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Help with Tom Nook and doing my work?

I have got a work uniform and started working for Tom Nook. However, I'm stuck now as every time I go into the shop to work, he says something like " don't fuss over it too much, just jot down something and come back speedily". What do I need to do? Many thanks.

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bosstoneman answered:

What it is he wants you is 1) write a letter to someone in your town or 2) write something on the board outside town hall. (im pretty sure its option 2)
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satangangsta answered:

Well the jobs you have to do for Nook is:
1. Introduce yourself to everyone including the Mayor.
2. Change into work clothes.
3. Plant flowers & saplings around town.
4. Deliver furniture.
5. Send mail to villager (Nook will say who).
6. Deliver Carpet.
7. Deliver watering can (To the villager you sent mail to).
8. Write something on the bulletin board.

So i think you're doing the 5th or 8th as they are only two where you have to write something.
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