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Perfect town acres?

Pelly kept saying that i had too much trees. So i cut some down in the places where there were a lot of trees. She said the same thing. I heard you need a certain amount of trees and flowers per acre, and you can measure acres by using patterns. But most towns are irregularly shaped and what about the ramps? Is there a way to measure acres without doing that? or is it ok just to cut down trees in the areas where there are too many trees?

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YEa. Thats the guide that I found before that said I needed a certain amount of trees per acre. It said i had to lay out patterns, but im not gonna do that im just gonna plant flowers cuz I have a lot of trees


BostonDori answered:

First here is a page that shows how to get perfect town status. It should help you.

If you want to figure out exactly where each acre is, they are 16x16. You can mark the corners of the acres by laying patterns on the ground.

Personally I think all of that is too much work. This is what I suggest. Don't worry about cutting down trees(unless you have your town unnaturally jam packed with them). Just go for a natural look that allows you to move freely through your town. Then start planting flowers. Spread them evenly around town. You can NEVER have too many flowers...seriously. It will take alot of watering each day. If you can get gold roses to plant everywhere it really makes it easier because they don't need watering.

NEVER leave any trash on the ground, yank up every weed, and don't leave any items in the ground like clothes or furniture.

I got PT status by accident...and alot of others have done it the same way. Just keep your town nice and neat, and plant flowers...and it will happen!
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