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Asked: 6 years ago

Where is Alan's Tree?

Maya asked me out on a date, and to meet under Alan's Tree. Where the heck is this???

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From: Shiratzu 6 years ago

When you enter Brownie ranch, follow the road to the right. There will be a dirt path going uphill, and once you hit the top, go directly right. There's a large tree with a red flower under it, which is Alan's tree.

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Brownie ranch on the hill.

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Up at Brownie Ranch on top of a hill. And there is Alan's tree!

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At Brownie Ranch.When your on the horse track,go on the hill and that is Alan's Tree

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Alan's tree sits on a knoll (hill) that is somewhat behind the barn and coop in the Brownie Ranch district. If you need more clarification...
1) Enter the Brownie Ranch district
2) Walk or run allong the path that leads to the barn but DON'T go to the barn and coop area
3) There will be a fork in the road so you have to go straight
4) The path will curve but stay on it, you should be running beside a fence
5) When the fence stops and where it used to be there is the hill
6) Go up the hill around noonish and you will find Maya and she will confess her love to you! (Awwww!)

Hope all of this helps!!! :-D

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