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Is there a certain time and month that is good to find scorpions? I have been walking around my town for hours and I never see any.

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They must be, because I have been walking around for at least ten hours, going in and out of houses, and I've never seen any.

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distant_smoke answered:

You should be able to find scorpians from 7pm to 4 am July, August and September. But they are considered very rare, so I don't think you'll find them all over the place. You may have to look hard for them.
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Kocoh answered:

If it's like the DS version, which I assume it is, then they come in the summer, I think from June-July. Possibly August. They are only out at night, and are really rare.
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punkwafers98 answered:

I know july for sure at night. ive seen three but still havent caught one though.
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busybea39 answered:

I only found my scorpian once and it was in july around 12 midnight. It first stung me and i didnt know what caused it. After awhile of searching i saw it in a clear (no trees or plants) area. I caught it on the first swing. But havent seen it since then.
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MetaKnight39 answered:

They are really rare and can be found through july-september,in night only though ,and walk and make a walky noise like shshsh, its hard to catch too ,ive only gotten the tarantula and donated it then never found one since than. And also watch out for their stings,powerful huh
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DarthPikachu64 answered:

Man, I hate those things! I found one, it stung me before I could get my net, and my guy passed out! But yeah, i think they're around spring through fall.
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FlareBlits answered:

You can get Scorpions in the summer late in the evening. You know they are there because you can hear a noise. If they see you they will charge at you. I caught 1on my 3 try by sneaking up behind it.
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Rawst answered:

And btw, i don't think you can get scorpions if your gate is open.
I think you usually get them in the summer at night.
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satangangsta answered:

I've only seen scorpions during july at about 8pm-4am. They are rare unless like me you chopped down all your trees. Since then they have been more common in my town and very easy to catch. The do not attack you if you don't have your net out (they run away).
It's same with tarantulas.
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pokeaddict17 answered:

Scorpions are only around at night time in the summer. They can make u faint like the tarantula so be careful. If u need help on the scorpion AND other bugs, check out minimang123 FAQ. It helped me during tough times and tells u where to find them, and sometimes how to catch them.
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gameguydudeman1 answered:

The time for scorpions is completeley random.They are very easy to see on wi-fi,though
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linkrocks123 answered:

You will find them in fall at night they might sting you though. Good luck!!!!
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mysim12345 answered:

Question:what happens when you pass out?
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