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When and where can i catch a saury?

I need it to complete colins rainbow. ive been fishing on gull island for days in winter and still can get it

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ZetsubouSensei answered:

You can get the Saury during Fall and Winter. And it's only found at Waffle Island Ocean; no where else.
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mister_jmp answered:

You can also get a Saury by befriending one of the cats. Once you get it up to four hearts it will bring you a Saury as a gift.
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Oreos12345 answered:

Fall and Winter by the beach on Waffle Island. On the Dock, On the Hook Beach, or on the beach in Caramell District. Which ever you choose. it might take a while, Or the like Mister_imp said, 4 hearts with the cat.
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