Card FAQ by Wii306

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Table of Contents:

I) Introduction
    A) What are Cards?
    B) Card Shops
    C) Catch Cards
II) List of cards
    A) Enemy Cards
    B) Character Cards
III) Card Tips/Tricks
IV) Contact Information
V) Future Updates/Coming Soon
VI) Legal Info


I) Introduction

     This guide is for Super Paper Mario for the Wii. It lists all of the 
cards that can be collected in the game, along with their in-game descriptions 
and how they can be obtained. Use CTRL+F and search for the name or number of 
any card you're looking for to navigate this guide easily.

     So what exactly are cards? They are collectible items that constitute 
most of the treasures in Super Paper Mario. With 256 cards in total, they 
easily make up the largest, most time-consuming collection quest in the game. 
The cards provide usually humorous fun facts about all of the enemies and 
characters in the game. For the most part, they are just fun to collect, but 
the enemy cards have added utility: Your attack power is multiplied by one plus
the number of enemy cards you possess, so one card will give you double attack 
against that certain type of enemy, two cards will give you triple, and so on. 
These cards are especially useful when you want to take on the game's extra 
challenges, namely the Pits of 100 Trials and the 100 Sammer Guy Challenge. 
The cards can also be sold for coins, and some are quite valuable.

     There are two card shops in the game: one in Flipside, one in Flopside.
To get to the Flipside shop, go to Floor 1 and run all the way to the right. 
You should see a cracked wall; bomb it with Boomer (only accessible after 
Chapter 2). Flip to 3-D and walk through the newly formed hole to find the card
shop. Here, you will be able to buy card bags for 10 coins each, which give you
a single random card of varying rarity, and catch cards for 20 coins each (see 
below). The Flopside card shop is impossible to miss once you cross over to 
Flopside. There, you can buy caught cards, which are predetermined and pre-
labeled cards that have set prices (ranging from 10 to 500). You can also buy 
Catch Card SP's for 100 coins each. 

     Catch Cards will be your main method of acquiring enemy cards (unless 
you're like me and you just like to hang around the Caught Card shop). When you
use the near an enemy, you have a CHANCE of converting that enemy into a card 
that you can pick up. Catch Card SP's have a much greater chance of working 
successfully; I think they only fail against bosses and some invincible enemies
(Thwomps, Gnips, etc.). 

Now that you know the basics about cards, let's move on to the card list. 

II) List of Cards

All card descriptions will follow the following format:

#. Name		Rarity (*, **, or ***)
Max HP/Attack/Defense (Enemies only)
In-game Description
Other Info (will be marked as "Note:")
-Location (will be marked with a dash)
Selling Price (coming soon...)

IIA) Enemy Cards (1-196)

1. Goomba		*
This lowly goon is always getting stepped on. It isn't easy being a soft, 
mushroomy minion.

2. Dark Goomba		*
This Dark Goomba dwells in a certain secret pit.  It's shadowy, adorable, and 
oh so stompable.
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

3. Spiked Goomba	*
A Goomba with a spike strapped to its helmet. Head spikes: the ultimate in 
antistomping technology.

4. Dark Spiked Goomba	*
This spiky guy dwells in a certain pit. It may be dark, but it's not dim. Or 
is it...?
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

5.Paragoomba		*
A Goomba that has been through airborne training. One stomp and it's like it 
never went to flight school.

6. Dark Paragoomba	*
The Dark Paragoomba lives in a certain secret pit. Give it a friendly stomp to 
turn it into a Dark Goomba.
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

7. Gloomba		*
A Goomba that thrives in dank, depressing holes.  A strict all-mushroom diet 
makes this guy extra fungal.

8. Headbonk Goomba	*
A tenacious Goomba that'll headbonk anything in sight. Caution: head-bonking 
is a leading cause of headaches.

9. Dark Headbonk Goomba	*
Dark Headbonk Goombas live in a certain secret pit. They look like Dark 
Goombas, but they bonk!
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

10.Koopa Troopa		*
Koopa Troopas have always been causing trouble. When they get attacked, they 
retreat into their shells. Of course, there's nothing stopping you from kicking

11. Mega Koopa		*
This Koopa got a Mega Star. Not it's a mega problem. Don't look at it in 3-D, 
or it'll blow your mind!
-Reward for acquiring 150 shop points.

12. Dark Koopa		*
This guy dwells in a certain secret pit. Like a Koopa, but somehow...darker.
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

13. Koopatrol		*
The heavy-metal Koopatrol feels no remorse. It'll roll right over is own Koopa 
granny. But it's not well suited for aquatic operations.

14. Dark Koopatrol 	*
Dark Koopatrols dwell in a certain secret pit. Stomp them to turn them into... 
dark shells. Shocker!
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

15. Paratroopa		*
This Koopa Troopa breezed through flight school. A quick stom to the head will 
ground it. Forever.

16. Dark Paratroopa 	*
Dark Paratroopas defend a certain secret pit. You think they'll turn into Dark 
Koopas when stomped?...You'd be right.
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

17. Buzzy Beetle	*
This little guy is built to withstand anything. Even a Muth stampede wouldn't 
flatten it...Probably.

18. Spike Top		*
A Buzzy Beetle that's all spiked out and ready to go. Try to contorl your urge 
to stomp on it.

19. Dark Spike Top	*
It's a Dark Spike Top form a certain secret pit. Still cute, despite looking 
more noticeably evil.
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

20. Parabuzzy		*
Just look at this cute little Buzzy Beetle with wings! It'll lose its wings if 
you stomp on it. Of course, that would be totally heartless.

