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1- Intro-------------------------------------------------------------------(G1)

2- Playable Characters.....................................................(G2)
  - Mario-----------------------------------------------------------------(G20)
  - Peach.................................................................(G21)
  - Bowser----------------------------------------------------------------(G22)
  - Luigi.................................................................(G23)

3- Pixls-------------------------------------------------------------------(G3)
  - Tippi.................................................................(G30)
  - Thoreau---------------------------------------------------------------(G31)
  - Boomer................................................................(G32)
  - Slim------------------------------------------------------------------(G33)
  - Thudley...............................................................(G34)
  - Carrie----------------------------------------------------------------(G35)
  - Fleep.................................................................(G36)
  - Cudge-----------------------------------------------------------------(G37)
  - Dottie................................................................(G38)
  - Barry-----------------------------------------------------------------(G39)
  - Dashell..............................................................(G390)
  - Piccolo--------------------------------------------------------------(G391)

4- Walkthrough.............................................................(G4)

  -Pre-Chapter 1---------------------------------------------------------(G400)

  -Chapter 1.............................................................(G410)
   -Chapter 1-1----------------------------------------------------------(G411)
   -Chapter 1-2..........................................................(G412)
   -Chapter 1-3----------------------------------------------------------(G413)
    -Mini-boss: O'Chunks=================================================(G4B0)
   -Chapter 1-4..........................................................(G414)
    -Chapter boss: Fracktail=============================================(G4B1)

  -BETWEEN CHAPTER 1 AND CHAPTER 2---------------------------------------(G401)

  -Chapter 2.............................................................(G420)
   -Chapter 2-1----------------------------------------------------------(G421)
   -Chapter 2-2..........................................................(G422)
   -Chapter 2-3----------------------------------------------------------(G423)
   -Chapter 2-4..........................................................(G424)
    -Chapter boss: Mimi==================================================(G4B2)

  -BETWEEN CHAPTER 2 AND CHAPTER 3.......................................(G402)

  -Chapter 3-------------------------------------------------------------(G430)
   -Chapter 3-1..........................................................(G431)
    -Mini-boss: Bowser===================================================(G4B3)
   -Chapter 3-2----------------------------------------------------------(G432)
    -Mini-boss: Blooper==================================================(G4B4)
   -Chapter 3-3..........................................................(G433)
    -Mini-boss: Dimentio=================================================(G4B5)
   -Chapter 3-4----------------------------------------------------------(G434)
    -Chapter boss: Francis===============================================(G4B6)

  -BETWEEN CHAPTER 3 AND CHAPTER 4.......................................(G403)

  -Chapter 4-------------------------------------------------------------(G440)
   -Chapter 4-1..........................................................(G441)
   -Chapter 4-2----------------------------------------------------------(G442)
   -Chapter 4-3..........................................................(G443)
   -Chapter 4-4----------------------------------------------------------(G444)
    -Chapter boss: Mr. L=================================================(G4B7)
    -Chapter boss: Brobot================================================(G4B8)

  -BETWEEN CHAPTER 4 AND CHAPTER 5.......................................(G404)

  -Chapter 5-------------------------------------------------------------(G450)
   -Chapter 5-1..........................................................(G451)
   -Chapter 5-2----------------------------------------------------------(G452)
    -Mini-boss: O'Chunks=================================================(G4B9)
   -Chapter 5-3..........................................................(G453)
   -Chapter 5-4----------------------------------------------------------(G454)
    -Mini-boss: O'Chunks================================================(G4B10)
    -Chapter boss: King Croacus=========================================(G4B11)

  -BETWEEN CHAPTER 5 AND CHAPTER 6.......................................(G405)

  -Chapter 6-------------------------------------------------------------(G460)
   -Chapter 6-1..........................................................(G461)
   -Chapter 6-2----------------------------------------------------------(G462)
    -Mini-boss: Mimi====================================================(G4B12)
    -Chapter boss: Brobot L-Type========================================(G4B13)

  -BETWEEN CHAPTER 6 AND CHAPTER 7.......................................(G406)

  -Chapter 7-------------------------------------------------------------(G471)
   -Chapter 7-1..........................................................(G471)
   -Chapter 7-2----------------------------------------------------------(G472)
    -Mini-boss: Bowser==================================================(G4B14)
    -Mini-boss: Underchomp==============================================(G4B15)
   -Chapter 7-3..........................................................(G473)
   -Chapter 7-4----------------------------------------------------------(G474)
    -Chapter boss: Bonechill============================================(G4B16)

  -BETWEEN CHAPTER 7 AND CHAPTER 8.......................................(G407)

  -Chapter 8-------------------------------------------------------------(G480)
   -Chapter 8-1..........................................................(G481)
    -Mini-boss: O'Chunks================================================(G4B17)
   -Chapter 8-2----------------------------------------------------------(G482)
    -Mini-boss: Mimi====================================================(G4B18)
   -Chapter 8-3..........................................................(G483)
    -Mini-boss: Dimentio================================================(G4B19)
   -Chapter 8-4----------------------------------------------------------(G484)
    -Chapter boss: Count Bleck==========================================(G4B20)
    -FINAL boss: Super Dimentio=========================================(G4B21)

5- FAQ---------------------------------------------------------------------(G5)
6- Extra Challenges........................................................(G6) 
   -Pits of 100 Trials----------------------------------------------------(G61)
   -Duel of 100...........................................................(G62)
   -Collecting Cards......................................................(G64)
   -Flipside Arcade.......................................................(G66)
7- Stores, Shops, etc.-----------------------------------------------------(G7)
   -Howzit's Shop branches................................................(G71)
   -Card Shop-------------------------------------------------------------(G72)
   -Tinga's and Inga's inns...............................................(G73) 
   -Tiny shops------------------------------------------------------------(G74)
   -Fortune Teller........................................................(G75)

8- Version History.........................................................(G8)
9- Legal and Credit/Contact------------------------------------------------(G9)
*INTRO (G1)*

Hello! Super Paper Mario is the newest installment in the Paper Mario series,
for the Wii. It is an RPG/Platforming blend game. One plays by holding the Wii
Remote sideways and playing by using it similar to an NES controller.

If you're in need of any help, check the walkthrough which is broken down 
specifically in to chapters to help you out. Good luck! 


You can view the controls for each specific character at any time by using the
"-" button on the remote. The game explains these much better than I could. 

MARIO (G20) 

Mario is the only character you're able toplay as from the beginning of the 
game, so you should get used to him. You'll also play as him for the majority 
of the game seeing as how you'll obtain the ability to flip very early on in 
the game.

FLIP: Press "A" at any time to flip in to 3D, where you can view the landscape
in 3D, revealing new paths to use and new items to see.


PEACH (G21) 

Peach's abilities can be very useful, however you may sometimes forget you
have them, since you won't be using Peach all that much. 

GLIDE: By holding down the "2" button after jumping, Peach will release her
parasol and allow you to glide across larger gaps.

SHIELD: By holding down on the D-Pad, Peach will be shielded from attacks and
simply be knocked around rather than taking damage.



You have to fight and defeat Bowser to get him to join your party. We'll go 
over this when the time comes, but when you do acquire him, he's a good supply
of raw power to your posse.

Bowser can breathe fire and he also deals twice the damage damage as other 
party  members.

FIRE BREATH: By holding down on the D-Pad, Bowser breathes fire. This singes 
nearly every enemy, and thus you can easily kill of some of the types of 
enemies you don't want to get close to. Some enemies are immune to fire,



You'd be surprised how much of a part Luigi actually plays in the game. Just
wait until we get far in to the story and you'll eventually meet up with him
again, just not the way you'd expect.

Luigi also has a normal jump higher than other party members. 

SUPER JUMP: Hold down on the D-Pad to scrunch, and then release to bounce 
high and do a super jump. You can reach some pretty high places doing this, as
well as some ledges that are just a LITTLE too high for the rest of the party
to reach.



*PIXLS (G3)*

Pixls are like partners from past games. You'll always have two out and ready
to use - Tippi (who you can use at any time) and whatever other Pixl you've got
selected to use. 


LOCATION: Bowser's castle.

POWER: Point the Wii Remote at the screen and use "A" to learn of things that
glow red.

Tippi is the first Pixl you'll obtain, and she's one of the most helpful. She
acts as a guide. By pointing at the screen at nearly any time (when not in 
dialogue or using an item, etc.) you can use her spotlight to learn about 
various elements around you. You always have Tippi ready to use.

!!!NOTE!!!: Tippi will eventually become unavailable for you to use at the end
of the game for unforseen reasons, and therefore you will no longer have her to
use. However, a fellow you will meet later in the game named Francis will sell
you a robotic replacement of Tippi, named Tiptron, for 999 coins. Tiptron will
explain things to you EXACTLY the same way Tippi would, and is absolutely no
different from Tippi other than their appearances.


LOCATED: Underneath Yold Town. Enter the house with the red window and flip to
find a pipe you can enter there.

POWER: Use the 1 button to toss Thoreau. He can pick up most enemies and many
objects you'll encounter.

Thoreau is used to pick up things and throw them. He's useful if you want to
pick up objects and throw them at enemies (which includes throwing enemies
at other enemies. This is actually quite fun.) or using him to activate 

You cannot pick up spiky or burning enemies, or Cursyas of any kind, with 
Thoreau, as they will, um, hurt you. Duh. Holding spikes and fire is not
condoned in the Mushroom Kingdom. 


LOCATED: In a pipe on your way to Merlee's mansion.

POWER: Press the 1 button to drop Boomer. To detonate him early before
his fuse runs out, press the 1 button again. Boomer causes double damage, so 
he's one of the more useful Pixls in battle.


SLIM (G33)

LOCATED: Merlee's mansion, flip near the room where you can earn mushrooms and
you'll find his chest if you follow the arrow.

POWER: Press the 1 button to become invincible, as long as you don't move. 
Otherwise, flipping allows you to slip through cracks in the wall when you 



LOCATED: The Tile Pool, in a pipe. 

POWER: Press the 1 button to ground-pound.

One of the more useless Pixls, sadly, Thudley lets you ground-pound. When you
do this to enemies, you cause double the damage you normally would. However,
it's much easier to use Boomer since you run less of a risk of actually being
hurt. Thudley's power does come in handy when you have to activate certain
objects in the environment to solve puzzles, however. 

One strategy I'll continuously mention in my boss battle guides, once you 
obtain Bowser, is that since Thudley does double damage to enemies, and Bowser
does double damage already, using Thudley with Bowser does double double 


LOCATED: Fort Francis, in a cage.

POWER: Press the 1 button to ride Carrie over spikes or water. Also lets you 
move faster and you can breathe fire while jumping as Bowser. Makes you 
invulnerable to spiked enemies (when jumping on them).

Carrie lets you move a bit faster than you normally would, and also lets you 
hover over spikes, lava, and the sort. One point that was failed to be pointed 
out in the game is that, while they did tell you you could hover OVER spikes, 
is that you can jump on spiked enemies with Carrie and take no damage.If you've
ever played the original Paper Mario, Spike, or Lakilester, is almost identical
to Carrie.


LOCATION: Outer Space in an toilet, pretty much. (Galactic toilet?)

POWER: Press the 1 button to create a sizeable margin that you can move around.
Pressing 1 again lets you flip everything in the rectangle. 

Fleep lets you flip stuff!

Really, that's all he does. He's good for letting you flip enemies to make them
dizzy, or flip rifts in space to reveal secrets (which actually doesn't happen
all that often, and when it does, it's painfully obvious).


LOCATION: Behind the three stone tablets in the Gap of Crag.

POWER: It's a hammer that deals double damage to enemies and it breaks yellow 

Hey, you actually do get to use a hammer in this game, you know. And yeah, the
yellow blocks come back too. This is why Cudge is here. With Cudge equipped, 
you can use his ability to use a hammer to smack things. Like Thudley and
Boomer, the Hammer deals double damage. However, as I've said before, it's much
easier to use Boomer to blow up enemies since the risk of getting hit by them
is lower. However, Cudge can be used more repeatedly.


LOCATED: In the caverns of chapter 5-4.

POWER: Press the 1 button to shrink to the size of a flea.

Dottie's ability is fun, and sometimes helpful, but only in some specific
situations. Dottie lets you shrink to the size of a flea and enter small shops,
as well as slip through small holes.



LOCATED: The bush in 3-1.

POWER: Press 1 to create a barrier around yourself to ward off enemies and 
deflect attacks.

Barry is found in the bush at the beginning of Chapter 3-1, and you can go back
any time after beating the chapter to have him join your party. He creates a 
temporary barrier of spikes around you, making you temporarily invincible.
Useful also if you want to deflect projectiles at enemies, which this also



LOCATED: Floor 100 of the Pit of 100 Trials in Flipside.

USE OF POWER: You run faster if you hold down the 1 button. 

Dashell is found by beating the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, as well as killing
Wracktail. Dashell lets you run really fast. This is fun and useful to get from
point A to point B faster. That is all.



LOCATED: Inside the chest within the locked house in Flopside.

POWER: Your sound effects change and if you press the 1 button, he'll play 
music for you.

Piccolo can be found in the locked house on Flopside, after completing a long 
sidequest. It's special ability is, well, it makes music and alters your
sounds. It can also cure some status problems, but it doesn't always work.
Piccolo is also helpful in defeating the Underchomp.

To earn Piccolo, speak to Merlee in Flopside, who will send you on the long 
sidequest mentioned. You'll know what to do from there. The key you're rewarded
with in the end leads to the locked house in Flopside, which inside contains a
chest with Piccolo inside.

Piccolo is fairly useless. He helps you in a single battle, really, and he's
not even totally necessary to win a striking victory in said battle. So, meh,
do what you like.


This is a walkthrough to beating the game. I may leave out extra things
you can get, but most are included to help you. The only things I leave out
are things I have missed. Please tell me if I've missed anything!

Also, to skip to any part where you obtain a Pixl, use CTRL + F, or your
browser's search function and try to find "YOU GOT [Pixl's name]". This
will bring you directly to where you obtain the Pixl. This ALSO works for
obtaining party members - Luigi, Bowser, and Peach. It also works for losing
Pixls or party members, temporarily (i.e. YOU LOST PEACH/YOU 
LOST TIPPI, or of the sort). 

Just a few other notes:

-Prior to v1.02, this thing was loaded with elipses. I was sure to remove most
of those.
-I apologize for the terrible nomenclature of the bosses' attacks. 

PRE-CHAPTER 1-1 (G400)

You begin the game in Mario's house, similar to how we began the previous two
Paper Mario games. (though those did begin with a mail call. Shame that didn't
happen this time) Luigi remarks on how nice of a day it is, and how it may
even be a little boring. 

Well, we just CAN'T have that, so why don't we leave the house? Oh, wait, we 
can't do that either without something bad happening, right? Right. Leave the
house, someone evil attacks. Darn us, Mario. Oh well. Toad says the Princess is
in trouble, so Luigi decides to blame Bowser. So, why don't we just head on
over to Bowser's castle and check out what he's doing? 

Upon returning there (because someone left the front gate open), and Bowser
calling you out of the crowd, we find Peach in the hands of a villain who calls
himself Count Bleck. He calls all in to a void and in doing so, leaves you,
Mario, behind. 

Well, Tippi, your first Pixl, finds you.


She brings you to a town called Flipside, where you meet Merlon. He tells you 
the story of the prophecy, and the Dark/Light Prognosticus. 

This town, Flipside, is where you'll go after nearly every chapter and it acts
as the hub of the game, similar to Toad Town and Rogueport in the past Paper
Mario games. You can find a shop, an inn, fortune tellers, everything, all in 
the lower floors of the town. 

Merlon is going to ask you if you want to help him save the world. Well, you 
better say yes, because if you don't, it's game over after the third "no".
He'll give you the Pure Heart he's holding, the first of eight, and tell you
to go place it in to a Heart Pillar. Getting there is very easy - just jump off
of the left edge of this tower and you're right in front of it. Activate the 
pillar and you'll see a red door appear. 

To get back to the top of the tower, run to the right until you reach an 
elevator that'll bring you one story down. Once you get down one floor, you can 
run to the left until you reach a save block and a larger elevator. Save, and 
ride the elevator back to the top where you'll meet Merlon again. He'll tell
you of this "dimensional door" and how it leads to the next pure heart. 

He'll also bestow upon you the gift of the Return Pipe. If the going ever gets
too rough for you, or if you need to stock up on supplies, use the Return Pipe
to get back to this tower. However, you have to go back to the beginning of the
chapter you started from (which would be the first section of that chapter, for
example if you escaped from Chapter 3-4, you'd have to start again at Chapter
3-1). He'll let you know whom you're looking for, a wizard named Bestovious, 
and with that, you're free to go. With all of this information in mind, enter
that door!

You'll have to watch a brief scene where Bleck speaks with his lackies. You'll
have to fight them all at one point (not Nastasia, however) and they're usually
not going to appear at the most convinient times. What have we learned from 
this scene? Well, Mimi is a shapeshifting lady, O'Chunks is a brawny
Irishman, and Dimentio is a crazy Jester. We shall have great fun with these
folks. By great fun, I of course mean we'll be kicking the snot out of them
all, eventually.

CHAPTER 1 (G410)

CHAPTER 1-1 (G411) 


Well, you're on Lineland Road now, so let's head to the right, past the 
Goombas, past the pipes and blocks, all the way to the house at the end of the
road. You'll also learn by bopping one of the blocks along the way that you
can recover HP by collecting any mushrooms you find in blocks. The coins
you find will also be very useful for buying things in the future. Also, to
perform stylish moves and earn more points in doing so, shake your Wii Remote
a bit after you jump on an enemy. The more points you earn, the faster you'll
level up!

When you get to the house, save if you like, and one you get inside, you'll 
notice an empty room. Oh, but it isn't really empty. Point at the wall to find
a hidden door. Press A and she'll let you use it. Enter, and talk to the wizard
to the left. After a conversation, he'll let you know how to flip at the cost 
of, well, nothing. Just say no to all of his offers, and he'll eventually teach
you for free. 

