me if i forgot some) Fighting bosses, your first time in the Underthere,flipside PO100T,flopside PO100T, when your dead, when your doing the stupid rubbee thing. It will return you to Flopsides tower ONLY IF YOUR IN CASTLE BLECK!
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Kimmieoco answered:

I will make this simple. Use it when ever you feel like it. You can also use if when you need to go back to the shop, like if you need a shroom shake.
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