Question from brittstoddard

How do you move just one item not all?

I have 3 green herbs in my rucksack and they're taking up one spot, which they should be.. but i only want to move one green herb not all 3, how to i select just one?


raineaka answered:

No way as i can see.
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Kitteh_Luff answered:

Unfortunately, it's not possible
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Xnnaivea answered:

I FOUND A WAY AROUND IT!!!! though if done wrong can be troublesome.
If you want just one or so of that item to keep and the rest to ship do this.
1) Take the stacked object and hold it, then place it on the ground.
2) Quickly pick it up. *IF YOU DON'T IT WILL DISAPPEAR*
3) When it askes what you want to do with it (the two options being put it away or put it down) just press B, and it'll just stay in your hand
4) Go to the shipping box or storage box and put the rest of the items in the box. (when you exit out you'll still be holding that one)
5) Put the one that is still in your hands in your bag and transfer it into whatever container you wanted to store it in.
6) If you want more then one to keep them you'll have to repeat the process.

I really hope this helps all you Harvest Moon lovers =).
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