21. Spiky Parabuzzy	*
Not so cute anymore, is it? Wings! Spikes! Come on! You can't stomp it AND it's
hard to hammer. Brutal.

22. Stone Buzzy		*
It's a Buzzy Beetle with a rock-hard shell. You'll have to stomp it a few times
to crack it. You may feel a little guilty, but push through it.

23. Dark Stone Buzzy	*
It's a Dark Stone Buzzy from a certain secret pit. They look the same, but 
they're definitely  tougher.
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

24. Spiny		*
You DO NOT want to step on this razor-sharp baddie. They're born covered in 
spiny spines. This makes hugging a Spiny a little...awkward.

25. Dark Spiny		*
This Dark Spiny waddles in a certain secret pit. You can't see its beady little
eyes, but it's watching...
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

26. Lakitu		*
Lakitu chucks Spinys like coins at a Pianta parlor. What's its problem? Someone
made fun of its glasses.

27. Dull Bones		*
This undead Koopa wanders around with a blank stare. It's not too psyched about
being dead. It mostly throws bones out of sheer spite.

28. Dark Dull Bones	*
The Dark Dull Bones dwells in a certain secret pit. The bones it throws are 
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

29. Dry Bones		*
This resilient revenant won't rest in peace. Maybe it's its undying loyalty to 
Bowser. Or was it the pie it never had a chance to eat?

30. Hammer Bro		**
This elite Koopa has a hankering for hammers. It mnstly likes to sit up high 
and toss down hammers. One day, it'll take the carpentry world by storm.

31. Dark Hammer Bro	*
Dark Hammer Bros. terrorize a certain secret pit. Fear them! Fear them or be 
struck with flying mallets.
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

32. Boomerang Bro	**
This elite Koopa goes bananas for boomerangs. Unfortunately, they hurt when you
try to eat them.

33. Dark Boomering Bro	*
This Dark Boomerang Bro dwells in a certain secret pit. Is it all that smart to
throw boomerangs in dark?
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

34. Fire Bro		**
This elite Koopa has an unhealthy fireball fixation. However, it's a big hit at 
Koopa cookouts.

35. Dark Fire Bro	*
This Dark Fire Bro dwells in a certain secret pit. Are pitch-black fireballs 
even hot?
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

36. Magikoopa		**
This elite Koopa is an expert hexologist. It also has questionable taste in 

37. Dark Magikoopa	*
Dark Magikoopas dwell in a certain secret pit. Too bad you can't see its 
face... It's wearing contacts!
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

38. Koopa Striker	*
The Koopa Striker kicks for the love of the game. Its luxurious eyebrows are...
Wait a sec... GOOOAAAALLLL!

39. Toopa Striker	**
Toopa Strikers are true team players.  Watch out for the no-look shell-to-face 

40. Soopa Striker	*
It's the star player of the Koopa Kickers. it's even on the cover of Koopa 
Kleats magazine!

41. Dark Striker	*
Dark Strikers play in a certain secret pit. One red card too many, and they 
went to the dark side!
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

42. Clubba		*
This soldier would rather nap than face the front lines. Hauling that club 
around would make anyone tired.

43. Dark Clubba		*
This Dark Clubba stumbles around a certain secret pit. Dark Clubbas are still 
sleepy. Some things never change!
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

44. Squiglet		*
Awww...look at that adorable little Squiglet. So adorable under your foot. 

45. Squig		*
This nasty little guy needs to learn some manners. It spits rocks at people! 
Honestly, who does that?

46. Squog		*
For wild, feral animals, Squogs are pretty cute. That is, until you see them 

47. Squoinker		*
Squoinkers are proud to be pretty in pink. The polka dots are for extra 

48. Dark Squiglet	*
The Dark Squiglet dwells in a certain secret pit. Awwww, it spits oily black 
rocks! Adorable!
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

49. Sproing-Oing	*
Sproing-Oings split in three when they get stomped. The little critters can 
throw off your timing, so watch it!

50. Boing-Oing		*
The bouncing bully splits in three when you stomp it. Stomp your heart out 
before you get swarmed!

51. Zoing-Oing		*
This mad hopper splits in three when you stomp it. It's looking a little on the
pale side. 

52. Dark Sproing-Oing	*
The dark Sproing-Oing dwells in a certain secret pit. This one doesn't split 
and clone... Haha, actually it does. 
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

53. Boomboxer 		*
This music maven will assault you with bowel-busting bass! What's with the face
it makes when it rocks out?

54. Beepboxer		*
This angry audiophile deafens you with sound. Loves loud music, but hates 
explosions. Go figure.

55. Blastboxer		*
You're going to be blown away by this mighty rocker. This one hates explosions,
which is totally not metal. 

