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How many bells are needed to get a money Tree?

I know you need the golden shovel, but how many bells do you have to bury?

chibi71325 provided additional details:

NM, but how many bells does it drop when i grow it?

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Lost_Arts93 answered:

Any amount will make a tree, but each thousand is the percent that it will grow money. (eg. 35,000 is 35%, 100,000 is 100%). You get three bags of 30,00 bells if successful.
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jujuan28 answered:

10,000 Bells should make Three Bags Of Bell With 30,000 Each.
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MonkeyJeffy answered:

well... if you bury 1,000 bells there will only be a 1% chance that the tree will grow three bags of 1,000 bells adding up to 3,000. So, if you bury 10,000 bells there will be a 10% chance that the tree will grow with 3 bags of 10,000 bells. but, if you were to bury 100,000 bells, there will be a 100% chance the that you would have 3 bags of 90,000 bells
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vgm777 answered:

Trees will drop triple the amount you bury until you bury over 30,000 Bells, because a tree won't produce over 90,000 Bells. The odds of the tree actually growing the money is 1% per 1,000 Bells you bury. Burying 100,000 Bells is stupid because it gives you a 100% chance of getting 90,000 Bells back, losing 10,000.
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MetaKnight39 answered:

Any amount of bells even 100 but when it grows its only 300,well it depends on how much u put in and multiplies by three and increases the percentage depending how much u put in.
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Ezekiel_25_17 answered:

Way too much misinformation here. The trees will grow three bags of 30,000 Bells, regardless of how much you planted, but it's not guaranteed. Burying a larger number of Bells just increases your odds of growing a successful money tree.
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zelda4460 answered:

Just put in any amount in a hole. For a better chance dig up a weed and plant it there.
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SecretGamer3000 answered:

for each 1k bells you put in you get 1% so keep adding bells to get mre percentage. I recommend putting 80k because there will be an 80% chance and you'll gain 10k more then what you put in
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Dice_14 answered:

What they said^^^
and cut down a tree dig out the stub and bury the money there.
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kepp123 answered:

So those it still produce money after the first time
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DancinQt answered:

You can plant as much money as you want...The more money you plant the more money you will get...You have to plant an even amount...1k 10k 100k
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captpackrat answered:

A Bell Tree will produce 3 bags of 30,000 Bells each, for a total of 90,000, regardless of how much you bury. The amount of Bells you bury determines the odds of success; for every 1,000 Bells, you get a 1% chance of success. Thus burying 50,000 Bells will get you a 50% chance, 90,000 Bells will get you a 90% chance.

It's really a sucker bet, since the tree only pays off 90,000, but if you bury 90,000 you only have a 90% chance of getting anything. That means if you bury 90,000 Bells ten times, only 9 trees will grow, earning you just 810,000 Bells for the 900,000 you buried.
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