Question from daptoamy

Asked: 6 years ago

Is there villagers' portraits (photos) to collect in the wii version?

Like in the ds game where they gave you their portrait for being a good friend

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From: jeminie 6 years ago

No you can't collect portraits. If you become good friends with an animal they may suggest that you take a photo of them. (you can take pictures by pressing 1 on the remote and this can then be saved on an SD card) However these photos are not in game items and are not the same as the portraits that can be collected in the DS game.

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I think those are gone.

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They still have em'

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Yup, you can still get them.

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No, they are gone (sadly.) You can still take pictures of them by pressing 1 on the Wiimote, but it is not the same.

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