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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I upgrade Nook's store?

What are the ways that I can upgrade his store?

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From: Axel700 6 years ago

To get the first upgrade, (Nook 'n' Go), you have to spend 25,000 bells in his store. To get the second upgrade, (Nookway), you have to spend 90,000 bells in the store. To get the third and final upgrade, (Nookington's), you must spend 240,000 bells at the store.

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Do you, like in the previous games, have to have someone from another town come purchase something in your store (Nookway) at least once for the final upgrade to happen?

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I believe that you do but I am not sure about it.

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well you have to spend money to upgrade his store and if you are just getting started you have to do what TOM NOOK wonts you to do for him. i just got it for wii and im in the {nook 'n' go} but on my DS i have the mall. so have fun! you will get it some time

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