By using A to flip between dimensions, you can find new items and passages. Get 
ready to do this a whole lot. Flip right now, and you can find a SHROOM SHAKE 
and a SHELL SHOCK. Take them if you want, and in the room where you needed to 
point to find an invisible door, you can flip to find a FIRE BLAST.

Once you get outside, flip to find a trio of blocks just outside his house. The
block in the middle contains PAL PILLS, so take those to have a bunch of 8-bit
mini-yous follow you around and attack enemies for you. Save, and advance left.
You can enter the pipe here and obtain a SHROOM SHAKE from the chest, and by 
flipping (when I say "flipping", I refer to using A to flip in to 3D), you can 
find a row of coins behind this platform. Leave and continue left. If you 
recall, there was a door surrounded by blocks before on your way to the house. 
By flipping in front of the door, you can easily access it. Enter the door.

The game will tell you about the points system I described earler. And, after
advancing to the right for a bit, we encounter a pipe to tall to pass. Oh, 
darn. Oh yeah, just flip and it's an easy path past it. By doing so, you can
also find a GOOMBA CARD which will double the damage you do to any goomba. If
you ever find any cards, you can use them to double, triple, etc. your damage
to that enemy. Later on you'll have the ability to find CATCH CARDS to "catch"
enemies, and take the cards they leave behind. It's a beneficial system if some
enemies are a little tougher than others. After you get past the first pipe, 
you can flip back to 2D and advance by jumping over the others. 

There's a MUSHROOM in that ? Block, so take that if you need it. If you 
continue, you'll find an arrangement of ? Blocks with 3 in a row, and a fourth
above them. By hitting it, you'll find a HAPPY FLOWER, which causes coins to 
rain from the sky. Take as many as you can. We've reached a gap we can't cross
right now, so flip and cross using the hills. Nifty, yeah? Enter the door on 
the far right.

You can leave the Sproing-oing here alone or kill it, your choice, but I'd 
leave it be since it splits in to three smaller ones if you do kill it. Use
the spring here to bounce to a higher platform. While on this platform, flip,
and you'll fall to find a ? Block. Hit it for more PAL PILLS! Continuing, one
of the ? blocks you'll find here contains a blue SLOW FLOWER. Use it slow time 
and gain triple points and coins while time is slowed. You can flip to pass
this huge obstruction ahead, and you'll find a huge group of Squiglets. If you
can perform enough stylish moves, you can rack up some serious points here. 
Move on to the door on the far right. 

Wait for Piranha Plants to recede in to their pipes before you advance, unless
you still have some Pals from the Pal Pills from before, in which case they'll
kill them for you. If you don't feel like waiting, flip and move on. Up ahead 
is quite possibly one of the most fun things in this game. You'll find a MEGA
STAR in this ? block, which makes you colossal. With your newfound mammoth 
size, plow to the right, obliterating everything in your path. At the end of
this rampage, you'll reach a STAR BLOCK! Hit it and this chapter is over. 

CHAPTER 1-2 (G412) 


Begin in Mount Lineland, and after listening to Tippi, press onwards. The four
? blocks here can be seen as twelve blocks if you flip, but there's really
no point in it. The first ? block contains a mushroom, the rest, coins. 

Ascend the hills you see coming up, and stand in the red box to be carried to
the other side on a series of turning squares and rectangles. Move onwards to 
find a switch in front of a block you can't pass. Flip to hit the switch and a
new series of hills appear. Use them to get to a second series of turning 
squares/rectangles. There's a single coin just below the ledge on the left here
if you want. If not, head through the door.

The ledge we approach is too high to scale, so flip to find four ? blocks. Hit
them if you want, to get the coins, and use them as platforms to reach the next
ledge. And then we face another problem at this ledge. The solution should be
obvious by now - flip to create an easy step up to the blocks with the koopas. 
Once you reach the ledge with the koopas, stick in 3D for a bit to move up to 
a block that you can hit to create a ladder. Ascend it to find a row of clouds
with coins. Collect them and drop to find a hill with rolling Spiny Tromps. 
Flip to avoid them and find a door at the top of the hill. If you want, you
can just wait in front of the door to see one of these things just fall from 
the sky. I wonder where they're all coming from anyways? Ha. Enter the door. 

Well, I see a house in the background, and a gap we can't cross. The sign says
Red took it down. Well, let's go have a word with this Red fellow. Enter the 
pipe and you can walk along the area in the background to reach his house. Once
inside, climb the stairs to find sweat coming out of nowhere. By flipping, we
can speak to Red. After flipping back to 2D, and bringing him with you, answer
"red" to his question and he'll let you by. Go back the way you came and cross
the bridge. 

You'll end up in a town with a shop, so visit that if you want. You can find a
mushroom in the ? block. Also, when you reach a set of blocks stacked 2x2, flip
to see a pipe behind it and enter it. You'll see 16 coins, but by flipping, 
you'll be able to collect 48 coins. You can collect them all in one flip, but
it may run your meter dry and if this happens, you lose 1HP. No big deal. 

Once you surface, advance to the right and enter the house with a red window.
Flip to get to the pipe on the opposite side of the wall and inside, oh joy,
a row of Thwomps. Flip to get past them all and enter the door at the end. Use
Tippi to reveal a door, and enter it. Inside you'll find a large chest. Open 
it, and we hear a cry of happyness, for you have freed THOREAU!


Thoreau lets you pick up objects or enemies and throw them. You can use this
newly acquired ability to pick up the block on the far end of the room, and 
with it over your head, jump to hit the switch and open the door. Leave the way
you came and back out the house. 

Well, if we move on, we see a situation similar to before. A house in the 
background and an empty chasm. There's also a pipe, so hop on in it. You'll 
meet the bridge overseer described in the sign, and he'll let you know you need 
special permission to open the bridge. Well, go back to the town and talk to 
Old Man Watchitt, who lives in the last house from the left, which is the first
one you see on your way back. Go inside and he'll tell you you need a Pixl 
shaped like a hand. Well, we've got Thoreau, so it looks like we're clear. When 
he asks the question, answer "Both" to get kicked out so you don't have to walk
all the way back. Ha. Cross the bridge to find the STAR BLOCK and end this 

CHAPTER 1-3 (G413) 


Start off by advancing to the right until you reach a series of four ? blocks.
Flip to turn it in to 16 blocks and hit them for some coins. Now, coins aren't
all you'll find. You'll also find PAL PILLS, a FAST FLOWER (opposite of what 
the Slow Flower did, but you still get your triple points and coins) and a 
HAPPY FLOWER. Now, you'll reach a huge red tree here. I must ask you to trust
me when I say, that if you continue to the right, you will follow a long path 
that rewards you with nothing more than a sign, that tells you to come all the
way back here and "leapeth under its branches 10 times". So do that - jump 10
times to make a door appear and go on in. Note: If you did choose to go all 
the way to the signpost, you would have found a COURAGE SHELL there, which
reduces damage you take by half temporarily, but in my opinion, it's not worth 
going all that way for it. 

Once through the door, go on to find a spring which leads to an unneccessary 
series of turning squares/rectangles. Jump in to the sand and flip to get to 
the other side quicker. 

The second and third ? blocks have coins, but don't bother with the first, it's
an enemy. Move on to find a very long quicksand pit. You may either choose to
jump across it by jumping over and over again, or by flipping and crossing by
the newly seen path. When you get to the end, jump over the short wall to get 
to a spring that you can use to get to a block floating in the air. Stand on it
and use Thoreau to hit the switch and get the contraption working. Use it to
get over the wall. The ? block here has a mushroom, so take that if you want. 
When you get to the save block, flip to get to the blocks above and go in to 
the pipe at the end. Once inside, flip to find a bunch of ? blocks and hit them
to get coins (one is a multi-hit block) as well as one containing a Super
Shroom. Leave and save before going through the door, since we've got our first
miniboss fight coming up.

%          MINI-BOSS: O'CHUNKS          %
%                                       % 
% Max HP: 20                            %
% Attack: 1                             %
%                                       %
% Attacks:                              %
%                                       %
% -Leaping                              %
% -Grabbing and throwing violently      %
% -Charging                             %

He's quite a smart one, isn't he? Well, we won't be getting chunked today. To 
beat him, use Thoreau to throw him and make him mad, then jump on him. Just 
toss him around a bit and do some jumping and this battle is won - just don't
let him throw YOU around too much. But it shouldn't be too much of a problem
seeing as how his attack is only 1. By now you should have 15 or 20 HP. But,
you know, in the future, this guy will be more annoying to fight since he'll be
stronger, and still do his little fancy-pants taunting each time he throws you
around. Now, let him make his exit so we can end this confrontation, and quite
an exit he makes. 

Well, now that that's over, the door here will lead you to a new area where
you can go left or right. Go left, and flip to find a GHOST SHROOM behind a
rock. Take it if you want, and use the platforms to go through the door at the 
end. The door will lead you to a signpost that tells you to, at a distant
blue platform, (flip to see the rest) press - and 1 at the same time. Easy 
enough. If you like, you can keep going left and flip to find 5 coin blocks. Go
back the way you came.

Back with the yellow platforms, go all the way to the right, and use the spring 
to jump to the platforms and use those to reach the door, which you'll enter.

Once through, go to the left and you'll reach the platform the signpost 
mentioned. Stand on top, and press - and 1 at the same time, as it said.
Move onwards to reach the STAR BLOCK, and end this section.

CHAPTER 1-4 (G414) 



We're in a dungeon, yay. Well, they're actually ruins, but close enough. It 
might as well be a dungeon. Move to the right and go through the door.

Flip when you reach the Firebar to avoid it, and you can hit the ? Block for 
a mushroom that, unless you're quick, will fall in to the quicksand. Bummer.
You can flip back to 2D and use this block as a platform. Going left leads to
a dead end, so go right to find a chest with a LIFE SHROOM inside, which is a
huge help should you lose track of your HP and die. Use the ladder to get back 
up, and go back to the lower level and through the door.

Avoid the Firebars here (or flip for a better chance of doing so) and pass the
locked door, which we can't do much with now, and reach a door floating in 
midair. If you flip to 3D, you can find blocks you couldn't see in 2D. Hitting
them makes them visible in the 2nd dimension, so why don't you do that? This
creates a platform to enter the door. Do so.

The new room features some dumb enemies rolling on the ground. These are Spiky
Tromps, a generally smaller version of what we saw earlier on that hill. Pass 
them to reach a chest with a RUINS KEY to access the door we saw before. Go all 
the way back to that door and enter it.

Save here, and move on to a row of blocks. You can hit the ? blocks by jumping 
on the quicksand. Above is a mass of blocks that we have to ignore right now,
so move on past the Spiky Tromps until you reach a ledge with a door, above a
locked door. You can reach the door above by jumping, but if you flip, there's
a ? block with a coin inside, if you find that easier. Once inside, use Thoreau
to grab the enemies from the pipe and hit the block, the same way you got out 
of the room we found Thoreau in. Leave this room.

Go all the way back to the mass of blocks we saw above that row earlier, and we 
can see it's changed. There's now a key inside. Jump to either of the floating
blocks and toss Thoreau in to retrieve the key. Advance to the far side of the 
room and enter the locked door. Inside is a small passing with a suspended
door. Use Tippi to reveal a platform to stand on, and use it to enter this

We've reached another locked door, so move left until you see a key suspended 
inside a blockade of blocks. Flip, and you'll find it's actually inside a hole 
in the wall. Run in and grab the key, but before going through the locked door,
flip at the far right to reveal a walkway leading behind this wall. Follow it, 
and you'll reach a chest with a BUZZY BEETLE CARD inside. Remember, this now 
doubles the damage you do to Buzzy Beetles. Go back to the locked door and 
enter it.

Spring up to find a door suspended in midair. There's been a lot of those in
these ruins, huh? Well, Tippi isn't the answer this time. In fact, the answer 
isn't very conventional, but it works. Move to the left and flip to find a 
ladder. Climb it and reach a seemingly empty room with a switch. Flip and you
can see what look like closed trapdoors. That's what they are. Prepare to run.
Hit the blue switch here and run to the new red switch that's appeared. 
Flattening it opens a trapdoor that all of the Spiky Tromps will fall in to,
creating, wow, how convinient, a platform to enter the door. I told you it was
unconventional. But, it worked nonetheless. Let's go inside. 

These four blocks may seem like they don't serve any purpose, as hitting them
will do nothing. However, if you flip, you can see their numbered sides, which 
you can use to discover which order to hit them in. Do so to create a large
staircase leading up. Grab the Super Shroom, save, and take this pipe which
leads out of the ruins (WOOOHOOO).

Once outside, you'll notice one thing right away. This area is HUGE. In fact,
walk to the right just a bit to find a stranger. Oh God, it's a huge dragon.
This means we have to fight it and kill it to get the Pure Heart. Actually,
we don't! He's friendly, and he's going to let us take it because we're the 
heroes. How nice. Well, Fracktail seems like a good enough guy, so let's take
it, right? ... Of course not. 

Oh, shoot. It's Dimentio. Well, I guess this WON'T be so easy. Well, in 
the very least, it should be fun, right? What a great way to end the chapter -
the same way we ended it in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door: with a fight
against an enormous dragonbeastmonsterthing. WOOHOO. Right?


%        CHAPTER BOSS: FRACKTAIL        %       
% Max HP: 20                            %
% Attack: 1                             % 
%                                       %   
% Attacks:                              %
%                                       %
% -Flying at you from the rear          %
% -Swooping from the side               %
% -Using Frackles                       %

Approach the situation calmly, or run in like a madman. It's your choice,
there's really only eight chapter bosses to play with, and this is the first.
So, let's get ready for it. First he's going to want to come in from the 
background trying to kill you, so just avoid that, it's actually easy to get
away from that one. 

Then it's going to fly right over you! Where did it go now? Well, as Tippi
says, flip to see it coming from the side, avoid it, then jump on it to ride it
to the sky!

Once in the sky with it, use Thoreau to grab the Frackles (duck-like things) on
his back and jump in to his antenna with them. Now, there's a trick to be done
here, and when it works, it makes everything easier and it makes you look
smarter - instead of letting him throw you off of him and back to the ground
after the wind blows you away from his head, resist it, then when you get to 
his tail, jump as far to the right as you can, and you should be able to jump
right back on to his head and keep hitting him. As long as you resist the wind,
this is actually pretty easy.

If you can't resist the wind, and he happens to throw you off, don't worry. You
can just leap back on when he comes back from the side again. 

Go through this three times before you crash him in to the ground and defeat


That was fun, wasn't it? You have to understand I am one to love boss battles,
and with the lack of them in this game, I savor each one. 

Move on through the door.

You'll end up in a shrine-like room. Descend the stairs and continue to the end
of the room and you'll meet Merlumnia. After her long short story, she'll 
finally give you the second pure heart! 




Well, let's view this familiar scene once more, this time O'Chunks being
scolded by Bleck. 

Now, you get to see Peach here. She'll mention a forced marriage that was in a
cutscene before the game began - if you didn't watch it, then that's what 
she's referring to. Follow Private Koopa through the door, and watch his friend
get the treatment. Move to the left and go through that door. Move onwards and 
go through the first door you see, which leads you to a dead end. Get captured
by Nastasia, and then you're gone. Well, that's great, but where did Peach

Now, I am almost guaranteed you won't understand a thing being said here, but I
must ask you to make it of utmost importance to remember what is being said, 
because by the end of the game, it will all make perfect sense. Trust me, just
let it soak in, because the conversation you see here continues throughout the
game, slowly, you will learn the identities of these people, and who they 

Now, back in Flipside, head to Merlon's house, which is on the second floor. It
would be the house with the large stars on the roof, yes. But if you take the
elevator down, he'll address you anyways.

Go inside, and after a conversation cut short, learn of someone falling from 
the sky. Well, this must be a matter of great importance, to let's follow 
Merlin up the elevator on the far right, and we can see him standing over, uh,
Peach? Oh, we have to go find Saffron. So be it.

Now, you need a certain item to give to Saffron that she can use as an 
ingredient in her recipe. You need to visit Howzit's shop, which is the 
building with the Mushroom on it. If it's your first time there, he'll tell 
you about the points system. Talk to him and tell him you want to buy, and 
just pick out the ingredient you need, which happens to be a FIRE BURST. Buy
that from him (by now, you should have WELL over what it costs, somewhere in 
the 100s or 200s, and if not by some ridiculously odd chance, you should have
something so sell to him).

Use the elevator to go down one floor, where you reach Flipside's first floor, 
where Saffron's building is. You'll know which one it is. Go inside and speak 
to her, and she'll know what to make after talking to you. Take the SPICY SOUP
back to Peach. You'll return to Merlon's house after she recovers, and after
a brief discussion, she'll deicde to tag along.


You can look back at the characters section to see what Peach's special 
abilities are, but the game will tell you anyways after leaving Merlon's house.

Once outside, switch to Mario and flip to find a locked gate. Open it and take 
the path to the other side. To the left is a puzzle we can't solve just yet,
so go to the right and down the pipe there. In this new room, jump down the
first hole and you can find two chests containing a MERLON CARD and a MERLUVLEE
CARD. Use the spring to bounce out. 

The room leads to a blocked pipe, but a sign reads that you can flip if you're
stumped. Well, it seems like we're stumped, so let's flip. Oh, a convinient 
arrow telling us which way to go, like we needed it, right? Follow the path to 
the other side, where if you go left, you can climb these blocks to read a 
sign. It tells you there's a Heart Pillar to the right. Well, go right and move
across the stone tops by using Peach's parasol floating ability. Place the 
heart and you'll open up a door leading to Chapter 2. Now, press + and go to 
"Important Things". Use the RETURN PIPE to go back to the Flipside Tower. Once
here, you have easy access to Chapter 2. You have the choice of going on in, 
or you can go and buy stuff or rest up in the Inn. Whatever you want, it's your

As soon as you're ready to move on, enter the orange door! 

CHAPTER 2 (G420)

CHAPTER 2-1 (G421) 


Well, here we are in a new place, so let's go on to find it. Hop on the
platform ahead and use Peach to float across. On the platform ahead with the
single Squig, you can flip to find 2 blocks to hit. Flip back and use them to
reach the higher-up platform, and from there move across these to reach a pipe. 
Kill all of the enemies in the room to get a DOOR KEY and leave. Use the key to
open the door outside. Go on in. 

