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Download Moving van?

How do i do that to get my ds person to my wii?

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you have to talk to rover and say transfer character from DS to WII and then put your animal crossing wild world in and download play and moving van, after that it would got all the info and you can choose the character you want to transfer to the wii.

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It's called DS Suitcase

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Talk to Rover and have him download yout character, on the DS insert Animal Crossing Wild World go to DS download select the moving van.

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Here are specific instructions on how to use DS Suitcase to transfer your character.

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Here's the Crash-n-burn deal guided process.

0) If you're DS is set on "Auto Boot", remove all games from your DS & change the boot setting on your DS.

1) Insert AC:WW in your DS.

2) Start up your Wii.

3) Select "I'm New" (if you have a character in town).

4) Select "From DS"

5) Turn your DS on & select "Download Play" on your DS.

6) Proceed on your Wii.

7) Once the Wii is transmitting, select "Moving Van" on the DS Download Play screen.

8) Wait a minute or two while the moving van software is downloaded to your DS, then uploads your character data to your Wii.

9) Once completed, turn off your DS (your DS will tell you when you can do this).

10) Select the character you want to import.

11) Enjoy your game!

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