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How can i grow grass back?

My grass is dieing so my mostly my whole town is dirt now, is there a way to bring it back?

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Yeah but does the grass every grow back in the place were it used to be?

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MikanPachi answered:

According to the interview on nintendo's website, the grass will grow back over time. What they said was if players walk alot in the game over the same spots (kinda like the same areas every day) the grass will begin to form a kinda path. This happens over a 1 week period. If they keep treding that same path for longer, it begins to look like a path. Planting flowers near the paths will speed up grass growth.
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MikanPachi answered:

When the seasons change in the game, the color of the ground changes.

Spring & Summer~ Bright green grass
Fall~ Grass starts to turn brown
Winter~ Grass is now white

There is nothing to worry about since it will turn green again come spring.
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tmntman answered:

It also seems to make a significant difference if you run or walk. Running will wear down a path much faster.
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