Hit the block right here to get PAL PILLS, Keep going. The door you'll see 
first leads to a grumpy prisoner, the first of many you'll see, just like at
the mansion we're going to. Use the pipe as a step to reach the turning 
rectangles, which will bring you to a new platform. Use Peach to float all the 
way to the left, where you'll enter a pipe and appear in the background. A 
switch you'll find will make a door appear. Trek all the way back to the door 
and go inside.

Here, the ? Block contains a MEGA STAR, the first one since Chapter 1-1. Well,
nab is and use it to trample everything up ahead. It's better to do this as 
Mario, since he's faster and can smash more. At the end, enter the door.

Another SLOW FLOWER lies in the ? Block here, so grab that to go slow-mo for a
bit. At the end of the small body of water is another ? Block. Inside is a 
HAPPY FLOWER. Grab that and get rich. Then move on to the pipe just ahead,
which you can enter. Use Tippi to find an invisible switch you can hit, which
will open up another pipe. Go through that pipe, and in the next room, you'll
encounter a Growmeba. It's really quite harmless if you can kill it quickly. 
If you wait a while, it'll spawn more and more of itself, though, so dispose of
it quickly. After you kill it, a large chest will appear. 

Open it and you'll find your next Pixl! These guys love to scream, huh? The 
first one was all "FREEDOM!", and now "SSS-BOOOOOM!"? Well, you've found 
BOOMER! Answer all of his questions and he'll join your party regardless of 
what you say.


And what a relief. Thoreau was a lot more useless than you probably expected.
Well, Boomer is actually very useful in killing lots of enemies at once, or 
blowing up cracked walls (there's actually one back in Flipside we'll be
attending to later on) and blocks (and we'll also take care of that blocked 
pipe we saw before as well). But for now, use him to take out the wall here and 
open the chest to find the WATCHITT CARD. Leave through the pipe. 

Now up ahead, we have something called a Jawbus. Lay Boomer down and let the 
Jawbus slowly approach you. When he gets to just the right place, set Boomer
off to his his flashing tail (you can set Boomer off at any time by pressing 2)
and you'll cause 4 damage - twice as much as you would have by jumping on it. 

Use Boomer to destroy the mass of blocks up ahead and enter the first door 
(from the right - first, second, third, fourth, etc. doors refer to "from the
right"). Kill the Spiny Goomba inside with Boomer and leave. 

Enter the second door and defeat the Shlurp by laying Boomer in front of it so
that it gobbles him up. 

In the third door, another Shlurp. Kill it with Boomer. Then flip to drop a
floor and collect all of the coins here. Enter the fourth door outside and kill
the Spiny Goomba. You can flip to drop a floor again and hit the blue switch
here which causes a bit of rumbling outside. A fifth, yellow-bordered door has 
appeared. Enter it. 

Now before advancing to the end of this road here, flip and drop through the
hole up ahead. Inside are, along with a new enemy, the Swooper, a SHLURP CARD
and a SWOOPER CARD. Bounce out and hit the STAR BLOCK to end the section and
head to Merlee's Mansion.

CHAPTER 2-2 (G422) 


If you flip right now, you can get to a block behind the bushes with 10 coins
inside. Enter the mansion. 

Don't let the Gnips eat you, and you can advance to the next room with more 
Gnips and Merlee's handmaid, Mimi. The first door on the botttom is a trap, the
first door on the top is a trap, and the second door on the top is a trap 
(however this trap is worth taking - it has many coins and a few easy enemies).
If you decided to take the bait to any of the traps, it is indeed real, and to
get out, you need to use Boomer to blow up the switch as you stand near the 
pipe to get out. The third door on the top, as Mimi told you, is the one you 

Go inside and at the end of the hall is a button. Push it to cause a spiked
platform to fall. Flip to avoid it, then jump on it once it reaches the ground. 
Ride it up to the top of the room. Use Boomer along with flipping to get to the
chest at the end of the path which contains a HOUSE KEY. Use it to unlock the 
door being guarded by Gnaw back in the room Mimi is in. On the far left of 
this area, you can use the spiked platform as a path to a ? block which
contains a Super Mushroom, if you're interested. Return to the room with Mimi
and unlock the door being guarded by the Gnaw. After it leaves, go inside.

Yeah, that section was quick, hm? Prepare for a stupid chapter next.
Really. Hit the STAR BLOCK to move on. 

CHAPTER 2-3 (G423) 


Before we do anything, let me explain how stupid this chapter is. You're going
to spend this entire chapter earning money for something you broke. I mean it.
Watch, go through the door at the far end of this room. Pay no attention to the
? block just yet. Inside this room, move to the far right. There is a wall.
Flip to 3D and see it's actually a cage. The other side of this cage will 
have the Star Block when this is all over. And without proper guidance in your
first run through, one would cycle through the same 4 or 5 rooms over and over 

Now that I've explained myself, and because I've beaten this chapter before,
I'm going to make it as quick for you as I can. Leave the room and proceed to
go hit the ? block to break this vase of Mimi's, and she'll explain you need to 
pay her back with 1,000,000 Rubees - a currency we don't carry.

Okay, this is really supposed to take a long time, but it won't since I'm just
going to tell you all of the codes and whatnot that you need to know, so we can
make this chapter as quick as possible. 

First climb up to the platform pertruding from the wall, flip, and use Boomer
to enter a small room with a BOO CARD in a chest. 

Use Peach to glide across to the other side. Flip, open the chest and obtain 
SLIM (see, more screaming? "'CUZ I DOOOO!". Anyways, take him).


Go to the top and flip and follow the arrow. Using the block, make a 
ladder and climb up to the top. Use Slim to let the lasers pass through you. 

Open the safe with the combonation 41262816. You'll earn the 1,000,000 Rubees
you need to pay Mimi back. 

Return to Mimi's bank and pay her all of the money. 

Flip to 3D and use Slim to slip through the bars and hit the STAR BLOCK to end
this section.

CHAPTER 2-4 (G424) 


You begin the chapter by meeting the mysterious Merlee, who is thrilled to see
you. She tells you the conditions right now aren't so good for talking with 
her, and you should head to the basement to meet her. Well, let's get going.

Head to the bottom of the stairs and flip to move behind the staircase and find
a mushroom, if you need it. Enter the first door on the left.

In here, move past the Boos and enter the door. 

In this new room, take the door at the bottom right. 

In the new room, use the blocks to reach the room in the top-right corner. 
Enter that room. 

The enemy in this room is a Mister I. To defeat it, (one should be familiar
with the strategy if they've played Super Mario 64) flip and run around it a
few times to make it dizzy, and it'll die. In here, take the top-right door.

Move to the end of this new room and flip to reveal blocks you can hit to
create a platform up. To hit the second row, first hit all of the blocks in the
first row, flip back to 2D, stand on them, flip back to 3D, and when you reach
3D, you'll be in midair. Jumping once should hit a block, giving you one to 
jump on to reach the next row. Hop up.

Up here we meet Merlee in person, who will offer you the Pure Heart for 
10,000,000 Rubees. Refuse her offer every time. Just keep refusing her, and the
real Merlee will appear and call the phony out for you. 

Well, when she turns in to the giant spider-like creature, don't bother with a
fight since none of your attacks will work. Avoid her for the time being and
advance through the door on the right. In this new room, use Slim to slip 
through the crack in the floor. I must warn you now that if you take too long
in any room, Mimi will enter and chase you, so be quick about it. Enter the 
door at the bottom. 

In here, flip to use the ? blocks as steps to the door on the top. Enter this
door (top right). 

You should be in room 8. Blast the wall with Boomer and flip to go inside to 
find a SHROOM SHAKE. Leave here and when you're back in the hub of room 8, take 
the upper left door. 

Once here, you should see a crack in the wall in the upper right. Blast it and 
enter that hole you just made. Enter the door at the end. 

Flip here to find some blocks to use as platforms to the next level, and take
the upper-left door. 

To defeat the Atomic Boo here, walk right up to it, lay Boomer, turn around, 
and run the other way, then detonate Boomer to cause damage, since Atomic Boo
only becomes visible when you turn the other way. Use Tippi to reveal a 
staircase. Ascend it and enter the door at the top. 

In this room, take the Super Shroom, save, and enter the ladies' room. 

In the restroom, opening the third stall from the left will cause the REAL 
Merlee to come out of the toilet. After talking, Mimi will interrupt at which
point an arguement ensues over who is real and who isn't. Oh, well, let's solve
it with a game show/quiz show contest. The InterNed will appear and let you ask
them any of the questions you see before you. After you're done, choose which 
you think is the real Merlee. I won't tell you, since it doesn't matter which
you choose anyways. (Psst, Merlee was in the toilet. There are bugs in the
toilet. Is this a vague hint to just looking at them and discovering which is
real? Maybe.)

Anyways, once this is over, she'll get mad and turn in to her spider-form, and
Merlee will make a run for it to cheer for you from the sidelines. Well, it's
all up to you now, so let's take her down.

%           CHAPTER BOSS: MIMI           %       
% Max HP: 20                             %
% Attack: 1                              % 
%                                        %   
% Attacks:                               %
%                                        %
% -Wave of Rubees from the ground        %
% -General crawling around to hurt you   %
% -Throwing Rubees at you                %

Mimi will start invincible, so you're going to have to work around that for the
time being. Use Thoreau to pick up the Rubees she throws and hit her with them.
After enough of hitting her with no success, Merlee will cast her spell, 
allowing you to damage Mimi. Suprisingly enough, you're doing a lot more
damage than she is, so don't worry about getting hit too much.

Jumping on her head or using her Rubees are both effective ways to beating 
Mimi. After you beat on her a bit, her legs will begin to shed. If you can
hurt her enough to cause all of her legs to fall, you've won. Jumping on her 
head TWICE will cause one leg to shed. 

Eventually, mind you, Mimi will use an attack that causes a wave of Rubees to
flow from the floor, supposedly. Just jumping should be enough to avoid it, but
a fair warning is in order.

You'll actually find that if you're halfway decent, you can beat her just by
a few good jumps before she even has much of a chance to do anything else, 
really. It's similar to the trick I told you about when fighting Fracktail, you
just need to be quick about it.

After her last leg falls, her body will land on the ground and after some 
complaining, she's gone. 


Merlee will tell you her story of how you require four heroes to defeat the 
Chaos Heart. After that's over, you've got yourself the third pure heart, and
this chapter is over!




Watch the scene between these villans, and you'll soon be back in the dark
area, this time with Luigi. After he comes to and you speak with the nearby
Goombas, you can get going.

If you'll notice, Luigi can jump fairly high, which is helpful in the future.
Press onwards to the left in to the door. In the new room, descending the 
staircase will bring you to another door. Enter it, and in the new small 
passing here, enter that door. 

Walk all the way down this very looong hallway and the Goombas will need to 
catch up with you. Well, at this dead end, Nastasia will take Gary away from 
you. How sad. (GARY! NO!) Anyways, you're going to get betrayed and Luigi is 
gone for now. Take a good look at him, because this is the last time in a while
you're going to see him as "Luigi".

The conversation between these folks continues, but who are they and why are
we listening in on it? Whatever do they mean and why are they speaking of 
sneaking out and getting to each other. Is there a tale of love in the midst?
But just who are these people? Who is Blumiere and who is Timpani? Soon, you
will find out. Ya.

Returning to flipside, and you'll meet Merlon and he'll ask you about the Pure
Heart. After speaking a bit, the void will grow larger. Merlon will tell you of
"the man in green". *Cough* And he will return to his home to study. 

First, we need to find the Heart Pillar. Do you remember the blocked pipe from
before? We're going there.

Flip outside of Merlon's house and follow the path back to the pipe at the end,
and descend it. 

Go past the sign to the blocked pipe and use Boomer to get rid of the blocks 
here. In the room below you can pass the oddly-colored block her by jumping 
over it. The pipe leads to a dead end, but if you flip here, you'll notice a 
crack in the wall. Use Slim to pass it and reach the next Heart Pillar. 

There's some business that we should deal with before heading to Chapter 3, so
head to Flipside's first floor. First of all, you'll remember I mentioned a 
cracked wall. Sure enough, walk far right on the first floor and there it is.
Use Boomer to blow up this crack and flip to get to the other side. The other 
side NOW only has available to us a card shop, which I felt you should know 
about. You can purchase card bags there if you so desire, or make some money by
selling cards you already have. Your choice.

Anyways, head back to the other side of the wall and you'll notice the elevator
systems are now operating to lower levels. Go to Flipside B1. Flip here and 
there's a chest with a THE INTERNED CARD if you want it. If you follow the 
water to the right, you'll reach Flimm, who'll sell you stuff, if you're 
interested. There's also a café here. Inside are two distinct features - the
InterNed, who can play music from the game for 10 coins apiece, and by flipping
you can reach a golden pipe which leads to the Flipside Arcade, if you want to
play some of the games there. The tokens you win can be traded for prizes, just
talk to the InterChet who runs the arcade. If you want to descend another floor
to Flipside B2, you'll reach a Pipe blocked by a wall, so don't bother with 
that just now - it's the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials - an optional challenge for
those wish to pursue it in the future. 

Well, let's go back to the tower, using the Return Pipe, and press on to 
Chapter 3.

CHAPTER 3 (G430)

CHAPTER 3-1 (G431) 


An interesting chapter title. Well, welcome to The Bitlands, a very strange 

OOPS! What was that thing? It seems as though Tippi has been taken by something
strange, but what is it?

Oh, it's a geeky chameleon. Those things are everywhere. How wonderful.


After his rant, something from the bushes will speak to you. Approach the bush 
and a Pixl named Barry will emerge and speak to you, giving you some tips on
how to get Tippi back. Just pay attention to the red objects, is basically
what he was getting across - Red X, Red Tentacle, and Red Wind. Alright, got
it. Onwards.

Advance to the right until you reach a pipe too tall to cross. Flip and hit the
block to jump up and use the pipe to hit the block and create a ladder. Enter
the door at the top. You'll be led to an area where you can use a MEGA STAR to
go on your rampage like you do every chapter. Have fun with it and when you're 
done, enter the door at the end. 

The koopa here is panicked, so he's going to get big. Well, fight fire with
fire, because the ? block still there to the left has another MEGA STAR - grab 
it and take down the koopa. You'll notice a sign at the end of your rampage 
(to the far right) that tells you to fall in between the two red pipes. I 
could have told you to do this back there, but you would have missed out on
being huge for a while. We just couldn't have that. Take the door out of this
area, and on your way back, take the platform you see to the left, past the
door. By using the Sproing-oing as a spring up, you should be able to reach the
pipe here and reach the CATCH CARD SP at the end of this path. Return to the 
two red pipes and jump in between.

How's this for a retro feel? It looks familiar to me. Defeat the Gloombas and 
take the PAL PILLS in the first ? block if you want. Advance on an in the 
snake pattern of blocks here, yeah, that one that you could hit in the
original is still one you can hit, but it's just a Zombie Shroom, so don't. 
When you approach the Piranha Plants, you can enter the first pipe and collect
some coins, and if you flip, reach a CATCH CARD SP. Leave this area. 

When you reach the blocks that create stairs, flip to find a pipe you can 
enter. Inside, flip to reveal blocks you can hit to reach the ? blocks. The 
one in the middle is a Super Mushroom, and the rest are coins. Now, ladies
and gentlemen, upon leaving this room you are left with the same choice you 
were in the original game. I'm not sure if anyone ISN'T aware of it, but if 
you ride the platform up, you can cross over the exit pipe and reach three 
new ones. It's no Warp Zone (get it?), but it'll do. Take the righthand pipe.

Inside, flip to get to a chest with a MAGIKOOPA CARD. Take your coins here 
and leave.

The center pipe is the one you want - the one on the far left takes you back
to where you started here. So take the middle pipe and get out. 

Save and move on to find a castle loaded with enemies who aren't happy to see
you. Take them all out and when you reach the second castle, use Boomer to 
take out the cannon there. Move on to reach, hey, our first hint - the red X. 
Blow it up and you'll take down this fort, and meet Bowser. What's he doing
here? Well, sure enough, he's mad at you, and he's not willing to let you off
the hook without a good fight. Does he ever?

%            MINI-BOSS: BOWSER          %
%                                       % 
% Max HP: 20                            %
% Attack: 2                             %
%                                       %
% Attacks:                              %
%                                       %
% -Leaping                              %
% -Fire breath                          %                   

Don't bother jumping on him, his horns will blocks your jumps. Use Boomer for
this, and keep in mind he'll explode if he touches Bowser's flame. 

Hitting Bowser a few times will beat him. Really, it was that easy. No axe or
anything, just blowing him up. Don't you wish you had Boomer in the original 
Mario Bros.? Ha.


After a bit of convincing him, Bowser will tag along with you.


His flame breath works the same way Boomer does - double damage, as does his
jumping, which also does double damage. Bowser is, however, really, really 

After this is all over, you can continue on to hit the STAR BLOCK and end this

CHAPTER 3-2 (G432) 


Welcome to the Tile Pool. Bowser can breathe fire under here, so you can keep
him as your player if you want, but I prefer using Mario just because he's 

Move on until you get to a single ? block in the water above some blocks 
stacked 5-5-3 from the bottom. Flip here to access some coins. There's also a
HAPPY FLOWER in that block. Move on past this maelstrom-like obstacle by 
swimming a little faster, and continue until you reach a series of yellow
pillars with a space in between the sets. We'll be solving this puzzle soon, 
but not yet. Continue on. Save and flip to enter this pipe. 

In this area, watch out for whirlpools, and while you're at it, stay close to
the top of the screen, as you'll eventually come to a place where you can jump
out and find a pipe. Flip to reach a chest with a GOLD BAR and then enter the
pipe. Follow the waterway to the door and enter.

You'll reach a room filled with baddies, so kill them all off (using Bowser)
to reveal a big chest. Open it to meet your next Pixl, a ground-pounding a 
Pixl named Thudley. He'll do a girth check and you'll take him with you. 


