Question from Wilnerk

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I get to mount gelato?

I am trying to get to mt gelato but that big rock thing is in the way nd it says the opening is too narrow to swing a hammer. What do I do?

Accepted Answer

From: RedGehenna 6 years ago

Ben's rainbow takes you there, not Colin's. But you need to complete Colin's rainbow in order to get Ben's badge, which lets you actually use Ben's rainbow to reach Mt. Gelato. Then, if your Hammer is at level 3 or better, you can smash the big rock blocking the path back to the Caramel River District.

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You cant go to gelato yet you have to finish the 3rd rainbow (Collin) Then he will make a rainbow to gelato Then you can smash the rock because its not narrow there

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