56. Dark Boomboxer	*
This Dark Boomboxer rocks out in a certain secret pit. It's sad not to see that
crazy face it makes...
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

57. Piranha Plant	*
This violent vine lurks in pipes, waiting for a snack. You'd be surly too if 
you lived in a pipe. 

58. Putrid Piranha	*
It's a poisonous Piranha Plant. As they say, every rose has its venomous bite. 
-Chapters 5-2, 5-3

59. Frost Piranha	*
Someone left this flower out in the winter cold. On the plus side, it can cool
beverages in a hurry.
-Chapter 7-1

60. Crazee Dayzee	*
Crazee Dayzees are cute, but they'll put you to sleep. But sleeping isn't 
really all that Crazee...
-Chapter 3-3

61. Amazy Dayzee	***
This bashful bloom will run off if you get too close. What makes it so Amazy, 
anyways? It seems more of a wallflower. 
-Chapter 5-2, Flipside Pit of 100 Trials

62. Dark Dayzee		**
Dark Dayzees sprout in a certain secret pit. Even in the dark... This flower's
got style!
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

63. Fuzzy		*
What dark and evil thoughts dwell in this beast's brain? And what's so fuzzy 
about it anyway? It doesn't look too cuddly. 

64. Pink Fuzzy 		*
If you had to be a fuzzy, pink wouldn't be a bad color. Still, no one's winning
any cuteness contests here. 

65. Dark Fuzzy		*
This Dark Fuzzy squirms in a certain secret pit. This one must have come from a
load of dark laundry...

66. Pokey		*
This cactus column wanders the desert wasteland. When it attacks, it hurls 
parts of itself at you. Literally. Which is kind of sad, really.

67. Poison Pokey	*
With prickles and poison, this baddie is double trouble. All it needs is a big
hug. Any volunteers?

68. Dark Pokey		*
This Dark Pokey teeters in a certain secret pit. It looks so serious when it 
wears black!
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

69. Cheep Cheep		*
These odd fish hurl themselves out of the water. For a fish, it's not the 
safest hobby. 
-Chapters 2-1, 3-2

70. Blooper		*
Bloopers love to laugh at other Blooper's bloopers. nobody wants to end up on 
the Blooper reel. 
-Chapter 3-2

71. Bittacuda		*
This big fish could feed an army! ...Or eat an army.
-Chapter 3-2

72. Jawbus		*
Count on a Jawbus to stick its neck out for you. ...Or at you. 

73. Rawbus		**
This nasty dino has always got to give you a jaw full. Flip to 3-D and check 
out its funny little limbs!

74. Dark Jawbus		*
This Dark Jawbus dwells in a certain secret pit. It was so nice to see its 
face. Now it's all shadow...
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

75. Gawbus		*
This thing is always sticking its neck in your business. It'll flounder around 
when it's waiting to be picked up. 

76. Spania		*
This horned beast will charge right at you. Stay light on your feet, or you'll
be skewered!

77. Dark Spania		*
This Dark Spania spins in a certain secret pit. Think of it, just spinning 
around in the darkness...
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

78. Cursya		*
This nasty critter will slow you down. It's just so easy to get lost in those 
dreamy eyes.

79. Back Cursya		*
This pest will send you back to Flipside. Then again, it's one way to cut down 
on your commute. 

80. Tech Cursya		*
This evil baddie can whip up a helping of instant amnesia. Just like that, and 
you can't flip between dimensions! You never know what you had until it's gone,

81. Heavy Cursya	*
This thing will hit you like a ton of bricks. You'll barely be able to hop a 
few inches off the ground. Take it from a distance. 

82. Reversya Cursya	*
Hit this thing and you'll lose all sense of direction. Don't be alarmed: 
everything will be backwards. But if you relax a little, you'll figure it out. 

83. Dark Cursya		*
Dark Cursyas live in a certain secret pit. Play the fun game and see which 
curse you'll get!
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

84. Dark Tech Cursya	*
This Dark Tech Cursya lurks in a certain secret pit. This is the last place I 
want to meet on of these guys...
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

85. Dark Heavy Cursya	*
This Dark Heavy Cursya lurks in a certain secret pit. Isn't it fun to guess 
which curse you'll get?
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

86. Dark Reversya Cursya*
This Dark Reversya Cursya lurks in a certain secret pit. You never know what 
curse you get until you touch it!
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

87. Swooper		*
Swoopers aren't so bad, they're just lonely. Strangely, they greet visitors by 
snacking on their heads. ...This could explain why they have no friends.

88. Cherbil		*
This odd floating beast strikes with sleepy gas. One whiff of that gas, and 
it's sweet dreams...

89. Ice Cherbil		*
This floating beast attackswith ferocious freezy gas. It loves blue raspberry 
snow cones...

90. Poison Cherbil	*
This floating beaset attacks with perilous poison gas. I hear it smells awful. 

91. Dark Cherbil	*
This odd gassy creature puffs itself up and explodes. They have sleepy, freezy,
and poison gas, so watch out!
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

92. Boo			*
These spooks only approach when your back is turned. They'd be awesome at "Red 
light, green light"! ...Except they bite you if they win. 

93. Dark Boo		*
This ghastly ghost hates being stared at. Unlike other Boos, it will turn 
around in front of you.

94. Dark Dark Boo	*
This Dark Dark Boo dwells in a certain secret pit. Dark sheets make it extra 
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

95. Atomic Boo		*
This gigantic Boo still hides when you look at it... Some say it's a gathering 
of many smaller Boos...