Use his girth to pound the peg and move on out of here back to the main Tile 
Pool. At the end of the line here is a way out, leading to a drawing that 
tells us how to pound the pegs back where we saw them earlier (Up, Down, Down,
Up, Down, Up). Go out through the pipe to the far left.

Save here and go back to the pegs. Pound them to look the right way - Up, 
Down, Down, Up, Down, Up. Doing this will create a door. Enter it. 

Ignore or kill the huge fish here, your call, then swim on past a few more and
we'll be face-to-face with our next miniboss, a giant blooper.

%            MINI-BOSS: BLOOPER         %
%                                       % 
% Max HP: ??                            %
% Attack: ??                            %
%                                       %
% Attacks:                              %
%                                       %
% -Tentacle swinging                    %                                       

When he uses his tentacles to hit you, swim out of the way and use Bowser to 
burn them away. When the red one rises, you'll notice he's got a bit of a soft
spot there, so use that to your advantage. 

Three times hit on the red tentacle should be enough to dispose of the giant


Go through the pipe at the end of the pathway here, and hit the STAR BLOCK 
outside to end this section.

CHAPTER 3-3 (G433) 


This is the Dotwood Tree, a tall and annoying tree you have to scale now.

Hop up on the yellow platform to get to a green one, then to a couple of 
brown ones, where you can bounce off of the koopa here and then use the SLOW
FLOWER in the ? block. Above is a FAST FLOWER, but don't grab it just yet - as 
all it would do is cancel the effects of the Slow Flower. Wait for the Slow 
Flower to wear off, then grab the Fast Flower. 

Using the block we got the Fast Flower from, hit the coin block, then move 
right to another platform. Flip here to find 2 blocks you can hit and use to 
get a bit higher. 

On this green platform now, use Peach to glide across to the other side, and 
back. Jump up to the platform with the yellow pillar and use Thudley to pound
it and reveal a platform. Jump to the brown platform above the green one, and 
use peach to glide across to the brown platform on the other side. The ? block
here has a mushroom, if you need it. From here you can just hop to the top of
the tree where you'll find a door covered with tree bark. Use Bowser to burn 
it off and enter the tree.

Use the platform to reach the pipe. Take it, and save at the top. Then hit the
blue switch, and return to the bottom. Two pink platforms have appeared. This 
is how the switch system works here, so you should get used to it. Climb the
platforms and watch out for the Dayzee's attack, it puts you to sleep if 
you're hit by it. Hit the switch and create a blue platform. Use it to take
the moving platform system up to the ledge with the pillar and use Thudley to
pound it, creating a ladder.

Move down the ladder and hit the switch again, to climb up and use the newly 
created platform to move higher up. Ride the platform moving in an odd path to
reach a platform with nothing on it. Flip to find a pipe you can enter. Do 

To pass these spikes, run while they're down and just before they rise again, 
use Slim to become invincible, similar to how you passed the lasers in the
Mansion. Remember you can run as you're skinny, just stop before the spikes
rise again. Hit the switch at the end and exit. 

Up ahead is a problem we can solve with Boomer. KILL THE DAYZEE HERE. It will
cause us problems up ahead if we don't dispose of it. Drop Boomer in to the
hole to activate the switch. Now, drop him in again, and hop across the 
platforms before he blows up. Easy enough, yes. If you flip on the platform up
here, there's even a sign that tells you to go back and hit the switch again.

Ride the platforms here. You can reach a pipe sticking out of the wall, so 
enter it. Use Bowser to make quick work of the Chain Chomps (by jumping on
them) and you'll reveal a chest that contains a PEACH (2) CARD. Leave this 
room and ride the platforms outside up to another pipe. Enter it. Use Slim to
ride the platform past the wall. When the switch is blue, lay Boomer and run
before he detonates. If you can get out in time, the switch is now pink and 
you can leave here and proceed up the tree.

Use Peach to glide to the other side, here, and then flip to climb to this 
final platform. Hit the blue switch. A door appears. You can pound this ?
block with Thudley to reveal a Super Mushroom, which is probably helpful right
now. Head all the way to the bottom of the tree, and use the pipe to get to
the very top. Save and leave through the door. 

Well, outside, we meet Dimentio who isn't very happy to see you arriving late.
After introducing himself, he's going to drag you in to his own dimension with
magic, and, oh no! His attacks are 256 times more potent. Great. Time to duel 
like two gleaming banjos on a moonlit stoop (how poetic of him). 

%          MINI-BOSS: DIMENTIO          %
%                                       % 
% Max HP: 30                            %
% Attack: 2                             %
%                                       %
% Attacks:                              %
%                                       %
% -Duplication of himself               %
% -Tossing magic spheres                %
% -Generally flying in to you           % 
% -Creating explosion boxes             %

Dimentio is tough the first time you fight him. First of all, he's going to be
tossing these magic spheres at you which are not all that easy to dodge.
Whenever you can get the chance, you're going to want to jump on him, since
that's probably the easiest way to hurt him now. 

Eventually, after you hit him once or twice, he'll duplicate himself and 
you'll need to deal with two of him. Now, you can only damage the real one, so
if you can't hurt one of them, don't bother with it anymore, and go for the 
real enemy. 

Remember that Bowser does twice as much damage as Mario or Peach, and even
though it's tough to dodge his attacks, you'll be done with him much quicker.
Also, it's very difficult to do, but if you can use Thudley to ground-pound 
him, you'll be doing double-double damage. (EX: If you did 3 damage with
Mario, you'll be doing 12 with Bowser and Thudley) 

At one point he'll create boxes that, if touched, damage you. They're easy to 
avoid, but you should be warned about them. 

As long as you can land a good bunch of decent jumps on him, the battle will 
be over soon, and we can leave Dimension D. 


Once we're out of that, and back at the tree, just keep hopping up to reach a 
windy top of the tree. When a red wind passes, ride it to the pipe ahead and 
enter it. The block behind the pipe you exit from has some coins in it if you
want them. Ahead is the STAR BLOCK, so let's hit it and head to Fort Francis.

CHAPTER 3-4 (G434) 


After we see Francis taking all of his lovely pictures of Tippi, we can get
going on getting inside and saving Tippi. Flip outside the castle and enter 
the pipe. Use Thoreau to grab the block and hit the ! Block. The chest that
appears contains a FORT KEY to enter the castle. Leave here and enter the  

Right now, flip, and you'll notice we can jump over the door in to a pipe.
Do that. 

In here, use the yellow block to jump up to an invisible platform (trust me,
it's there, flip if you don't belive me) and walk across it. Up here, a sign
will tell you two codes: 2323 and 2828. Well, okay. Remember those. Move on.
Use Thudley to pound the switch and free Carrie from the jail cell. She'll 
join you, and we can use her to cross the spikes here. 


Go back to the pipe we used to come in (flip to see it) and we can leave here.
Enter the door that was covering the pipe.  

Once inside the main room, check the keyholes to see Francis snapping photos
of Tippi and on the other keyhole, is, well, Tippi. You have to feel pretty bad 
for her right about now. Nobody deserves this.

Anyways, go through the far door. Once in, flip to access a set of blocks that
act as stairs. Ignore the huge enemy up here and in the next room, you'll meet
meowmaids that actually attack you. You can easily dispose of them. Up ahead 
we have a door hanging from the wall (BECAUSE THAT'S NORMAL). Use Thudley to 
shake it up and bring it down. 

There's another door just like this up ahead, but enter this one for now. Use 
Carrie to cross the spikes and enter the door at the end. Answer "True" to the
Meowmaid's questions, and then enter the code "2323" to have a door appear. 
Ride the elevator up to his secret room, filled with Mario series collectibles.
Bounce off of the giant meowmaid to reach a chest with a FORT KEY. Leave this 
room and the room with the meowmaid, back to the hall where we saw the hanging

Outside here, if you move to the left more, there's another door. Knock it 
down with Thudley and enter it. You can see it in 2D, but it's easier to see 
if you flip - the walls here have solid blocks, but they're not completely 
dark, so if you need to stay in 3D to see them, it's alright. Use Peach to 
cross the gap. When you reach the steps here (only viewable in 3D), climb them 
to reach the upper platform with another of these huge enemies. Flip to 3D to 
easily pass it and enter the door it's been guarding. 

You'll end up outside - use Thoreau to grab the flying Meowmaid and hit the !
Block, which will form a bridge. Cross it, and you'll reach another Meowmaid 
that'll want to ask you a few questions. Answer true to all of them, and when
he asks for a passcode, say "2828", since we already know it. Inside the room,
use the same method as before to nab another FORT KEY. 

Return all the way back to the main room with the giant kitty door. Use the
two Fort Keys to activate the locks, and then use Peach to attempt to enter.
Use PEACH when you open the locks, because other characters will be fired upon
with "Kitty Lasers". Answer true to all of the questions, then go on inside.

Francis is overwhelmed with the hot babe he's encountered, so he does what he
does best - opens a computer application. He boots up Swoon.exe, and activates
Nerr2Babe, with real-time wooing. Yay. You can have fun with this scene, 
answer or use whatever you want, just enjoy it. Eventually she'll wonder why
she's even having the conversation and destroy the program and his graphics
card, and, he's done with this now. He conceals Tippi and goes invisible.
Time for a totally hi-technicaaaaal boss fight, guyz. 

%          CHAPTER BOSS: FRANCIS         %       
% Max HP: ??                             %
% Attack: ??                             % 
%                                        %   
% Attacks:                               %
%                                        %
% -Invisibility                          %
% -Munchmunchmunch                       %
% -Camera attacks                        %
% -"Meowbombs"                           %

This battle is really, really easy. Just use Bowser to either breathe fire or 
jump on him when he appears. If you need to, use Thoreau to toss him around a 
little so it's easier.

The battle should be over very quickly, just dodge his tongue, breathe some 
fire, avoid the bombs he drops, and it's really, really easy to get this fight
over with quickly. 

As long as you pay attention to what you're doing, it isn't difficult to dodge
his attacks. Be ready to do some jumping at all times, and the battle's over


You'll have rescued Tippi, who will generate the next Pure Heart. Watch your
Pixls dance, and you probably should too, because we can finally get out of 
The Bitlands (and Fort Francis). Yay!





Watch the scene here between the villains, as always, and we can continue

Timpani continues to be mentioned, along with Blumiere. Who are these people
and why are we still listening in on a conversation. Is this but a memory, or
is it a story being unwound throughout for us to hear? Time will only tell us
the answers.
Back at Flipside tower, speak to Merlon and, well, the void grows larger yet
again. Oh well.

Well, now that we have Thudley, let us head to that puzzle we couldn't solve 
before. Head to the second floor and flip in front of Merlon's house to reach 
the path that will lead you to the area where we have the pipe that leads 
underground. We don't want that, so go left to reach a series of five stone
pillars. We can use Thudley to mess around with them, but we need to know what
order to have them pounded in. Flip to notice arrows on the sides of them, 
telling us that they belong in the following order, from left to right: 
DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN. Set the heart in the Pillar, and we can continue on
to Chapter Four. Remember, now is the time to buy items or recover at the inn,
since we won't be back here for a while. Use the Return Pipe to get back to
the tower, and enter the green door. 

NOTE!! Now that chapter 3 is over, you have the opportunity to return to 
Chapter 3-1 at any time and get BARRY, the optional invincibility Pixl you met
in the bushes after Tippi was kidnapped. Remember? He gave you the three tips.

CHAPTER 4 (G440)

CHAPTER 4-1 (G441) 


Well, we're here to venture in to the depths of deep space.

Oh, nevermind.
We can't breathe up here.
That should have been expected, right?

Tippi is going to bring you back to Flipside. Go talk to Merlon to see how we
can deal with this. He'll tell you that you need to find a boy with an item 
"like" a space helmet. Said boy is on the 3rd floor of Flipside, so let's go 
find him. Once you do, he'll want you to find a place to release his fish,
Captain Gills. Why don't you let it go in the B1 floor of Flipside? Sure, in 
fact, that's the only place you can let it go. Go take the elevator to 
Flipside B1, and let it go in the water there. NOW we can go in to space with
our new toy.

Do that.



Well, we're here to venture in to the depths of deep space.

For real this time. First and foremost, you'll notice someone sending an SOS
signal. Follow it to a nearby space. You can't see anything, but if you use
Tippi, you can reveal a vessel here - it's sparkling, so it shouldn't be too
hard to spot.

When you identify it, use D-Pad up to open it and meet Squirps, and alien who
is going to be a tremendous help to us in the future. Talk to him for a bit 
and he'll ask you for a bit of energy. Hold A to give him energy (10 seconds
should do it) and let go, and he'll create a wormhole to enter. Get on in, 
because we're going to start killing space creatures now. WOOHOO!

Once you get out, he'll tell you how to use his beam to shoot enemies. Now you
can move. Advance to the far right of the screen, (On the way there, you can
find a FOTON CARD by flipping), and enter the wormhole. 

In this new area take to the right and take the upper wormhole. 

Here, move to the right and take that wormhole. 

To the right you can find a CATCH CARD SP behind an asteroid. Move to the left
all the way until you reach another wormhole. Enter it.

Here, flip to find a wormhole hidden behind an asteroid. Enter it, and end up
in the background. Move to the left and enter the pipe on this rock. 

Flip here to get rich quick, then get out.

Warp back to the foreground, and advance right until you find the STAR BLOCK!

CHAPTER 4-2 (G442)


Well, at least we're on land now (and apparently there's an atmosphere since
Mario no longer requires a helmet). Let Squirps tell you he has to use the 
potty, and he'll run to a conviniently placed restroom, because clearly every
foreign planetoid out there has port-a-potties.

Well, now we can jump really high. Advance to the right to find Squirps next to
a restroom. If you listen in on the singing in the potty, someone's complaining
about the lack of toilet paper. Let's run off and get some - one problem at a
time, huh?

Move to the right. You'll reach a part where you can jump and reach two blocks 
that lead to two ? blocks - one with a coin, one with a mushroom. Press on 
past a locked door to a place where you should flip to find a row of coins -
follow it and you'll fall in to a ditch. In 3D, you can find some steps to 
lead you back up. 

The next ditch past the odd statue of faces will reveal, when flipped, an 
ULTRA SHROOM SHAKE. Take it and climb back up. Move ahead to find a blocked
door that you can access using Boomer. Blow up the blocks and enter the door. 

Save here, and leap to the right exactly one time to reach a ledge where you 
can flip and use Slim to slip through a crack in the wall. Move up to the left 
a bit to hit a switch to create a platform making it easier to get up again if
you need to do so.

The ? block at the bottom here contains a FAST FLOWER, so take it and run to
the right. Flipping will reveal steps you can use to climb up. Do so and flip
back to 2D to use a pipe to climb up. Move past the green door here and over 
this ditch (an arrow on the wall will tell you to climb back up should you
venture down anyways) by flipping, which will reveal a path for you to cross. 

On your way out, you have the option to enter a door, but don't do so just 
yet. Climb up the blocks and you'll eventually reach a pipe. Enter it. Take
as many coins as you want (flipping reveals more) and NOW you can enter said
door below. 

There's a SLOW FLOWER in a ? block here, take it if you want, and enter the
green doors above. In here, use Tippi to find a hidden block. Take your coins
and leave. Go all the way back out the red door. 

Hop in to the ditch ahead and flip to find a cutout you can enter. Go through
it, and ahead, enter the red door. In the new area, you'll find 4 ? blocks in
a row. We're overdue for our chapterly stomping, so why don't you bop the 4th
block to reveal a MEGA STAR, which you can use now to pulverize the landscape 
ahead of you. At the end is another red door - enter it.

Ahead is a tall pipe - flip to find SPACE FOOD behind it, which, when used in
space, restores 50 HP (elsewhere, 10 HP). Ascend the pipe and enter the door
at the top. Talk to Blappy here and he'll offer you a secret for 1000 coins. 
Tell him that's too much, and he'll cut you a deal for 100. Refuse THAT and you
can cut him a deal for 10 coins. Take it and you'll get some paper with a 
message scribbled on it. At this point, head ALL THE WAY BACK to the restroom,
because we've got the paper the guy in the toilet needs. The guy in the toilet
who was whining about the missing T.P. happens to be our next Pixl that we


Now, advance all the way to the left until you reach the statue of the heads.
Use Fleep on the rift above them, and take the key. This opens the door a few
ditches back, so go open it up. 

Remember, Fleep can make most enemies dizzy by flipping them.

Pass the Fuzzies (what're they doing up here?) here and hit the STAR BLOCK to 
end the section.



The Whoa Zone is coming up in 4-4, which is probably the most fun we'll
have in a while. But for now, let's focus on getting through this mess. 

There's a SHOOTING STAR hidden among the blocks ahead. Keep going until you 
reach a red X. Use Fleep's power on the X, then fit Squirps in to the marking
on the door. Enter the gate.

The next Red X requires TWO Squirps, so, uh, DON'T PUT HIM IN YET. Yeah, just
trust me on this one. Continue past this gate and enter the red wormhole.

In the mass of blocks here is a GHOST SHROOM. Enter the blue wormhole at the
lower-left part of the screen to enter a coin area. Get rich here and leave.

There are 3 other portals - the top left and bottom right connect to a room
that's totally useless to us, so enter the top right one to find, well, a
convenience store. In space? I guess Howzit has branches in some odd places. 
Does he even need this store?

Yeah, enter and buy the cheapest chocolate they have (or any others if you'd
like to have some stuff to fill you up later on, because, y'know, chocolate is
where it's at) and go back to the green gate we opened earlier, but didn't put
Squirps in. NOTE: If you don't have enough money for the Chocolate, which is 
pretty unlikely right now, there's a coin block to the upper right outside the

Once at the gate, stick Squirps in to either hole, then feed him chocolate.
He'll split. Enter the gate and hit the STAR BLOCK to end the chapter, and 
with that, we're on our way to...





Yay! The Whoa Zone! The Whoa Zone is quite possibly the most fun we'll have
in a while, so let's enjoy it. Press onwards to the door after listening to a 
brief conversation.

Here, grab the HAPPY FLOWER in the ? block and press on. Hop to the platform 
above the door here and flip to access another door. In to it we go.

