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What is the difference between silver and gold tools?

Do the tools serve different purposes for each type?

yoshipatrol asked for clarification:

What do you mean by better? I can understand the Axe and maybe the Fishing Rod but how would the Bug Net and Shovel improve?

LukePlayer asked for clarification:

With the shovel you said that it can dig up money...were do you dig to find money?

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ace_of_spades18 answered:

The silver net has a bigger radius, and the gold net has the same radius and lets you get closer to bugs before they run away.
The silver fishing rod has a lure that attracts fish easier, and the gold net attracts them like the silver one but they bite longer.
The silver axe never breaks, and the gold axe never breaks and cuts down trees faster.
The silver shovel increases money you get from magic rocks, and the gold shovel lets you plant bell trees.
The silver slingshot shoots two pellets, the gold slingshot shoots three.
I'm not sure about the watering can though.
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Phantom_Nook answered:

Silver does it better than original, and gold does even better than that.
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Allhailshadow answered:

Net= Slightly bigger.
Shovel= Can dig up money but not as often as gold
Watering can=Slightly larger range
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duran1975 answered:

Gold is unbreakable.
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AceRay87 answered:

Adding to what ace_of_spades18 said:

Silver Axes will never break. Golden Axes will also never break, and cut trees down much faster.
The Silver Net is a bit bigger than the normal net, while the golden net makes catching bugs 'a breeze' whilst being bigger than the Silver Net.
A Silver Shovel gives you a 10% chance for more bells when you're smacking rocks. The Golden Shovel allows you to plant Bell trees.
Silver Rods have better lures than normal rods, making fishing a bit easier. Golden Rods 'is a real fish magnet!' plus makes the fish hold onto the bait for a little bit longer.
The Silver Slingshot fires two pebbles instead of one, while the Golden Slingshot fires three.
The Silver Watering Can has a wider radius for sprinkling water and can restore wilted Red Turnips. The Golden can has no information revealed but is most likely to have the same attribute as the Golden Can in Wild World... the ability to create Golden Roses.
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