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What is the best way to level up?

Notes: must be cheap, must be easy and i have beaten the game

coasterboy21 asked for clarification:

Have you beaten Chapter 5

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MrWeegee answered:

Go to chapter 5-4. Find that one pipe that constantly throws out the plant dudes. Position Bowser to the left of the pipe, and then just breathe fire.
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gamerchikk answered:

Buy 10 shock shells, and go to level 8-4. use it as soon as you get in the level, and follow them with dashell. after 1 is used, use the eturn pipe and repeat. this should get you 80,000 points per ruun.
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KeyBlade999 answered:

Here are some methods, quoted from my FAQ/Walkthrough.

| Method #1 - Must beat Chapter 5 |

This is by far the laziest method.

This method doesn't work on the PAL version, I think.

In Chapter 5-4, find the pipe that just continually spits out the Floro
Sapiens (it'll be to the right of the door leading to where you fought
O'Chunks). Get onto the block nearby and switch to Bowser. Then just hold the
DOWN button to flame the Floro Sapiens. Tape the button down and leave the
console on while you do whatever to easily get points.

| Method #2 - Must beat Chapter 5 |

This works the best, because you don't have to worry about aiming at a shell
or something. It works very fast, too -- the fastest if you're lucky.

Firstly, go to a store and store everything you have. Then go to Flopside 1F
and go to the Card Shop there. Buy as many Catch Card SP's as possible (at
least two). Then return to Flipside Tower and go to Chapter 5-2.

In Chapter 5-2, go right, through the first door. Continue to the right and
kill everything in your way to save yourself trouble. Enter the next door; in
that area, cross the gap and kill the Stone Buzzy.

After killing the Stone Buzzy, flip into 3D and use the Catch Card SP on the
Amazy Dayzee. It should transform it into a Catch Card; if not, flip and try
again. After catching it, go back through the left door, and return to try to
catch it again. Continue until you're out of cards.

Once you run out, use the Return Pipe and go Flopside 1F's Card Shop. There,
sell the Amazy Dayzee cards for, I think, 300 coins each. Stop once you get to
600 or 900 coins. Go to Notso's shop on Flopside 2F and buy a Gold Medal. You
should then have 100/400 coins. Sell another Amazy Dayzee card or two to bring
you above 500 coins and buy another Gold Medal. Continue this until you either
run out of item slots or Amazy Dayzee cards.

Once you've gotten the Gold Medals, go to some place with a Slow or Fast
Flower. The shortest would be in Chapter 1-3. There, hit the third item block
for the Fast Flower. While it is active, use every Gold Medal for 30,000 points
a piece!

If you get 10 Amazy Dayzee cards, you'll get 6 Gold Medals, and 180,000 points!
Rinse and repeat as needed.

| Method #3 - Must beat Chapter 8, have Dashell |

This method primarily relies on luck, because you'll use Shock Shells. If you
are skilled at using them, this is your fastest method, with about 80,000
points per trip -- 800,000 per circuit!

Firstly, you'll need about 250 coins to keep this going for a very long time.
Dashell is also a must.

Store every item you have. Once you do, buy as many Shock Shells as possible
(ten, I think). Go to Flopside and to the Tower. Go through the door and into
Chapter 8-4.

In Chapter 8-4, make sure Dashell is equipped. From the very start, use a Shock
Shell and immediately begin following it with Dashell to the end of the hall.
At the end, you should have gained 40,000 ~ 80,000 points. Then use the Return
Pipe and repeat.
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