Grab a SLOW FLOWER in the box here, and use Peach to cross the gap here and
find, well, a door on the ceiling? Now you know why the Whoa Zone is going to 
be so fun! In to the door on the ground first, though. Use Fleep to confuse the 
Barribad here, and take a DIMENSION KEY from the chest. Out we go back to the
first door we saw, beneath the platform we flipped on. Go in to that door. 

Stomp both Pigarithms here, then listen closely; do you hear more? Oh, this is
sounding like fun. Flip to reveal stairs, and then, a Pigarithm on the ceiling.
Oh, dear. Enter the locked door and, FWOOM.

Hooray! We're on the ceiling! Everything you do will have gravity forced to 
the ceiling, so when you defeat this Pigarithm, the coins will fall up. Nifty.
Enter the door on the far right. 

What's THIS? We're on the WALL now, oh gee. Advance UP and enter this door, to 
appear on the OTHER wall. Move down and enter that door. Flip in the new room
to enter a pipe. Take the money here and leave through the door on the left and
get back on the wall. Jump all the way up to the door to move back to the 
left wall. Use Peach to get across the gap here (the gap is the ditch where the
door leading to the right wall is) and enter the door at the top of the left 

In here, flip to access the lower level where you can hit the block here to 
reverse your gravity. Do so, and you can walk to the upside-down door here and
enter it. 

Kill the Pigarithm and use Peach to cross the gap. Then flip to find a door
you can enter here. Open the chest, and go all the way back to the room where 
we flipped gravity. Enter the door on the upper level to return to the left-
hand wall, where we can now move down and access the door that flips us to the
right wall now. Enter it and we'll end up on the right. Move down from here and
enter the door at the bottom. You'll end up in a room we've been in before, 
but we have a key to the door on the right this time. Use it and enter the 

Flip gravity here, walk on the ceiling to another flipper, and land on the
ground. Use Tippi to reveal a door here and enter.

Now, this is a most interesting room. Kill the Hooligons on the ground and you
will reach a new button - I call it a rotator. Use it to translate your
gravity exactly 90 degrees. Hit it and walk along the left wall until you
reach a second rotator. Use it TWICE and you can reach the right hand wall.
Enter the door at the bottom.

Walk down the wall here and enter the door you see. You'll pop in on the floor
where you can hit these three blocks, which contain, a Super Mushroom, a
Zombie Shroom, and a Super Mushroom. You can kill the Zombie Shroom for some 
coins if you want, then enter this door to flip to the ceiling. Walk along the
ceiling and open the chest you find to earn a DIMENSION KEY. Trek back to the
room with the rotators. 

Here, hit the rotators so that you're on the ceiling. Enter the top-left door
on the ceiling. Inside is a save block and a flipper you can use to access the
locked door. Do just that, and we'll meet back up with Squirps, who has 
apparently been waiting for us for a while. But our happy moment is 
interrupted by Mr. L. After a brief confrontation, he's going to come at you
like the violent, corrupted critter he is.

%        CHAPTER BOSS: MR. L (PT.1)      %       
% Max HP: 40                             %
% Attack: 3                              % 
%                                        %   
% Attacks:                               %
%                                        %
% -Super Jump                            %
% -Normal Jumps                          %
% -Running at you                        %
% -Not an attack, but he can heal himself%
%  with a Shroom Shake. DO NOT let him   %
%  do this.                              %

Generally, this is just a lot of of running around and trying to jump on this
Mr. L fellow. Don't try to jump on him as he performs a super jump, because 
you'll only take damage in the process. If you arent confident enough to jump
on him, use Boomer to hit him. This SHOULD be a quick fight, and you may take
some damage. Let's hope you can heal yourself, though, because that was the
appetizer. Time for the main course.


After your confrontation, he's going to call forth his robotic companion, who
he has so cleverly named Brobot. He's going to bring you in to space, where 
the, uh, "real thing" takes place. 

%        CHAPTER BOSS: MR. L (PT.2)      %   
%                BROBOT                  % 
% Max HP: 255                            %
% Attack: 4                              % 
% Defense: 3                             %
% Defense against Fire: 6                %
%                                        %   
% Attacks:                               %
%                                        %
% -Firing giant seeker missiles          %
% -Firing eyebeams                       %
% -Sucking you in                        %
% -Firing a long laser                   % 
% -Firing smaller missiles               %

Oh, how fun this battle is. Grab any candy you see floating from the distance, 
you can find:

-Speed up
-Multiplier for your shots

Try to fire off as many shots as you can, and just generally be a button 
masher. A lot of his attacks aren't difficult at all to avoid, so just float
around and use Squirps' beam to shoot him.

He has a whopping 255HP, which actually depletes fairly quickly if you can 
fire a lot of shots at him. Also keep in mind there is a Power-up candy that
floats in, so just hope to get that one - it allows you to shoot him for 5 
damage instead of just 1.

After enough button mashing, you should be in the clear - Brobot will explode
and you'll end up in the Whoa Zone with Mr. L.. He'll let you go for the day
and run off. Good riddance for now.


Follow Squirps to the right through the door. We meet his mother, who is a
golden statue. Hello, mama Squirps. 

Well, Squirps will bestow upon to you what we came looking for - the fifth
Pure Heart. 




Watch the "new-minion orientation" and a discussion between Bleck and Nastasia
(which may begin to tie up some loose ends with the conversation we've been
hearing in between chapters). 

In what we've seen now, we have a love story growing between two folks, a lady
named Timpani and a man named Blumiere. Again, why do we continue to hear of 
this story? Answers are to come.

We're back in flipside, so after speaking with good old Merlin for a bit, 
Tippi's going to have a bit of an accident. Once you're at Merlin's house, the
void will grow larger again. 

Once the conversation is over, Merlon suggests that we find the next Heart
Pillar. It's actually not in Flipside, so we have to do a bit of traveling. 
Head to Flipside's first floor. 

Once here, head to the far right where we blew up the wall here. Flip and go to
the other side. Move to the left until you find another rift similar to the one
we had found in space near the head statue. Use Fleep to flip it and open a
path to a large building. Flip and take that path and enter the building. 

Inside, hit the blocks once in order from left to right to open the way to the
other side. Flip and enter the door on the other side of the wall. 

Follow this path to the end. 

You may wonder what's going on. Well, you're no longer in Flipside. You are in
the town of FLOPSIDE.

Flip here (and you'll flip in the opposite direction) to find an opening in the
wall on the far left. Get to the other side and take the elevator to the
second floor. On the way you'll see a chef's building similar to the one in
Flipside. It's nearly identical, however the only difference is that she uses
two ingredients instead of one.

You'll meet a man here named Nolrem. He'll tell you of how everything is
flipped. Well, it is. So, the Heart Pillar is in a location opposite of where
it was the first time. So instead of being on the left side of the 1st floor,
it's on the right. Place the heart in.

You can use the Return Pipe to head back to the Flipside tower, where Merlon
will return Tippi to you and you can head in to the blue door to Chapter 5.

NOTE!! Now that chapter 4 is over, you can speak to Merlee in Flopside, who,
if you jump over the crystal ball and speak with her face-to-face, will
send you on a side quest to obtain an optional Pixl named PICCOLO, who will 
help you a bit in a Chapter 7 boss battle. 

CHAPTER 5 (G450)

CHAPTER 5-1 (G451) 


You begin in midair. Oh, fun. 

You'll land in the middle of a ceremony, erm, thing, that the Cragnons are
doing. The Cragnons are the folks you'll be speaking with for the next couple 
of sections, so get used to them. Apparently, they worship "Big Rock Who 
Watches" and when you fall from the sky, I guess they think it sent YOU. Oh, 
dear. So, what do you do when a strange man falls from the sky? Well, you take
him to the village elder and deem him a savior. Doesn't this always happen to 
Mario anyways? Well, after Marbald talks a bit, and you tell him you'll help 
the Cragnons, flip to enter the door. 

Once outside, you'll find a couple of Floro Sapiens (as named by Nerd Cragnon),
who are suprisingly easy to kill. 

Well, you can't enter any houses right now, so go all the way to your right 
until you see the Cragnons being taken by the Floro Sapiens, at which time you
should chase them down. Head through the door on the right.

If you head right here, you'll find Putrid Piranhas and a Cursya that sends you
all the way back to Flipside. Don't touch it, just kill it with Boomer. Enter 
the pipe on the right.

Kill the two Shlorps by forcing them to digest Boomer twice each. Once they're 
gone, a chest will appear that contains a BOWSER (2) CARD. Leave here. 

To the left is a ? block with a HAPPY FLOWER inside, so take that. Then climb
up and over the hill here (you can flip in the ditch to find a chest with a 
MOON CLEFT CARD) and over the next hill using Peach to find 3 blocks. By 
speaking with a Cragnon back at town (yes, I did it for you so you don't have 
to), he'll tell you to hit the block in this order: LEFT, RIGHT, MIDDLE. So, do
that. Enter the pipe that appears.

Oh, hey, it's the Cragnons! Let's chase them. The monstrosity up ahead is a 
Muth. The easiest way to kill it is by using our classic Bowser/Thudley stomp. 
When there's multiple ones in a row, use Thoreau to throw them at each other.
They'll be gone quickly. They'll be gone after 20 or 25 throws. Or you could
stomp on them with bowser. Your call completely. 

You'll soon reach another set of three blocks. By going back and begging (and I
truly mean BEGGING - you have to say PLEASE, and actually spell it out, about
5 times) the man on the platform to give you this order, he'll give it to you.
It's a good thing I still have it written down, so you don't have to go
anywhere. Hit the blocks in this order.

M = Middle
L = Left
R = Right

M, R, L, L, R, M, R, L, R, R, M, R, R, L, M, M, L, L, L, R, L, L, L, M, M 

Keep in mind it only counts as hitting the block if it bounces. That means a
clunk of the block and keeping it immobile means you didn't ACTUALLY hit it.

Enter the pipe that appears and once in the background, head right, exit 
through this pipe, and hit the STAR BLOCK to move on. 

CHAPTER 5-2 (G452) 


We're in the Gap of Crag, great pleasure. Head right. Now, these Pokeys are
spiky, but if you use Carrie, you can jump on them with no problem. 

Now, in the coming Chapter, you're going to be spending all your time gathering
these three tablets. The first one is right here. When you reach water, dive in
and sink to the bottom. You'll end up on a dry surface. Open the chest to find
the first tablet, the WATER TABLET. Flip to find 2 coins. Use the chest as a 
step up to the water, and swim out and go through the door here. 

After watching the Floro Sapiens escape, move left and block up the blocks here
with Boomer. Hit the switch to create some hills you can use to reach the door.
Enter it.

Use Fleep on the rift you approach and hit the switch to create some platforms.
All it is is making it easier for you to watch the Crag Vision. Up ahead are
Rawbuses, which you can kill by jumping on their glowing tails. Use Fleep to
completely spin them around and reach it. Kill the Tech Cursya up ahead with 
fire, Boomer, or something that doesn't require you touching it at all - if you
do, you won't be able to use skills (flipping, fire breath, parasol gliding, 

Once it's gone, flip to find a whole mess of ? blocks. Once you're done with 
the SLOW FLOWER, FAST FLOWER, and HAPPY FLOWER contained within them, the one 
farthest back contains PAL PILLS, if you want them. While flipped, you'll
notice a path to the side. Take it to reach a lower level containing a black 
rock. If you were paying attention to the stuff being shown on the Crag 
Visions, you'd know you have to burn it. So use Bowser to burn it and get the
FIRE TABLET. Only one left. Leave out the far left door.

We're back where we started, so let's go to the right now. You'll notice a pipe
you can't reach by jumping. To get to it, leap on to the hills and use Peach to
glide to it. Enter the pipe to enter the background. Hop in to the volcano and
it'll tell you which order to place the three tablets once we've gotten them 
all: STONE, WATER, FIRE. Great. Flip here to get a load of coins, then bounce 

Once you're back in the foreground, go right past the yellow block to a door. 
Enter it.

Oh dear, it's O'Chunks again. And Dimentio is going to take you to Dimension D 
to fight.

Well, let's do this again, I guess.

%          MINI-BOSS: O'CHUNKS          %
%                                       % 
% Max HP: 40                            %
% Attack: 2                             %
%                                       %
% Attacks:                              %
%                                       %
% -Leaping on you                       %
% -Grabbing you and throwing you around %
% -Charging at you                      %

I'm not even going to bother explaining myself. Just jump on him a few times 
and the fight is over. There isn't even anything more I can tell you to do,
really. It's THAT easy.


Once it's all over, O'Chunks will leave with Dimentio. Ahead is an oddly shaped
rock. Flip to reveal it's Yoshi-like shape, and, following what the Crag 
Visions have shown, run around it. The STONE TABLET appears on its nose, so
grab it. 

Head back to the area with the yellow block. When there, ascend the hills
beside it to reach some blocks. You can indeed scale the blocks in 2D by 
jumping off of one and on to the next, but it is easier to do it in 3D, as they
all have holes in them. Once at the top, use Tippi to reveal a block you can 
use to create a ladder leading up. Get off of the ladder when you reach the 
blocks, and flip to hop up to the top. 

Place the tablets in the order we had found them written on the wall: STONE,
WATER, FIRE. Doing this will cause CUDGE to appear! He's going to require you
to enter a motto that fills all 8 boxes. He'll scream it to the world and join


Hop down and smash the block obstructing the pipe. Jump in and you can descend
the steps here to reach the STAR BLOCK. In to the caves! (And the longest 
chapter we've had to complete so far. Sound like fun? The caves are dreadfully

CHAPTER 5-3 (G453) 


In the Floro Caverns, yes. It shall be a long journey. Follow the blocks up 
ahead to reach a ? block containing a Super Mushroom. And just past that we'll
meet one of the Cragnons' key personalities: FLINT CRAGLEY! CRAGLEY HO! He's 
quite a man, and he's probably the smartest Cragnon out there. Does he remind
anyone else of Kolorado from the original Paper Mario? Anyways, his crew 
ran off in to the caves, and they have the key. We'd better help Flint out and
find his crew. Press on through the pipe. 

Hop down past the locked door Flint mentioned and you'll reach a save block.
Use it if you want, and continue. Ahead you can drop in front of two pipes and
flip to find a scared Cragnon. Don't hurt it or you'll lose points. Hop in to
the second, shorter pipe here.

The center box here contains PAL PILLS. Move on in to the ditch between the 
blocks here. There is an invisible block here. Use Tippi to find it and hit it.
Jump on top of it and jump directly above to find another hidden ? block which
contains a mushroom.

You should have encountered a few shelled enemies so far. Think of Cudge as a 
quicker, more melee-styled version of Boomer - he does double damage as well, 
so he's a good choice to fighting the higher defense enemies if you don't feel
like bombing them every time.

Move on past the pipe with the Piranha Plant and kill the Spania here with 
Cudge. One of the ? blocks on the bottom row contains a mushroom. Move on past
a Putrid Piranha to find seven ? blocks. Above and to the left of the set of 
four, one of these blocks will spawn a ladder if you hit it. Find the correct
block, and ascend the ladder to reach a spot with a moving platform and coins.

Once you drop, go back to where you found the ladder. Just ahead is a door. Go
inside. Start the cart ride inside. At the end, enter the pipe.

What's in here? Oh, a ton of poor Cragnons trapped in 3D. Oh, well, let's get
out of here. But wait, there was something on the way to the pipe. Arrows, 
perhaps? This time, ride the cart back to the beginning. Now, ride it again, 
but this time in 3D. Turn to the left when you reach the fork (hold left on the
D-pad) and you'll go that way. On your way, you'll simply, erm, flip underneath
these pesty obstacles. Enter the door at the end of the ride.

Use Peach to glide to the other side of this gap. Defeat the Floro Sapien here
and keep going, past the ? block to find Flint's one-man sound crew, Hornfels. 
Speak with him and he'll return to Flint. Leave here using a ladder that 
spawns from a block against the wall. Ride the Mine cart all the way back to 
the beginning and exit there.

Up ahead is a series of four blocks - inside the second one from the left is a
SLOW FLOWER if you want it. Up ahead is a rock image against the wall. Boomer
can blow it up and reveal a door - do that, and head inside the door. Inside, 
flip and get rich, then leave. 

Now, there's a mushroom in the lone block up ahead, just before the Piranha 
Plant. Past the Piranha Plant you can use either the spring or flipping to pass
the wall. Use Cudge to take out the block blocking the door and go in.

Yay, another mine cart ride. Hop in and ride the cart, which takes a very fancy
and unneccessarily long path, all the way to the end. Enter the door here.

Now, try to avoid the Cragnons with sprouts down in here. The ? block contains
a Zombie Shroom, so take it out for some coins if you need some. When you reach
a wall on the ground, flip to enter a cutout which leads to a SPANIA CARD. 
Leave here and climb to the blocks above. You'll eventually reach a dead end up
here, so flip and use Boomer or Cudge to take out the blocks here. Keep going 
and you'll reach, up above, Flint Cragley's one-man camera crew, Monzo. Speak 
with him and he, too, will return to Cragley. I guess it's our turn, so it's 
time to leave this area and make your way all the way back to Flint Cragley, 
but take one pit stop along the way.

When you emerge from the pipe we started out of (the shorter pipe of the two),
you'll notice a large crack in the ground on your way back to Flint. Use Boomer
to expose a pipe in the ground, which you can jump in to and find a whole mess
of coins in the room below if you flip to 3D. With that, leave the room and
head back to Mister Director, who isn't very far from here. 

Once you emerge from the pipe, Flint'll be more than happy to overstate his 
great reunion which occurred in "a miraculous turn of events". Well, he seems
happy enough now, and he's so generous he's giving you the CAVE KEY to enter 
the door first, as he relinquishes his lead to you. How sweet of him. 
Hop down the pipe.

Before you enter, though, speak with his cameramen. "Ignore director if he 
annoy you, brah." I only wish we could have. Enter the door, which leads to 
another fun mine cart ride. Ride the cart along the fanciest track so far (I 
mean really, were all these loops and such really necessary?) and you can enter
the door at the end. 

