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What happened to Ben's badge?

I found myself making my first Rainbow, Ben's, who is the blue Harvest Spirt, because he had the simplest one to me. When I finally had made the rainbow, he told me something about falling off the bridge in the Carmel River District, he thought that the badge that allowed me to walk on rainbows had dirfted out to sea and would now be on Gull Islands. When I went to talk to the boat guy (I can never remember his name, so I just call him Capitin or boat guy), he told me the waters were still to rough. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to make the Red Harvest Spirtes rainbow first or not, did that have any effect to what happened to Ben's badge? If not, then how do I find the badge?

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From: pixelblues 6 years ago

You must create Ben's Rainbow (#2), then Collin's Rainbow (#3). Collin will give you his own Badge right away. Cross Collin's Rainbow to East Gull Island to experience a brief event on the beach in which you will find Ben's Badge. Return Ben's Badge to Ben, and you will then be able to cross Ben's Rainbow to Mt. Gelato.

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You have to create the rainbows in order, you start with the Green one by the clock tower.

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The badge is on the gull islands. But, you must complete Collin's rainbow recipe on the gull islands to access east/west gull islands, the first time you enter, there will be a short event where you find the badge.

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