96. Growmeba		*
Growmebas copy themselves over and over and over. Just stomp the real one to 
make them all disappear.

97. Blomeba		*
This weird little guy can't stop copying itself. Try using an item to put them 
all out of their misery. 

98. Chromeba		*
This devious doppelganger loves to copy itself. Stomp them all before the 
problem multiplies!
-Chaper 8-2

99. Dark Growmeba	*
This Dark Growmeba lurks in a certain secret pit. Which one's real?! Gah, it's
very hard to tell.
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

100. Mister I		*
It's an eye. A big, juicy, unblinking, ever-watching eye. ...Gross.

101. Red I		*
This big, red eye looks a little irritated. It must not be getting much sleep 
these days. 

102. Chain Chomp	*
Chain Chomps are more bark than bite. But that's not much comfort for the 

103. Red Chomp		**
This bright red breed isn't very well-behaved. That probably rules out winning 
best of show.

104. The Underchomp	**
The three Dorguys command this special reed of Chomp. In off-hours, they like 
to practice their comedy act. 

105. Dark Chomp		*
This Dark Chomp makes its home in a certain secret pit. Who's a good boy?! 
Who's a dark, evil boy! Yes you are!
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

106. Bald Cleft		*
This hardheaded minion is easily mistaken for a rock. It'll turn around if it 
bumps into a wall. If hit with an explosion, its Defense drops to 0.

107. Moon Cleft		*
It's an evil mineral that looks just like a rock. That is, until it's too late!

108. Dark Cleft		*
This Dark Cleft dwells in a certain secret pit. You'd have to really try to 
mistake it for a rock...
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

109. Shlurp		*
This hungry beast really sucks...stuff up! Bombs give it a bad case of 

110. Shlorp		*
It's a vacuum! It's a worm! It's both! Don't feed it bombs, or you'll ruin its 
supper. Forever. 

111. Dark Shlurp	*
The Dark Shlurp dwells in a certain secret pit. Now with the cleaning power of
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

112. Thwomp		**
This block-headed rocker really loves making pancakes. All that macho pounding 
must be a sign of insecurity. 
-Chapter 1-4

113. Spiny Tromp	**
It's a massive, rolling pinwheel of doom. If it keeps rolling, maybe it'll 
aerate someone's lawn.
-Chapter 1-2

114. Spiky Tromp	**
This bowling boulder rolls around in search of prey. Don't get caught under its
spikes, or you'll be tenderized. 
-Chapter 1-4

115. Bullet Bill	*
In our hearts, this monster is number one with a bullet. It does have a short 
fuse, though...

116. Bill Blaster	*
It's a big, burly cannon. Where do all those bullets come from?

117. Ruff Puff		*
This little thundercloud is darkening a sky near you! Looks a little like 
cotton candy, but don't bite!

118. Dark Ruff Puff	*
This Dark Ruff Puff floats in a certain secret pit. Dark thunder... Wow... 
That is so METAL!
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

119. Lava Bubble	*
Lava Bubbles always have a bounce to their step. But watch out: they've got 
fiery tempers. 
-Chapter 7-1

120. Tileoid G		*
These sticky creatures crawl along walls. They're like living, antigravity 

121. Tileoid B		*
This sticky beaset clings to any surface. Caution: it is not blue cotton candy.

122. Tileoid R		*
This gluey, gloppy animal will stick to any surface. Gluey and gloppy... not 
the best traits. 

123. Tileoid Y		*
This tenaciousy sticky beast slides along walls and ceilings. And it even 
doubles as an industrial adhesive!

124. Dark Tileoid	*
This Dark Tileoid scuttles around a certain secret pit. Yikes... This shadowy 
one is really though! 
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

125. Meowbomb		*
These feline robo-bombs get shot out of SurpriseMeows. Strangely, they don't 
mind getting blown to meowbits. 
-Chapter 3-4

126. PatrolMeow		*
This patrol puss is the hall monitor of Fort Francis. Ever vigilant...and flea
-Chapter 3-4

127. AirMeow		*
This AirMeow guards the skies over Fort Francis. It runs on a volatile mixture
of catnip and cooking oil. 
-Chapter 3-4

128. SurpriseMeow	*
It's the latest in feline firepower: a kitty cannon. Check out the visors 
they're sporting. Classy!
-Chapter 3-4  

129. BigMeow		**
These robotic cat servants are loyal to their master. They're not designed for
battle. But they aren't going to complain about it!

130. Meowmaid		*
No chore is a bore to this robotic housecleaner! She loves her master with 
endless devotion. ...Because he programmed her that way. 

131. SecuriMeow		**
No chore is a bore to this robotic housecleaner! This Meowmaid model can make 
advanced decisions. 

132. Jellien		*
Jelliens drift around the lonely ocean of space. Maybe they've discovered the 
best way to get around? Intergalactic jiggling: the newest form of space travel.

133. Foton		*
Fotons fire super-fast, superheated particles. Of course, they're big 
crowd-pleasers at parties.

134. Warpid		*
This space case warps around here and there. It won't bother you. Just let it 
do its thing. 

135. Eeligon		*
Eeligons slither through the murky bits of the cosmos. Hit them and they'll 
shrink faster than their egos. 

