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Can you go inside the lighthouse/windmill?

Can you go inside the lighthouse or the windmill? If so, can you go inside both or only one? If you can only go in one, which one can you go in?


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djay7295 answered:

All I know is that they aren't for decoration.
The windmill gives you a boost for your town rating.
This is great if you're trying to get a perfect town.
The lighthouse allows for more rarer fish to appear.
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darkinfero answered:

No you can't its just there for decoration.
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lchirou answered:

You cannot go into the windmill, it just sits there.
However, you CAN go into the lighthouse.
At night, or day, sometime, the mayor will ask you to turn on the lighthouse.
And usually, if there's someone in there you get a present.
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MetaKnight39 answered:

You only can go in a lighthouse. The windmill is worthless unless you want a better town rating.
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