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Is it possible to get a golden tree?

When I got my charm from Katrina, she said to go plant a Golden Tree, but I have no idea how and can't find any information on it.

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SirKayEon answered:

To get a "Golden Tree" you need to have a golden shovel by burying another for 24 hours. Then bury money with it by digging up a weed and planting it for 100% chance of survival. The reason I say money is because Bells "AC Money" are gold if you only take out -999 bells you can see. This is alco the best way to take money (only bury 30,000 bells because otherwise you will waste it.)
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magic4224 answered:

She might have meant a money tree, your chances might become greater when she says that. Check the money making FAQ to see how to do so, but you'll need a golden shovel if you want to do that.
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