Flip here to reveal that the obstruction here is a smashable block. Crush it
with Cudge to reveal the awaited Chapter 5 item of glory. Our chapterly rampage
of death and chaos was long overdue anyways. After a long trip through the 
caverns, riding through mine carts and listening to an annoying director, 
finding a MEGA STAR couldn't have been more of a relief. Take it and make a 
path ahead of you. 

Well, that was fun. Now go back. There was a yellow block, viewable only in 
3D, that you can smash with Cudge to reveal a door. Enter it. 

Inside is, FINALLY, the STAR BLOCK that you can hit to end this chapter.

CHAPTER 5-4 (G454) 



Flint Cragley is here to lead our journey further in to the caverns. 

Well, let's go.

Go straight ahead and when you reach a fork to either go straight or down, go
down and in to the large pipe. The small pipe can be ignored for now.

Down here, flip, and take the PAL PILLS in the ? block. Hop down past the 
ladder in to a ditch where you can use Thoreau to grab a Cragnon and press down
hard enough on the switch. Enter the pipe that appears. 

Here, take the pipe.

Use Fleep on the skull here painted on the wall. Please trust me on this. 
You'll acquire a CAVE KEY. Leave through the pipe.

Here, leave through the pipe.

Take the ladder back up. There's a locked door to the right, open it.

Here, leap over the wall using the platform to startle the Cragnon. Listen to
the conversation he and the Pixl have and she'll let him leave by shrinking 
him. After he leaves, DOTTIE, the shrinking Pixl (as well as the last mandatory
Pixl we'll need) will join you. 


Use the tiny door here to escape. Once out, go back through the pipe. 

Now you can shrink and enter the tiny pipe. Do that. One of the blocks here 
contains PAL PILLS, one a Super Mushroom, the rest coins. Leave and go back
through the large pipe again, and enter the room next to the Save Block.

In here, shrink to pass through the tiny opening. Take the CARD KEY and use it
to get through the door. 

Take the Super Mushroom here and enter the pipe on the left. Once in here, use
Thudley to pound the switch and free all of the trapped Cragnons. Have we set 
off an alarm as well? Oops. Move all the way to the left and open the chest to 
find a FLORO CRAGNIEN card. On the other side there's a random Cursya, so avoid
that. Enter the pipe above. 

Here, it's O'Chunks and Dimentio again. Dimentio takes you to Dimension D yet
again. Only this time, O'Chunks has a leaf on his head. Splendid. This should 
be oh-so-much harder. Bleh. Here we go again.

%          MINI-BOSS: O'CHUNKS          %
%                                       % 
% Max HP: 60                            %
% Attack: 3                             %
%                                       %
% Attacks:                              %
%                                       %
% -Leaping on you                       %
% -Grabbing you and throwing you around %
% -Charging at you                      % 
% -Tornado-spinning action!             %
% -Plucking the ground and throwing it  %

Hey, O'Chunks is actually sort of difficult this time.

So, here's the thing: He's a lot faster than he was before, so this time you
may need to try a little. Along with a spinning attack and throwing the ground
at you, his attack has also risen. So watch for that.

Like I said, he still does his taunt when he hurls you around, so try to avoid 
that as best you can - the easiest way is still to use Thoreau and throw HIM 
around. He'll get dizzy and you can bop him. Do this with Bowser and the fight
will end even quicker.

He'll charge you a bit more than usual, too so when he does, make a good jump
for it or flip if you're using Mario. Remember that as Peach, you can shield at
any time by pressing down on the D-Pad. 

Bowser's firebreath is surprisingly effective, just watch out for being thrown
around is all.

The fight is hard, but it'll be over if you hit him a bit - as Bowser, you only
need to hit him 6 times! And that's only THREE TIMES if you use the
infamous Bowser/Thudley combination I keep mentioning. I feel this is the 
easiest strategy - the battle was over for me in less than 10 seconds. 


Once it's over, take the FLORO SPROUT O'Chunks leaves behind. It looks so damn
cool, doesn't it? Well, exit stage right through the pipe. 

Leave this room, and leave the processing center as well. Save when you get 
out. Hop up and out through the pipe.

From here, head up and to the right to a door. Enter it, and end up in a room
with a scanner. As long as you're wearing the Floro Sprout, you'll get through
the scanner A-OK. Enter the door.

You'll end up in a very regal room. Flipping shows you can blow up the floor
with Boomer near each of these paintings, so do so, to all four. Now, using 
Thoreau, hit the ! blocks to match the color of the portrait above them, so in
order from left to right: Black, White, Blue, Red. There's also an Ultra Shroom
in the ? block in the first hole - take it, then save in fourth hole. When 
you're done, enter the door that appears. 

Inside is the long-awaited one we've wanted to see. The one and only King 
Croacus, who we, of course, are going to have to fight and kill. Let's have fun 
with it - remember kids, killing flowers is the right thing to do!

%                                        %
%                                        % 
% Max HP: 50                             %
% Attack: 2                              % 
%                                        %   
% Attacks:                               %
%                                        %
% -Using his head against you            %
% -Using smaller flowers against you     %


Quite possibly an easier fight than the Fracktail Battle, all you need to do is
use Thoreau to grab the head when his face is exposed, and toss it at the other

That's it. 
...until he sheds his body. This is usually a common theme among bosses, isn't
it? "Fight me until I feel the need to shed my outer skin and we can pretend
that never happened, because I clearly didn't feel like trying the first 
time"? Yeah.


% Attacks:                               %
%                                        %
% -Using his spiky head                  %
% -Generally throwing his head around    %
% -Tossing razors                        %

Well, it's still easy, just wait for the head to become exposed and you can
grab a razor or his head, and throw one at each other, and he'll take damage. 

Once he's all done, he'll wilt and fall to the ground, and our battle is over.


Once you've defeated him, a group of Floro Sapiens will run in, saddened by 
the death of their King. They'll briefly mourn him and tell you of the damage
the Cragnons had done by polluting their water. 


And here's Flint Cragley.

He's going to settle everything by broadcasting to everyone that pollution is 
bad, and that you should stop. Problem solved - because Flint Cragley solves
every problem, or so it seems, right? 


Well, the Floro Sapiens aren't at TOO P-O'd you just killed their favorite
king, so they'll give you the sixth Pure Heart.

Rah rah. Now let's get out of here.




Watch the scene here. Do you feel bad for O'Chunks? Ha.

This love story is getting very in-depth now. As one tells the other of their
traditions and wishes are to be made on stars, one wish is not made. It seems
one is content with what they have, and it seems two are very happy together.
But who are they? 

Okay, so Tippi is back on track here. But from what? A memory perhaps? Wait, 
do I sense an important link between some things previously not linked? Quite

For now another Heart Pillar needs to be found. After the void grows, head to

Find Nolrem's house and flip to access a path similar to the one in Flipside. 
Follow it. Once here, use Cudge to break the block here and access a pipe. 
Enter it.

When you reach the sign down here, flip and follow the path to the other side.
Use Dottie to shrink and fit under the pass at the end. The block on the far
left is breakable, so hit it with Cudge to reveal a switch that you should 
press. Use the Heart Pillar that appears.

A few things before pressing on to chapter 6.

It should be noted that on the second floor of Flopside, one can speak to a man
named Welderburg if they flip and move to the far left. He'll build a pipe
leading from Flopside to Flipside for a price of 300 coins. 

Also, if you enter the Café on Flopside B1, and flip, you can find a GOLD CARD
to access a special game at the Flipside Arcade, which is located at the Café
in Flipside B1, if you forgot.

And, in Flopside B1, you can flip just in front of the Café to find a small 
waterway leading to a man named Flimm. He sells maps. Once you've beaten the
game, map buying is a good hobby to take up and it'll lead you to a good bunch
of treasures.

Well, with that, we can move on to Chapter 6 now.

CHAPTER 6 (G460)

CHAPTER 6-1 (G461) 


Do you remember the chapter where you had to pay back Mimi, 2-3? Well, this
Chapter may be cut even shorter than that.

At any rate, move on to face the first Sammer Guy. His name is Jade Blooper,
and he'll force you to fight him. After you win the quick battle, King Sammer
will explain what's going on here - this is the Duel of 100, where you must
best his other 99 Sammer Guys. Well, good luck.


Actually, you're not, um, REALLY fighting all 100 Sammer Guys right now. For
now, just fight the first 9, use boomer on the tenth enemy, and then continue
to plow your way through them until you beat the 20th Sammer Guy (note along 
your way the names of said Sammer Guys, as there are some cool cameos you might
catch on to). 

The 20th Sammer Guy is fairly tough, so good luck to you. I suggest using 
Boomer. Once you've beaten him, you're ready to move on. 

Or not.

As you can see in the background, the void is growing larger, and apparently
Bleck wants you to be aware of this, because we can't see it happening right
in front of us, right? And, just to throw this out there, he mentions Timpani.

Well, we now know of something that's going on in the conversation between 
chapters here, but why haven't we heard of him in the conversations?

Well, this situation is most unfortunate. Continue past the next five Sammer 
Guys - they won't fight you, so just pass them. Hit the STAR BLOCK to end this
mess, for now.

CHAPTER 6-2 (G462) 


The title of this chapter is not so promising, huh?

Begin by being greeted by King Sammer, who will give you, uh, the Pure Heart.

Take it, I guess.

Oh, darn, Mimi wasn't even able to scratch us with her bomb trap. Well, let's
fight her.


%            MINI-BOSS: MIMI             %       
% Max HP: 25                             %
% Attack: 2                              % 
%                                        %   
% Attacks:                               %
%                                        %
% -Circle of Rubees around her           %
% -Throwing Rubees at you                %
% -Shower of Rubees                      %

God, I hate this battle. It's annoying, and actually quite challenging.

She may have low HP (which means you're going to want to Bowser stomp her to
death early) but her Rubee shield is going to annoy you for a while. I suggest
using Slim to avoid all of her attacks, and when she's done tossing them 
around, switch to Thoreau and hit her back. 

One really good strategy I use is if you use Carrie and Bowser together, you
can breathe fire as you jump, so you can take out Mimi's entire shield in one
or two jumps. 

This battle could be long, but just dodge all of her attacks, and hit her 
WHENEVER you get the chance, because there aren't that many. 


Once this is over, head off past Master Kickface, Soaring Cape, Yowling Yux, 
and Mystical Whistle.

And then, it's over. A shame you couldn't have done that faster.

End up in Flipside. After Tippi is done ranting about her memories, she'll
tell you to return. Do that, but go recover at the inn if you have to first,
as the Chapter 6 boss is coming up REAL soon. Like, if you stay on track,
let's call it 5 minutes.

Enter the dark blue door, again.

You will appear in emptiness. The world was taken by the void. Well, walk to 
the right, or just ride Carrie. That'd be quicker.
So now you're riding.
And riding.
Oh, jump over that thing coming out of the ground, ha.
Just keep riding.

Until you finally reach what looks like the Pure Heart, stuck in the ground. 
Well, let's take it, right?

Of course not. It's never that easy.

We know that laugh, or we should by now. It's the holly, jolly Mr. L!

Watch as he appears from nowhere to confront you. He swipes the Pure Heart and
insults your fashion. Tippi opens her big mouth and gets you in to a fight.

This'll be fun. Brobot comes bursting out of the wall, and it's better than 
before! Now it's got hands and feet. Great. He hops in and with that, it's time
for a real fight. And by real, I mean, um, not fake. Sure.

%           CHAPTER BOSS: MR. L          %   
%              BROBOT L-TYPE             % 
% Max HP: 64                             %
% Attack: 5                              % 
% Defense: 4                             %
% Defense against Fire: 8                %
%                                        %   
% Attacks:                               %
%                                        %
% -Firing giant seeker missiles          %
% -Firing eyebeams                       %
% -Sucking you in                        %
% -Firing a long laser                   % 
% -Firing smaller missiles               %
% -Hands and feet as weapons             % 

Well, this is actually an easy fight! Use Mario to flip and run up to him and
use Boomer - hitting his feet will cause some serious damage. 

Just keep using Boomer to hit his feet. Don't worry about taking damage from
the attacks he does, or by getting stomped. Just keep bombing him and he should
be done in 7-10 attacks to the feet.


Once he's over with, he'll make a mad dash out of here and leave behind the
petrified Pure Heart. 

With that in hand, let's get out of this void of nothingness.

(Oh, before leaving, Dimentio will dispose of Mr. L for us - he's now had his
game ended, supposedly, if you know what I mean.)



Watch the scene, which is quite interesting this time if you listen closely.

I do believe we can figure out who some of the very characters in this story
are. Who is Blumiere and who is Timpani? Why does Count Bleck know the name of
Timpani? Is Tippi really Timpani? Who does this make Count Bleck? These 
answers should be painfully obvious by now.
Back in Flipside, it's time to speak with Merlon. Head to his house. Once 
there, after a conversation cut short, Dimentio will kill you. Darn. That was
unexpected. Reactions?



You'll end up in a place a Shayde will call The Underwhere. We don't truly know
what's going on yet, so let's just move on.

The fountain up ahead can restore all of your health if you jump in. Save and 
enter the red door at the end of the path.

Move on to have an annoying little girl speak with you, and flip to pass the 
pipe. When you reach a fork in the road, take the right path first, then at the
second fork, go left. At the end, hit the yellow block in 3D to access a SUPER
SHROOM SHAKE. Enter the door here. 

The guy here is going to try and scam you by making you pay 4 coins to pass the
River Twygz. Don't bother. Instead, just jump right in to the river and swim 
across to the other side. The boat ride is much slower (AND you're losing four
precious coins). Enter the door here. 

Here, move past all the D-Men and speak with Queen Jaydes. Your conversation
will be interrupted by a telephone call. It seems someone has gone missing, and
she's asking you to find her. She'll give you A DOOR KEY and tell you we're 
looking for a Nimbi named Luvbi. Also a green man has fallen in to a river.
Great. Well, now that we have a key, where are we to put it? She mentioned 
someone falling in the River Twygz, so let's go back there.

Somehow, the creepy boat guy is here waiting for you. Again ignore him and take 
a swim. Let yourself sink to the bottom, at which time you should flip to find 
a hole in the ground, which, if you enter it, will lead to a locked door. Use
the key Jaydes gave you and enter the door. 

Yay, Zelda-esqe water draining puzzles. When you reach a dead end past a pipe, 
flip to see a cutout you should enter. Now, swim up to the top and push the 
block here off the ledge. Head back to the bottom. Pull the lever to drain the
water. Hop up off the block and pipe and up to some blocks. Smash them and fill
the room with water again. 

Swim all the way until you reach a dead end. Flip and you can reveal a path you
should take that leads to the left. Swim here until you reach another block. 
You can flip to get behind it and push this one off as well. Pull the lever 
again after pushing the block off. Swim back to the large room with the block 
at the bottom.

The block here is a ladder, so hit it to generate that. Flip here and we can
follow a new path that leads to a pipe and a door. Enter the pipe first. You
can flip here to reveal more coins, or just take what's there. Every other
block on the bottom plus the last one is also a coin block. Leave here and 
enter the door. 

Jump off the ledge and use the fountains here as footholds. After you jump off
of the third fountain, to a ledge, we're going to hear someone talking, or
groaning is more like it. Who is it?

It's Mr. L!

Nevermind, it's just Luigi. After speaking with him for a bit, and clearing up
some confusion, Luigi will be more than happy to join us.

PSST, GUYS, Mr. L was Luigi, you know? Right? 


Luigi can perform a Super Jump if you hold down on the D-Pad. If he hit's a 
ceiling, he'll smack in to it and fall. He's not Superman, so he can't bust 
through the ceiling. Move to the right before doing anything and flip to find a
LONG-LAST SHAKE behind a rock. Head in the other direction and when you get to 
the ledge with the door at the top, flip to find a DRY BONES CARD in a chest
located in an indentation in the wall. Switch to Luigi and use his super jump
to reach the door. Go in, head all the way back to the screen where you first
saw the annoying girl on the top of the pipe. (Oh, yeah, that was Luvbi.) 

So, go all the way to the left on that screen, and use Luigi to scale the pipes
here and reach an upper layer. Advance by flipping or super jumping. You'll 
eventually find a HAPPY FLOWER in one of the ? blocks. The final pipe is one 
you can enter, so do so to enter the background. Enter the pipe at the left to
appear in the background at the bottom. Here, enter the pipe to your right. 

Kill the enemy in this room to reveal a PEACH (3) CARD. Leave, returning all 
the way back to the first pipe we entered. Enter the door here. 

Who might that be, singing? Well, move on to find out. Flip here to easily pass
these pipes, and reach Luvbi - exactly who we were looking for. Tell her that
her name is LUVBI and you can make her leave. Head all the way back to Queen
Jaydes, where she will give you a revitalized Pure Heart. If you're all done
here, you can tell her you want to return to Flipside. 

Once back in Flipside, meet with Merlon and Tippi. We'll head back to his 
house. After a conversation we didn't see, Luigi introduces himself. Now that
that's over, we have to find a Heart Pillar for the revitalized Pure Heart. 
Head to Flopside.


Once here, go to Flopside's second floor where you should flip outside of 
Nolrem's house to reach the path leading to the other side. Enter the pipe. 
Once at the 1st Floor Outskirts, enter the pipe at the opposite end of the 

Use Cudge on the block here, if you want. Use Luigi to jump over the wall and 
use the Heart Pillar. Hey, what was that that slipped out of Tippi's mouth?
Blumiere? We know that name, don't we? Also, go through the pipe you passed.
In the second hole you find on this floor, jump through it to find a BARRY CARD
at the bottom. Head back to Flipside and enter the purple door!

CHAPTER 7 (G470)

CHAPTER 7-1 (G471) 


We're back in The Underwhere. Greeeat. Go back to Queen Jaydes, since you know
where she is. After you speak with her, Luvbi will appear. Accept Jaydes' offer
to return her to The Overthere and we can be on our way. Enter the door and hit
the STAR BLOCK inside.

CHAPTER 7-2 (G472) 


Enter the door up ahead after Tippi and Luvbi have their little discussion.

