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What is the deal with Bell Trees?

I have a golden shovel, and I just want to know what I should do to get a bell tree.... like how much should I plant....

Kirbopolis provided additional details:

Ok... I'll try those.

Pellican116 asked for clarification:

well i burried 30k bells , and it didnt grow D; the more money the the chance of growing?, well im not so sure of that

Pellican116 asked for clarification:

hold on, i planted two, one was thirty one was 10.. grr. im sorry the 30k one is up and making me rich but now ..

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Undrhil answered:

A good tip for planting bells to be grown into a tree is to get the axe and cut down an existing tree and, when you pull up the stump, use that hole to plant the bells. This will ensure that the tree will grow: since there was a tree there before, that spot is a good tree spot. :)
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Th3M0dd3r answered:

100 bell bag? I believe thats what it was in GC Version.. or was it 1,000... Just try your luck.
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Axel700 answered:

Depending on how much you plant is what you get back, tripled. Say you put in 1000 bells in a hole, if the tree grows, you will get three 1000 bell bags.
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kfcsnacker answered:

If you bury a 100 bells it has a 2% chance of growing so the more money you bury the better the chance of getting a money tree but it is very risky
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Pellican116 answered:

I've got IT!, you gotta but 10k bells! trust me I just did it!
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REDxFALCOUN answered:

I discovered an amazingly crazy tip wich increases your chances... the minumim is 1000 bells, for a 1% chance. they increase by 1% for every thopusand bells.

Now, if you plant a tree and water it with the regular watering can, you increase chances by 1%

If you water it with a golden watering can, or when it's raining, your chances increase by 3%.

I don't know about a silver watering can, but probally 2% or something...

do that with 10,00 bell trees.
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AkSchultz answered:

1,000 bells is a 1% chance for 3,000 bells
10,000 bells is a 10% chance for 30,000 bells
30,000 bells is a 30% chance for 90,000 bells
50,000 bells is a 50% chance for 90,000 bells
80,000 bells is a 80% chance for 90.000 bells

The most money you can make from bell trees is 90,000 bells, so if you planted 100,000 bells, you would have 100% chance of getting a bell tree, but you would lose 10,000 bells.

Supposedly, watering your tree after you plant it will increase your chances depending on the type of watering can and the weather.

Watering Can increases by 1%
Silver Watering Can increases by 2%
Golden Watering Can increases by 3%
Watering when raining increases by 3%
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