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How do I get carpets from Sahara?

Sahara has been in my town a total of 10 times so far (I know I'm lucky) but I've never figured out how to get carpets from her. Can someone tell me?

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So let me get this straight, Sahara is supposed to ask for old carpets to? In all 10 of the times she has been in my town, she has only asked for wallpaper. She has never once mentioned carpet.

DuneManta provided additional details:

Ok none of you are understainding my question. I ALREADY KNOW HOW SAHARA WORKS! I'm just wondering how I get CARPETS from her because she has only asked me for wallpapers. I have 10 sahara wallpapers in my drawers now.

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Brattati answered:

She will ask u carpets or wallpapers its random for me. I hope that helps :)
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deatheater704 answered:

You need to go around the town and ask your animal neighbors for "old carpet"s or "old wallpaper." Then you bring them back and trade them to Sahara for rare carpets or wallpapers (respectively).
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MetaKnight39 answered:

When a animal friend gives you old wallpaper or carpet, when she comes again give it she'll trade it with you and you pick the wall or carpet that you want don't sell it their rare and Nook doesn't sell them or let you buy it from the catalog
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distant_smoke answered:

When Sahara is in my town, after I've gotten several old carpets from my neighbors, she gives me one carpet in exchange for all of them (if they are all in my pocket at the time I talk to her).

But if I put all but one carpet in my house and only have one in my pocket at a time she gives me one new carpet for the one old carpet. Then I can go back to my house, get another carpet and exchange that.

In other words Sahara will only give you one carpet (or wallpaper) for whatever old carpets (or wallpapers) you have in your pocket when you talk to her.

Also, I believe you need to talk to Sahara before your neighbors will offer you old carpets or wallpapers. I saw her in my town one day, and wasn't interested, so I didn't talk to her, and no one offered me old carpets. I finally talked to her just for the heck of it and the next animal I spoke to affered up an old carpet.
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