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Joan and her red turnips?

Every time I want to get red turnips from Joan she says she is sold out even though she came to my town at exactly 6:00 am! When will she have them and how much are they?

Accepted Answer

Pasukaru answered:

If she does not have any red turnips, it means you've been timetraveling the last week (you changed to ingame clock). TTing also lowers the selling price for white turnips at Tom Nook, so think twice before taking your chances.
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An1maLCr0ssing2 answered:

They are usually 1000 bells but i think that you cant buy white turnips ether, only one kind.
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REDxFALCOUN answered:

oh... I had this problem in ACWW. You have to get to her right away (I think comes at 6:00, 6:30, so be thier at six. If you don't want to time travel, you can just get up and then go back to sleep, or time travel (consequences are as follows)
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magic4224 answered:

Huh, that's odd. Whenever Joan comes to my town she always has both in stock. And last time I talked to her was about 11:30.
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