Question from Ketario99

Asked: 4 years ago

Why does Resetti glitch like this!?

When ever I see Resetti he starts glitching sorta like this:
He turns: nose grows
leans over: face stretches all over the freakish screen
rages: becomes upside down
comes out/exits scene: levitates out/into (of) the sky
(It's really funny and entertaining to watch but creepy) even though he tried reseting the wii himself saying that he would, it turned off instead! I want to run the game normally and no 'Disable Resetti' hack, help me?

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SORRY but i been researching since it came out and there is not hack.
ITS very normal for resetti to do that it did it on the other games to.

SORRY NOTHING WORKS! But thats life.Hope this helpd!

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I don't know, but man is that weird. I wish I could see that. Resetti scares me. LOL

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I've never experinced that. Maybe it's just natrul for him to do that, but that does sound creepy :o. Tip: When Ressiti pops up just press A and B like crazy!!LOL! But he scared me the second time I got on cause there was a house in the way, a noise, then I heard the dunnu dunt dunt dunt music, it made my heart skip a beat ;o

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Haha post it on YouTube what's your username on YouTube?? Please post it to YouTube resetti is kinda scary but I really wanna see this!!

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lolololol Proberly a problem with coding

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