136. Hooligon		*
Hooligons live to wreak havoc in the depths of space. They blend into their 
habitat, waiting to attack. 

137. Dark Eeligon	*
This Dark Eeligon flies around a certain secret pit. So...this one's dark, but 
it's pretty much the same. 
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

138. Longator		*
Longators get in your face. They have no respect for your personal-space 

139. Longadile		*
Super-elastic Longadiles stretch out to slap you. It'd chap its hand on your 
face...if it had hands.

140. Dark Longator	*
This Dark Longator nests in a certain secret pit. It's just...weird. 

141. Barribad		*
A round enemy that wraps itself in a force field. Round face, square shield...
Triangle brain?

142. Sobarribad		*
A round enemy that wraps itself in a force field. Flip through dimensions to 
shred it like paper!
-Chapter 8-3

143. Dark Barribad	*
This Dark Barribad roams around a certain secret pit. It looks eerily similar 
to a flying bowling ball...
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

144. Pigarithm		*
??/2; Takes three stomps to beat
Stomp the piggy bank to get the golden goodness inside! Each time you stomp, 
the pig will get a little smaller. 

145. Hogarithm		*
??/2; Takes three stomps to beat
Hop on this hog and ride it all the way to the bank! Soooooooie!

146. Dark Pigarithm	*
??/6; Take three stomps to beat. 
This Dark Pigarithm wallows in a certain secret pit. It may look weird, but it
drops coins! Cha-ching!
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

147. Choppa		*
Check out this aerial alien's sweet midair tricks. It can appear and disappear
in a flash. Not even fair. 
-Chapter 4-2

148. Copta		*
This aerial alien has even sweeter midair maneuvers. You'll get dizzy just 
watching this thing. 

149. Dark Choppa	*
This Dark Choppa dwells in a certain secret pit. It's all shadowy now, but 
still very, very nervous.
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

150. Muth		**
Fear the wooly foot of the mighty Muth! It'll trample you just for looking at 
it wrong.
-Chapter 5-1

151. Mega Muth		*
This hairy Muth is even grumpier than its herd mates. Probably not the best 
choice for a petting zoo.
-Chapter 8-4

152. DarkMuth		*
Dark Muths stomp around a certain secret pit. Even in the dark, they still go 
with the herd. Fascinating.
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

153. Floro Sapien	*
Floro Sapiens serve their floral lord, King Croacus. Watch your head, because 
they'll throw theirs at you!
-Chapters 5-3, 5-4

154. Floro Cragnien	**
This poor Cragnon has been zombified by King Croacus. Don't eat on it, or 
you'll lose some serious points.
-Chapter 5-4

155. Ninjoe		*
Only the wind whispers the name of Ninjoe. Give him enough money, and he'll be
your ninja minion.
-Chapter 6, Flipside Pit of 100 Trials

156. Ninjohn		*
Ninjohn is an assassin from King Sammer's kingdom. He really knows how to hurl
a mean throwing star.
-Chapter 6, Flipside Pit of 100 Trials

157. Ninjerry		*
Never mess with Ninjerry. He is a true ninja master! Of course, shape-shifting
like that isn't exactly fair. 
-Chapter 6, Flipside Pit of 100 Trials

158. Dark Ninjoe	*
This Dark Ninjoe creeps around a certain secret pit. They move at the speed of
DEADLY. Roundhouse kick!
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

159. Underhand		**
This white-gloved weirdo will reach out and grab you. You can't beat it, and 
it's creepy, so just steer clear. Just be glad it isn't inspecting your room.

160. Skellobit		*
Skellobits roam the dark pits of The Underwhere. Their spears make them pretty
much unstompable. 

161. Spiky Skellobit	*
This fiend infests the dank depths of The Underwhere. Smack it from the side, 
because you can't stomp it!

162. Dark Skellobit	*
Dark Skellobits dwell in a certain secret pit. ...And that's about it. 
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

163. Dark Spiky Skellobit*
Dark Spiky Skellobits dwell in a certain secret pit. It's got spikes... Other 
than that, not much else going on. 
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

164. Skelloboomer	*
This airborne ghoul rules the foul skies of The Underwhere. It'll mostly try 
to impale you with Skellobits. It'll also throw its own head at you. That's 
hard core. 

165. Skellobait		*
Skellobombers use these guys as ammo. Their icy breath can cause freezebite. 

166. Spiky Skellobait	*
It's a Spiky Skellobait. Like a Skellobait, but spikier. You can't stomp it or
throw it, so don't try. Just use a Skellbomber's head, why don't you?

167. Red Magiblot	*
This spellslinging stain can warp anywhere it wants. It's red, but what is it 
so embarrassed about?

168. Blue Magiblot	*
This spellslinging stasin curses like a...Magiblot. It's blue. Maybe it's not 
easy being a Magiblot.

169. Yellow Magiblot	*
This spellslinging stain is the enemy of fun. It's yellow. But it doesn't seem 
to be afraid of you!

170. Dark Magiblot	*
This Dark Magiblot dwells in a certain secret pit. Wandering in the dark has 
made it extra crabby.
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

171. Megabite		**
4/1; only takes 1 point of damage
This disembodied head really knows how to ruin a picnic. Lay low until it finds
someone else to terrorize. 
-Randomly appears in most chapters

172. Gigabite		**
6/2; Only takes 1 point of damage
The best policy: keep away from angry, floating heads. This thing will not 
leave you alone. Be warned!