It's fairly dark here, so watch your step. Head right and follow Luvbi up. 
There's a mushroom in a ? block here. Take the spinning rectangle to reach the
other side, and continue up. Ride another set of those things, and continue up
again. A third set lay just ahead near a ? block with a coin inside. Ride it.
Drop down off to the side to find a DARK BOO card. Hop back up and follow Luvbi
further past another ? block with a Super Mushroom inside. 

Above you'll meet the first of the Sealed Doors Three, Dorguy the First. Use 
Tippi to identify him. The answers to his quiz are, in order, Queen Jaydes, 
Dorguy the First, and Six Times. Move on past him. Save here and you can enter
the door guarded by the D-Man after a bit of convincing. 

Inside we find our hideous, ugly, stomping, fire-breathing monster.

Oh, it's just Bowser. And he's kinda mad at you, though, he pretty much always
is, so we can't truly complain. 

%            MINI-BOSS: BOWSER          %
%                                       % 
% Max HP: 80                            %
% Attack: 8                             %
% Defense: 2                            %
%                                       %
% Attacks:                              %
%                                       %
% -Leaping on you                       %
% -Fire breath                          %
% -Charging at you                      %                   

Use Carrie to jump on him.
That's it.


After he's done for, Bowser will be rejoining your party. 


Once you get outside, the D-Man will give you a DOOR KEY to the locked door
right here. Open it and head in. 

Use Bowser to light up the way and help yourself out. As you ascend, be on the
lookout for a pipe on the righthand side that leads to a LOAD of coins. But be 
quick about getting them, because they disappear. At the top you'll meet Dorguy
the Second.

His questions are a little tougher. You actually have to pay attention. His 
questions, in order:

How many red objects were there? 
How many triangles were there?
What color were the moving objects?
What number question is this? (The answer is always 4)
What shape was the most plentiful?

Once that's over, head inside.

Head in to the heart door on the right. Speak to the old hag on the right and
accept her quest. Get the DIET BOOK from the D-Man she sends you to and bring 
it back to her. She'll reward you with a DOOR KEY that unlocks the door just
outside. Go through it. 

Follow the path until you reach Dorguy the Third. DO NOT SPEAK WITH HIM UNTIL

He'll sick a monster on you. Great.



%          MINI-BOSS: UNDERCHOMP        %
%                                       % 
% Max HP: ~20 each                      %
% Attack: 3+                            %
%                                       %
% Attacks:                              %
%                                       % 
% -"Attacking"                          %            

Hey, are you all finally ready to take my advice? Use Pixl --> Thudley every 
time with Bowser and you're almost guaranteed to win, really. Take out the 
chomps one at a time. 

If you need to use an item, do so by using item --> (item) to recover.

Oh, if you did decide to complete the Piccolo side quest before reaching this
battle, use Pixl --> Piccolo to put the Underchomp to sleep first, making this
fight even easier.

Good luck, it's not that hard considering you're doing double double damage.


Once he's gone, advance past Dorguy the Third to the STAR BLOCK. 

CHAPTER 7-3 (G473) 


You'll begin on Stair 1 of the stairs of Overthere Stair to reach The 
Overthere. Pleasant. Up we go! 

There's a Super Mushroom in the center ? block above, so take it. 

When you reach the cloud 13 (I'll be referring to the numbers on the clouds),
use Luigi's super jump to reach cloud 14. Flip at the far left of cloud 14 to
find some blocks to hit and you can use to ascend to the cloud above. Head 
right to find a big cloud you can use to bounce up. Do that, then head right to
cloud 19 to find another that does the same. Bounce up to cloud 20 and enter 
the door.

There are Zombie Shrooms in nearly every ? block here, however one contains a 
FAST FLOWER. Take it if you want, and kill the Zombie Shrooms to make some 
money. Move up to the cloud above and head right to cloud 22 where you can 
bounce off of a bouncy cloud here to reach cloud 24, which has another bouncy
cloud you can use to reach cloud 25. Don't bounce yet - head all the way to the
right to find a chest with a RAWBUS CARD. Now go back and bounce up to a cloud
which, if you head right, leads to cloud 27. Head past cloud 28 and bounce off
the cloud here which leads to a cloud 29. Take the moving platform to reach
cloud 30, where you can enter the door. 

Take the bouncy cloud here up, and head right (and down a little) to cloud 33.
Enter the door here. Use Thudley to take a blue apple if you want - they'll 
heal some HP for you. Once you're back on Stair 3, head up past cloud 35
and 36, grab a mushroom in one of the boxes, and continue on to cloud 37. Here,
flip to find a long row of ? blocks. Cross them (they all contain coins, if you
want any). Head down past cloud 38 and use the bouncy cloud to reach cloud 39. 
Enter the door on cloud 40.

Head right here to cloud 44, where you can climb up on top of solid blocks, and
reach a bouncy cloud. Use it to reach a door. Enter it. Inside are red apples 
and a HAPPY FLOWER. Once you reach the apple tree with the red apples, you can
NOT USE IT. Leave back to stair 4. Drop all the way down to the beginning. Head
up to cloud 42 and ride the platform up. Inside this door is Peach, but she's
fast asleep, so don't bother right now. Instead, go left, following another
platform. The chest here has a SHROOM SHAKE inside. Go right and use the bouncy
cloud to reach cloud 48. The sign says there's yellow fruit around, but we 
don't need yellow fruit. So head all the way to the right and enter the door
on cloud 50. 

Directly to the left is a door with pink fruit. We don't want that. So start
climbing. Use Luigi to reach the cloud above. Head right and you'll find, on
cloud 52, a mushroom and a coin block. Inside here are a load of enemies, so
don't bother. Go up the platform here to reach cloud 53. Flip and follow the
path to a door you should enter. Take as many as you want but DO NOT EAT ONE
OF THEM, KEEP IT AND DO NOT USE IT. This fruit will wake Peach. Leave stair 5
and head all the way back to stair 4 on cloud 43. 

Once on cloud 43, enter and give Peach the black fruit. 


Head back to stair 5.

Here, climb up to the left using Luigi. Bounce off of the bouncy cloud. Once 
on cloud 54, use Peach to glide across to cloud 55. Use the bouncy cloud here
to get up to a series of bouncy clouds. Get all the way up to cloud 60 and 
enter the door. 

Head all the way to the left to find a Super Mushroom in a box. Ascend the 
platforms here. Use the arches as footholds to reach a bouncy cloud which will
send you to cloud 67. Use the platform here to reach cloud 68, which holds a 
chest that contains a LONG-LAST SHAKE. Take it and go up on the platform past
cloud 68 to reach some pillars. Cross them and use Luigi to ascend to cloud 69
which contains a THUNDER RAGE in a chest to the far right. Enter the door on
cloud 70, just above.

On stair 7 here, you'll come to a point where you see two ? blocks. Flip to 
find a third which contains a Super Mushroom. Continue to the right and use the
bouncy cloud here. Use Luigi, once you land, to ascend to another bouncy cloud
which will send you up to cloud 73. Cross the pillars here to reach cloud 74,
where a platform will carry you across a gap. The chest just above contains a
LIFE SHROOM. Take it and go through the open building here to reach Cyrrus, a
cloud who would like to get larger. It just so happens that we have a red 
apple which will make him grow huge. Feed him the red apple (if you don't have
one, even though I told you to keep one, you can bop a switch to the left which
will take you back to stair 4, where you can go find one). Once he grows huge,
bounce upon him to fly SO HIGH, you enter space. Once you land, we'll be 
exactly where we want to be - the end of Stair 7. Flip to find coins behind the
pillars. Enter the door here on cloud 80, where we will finally end up on a
cloud with a sign. It reads:

"Here Endeth Overthere Stair

The Overthere is Over There"

Great, let's use Peach now to glide across the gap here. Doing so will lead you
to a building that finally has our STAR BLOCK. Yay. 

CHAPTER 7-4 (G474) 



SEC. 1 - First, go right and reach a cloud that moves up and down. Use Luigi to
reach it and then find another cloud that moves left and right. Ahead, fall
down to reach a ? block with a FAST FLOWER. Take the door to the right. 

SEC. 2 - Save the Nimbi here and he'll give you a DOOR KEY. Don't bother going
further in this sector, it leads to a dead end. Head back to sector 1.

SEC. 1 - Head up the platform, and this time, cross the gap on the left-right 
cloud and enter the locked door here.

SEC. 3 - Pass the locked door and the save block here to reach a dimensional
block. Hit it, and flip to reach a coin. Use Peach to climb across this gap and
reach a man frozen in ice. Free him with Bowser and he'll return to a building 
we crossed here and allow you to use it as an elevator. Take it up. If you ever
fall and want to use it again, talk to the wife and she'll have him descend for
you. Free the frozen Nimbis up here and enter the door at the end of the path. 

SEC. 4 - Free everyone here and the Nimbi in back, Whibbi, will give you a DOOR
KEY. Return to sector 3.

SEC. 3 - Open the locked door we saw at the beginning, next to the pillar.

SEC. 5 - Fall in the hole here to reach a pipe, which inside, contains many 
coins if you flip. Ascend using Luigi to reach a SKELLOBIT CARD and a 
SKELLOBOMBER CARD. Leave here through the pipe. Once out, use Luigi to return 
to the surface. Head to the upper-left here to find a door. Enter it.

SEC. 6 - Up ahead and above are 2 ? blocks, one with a mushroom. Flip just 
after the entrance to find a path. Follow it and take the long overdue MEGA
STAR inside the ? block here. Do your duties you've probably longed to do since
chapter 5, and at the end flip again to reach a restroom with Yebbi inside. 
When he asks who it is, tell him you're a monster. He'll emerge and give you 
the YELLOW ORB. Head back to sector 5.

SEC. 5 - At the lower right, use the transport thingamajig to reach a building.
Don't enter it - inside is a sleeping man who won't do much for you right now.
Instead, flip and go behind this building and enter the door there, which leads
to sector 7.

SEC. 7 - Use Peach to cross the gap. You'll find Rebbi just ahead, battling 
baddies. Beat them all down and speak to Rebbi. He'll give you the red orb. On
your way back, fall in to the gap and speak with a Nimbi in a chest - he'll 
give you an ULTRA SHROOM SHAKE. Head out of here to Sector 5.

SEC. 5 - From here, enter the door you came from. 

SEC. 3 - Enter the door to the left, back to sector 1. 

SEC. 1 - Go below to head back to sector 2.

SEC. 2 - Go to the end of the path on the ground. Eventually, you can find some
? blocks with a Zombie Shroom, PAL PILLS, and a Super Mushroom. Use Luigi to
ascend all the way to the end and meet Blubi. Speak to him a few times and 
he'll eventually give you the BLUE ORB. Return to sector 1.

SEC. 1 - Up to sector 3. 

SEC. 3 - Ride the elevator up to sector 4. Talk to the wife and he'll descend
if he was already at the top.

SEC. 4 - Get on the platform at the end of the path and place all three orbs.
Cross the new rainbow bridge. Enter the door.

In here, advance a bit and you'll be halted by an enemy. He'll call in all of
his troops, but you'll be reinforced by Rebbi and his huge army of Nimbis. 
Watch the epic scene between everyone, and when they charge, move forward. Use
Cudge to kill all of the enemies, or just jump over them. At the staircase, 
flip and head left for a SPIKY SKELLOBIT CARD. Ascend the stairs, take the
Ultra Shroom, save, and go in for a big battle.

Inside is Grambi, whom we've waited to see for quite a white. But who is this
speaking in the background? It's our next chapter boss, who reveals some 
stunning secrets. Apparently, Luvbi isn't the real Nimbi we thought she was. 

Well, let's kill the beast.

%          CHAPTER BOSS: BONECHILL       %   
%                                        % 
% Max HP: 80                             %
% Attack: 4                              % 
%                                        %   
% Attacks:                               %
%                                        %
% -Ice breath                            %
% -Icicles on the ceiling                %
% -Ice bullets                           %

This fight is really only an annoyance, if anything. First of all, his primary
strategy is to move back and forth and shoot icicles at you with the cannon 
he's mounted on. Just bounce on these to dispose of them. Try to avoid his ice
breath as best you can as well.

You have two primary methods of attack that you can use against Bonechill, so
it's completely your call which you plan to use.

First of all, you can wait for icicles on the ceiling to fall and use Thoreau
to throw them at his head (the only place he takes damage) and try to kill him
like that.

If not, you could use Luigi's super jump to pound in to his head over and over.

Either way, you're going to be getting close to him, so watch for the ice 
bullets he's always trying to hit you with. You CAN pick them up with Thoreau,
but it's a tad difficult, and it's not worth it.

Remember if you're going to work with the icicle strategy that if another 
icicle or an ice bullet comes in to contact with it, it will shatter and you
have to find another one.

In my opinion, it's totally more worth it to use Luigi's super jump. By now you
should be doing at least 12 damage to his head each hit, and if you're good,
can hit him again as you peel off the ceiling. Again, though it's your call.

You have to be quick and good at dodging to get out of this battle easiest. 


After you've bested Bonechill, he'll fall apart and Luvbi will return with
Grambi. Watch the scene here, and Luvbi will transform in to your final Pure
Heart. Watch your Pixls dance in joy, you've got it!

All eight Pure Hearts! Hooray!






Watch the very interesting scene here.

A dark book? Have you all figured out just what's going on yet? Well, someone
opened the book, and it was Count Bleck. Then why are we hearing of Blumiere?
And what of Timpani? I thought Tippi was the one who we call Timpani? And of 
Nastasia's outrageous comment of Lord Blumiere? I thought this was a love story
between Timpani and Blumiere, but wait, is it so that there's a connection

You'll head to Merlon's house with the gang all here and after the discussion,
we can head out and find the final Heart Pillar.

Head to Flopside and follow the path outside Nolrem's house. Head all the way 
to the right to find a Heart Pillar. Set the Pure Heart in and head to Flopside
Tower to enter Castle Bleck. You should probably stock up on recovery items and
take a nap at the inn before you move on.

When you're ready, enter the black door. 

CHAPTER 8 (G480)

CHAPTER 8-1 (G481) 


I'm just going to hint you this: Blumiere is who you think he is, and Timpani
is who you think she is. Though it should have been painfully obvious for a
while now.

Flip to enter Castle Bleck.

Cross through this room preferably on Carrie since she can protect you from the
spikes on the Koopatrol's heads. Watch out for the Maglibots tossing globs at 
you - avoid those things they're throwing. Enter the door at the end. 

In here, flip to avoid the Boomerang Bros.. The first door leads to a dead end,
so take the staircase up to reach a second door you should enter.

Remember Mister Is? They were in chapter 2, and they still die the same way, 
just flip and run around them to dizzy 'em up. There's also a Red I in here, 
which does more damage than the regular Mister I. There's a door above - use
Luigi to reach it and go inside. 

Here, go left and use Luigi to scale the wall here and reach two chests with a
STOP WATCH and a LONG-LAST SHAKE. Now scale the wall on the right. Use Peach to
cross the gap here. Enter the pipe.

At the end of this long hallway is a CASTLE BLECK KEY. Take it back to the room
before the one with the pipe and enter the locked door there.

Use Bowser's flames to dispose of the Dull Bones here, as well as the Cursyas 
up ahead (there'll be two, remember not to touch them). Ahead of those, and 
past some Magikoopas on broomsticks, you'll encounter a Gawbus. Use Fleep to
spin it around and crush it's glowing ball with Bowser. Enter the door at the

Ascend the staircase here in 3D to avoid the Fire Bros. Past this is a series
of lit flames. Use this to your advantage as you pass to the next room. Also,
take the Ultra Shroom in the box. Enter the door here.

Save, and light the torches in the same pattern they were lit in the previous
room - from the left, the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th torches should be lit. A staircase
will appear, and it's huge. Climb it to flip and reach a door leading to 

Bowser steps up to the plate to go head-to-head with him. Fun! Let's do it up
and chunk him. One more time, for good measure.

%          MINI-BOSS: O'CHUNKS          %
%                                       % 
% Max HP: 100                           %
% Attack: 4                             %
%                                       %
% Attacks:                              %
%                                       %
% -Leaping on you                       %
% -Grabbing you and throwing you around %
% -Charging at you                      % 
% -Farting up and smashing in to the    %
%  ground                               %

You HAVE to fight O'Chunks with Bowser, so good luck.

Stomp on him, is really all I can say, considering he's considerably larger
than usual. Thudley + Bowser = double double damage, I keep telling you, and it
really works. You can end this battle very quickly with a few well timed jumps,
and some good evasive action. If you don't feel confident in dodging, use 
Slim to avoid his quicker attacks.


Once you're done with this, the ceiling will fall. After O'Chunks saves you
all, watch them argue over who should leave, and when the door outside doesn't
budge, everyone will move on. Well, Bowser's down for the count as of now. 


The STAR BLOCK is just ahead. 

CHAPTER 8-2 (G482) 


Listen to them talk, then enter the door on the far right past the Cursya, Red 
I, Blastboxers, and Zoing-Oings.

In the next room is, uh, Merlon.

Speak with him and he'll force you to hit the block floating in front of him. 
This is of course, not Merlon. It's Mimi. So after you land in the trap and 
Mimi is all happy, it's time for us to get out.

Blow up the wall with Boomer and head to the other side. Entering the pipe will 
tell you the pipe on the far left leads somewhere, so let's shift this one over
to the left. To do that, let's enter the LEFT door. 

Flip to pass the firebars here and hit the red switch twice. Head back to the
pipe and enter it.

In the boxes here we have, in order, a COURAGE SHELL, a CASTLE BLECK KEY, and
a LIFE SHROOM. Take what tickles your fancy (but take the key for sure) and 
flip to find a hole to drop through. Drop. Don't hit the block again, instead
unlock the door and go inside. 

They've caught on to our plan, damn. Now the Hammer Bros. can flip and attack
us there too. I still suggest passing in 3D, as there's more of a wider area 
for you to move around in to avoid their attacks. The door halfway up leads 
outside, where you'll find a Reversya Cursya, a Heavy Cursya, and a Cursya.
Pass all these annoying things and flip to find a path you can take to reach an
ULTRA SHROOM SHAKE. Take it and return to the staircase, and enter the room at
the top. 

