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What is the deal with the festival that is really called fesial. There is also a crazy peacok when you talk to her she gts all mad. Where do I find green candy and why is this festival called festival and what is the point of it.

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BostonDori answered:

Its Festivale.
Its held in February and hosted by Pave, a peacock. Pave will ask you to get candy for him to help keep up his energy. To get the candy you play games with villagers who are wandering around outside. When you give Pave the candy he wants(and he will need 3 pieces at one time), he will give you a piece of the Pave series furniture. You can also use candy that you've saved from other holidays like Halloween.

To learn more about Festivale, go here:
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BostonDori answered:

Oh, I forgot to mention its meaning.

Festival basically represents the day before Lent begins, which is the season leading up to Easter. It goes by different names in different parts of the world........Fat Tuesday, Carnival, Festivale, or Mardi Gras.
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