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Where can I find the three orbs in 7-4?

I have found 2 orbs already but don't know where to find Yebbi to get his???


redsnake012 answered:

You go to sector 7 - the door is behind the door to sector 8 - flip and go to the right. There you have to defeat all the enemies, it's faster if you go left ater you reach the enemies, and hit the block to get the star.After you beat them all, go to the end and flip so as to keep going, then go to the bathroom and knock, Yebbie will then ask you who you are, you can choose A.)Mario, B.)Grambli, or C.) a monster, choose C, he'll come out, talk to you, andve you the orb.
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shadow_k1rby answered:

In the Overthere, the section where you get the overator up to the place you build the bridge, you can go left. Go left and use Luigi's SuperJump to get higher. There should be a pipe/door (forgot which <_<) in. Flip into 3D follow the alternate path all the way up and there should be a toilet (yes another one like in Merlee's-.-) knock and proclaim, IM A MONSTER RAWR and Yebbi comes out. Choose anything else and Yebi will say, LIAR. Get the orb and leave. =)

Go to the first section and go to the bottom door. Climball the way to the top and youll find Blubi.

Go to section 7.You can see the corner of a door behind the door to section 8. Flip and go in. Climb and then kill. Theres Rebbi.
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