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House levels?

It might seem like a dumb question, but I have looked through the faqs. I'm kinda confused about how to increase the level of your house. Where do I go and what do I do? Maybe I haven't unlocked the right place to go or maybe haven't found it yet or sth. Thanks for the help, much appreciated =)

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newkillah answered:

You can talk to dale on his carpentry shop to upgrade your house. You'll need a lot of money though and materials like stones and woods. for you to obtain those, you have to chop trees and hammer big stones. You can cut and hammer even if your tools are level one. It just takes longer. so watch your stamina.
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anisbopo answered:

Dales Carpentry:Ganache Mine District. Do everything newkillah wrote. In order to make Gill tell you something(I already passed that, but I wont spoil it),you need to upgrade your house to level 2,and if youre married, you should upgrade it too.At Dales Carpentry you can buy furniture and remodel the outside and inside of your house,too.

You need to cut the trees that grow in your fields(not others) and stones,too.You can see how much you have recolected in the menu.Scroll to where the ranch icon is(where you view your status) and itll tell you how much fodder,feed,stone,wood...

Good Luck =)
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Basil_Evenstar answered:

You can upgrade your house to level 5. At level 4 it becomes a two story house. All this really does is allow you to place more items in the house. Only at level 5 can you place all cooking tools on the counter at the same time.
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gamer_girl666 answered:

Anisbopo is wrong. There is a little patch of land that is near Dals Carpentry that you can go to to cut down trees and break up boulders. It does take time and stamina. So if your married, save the lunches if you are going to go over there, the more you get the better.
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matthewdj_555 answered:

First of all you need to go to the carpenter which is in ganache mine district then talk to him to upgrade/rebuild then choose the house level then the summary at the bottom will show you the materials needed such as 37 lumbers and 34 stones, etc. then you need to collect them by breaking stones and cutting trees. after you completed the materials you will need to go there again with enough money then he will upgrade ur house in 2 days it will be finished already. there are 5 levels for house.
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