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Can't place my furniture?

I'm married and I have a baby. My house has been leveled all 5 times. I have lots more room to put furniture but whenever I click on am item to place in the room a box pops up that say "can't place furniture" by accident I took out my phone and I need to order some flax seeds to upgrade my ruckasack again. What do I do?! I've looked for an answer everywhere and can't find any!

Kelseynicole94 provided additional details:

Hahaha it worked I took out on of my chairs and was able to put my phone in. I don't know why I didn't think of it in the first place =] thank you for your help!

Accepted Answer

Crystal_Almasy answered:

Try removing a piece of furniture then placing your phone. You might have to much furniture in your house, there is a limit to how much the places can hold. And just to be sure, your placing the object on an open spot right? Not a square that is red when your moving it around. I think if worst comes to worst, place your phone in another of your houses (I'm assuming you have more than one) and order your Flax from there.
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