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Heart Pillar Help?

I cannot for the life of me find the heart pillar for the green pure heart. If it is the one where you're supposed to use Thudley to solve the puzzle, I had some "help" from a little boy who put all of them down. Is there a way to get them back up? If not, where the heck is it?

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UsuarioTHf answered:

Yeah. There's a way to get the pillars up again. Just simply use Thudley on them again. Flip to 3-D, and you'll find out which one has to be down and which one has to be down.
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shadow_k1rby answered:

Go to the area where you solve the puzzle. Put all of them up by stomping on them againif theyre down (hows that work 0.o). Flip and there will be arrowstelling you which way they go.
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