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How do I get my grass to grow green?

I only have green patches and when I go to other peoples towns they all have a lot of grass. I want to know what they do to get it so green. Please help.

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huntie201 answered:

This is how grass works in ACCF

Grass dies no matter what. Walking and running on it both kill it, walking just slows the process.
So to regrow grass lay paths cause you can never grow it ALL back so cover your dirt trails and make it look nice. It still kills grass it just makes it look nicer.
Now plant flowers or flower fields along the paths and in huge dirt fields. This may seem lame to you but you can do what I'm doing.

Here's my strategy plant: In HUGE dirt fields (I have one next to Nookingtons) plant one type of flower: I use roses, and make a hybrid field so you can place them wherever and people will have that "Ooh-ahhh!" feeling as apposed to "Cool...A few flowers that's normal."

Make Hybrid Gardens all around your town. And like have one for Cosmos or two, one for roses, pansies, tulips.
And spread out the fields of flowers so that they're not in a straight line down your path, make it go off into a little field / meadow.

I've been doing this to regrow my grass and so far it's working and I've already made 4 or 5 hybrids

BTW: cross combinable flowers take from 1 day to make a hybrid to a whole month.
Check the Gamefaqs Hybrid Guide for more info on them it'll tell you what are combinable and how to make them.

Hope this helps :) !
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prsflnt answered:

Plant trees, and then in a a few weeks you'll get grass. ;)
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