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Where is the seedling of hope?

I am becoming quite frustrated. the mayor wont tell me whats going on about the sedling of hope. please help me.

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There are actually three seedlings you must deal with in order. To find the first, talk to Jin while he works at the Clinic. Then you head to the lighthouse to pick it up and plant it at the goddess spring in the middle of the old tree. It will die, then you talk to Calvin. He will then meet you on the 10th level of the Ganache Mine and hand you a seedling. Plant it at the goddess spring, and it will die too.

Then you should talk to Gill, who will direct you to the mayor. The mayor won't tell you anything unless you catch him at the bar (monday, wednesday, and saturday nights). When you do, the first two responses should ask about the seedling. After those, three more responses will come up. Ask them from top to bottom. The next day, run up to the church and find the key in the altar. Run to the mayor's house when he isn't home (the tracking function is great for this) and use the key on the door in his kitchen. You will find the true seedling, which you will plant again at the goddess spring.

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The seedling of hope is in the mayors backyard. First you talk to Jin, then Calvin then Gill and Gill will tell u to talk to his dad. BUT you can only talk to the mayor when he's in the Sunde Inn. Then the Mayor will tell you something and then u go to the church and press A once ur behind the table thing. Then go to the mayor's house (only go to the mayor's house when no one is there) then go to the kitchen and press A on the door.

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