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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i get in the floating door in chapter 1-2?

I deeafeated the game

Additional details - 5 years ago

apitts09, I flipped in 3d at the end of the first area of chapter 1-2 and there was no passage

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This is an alternate way to reach the second area of the chapter. What you need to do is ignore the first door in the first area in the chapter. You will eventually reach the end at what looks like a dead-end wall. This is not what it looks like. Flip to 3-D and you will see a hidden passage through it. Walk through this hidden passage and on the other side you will find a chest containing a card and a hidden door. Go through the door and you will be in the second area of the chapter going through the door floating in midair. Basically this is just a shortcut through the second area to zip you right past the first bit of it. I suggest not using this shortcut and just grabbing the card in the hidden passage at the end of the first area. This is because you'll miss some coins and items in the beginning of the second area of the chapter which the shortcut will take you past. So it will be more beneficial for you to just grab the card in the hidden passage and travel through the entire second area of the chapter so you can avoid missing out on coins and items.

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Go 3-D and hit the two yellow squares.

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It's easy to miss the secret path; it actually runs behind the wall, not through it. You have to look closely off to the side when you're right in front of the wall.

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I dont Get any of you

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At the very beginning of 1-2, flip into 3-D. There is a secret passage to the left that leads to the card and door.

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