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Asked: 3 years ago

Treasure chest in Flopside basement?

In Flopside basement there is a treasure chest behind a heart pillar. If you flip to 3-d you can see it behind a do you get to it???

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Are you talking about the heart pillar where you need Luigi to get to? If so, jump onto the pillar blocking your way to the heart pillar with the Luigi, switch to Mario, flip into 3D, and walk through the opening.

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Use dottie (the pixl that makes you small).

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I found out about that 5 minutes ago, so in case you still wonder, here is the answer:
When you come out of the pipe count the windows behind you.
After 2 windows (if count from the pipe. If you count from the left wall, its the third window) there is a little window, you can hardly see. Swith to 3D and walk through it.
Now you can walk to the threasure chest.

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But what if you cant see the oppening and cant walk through? What do you do then

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