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Asked: 6 years ago

What does the Windmill/ lighthouse do?

What does the windmill & the lighthouse do? Because I don`t know what to choose.

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From: DJrunn3r 6 years ago

You guys obviously know nothing about these two landmarks! =[

Windmill; The windmill boosts your town rating. Great if you are trying to reach perfect town

Lighthouse; The lighthouse attracts rarer fish to your town.

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I don't know about the windmill but all the lighthouse does is at night it shoots light and goes around and around nothing special, it will be down at the beach

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The windmill just acts like a fan swaying around and around. I don't know where it should be. You should pick the windmill> *** a lot of my friends say the windmill is better.

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Actually, I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I heard that the lighthouse increases your chnaces of catching a rarer fish, while the Windmill increases your town rating, helping achieve a perfect town.

If this is true, I'd definitely go with the lighthouse.

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You can go inside a lighthouse but you can't go in a windmill I've tried because I have a lighthouse in my town. THE LIGHTHOUSE IS BETTER! The windmill does nothing. So you should pick the lighthouse ignore what i said earlier. And I agree with Kocoh it does increase the rarer the fish.So you pick do you like rarer fish or a better town rating

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But if you achieve a perfect town for a certain ammount of days apparently you can get something good... I don't remember what , I read it somewhere. I'd look it up before you deceide though.

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You get the golden watering can for a 2 week-long perfect town, and if it's like the DS version, you also get Jacob's flowers blooming in your town. However, once you've gotten those rewards, it's over, and the Windmill becomes pointless.

It's possible to get a perfect town without a windmill, but you can't increase fish rarity without a lighthouse.

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The lighthouse is BETTER!!!!!

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I don't understand how you get the perfect town though. Phyllis said something about planting more trees but that's all I've been doing! *sigh* But the fish thing sounds good too. I'm glad I don't have to deceide yet! xD

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Ummm, that's what we just said.

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cooool i want the LIGHTHOUSE :d

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To Azamara: Try planting more flowers and picking weeds more,there is a FAQ all about it.

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How does nobody know what they are talking about? The post you just made has been made numerous times before you. Did you even read the answers before posting?

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Yah thats what we just said DJrunn3r: :( :( why, me and Kocoh and other people said the info already, :(!!!!!!!!! :0000000000000000 Don't u read other peoples info?

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Who said you can go inside your lighthouse? I can't.

Also how the hell do you get the stupid mouse thing to give you a golden axe? Ive thrown like 6 in there and she either just gives them back or keeps them. Stupid mouse.

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