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Asked: 6 years ago

Empty genie lamp?

What is the empty lamp used for? Nook won't but it and i cannot figure ne thing else to do with it.

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From: phoenix08er 6 years ago

Look around town until the wisp finds you. He is looking for his lamp. After you give it to him, go to your attic (where you sleep). He will give you the option of getting a random funiture/clothing, or remove all weeds. There is a third choice, but I can't remember what it was.

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I think it may be for wisp but I'm not sure.

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I think the third option is to change you roof color.

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No the third option is smash all roaches now.

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this happened in my town just yesterday. The above instructions are correct.

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Where do you find the lamp?

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The lamp is always laying around somewhere in town, so just look on the ground, and pick it up.

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Umm, yes, you find the lamp, then in the night (12am-2am around) you find wisp in the town (he's a ghost) and when you give it to him, go to your attic at which you sleep and he will give out three choices:
-Remove all weeds in your town (Use this one when you time travelled)
-Crush all cockroaches in your house (Never pick this one)
-Give you a random and rare furniture or shirt ( I usually pick this one)

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