Question from poemrider

Asked: 4 years ago

Stamina restoration?

I need tofind a good food that restores a lot of stamina besides box lunches. anybody know anything good for that?

Accepted Answer

From: mister_jmp 4 years ago

Bodigizer XL is the best, which will recover 800 points of stamina.

From DJ's main guide in the {FTP} section:
'The best items for stamina recovery are Bodigizer XL, any type of Pizza or any type of Buckwheat dish (except for Cocktails or Chips). The best purchasable stamina recovery items are Bodigizer XL (520G from the Clinic), Southern Omelet (550G from Pineapple Inn) and Sweet Yam Cake (660G from the Fall/Winter markets).'

Mushrooms are convenient when mining because they are abundantly available (recover 50 points), but beware that if you eat 15 in one day you'll become drowsy and walk slowly. Bodigizer XL will also fully recover you from drowsiness, and herbs will help slightly for drowsiness.

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