173. Dark Megabite	**
8/4; Only ever takes 1 damage
The Dark Megabite dwells in a certain secret pit. This thing just wants to end
you. That's all.
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials

174. Dark Mario		***
It's Mario's dark-power doppelganger! One of the last foes in the Flopside Pit
of 100 Trials. 
-Complete the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials twice.

175. Dark Luigi		***
It's a dark duplicate of Luigi! One of the last foes in the Flopside Pit of 100
-Complete the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials twice. 

176. Dark Peach		***
It's a dark duplicate of Peach! One of the last foes in the Flopside Pit of 100
-Complete the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials twice.

177. Dark Bowser	***
It's a dark duplicate of Bowser! One of the last foes in the Flopside Pit of 
100 Trials.
-Complete the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials twice.

178. Zombie Shroom	**
It's a Zombie Shroom. They pop out of ? Blocks. It may like a snack, but it'll
snack on you!
-Various levels (5-4, 7-3...)

179. Ghoul Shroom	**
Ghoul Shrooms sometimes pop out of ? Blocks. What went wrong in that Shroom's 
-Chapter 8

180. Fracktail		**
Fracktail valiantly guarded the pure Heart in Yold Ruins. That is, until 
Dimentio fried his processor.

181. Wracktail		**
The baddest baddie in the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials. He may fight like 
Fracktail, but he's 100 
times stronger. 

182. Frackle 		*
This bot defends Fracktail from foreign invaders. In off-hours, it relaxes on 
Fracktail's back... 
-Chaper 1-4

183. Wrackle		**
This bot defends Wracktail from foreign invaders. It was made long ago, so 
its warranty has expired.
-Flipside Pit of 100 Trials

184. Big Blooper	**
It's a giant, ten-tentacled squid! That's right...ten. How'd it get so big? 
Must be something in the water. 

185. Francis		**
Francis totally nerds our for rare collectibles. He takes geek chic to a 
totally new level.

186. King Croacus	**
King Croacus cares about making the world beautiful. Too bad polluted water 
has made him insane. 

187. Bonechill		**
Tremble before the frosty lord of The Underwhere! Bonechill's minty-fresh 
breath will freeze you solid!

188. Count Bleck	***
This top-hatted villain is bent on ending the world! Fun fact: he was once 
known as Count Blumiere. 

189. Nastasia		***
Nastasia is Count Bleck's executive assistant. She's in charge of scheduling, 
organizing, and brain control. Word is, she's got a secret crush on her boss. 

190. O'Chunks		**
It's O'Chunks, the count's hulking, wild-eyed henchman! Word is, the count 
saved his life. Now he owes him big. 

191. Mimi		**
It's Mimi, the adorable, yet slightly unstable shape-shifter! Word is, she has
a crush on Count Bleck. 

192. Mr. L		**
So...who's this mysterious Mr. L character? Is this what the Prognosticus 

193. Brobot		**
This is Mr. L's hovering, head-shaped robot. He must have tricked it out with 
all kinds of weapons. I guess that means Mr. L is a pretty awesome inventor, 

194. Brobot L-type	**
This is a souped-up version of Mr. L's robot. It looks like he went all out 
with the customizations. Too bad they don't help much!

195. Dimentio		**
Dimentio is Count Bleck's dimension-bending mercenary. The question is, do 
psycho jesters get good benefits?

196. Super Dimentio	***
This monstrous clown was created by Dimentio. He used Luigi and the Chaos Heart
to create it. In the end, it was no match for the power of love. 

IIB) Character Cards (197-256)

197. Merlon		**
This wizend old sage is a descendant of the Ancients. He helps Mario to decode
the Light Prognosticus. 

198. Nolrem		**
This is Merlon's dimensional counterpart in Flopside. He is also a descendant 
of the Ancients. 

199. Merluvlee		**
This fortune-teller with a wild laugh lives in Flipside. She uses the stars to
read your future. Sorta.

200. Merlee		**
This charmer uses the sun to work her magic. She is a descendant of the Tribe 
of Ancients. 

201. Bestovius		**
Bestovius taught Mario how to flip between dimensions. He talks about his beard
and floats all the time. Other than that, he's perfectly normal. 

202. Watchitt		**
Old Man Watchitt is the crotchety mayor of Yold Town. His job is to keep 
people from going to the ruins. You know, lawsuits and all that. WATCH IT!!!

203. Merlumina		**
She made a Pure Heart to stop the end of all worlds. She is an ancestor of 
Merlon and Bestovius. 

204. The InterNed	**
The InterNed knows all... and also moonlights as a game-show host. 
-Flip to the 3-D by the pool of water near the coffee house in Flipside B1. 
You'll see a treasure chest in a small alcove. Just hop across to claim the 
InterNed card. 

