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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find a Saury?

Collin said it can be fished on the Gull Islands but I can't seem to get one! I mostly get Octupus and Halibut. So is there another place to get them or what? Help is greatly appreciated! ^_^

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You can find a saury only on the southen edge of the main island in the ocean. You can only find them, though, during the fall or winter. They are relatively common so you can find one pretty quickly if you fish there.

I hope that this helps.

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You can find a saury only during fall and winter but is easier to catch them during fall,I found mine at the sea close to the seaside plot.

Hope i helped

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1) Go to the end of the dock (by "on the hook") and cast your line.
2) Try it a couple of times and eventualy (though it will probabaly happen soon) you will end up with a saury.
By the way it can be caught in any season without snow (any season exept winter) and you can catch it in other locations too but the dock is your best bet. Hope this helps!!

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U can find Saurys at Gull Island OR at the ocean like the On Hook or if u live by the sea side u can just the fish there, But if u cant fish it, u can be friends with a cat, but u have to have 4 hearts on the cat, then the cat will bring u a Saury.

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I fished in the sea near the firewood by the seaside plot on winter 22. it was my 1st try and i caught it with a lvl2 regular fishing rod. hope that helps

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dude, I hear you! I was just recently looking for 1. I found one in the gull islands, or as everyone else said- you can find it at the pier near on the hook. XD

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