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How do I get past level 3?

So, my son and I are on level three and it is saying for us to perch on the platform of blue and I have no idea what that means. We have put Mario on that platform but nothing happens. We need help so we can get past this level.

KarenJo81 provided additional details:

sorry I meant to say we are on level 1-3

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NerdlyNerd answered:

There is a hidden podium that tells you what to do when you are on the blue platform. It says to press the "1" button and the "-" button at the same time. If you do this while standing on the blue platform the Star Block to reveal itself.
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ella10049 answered:

:( sorry I tried my best to find out what perch means because I actually am on level 3 but I forgot what perch means :'( im so sad
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Xlr8rBlaster answered:

If you flip to 3d you will see a sign. Basically, all you need to do when you stand on the platform (in 2d) is press the - button and the 1 button on your remote at the same time.
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shadow_k1rby answered:

Stand atop the blue platform and press 1 and - to see something cool?
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sonic700 answered:

Just stand on the blue pipe.Then press a and -at the same time.
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