205. The InterChet	**
This owner of the arcade is a video-game savant. The arcade doesn't earn a lot
of money... He invented the InterNed. 
-In Flipside B1 Outskirts, you should see a wall lined with several arched 
fences. To get the card, simply flip to 3-D, walk through the hole in the 
middle of the wall, and open the treasure chest at the end of this hidden 
Note: This was the last card I got. =D

206. Welderburg		**
This guy will dig a pipe tunnel wherever you want to go. He's a real go-getter,
but sometimes he goes overboard. 

207. Red & Green	**
These brothers guard the bridges in Yold Town. Brothers will be brothers, even 
in strange dimensions. 

208. Gnip		*
This faithful guard pup spits out trespassers. Being spit out is better than 
the alternative...

209. Gnaw		**
This mean mutt snacks on trespassers and spits 'em out. Nobody fights for 
scraps with this big dog. 

210. Squirps		**
This funky space kid drops some crazy outer-space lingo. His full name is 
Squirp Korogaline Squirpina!

211. Flint Cragley	**
It's the star of "Flint Cragley, Cragtrotter"! His show is a smash hit on 

212. Hornfels & Monzo	**
These two Cragnons are Flint Cragley's assistants. Sadly, he doesn't treat 
them with proper crag. 

213. King Sammer	**
This overexcitable king hosts the Duel of 100! Martial-arts tournaments tickle
his fancy. 

214. Sammer Guy		**
This is one of King Sammer's legendary 100 Sammer Guys. They're pretty 
sensitive about their honor. 

215. Small Sammer Guy	*
This diminutive Sammer Guy fights in the Duel of 100. He's small, wily, and 
not above smacking your shins!

216. Big Sammer Guy	*
This Big Sammer Guy fights in the Duel of 100. Too bad there aren't weight 
divisions in the Duel of 100...

217. Luvbi		**
This spunky Nimbi was raised by Grambi and Jaydes. She is actually a Pure 
Heart who saved the world. 

218. Jaydes		**
This dark queen rules over The Underwhere. Her magic controls life... And game 

219. Grambi		**
This elder Nimbi rules The Overthere. He deeply cares for Luvbi and misses her

220. Whacka		***
This odd guy sprouts pastries when whacked on the head. Sadly, his kind is on 
the verge of extinction. Please headwhack in moderation. 
-Acquire 300 Shop Points. 

221. Mario		***
Our hero is so busy he barely has time to wax his 'stache! He's always leaping
between worlds to save the day. 
Note: As long as you have a single copy of this card, Mario's attack his 
doubled, and you have access to unlimited 3-D. 
-Beat the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials twice.

222. Luigi		***
The mean green bro is here again to back up his brother. He's got a vertical 
jump like you wouldn't believe. 
Note: Doubles Luigi's attack.
-Beat the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials twice.

223. Peach (1)		***
Peach has this funny habit of getting kidnapped... But that parasol of hers is
stylish and functional!
Note: Doubles Peach's attack.
-Beat the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials twice.

224. Peach (2)		**
Peach is looking fabulous in her white wedding gown! It was conjured with 
magic, but who designed it?

225. Peach (3)		**
Peach is sporting a fresh and breezy new hairstyle! It's perfect for the 
princess with an active lifestyle!

226. Bowser (1)		***
Mario's mean-spirited rival needs no introduction. He's not too happy about 
having to help out Mario. 
Note: Doubles Bowser's attack. 
-Beat the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials twice. 

227. Bowser (2)		**
There's Bowser looking dapper in a white tux! Pity the minion that had to wax 
his shell...

228. Tippi		***
It's Tippi, your friendly...friend. And guide. Her name was Timpani before 
Merlon turned her into a Pixl. 
-Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 10

229. Thoreau		***
This handy Pixl can pick things up and hurl them. He's very...handy.
-Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 20

230. Boomer		***
This Pixl has an appetite for demolition. "You build it, I blast it." That's 
his motto.
-Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 30

231. Slim		***
This sidestepping Pixl can turn you sideways in a snap. Slim likes close calls
and hair-raising experiences. 
-Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 40

232. Thudley		***
This former wrestling-star Pixl can pound the ground. A hip replacement kept 
him out of high-end competition.
-Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 50

233. Carrie		***
This platform Pixl will go where no other Pixl can. But she will only help 
heroes that are on her wavelength. 
-Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 60

234. Fleep		***
This flippy Pixl is really good at finding hidden goodies. Without you, he 
never would have left that outhouse...
-Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 70

235. Cudge		***
This hard-hitting Pixl can shatter yellow blocks. But he's a real people Pixl.
-Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 80

236. Dottie		***
This puny Pixl can micro-size you. Sometimes, less is more! More or less...
-Flipside Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 90

237. Barry		***
This impenetrable Pixl repels enemy attacks. He waited in a bush for a hero to
-In Flopside B2 Outskirts (the room with the invisible moving blocks, before 
the pit of 100 trials), drop into one of the holes in the ground to find a 
hidden room. The Barry card is contained in a treasure chest at the bottom.

238. Dashell		***
This former track star brings some Pixl pep to your party. You could say he has
wheels, but...he doesn't.
-Flopside Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 10

239. Piccolo		***
This pitch-perfect Pixl plays the most melodious tunes. She lived in Flopside 
before joining your ragtag group.
-Go to Flopside B1 Outskirts, near the heart pillar that requires Luigi's 
super jump to access. Jump onto the wall blocking the heart pillar, then 
switch to Mario and Flip to 3D. You will be able to walk through a hole in 
the background wall. There you'll find the treasure chest containing the 
Piccolo card.