All three shrooms here are traps. The third hole contains, when flipped, a 
Chromeba holding a CASTLE BLECK KEY. The others have nothing, but you can take
the shrooms if you want. With the key in hand, save ahead and unlock the door
to reach, uh, Merlee. 


Well, she's going to ask you three questions. (PSST: THIS IS REALLY MIMI IN 
answer honestly and stuff, to what you REALLY want to see. And yeah, if you 
answer "Francis", she'll really put him in the third room. So, if you've got
this burning desire to see Francis again, be my guest.

After you pass the third room, you'll reach a very angry Mimi. Well, Peach is
angry too, so now they're going to battle. Catfight, woo. 

%            MINI-BOSS: MIMI             %       
% Max HP: ??                             %
% Attack: 4                              % 
%                                        %   
% Attacks:                               %
%                                        %
% -Throwing and/or pooping Rubees at you %
% -Shower of Rubees from the ground      %
% -Spinning as if she was a razor        %

You'll win this battle the same way you have before. Use Thoreau to grab the
Rubees she throws and use them against her. When she's briefly dizzy, bop her
on the head with a good jump to force her to shed a leg.

Her razor attack is easily avoided by holding down and shielding against it, as
are all of her attacks.

Hit her to shed all of her legs and this battle is won. 

The battle could take a while, though since the rubees cause a whole 4 damage
whenever you touch them, so try really hard to avoid those at all costs, 
especially when they pertrude from the ground.

I personally think this battle is harder than the final battle, but it may be
different in your eyes. Good luck, because this one's a toughie.

Also note she gets faster as the battle progresses.


Once she's done, there'll be another tremor. Peach is ready to help Mimi, but 
when she refuses, well, we're locked out again. I hate to say it, but that's
two down and two to go. 


Press on to the STAR BLOCK ahead. 

CHAPTER 8-3 (G483) 


The first ? block here contains a FAST FLOWER, the second PAL PILLS, and the
third a SLOW FLOWER. Take what you want, use 'em up and kill the Underwhere 
baddies here and move on to the next room.

Remember Pigarithms? Well, this is a Hogarithm. They're worse. Kill all three 
Hogarithms here or else you can't pass through the door. The next room is quite
possibly the most annoying one in a long time.

In here, find the mirror that does not shine. You can flip to enter that hole
in the wall. Also, the Longadiles here are some of the most annoying beasts 
you'll meet, so kill them at all costs. Cudge is reccomended. Once on the other
side of the wall, to the far right is an ICE STORM, and to the far left, a 
CASTLE BLECK KEY. Enter the locked door outside and to the right.

Hit a block here for a much-needed mushroom. Flip here and enter the gap in
between the two staircases. Enter the door at the end. 

Using Tippi to find which block to bop with Luigi, hit the third one from the
left. In the next room, hit the center block. Enter that door. 

In this room, hit the third block and enter the new door (on the right). The
one in the center leads you to a useless room filled with Red Chomps. 

Have the Maglibots gotten annoying yet? Anyways, in this room, hit the blocks 
in this order: Middle, Right, Left. Grab the CASTLE BLECK KEY and go all the 
way back out to the staircase we flipped at. Ascend it and open the door at the
top. There's a HAPPY FLOWER in a ? block on the way if you want that as well.

This room really, really sucks. You need to flip and follow the arrows in the
correct order to allow the door to let you pass. Here's where to go in order: 

1. Jump to the platform directly in front of you.
2. Jump down off of the right side. 
3. Go under the platform you see here.
4. Use Luigi, once on the right side, to jump on top of the platform.
5. Use Luigi to jump to the platform above and to the right.
6. Leap off of the right edge towards the door.

Now you can open the door here and leave.

More mirrors, yay! Keep going until a hole is found. Enter to find LOADS of 
Dimentio clones. Jump and jump and jump over them to reach, to your left in a
chest a THUNDER RAGE and in a ? block a Super Mushroom, which you may have 
trouble finding in the mess. Stand on the ? block for about 10 seconds before
dropping and quickly jumping to the left (finding many of the Dimentio clones
went chasing after you) and open the chest to find a CASTLE BLECK KEY and 
another Super Mushroom in the ? block. Oh, the Dimentio clones are coming back 
to escort you out. Let them do that and flip to exit and enter the door at the
far right of this room. (Also, back in the room with the Dimentio clones, it is
possible to hammer them all away. What do you get from it? Nothing but a good 
feeling that you just killed off 100 or so bad guys without taking any damage,

Well, we're in the clear because the Star Block is in the next room, right?

Oh, nevermind, Dimentio is here too. 


%          MINI-BOSS: DIMENTIO          %
%                                       % 
% Max HP: ??                            %
% Attack: 4?                            %
%                                       %
% Attacks:                              %
%                                       %  
% -Forcing you to play tag with him     %
% -Duplication of himself               %
% -Tossing magic spheres at you         %
% -Generally flying in to you           % 
% -Creating explosion boxes             %

To win this, you need to use Fleep to flip the rifts in each place the rift
warps you to.

So, let's play magic tag. Flip this rift and let's go. 

Lineland: Well, unlike the first time we were here, there is a HUGE DIMENSIONAL
VOID in the background. The rift is to the far right near the door out of this
area. Also note you can still nab the HAPPY FLOWER from the ? block where it 
was the first time around.

Merlee's Mansion: The rift is at the safe where you found the 1,000,000 rubees.

Tile Pool: Just move to the left a little. There's also a HAPPY FLOWER and a
mushroom on the way, which you may want since we actually have to fight 
Dimentio when magic tag is over with.

Outer Space: Move to the right until you find it. 

Gap of Crag: Move to the right and flip to get to the level below (take either
the SLOW FLOWER or the FAST FLOWER if you want, also a mushroom is in one of 
these ? blocks). 

Sammer's Kingdom Void: Use Carrie to go right and right until you find the

The Underwhere: Where Dorguy the First is. The mushrooms are still in the ? 
blocks here as well, so take some if you need them, because we're fighting 
Dimentio right after we leave here. 

Back at Castle Bleck, Dimentio will tell you of his plans to betray Count 
Bleck. He's been helping you all along.

Well, then he's going to pull a Hooktail and offer you a ton of stuff to have 
you join his side and take down the Count. If you say yes to a few of his 
offers, even after being advised not to by Tippi, he even throws in the stupid
scent one at the end. It's not as bad as taking a whiff of the old dragon's 
feet, but at any rate, refuse all of his offers, because if you don't, 
he'll plant a sprout on your head, and it's game over.

We'll then fight him for real, when Luigi stands up to his taunting. I'm loving
his similies: Like an unseen dodgeball in a gymnasium. Ha.

Well, the fight is fairly easy. No Pixls and no Mario, so it's straight out 
dodging and jumping. The fight is quite easy, so I doubt you'll need much
guidance. Remember, as well, that your super jump will pierce through him even
from the bottom AND will cause double damage.

After you've won, Dimentio will attempt to end the games of both himself and


What happened we don't know, so all we can do now is move on to the STAR BLOCK
just ahead, and proceed to the final chapter.

CHAPTER 8-4 (G484) 


If the title wasn't glaringly obvious, maybe I should just come out and tell 


This section is extremely annoying and confusing at times, so be ready for 

Grab the mushrooms here and move on to the next room.

In here, use Tippi to reveal a door.

Cross the chasms ahead on the vertically moving platforms. When you get stuck 
at a wall of some kind, flip to pass it. There's an Ultra Shroom in a ? block
high up at the end of this. Enter the door at the end of this.

In here, when you reach a large, immobile platform, flip to enter a pipe. In 
the new room, you can use Dottie to reach a hole in 3D that you can't even see
since it's so dark, but at least the ground helps us out. At the end is a chest
with a CASTLE BLECK KEY inside. Take it and leave out through the pipe. At the
end of this room, open the locked door.

In this next room are Mega Muths, annoying monsters you can either kill for big
points, by throwing them in to each other with Thoreau, or avoiding them and
entering the next room.

Which happens to be the first of many rooms that'll really tick you off. 
Flip and find out why. Doesn't this look fun? There's a SHOOTING STAR all the
way in the final hall (hall or corridor refers to the long columns in between
the walls, and when numbered (first hall, second hall, etc.) from left to 
right). The third hall contains some Hogarithms if you want some coins. 
The second hall, the one with the Soopa Strikers, is useless. The fourth 
corridor, the one loaded with Cursyas, is the one with the exit. Use it.

The first corridor here has a passageway you can take to a Red I if you want,
but there's nothing else there. By keeping left in all of the passageways you
find on the first corridor, however, you will eventually reach a door. Enter

At the end of the first hall here is a passing way to the second hall (it's
not at the very end, about 3 arches prior to it). Somewhere in this maze is an
ULTRA SHROOM SHAKE, if you can find it after entering the second hall. Find 
the corridor with the Skellobits - that's the one with the door out of this 
maze of halls.

Ascend the staircase here and take the shroom and save, Count Bleck awaits us
in the next room. 

Count Bleck will, after all 8 chapters, finally tell you that Tippi is, in 
fact, Timpani. Count Bleck is Blumiere. Now we know why Bleck has chosen to 
allow the events foretold in the Prognosticus to occur.

%                 PHASE 1               % 
% Max HP: INVINCIBLE                    %
% Attack: 3                             %
%                                       %
% Attacks:                              %
%                                       %  
% -Throwing magic globs                 %

After the speech, you'll find you can't damage Bleck. This always happens in 
the final battle of a Paper Mario game - remember Bowser and, erm, the final 
boss in The Thousand-Year Door? Well, we still can't damage him, so just hop on
him a few times and watch another cutscene. His attacks aren't too difficult to
avoid. The Pure Hearts give us the power to hurt him now, after being reunited
with our party. 

%                 PHASE 2               % 
% Max HP: 150                           %
% Attack: 8                             %
%                                       %
% Attacks:                              %
%                                       %  
% -Throwing magic globs                 %
% -Making you slow                      %
% -Sucking you in using magic           % 
% -Stopping you and hitting you         %
% -Dashing at you                       %

This is a battle, just like Bonechill, won by Luigi. Use his super jump to
annihilate the count (from underneath him, of course). Just get under him and
super jump your way to victory.

As an alternative to this, use Bowser on Carrie to get around quickly and cause
big damage. Remember: Bowser can breathe fire while jumping on Carrie. 

His attacks are fairly straightforward: He's got a magic blob sort of move the
same as it was the first time, however now he's also supporting some more 
annoying moves. He can now perform a move that slows you down, similar to what
a Cursya does. When he does this (unless you've already beaten the Pit of 100 
Trials, in which case Dashell is a good choice to cancel out this attack) your
best bet is to try and stay as far away from the count as you can, and wait for
the spell to wear off before attacking.

Also, when he uses an attack that creates sort of a huge hole to absorb you,
your best bet is to button mash to get away from it.

He's also got an attack that I don't believe you can dodge - if you're close in
range to Bleck, he'll use a move that catches you in to a small void, spinning
you can causing about 8 damage. Again, I don't think you can avoid this, so try
to not get hit by this. 


Watch the cutscene here and we'll find that it's really Dimentio we have to 
worry about. Our final boss takes Luigi from us and creates a monster that 
we're going to have to take down. Let's do it.


%                 PHASE 1               % 
% Max HP: INVINCIBLE                    %
% Attack: ??                            %
%                                       %
% Attacks:                              %
%                                       %  
% -Hittting you in general              %
% -Targeting you for a punch            %

He's invincible. Jump on him once or twice to trigger a cutscene, where you 
will gain full health and enter the final battle. 

%                 PHASE 2               % 
% Max HP: 200                           %
% Attack: 6                             %
%                                       %
% Attacks:                              %
%                                       %  
% -Hittting you in general              %
% -Targeting you for a punch            %
% -Small white blinky squares           % 
% -Some sort of rapid-fire attack       %
% -Jumping on you [AVOID THIS!]         %

When you see a large target aiming for you, MOVE. He's trying to jump on you. 

As for the easiest way to win? Our famous Bowser/Thudley combo or a Bowser +
Carrie combo. With full HP at about 40 to 50, you shouldn't have to worry about
taking too much damage, so this final battle is easy if you use Bowser and jump
on him quite a bit.


After you've taken down Dimentio, cutscene ensues. As Dimentio makes his exit 
and the giant Luigi head explodes, Bleck will create a door for everyone to
exit through.

You'll appear in a chapel similar to the one you encountered if you had watched
the game's opening cutscene.

The love story that we've been seeing ends here. Timpani and Blumiere are 
finally ready to stop the evil that had been done. Watch as they ascend to the 
altar, and with that, the game's story has ended.

After the credits roll, you'll see a touching "The End" screen.

Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations - you've beaten Super Paper Mario.

...But there's still more to do!

*FAQ (G5)*

Q: Why can't I flip like the game says I can?
A: You don't get this power until the middle of chapter 1-1, when you meet a
wizard called Bestovious, and you can only do it as Mario.

Q: Why is there nothing at the bottom of the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials?
A: There is, but you need to complete it twice.

Q: Is there a Strange Sack-esque item in the game, to carry 20 items?
A: If there is, I haven't found it.

Q: What do I do if I want to find things after Tippi is gone?
A: Go to Fort Francis and enter his super secret lair - Francis will sell you 
Tiptron for 999 coins there.

Q: I'm stuck in a white void after Sammer's Kingdom was destroyed.
A: No you're not - just keep going to the right and you'll eventually meet 

Q: Where's the next Heart Pillar?
A: If you can't find it, read the Walkthrough or speak to the fortune teller in

Q: I'm running short on coins, how can I make some quickly?
A: Beat the Duel of 100 in chapter 6, the Pit of 100 Trials, etc. and sell your
cards you earn at the Flipside/Flopside card shops, as they go for big bucks.

Q: Who is the mysterious Mr. L?
A: Luigi.

Q: Why can Mario breathe on the planet in Chapter 4-2, but not in space in 4-1
and 4-3?
A: I don't know, atmosphere?

Q: How are there four different gravity forces going on at once in the Whoa
A: I don't know.



-PIT OF 100 TRIALS (G61)-

The Pit of 100 Trials is obviously the most prominent extra challenge one can
pursue and it is quite rewarding. 

The Flipside Pit is located in Flipside B2, underneath the Café level, and you
need to find the pathway in 3D leading to the switch above to open the gate
leading to it.

Beating the Flipside Pit will reward you with 9 Special Cards and Dashell, the
sprinting Pixl. You need to defeat WRACKTAIL on the 100th floor, however, whom
uses the same attack patterns as Fracktail - the only difference is their HP 
and attack power.

The Flopside Pit of 100 trials is even tougher and is located in the same place
the Flipside Pit was, except, it's location is flipped. In the Flopside Pit, 
all enemies are "dark" versions and have double attack and HP. 

Beating the Flopside Pit will reward you with 9 Special Cards and an additional
4 cards for beating the final boss, Shadoo.

-DUEL OF 100 (G62)-

Once you've beaten the game, one can return to Chapter 6 and actually attempt
to complete King Sammers' Duel of 100, where you can fight 100 Sammer Guys in
a series of 1-on-1 duels. 

Defeating all 100 Sammer Guys will reward you with 7 special cards.

-MAPS (G63)-

On Flopside level B1, you can flip and move past the Café and reach a small 
pathway of water leading to a man named Flimm, who will sell you maps.

On said maps, there will be a location and a red X on the map - using Fleep on
the location of the red X will reveal a prize. Sometimes the prizes are very 
good (Gold Bar x3) or maybe, not so good (Dried Shroom).


One can try to achieve a full collection of cards once the game has ended. Some
can be found in chests or by defeating challenges, others you'll need to use 
your catch cards to capture.


By experimenting with the chefs in both Flipside and Flopside, you can create
a variety of recipes. Scattered among the world are also data cards you can 
use on the DS Lite-esqe data processing centers within their kitchens.


In the Flipside Café, flip and walk all the way to the back to find a golden
pipe which leads to the Flipside Arcade. When you first enter, there are only
three games, however, there is a fourth, more rewarding, arcade game one can
play. To earn Hammer Whacker, the fourth game, head to the Flopside Café and 
flip and head back to the same place you found the golden pipe in the Flipside
Café. Here you'll find a couple of chests, one of which contains a Golden Card
that allows you to play that special game.




Howzit operates a number of stores.

FLIPSIDE: Just past the large elevator
FLOPSIDE: NOTSO's shop is located just past the large elevator as well. 
YOLD TOWN: Just near the entrance to the town.
OUTER SPACE: You can find Howzit's Twinkly Shop branch in Chapter 4-3.
DOWNTOWN OF CRAG: It's the only hut with a mushroom pasted on it.


You can find two card shops. There's one in Flipside that sells card bags and
Catch Cards, as well as one in Flopside that sells Caught Cards and Catch Card


Tinga and Inga operate the inns in Flipside and Flopside. 

Tinga's Inn allows you to, for five coins, refill your HP completely.

Inga's Inn, for a steeper price, allows you to refill your HP completely and
she serves you breakfast. Never take the Star package unless you specifically
want the Slimy Shroom she gives you, since the Flower package also gives you a
healing item that restores 10HP and cures poison.


After one obtains Dottie, the final mandatory Pixl, they can enter various tiny
shops scattered around the world that sell cooking ingredients.

FLIPSIDE/FLOPSIDE: In both B1 levels, flip to find a body of water you can 
enter. At the end you'll find a salesman and the shop.

BOGWOOD TREE: In chapter 3-3, you'll find a shop at the base of the tree.

DOWNTOWN OF CRAG: Look near the bridge to find it.


In Flipside, you can speak to Merluvlee in her Fortune Booth (to the far
right of level 2) and for a price, she'll gladly tell you, in detail, what you
should be doing.


On the far left of level 2 on Flopside, speak with Merlee and she'll give you 
a charm, for a price. After you've completed the Piccolo sidequest, you can
earn a free charm from her. 


In underground Flipside and Flopside 2nd floor, you can find Welderburg. For a
price, he'll build pipes for you that leads from one place to another. The 1st
pipe leads from 2nd floor Flipside to B1 Flipside, the other leads from 
Flipside to Flopside.


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