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I need help finding one million rubies?

I need help finding one million rubies in Merlee's mansion?

BFarmer1980 asked for clarification:

Need some more information to give you a more precise answer: How far are you into the level? Have you gained access to the VIP room yet? Have you found the Pixl in this level?

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trevor1ders answered:

You will need to flip with Mario and on the first floor you can walk past the wall and you'll find a treasure chest with a pixl in it. His name is slim. Then go onto the second floor (the one with three doors) Then flip again and walk past the wall then hit the block and a ladder will come out clime up it then walk down the hall and use slim to help you get past the moving electric walls. Then there is a door at the end that requires a code. The code is 41262816. It will have 1,000,000 rubees in it.
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