240. Tiptron		**
Francis made this 1:1-scale robotic replica of Tippi. It's the ultimate rare 
collectible. Plus, it features realistic Tippi action!

241. Goombario		***
Mario and Goombario go way back to Paper Mario. Enemies suffer when he uses 
his head.
-Flospide Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 20

242. Kooper		***
This is Mario's good buddy Kooper from Paper Mario. His Power Sell move was, 
and is, a thing of beauty. 
-Flospide Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 30

243. Bombette		***
Bombette was Paper Mario's bombastic starlet. Who knew a pink Bob-omb could 
pack such a punch?
-Flospide Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 40

244. Parakarry		***
Parakarry earned his fame from the original Paper Mario. He's the most fearsome
mail carrier of them all!
-Flospide Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 50

245. Bow		***
This is Mario's good buddy Bow from Paper Mario. The mistress of Boo Mansion 
slapped foes with panache!
-Flospide Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 60

246. Watt		***
This is Mario's good buddy Watt from Paper Mario. This guy was pretty bright 
for his age!
-Flospide Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 70

247. Sushie		***
It's Sushie, the unfortunately named star of Paper Mario. Being fishy doesn't 
always have to be a bad thing.
-Flospide Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 80

248. Lakilester		***
This is Mario's good buddy Lakilester from Paper Mario. He played it cool in 
shades as he flew you over lava.
-Flospide Pit of 100 Trials, Floor 90

249. Goombella		***
It's Goombella from the last Paper Mario adventure. This extra-spunky 
university student knew it all. 
-Complete the 100 Sammer Guy Challenge in Chapter 6 after beating the game.

250. Koops		***
It's Koops from the last Paper Mario adventure. Kicking some shell never felt 
so good. 
-Complete the 100 Sammer Guy Challenge. 

251. Madame Flurrie	***
It's Madame Flurrie from the last Paper Mario adventure. The most Rubenesque 
Mario companion ever?
-Complete the 100 Sammer Guy Challenge.

252. Yoshi		***
It's Yoshi from the last Paper Mario adventure. This scrappy Yoshi was the only
way to travel!
-Complete the 100 Sammer Guy Challenge.

253. Vivian		***
It's Vivian from the last Paper Mario adventure. She was a great friend once 
she split from her sisters. 
-Complete the 100 Sammer Guy Challenge.

254. Admiral Bobbery	***
It's Admiral Bobbery from the last Paper Mario adventure. This salty dog knew 
how to blast his enemies broadside!
-Complete the 100 Sammer Guy Challenge.

255. Ms. Mowz		***
It's Ms. Mowz from the last Paper Mario adventure. This thief had a nose for 
rare badges. Great smoocher!
-Complete the 100 Sammer Guy Challenge.

256. Toad		**
This loyal subject comes from a very distant dimension. Many people in that 
world have strange head spots. 
-Buy from the Flopside Card Shop. (I have not found this card anywhere else, 
at least. Don't worry; it's pretty common at the shop.)

III) Card Tips/Tricks

-The Amazy Dayzee Easy Money Trick:
Short on cash? This trick can be done easily as long as you have 100 coins to 
invest. Go to the Flopside Card Shop and buy as many Catch Card SP's as you 
can. Then travel to chapter 5-2. Head all the way to the door on the far right
of the first room, then enter the door farthest to the right in this second 
room. Cross the chasm as Mario and flip to 3-D. You should see an Amazy Dayzee
nearby. Walk up to it and, before it can run away, use your Catch Card SP. From
my experience, you will catch the Amazy Dayzee 100% of the time. Exit the stage
using your warp pipe, and repeat until you have used up all of your catch 
cards. Then return to the Flopside Card Shop and sell your newly acquired cards
for 300 coins each. (You can only sell 3 at a time, so buy some caught cards, 
maps, or tokens before selling more cards.) Buy 10 more Catch Card SP's and 
repeat. Easy, unlimited cash! (Some people recommend using Catch Cards because 
they are cheaper and claim that they work 100% of the time as well, but 5 out 
of 5 normal Catch Cards have failed for me. A 200-coin profit is still well 
worth the time.)

-Some people claim that repeatedly tapping the "2" button will increase the 
chance of a Catch Card being effective. This is UNCONFIRMED by me; I have 
easily caught various enemies without touching the Wii Remote.

IV) Contact Information

Know something I don't? Noticed some mistakes? Got any questions? E-mail me at I will give credit as due, of course.

V) Future Updates/Coming Soon

-This guide would obviously be of much more use if I provided the locations of 
ALL of the enemies that can be caught as well as those of the treasure 
chests/maps that contain the cards that can not be obtained using a catch card.
I will be making a second run through the game to take note of all of the 
enemies found in each chapter and all of the cards found from maps and treasure
chests. (Updates won't come quickly, but the guide will definitely be mostly 
complete eventually.) I will also be adding the price that each card can be 
sold for at the card shop with my next update.

If anybody has anything to add to the Tips and Tricks section, that would be 
greatly appreciated. 

VI) Legal Info

This guide is copyright 2007 by Allan Phan (Wii306).

It may only appear on GameFAQs ( and may not be 
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal use.