Question from Hinata98

seedling of hope?Jin?

I've talked to Jin everyday for a month and have gotten nothing from him.
do i need a certin heart lvl?

if anyone can help plz do

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modoku_san answered:

U talk to him and he say's it near the light house, then go to the light house and on the path u can see a little plant-like thing, then press A on it.
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DetroitDJ answered:

Jin doesn't give you anything, he just tells you where to go next.
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gamer_girl666 answered:

He does give you stuff.

3 Heart: Red Herb
3-4 Heart: Ask you to find a Root (I cant remember which one)
4 Heart: Health Elixer
4 Heart: Ask to go to Alan's Tree; Brownie Ranch
5 Heart: Ask for you to go to lunch (But only if you ask in the Mourning)
5 & up: He will ask you to the firefly festival, summer beach festival (the fireworks)
Then at 8 Hearts Hamiliton will come to your house and tell you about the Blue Bird. For me the blue bird didnt come for like 2-4 days after he told me about it.
If you want to ask Jin to Marry you, then you should do it at his work, early in the mourning is when I did it.
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